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Jonathan Parker-Ashley is a mighty mouthpiece for God's kingdom across the nation. This man of God is truly a powerful force in the body of Christ who is 'appointed to bring restoration and encouragement through the Word of God and the gift of song' (Col. 2:2) His energetic and effervescent style has touched thousands of people from all ages, backgrounds and cultures. He classifies himself, 'an ordinary servant that uses simple melodies to bring harmony between the body of Christ'. FOLLOW US jpaascension MEMBERS Jonathan Parker-Ashley Shante Gabriel-Griffin Cedric Williams Brandy Jones Kenetra Smith LaTanya Bonds Deloris Williams "Ascension"

- This ensemble of singers and musicians has been appointed by God to lead the masses to the next dimension in praise and worship and usher in the presence of God. They understand their assignment and duty to set and change the atmosphere to make it conducive for ministry to come forth for an unforgettable praise experience and freedom in worship. I can do all things through Christ that strengthen me. Philippians 4:13

Divine Connections is‌

CEO of Divine Connections Deloris Williams JUST BELIEVE AND THEN ACT ON IT. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

a company serving as a resource to provide services and solutions. The company is tri-fold in the mission to help others through our Internet Television series, quarterly magazine which is available in print and online, as well as our Words of encouragement which are expressed through special events held in the community. Divine Connections supports businesses, churches, and individuals to connect to their potential through marketing and hosting networking events.




Every so often there is a rare gift that takes the music industry by storm. Tremaine Graham also known as Trey G is the embodiment of one such gift. Coupled with a rare blend of anointing and skill and an elastic range, Trey G and Exodus bring an unparalleled flair and flavor to the Gospel music scene. As a producer, a songwriter, and a vocalist extraordinaire, he is the product of a great musical legacy. He attributes much of his talent to his late grandmother, Mrs. Elizabeth Newman a bonafied vocalist in her own right.

Contact: Durham, North Carolina

In addition, his parents Elder Willie and Elder Phyllis Graham recognized and invested in the uniqueness of his gift at a very young age. God gave Trey a dream a long time ago that he would one day have his own group and in 2002, Exodus was formed, made up of family and friends. Trey G uses his unique language of song to passionately convey his love for God and His commitment to the Gospel message. His gift transcends the barriers of age, denomination, gender and nationality. His vocal presentation continues to leave audiences and congregations astounded! Trey G and Exodus are boldly going to the nation with passion and vigor and with a sound that will shake the nation. Eyes have not seen nor hears have not heard all of the things that God has prepared for Trey G and Exodus !

Min. Douglas Quotes: I have gone through many ups and downs for the greater good of ministry. God gave me a gift to share with the world, and my prayer is that the people of God be inspired and blessed through my obedience to serve Him. His ministry of worship has set a standard for our youth, preaching love, joy, peace and happiness through urban sounds of high energy praise and worship. And although the ministry of Anthony Douglas varies in age, their love and thirst for God brings such conviction and zealousness to the atmosphere of worship. Minister Douglas has written many songs of worship and praise that have been a blessing to so many people for many years. His zeal to obey God in his writing overwhelms him in dreams and visions. Winning him numerous awards, which include the 2005 Spirit of Excellence Awards (artist of the year) and various independent awards? On February 5th 2011 in honor of his late mother’s birthday he recorded his first live project entitled “Through The Eyes of A Worshiper”


Thelma Bass and The Faithfulaires THELMA BASS & THE FAITHFULAIRES were chosen to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. They have been blessed to travel throughout the United States. They have shared the stage/sanctuary with many fine artists. The group consists of 10 members. “To God Be The Glory” her motto. They have been able to reach an array of audiences, with their unique style. Believing that prayer is essential in this ongoing warfare. Thelma Bass and the Faithfulaires has come a long way in their Christian Ministry. Their goal in life is to bring souls to Christ and to take their ministry to an international level.

Thelma and the Faithfulaires thank God for blessing their, families and friends. Thelma had the pleasure along with Sis. Bernice Moody to travel to Italy for 21 days to sing backup for the North Carolina Supreme Voices. The people oversea are different than the people in the United States. They love good gospel and they come out to support every concerts in a big numbers. Everyone is in harmony with each others. Thelma’s hope is that one day soon, the people everywhere will realize that if we come together and help each other then God will bless us to have more and more.

Michael Wordman Workman (Poet)

Be the best you can be through the good and the bad, Things in life that we go through range from happy to sad, Sometimes we build strength and character through struggle and strife, And though we get many chances, still we have just one life!


