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One of the options for addiction treatment is IOP or intensive outpatient drug rehab treatment programs Van Nuys, Los Angeles, or anywhere across the nation. If you’re struggling with drug addiction, you might be looking for a way out. You may be ready for recovery. If that’s true, welcome, you are one of 4 million people who has chosen to receive treatment and therapy for drug addiction. While you know you’re ready to get treatment, you may not know what kind of treatment is best for you. Intensive outpatient treatment is a blend of outpatient therapies and inpatient therapies. IOP might be a good choice for you. But it depends on what your drug of choice is and how long you have been addicted.

What Are Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehab Treatment Programs? Doctors recommend the use of an intensive outpatient drug rehab treatment programs in certain conditions. In order to be eligible for IOP, a person must not need a medically supervised detox. This means the person has to be able to detox from a drug without the use of medication for the withdrawal symptoms.

For example, many people who have a marijuana addiction can participate in IOP. It may be more difficult for someone addicted to opioids or cocaine to participate in an IOP. A doctor recommends a patient for outpatient treatment based on his or her clinical and medical assessments.


IOP drug and alcohol addiction treatment have many benefits for someone who wants long-term recovery. Many of Sober Districts intensive outpatient drug rehabs Van Nuys patients like IOP rehabilitation because it allows them to receive treatment on a regular basis for a longer period. Many inpatient recovery programs end in 30 days, but IOPs usually last for two months. Intensive outpatient treatment centers provide more flexible programs. As a result, patients can maintain their lifestyles and go to work or school. The costs of this level of care are much lower than residential and inpatient treatment. Patients also like it because it is flexible enough to respond to their needs. The degree of this care has a higher success rate than strictly outpatient programs. The program allows patients to practice their new skills in public and establish community support. One of the most important aspects is that there is increased treatment available when the patient relapses. In fact, IOP considers relapses to be part of chronic disease. Patients try to manage their addiction, rather than being “cured� from them. Individuals have also said they like the treatment because it allows for long-term friendships with other addicts.


1. Drug and Alcohol Detox Like any drug rehabs Van Nuys treatment program, before you can begin an Intensive outpatient program, you must be off your drug of choice. If you’re concerned you may need help detoxing from a drug, you may want to think about a detox program. Some drug rehab centers provide both services. Sometimes you may need to attend a separate detox program and then go to the center that is the best fit for your needs. The important thing to remember is to attend treatment centers that are a good fit for your individual needs. Everyone has their own unique circumstances and the rehabilitation center should specialize in the needs of the client. Another factor may be your drug of choice, a detox program could take from a few days to a couple of weeks. 2. Drug Rehab Intake After you have detoxed from your drug of choice, you will need to have an evaluation. A qualified member of an intake team will ask you some questions. • • • • •

how long you have been using the extent of your drug use history of drug or alcohol abuse in your family trauma issues that may be causing addiction problems how many times you've attended drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers

Depending on your mental health, you may also undergo a mental health exam. Many people who abuse drugs have an underlying mental health condition that they need to address. Once you begin treatment for drug abuse and any mental health issues, you should feel better mentally. Addiction treatment should be addressing both of these issues as they are directly related. 3. Group Therapy Once you have finished the drug rehabs New Jersey intake procedures, you will begin your intensive outpatient treatment program. Usually, you will receive a group therapy assignment. This should have a small number of people in it. This number is usually less than 10. Small therapy groups make it easier to work on issues common to all individuals. For example, there are group therapy groups that consist of people with mothers or fathers who have addiction issues as well. Or, the entire group may consist of survivors or veterans. Other institutions choose to mix up their therapy groups and have a combination of people with addictions. In addition, you expect to receive an assignment to work with a therapist in individual therapy. Drug rehab group therapy work on issues, such as stressors and stress prevention. However, individual therapy means you are working on the process of ending your addiction. This should get to the core of the addiction. It should address behavioral health issues and co-occurring disorders. These are related to almost all addictions and must be addressed for long-term recovery. It can be very difficult to work. Like any addiction treatment program, before you can begin you must be off your drug of choice. If you’re concerned you may need help detoxing from a drug, you may want to think about a detox program. Depending on your drug of choice, a detox program could take from a few days to a couple of weeks.

