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Your journey of possibilities begins here. Marketing opportunities at Dell

You drive your career. We help you navigate your journey. When it comes to your career, you want best-in-class

• The Dell Marketing Career Development Guide — 

experience and opportunities for development. You

A resource to help you gain active direction on

want to be challenged and inspired, to meet your

developing your personal marketing career. With

potential and even surpass it. You want growth.

the guide, you’ll identify career goals, areas of interest, and necessary competencies and skills.

Dell Marketing wants all this for you, too. Dell’s

You will assess your skills and learn how marketing

Global Marketing Talent and Capabilities organization

executives have built their careers, then execute a

is focused on helping marketers achieve their

plan to achieve your goals.

greatest potential in service of Dell customers. With a wealth of programs and resources to help you grow

• Your Individual Development Plan — Your IDP

your marketing skills, we will ensure you continue

is your key to gaining access to important cross-

learning and gain experiences that will help you

functional and international marketing experiences.

develop your career.

It’s your career map within Dell that you can use to engage your manager and others about your career

Tap into your passions. Build your skills.

goals and interests. In it, you’ll update your short-

Empower yourself, your team and Dell.

and long-term goals, skill sets, training, projects and areas of interest, including international experience.

Your journey of possibilities at Dell combines your motivation and talent with an inspired balance of

• Dell Marketing University — The school within

on-the-job mentoring, education and networking

Dell, “Marketing U” offers more than 65 in-person

opportunities, along with the freedom to take on

and online courses to help you strengthen your

responsibility, join forces with coworkers and develop

capabilities, share best practices with your peers and

yourself as a leader in the marketing field.

learn from renowned business school professors.

Dell invites new, energized and diverse thinking.

• Events — Participate in special events and forums

When you join our team, we’ll help you hone your

where you can learn about industry trends and

talent and skill, and enhance your development every

Dell’s solutions from our internal and external

day. We do this through relationships and choice

thought leaders, connect with senior executives

resources that make short- and long-term goal

and peers at a Global Marketing Leadership

setting easy, reliable and ongoing, including:

Networking Event, or join a webinar from one of our industry partner organizations.

• Dell MentorConnect — Mentoring is a key part of how Dell supports our leaders and team members and enables everyone at Dell to grow and thrive. MentorConnect provides a simple, accessible way to make yourself available as an advisor, a learner, or both. • Dell 360 Online Feedback Tool — A powerful tool for understanding your skill or competency strengths and opportunities for development, this confidential web-based survey tool allows you to solicit and gather direct work-related feedback from the people who know your performance best: your managers, mentors, direct reports, coworkers and customers. • The Marketing Internship Program — The intern program allows selected participants the opportunity to work on strategic projects in various parts of the marketing organization. Exposure to executives and networking opportunities are key elements of the program. • The Marketing Development Program — Upon completion of your internship and your acceptance of a full-time offer, you will be placed into the Marketing Development Program for a period of 9–18 months. You will lead strategic assignments in various parts of the marketing organization. Assignments offer executive visibility and interaction, and an opportunity to identify your ideal role within Dell. • The Marketing Rotation Program — The program offers top talent with 1+ years of employment the opportunity to apply for a three-year rotation program, which consists of three 12-month rotations in various parts of the marketing organization. Your journey of possibilities at Dell invites unique and personal contributions that tap into passions and build skills and relationships. We welcome you to a multitude of proven career-making opportunities that empower each team member, every Dell customer, and Dell itself to live up to our fullest potential.

“ The combination of your own purposedriven initiative and our commitement to provide you a marketing career development roadmap will empower you to grow, develop and succeed and — you’ll help Dell do the same.” Karen Quintos Senior Vice President / Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing Internship Program

Get a head start on your journey.

“My internship at Dell was the first step in developing my marketing career, which now spans multiple functions and geographical locations. It was an experience I treasure and continue to leverage as a member of Dell’s Marketing Rotation Program.” Jakob Vesterheden Marketing Internship Program

Opportunity, experience, growth: Move your career ahead with the Dell Marketing Internship Program. Guided, unique and uniquely yours. That’s the experience the Dell Marketing Internship Program provides to qualified candidates. Like Dell itself, the Dell Marketing Internship Program seeks exceptionally talented candidates with a proven track record of success. Ideal candidates are demonstrated leaders who typically possess three to five years of experience in various marketing disciplines. If you’re selected to participate in the Marketing Internship Program, you’ll be:

