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on nearly reaching the end of an academic journey.

You are now positioned at a gateway, the decisions from which can set a foundation for a long, successful and fulfilling career. It’s time to make your move.

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As you near the end of your studies, you will be faced with many possibilities. The decisions you make now can fundamentally shape your future. My advice is to define what you want from your career, and think about your personal values and ambitions – what you enjoy doing, are passionate about and really good at. This will help you apply for the right role – a job that you can excel in as it aligns with you as an individual.

This is a time of opportunity so don’t feel daunted. You are not required or expected to know all the answers. The process itself is a further learning opportunity to validate and develop your thinking to date and to take the first step in what lies beyond. Reflecting on my own decision path, as one of our first tax summer clerks in New Zealand, I appreciate it isn’t easy. For me it was about picking an area I enjoyed and had a natural affinity to, a firm that felt right, and setting incremental goals that I continued to achieve... Little did I know my Deloitte journey would lead me to taking on the Chief Executive role late last year which itself provides me with new and fresh opportunities to continue to learn and grow as a professional. Whatever your goals may be, with the right guidance, environment and development, they are within reach.

At Deloitte we believe our people sets us apart from the rest. We attract the best and offer the right opportunities to customise and develop your career. You’ll work with some of the best in the business, who will help you achieve your goals, and have access to world-class learning programmes. We understand everyone is an individual so we foster an environment where you can be yourself. We encourage independent, innovative thinking and above all else, we want you to be inspired, challenged and remain passionate about achieving and being successful. We are looking for the next generation of leaders to provide a dynamic and rewarding career path that is only limited by your own aspirations.



180,000 10,000

global opportunity


Our size, scale and global influence mean we can support an enormous variety of learning and practical experiences. There is no better place to step into your new career.



8,000 320,000 6,300 448,000




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countries worldwide




CORPORATE FINANCE Advises a diverse portfolio of clients on corporate finance transactions including mergers, acquisitions, takeovers, divestments, project and structured finance, and capital raisings.

Ben Flay // Graduate Deloitte Auckland

“Deloitte has a tendency to hire really interesting people, people who are really outgoing and who have got a good story behind them. The culture is the biggest thing you notice when you first start.”

UNIQUE I had a few friends who had accounting jobs at Deloitte and they just raved about how great a place it is to work. I kept my options open but Deloitte was probably the number one choice from the start. When I finished my undergraduate degree at university I applied for the job I have now at Deloitte. They took one grad that year – and it wasn’t me. So I went back to university and did a masters degree, came back 12 months later, applied for the same job, and got it second time round. It’s a good management structure that we have at Deloitte. There are not too many layers so you can work directly with partners. For example, I’m working on a project at the moment directly with the partner who is the overall service line 4 // MAKE YOUR MOVE @ deloitte

leader for Corporate Finance. That’s an amazing opportunity that many new grads wouldn’t get. They’re really good at putting you on interesting projects right away, getting you really involved in the work. But they don’t just throw you in the deep end. There’s plenty of guidance and mentoring and as you become more experienced you get more responsibility. The great thing about working in corporate finance is that you get access to a wide variety of clients across multiple industries so you get a huge amount of experience in a short period of time.


August 2010


See what I’ve been up to since starting at Deloitte – ask me a question while you’re there. fACEBOOK.COM /DELOITTEGRADSNZ

Enterprise Risk Services Works with directors, chief financial officers, chief information officers, line management and internal auditors. The service line works to reduce business risks such as fraud, legal compliance and network security. Enterprise Risk Services also focuses on optimising governance and process improvement.

Anand Patel // Graduate Deloitte Auckland

“I love it here at Deloitte, I’ll definitely be staying. I do want to travel overseas though so Deloitte offers secondments. There are Deloitte offices all around the world – so that’s my future sorted.”

FRONTLINE Deloitte stood out to me because it has a culture that matches mine – work hard and play hard as well. You’re definitely pushed out in the field with clients but they do give you a lot of guidance as well.