WHAT KINDS OF ISSUES COME UP IN GROUP THERAPY? While group therapy topics differ depending on the treatment center, there are general topics covered. At our drug rehabs Van Nuys center one topic discussed involves the cycle of addiction. You might talk about withdrawing from drugs and how you are feeling physically. You might also discuss how to manage urges and cravings. Your group will talk about how addiction is a disease, as well as what the consequences of addiction are. Your group therapist might talk about the brain chemistry of addiction, and how your brain changes with drug use. Therapy groups also talk about 12-step programs, and how to work a 12step program effectively. Many groups talk about spirituality and its importance in recovery. Patients also discuss change and how people you know, and love might respond to your changes.


As a recovering addict, you might take advantage of other opportunities within the program. These might include opportunities for education and employment. You might also receive employment counseling. Life skills and a healthy lifestyle may be something you need to work on as well. Rehabilitation programs that use IOP focus on community involvement and healthy eating with exercise. Stress reduction is usually discussed as well.

STEPPING DOWN ENGAGEMENT WITH AA MEETINGS As you progress through the intensive outpatient drug rehab treatment programs in Van Nuys, you may find your workload is getting lighter. At the beginning of your treatment, you might be going to therapy and treatment every day. However, as the weeks go by, your sessions will become shorter. They will also be less frequent. This is “stepping down.�

You need to see this as a positive step. All IOP treatments aim to gradually decrease the amount of time you must attend a group. That way, you can work on managing your own recovery. However, you must continue to focus on long-term recovery. Involvement with 12-step recovery groups can play a vital role. You should of already for the best AA meetings Van Nuys or in your area. This does not mean not staying in contact with your treatment center. They should be a life long guide to sobriety. If you start to worry you will relapse, you can always discuss your concerns with your group or your therapist. As part of stepping down, your rehab program helps you make contacts within your community. This will help you to continue to get support. The importance of IOP is that you remain in

control of your life. You live and work in your community. This means that it will be easier for you to rejoin your community.

GETTING HELP FROM FAMILY AND FRIENDS One of the best parts of intensive outpatient drug rehabs Van Nuys substance abuse treatment is that you get help and support from your family and friends. Many substance abuse treatment centers offer programs for family or friends of addicts. Research has demonstrated that when family members and friends participate in an addict’s recovery, the outcome is better. Addicts with the support of friends and family tend to have a higher success rate, and a lower relapse rate. Most drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers have groups for family and friends. Family members and friends receive information about addiction and drug use. They can also participate in a group that talks about the specific addiction issues of their loved ones. They also get a chance to ask questions about the addiction and recovery process.

LEAVING ADDICTION TREATMENT PROGRAMS Your counselors and program managers finally feel it is time for you to leave the intensive outpatient drug rehabs addiction treatment programs. When this is the case, you will have options for your aftercare. One of the advantages of intensive outpatient drug rehabs Van Nuys is that it allows you to maintain your ties within the community. However, your counselor will refer you to an aftercare program to help you continue on the path to sobriety. Each aftercare program is different. Some aftercare groups recommend you live in a sober house or participate in sober living or recovery groups. This type of aftercare is different for each person. One person may choose to meet with a sober coach once or twice a week for a period. Someone else might choose to live in a sober house for a while and work on his or her recovery and sobriety. Others may meet in group sessions with a recovery group, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous, and continue a 12-step program. Some rehabilitation centers have bridging groups. These allow you to continue to meet with your therapy group once a week. Then, you gradually taper off to every other week. And, then, it’s once a month. Each person’s exit from IOP is personalized. Your counselor will let you know when it is time for you to begin exiting the program.

Whatever IOP option you choose, we hope that you find the program you are looking for. If you are searching for a great IOP treatment program, why not look at Sober District drug rehabs Van Nuys? We believe wholeheartedly in Intensive Outpatient Programs, and we would love to help you as you start your recovery. April 09, 2019 at 03:04 Categories: Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehabs Van Nuys, Addiction Treatment, Drug Abuse, Drug Rehabs California, Outpatient Drug Detox Van Nuys, Outpatient Drug Detox Los Angeles, Outpatient Drug Detox California, Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehabs Los Angeles, Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehabs California FacebookTwitterLinkedInMore2

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What Are Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehab Treatment Programs?  

One of the options for addiction treatment is IOP or intensive outpatient drug rehab treatment programs Van Nuys, Los Angeles, or anywhere a...

What Are Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehab Treatment Programs?  

One of the options for addiction treatment is IOP or intensive outpatient drug rehab treatment programs Van Nuys, Los Angeles, or anywhere a...