• Exposed to executives across • • • •

all marketing functional areas Connected with other interns Placed in a particular assignment and measured on your performance Encouraged to network and make connections Operating independently and as part of a larger team responsible for developing and defining key initiatives Critical to your team’s success

Your interests steer your journey. Based on your background, experience and interests, and the organization’s needs, you may apply to any of the following areas of Dell Marketing for your Dell Marketing Internship:

• Segment marketing • Solutions group marketing • Corporate marketing Dell’s Marketing Internship Program highlights:

• Opportunity to work for a

• • •

global Fortune 50 company that recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusion as elements of success Autonomy to showcase your creativity and expertise Specified work on strategic projects that drive business objectives Networking opportunities with executives, and social activities and events including Dell’s executive speaker series Competitive salary

As a member of the Dell Marketing Internship Program, you’ll also gain access to:

• Marketing Development Program — Upon completion of your internship and acceptance of a full-time offer, you will be placed into the Marketing Development Program for a period of 9–18 months. You will lead strategic assignments in various parts of the marketing organization. Assignments include executive visibility and interaction, and the opportunity to identify your ideal role within Dell.

• Marketing Rotation Program — The Marketing Rotation Program exists solely to help lead top talent on a threeyear global career experience full of unique professional and personal opportunities. Candidates become eligibile for this program when they have completed their first year of Dell employment.

• Marketing University — Participate in courses, workshops, seminar series and external webinars to broaden your skills. The Dell Marketing Internship program is an excellent opportunity for you to show Dell what you can do. Your experience in the program will give you the exposure, the responsibility, and the know-how to make a positive impression that could lead to an offer of employment upon graduation.

Be inspired by others like Jakob.

Top 10 reasons marketers love working at Dell: 10. Being part of a company with a real sense of corporate responsibility (ranked among the Top 5 greenest companies in America by Newsweek for the past three years) 9. Experiencing different roles and areas of marketing 8. Working for a company that changes and adapts quickly 7. Serving different customer segments 6. Accessing global opportunities on a truly international team 5. Being part of a company whose brand is customer-centered 4. Accessing great career development programs 3. Growing with a company that is committed to giving back to communities 2. Being a member in a company that is growing and succeeding 1. Working on a team with smart, great people

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Arseny Lepiavka Current role: North America Consumer Strategy and Merchandising Team Internship role: Summer 2009 MBA, Latin America Direct and Retail, Mexico Education: BS, Industrial Engineering, Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico MBA, Harvard Business School, USA “Halfway through my summer internship I knew that I shared the same values as Dell and that it was a company where I really wanted to become a transformation agent.”

Perry Nelson Current role: Global Site Design Account Management, eCommerce Internship role: Global Site Design strategy, eDell Education: BS, Journalism & Communications, University of Oregon, USA MBA, McCombs School of Business, University of Texas, USA “Dell provides the opportunity to see a lot of different disciplines and enables you to build relationships with professionals in other organizations.”

Jakob’s journey

“As a Dell intern, I learned how to work and communicate in a large company, manage projects with cross-functional teams and, honestly, I got to learn about myself — how I liked to work, how I liked to be managed — and I turned a job into a career.”

Name: Jakob Vesterheden Joined Dell: 2005 Marketing background: • Graduate and undergraduate degrees in both economics and finance from the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark • Started at Dell as an intern in Human Resources in the Talent Acquisitions group • Served as a pricing manager for the Consumer and Small Business desktop team in Northern Europe • Joined the Marketing Rotation Program in 2011 and transferred to the Global Brand team in Austin, Texas

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“During the first six months it became clear to me that Dell was a workplace that suited my style and personality. It was a place that would enable me to grow and pursue my professional and personal goals.”

“When I applied internally for another role and got it, I saw how Dell believes you can grow even across two such diverse functions. It became very clear to me that this is where I want to be.”

Marketing Development Program

Take control of your career.

“The MDP is an excellent way to start building your career path within Dell, whether you want to specialize in one particular area or try different roles in marketing.� Hawa Drame Marketing Development Program Class of 2013

The power to do more

Accelerate your ramp into Dell with the Marketing Development Program The Marketing Development Program (MDP) is a 9-12 month program designed to give new MBA marketing hires access to exclusive trainings, executive exposure and unique networking opportunities. The MDP helps new MBA marketers ramp quickly so they can dive in and start making a difference from day one. The MDP consists of marketers fresh out of top MBA programs. The majority of MDP team members join Dell full-time after interning with the company the summer between their first and second years in school. MDP members join a wide variety of teams such as: product marketing, marketing analytics and online marketing.