Deloitte has a buddy programme so every graduate is assigned a person who is more senior than you and introduces you to everything within the firm. Your buddy is always there if you have any questions or don’t understand anything.

Enterprise Risk Services offers quite a lot of services within it. I’ve mainly been placed on IT audits and data analytics because I have a little bit of an IT background.

You’re also assigned a careers advisor, someone who is external to your direct manager. You can ask them any questions about your career path, how you’re doing, and they help guide you.

Every client engagement is different so you’re working with a variety of clients, industries, and cultures. Meeting all of these new people is awesome and eye opening.

My advice to graduates would be to really understand the firm and its culture. You need to show how you fit in and understand what your service line has to offer. It’s useful to think about how you can add value and bring that to the table in your interview.

6 // MAKE YOUR MOVE @ deloitte


February 2011


I’ll tell you about my experience working at Deloitte, feel free to post a question on facebook. fACEBOOK.COM /DELOITTEGRADSNZ

TAX SERVICES Provides a broad range of fully integrated tax services combining insight and innovation from multiple disciplines with business and industry knowledge to help clients excel globally. Dayna Clement // SUMMER INTERN Deloitte Hamilton

“I’ve only been here for about three weeks now and already I’ve formed a positive opinion about Deloitte. They don’t just give me the easy jobs like photocopying – it’s proper work that I can get stuck into and research and learn about.”

involved The difference with being an intern is that we’re just getting our first impression. Deloitte is trying us out, just like we are trying Deloitte out. They’re preparing us to be graduates and we’re learning everything that we can so we can fit into the Deloitte lifestyle.

It’s good because the hands-on accounting work that I’ve learnt at university I can actually put to use now. It’s not as scary as I thought it would be. And then, the tax side is about solving the tax issues of various clients, which is quite interesting because you get to research individual tax needs and come up with specific solutions.

8 // MAKE YOUR MOVE @ deloitte

In the Hamilton office I get to do both tax and accounting projects and at the end I can decide which area I like the most and which is the best fit for me.

With the firm structure at Deloitte, you’ve got partners, managers, and associate directors, but they’re not scary: everyone is very approachable. Every task that I’ve been given I’ve been shown how to do it and if I’ve got any questions – even if it’s maybe the dumbest thing I could ask – they’re very accommodating and always willing to help. I’ve been able to put my skills that I’ve learnt at university into practice and I’ve met some really cool people and made some friends as well. It’s been great!


November 2011


I’ll give you some insights into the intern programme at Deloitte – it’s been a fantastic experience! fACEBOOK.COM /DELOITTEGRADSNZ




“The way I would sum up the difference between Deloitte and the other firms is: Deloitte has a real focus of working alongside its clients rather than simply telling them what they need to do. It’s a collaborative approach, which means we’re more relationship focused.”

10 // MAKE YOUR MOVE @ deloitte


Tax is one of the few areas in accounting where you’ve got a foot in both accounting and law, and every day can be completely different. I like the fact that when I sit down at my desk at the start of the day I don’t know who is going to ring or what emails will come in. I like the contact with clients and the fact that you really do feel like you’re helping them do better in their jobs. There is no single type of graduate that we take – we’re big enough to have true diversity. However, being smart is a given. You need to show that you care about outcomes for clients because we take our clients’ results personally. If it’s a good outcome we’ll be celebrating as if it’s our own. And equally if we get a bad outcome we’re as gutted as the client.

When anyone joins the firm they get a buddy and even at a senior level it’s great to have someone there you can ask all the questions you don’t want to publicly humiliate yourself with. Like, ‘How do I get a line out?’ ‘How do I work the coffee machine?’ We also have really great people in Learning and Development. We’ve got people who deliver great courses, we’ve got access to best-of-breed e-learning resources, and we can pull in experts from around the world to come and talk.

