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Visit out first ever Colinton Food Market Friday 21st September 4pm - 8pm A selection of locally sourced and home-made food

What’s on Clubs & Classes Prize Crossword pg40 Monthly Recipe

Colinton Market-Place Saturday 6th October 2pm - 4pm Arts and Craft stalls, tea, coffee and cakes St Cuthberts Church, Westgarth Avenue.

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SATURDAY 6 OCTOBER 2012 9.30am–12.30pm

Principal’s Address 9.30am

Financial help available for P7 and S1 entry, including free places Choice of International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme or SQA Qualifications for S5/S6 pupils

Contact the Admissions Secretary: 0131 446 6007 Colinton Road Edinburgh EH10 5EG

George Watson’s College is administered by the Edinburgh Merchant Company Education Board, a charity registered in Scotland SC009747


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WELCOME TO SEPTEMBER 2012 This month we see our first ever ‘Colinton Food Market’ on 21st Sept which I’m sure will be a great event not to miss! I recently visited our local event ‘Art in the Park’for the first time and couldn’t believe how many stalls and entertainers were there not to mention lots of people enjoying the sunshine. It’s certainly a good way to get out and meet people in your community and also to show support to local businesses. The What’s on and Clubs and Classes pages are getting full with various events and classes I’m sure there is something suitable for everyone of all ages. Got a favourite film you would like to see in the Cinema then enter our prize crossword on page 40, the winner will receive a Cineworld Gift Card worth £20.00. There are many new and regular businesses please continue to support them and your local community magazine. I also would love to hear from you if you have any interesting articles or local stories that you would like to share with us. Til next month! Best wishes. Ann. The Dell Directory is distributed in the following areas:Colinton Mains, Dreghorn, Redford, Bonaly, Campbell Park, Woodhall, Torphin, Spylaw and Pentland.

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Genesis Genesis Genesis Cube Genesis Cube Cube Merida Cube Merida Merida Ibis Merida Ibis Ibis Ridgeback Ibis Ridgeback Ridgeback Yeti Ridgeback Yeti Yeti Cotic Yeti Cotic Cotic your not so local bike shop offering the best repairs and new bikes Cotic your not so local bike shop offering the best repairs and new bikes

and kit in town. come and visit us at 30 Rodney Street, EH7 4EA your notinsotown. local bike shop offering best repairs andEH7 new bikes and us atthe 30 Street, yourkit not so localcome bike and shopvisit offering the Rodney best repairs and new4EA bikes and kit in town. come and visit us at 30 Rodney Street, EH7 4EA and kit in2801 town.-come and visit us at 30 Rodney Street, EH7 4EA 0131 557 0131 557 2801 - 0131 557 2801 - 0131 557 2801 -


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We are a small family run business who can meet all your cleaning requirements however big or small. At SPC, we pride ourselves on providing a professional, reliable and friendly service. The service provided will be tailored to your specific needs. Our rates are highly competitive, starting at £10 an hour for a domestic clean. • Domestic Cleans • Small Retail & Office Cleans • Special Occasion/One-off cleans We are fully insured. Contact us on: Mobile 07526 530586 or via

Scott’s Premier Cleaning – we value your custom.

First 1hr Lesson Free With Paul Cook, from COOK DRIVER TRAINING High Pass Rate Awarded Grade 5 by the DSA for high quality instruction Extremely patient and relaxed Nervous pupils welcome Diploma in Advanced Driving (DIAmond Special Test) Gift Vouchers and discounted block prices available Learners, Pass Plus, Advanced Driving, Rescue Training, Instructor Training It makes sense to try before you buy, so my first lesson is always free. There’s no requirement or pressure to book a 2nd lesson, so what do you have to lose? Check out the video clip at


Text/call 078900 67773 Home 0131 441 6405 60 Woodfield Avenue, Colinton

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    

 

          

 6

   

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Naturally Beautiful

Home vs High Street

Image Courtesy of Estee Lauder

We all love to try the latest beauty products and if you believe what you read on the packaging, you’ll wonder how you’ve ever lived without them. There’s no doubt there are some great products out there that go a long way in making our hair shiny, keeping our skin moisturised and fighting off lines and wrinkles, and there’s certainly no doubt that we fork out a lot of money for them. If you venture away from the High Fresh Faced - Peach and Honey FaceStreet and look for a more ‘homemade’ mask approach to beauty, you’ll find cheap and surprisingly effective natural solutions that don’t rely on fancy packaging and big promises. Instead, they inspire you to start reaching into your kitchen cupboard rather than your bathroom cabinet whenever you fancy a beauty treat. There’s no need to give up on your favourite products, but trying out some homemade hair, skin and body treats from time to time can leave you looking and feeling great and help with the budget too. Because they’re all created with completely natural ingredients, homemade facemasks, scrubs and treatments make use of what nature has to offer and what’s more, they smell good enough to eat. Try out our selection of the best.

Reap the rewards of this totally nourishing and revitalising natural face-mask that smells good enough to eat. You’ll need: 1 peach 3 teaspoons of honey 2 tablespoons of natural yoghurt It’s really easy to create the mask, simply skin the peach and mash the flesh with the honey and add the natural yoghurt. Work the ingredients in to a smooth paste and apply to a cleansed face and neck. Sit back and relax for 10 minutes, then rinse off with warm water. Your skin should be left feeling soft, supple and nourished.

Luscious Locks - The Natural Way

Thanks to its natural conditioning and moisturising properties, coconut oil is the perfect treat for damaged hair. It has a soothing and softening effect on both the

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The Evil Weevil

The vine weevil (Otiorhynchus sulcatus) is notorious, especially for gardeners who concentrate on pots, and always feature in any gardening poll of ‘top pests’. Both the adults and their grubs do damage, but it’s the innocent looking grubs that give the vine weevil its bad reputation. They’re an immensely successful pest; there are only females and each one is capable of laying about 1,000 eggs during the summer. Now that they’re being controlled successfully commercially, they’re perhaps less of a problem to gardeners than they once were but if you have them in your garden, whether you like it or not, you probably need to get to know them better.

