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WELCOME TO APRIL 2014 Welcome to the April issue of The Dell Directory At this time of the year there are lots of outdoor events happening in April, if you’re not planning a trip away this Easter take a look at the What’s On pages this month there are some exciting Easter themed events for everyone. We have some interesting articles, recipes and offers in the magazine too. I especially want to try the Banana, Walnut and Chocolate cake recipe. Please get in touch if you have a recipe you would like to share or any articles or stories I would like to hear from you! Thank you for reading The Dell Directory and supporting our local businesses. Have a lovely Easter Break! Ann, Editor. Why not visit our website or if you would like to advertise Tel 07843 449 441 or Email:

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It works, but is it safe? 10% oCff osts Labonopruesrentation t en

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Be Safe, Stay Safe, use D.Sykes Electrical for all your Electrical Maintenance and Repairs We are an Approved Certifier of Construction, certified to carry out work requiring a building warrant

24 Bridge Road Colinton EH13 0LQ 4

Tel: 0131 477 7447 or Freephone: 0800 953 0356 Fax: 0131 477 7448 Email: Web:

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Approved Tradesmen On-Site Inspected 10 year, government backed, Insurance Guarantee Peace of mind

Protect ing Your Pro perty 365 day s a year

First Rate Roughcasting in Edinburgh

• CHIMNEY SPECIALISTS • LEAD/ZINC WORK • UPVC FASCIA/SOFFITS • EXTERNAL PAINTING Contact us today to arrange your no obligation estimate.

77 Bonaly Wester, Edinburgh EH13 0RQ

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30 BAGS IN 30 DAYS CHALLENGE 30 BAGS IN 30 DAYS CHALLENGE ‘Less clutter makes life simpler’ and on that note, this challenge and simple guidelines are designed to help you plan and execute a ‘tidy up’, big or small in your home.

What you’ll need – a small bag for daily collection of items to ‘go out’ and a larger bag or box marked ‘Charity’ and one marked ‘Rubbish’. The small bag can be emptied at the end of each session into the larger ones and taken away at the end of the month or whenever you like. You’ll also be moving items from one room or space to another as you make or put things into designated places. Where to start – you can do this challenge in any order and are likely to add or remove areas or rooms listed below. The main point is to start and keep going! And don’t forget to delegate to others who can help, especially older children and partners. Good luck and please share your success stories via my website or other social media.

30 Day Plan: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30.

Outer hall / Hall Toilet Living room – shelves Living room – toys Living room – general Dining room / dining space Kitchen – worktop Kitchen – cupboards Kitchen – drawers Kitchen – fridge/freezer Kitchen – under sink Children’s room – toys Children’s room – clothes / shoes Wardrobe – hanging Wardrobe – drawers Wardrobe – shoes Make up / Accessories Office – paperwork Office - drawers Bathroom cabinet Bathroom toys Linen cupboard Laundry room or cupboard Junk drawer Recycling storage Attic Shed Garage – shelves Garage - general Car.

Acknowledgement – Getting Organized Magazine (USA), Winter 2013 for this idea which I’ve adapted.

Jane-Marie Smith - Simple Living (Edinburgh) E: / T: 0131 563 7557 / M: 07985 415394 W: / F: / T:


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PLUMBING REPAIRS Showers New Taps Storage Tanks Leaking Toilets Burst Pipes Outside Taps Fitted New Installations

Family Business

Choked Toilets Drains/Showers Rainwater Pipes Blocked Sinks High Pressure Water Jetting Gutter Cleaning

367/3 Lanark Road Edinburgh EH13 0LY Email:

Established over 20 years

Tel: 0131 445 7016 Mob: 07831 519003 FREE ESTIMATES


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We are a small family run business who can meet all your cleaning requirements however big or small. At SPC, we pride ourselves on providing a professional, reliable and friendly service. The service provided will be tailored to your specific needs. Our rates are highly competitive, starting at £10 an hour for a domestic clean. • Domestic Cleans • Small Retail & Office Cleans • Special Occasion/One-off cleans We are fully insured. Contact us on: Mobile 07526 530586 or via Scott’s Premier Cleaning – we value your custom.

Volunteer required to take elderly lady (fully mobile and walks quite quickly) for a daily walk. Would suit someone with a dog. 10am-10.30am Monday to Friday. Some experience with the elderly beneficial. Colinton. £5.00 per day expenses paid. Contact Judith on Tel: 441 3366 for details.