In Accounting and Advisory, we’re very much like GPs, especially in the mid-market space where you need to be able to recognise and diagnose a variety of issues.

“I joined Deloitte as a graduate because it felt like the business actually knew who I was before I started. It can be a bit daunting doing ‘meet and greets’ with partners and managers, but I came away thinking I could actually work with these people.”

One of the things that makes Deloitte different is our genuine concern for our clients’ businesses. I deal with owneroperators, businesses that put food on the table for many families. You’re privy to their hopes and dreams. You learn all about their family relationships. You end up doing more than just the financial accounts for a commercial entity. You’re with them for the life of their business and beyond. We’re looking for people who never stop learning. We want smart, motivated graduates who will engage well with

our clients. You’ve spent several years learning some very useful theories, you’ve demonstrated to us that you know how to learn, and you’ve developed problem-solving skills – now it’s time to apply those skills. I have been mentored since I joined the firm and I’m now a mentor myself – but I still have my own mentor as well. When you’re studying it’s pretty prescriptive but the mentoring encourages you look beyond that and think about ‘what you want to be when you grow up’. I had someone taking good care of me in the beginning and now it’s great to be able to do the same for someone else.

Network at breakfast meetings

Our summer intern programme is designed to help you make the right career choice by giving you a taste of life at Deloitte.

head along to

12 // MAKE YOUR MOVE @ deloitte

 Connect with Partners and learn from their career journeys

Get equipped for my intern programme

 Discuss my experience and get advice from the People & Performance team

in challenging and interesting projects in my service line

Work on my learning and development •

 et tips and tricks for G receiving feedback

L earn how to review my performance and find ways to improve or email us

Mix and mingle with other interns

Get one-on-one support

The summer internship is a great opportunity for you to gain work and life experience while earning a competitive salary, and the majority of our summer interns go on to seek graduate positions with Deloitte. If you’re in your penultimate year, now is the time to apply.

Work with other interns

Access technical training and resources

Make contact with clients and learn about their issues

Build my networks within Deloitte

Get to know my buddy

 Learn the inside workings of my service line

Hear from Partners about Deloitte’s culture

Network with Deloitte people and other interns

Make a difference •

 Complete a corporate responsibility project that addresses a real life Deloitte issue

Spend a day that contributes to my community


I’ve been able to put my skills that I’ve learnt at university into practice and I’ve met some really cool people and made some friends as well. It’s been great!

CONSULTING Combines a range of disciplines including enterprise-level IT services, technology integration, and management of information, operations, and strategic human capital. Deloitte consultants provide comprehensive business solutions that improve business performance, drive shareholder value, and create a competitive, sustainable advantage in the marketplace.

EVA GAPSKI // GRADUATE Deloitte Wellington

“Before I joined Deloitte I applied for the first season of Master Chef and got to the top 24. At the time I thought I would want to have a career in the food industry but I realised I needed something a bit more corporate for the long run.”

INSPIRING Deloitte had a career information evening and that’s when I got excited about consulting and realised that was where I wanted to be. None of the other firms really pushed their consulting service line as much. The only clear picture that I got about consulting was from Deloitte and that’s why I applied. The Monday after the first week I was straight on a project and worked at a client’s site for three weeks. It was really interesting and I had good support to help me through, but it was a very steep learning curve. When you learn so much in such a short time you realise what you’re capable of. I was sent to Bangalore in India on a 10-week training boot camp earlier

14 // MAKE YOUR MOVE @ deloitte

this year to be upskilled on a specific technology. Once I got back to New Zealand I was placed on a project where the new technology was used. Because I’d learnt the technical side of things, I could talk to the system developers easily. This gave me so much more confidence in my job and I really enjoyed the project. The part that I enjoy the most is working with so many talented people who are really smart and well educated and who challenge you all the time. Just being able to prove yourself every day because you get challenging tasks and you can show that you’re able to complete them to a really high standard.


February 2011


Hear about the TV show that I entered and made it into the top 24.