How Do You Know You Have Vine Weevils? The adult vine weevil is just under 1cm long, matt black with tiny gingery brown flecks on its wingcases. They’re a classic weevil shape with elbowed antennae and a phenomenal ability to grip on to nearly any surface; a brilliant feature as, despite the wing-cases, these pests cannot fly, so rely on their climbing to access the foliage on which they feed. You’re likely to notice the notches around the leaf


margins before you see the weevil itself. They tend to feed in the evening or at night, usually doing most damage on the lower, most accessible leaves. The young stage weevils or grubs are about 1cm long, creamy white in colour and often curled into a ‘C’ shape, with no legs but a gingery brown head. You’re likely to find them in the compost or soil, usually close to the roots or tubers that they’ve been feeding on. They eat the roots, burrow in to tubers and on woody plants may even eat the tissues at the stem base and on larger roots. Unless you’re removing a plant from its pot, or digging one up you’re unlikely to notice the grubs; it is when a plant suddenly starts to wilt or die, or you realise that something is no longer firmly rooted that alarm bells should begin to ring.

What Do Vine Weevils Attack? Vine weevils will attack nearly any plant you try to grow, particularly in containers, probably because it’s easier for them to move through compost than garden soil. They’re a greater problem on perennial plants and those with fleshier roots or tubers. Alpines, cyclamen, primulas, fuchsias, hydrangeas, begonias, rhododendrons, euonymus, and strawberries seem to be particularly prone to attack. The adult beetles emerge mostly between March and May, but also at other times in greenhouses. The eggs are tiny and dark brown, each less than 1mm diameter and are placed close to a suitable host plant. The eggs hatch to produce the creamy coloured grubs which feed and grow until they reach full size. The grubs pupate in the soil or compost where they have been feeding and within the pupae, if you look carefully you can see adult features developing – the antennae, the legs and the wing pads are often clearly visible. The adults then appear, start to feed and lay eggs.

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What Can You Do? Try to avoid getting vine weevils in the first place. Check plants carefully for foliage damage and check the roots before you introduce anything new to your garden. Buy plants only from reputable sources. Avoid re-using compost in containers as it might contain grubs or eggs, which are impossible to spot. As vine weevils cannot fly, making barriers is relatively easy. Put a ring of non-setting glue around the rim of containers as this should prevent the female from reaching the compost surface to lay her eggs. Similarly a gritty mulch may reduce the number of eggs that are laid and hatch. Try creating miniature moats around the legs of greenhouse staging, by standing each leg in a bowl of water. Vine weevils can’t swim and won’t be able to access the plants provided the staging doesn’t touch the sides of the greenhouse. I’m a fan of the biological nematode controls. They’re available from mail order suppliers (including and some seed catalogues and are applied as a

compost or soil drench. To work effectively the area must be kept constantly moist, so that the nematodes can move through the compost to attack the grubs. They enter the grubs’ bodies and produce a bacterial infection which kills them. The nematode controls need to have a soil or compost temperature of 5-21C and you’ll have the best effect if you use them during August and September. Visit the new products area on Pippa’s website for a great selection of products - signed copies of Pippa’s books, Grower Frames, cloches, pop-up plant cloches, raised bed kits, delightful terracotta herb planters and wall plaques, Nemaslug and other natural pest controls and lots, lots more! You can also sign up for Pippa’s newsletter and receive a free ebook on organic gardening. by Pippa Greenwood

RKB Home & Garden All internal & external work carried out, Including Painting & Decorating Plumbing, Electrical & Joinery repairs Silicon showers & worktops etc Fencing, Decking & Garden Maintenance and more... Free Estimates Based in Colinton over 10 years

Call Ross Thomson Mobile: 07732 183 461 Tel: 0131 441 5971 To advertise call Ann on 07843 449441 0145 Dell Directory Sept 2012 v4.indd 9

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Seasonal Recipe This quick curry is so easy to make and much cheaper than a take away. We’ve used lean lamb steaks but you could replace the lamb with pork fillet, chicken or turkey.

Heat 1tbsp of the oil in a large deep frying pan. Add the lamb chunks and fry over a high heat until browned all over. Remove the lamb from the pan with a slotted spoon and set aside.

Lamb and Aubergine Curry

Add the rest of the oil to the pan and fry the onion and aubergine for 7-8 minutes, stirring all the time until golden. Stir in the curry paste and cook for 1 minute then pour in the sieved tomatoes and bring to the boil.

• 3 tbsp sunflower oil

Return to the lamb to the pan and reduce the heat to a simmer. Cover and cook gently for 25-30 minutes until the lamb is tender. Stir occasionally and add a splash of water if needed.

• 400g sieved tomatoes

Season to taste with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Serve the curry in warmed bowls garnished with coriander and with chapattis, sliced tomatoes, cucumber and onions.

Serves 4 Ready in 50 minutes 10

• 650g lean lamb steaks, cut into chunks • 1 onion, peeled and chopped • 1 large aubergine, cut into cubes • 2tbsp Rogan Josh curry paste • Salt and freshly ground black pepper • Fresh coriander leaves, to garnish • Chapattis, sliced tomatoes, cucumber and onion, to serve


You’ll find jars of curry pastes in most supermarkets and they certainly take all the hassle out of making an authentic tasting curry at home. Rogan josh is a medium-hot paste but for a really mild flavour use a korma paste or go for a vindaloo paste if you prefer a curry with a little more heat.

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Colinton Building Services

Colinton Building Services carries out all aspects of general building and renovation work OUR SERVICES Our company provides the following services. • House Extensions • Conservatories • Brick and Stone Walls • Attic Conversions • Garages • Driveways • Renovation work • Kitchens • Slabbing • Landscaping • Decking • Decoration Quality work at a Reasonable Price Call for a FREE estimate or advice 0131 478 9359, 07714 951 810 Or email at


LOCAL, FRIENDLY & PROFESSIONAL DOMESTIC CLEANER PROVIDING A RANGE OF CLEANING SERVICES INCLUDING:• Weekly Housework • Bed Making • Oven Cleaning • One Off Deep Cleans • Tenancy Cleans Personalised to suit your individual needs. For further details/prices contact LINSEY.GOODWIN@BTINTERNET.COM 0131623 2218 / 07815 591 298

J & L Joinery Over 25 years experience

 All general domestic joinery work  New, small building works/repairs  Replacement exterior/interior doors timber, UPVC & composite