We provide regular vetted cleaners and other domestic services

TEL: 0131 468 4200


All aspects of building work undertaken

Specialists in Home Extensions & Brick Stone work

All trades supplied

All work is guaranteed

Extensions Sunrooms Garages (conversions) Porches Renovations/ alterations Chimney repairs Patio/driveways Garden walls Stonework/lime pointing Architect services

0131 453 6259 07931 101523

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Make No Pain Your Gain The Next Generation of virtually Pain Free Laser Hair Removal Pay Per Session with No upfront Fees



Get 6th




Visit Soprano Ice in Therap-Ease Treatment Centre 382 Morningside Road Edinburgh

Tel 0131 447 9990 or visit our website

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24/7, 365 days customer service expect nothing less

Book online!

Weekly, fortnightly, monthly or just a one-off home cleaning service Contact your local office:

0131 278 0521

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All areas independently owned and operated


In these financially difficult times, why not take the opportunity to enhance your current property and add value? As local architects, we pride ourselves on our professional but friendly services for all sizes of residential and commercial projects, be them refurbishments, alterations, extentions or new-build. Why not drop-in to our studio to informally discuss your project with no obligation?


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All Aspects Of Joinery Free Estimates 24 Hour Emergency Call Out

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Unit 25, 196 Rose Street, Edinburgh EH2 4AT WEB: EMAIL:

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Chocolate and Eggs: Easter Food Superheroes or Arch-villains? At Easter, eggs are everywhere – both the decorated hardboiled variety and the tempting chocolatey type. But what’s the latest advice about eating eggs and chocolate? Do they harm or heal?


Once considered a nutritional Big Bad Wolf, a better understanding of how our body uses food means eggs are now seen as an important nutritional source. Packed with goodness A medium egg is very low in carbohydrates, supplies over 10% of our daily protein needs and contains just 66 kcals and 4.6g of fat (less than a third is saturated). It also supplies many essential vitamins and minerals, including 3 often scarce in UK diets: it provides a third of our daily Vitamin D requirement (vital for bones, teeth and muscles), over half of our required Vitamin B12 (for red blood cell formation, energy metabolism and healthy immune and nervous systems), and nearly half of our selenium requirement. Around 20% of us have inadequate Vitamin D levels, and as eggs also contain useful amounts of Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, folate, biotin,


iodine and phosphorous, it’s not surprising that they’re increasingly recommended as a healthy and fulfilling food. What about cholesterol? And salmonella? At one time eggs were supposedly rather bad for us and we were given a weekly ‘safe’ limit. The concerns stemmed from misunderstandings about cholesterol, the ‘baddie’ that furred up our blood vessels. But research shows that cholesterol found in eggs and other foods has a negligible effect on our cholesterol level, which is influenced by many factors. Our body produces its own cholesterol, and although saturated fat has long considered the chief culprit in raising our blood cholesterol level, a fresh look at the evidence has recently cast doubt on this. As for salmonella – while the Food Standards Agency is recommending, for now, that vulnerable groups should only eat hard-boiled eggs, the massive increase in chicken vaccination has more than halved yearly cases of infection. Eggs with the Lion Mark are guaranteed to come from vaccinated chickens, and all of the 150,000 Lion Mark eggs tested during the last two

years were salmonella free.


For years chocolate stood accused of causing acne, obesity, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease and diabetes, to name just a few. But research has shown it’s not necessarily guilty, and may also have positive effects.

• Acne. There’s no scientific proof that chocolate causes acne. If there is a dietary link, studies suggests it’s foods with a high glycaemic load. • Obesity & diabetes. Most chocolate is high in sugar and fat, so as with any other high-fat, high-sugar food, prolonged over-indulgence is likely to show on the scales. However, recent studies showed that chocolate can lower your insulin resistance (which could reduce your risk of developing diabetes) and leave you feeling full. In a trial on nearly 1,500 teens, those eating around 1.5 ounces of chocolate daily had less body fat than those eating 0.16 ounces, and also had more energy and higher activity levels. Scientists say 1.5 ounces a day may be beneficial for us: good news! The bad news? That’s about a square and a half. While there’s no need Cont’d P15

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Gentle yoga class to improve health Oxgangs Neighbourhood Centre Thursdays 3.30 - 4.30pm Only ÂŁ5

Classes are gentle and tailored to people living with conditions such as MS, ME, arthritis, diabetes and many others. Regular participation can help to improved balance, co-ordination, strength and flexibility.