RECOVERY Examines key strategic, operational, infrastructure, and financial problems to rapidly diagnose the causes, identify immediate stabilising activities, improve operations and performance, and address debt structuring and financing needs.

Gemma Coppins // GRADUATE Deloitte Wellington

“Every year Deloitte gives you one day off to go out into the community and volunteer which I think is really awesome. I plan to volunteer next year with the Salvation Army.”

Diverse Deloitte appealed to me because they have a really good graduate programme, support system, and career progression model. Essentially recovery is a nice word for liquidations. We come in when a business has failed and we’re working on behalf of various creditors to get the most favourable outcome. No day is the same and I think you get insight into a whole lot of areas that other service lines don’t necessarily get. Outside of work, the really good thing about Deloitte is their belief in work/life balance. There are plenty of social activities if that’s what you’re into. A few weekends ago we all played netball against different service lines and other

16 // MAKE YOUR MOVE @ deloitte

corporates. I really enjoy playing sport and Deloitte offers a lot of sporting teams that you can get involved in. I did a bit of consulting work before I joined Deloitte. I gained some skills from that that I could bring to Deloitte. I think it’s definitely good having some work experience – you can bring your skills and relate them to the interview questions that you get asked. When you’re going into an interview, go in with an open mind, do your homework beforehand, and really be enthusiastic about it. Show that you have a willingness to learn and I think you’ll go far.


October 2011


See what I’ve been up to since starting at Deloitte – ask me a question while you’re there. fACEBOOK.COM /DELOITTEGRADSNZ

AUDIT Provides a range of independent advisory services to add credibility to our clients’ information, systems, and processes. Our enhanced service is built on a clear understanding of business across all sectors, enabling us to identify the major opportunities and risks in our clients’ activities.

Amy Jarratt // Summer Intern Deloitte Christchurch

“It’s good making sure that investors are getting bang for their buck and it’s great interacting with people. I’m really enjoying that – not being in the office all the time, getting to go out and doing different things and learning a lot.”

SUPPORTIVE I chose Deloitte to do my summer internship because a lot of people I knew recommended it to me. They told me that the people are really friendly, which I think is important when you’re working in audit because you’re working in teams.

In the Christchurch office at Deloitte I found the management style to be really approachable. Everyone from seniors on the actual audit job, to the managers and the partners, was open to having a chat. I felt totally comfortable asking questions.

The first few days we spent getting to know all the other interns from different service lines and making new friends. In the second week we went out to clients, which was really cool. It was a lot of learning in that week – it’s probably where you learn the most, but you’re able to get a feel for the service line and see if that is what you want to do.

My plan is to get a grad position with Deloitte. Then I’d like to complete my chartered accountancy over the next few years, see how I enjoy working in the audit team, and then review where I want to go from there. I’ve really enjoyed working at Deloitte so far so I’d like to stay here for the foreseeable future.

18 // MAKE YOUR MOVE @ deloitte


September 2011


Hear about my intern experience at Deloitte, feel free to ask me a question about it on Facebook. fACEBOOK.COM /DELOITTEGRADSNZ

ACCOUNTING & ADVISORY Provides accounting and business advisory functions to small and medium enterprises, including preparing management accounts, year-end accounts, compliance tax returns, strategic tax and business planning advice.


“For me it was a bit of a no-brainer because Deloitte is the market leader down in Dunedin. I had a good look around but ultimately going along and meeting the people at Deloitte was what won me over.”

DYNAMIC The nine months I’ve been here so far I’ve been really impressed with my very approachable, understanding team. Right from the start we went out for a few morning teas with the firm. Within the first week of being here I definitely felt like I knew everyone. They don’t throw you in the deep end. They take you through the process step-by-step and make sure that you’re comfortable along the way. If you ever feel like you’re drowning they’re there to help you out. I’ve been working with one partner in particular, doing a certain job where you’re at board meetings and doing management reports. The partner has

20 // MAKE YOUR MOVE @ deloitte

been very pleased with the results and I’ve received good feedback, so it’s a great confidence booster. Deloitte in Dunedin has just under 100 employees and I really enjoy working in a smaller-sized office. You get to work really closely with the senior people in the business and follow through to see how the overall process works. The population of Dunedin is about the number of people that work for Deloitte worldwide so you can see that, hey, there are going to be some opportunities here.