 Replacement windows  Sash ‘n’ case window repairs  Stud partitions & water ingress renovation works


Contact - Russell Swan T: 0131 539 4997 M: 07981 436 485 E: 33 Craigs Drive, Edinburgh

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11 07/09/2012 13:42

With over 20 years experience Liberton Joinery specialises in all types of carpentry and joinery in and around Edinburgh Sash windows ~Decking Loft Conversions ~ Kitchen Fitting Skirtings ~ Wood Flooring ...and much more

Liberton Joinery Call Nick

Tel: 0131 258 1486 Mob: 0781 061 2793

Domestic and Commercial Clients

We provide excellent standards of work and are committed to providing customer satisfaction that is second to none

30 Carnbee Park, Edinburgh, EH16 8BG

      

   

    

  


   


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Professional Care for children aged 3 months to 5 years Government funded pre–school places available. Open Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm Part and full-time places available Experienced and Qualified staff Private garden and secure outdoor play area, well equiped to provide a stimulating and play learning environment For further information or to arrange a visit please telephone Karen Burns on 0131 477 7330 We also have nurseries in Colinton Village & Grange please contact... Zoe Webster Colinton Village Nursery 0131 477 4518

Karen Burns Grange Private Nursery 0131 477 4504

22 Dreghorn Loan, Edinburgh EH13 0DE

In these financially difficult times, why not take the opportunity to enhance your current property and add value? As local architects, we pride ourselves on our professional but friendly services for all sizes of residential and commercial projects, be them refurbishments, alterations, extentions or new-build. Why not drop-in to our studio to informally discuss your project with no obligation?

To advertise call Ann on 07843 449441 0145 Dell Directory Sept 2012 v4.indd 13

13 07/09/2012 13:42

scalp and lengths of hair. You’ll need: A cup of coconut oil Massage the oil into the hair, paying particular attention to damaged lengths and ends. Apply sparingly to the scalp or not at all if your hair is in fairly good condition. Wrap the hair in clingfilm and cover with a warm towel for maximum conditioning benefit - the heat opens the hair shaft and allows the oil to penetrate. Wash out with shampoo and condition as normal.

Glowing Skin - The Ultimate Homemade Exfoliator for the Body You’ll need: Sea salt Almond oil Grapefruit Known for its deep cleansing and therapeutic properties, sea salt is an essential part of this naturally nourishing scrub. Mix it together with grated

grapefruit peel - to stimulate circulation - and finish with almond oil that’s rich in essential fatty acids and the antioxidant vitamin E. After soaking in a warm bath, dry off and apply the mixture to the skin. Thoroughly exfoliate, paying attention to the areas that need it most. Rinse off and moisturise.

Soften Up - Exfoliating and Moisturising Hand Treatment You’ll need: 1 ounce of ground almonds 1 teaspoon of clear honey 2 teaspoons of walnut or sunflower oil 1 teaspoon lemon juice A pair of moisturising mitts Combine all of the ingredients together to form a thick paste. Generously apply all over the hands and put on some mitts. Leave for a few minutes, then rinse off. Hands should be left feeling soft and smooth. by Helen Jane Taylor


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24 Bridge Road Colinton EH13 0LQ

It works, but is it safe? 10% oCff osts a L bonopruesrentation ent

vertisem of this ad

Be Safe, Stay Safe, use D.Sykes Electrical for all your Electrical Maintenance and Repairs We are an Approved Certifier of Construction, certified to carry out work requiring a building warrant

24 Bridge Road Colinton EH13 0LQ

Tel: 0131 477 7447 or Freephone: 0800 953 0356 Fax: 0131 477 7448 Email: Web:


SMC Joinery

It works, but is it07884203957 safe? Do you want to earn extra cash

Now is your chance to check, and have peace of mind knowing, that your house is electrically With Telephonesafe. 0131 466our 3494 on ent vertisem fantastic offer receive 30% off............................................................................... an Electrical Inspection & of this ad The Dell Directory is expanding Supply(otherwise and fit kitchens Test of your House Wiring Installation known as PIR) Off U O H presentation

0% fit at the same time? and 3keep SE PIR

and I’m looking for reliable Maintenance/ letting work We are an Approved Certifier of Construction, All joinery work undertaken distributors to deliver the to carry out work requiring certified a building warrant ●Kitchens ●Windows magazine in the Craiglockhart ●Doors ●Skirting ●Facings Tel: 0131 477 7447 or Freephone: 0800 953 0356 area starting in October. ●Ceilings ●Roofs ●Decking Fax: 0131 477 7448 to apply email: ●Fencing ●Double Glazing Email: ........................................................ Web: Free estimate All trades supplied Fully Insured

Offer available for a limited period only. Offer ends 31st January 2011

Oxgangs Farm Loan Edinburgh EH13 9QD

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 

       


      

 






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less z z Pu Pari in

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1 4



Ad ge d n th e in er, igh to a bo to cir nd uri fin cle pu ng n d b t nu th elo the um b m emw t an ers be r! agi hem swe c r





h ug hro h the ? tt ge eac ower T ou o r n y e t fel Ca maz e Eif the of th top


17 07/09/2012 13:42

Saved by the Bell September signals the end of the summer holidays and the start of the new academic year. While you’re replenishing supplies of notepads and pens, why not pick up a novel that’s based in a school? Fail to find our book selection highly entertaining and… see me afterwards. Never Let Me Go Kazuo Ishiguro On the face of it, Hailsham boarding school in the heart of the English countryside seems idyllic. The students are nurtured, encouraged to stay healthy and are protected from the outside world. The story centres round the love triangle of Kathy, Ruth and Tommy. As a now thirtyone year old, Kathy begins to reflect on their time at Hailsham and what it means to have been a student there. Without wanting to give the plot away, Hailsham has a dark secret and only a special type of person may attend. Ultimately, it’s a story about love, friendship and hope. Skippy Dies Paul Murray Opening with a dramatic doughnuteating contest in which Skippy does indeed kick the bucket, this is a wildly funny and equally gross insight into the minds of teenage boys. Overweight genius Ruprecht Van Doren and his roommate Daniel ‘Skippy’ Juster attend Seabrook College for Boys in Dublin. Beginning at the end, it then goes back in time to follow Ruprecht in his pursuit of Lori from the neighbouring girls’ school. If you thought teenage boys were obsessed with flatulence and other


bodily functions, you’re right. They’re also children struggling to find their identity and for that, the book is incredibly endearing. The Catcher in the Rye J.D. Salinger From the opening paragraph we’re in the mindset of the rebel with a cause, the ‘catcher in the rye’ himself, 16 year old Holden Caulfield. He’s been expelled from prep school and through his biting narration, edgy cynicism and general teenage angst, we’re all reminded what it’s like to be adolescent. With its profanity and sexual content it remains on many banned book lists and thus has become an anthem for youth. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone J.K. Rowling From the moment Harry, Ron and Hermione board the Hogwart’s Express at platform 9¾ we know that school will never be the same again. Who wouldn’t want to dine in the Great Hall, be tutored in muggle studies and represent your house at Quidditch? Featuring every aspect of boarding school life wizard-style, it’s an absolute must-read.