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Sean Hunter Poet

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Mrs. Bethany Cooper Instrumentalist

Mrs. Rubena Woods & New Creation Hillsborough, NC 919.667.3477


Pastor Elvin & Pastor David McShaw Oxford, NC 919.939.3101




Teresa Lindsey “It’s Never Too Late” Available 2013

Teresa Wright Lindsey, a native of High Point, North Carolina starting sharing her anointed voice with the world at an early age. Teresa knew early in her life that God had touched her and given her the gift of song. She knew it was up to her to fulfill his plan and minister to others. Teresa brings a unique sound to the Gospel Industry with versatility and style that captivates any age group. Teresa was influenced by some of the industry greats such as: Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Aretha Franklin, Phyllis Hyman, Tremaine Hawkins just to name a few.


For Your Next Indoor or Outdoor Event Contact: Bro. Jerry S. Harrison & Faith The Wash Board Man

For your Gospel Programs, Banquets, Birthday Dinner’s, Weddings Jerry Harrison & Faith Rocky Mount, NC 252.210.3688

2 CD’s Out 1. Come on Serve the Lord 2. Hold On and Hold Out CONTACT: (252) 210-3688 Still Water Productions


Minister William E. Coleman (affectionately know as "Wil") is a man after the heart of God. Preaching the Word of God, with over ten years of writing and leading worship, he renders himself faithful to God, his pastor, and his commission to serve the people of God. Minister Coleman takes this seriously through working as the Minister of Music of New Jerusalem Cathedral & Monument of Praise Ministries as well as Youth Pastor.

PO Box 20771 Greensboro NC 27420 888-398-8911 x106

As Youth Pastor, Wil works heavily with the SOTO program (Successfully Overcoming the Odds) and also speaks to youth across the country. He also started a youth program within New Jerusalem Cathedral & Monument of Praise Ministries. Minister Coleman's passion for youth is what pushed him to start The Necessity Foundation, designed to help fatherless youth understand their worth and inspire them to take their place in the world and reach their full potential. As a Psalmist, Wil believes that the message should be very simple; God is concerned about the condition of your heart. Whether preaching God's Word or ministering in worship, the Word of God comes forth as scripture and is embedded in the depths of his lyrics and his call to worship.


Leadership takes GUTS! When you think about the great leaders in the Bible some amazing folks come to mind; Ester, Joseph, Moses, Joshua and Jesus just to name a few. From these folks came forth many others both internationally known to just in your own backyard. However, what are the components that make a leader? As a matter of fact it is NOT your wealth, your heritage, lineage, fancy titles or physical superiority. In my opinion it comes down to G.U.T.S. G: Genuine – Would you follow a liar? Or a person that seems to display hypocritical traits? Of course you would not. Being Genuine means that I can trust your every word and action that precedes or follows it. U: Unifier – The Bible says “Blessed are the peacemakers...” Getting people together is a really important job when it comes to leadership. The hardest time for a leader is when people do not agree with one another. A leader’s role can include being a mediator in times of trouble. T: Talented – God made it clear that we each have a gift that he gave us to use specifically for the Glory of God the Father. When an individual identifies their talent it is important to use it right away. A talent can be organizational skills, encourager, speaker, strength, charisma or simply a team player. Notice here I clearly stated that these talents are not used selfishly or for personal gain. This is not a popularity contest. S: Servant – One of the most critical of components. “…Instead, the greatest among you should be like the youngest, and the one who rules like the one who serves.” Luke 22:26. Jesus went as far as washing each of his apostles’ feet to show true servant hood. I like to tell folks that as a leader it’s not about you. A leadership role can be most rewarding but at times very lonely and even painful. For people that consider themselves as leaders just from a title they receive at their next promotion, I feel very sorry for them. They will be very shocked from the lack of results and tired from the frustration. For the individuals that embrace these attributes to heart they will lead by example many or just a few. They will make peace a priority. They will plant seeds of future and immediate fruits. They will use what God gave them and always give the glory to Him. They will persevere because they know that it’s not about them but for the people they serve. Written by Angel Guerrero MS, ACS, ALB (336) 508-5870 PO Box 38871 Greensboro NC 27438