Improve your health, meet new people, self-manage your condition.

Call 07436102726 email

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ev de ele FR er te ct E y f ct ric E us or al eb fit sm oa ted o rd w ke ch ith an ge . Wiring Expert

• All Domestic Electrical Installations • Electrical Smoke Detectors • Central Heating • Domestic Rewiring • Fuseboard upgrading • Showers • Extra sockets and lights • Testing and Inspection

Over 20 years electrical experience working with Scottish Gas and Scottish Power. All work is fully insured. FREE estimates and friendly advice.

Telephone: Gavin on 07578 903997 Email:


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Cont’d from P15 to avoid chocolate altogether if you’re diabetic, experts advise you to monitor your total carbohydrate intake. • Cardiovascular health, cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Many studies suggest that cocoa has beneficial effects on cardiovascular health, improving blood pressure, vascular function and blood flow. It appears to reduce platelet aggregation and adhesion, making arteries healthier and reducing clot risk. Chocolate with good levels of plant sterols and cocoa flavanols may lower cholesterol slightly, but only – you’ve guessed it - when eaten as part of a low fat diet. • Stroke. A study involving 44,489 people concluded that chocolate eaters were 22% less likely to suffer a stroke and 46% less likely to die

from one. • Brain function. Another study has shown that chocolate can help preserve blood flow in the brain and prevent memory decline in older people. This could be an important factor in diseases such as Alzheimer’s. • Mood. Chocolate contains chemicals that can raise our serotonin levels and may also affect other receptors in the brain that trigger feelings of well-being. • Migraine. While chocolate contains come chemicals believed to be migraine triggers, recent data shows that cocoa contains compounds that would be beneficial in migraine treatment. There’s no need to avoid it unless you’re sure it’s a trigger. • Osteoporosis. Now for the bad news. Chocolate may contribute to osteoporosis.

One study of women aged 70-85 found that daily chocolate consumers had lower bone density and strength, which may be due to oxalate content, as oxalate reduces calcium absorption. Proper comparison studies haven’t been done between white, milk and dark chocolate, but most beneficial effects come from the cocoa content, while the unwanted effects are from the fat and sugar. So choose high cocoa content and low sugar and fat varieties when you can, and view chocolate as something to be eaten in moderation as part of a healthy diet.

By Alison Runham

RKB Home & Garden All internal & external work carried out, Including Painting & Decorating

For all your exterior pressure washing requirements

Plumbing, Electrical & Joinery repairs

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Gardening Bringing Up Babies

by Pippa Greenwood

individuals of the same species and I suggest you choose an odd number, perhaps three, or five for a much larger garden, as this invariably makes a better display than if even numbers of plants are used. It may be tempting to plant too close and although this will provide a better looking display initially, over-crowded plants are less likely to become well established, will have to be moved in the near future and in the meantime will be more prone to numerous diseases.

A visit to any nursery or garden centre at this time of year will reveal a brilliant array of herbaceous perennials. Right now they might be small and not look particularly enticing but just take a look at the illustration on the label and you will see that these small plants have great potential. They’re also great value, usually somewhere around the £1.50-£2.50 mark.

It’s essential that newly planted perennials are given that little bit of extra tender loving care. Small plants such as these are more likely to be prone to any weather extremes and even plants in larger pots should be well established. When you ease the plants out of their pots, if you see a really plentiful supply of roots that usually means you have purchased a good plant.

Check the plant labels to see the ultimate spread of the plant. For the best effect you generally want to grow several


It’s also essential to plant at the correct depth. With herbaceous perennials you need to make sure that you place the plant in the ground to the same depth that it was in the container and although you may decide to mulch the soil afterwards, do remember not to mulch right up to or over the crown of the plant, as this is likely to lead to poor growth and maybe even dieback.

