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“We deliver more than just excellent systems...“ EIMA considers itself as the “provider of ideas“ for better processes in the food production environment. We ensure your return on investment by applying a meaningful process technology, which has been tried and tested for over 30 years and has secured us a loyal and very satisfied client base. Over the years, many of these business partnerships have turned into personal friendships, which focus on the objective to optimize the processing methods. CAD supported 3-D modelling can be concentrated on the development of your system, turning the implementation in our manufacturing facilities into a “lean production” process.

The result is a much greater reliability during the planning stages – also for your engineering team – and a much better price/performance ratio of the final system.

Rolf Eiting, Managing Director

Whether you need a long established Steam Peeler design or an entire production line, we have the solution for all your food production processes.

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“We develop your project, plan, and calculate the economic feasibility of your production – together with you“ The basic principle of our work is your business objectives and the resulting strategic implementation into production.

Your sales team: Joachim Sens, Renate Deutschendorf, Rolf Eiting, Edda Hayen

We start with in-depth meetings, which target the precise definition of your investment intention. Your EIMA contact will have many years of experience in production processes – and you will receive comprehensive advice. The calculation of the return of your initial investment is merely one building block of the planning stage.


Eight of our in-house engineers are available to you and are ready to assist you in planning your system on an individual basis. Whether you would like a modular system comprising existing components, or if you prefer the development of a new configuration – the profitable sustainability of your EIMA system is always our intention. Our high-quality components have stood the test of time, either medium- or long-term. From an engineering point of view, we are trend setters and providers of ideas in the food industry. Your EIMA advantages: ✔ Consultant with many years of experience in the processing industry ✔ Calculation of return of initial investment ✔ Very flexible individualised planning


“Functionality Functionality is the only word we understand“ Robust, well-arranged, and easy to operate machines are our trademark.

Our continuous improvement process ensures that the experience we learned from new EIMA systems for the food production flows directly into the existing production. For us, innovation is a daily experience!

In-house assembly

We don’t just do the “BIG ONES“. A clear and concise layout of processes is our strength – not just for complete production lines. Especially individual components are already optimized during their design in order to fit best into your production line.

Visual sorting and Re-peeling processor in compact design


As our customer, you are invited right from the start to partake in the 3-D volume modelling and play a decisive role in the planning process. The craftsmanship of our manufacturing team turns each planned system into a true EIMA product – Made in Germany.

Your EIMA advantages: ✔ Planning reliability through 3-D volume modelling ✔ Manufacture of even the smallest components ✔ Continuous improvement process The EIMA comprehensive range: Pit Separators, Haulm Separators, Water Separators, Washing Machines, Salt Baths, Carborundum-type Peeling Machines, Steam Peelers, Sorting Belts, Blanching and Cooling Machines, Band Blanchers, Waterjet Cutting Machines, Screw Conveyors, Puree Machines, Steam Cookers, Spice Mixing Drums, Fat Fryers, Cooling Tunnel, Fat Separators, Starch Separators, Screw Mixer


“Experience is our asset – we pass it on to you“ The EIMA Peeling Line has been fitted with a new Carborundum-type Peeling Machine with integrated Water Recycling System, and it is now even more effective. The peelings are filtered from the waste water of the Peeling Machine and the water is recycled back to the Washing Machine. This Carborundum-type Peeling Machine is in a class of its own, even during this very careful peeling process. The peeling process is supported by the carborundum coating with varying granularity. Thus, the best possible result with the least waste is achieved.

Peeling Line

But it is not only the Carborundum-type Peeling Machine that makes the system so valuable, as an option you may insert the new longitudinal Scroll Calibrator and the new Halving Machine. These are two true innovations by EIMA.

Scroll Calibrator


As mechanical Peeling Line, this combination makes it the most successful unit available on the market today, especially when it comes to potatoes and carrots, but also beetroots. Your EIMA advantages: ✔ Water recycling system ✔ Less peeling waste ✔ Universally extendable Line peeled potatoes, capacity in kg/h: 500, 1000 – 1500, 2000 – 3000, 3000 – 4500

Halving Machine


“Simply economical – Potato Flakes as ideal basic product“

This EIMA system grows proportional with the volume of your orders. Due to the generous design of the first components, such as Washing Machine and Steam Peeler, you may extend to a second line and install up to four Potato Flake Dryers. An investment that is initially a little higher will pay for itself in no time. Explain your objectives to us – and we will plan with you a successful production line that will last you for a long time.

Potato Flakes Line


There is hardly any basic and all-purpose product, such as Potato Flakes. Whether it is being used for further processing or as mixing product, the application of this starchy intermediate product becomes more and more popular, even in the non-food sector. This means, even the waste of your other potato production can be processed in a profitable way.

You can start small and grow “REALLY BIG“.

