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DEL Packaging, Ltd Overcapper | Model: LCC-PR Large Container Capper Power Roller DEL’s large container capper is designed specifically for 3 to 6 gallon plastic pails, both round and non round. The standard system features include a heavy duty powered roller conveyor bed, a powered roller compression assembly, and an externally mounted digital indicator with hand wheel for container height adjustments and changeovers.

Applications - Large pails and tubs (plastic and metal) - Caps | Lids: injection molded rigid type - 5” - 12” diameter or square/rectangle - Large pails up to 5 gallons - Round, square and rectangular containers - Ideal for one size (diameter) with multiple heights

Experience the DEL Difference Specifications - Up to 30 containers per minute - Stainless steel (non-wash down) construction - Sanitary sealed bearings - Large capacity in-feed magazine - Quick change-over features - Stand-alone unit - Powered upper and lower rollers ensure cap is fully applied - Tapered stainless steel powered conveyor rollers for cleaning and sanitizing - 460 Volts / 60 Hertz / Phase 3 / NEMA 4X

Available Options - Digital height adjustment package - Sanitary wash-down construction - Spinning rod head feeder - Conveyors (table-top, air, etc.) - Coupon / leaflet inserters - Electrical and control system upgrade - Timing screw infeed - Spinning rod head storage cart with wench - Ethernet and communication modules - All domestic and international voltages to meet UL and CE requirements - Cap detection with reject (fiber optic sensors and/or vision technology)

Contact DEL Packaging, Ltd 18113 Telge Road | Cypress, TX 77429 Phone: 281.653.0099 | Fax: 281.653.0082 |

Overcapper | Model: LCC-PR


Applications Large Container Capper Power Roller - Large pails and tubs (plastic and metal) - Caps | Lids: injection molded rigid type - 5”...

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