Weed control is essential and you can either hoe regularly between the plants to prevent the weeds causing competition or you can use a deep mulch or perhaps even place squares of landscape fabric or black polythene around each plant. Do remember however, if you use polythene, rain will not be able to penetrate through it and so the plants are more likely to suffer from drought. With landscape fabric this is not a problem. I’m a great fan of copper-impregnated and coated fabrics as these help to keep weeds and slugs and

snails at bay. Once you have dug over the whole bed, then it’s well worthwhile adding a general fertilizer. If you notice that the soil is on the heavy side, I suggest incorporating plenty of bulky organic matter and grit. Similarly, if the soil is excessively dry, then you could try to improve its texture by incorporating large quantities of any good bulky organic matter. Once the plants are in position, firm the soil thoroughly and do take care not to compact it if it’s on the heavy side. Regular watering is essential and if the ground is not already quite moist, you should water the plants in well. Check them regularly for signs of any pests or diseases as it will be much easier to stop something in its tracks if you start to take action early on in the season. Pippa loves growing gorgeous veg and wants to persuade you to as well; visit Pippa’s website for the ‘Grow Your Own with Pippa Greenwood’ veg growing system where she will send you garden ready plants and weekly advice and tips emails, making veg growing easy, productive and fun.

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GENERAL MAINTENANCE SPECIALISTS EVERGREEN LANDSCAPING Established 1997 • Grass cutting • Pruning • Spring tidy-ups • Clearances • Fencing • Hedge cutting, thinning and reducing height Fully qualified and insured – SEPA registered for waste removal

0131 441 3965

07904 249 768

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Pet Projects Pet owners are famously free with their cash: nothing’s too expensive for a beloved dog, cat, budgie or Vietnamese potbellied pig. It’s taken a while for the technology industry to notice, but now they have and there are all kinds of hightech gizmos for your furry or feathered friends. Forget automatic pet flaps and antibark collars: the new wave of pet tech includes health monitors, cameras and even exercisers. The star of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show or its pet division at least - was Voyce, which is essentially a fitness tracker for dogs. It isn’t cheap - it’s around £200 for the collar and another £10 per month - but the pitch is that by monitoring your dog’s activity, breathing, heart rate and calories it’ll give you early warning of any potentially dangerous and expensive health problems. Voyce will go on sale later this year, and it’s entering a market that’s already looking a bit crowded: in addition to Voyce there are pet fitness trackers including Fitbark (around £60) and Whistle (also around £60). If you think that’s a bit odd, wait until you hear No More


Woof: the £50 No More Woof gadget promises to convert doggy brainwaves into human speech. Don’t expect to engage in scintillating conversation with your Shih-Tzu, though: the repertoire is currently limited to “I’m hungry”, “I’m tired”, and “who are you?” The developers say that No More Woof is a work in progress, though, and early sales of the device will enable them to make it smarter, more useful and - we hope more comfortable. We can’t imagine our own dog putting up with a No More Woof headset for more than a few seconds. Another way to get an insight into your pet’s life is to shell out for an Eyenimal camera. The Petcam is available for cats and dogs, attaches to your pet’s collar and records whatever he or she sees; you can then transfer the footage to your computer. Expect to pay around £60. Some pet gadgets appear to be practical jokes, but the GoDogGo is perfectly serious: its Automatic Ball Thrower is a £99 gadget based on the automated tennis ball machines that tennis players use in training. The GoDogGo will happily hurl tennis balls 5 to 10 metres, exercising your dog

while you sit back and relax. Have you ever wished you could take your pet bird for a walk? The people behind the Feather Tether hope you have, because their £12.99 bird harness means your bird can go wherever you are without fear of injury or “the tragedy of fly-aways”. The harness comes in five sizes and a range of colours. If you can’t always be with your pet, Petcube might be the answer: it’s a smartphonepowered gadget which contains a wide-angle camera and microphone for streaming high definition video and audio to your iPhone or iPad. There are speakers and a low-intensity laser pointer to transmit your voice and amuse your cat respectively. It’ll cost around £160 when it goes on sale in May. If you don’t have a pet, the iPhone/iPad app also enables you to log into other people’s public Petcubes (with their permission) and annoy their pets instead - and if it’s just the laser pet toy you want, the Frolicat Bolt automatic laser toy is currently £20.01 on Amazon. Images left to right: Voyce fitness tracker for dogs, Eyenimal Petcam, GoDogGo Automatic Ball Thrower, Petcube

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Your Local Friendly Computer Expert        

PC running slow? Computer won’t start? Think you have a virus? Need some hardware or software installed? Problems with your WiFi? Data recovery Web design Tutoring

£30 for 1st hour, then £15 per half hour for Repairs. Many jobs charged at fixed rate, just call for a quote.