Goodbye, Mr Chips James Hilton This time it’s the teachers’ turn to have a voice. ‘Goodbye, Mr Chips’ is the sentimental tale of Mr Chipping, a much-loved staff member at a fictional boys’ public boarding school. Failing to connect with the pupils at first he eventually finds his confidence and a new love. Ok, it’s a bit mushy and sentimental but there’s something about these warm recollections of the retired schoolmaster that will melt your heart. Beautifully-written and wonderfully nostalgic it’ll have even the former bad boys remembering school through misty eyes. The Blackboard Jungle Evan Hunter Set in New York, this is a gritty and realistic portrayal of a new teacher’s struggle to maintain discipline in an inner-city school. It may have been set in the 1950s but the subject matter is timeless, dealing with violence in a way that rings as clear as the school bell within today’s society. It has a brilliant climax that’s worth the wait and will make your old comprehensive feel like something from Enid Blyton.

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DIY is all the rage these days, and this has its good points, however when it comes to expertise and specialist work, then Wishart Contracts puts DIY in the shade. Even though we carry out a lot of large scale commercial projects and refurbishments, our small works team are dedicated to dealing with the smaller but just as important maintenance and repair works and provide a service that many people require on a regular basis. Whether you need new taps or a new bathroom, a replacement shelf or a replacement kitchen, then Wishart Contracts is here for you...

At Wishart Contracts, we offer a wide range of building maintenance services that will help maintain your properties condition and value. Many general repairs are caused by storm damage, or lack of maintenance so better to get things checked regularly to ensure the odd jobs don’t mount up and cause you no end of hassle when the winter hits. We pride ourselves in being Fair and reasonable with our costings for works and we are sure that whatever your requirement, we can provide a cost effective, hassle free service to suit your needs. Some examples of works we regularly undertake are:

• Roughcast repairs

• Plastering

• Wall refurbishment

• Plumbing & Electrical

• Roof repairs

• Window repairs

• Guttering & Downpipes

• Fencing

• Paving repairs

• Painting


Proud sponsors of Stewart’s Melville Rugby Club

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HERE THERE AND EVERYWHERE! There is lots on in September and early October. Take your pick from the locally organised events and have a ponder over the city based and beyond, family outings suggested below.

ON YOUR DOORSTEP Duck Race Sunday 16th September Adopt a duck for just £1 and compete for a fantastic prize. Family fun day from 1pm with the races starting at 2pm The Water of Leith Visitor Centre Plant Sale and Coffee Morning Saturday 6th October St Cuthbert’s Episcopal Church, Westgarth Avenue,10 am – 12 noon Colinton Market Place Saturday 6th October A market full of handcrafted goods and quality gifts.

CLOSE TO HOME Scottish Quilt Championships Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd September 2012 Spectacular displays of hundreds of quilts from all over the world. Patchwork and quilting suppliers stands, providing a unique opportunity to shop with our dedicated exhibitors under one roof. MacRobert Pavilions, Royal Highland Showground. 10:00am - 4:30pm (4:00pm on Sunday) Tickets £2.00-£7.00.

Pout Edinburgh 14th-16th September. A ladies’ lifestyle show featuring, fashion, beauty and leisure for women. Edinburgh Corn Exchange, 11 Newmarket Road, Tel: 0131 4773500 Doors Open Day 22nd-23rd September This is your chance to explore some of Edinburgh’s most architecturally, culturally and socially significant buildings. Most venues feature behind the scenes tours, activities, exhibitions and/or talks which bring the history of the building, garden, cemetery or monument and its everyday use to life. Scottish Home Improvement and Self Build Show 6th-7th October A home improvement, interior design, renovation and self-build show. One of the most inspiring home improvement, interior design, renovation and self-build shows in Scotland. Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston Tel: 0131 3356200


Peebles Highland Games Sunday 9th September, from 11am. Hay Lodge Park, Peebles Tel: 01721 721738

Rainbow Glass Panels Monday 17th September 10.30am-12.30am Be inspired by the beautiful stained and painted glass in the castle and the enchanting gardens. Use colour to create your very own design to decorate your room £4.00 per adult/child. Location: Lauriston Castle, 2a Cramond Road. Tel: 0131 336 2060 Hopetoun Antiques Fair 21st-23rd September A wide range of antiques are offered for sale by nationally known and respected dealers. Hopetoun House, South Queensferry. Tel: 0131 3312451 Gin in tea cups Sunday 16th September. Expect over 20 stalls of vintage clothing, homewares, jewellery, soaps, records, hand-printed Ts, the creme de la creme of Glasgow and Edinburgh’s craft and fashion circuit. The Voodoo Rooms, 19a West Register Street, Tel: 0131 5567060

*All events and details have been printed in good faith and as supplied, The Dell Directory cannot be held responsible for any alterations or misprinted details