February 2011


See what I’ve been up to since starting at Deloitte – ask me a question while you’re there. fACEBOOK.COM /DELOITTEGRADSNZ



Every year, only the top graduates receive offers from Deloitte. You could be one of them if you follow these steps: STEP 1: RESEARCH Make sure you understand who we are looking for and what service line you want to apply for. You’ll find most of the information in this magazine, on and on our Facebook & Google+ pages Your Future at Deloitte New Zealand. Visit to find out the events that you should get along to.


STEP 4: TESTING and PHONE INTERVIEW If you’re shortlisted the next stage of the process is to complete a brief psychometric assessment. The test will be emailed to you to complete within a specified timeframe. You will also receive a phone call that will act as your first interview and an opportunity to differentiate yourself from the pack.


Get your academic record, CV and covering letter in order. The CV builder on our Facebook page may be helpful.

We will then review all parts of your application and if successful you will be invited to a face to face interview. We’ll contact you to arrange a time.



Visit and apply online. You’ll need to upload electronic copies of your supporting documents and answer the pre-screening questions. Remember, we take your first application so make sure you select the service line that fits your skills and interests. You also have the option to pick a first and second choice location.

The final step is receiving an offer from one of our partners, followed by a comprehensive written offer pack couriered to your chosen address.

STEP 7: CELEBRATE! You’ve now joined one of the world’s leading firms and are well on the way to an exciting career.

We will invite selected candidates to an information evening at Deloitte. Here you will get to meet Deloitte people and partners from your chosen service line. This is a great opportunity to find out more about Deloitte and our culture.

Everyone at Deloitte is expected to have confidence, a desire to learn and the drive to excel. Apart from these general expectations, each of the service lines has its own specific academic requirements. Take a look AT the service line that fits your skills best to help you make your move into a fascinating career. Audit To work in Audit, the following degrees are preferred: Commerce/Business degree with Accounting major or a Combined Commerce/Law degree with Accounting major

Accounting & Advisory To work in Accounting & Advisory, the following degrees are preferred: Commerce/Business degree with Accounting major or Combined Commerce/Law degree

Consulting To work in Consulting, degrees with majors in any of the following are preferred: Finance, Economics, Mathematics, Information Systems/Computer Science, Commerce, Law, or Engineering Conjoint, double majors and post-graduate studies are also an advantage

Corporate Finance To work in Corporate Finance, the following degrees are preferred: Commerce degree with Economics, Finance or Accounting major, Combined Commerce/Law degree or Arts degree with Economics major

Enterprise Risk services To work in Enterprise Risk Services the following degrees are preferred: Computer Science degree, Commerce degree or a Business degree with a major in any of Computer Science, Information Systems, Information Technology, E-commerce, or a combination of these

Tax To work in Tax, the following degrees are preferred: Combined Commerce and Law degree A basic understanding of accounting is also an advantage

Recovery To work in Recovery, degrees with majors in any of the following are preferred: Accounting, Economics, Commerce Conjoint or double majors including law are also an advantage 22 // MAKE YOUR MOVE @ deloitte



Feel free to ask us questions at our careers fairs and make a note of the answers here

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24 // MAKE YOUR MOVE @ deloitte

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Deloitte NZ - Interactive Graduate Magazine 2012  

Deloitte New Zealand - graduate and summer intern opportunities. Make your move.

Deloitte NZ - Interactive Graduate Magazine 2012  

Deloitte New Zealand - graduate and summer intern opportunities. Make your move.