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After witnessing over two thousand patients regain their health after giving up wheat, Dr. William Davis concluded that wheat is the single largest contributor to the obesity epidemic. Here, he offers a step-by-step plan for a wheat-free lifestyle. Â

About The Author William Davis, MD, is a preventive cardiologist whose unique approach to diet allows him to advocate reversal, not just prevention, of heart disease. He is the founder of the program. He lives in Wisconsin.

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After pursuing research that involved thousands of patients, cardiologist William Davis came to the disturbing conclusion that wheat is the single largest contributor to the nationwide obesity epidemic. Dr. Davis' health indictment goes even further: He asserts that what we call wheat is actually a mutant product of genetic tinkering that has been

marketed to an unknowing public by agribusiness giants. Detailed and ultimately therapeutic, his Wheat Belly might be our best bet yet for real belt-tightening. From the Publisher

Fascinating, compelling, and more than a little entertaining, Wheat Belly may be the most important health book of the year. -Dana Carpender, author of 500 Low-Carb Recipes Dr Davis' comprehensive, readable and witty book reveals that wheat, far from being the staff of life, is in fact the stuff of nightmares. Take his advice to lose wheat from your diet and you'll likely be paid back many times over in the form of a slimmer, healthier body and a better functioning brain. -Dr. John Briffa BSc MB BS nutritional physician and author of Waist Disposal "Davis makes a compelling case" -Fort Worth Star Telegram

Before I read this book I must admit, I was a definite skeptic. I have been a vegetarian for approximately 20 years and a vegan for about 10. After reading this book I thought that, hey, I can give up wheat for a week and see what happens. Before this, I would go to Little Caesar's and get a pizza for the kids. For me I would pick up an order of bread sticks. My rationalle would be, I know, not goo for me, but, geez, not bad either. I mean, it's just bread, right? Not meat! Well, I can tell you that giving up wheat has made a tremendous difference in my life. I have suffered from joint pain for many years. Going wheat-free has made a real difference in my life. Read the book and see what it can do for you!

This is a well written, logical book of fact based information. It is written in language though scientific, it is easily understood. The in information provided could be life-saving, definitely life-changing!

This book is to further your research on a number of bowel problems. I have crohn's disease and it has been a learning process for 15years now. I keep hearing more and more people suffering with some kind of bowel disorder. You must be your own doctor because treatments will work differently from another person. It is a trial and error process that took me 7 years just to get at 90% remission. Good luck to anyone who suffers.


You can download from the link below

Read wheat belly pdf  
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