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CLUBS & CLASSES EXERCISE & FITNESS AND CHILDRENS GROUPS Colinton Tennis Lawn Association 10 Westgarth Avenue. Tel: 0131 476 0996 or 07989 437059 Colinton Bowling Club. 49a Redford Road. Contact: 0131 441 2964 Colinton Mains Bowling Club 221 Oxgangs Road North (next to Colinton Mains Park). Outdoor bowling, adults and juniors (age 9-16), April-September. Dominoes and Whist off-season. Contact: 0131-477 4400 Badminton Club Monday 8pm-10pm. Sept- March. Contact: Archie Clark on 0131 449 4703. Location: St Cuthberts Church Hall. Westgarth Av. Scottish Dancing Alternate Thursdays. 7.45pm- 9.15pm Sept- March Contact: Ann Dean on 0131 441 3729. Location: St Cuthberts Church Hall. Westgarth Av. Jolly Babies (up to 14mths) & Music with Mummy (14mths-3 yrs) Pentland Community Centre Thurs (JBs) 9.30am- 10.00am (MwM) 10.15am- 10.45am Book places. Tel 07971 045384. StableRoom Playgroups Happy and stimulating playgroups from 2-5 years old. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Colinton Parish Church. 9.15am- 11.45am. Term Time. Contact: 0131 477 9494 Email: Zumba Fitness Classes Sun 10.30am and Thurs 9.30am. Dreghorn Loan Hall. Further details: Freestyle Fitness Yoga Classes Sun 11.40am & Thurs 10.40am. Dreghorn Loan Hall. Tues 9.30am in St Cuthbert’s Church Hall. Further details: Kindermusik Music & Movement for Mums & Toddlers Thursday 1pm Wiggle & Grow (2-3 yrs) 2pm Move & Groove (4-5yrs) Tel Agata- 07929 452 572 Venue- St Cuthbert’s Church, Westgarth Avenue

SOCIAL, LOCAL INTEREST & OTHER Friendly Bridge Colinton Cottage Homes. Every Tuesday. 2-4pm. Tel 0131 4412962 Colinton Garden Club Meets 4th Monday of every month. Dreghorn Loan Hall 8.00pm. September to April. Email:

Colinton Amateur Orchestral Society Meets Tuesday 7.30pm- 9.30pm. Location: St Cuthberts Church Hall. Westgarth Av. Email: Colinton Townswomen Meets 2nd Thursday of every month from 2-4pm Location: St. Cuthberts Church, Westgarth Avenue. Contact: 0131 441 6643. Colinton Local History Society Meets 1st and 3rd Monday of the month at 8pm. Amusing and Educational Speaker Programme. Location: Dreghorn Loan Hall Contact: Derek Douglas: 0131 441 3335 Colinton Community Conservation Trust A registered charity aiming to preserve the natural and cultural heritage in and around Colinton. For membership details write to the Treasurer. 42 Pentland Avenue EH13 OHY Colinton Literary Society The “Lit” meet Wednesdays (Oct-Mar) at 8pm. Location: Dreghorn Loan Hall Contact: Ann-Marie West 0131 446 0150 Morningside & Newington Floral Art Meet 1st Monday of the month 7.30pm-9.15pm. Boroughmuir Rugby Club (off Colinton Road.) New member offer £8.00. Meets 1st October. Contact Joyce Rutherford on 0131 443 2536

COLINTON & OXGANGS LIBRARIES Colinton Library – Tel: 0131 529 5603 Teenage Book Club For S1-S3 will be held on the Tuesday of the month 4pm-4.45pm Book Club Last Tuesday of every month 2.-3pm Last Wednesday of every month, 6.30- 7.30pm Learn Ebay Wed 6.30pm- 7.30pm Chatterbooks 8-10yrs. 3rd Tues of Month 3.45pm-4.45pm Childrens Arts & Crafts Last Friday of the month 2.30pm- 3.30pm Book Bug! 0-3 years 10.15-10.45am. Thursday Fortnightly 2.15-2.45pm Tuesday Fortnightly. Phone for dates. Book Bug to move to Friday’s end of September, check facebook page. Oxgangs Library – Tel: 0131 529 5549 Chatterbooks 8-11yrs. 1st Mon of Month 4pm-5pm Share a Story Children 2-5 years. Wed 10.30- 11.00am Childrens Arts and Crafts Friday 2.30-3.30pm Book Bug! 0-3 yrs. Fridays 10.30am & 11.30am. Book Group 1st Wed of every month 10.15am- 11.00am, 6.30pm-7.30pm Yap &Yarn Every Tuesday 10.30-12.00. Phone for dates.

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alasdair morrison joinery Bespoke Joinery Services 42 Braid Road Edinburgh EH10 6AD

Welcome to alasdair morrison Joinery

Telephone: 0131 452 9642 Email: All types of domestic joinery work New fitted kitchens Bespoke joinery work Built-in wardrobes and bookcases Replacement stairparts Doors and locks Decking Spiral stair installation

LOOKING FOR A JOINERY BUSINESS YOU CAN TRUST? alasdair morrison joinery offers a friendly domestic joinery service to our local clients. With over 25 years’ experience, we provide a personal joinery service to many satisfied customers. We will discuss your job with you and offer the best solution and design for the job. Our tidy, reliable and trustworthy team will arrive at an agreed time, carry out and complete the work, keeping you informed at all times as the work progresses. Our services include: • Complete domestic joinery • Kitchens • Bespoke doors • Bespoke wardrobes, bookcases and desks • Window seats • Decking • Replacement stair parts.(Spindles, newel posts and handrails) • New and replacement locks • Spiral stair installation • Window ropes • Free estimates • If unsure just ask! We offer a key collection/drop off service if you need to get to work early. Registered member of the Federation of Master Builders for over 20 years.

Telephone: 0131 452 9642

42 Braid Road, Edinburgh, EH10 6AD


decorators Established 1986

20 Campbell Park Crescent Edinburgh EH13 0HT Please contact Robert on

013 1 4 4 1 3 1 9 4 07733008796

• Painting & Decorating • Wallpaper Hanging • Interior & External Painting • Cornice & Coving • Plastering & Ames Taping • Fire & Flood Works • All Joinery Works • All Trades Supplied • Free Estimates

Plus 10% DISCOUNT with this advert To advertise call Ann on 07843 449441 0145 Dell Directory Sept 2012 v4.indd 25

25 07/09/2012 13:42 Roofing INSURANCE




Storm Shield roofing is a family run business with a reputation for honest, professional and skilled workmanship basin in edinburgh, we aim to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with th e finished product




0131 516 2876 07837 628 654

26 Goodtrees Garden, Liberton, Edinburgh EH17 7RY


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The Life List

Why It’s Great Getting Older 1.

There’s less going now, so it doesn’t you forget things. someone who buys Christmas anyhow.