Are you serving God with your own agenda? Have you ever heard a song on the radio and never really listened to the words but when you finally pay attention to the message of the song you wonder why you never paid attention before? That’s exactly what happened to me the other day. I was listening to the radio and a song that I had heard a million times finally spoke to my spirit. Are you in bondage to the status of nice things? Addicted to the attention and the compliments they bring? Feeling the weight of growing debt with each fill That’s not His Will, that’s not His Will Chorus: It’s not a trial, it’s not a test, God wants for you His best, But not until you submit to His Will Performed by Destiny Praise, Song title - His Will I was struck by the honesty in the words of the song. I can remember when I was victim of high living and made bad decisions with my money. My biggest problem was spending everything I had on “things” I didn’t need. I made excuses for my purchasing decisions because the “things” that I bought made me feel good and when people saw me they assumed that my life was well put together because I looked like I had money. It wasn’t until I sought God’s plan for my life that I understood that everything He has, wants, plans and desires for me is GREATER than anything I could get -- or do -- for myself. So living a life where I was mindlessly and recklessly spending money was not only destroying my future but being able to bring attention to “everything I was doing” was taking away from God and taking away what He had already planned for my life. We often recite Psalms 118:24, “This is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it,” however we go about the activities of each and every day doing what we want to do without giving thought to the fact that God made this day for us in the beginning. This day was already planned by Him so that we could live blessed and victorious lives. When we interfere by doing those things that make us feel good for a moment or make us look good, we are working against God’s plan. We make it harder to live in the true blessedness of God when we’ve created obstacles and stress that weren’t part of the divine plan in the first place. Get rid of the “I did it my way mentality” and allow God to work. When you put God to work in your life you will have lasting peace (Now may the Lord of peace Himself give you peace at all times and in every way, 2 Thess. 3:16), abundance (Whoever has will be given more, he will have an abundance, Matt. 13:12) and grace (But by the grace of God I am what I am, and His grace to me was not without effect. No, I worked harder than all of them – yet not I, but the grace of God that was with me, 1 Cor. 15:10). Our destiny has been shaped by God so sit back and allow Him to do the great and marvelous things He wants to do for you. Cali Pearl Financial Advisor, Sherri Brown, offers her opinion on a variety of financial planning subjects. She is expressing personal and professional opinions and views. Her advice or recommendations should not be relied upon in making (or refraining from making) any decision relating to investments or any other matter. You should consult your own independent financial advisor and obtain professional advice before exercising any investment decisions or choices based on information featured in this article.


The Theory of Freedom It may be that freedom isn’t on a written document. Maybe it lies within ourselves and we have yet to unlock it. Free from hate, free from color. Not only to love ourselves, but to love each and one another. To learn there is only one race, and that is the human race. To Keep everyone together, and never leave anyone out of place. That is freedom to me. With work we can be the assets to King’s Dream. Maybe only to soon wake up and embrace the dream with reality. By Amari Grady

The Theory of Freedom Fourteen with a dream. A youthful prodigy of Martin Luther King. Here to beam out a new ethic to love and strive. A new way in which to live our lives. Freedom.. Where we can proudly stand tall, and to be appreciate by all. Not to stood down to bitter ground. To always rise and never to fall. Contrary to belief, we are still not free. We still have a promised land, that we have yet to see. Freedom was not the Emancipation. Or even release of our shackles. It is the stereotypical beliefs that we still have to tackle. Freedom isn’t and has never been free. We had to fight for what we have, and had to have faith in what we believed. We have shown throughout the years, to be spiritually and physically strong. Some by simply lifting a hood for our lost brother, Treyvon. Through he may be gone, we know where he resides. Sadly it took a death of one of us to open our eyes. By Amari Grady


MC. (Rev Clee)

Ministry of Anthony Douglas & Zeal

Mrs. Teresa Lindsey

Mr. Tremaine & Exodus

JPA & Ascension

Divine Connections 3rd year Anniversary March 16, 2013 (Saturday) Time: 1pm to 5pm The Power Play Center (beside Evangel Fellowship) 2207 E. Cone Blvd. Greensboro, NC 336.965.0366 Cost $10

