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How To Print A Paper In Color From Dell Printer? Some settings are required to be changed for color printouts from Dell Printer. The method to do this activity depends on the type of Operating system.

To do this activity, follow the given steps and get the desirable printouts: 1. The very first step is to turn on your laptop and click the Start button. 2. Now, click Control Panel to open a new window. If Windows 8, type Control Panel in the search bar or select Settings by clicking in the bottom-right corner of the desktop. 3. Locate Printers and faxes option from the Control Panel window. Select the option once found. 4. Make a right click on your printer name and select Properties from the drop-down menu.

5. Property window will open up on the screen. A number of tabs are available for the settings of Printer. 6. Select Color Management tab to enter into its settings. 7. Now, click Paper/Quality tab. Find Color section on the available window and click that option. 8. Select OK button to save the settings and then exit the window. 9. Give a test print to check the results. Searching for More? Dell Printer Support NZ is always available for further information and guidance which can be availed at any time. Feel free to contact them for the best solution.

Tips:  A user needs to have a color printing machine to do this activity. A machine with only blank ink will print in black and grey. It will not print in color, no matter how hard you try until color cartridge is installed in it.  If the shortcut icon is available for Dell Printer, then just make a right click on it to get the properties window. If you fail to achieve color printouts, don’t be disappointed and move towards us by dialing a toll-free number Dell Printer Customer Support Number 099508860. We offer services for the customers who confront various difficulties on their machine. We help them to get better printing experience. The issues in which we deal are installation of drivers and software, paper jam issue, connectivity error for wireless, cartridge draining, spooler error and much more. Our major motto revolves around client’s satisfaction in a short time. You can rely on our service for best output. Original source

How To Print A Paper In Color From Dell Printer?  
How To Print A Paper In Color From Dell Printer?  

In this Pdf, we have mentioned how to print a paper in color from Dell printer. After reading this Pdf, if you are still unable to get color...