As there’s not much going on in your life, even little things to look forward to can make a huge difference to your day. Things like staying up late – till after 10pm – or the repeat of a film you think you used to like, although you can’t remember what it’s about now or how it ends.


on in your life really matter if There’s always you notepads at

You have enough experience to realise that the small stuff doesn’t matter in the long run, now that you’re down to a long crawl.


Your only desire is to have the occasional desire.


You enjoy muzak when you’re kept on hold just because someone else has chosen the music.


It’s nice when you get stopped in the street for a survey because you have someone to talk to. But it’s hard to keep pace with them once they start jogging away after twenty minutes.


You can daydream all you want.


Whatever’s going on in the world, you’ve seen it all before. Even if you still don’t get it!


Every springtime feels like a long service reward.

10. Although your life could have been better, the older you get the more you see people who’ve had it a whole lot worse. And many of them have brought it on themselves. © Derek Thompson

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Colinton Country Cattery 5 STAR ACCOMMODATION

• 1st Class purpose built boarding cattery • Special Dietary needs catered for • Indoor and external runs • Individually heated chalets • Pre-viewing welcome • Close to Edinburgh bypass (A720) • 15 mins from airport

Reservations: 0131 441 9099 164 Woodhall Road, Edinburgh EH13 OPJ


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Deep in southern Morocco, the Valley of a Thousand Kasbahs is a fabled land where ancient forts of mud and straw mingle their reflections in the sparkling waters of the river Dadès. Balancing on the rocks, sprinkled like sandcastles from village to village, they take on the colours of the earth, red, mauve, ochre and gold. Rainstorms and floods have long threatened their walls but they still stand, like proud sentinels from the past.

Oases and Kasbahs

In this tortured land shaped by earthquakes, the hills are bare, baked dry, but along the river are almond groves, luminous patches of young wheat and mud houses with zigzag patterns on their walls and ornate grills on their windows. Pink roses bloom in a secluded grove and in the little town of El Kelaa M’Gouna, every shop sells rose water and scented lotion. There, women cover their faces as you approach but their veils are fringed with silver trinkets. Where the roads from the valleys meet at over 3000 feet, Ouarzazate greets you with the most illustrious kasbah, once home of a wealthy lord. Inside, a forbidding maze of dark alcoves and latticed windows recalls centuries of history while storks rattle their beaks on the battlements. Follow

Morocco the road and you could dine pasha-style in Tifoultout kasbah, gaze at turrets and wall tattoos in Taourirt or explore the World Heritage Site of Ait Benhaddou where the fragrance of mint tea lingers in the air and locals speak of Lawrence of Arabia, Jewel of the Nile and other epics filmed on the spot.

out of the land in a jumble of tapering towers and passageways, courtyards and crenellations. Men in white djellabas sit under the trees, putting the world to rights, and goats and chickens roam unconcerned while in the shrine of Tamegroute, pilgrims consult holy books written on gazelle skin.

Suddenly, the desert wind rages through the streets, shaking the fig and pomegranate trees. Shops close their doors and the boys fishing in the river

After the long drive south, Zagora rises like a mirage in the hazy heat, a bustling little place with a vast palmery, as lush as velvet, and camels offering rides along the river. Bunches of dates glow like gold in trees and in the late afternoon light, the lonely Zagora hill takes on a magical purple shade.

look at the sky and pack up their gear. It’s time to escape and climb to the spectacular Ait Saouen pass in the Anti-Atlas before tackling the steep descent to the Draa valley, stopping now and then to allow an iguana to crawl across the tarmac. To many visitors who come this far, Draa is the loveliest of the oases on the kasbah trail. Green palms, red earth, blue sky, it unfolds like a tapestry along a river draped in oleander. Adobe villages and kasbahs grow

Only the brave venture to M’Hamid at end of the road where toffee-coloured houses are almost buried in the sand. No more oases, no more kasbahs, only giant dunes encroaching on the land, wave upon wave, the domain of scorpions and snakes and lonely caravans on their way to Timbuktu, 52 days across the desert.

by Solange Hando

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Tag Cleaning Services Local window and gutter cleaning service

Established over 30 years Free quotations on request Tel : 0131 449 2807 (Office) Neil : 07711 581 384 (Mob)

Thinking of Moving? A FREE Pre-Home Report evaluation from your local Solicitor-Estate Agents is a great place to start. Call Stewart Black on 07771 757 911 or 0131 516 2666 (24hr ans. m/c)


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PROPERTY NEWS The property market is much less seasonal than it used to be. The internet, more flexible working arrangements and other factors all add up to mean that property activity happens at virtually any time of year; Despite being the traditional holiday season, and with extra distractions such as major sporting events, plus very poor weather, July and August were more buoyant than expected. Nevertheless, I expect there will still be an increase in properties coming onto the market over the coming few weeks with many sellers hoping to get their transactions complete by the end of the year. There were 40 property sales in EH13 during the second quarter of this year. They ranged from ÂŁ79,000 for a 2-bedroom flat in Oxgangs to ÂŁ635,000 for a 4-bedroom semi-detached house in Colinton. The average selling price of flats in Colinton Mains was very close to ÂŁ130,000. At present, there are around 57 homes for sale in EH13.

It has been very pleasing to hear that the number of first-time buyers in Scotland increased by over 20% during the first half of this year (compared to the same period last year). No doubt, there will be many factors at play here including the fact that many young people have spent the past 4 or 5 years saving the hefty deposit required for most mortgages. The increasing government pressure on banks to lend money should help further oil the wheels of the market, and an improvement at the first time buyer level should filter up through the system and help the property market at large. The good news is accentuated by a recent report from the ESPC that the average house price in Edinburgh between May and July was up 0.2% annually. Furthermore, the number of homes selling continues to exceed levels seen last year by just over 10%. One note of caution, though: the downward pressure applied by buyers means that houses in Edinburgh are selling at, on average, 3% below their Home Report valuation. The best solution for home sellers to combat this is to make their property as presentable as possible. Furthermore, try to optimize your chances of getting a good Home Report. Get some guidance about what they will be inspecting for, BEFORE the surveyor visits your property. You can often put matters right at little or no cost whilst improving your chances of a smooth sale. If you are thinking of selling and would like a no-obligation appraisal of your property, please contact me directly on 07771 757 911.