Recent MDP roles The flexibility of the MDP allows participants the freedom to shape and customize their experience. Marketing Development Program roles range across the marketing spectrum. Recent MDP participants have fulfilled roles including: •

North America CRM consumer insights and strategy

Marketing decision sciences

Social media analyst

Channel marketing program manager

And many more

For more information about the program contact:

Post-MDP roles The MDP serves as an acceleration program for Dell’s newly acquired MBA marketers. MDP members transition out of the program and either choose to stay in their current roles, or transition into a new role after 9-12 months. Program management aids members in identifying new opportunities within Dell. MDP participants exiting the program either move into a highimpact traditional marketing role or are eligible to apply for the Marketing Rotation Program (MRP). Both traditional marketing roles and the MRP are great options for continued career development. The pathway chosen depends on an individual’s career goals and the position he or she would like to pursue. Whichever direction you take your career, the Marketing Talent & Capabilities Team and MDP Program Managers help guide you through the transition.

“MDP participants are some of the most valuable leaders on my team. They tend to bring a “point me in the right direction and let me go” type of attitude. Because of that I typically give them high visibility, high impact projects.” Carolyn Loudenslager Dell Marketing Director

Explore opportunities in the Marketing Development Program Anna Vander Broek Class of 2013 City University of New York, Zicklin School of Business MDP Role: End User Computing online content operations “The MDP gave me a support network that is invaluable to being successful at Dell. I still meet up with my MDP colleagues for idea sharing, problem solving and professional development.” Marketing roles at Dell: • Client Solutions Global Marketing: online product content senior advisor • Global Software & Peripherals: content strategy senior advisor • Global Software & Peripherals: content strategy MBA intern Additional professional activities • Marketing Rotation Program, Class of 2017 • Core Team Lead: GenNext Professional Development • Member in three employee resource groups

“I’m so grateful to have been a part of the MDP and am particularly thankful for the career development support and visibility into different parts of the businesses that the MDP provides.”

“MDP provided me with opportunities to network with peers and understand various areas of the business and to get exposure to executives and seek their insights in informal settings.”

“The MDP gave me the resources to ramp quickly in my first role, to amplify my network and get a promotion in my first 10 months. I’m so thankful for this program and I highly recommend it to anyone that is seeking a career at Dell.”

Cara Offterdinger

Tejas Gohokar

Pedro Callirgos

Class of 2014

Class of 2013

Class of 2014

University of Texas McCombs School of Business MDP Role: Marketing talent acquisition & career development programs

University of Texas McCombs School of Business MDP Role: G500 customer acquisition

University of Michigan Ross School of Business MDP Role: Global brand digital and solutions marketing

Hawa’s journey

Name: Hawa Drame Joined Dell: 2012 Marketing Background: • MBA from Kellogg, Bachelor in Marketing from the ESSEC in Paris • MBA Internship - built key targeting & positioning for Dell’s next gen business tablets on product marketing business client team • MDP - Global Marketing Planning: developed top-down approach to support building regional teams’ quarterly plans, across all segments and business units • Post MDP - Global Integrated Marketing Operations team: operational & analytical support for global marketing teams across segments & regions • B2B Digital content strategist - built digital strategy across all Dell online properties for Client and Enterprise Solution campaigns

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Dell Inc. Corporate Office One Dell Way Round Rock, TX 78682 USA

“The MDP gives you the opportunity to work on a highlevel project with career development resources to strengthen your functional and leadership skills through customized training, executive visibility and networking right from the start.”

“In my own experience, the MDP has served as a springboard to join the Marketing Rotation Program which provides the opportunity to explore 3 different functions, further develop your leadership skills, grow a global network and get even more visibility and exposure to marketing leadership.”

Marketing Rotation Program

Access opportunities. Accelerate your growth.

“Having the ability to create a job that you could be good at and that’s good for business is phenomenal.” Kirstan Ryan Marketing Rotation Program,

Class of 2014

Fulfill your career ambitions and turn your dreams into reality. Dell’s Marketing Rotation Program was created for people with a can-do spirit and collaborative attitude. It exists solely to help lead highly motivated and talented individuals on a successful career journey. This strategically designed three-year global career experience is full of uniquely fulfilling personal and professional growth opportunities. With Dell Marketing’s deep commitment to participants’ personal and professional success, each Marketing Rotation Program member plays a crucial role on the Dell Marketing team in service of becoming one of tomorrow’s marketing leaders.