Please call for info on Web design and Tutoring

Call Colin on: 0131 441 7764 or 07948 350 577

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• Prevention & Oral Hygiene • Cosmetic Dentistry • Crowns • Bridges • Dental Implants • Veneers • Tooth Whitening • Dentures DENPLAN CARE PAYMENTS OPTIONS AVAILABLE


TELEPHONE: 0131 441 2999 Opening Hours – Mon: 8.30am - 7.30pm. Tues: 8.30am - 5.15pm. Wed: 8.30am - 7pm. Thur: 8.30am - 5.15pm. Fri: 8.30am - 4.30pm.

First 1hr Lesson free No strings COOK DRIVER TRAINING

 Paul is a Grade 5 with a high pass rate  Parents welcome to come along!  Discounted blocks / Gift Vouchers available

Text/call 078900 67773 See website for video clip / prices. 60 Woodfield Avenue, Colinton


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WHAT’S ON HERE THERE AND EVERYWHERE! Easter is upon us and a variety of events, festivals and day trips are on offer this April and early May. Keep yourself busy and work off that chocolate!



Water of Leith Conservation Trust

Puppet Animation Festival 29th March- 19th April. Reimagining’s of classical childhood tales, immersive play with light and sound. A full programme of events at the Festival Theatre’s new studio space. The festival offers children and adults to be transported to magical worlds.

Mon 21st April. Celebrate the new coast to coast John Muir Way. Family Fun and guided walk ( need to book for walk- walk 6km). Tel 0131 529 2401 to reserve a place for the walk. Polwarth Nearly New Sale 26th April 11am- 1pm. Polwarth Church, Polwarth Terrace. Over 5000 items for sale. Kids clothes, maternity wear, nursery equipment, toys and the list goes on! Water of Leith Visitor Centre Plant Sale Sat 10th May. Doors open at 10am. Visit the now famous annual plant sale and pick up a bargain. 50p admission donation. Eric Liddell Centre Craft & Food Fair Sat 10th May - 10am-4pm. 15 Morningside Road. Focusing on the talents of local food producers and crafts people, producing hand made items. Stall holders include jewellers, candle makers, wood turners, card designers, toy makers. Colinton Amateur Orchestral Society Performance Sun 11th May 7.30pm. Polwarth Parish Church. Polwarth Terrace. The programme will include: Entrance and March of Peers- Land of Mountain & The Flood -Harvest Waltzes & L’Arlesienne Suites. Colinton Food Market Every second Friday of the month. 4pm- 6.30pm. St Cuthbert’s Episcopal Church. Fresh bread, fish, fruit and veg and organic eggs and more! Colinton Market Place First Saturday of every month 2-4pm St Cuthbert’s Episcopal Church. An ever changing market place full of handmade goods and quality gifts. Jazz at the Colinton Inn Every Monday 8pm- 10pm in the Function Suite.


Ceilidh Culture Street Fair 18-21st April. Promoting the very best of Scottish Crafts, fashion, jewellery, food and drinks and much more. Look for the large marquee on princes Street/ Castle Street . April Brick Wonders 5-20th April. Riddles Court, 322 Lawnmarket. Calling all Lego fanatics!A fabulous exhibition featuring Lego models of the Wonders of the World. Family tickets available. Easter Extravaganza Traquair House, Innerleithen, Peebleshire 20th April- 11am- 5pm. Adults £5.00, Child £4. Under 5’s free. The Easter Egg Extravagana is the biggest event of its kind in the Borders. With over 6000 mini eggs hidden in the maze- no child shall leave empty handed!Family fun and lots of events. Trad Fest Edinburgh 29th April - 11th May. Tradfest is a multi arts festival celebrating the arts of traditional Scottish Culture. Including song, story, arts and crafts, music and dance. Visit: www. Box Office ;0131 556 9579. Beltane Fire Festival 30th April. 9.30pm Calton Hill. Celebrate the start of the summer. Witness this spectacular revival of the ancient Celtic fertility festival in the heart of the Scottish capital. More information Bank Of Scotland Imaginate Festival 5th-12th May. The largest performing arts festival for children and young people in the UK, a unique opportunity for school children to see the best children’s theatre the world has to offer. More information:

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CLUBS & CLASSES EXERCISE & FITNESS AND CHILDRENS GROUPS Colinton Lawn Tennis Club 10 Westgarth Avenue. Tel: 0131 441 1052 or 07779 010577 Colinton Bowling Club 49a Redford Road. Contact: 0131 441 2964 Colinton Mains Bowling Club 221 Oxgangs Road North (next to Colinton Mains Park). Outdoor bowling, adults and juniors (age 9-16), April-September. Dominoes and Whist off-season. Contact: 0131-477 4400 Badminton Club Monday 8pm-10pm. Sept- March. Contact: Archie Clark on 0131 449 4703. Location: St Cuthberts Church Hall. Westgarth Av. Scottish Dancing Alternate Thursdays. 7.45pm- 9.15pm Sept- March. Contact: Ann Dean on 0131 441 3729. Location: St Cuthberts Church Hall. Westgarth Av. StableRoom Playgroups Happy and stimulating playgroups from 2-5 years old. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Colinton Parish Church. 9.15am- 11.45am. Term Time. Contact: 0131 477 9494 Email: StableRoom Baby and Toddler Group Thursdays 9.30 - 11.30am (during term time) at Colinton Parish Church, Dell Rd. Contact Tracey on 07813 123803 or Joanne on 07880 708706 Zumba Fitness Classes For details go to: Freestyle Fitness Yoga Classes For details go to: Colinton Baby & Toddler Group St Cuthberts Church Hall, Westgarth Avenue. Mon 9.30-11.15am during term time. or contact Happy Faces Toddler Group Every Tuesday morning during term time- 9.30-11.30 am £1 admission. Drop in. Colinton Parish Church. Contact Nichola on 441 9055

SOCIAL, LOCAL INTEREST & OTHER Friendly Bridge Colinton Cottage Homes. Every Tuesday. 2-4pm. Tel 0131 4412962 Colinton Garden Club Meets 4th Monday of every month. Dreghorn Loan Hall 8.00pm. September to April. Email: Colinton Amateur Orchestral Society Meets Tuesday 7.30pm- 9.30pm. Location: St Cuthberts Church Hall. Westgarth Av. Email: Colinton Townswomen Meets 2nd Thursday of every month from 2-4pm Location: St. Cuthberts Church, Westgarth Avenue. Contact: 0131 441 6643. Colinton Local History Society Meets 1st and 3rd Monday of the month at 8pm. Amusing and Educational Speaker Programme. Location: Dreghorn Loan Hall Contact: Derek Douglas: 0131 441 3335 Colinton Singing Group “MOSTLY MADRIGALS” We are a small group who sing for pleasure fortnightly on Wednesday evenings. We currently have vacancies for Sopranos. Contact Sonia Duffy on 0131 441 7434. Colinton Community Conservation Trust A registered charity aiming to preserve the natural and cultural heritage in and around Colinton. For membership details write to the Treasurer. 42 Pentland Avenue EH13 OHY Colinton Literary Society The “Lit” meet Wednesdays (Oct-Mar) at 8pm. Location: Dreghorn Loan Hall Contact: Ann-Marie West 0131 446 0150 Morningside & Newington Floral Art Meet 1st Monday of the month 7.30pm-9.15pm. Boroughmuir Rugby Club (off Colinton Road.) Contact Joyce Rutherford on 0131 443 2536 Military Wives Choir April - June. Free- no audition! Tues 6pm- 7.30pm. Dreghorn Barracks Band Block. Tel 0131 310 2876 or email: Edinburgh Popular Music Choir- Now Recruiting! No experience needed. Need both men and women ages 18-80! Choir office Morningside School of Music 138 Comiston Road. Tel 0131 447 1117 Email:

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Spend Now, Save Later These days, we’re all being urged to return to ‘make do and mend’; to reduce, reuse and recycle because it’s economical and ‘green’. But sometimes this can be false economy – and false ecology, too. Some things may be worth replacing or investing in.


Ever hung on too long to a car that’s eventually cost more in total repairs than it did to buy? Buying a new (or even relatively new!) car is expensive, but in the long run it may save you money – depending on what car you buy. ECONOMY: A new car should be more fuel efficient, saving you money on petrol or diesel costs. Treat it well and it shouldn’t need major maintenance for years, plus a brand new car won’t need an MOT until it’s three years old. ECOLOGY: Greater fuel efficiency and lower emissions mean newer cars tend to be greener.