Mr. Michael Wordman Workman

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Now Is The Time!! King Solomon ,said to be the wisest and probably the richest man to have lived, states in the Book of Ecclesiastes 3:1 “ To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”. In verses 2-8, as Solomon reflects on all of life, he expresses in a beautiful poem of 14 pairs of opposite events that God has a sovereign design behind all events. He states there is a time for all events. I concur with King Solomon and believe that NOW IS THE TIME for specific action in our African American communities. As I look at the state of our African American Young Adults and youth, my heart ,soul and mind agree “Now Is the Time” to instruct, motivate and mentor our Young Adults and Youth to be all God has called them to be. I am greatly concerned about generations XYZ . In this article my focus is on generation X(those born between 1966-76 ) ages 47-37 according to my research. This generation has reached a population over 40 million. They are sometimes referred to as the “lost generation”. This was the first generation of latchkey kids who were exposed to lots of daycare and divorce. Also, known as the generation with the lowest voting participation rate of any generation. They are characterized by a high level of skepticism and a “what’s in it for me attitude. Gen Xers were affected by childhood divorce of parents. Their interests include MTV, small families and higher education. They are not inclined to commitment in relationships . Gen Xers usually marry in their 30”s.This is the generation who are the parents of generation Z. Tragically, many of these parents don’t really seem to see the importance of “training up their children in the way they should go”. They don’t attend church , Bible study ,or Sunday School on a regular basis; nor do they insist on their children’s attendance. “Now is the Time” for those of us who are more mature in the Christian faith to emphasize to Generation X their responsibility to and train their children spiritually. We need to see to it that they receive sound biblical instruction , and motivate them to attend church Sunday School and bible study on a regular basis. When they attend , we need to make sure our teaching and preaching is relevant to them and the issues they face as Young Adults and parents. Gen Xers definitely need to be mentored by seasoned adult Christians who can provide for them the role models they so desperately need as parents of generation X children.


Some basic principles that should be modeled for Gen Xers are8 1.Consistently live the Christian life before them. 2.Assist them in getting biblical teaching from a variety of sources 3.Cultivate in them as healthy self-image from a biblical perspective by being positive and encouraging. 4.Encourage them to discipline children with love 5.Show them how to use their failures as teaching opportunities. “Now is the time” for us to invest our time, energy and resources in helping Generation X parents to become the Godly parents needed for such a time as this. “Now is the Time” to pray for them daily and trust in the Holy Spirit to do His work in them so that they can equip their children to become young Christians rooted and grounded in God’s word and love. Is there anyone else who agrees with me that NOW IS THE TIME? Article submitted by: Minister Velma McCloud Associate Minister Piney Grove Baptist Church President of Forsyth County Sunday School Union

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Many people have the wrong perception of what it means to be a pastor; and what’s worse, many pastors do as well. There is much to be considered by those who endeavor to serve in this type of vocation. One of these considerations is: Dictator verse Facilitator I believe there are many pastors who promote themselves as being, not just a spiritual leader, but a monarch; one in whom God’s voice is exclusively heard, and therefore God’s will…exclusively known. Their influence is significant in the lives of their members and unfortunately also detrimental. I have encountered members who claim to be devout followers of Christ but instead show a greater allegiance to their pastor. And it is usually these members that are the first to be taken advantage of as a result. There is nothing wrong with loving your pastor. I’m a pastor and certainly understand the desire to be appreciated like anybody else. But, the amount of love and devotion given to a pastor from his/her members should be tempered with spiritual maturity and boundary – something that must be maintained and managed by the pastor. As pastor it is our responsibility to facilitate not dictate. As a dictator we reinforce the unhealthy pastor-member relationship I stated earlier, because the members will eventually by into the idea that the pastor has all the answers and as a result cease to seek God on their own. They become dependent on us making us –our wisdom, our leadership and guidance – as indispensable as God to the point wherein we indirectly become God or a god to them. In contrast to being a dictator, as a facilitator the pastor takes on a much different role. Instead of promoting himself or herself, the facilitator promotes a relationship with God. In this role, the pastor stands to the side, out of the way of the vertical relationship of God and congregation, in support. Written by Pastor Claude


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STOP Calling my Children Kids by Author Rilla Mathis

As Christians, we should know that there is a spiritual battle going on in Ephesians 6:12. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places. You think about how many times you have heard the word "kids". This is what Scott Foresman Advanced Dictionary says about what a kid is - a young goat. Its flesh, use for food its skin, used for fur. And INFORMAL. Child. (Psalm 127: 3 say! Lo, children are a heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. ) You know I love to learn about the word of God and in 2 Timothy it says to study and shew thyself approved unto God. I have learned that in the Old or New Testament there is nowhere you see God called his children kids!! We as human pick up so many bad habits and the Devil and demon run with it and try to devour who he can, it’s a 3 letter word but it cover a lot of territory. I try hard now to hear what I say . One day I was going to tell someone about them calling their children a kid and the spirit said write it down! And you know how we are! My response was to write it down. So I did not do what the spirit told me to do, I just went about my own business. What the spirit said did not make sense to me. But God knew I was saying to myself, "Write what down?" (I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go. I will guide thee with mine eye. Psalms 32:8) ……. Coming Soon ………. STOP Calling my Children Kids


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