The measurable success of the Marketing Rotation Program is driven by:

• The combination of challenging,

• • •

strategic assignment roles that deliver the breadth of experiences necessary for you to understand marketing from end to end Direct exposure to Dell marketing leaders Ongoing networking and mentoring opportunities based on your individual needs Robust on-the-job support and education with additional unique training opportunities to support your accelerated career growth Members’ ability to eagerly assume increasing responsibility and easily surpass their preconceived career goals

Your journey of personal development: Should you be selected as a Marketing Rotation Program member, you’ll have the opportunity to expand your perspective and make your mark with three 12-month assignments in the following areas:

• Segment marketing • Solutions group marketing • Corporate marketing Each Marketing Rotation Program member will gain rich personal developmental experiences, and continuous and meaningful feedback to help build strengths and develop practical skills in other areas.

Your successful performance creates new roads of possibilities. When you join the Dell Marketing team, you become part of a culture of highly recruited, highly motivated and talented individuals. Come be a part of a culture of continual exploration that will help enhance and develop your skills — and move your career, your team and Dell into the future.

Here is a sampling of opportunities available to you in the Dell Marketing Rotation Program: Segment marketing • Channel Partner Lead Generation Manager • Country Planning Manager • Communications/ Messaging Manager • New Markets Leader • Services Demand Generation Manager Solutions group marketing • Solutions Pricing Manager • Product Line Manager • Product Marketing Manager Corporate marketing • Social Media Manager • Brand Manager • Customer Insights Manager • Corporate Reputations/ Relations Manager • Events Strategist • Executive Briefing Center Manager

Find more info:

Discover the diverse paths other Marketing Rotation Program participants like Kirstan are blazing.

Punit Duggal, Marketing Rotation Program Class of 2014

Sylvie Guillon, Marketing Rotation Program Class of 2014

Monika Högye Hoppanova, Marketing Rotation Program Class of 2014

Austin, Texas USA MBA, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan USA

Paris, France Institut Supérieur de Commerce Université Paris X Nanterre, France

Bratislava, Slovakia First Cambridge Certificate in English Nitra, Slovakia

“After graduating with an MBA from the University of Michigan, I joined Dell in 2008 as a project manager in the services delivery organization responsible for managing projects for Dell’s Connected Classroom. I quickly learned about the opportunities with a career in Marketing at Dell, including the Marketing Rotation Program. Being a part of the program gives you a great vantage point to see many areas within Dell Marketing and how it all comes together. It is a very rewarding experience.”

“I joined Dell in 2007 to work on the Dell France website. I have had the opportunity to move to different Marketing Communications roles, particularly in the Public segment where I was in charge of the Hi-Ed campaigns in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. I decided to apply to the Marketing Rotation Program in order to broaden my skills and had the opportunity to move to Austin for one year, working on the Global Communications team.”

“I started my career at Dell in 2002 and was one of the first employees of our Bratislava office. Over the first five years, I worked in sales and sales operations organizations, including roles as GE leasing specialist, sales team leader, coach team leader, and sales operations manager for Central Europe. I’m now building on those experiences as a Marketing Rotation Program member, starting with my role in the Executive Briefing Center – which is a new and different, high-impact marketing career opportunity for me.”

Kirstan’s journey

“The ability to network and, more importantly, the opportunity this program offers to meet inspiring people, is amazing. I continue to benefit from this valuable aspect of the program.”

Name: Kirstan Ryan Joined Dell: 2009 from Message One acquisition Marketing background: • Degree from Syracuse University • Over 14 years of experience in high tech marketing and communications • Started at Dell managing public relations and analyst relations for Dell Services • Worked in Dell Services Messaging, with responsibilities including positioning and differentiating Dell’s services business • Served as the marketing project lead for integration of Perot Systems • Joined the Marketing Rotation Program in 2011, from Dell Services in Austin, Texas

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“This program is a great opportunity to gain experience that you might not otherwise get access to. It’s an opportunity to explore an area of marketing where you’ve never had exposure.”

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Dell Marketing Recruitment Kit  
Dell Marketing Recruitment Kit  

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