Property News is contributed by local estate agent Stewart Black. To enquire about property related topics, call Stewart on 07771 757911. Statistical figures based on ESPC data only. The ESPC accounts for the vast majority of Edinburgh property sales.

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ABSOLUTE UPHOLSTERY Traditional and Modern Upholstery Service


0131 662 6644 07727 224 072 Email :

50 Relugas Place, Edinburgh, EH9 2PY


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High Tech TV

Could the gogglebox become a Google Box?

Although TV technology has changed dramatically over the years, with sets getting bigger, thinner and more detailed - and in some cases threedimensional - the way we use them has barely changed until now. Here’s how some of tech’s biggest names want to transform your television. Samsung’s awfully named UE40ES8000 TV shows where things are heading. Its bright 40-inch LED display can handle both 2D and 3D and more interestingly, can be controlled by waving at it. Your first wave gets the TV’s attention, and you can then change channels or volume with simple gestures. There’s a lot to gesture at. In addition to a Freeview HD tuner, there’s also integrated WiFi wireless networking so that the TV can connect to your wireless network, enabling iPad-style apps such as the BBC iPlayer and YouTube. You can also subscribe to film-on-demand services such as Lovefilm and Netflix, or use social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. There’s even a Skype application for making voice and video calls. It’s clever stuff, but there are two problems. The first is the price. At £1,499 the UE40ES8000 is the cheapest in the range. The second is that we

tend to keep our TVs for much longer than we do our computers. Will Samsung’s apps still work three years from now, or five? Will something better come along and make it obsolete? For now the smarter choice might be a box that brings similar features to your existing TV. Apple’s TV (£99) is one option, offering iTunes movie downloads and rentals as well as optional Netflix video on demand. It can also stream movies from your Mac, PC, iPad or iPhone. A similar Google-powered set from Sony, the NSZGS7 (£200) goes on sale this summer, and a version that also includes a Blu-Ray disc player is expected later this year. If you’d considered an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 but dismissed them because you’re not too interested in games, it might be time to think again: both consoles have dropped in price (you can get them for less than £150) and become powerful multimedia systems. For example the Xbox has its own Zune video marketplace as well as apps for Sky TV, Lovefilm and Netflix. Nintendo’s Wii

To advertise call Ann on 07843 449441 0145 Dell Directory Sept 2012 v4.indd 33

is handy here, too, with both iPlayer and Netflix available, and you can even get Lovefilm and Netflix-enabled DVD players. Just bear in mind that to access those services you’ll need to connect your devices to the internet, and you’ll also need to pay a subscription fee for the video on demand services. Today’s TV technology is very clever, but the big question is whether Apple TV, Google TV or any other high-tech system will take over the mainstream: many of us find Sky+ boxes and Virgin Media TiVo’s enough hassle, and adding all kinds of apps and services to the gogglebox could annoy as many people as it enthuses. There’s also the issue that technology isn’t always as good as it’s cracked up to be: despite our Xbox having both voice and gesture recognition in the shape of its Kinect sensor, we’ve often found ourselves bellowing and waggling our arms with no effect whatsoever. If your current TV set-up is doing everything you need it to do, it might be a good idea to wait a few years before upgrading. That way you’ll see what, if any, TV technology emerges triumphant.

33 07/09/2012 13:42

• Specialists in cutting, colouring, hair up and bridal hair • A caring and friendly highly trained team that go that extra mile • With soothing colours and a tailored lighting system our newly built bespoke salon you will help you feel relaxed • 40 minute appointment times • FREE client Consultations • Gift vouchers available



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07/09/2012 13:42


l l l l

Boiler upgrades Full systems installed Service and repairs carried out Landlord certificates

Call for expert advice on:Office: 0131

666 1701

Mobile: 07772531887 Visit our website:

All work carried out by ex British Gas trained engineer offering the same quality service at a fraction of the cost.

Accredited Valiant Installer

Ovensmartz Ovensmartz

Oven Cleaning Specialists from £42 no vat We also clean Hobs, Cookers, Hoods and Microwaves Fully Trained and Insured All Areas Covered:

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• Tel: 01506 202732 • Mob: 07551 633785 ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PRODUCTS

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When you feel like shouting, try calling instead. Your very own I T expert is just one phone call away. Making sure your PC is on it’s best behaviour is a lot easier when you have someone on hand who’ll come out to your home or office. We won’t bamboozle you with techy jargon, we will just get down to the job in hand at fixing your PC. We are a local and friendly business. In fact using us is a bit like having your very own IT expert, that’s just one phone call away. Get sorted now at sortmypc.


Tel 0131 477 2644

0pening times Mon-Fri 9am till 6pm. Saturday till 1pm.

N call o char out ge.

Visit Email

Yo u r lo c a l E d i n b u rg h I T s u p p o r t s e r v i c e

sortmypc, 302 Colinton Road, Edinburgh, EH13 0LE VAT No : 947 5279 77 Comp No : SC 356870 sortmypc 125mmx90mm CMYK.indd 1

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 

         

 

 36

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Computer Compute er Help!

LOOKING FOR A SMALLER ADVERT? Advertise here from only £36.00 for 2 months. Mono and Colour options available.

For further information on prices call Ann on 07843 449 441

Gordon Manson Pest Control Control of all types of pests including wasps, ants, rats, mice, foxes & squirrels. Reliable and professional, 7 days a week, no call-out charge. Call Gordon on

0131 449 6720 or 07801 286402

Your Local Friendly Computer Expert        

PC running slow? Computer won’t start? Think you have a virus? Need some hardware or software installed? Problems with your WiFi? Data recovery Web design Tutoring

Many jobs charged at fixed rate, just call for a quote.


Please call for info on Web design and Tutoring

Call Colin on: 0131 441 7764 or 07948 350 577

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£30 for 1st hour, then £15 per half hour for Repairs.