Your EIMA advantages: ✔ Expandable production line architecture ✔ Best cost/benefit ratio ✔ Can be used with products which might otherwise be wasted Line Potato Flakes, capacity in kg/h: 350, 550, 800, 1100, 1450, 2200, 2900, 3600


“A good French Fries is worth its weight in gold“ French Fries…there is hardly any other food product that has to meet higher consumer expectations. You can find Fries anywhere and they are consumed in vast quantities. A consistent quality can only be achieved with first-class production facilities. However, a profitable 24 / 7 operation largely depends on user-friendly components.

Our latest addition, the Blanching Machine is recognised for its consistent blanching quality.

French Fries Line

See for yourself! The well-engineered production solutions and easy to clean machines by EIMA will convince you. Whether you have need for a small system with a capacity of 1-1½ t/h or you require an industrial-type production line of up to 10 t/h, contact us. You will be surprised what the scalable architecture of EIMA productions solutions have to offer you. Because with EIMA your French Fries will be “worth their weight in gold.” Your EIMA advantages: ✔ High-quality components ✔ Designed for 24 / 7 operation ✔ Low operating costs

Line French Fries, capacity in kg/h: 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000

Steam Peeler

Centrifugal Remover



“With EIMA your success will “taste“ even better“ The market for snack items opens even more interesting possibilities. Ever new products, different in taste and shape, demand individually designed machines and innovative developments for your production line.

The Snack Pellet Line is ideally suited as “starter line”. A relative small investment lets you produce very interesting products. The turnkey system is delivered to your facility and only handed over to you, once you accept the good taste of your product.

Especially very thin chips require a very effective Fat Fryer with an efficient filter system. EIMA uses a very elaborate oil filtering system, which will maintain the proceeds at a high level. The result is a production of consistent chips with less oil usage.

Your EIMA advantages: ✔ Well-engineered process technology ✔ Fat Fryer with oil filter ✔ Snack Pellet Line ideally suited as “starter line“

Line Potato Chips, capacity in kg/h: 300, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 Potato Chips Line

Snack-Pellet Line

Line Extruded Snacks, capacity in kg/h: 150, 300, 500 Fat Fryer



Steam Peeler The Steam Peeler “Steamforce“ is representative for a technology already known. It is superbly suited for products which can be processed by using high pressures and short peeling cycles, as is the case with the production of Potato Flakes. The Steam Peeler “Typhoon“ employs the innovative technology of a double-walled vessel. Less waste during the peeling process and an even more consistent peeling result due to the optimized allocation of steam. In addition, the double-walled vessel design promotes extremely low condensation and makes this system a clear trendsetter. The functional and well-engineered design makes the Typhoon a low-maintenance product. Carborundum-type Peeling Machine Highlights of the EIMA Carborundum-type Peeling Machine: - lower water consumption due to start/stop water supply - integrated water recycling system with return line to Washing Machine - all peeling parameters are individually adjustable to different raw material qualities - rollers with carborundum coating with varying granularity for reduced waste during the peeling process - easy to operate design - enclosed housing

Centrifugal Remover The Centrifugal Remover separates peels adhering to steam-peeled potatoes at a rate of up to 25 t/h. With this high power machine the peeling losses will be reduced once more. A separate spray system is integrated.


“Invest a little more – and make your production more profitable“ A good example for high productivity is our Steam Peeler.

which is necessary for the removal of the peels, can be easily achieved.

When compared to Carborundum-type Peeling Machine, Steam Peelers are more effective due to time savings and better product utilization. By intensive cooperation with our long-time customers and in practice, we have been able to further develop and improve our Steam Peeler. The result is a state-of-the-art product. The higher economic efficiency will offset the higher investment costs within approximately 1 ½ years.

You will always find the most optimized process technology integrated into all our system designs that we will focused on your intentions. We will be happy to discuss your ideas in a face-to-face conversation.

An additional advantage is the very compact design due to the horizontally installed pressure vessel. This simplifies the setup of this Steam Peeler Line into existing and sometimes very crowded spaces. However, the highlight of this product is the rapid allocation of steam. Due to the very generously dimensioned design of the components, the quick release of pressure,

Our development engineers

Your EIMA advantages: ✔ Intensive process optimization ✔ Trendsetter and provider of ideas ✔ High profitability


“For us, service is just another word for all-round support“ A service that reflects the manufacturer’s competence is irreplaceable. We maintain a complete record for your EIMA system, and we dispatch all in-stock spare parts within 24 hours and provide over night service.

your employees will be able to utilize the new EIMA system to its fullest.

Our service technicians are available 24 hours a day and get to your site as quickly as possible. A comprehensive inspection manual provides your in-house maintenance personnel with all the information you need. Thus, your system will always remain in top shape. We install the turnkey system for you and assist you all the way, up to the first production run. Extensive training courses ensure you that


Warehouse Manager: Volkhard Patten

We are more than just a system supplier in the food production branch – We are a partner in your success. Your EIMA advantages: ✔ Spare parts available off the shelf ✔ 24-hour over night spare part service ✔ 24-hour technical support


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