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Life Begins Don’t let your dream cottage turn into a nightmare It’s the stuff of Daily Mail competitions. It’s the fantasy that drives the holiday cottage industry: when once a year we satisfy our desire for rural living by renting our own dream cottage. But what happens when – like newly retired couple Gary and Linda Speed from Basingstoke - you decide to live the dream? Gary and Linda wanted to buy a spacious, detached cottage in the West Country with offstreet parking, original features and countryside views. Having around £300,000 in the bank, they were confident that they would find their perfect home. However, they were initially dismayed to find that while house prices may have slumped in recent years, the market for period properties in popular areas remains surprisingly buoyant. The couple eventually found a reasonablypriced cottage that ticked all the right boxes. Located in a quiet village outside a popular Dorset tourist town, the attractive stone-built, thatched property had no central heating and lacked a modern kitchen and bathroom, but it did have a large garden all the period features they wanted. “We knew that it needed updating,” says Linda. “But it was absolutely beautiful and we couldn’t understand why someone else hadn’t already snapped it up.” However, as the various surveys and building reports they had commissioned began to pile up, the true cost of the renovation was revealed. The stonework needed re-pointing, the electrical wiring had decayed and the damaged thatch would cost thousands to replace, so Gary and Linda reluctantly pulled out. They had incurred costs along the way – solicitors’ fees plus the cost of the surveys and reports – but they had avoided the nightmare of a ‘money pit’ purchase


by taking professional advice early on. If Gary and Linda’s dreams didn’t match up to reality, they were not alone. In a recent survey by AA Home Emergency Response, 2,005 people were questioned about their ideal home. 28% of respondents fantasised about a owning a property in a rural location, with a large, openplan kitchen/diner and living area featuring high on their ‘must-have’ list. 48% of the sample wanted sea views while slightly more than half prioritised views of mountains or open fields. As anyone familiar with the British countryside will know, rather than enjoying expansive views, many village dwellings face directly onto a busy road. A large kitchen/diner is also a rare find – particularly if the cottage is Grade II listed and the local authority does not permit structural alterations. In fact the competition for properties that ‘have it all’ is so intense that in sought-after areas you will need to spend £500,000 plus if you want a property with good internal space that enjoys excellent countryside or seaside views. Buyers on a more modest budget will inevitably have to compromise. After their experience in Dorset, Gary and Linda seriously considered giving up their dream of a West Country home, but during a weekend trip to Somerset a ‘For Sale’ sign caught their eye. Their final purchase was a small, terraced town house that faced directly onto the street - a far cry from the ‘roses round the door’ cottage with a large garden they had originally envisaged. As Linda explains: “We knew we had to compromise on our dream, but in the end it didn’t really feel like a compromise. It was different, but we loved the village and somehow the chemistry was right.” by Claudia Leaf

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• Prevention & Oral Hygiene • Cosmetic Dentistry • Crowns • Bridges • Dental Implants • Veneers • Tooth Whitening • Dentures DENPLAN CARE PAYMENTS OPTIONS AVAILABLE


TELEPHONE: 0131 441 2999

Opening Hours Mon: 8.30am - 7.30pm. Tues: 8.30am - 5.15pm. Wed: 8.30am - 7pm. Thur: 8.30am - 5.15pm. Fri: 8.30am - 4.30pm.

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PUZZLE PAGE Quick Crossword

PRIZE CROSSWORD win ÂŁ20.00 Cineworld gift card. 2








Across 1. Demand (6) 4. Smaller (6)



9. Hair cleanser (7) 10. Spin (5) 11. Freight (5) 12. Advantage (7)



13. Always (11) 18. Tolerant (7) 20. Arrive at (5) 22. Expel (5) 13

23. Apparent (7) 24. Dismal (6) 25. Floats (6)





15 17 19



1. Bug (6) 2. Step (5) 3. Prop up (7) 5. Consumed (5) 6. Accomplished (7) 7. Tell (6)



8. Mixture (11) 14. Exterior (7) 15. Appearance (7) 16. Scatter (6) 17. Phantoms (6) 19. Insert (5) 21. Bypass (5)



Please complete and send your full name, address and telephone number to: 7 Firrhill Crescent, Edinburgh EH13 9DT Closing date for entries: Friday 21st September 2012.


Camera Slide Close Up Telephoto Colour Tint Contrast Tone Darkroom Tripod Developer Enlarger Filter Flash Frame Negative Overexposure Panorama Positive Print Processing Shutter Find the words associated with photography in the grid and the remaining letters will spell out a related phrase


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INDEX OF ADVERTISERS A quick and easy reference guide to all services in The Dell Directory ARIEL & SATELLITE SERVICE Douglas S Mackay



ARCHITECT Andy Ross Novo Design MDA Studio

30 13 24

GAS HEATING & SERVICING Liberton Gas Services Geoff Lennie (previoulsy Makesafe UK Ltd)

BABY MASSAGE Yoga Bellies BIKE SALES & REPAIRS The Bike Chain BUILDER Colinton Building Services J M Builders Wishart Contracts Dean Jones Building Services

34 24







HOME CARE/HELP Bluebird Care


11 16 20&21 19

CARPENTER/JOINER SMC Joinery Liberton Joinery Alasdair Morrison Joinery J&L Joinery

15 12 25 11

CHIROPODIST Colinton Chiropody


CLEANING SERVICES Fiona’s House Cleaning Done & Dusted

6 11

COMPUTER SERVICES Capital PC Repairs Colinton PC Solutions Sortmy PC

30 37 36

DECORATORS Kenneth Bayne Lamb Heritage Decorators Ian Hodgson & Co


6 25 12



MUSIC LESSONS Rhona Finlay Piano & Violin Tuition


NURSERY Colinton Village Nursery


OVEN CLEANING Alba Oven Cleaning Oven Smartz

13 35

PET SERVICES Colinton Country Cattery (Boarding)


PERSONAL FITNESS Karen Murray Progress Fitness

37 14

PEST CONTROL G M Pest Cotnrol Services




PLUMBING & DRAINS Alex Hunter Plumbers Shandon Plumbing

16 35

RE-UPHOLSTERY Absolute Upholstery James Erskine

32 32



DENTIST Colinton Dental Practice


ELECTRICIAN D Sykes Electrical


ESTATE AGENT Stewart Black


ROOFING & BUILDING SERVICES 24HR Roofing & Building Stormshield K M Contracts

FISH MERCHANT Marc Horsburgh


TREE SURGEON Delisle Tree Solutions



WINDOW & GUTTER CLEANING Tag Cleaning Services


FLORIST Amethyst Designer Florist

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42&43 26 44

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Please mention the DELL DIRECTORY when responding to adverts

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