Once again, we can hang on to boilers too long and they can be expensive to repair, particularly if you need to call someone out overnight or during a holiday. Maintenance contracts aren’t always cheap either. ECONOMY: Boilers account for around 55% of your energy costs; replacing your old one with an A-rated condensing boiler and modern heating controls will ensure your home and water are warm when needed but aren’t wasting energy when not, and could save you up to £305 a year on energy bills.


ECOLOGY: A new boiler will reduce your energy use and carbon dioxide emissions.

Water softeners

About 60% of UK households have hard water that can damage and lessen the efficiency of appliances and heating systems; just 1.6mm of scale build-up can cause a 12% loss in heating efficiency. Shower heads, toilets, taps, pipes, radiators, boilers, kettles, dishwashers and washing machines will all need more frequent repair and replacement, not to mention the cost of limescale removers for appliances, sinks and toilets, and the greater quantities of detergent, shampoo, shower gel, washing-up liquid and toilet cleaner required. ECONOMY: British Water estimates that a water softener could save the average 4-person household around £200 a year. ECOLOGY: Softened water can remove existing scale deposits over time in heating systems. Fewer chemicals and less energy are used, and appliances will need less frequent repair or replacement.

Solar Panels

The government’s FIT (feed-intariff) scheme offers 20 years of guaranteed, tax-free, indexlinked payments to households

that produce their own electricity from renewable technologies. To make the biggest saving, use as many appliances as possible in the daytime when generating your own power. ECONOMY: You’re paid for every kilowatt of energy you create, and every kilowatt you don’t use, which feeds back into the National Grid; and of course the bills from your supplier will drop dramatically too (solar panels create about two thirds of the energy necessary for a family of four). On average, installation costs around £7000 and you may need to replace the inverter, which links the panels to your domestic supply, once every 20 years. It takes around 10-12 years to get back the cost of installation. Bear in mind that the FIT has dropped dramatically over the past few years, but then installation costs are dropping too. ECOLOGY: Your household will be producing renewable energy and none will be wasted, as it’s fed back into the Grid when unused. Always research any major purchase to ensure you get the best deal for you.

By Alison Runham

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          


   


COLINTON MAINS CHURCH As many people will know, Colinton Mains Parish Church and St John’s Oxgangs Church united on 1 January 2014. Our first joint community venture will take the form of a May Fair on Saturday, 24 May from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the former Colinton Mains hall at 223 Oxgangs Road North (opposite Scotmid). Everyone of all ages will be most welcome whether your preference is to have a light lunch, buy some baking, work off energy on the bouncy castle, bag a bargain on one of the stalls, meet friends old and new - the list goes on. It would be lovely to have your support so do put the date in your diary. Jeanette Stewart, Social Convenor To advertise call Ann on 07843 449441



REDHALL HOUSE by Christian Cooijmans

When wandering southwards along the Water of Leith from Slateford, intrepid explorers are likely to stumble upon old Redhall House, perched high above the Colinton and Craiglockhart Dells. This remarkable mansion and its former estate are the isolated remnants of an abundant but troubled local past. The same high ground was once occupied by thirteenth-century Redhall Castle, the imposing seat of the Otterburn family. From this position, fewer than a hundred men managed to halt the progress of Cromwell’s converging forces by several days during their campaign in the summer of 1650. Although nearby Colinton Castle had tamely surrendered to the English advancement, Redhall Castle proved difficult to overcome from the deep river valley and surrounding forest. Despite its strategic advantage, the castle was eventually seized by the English before being put to the torch and abandoned.


Over one hundred years passed before the distinctive red sandstones of the ruin were incorporated into current Redhall House, built for George Inglis of Auchendinny in 1758 for the then considerable sum of ÂŁ928. Along with a panel bearing the Otterburn coat of arms installed into the nearby hexagonal dovecot- these stones are the only

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visible remains of the old castle. An extensive estate surrounded the new chateau-style manor on both sides of the river, including its former kitchen gardens to the north (now part of the Redhall Walled Garden) and the two nearby Ladies’ Grottoes. Following several extensions and renovations, the house was acquired by the Edinburgh Corporation during the Second World War. It assumed the role of children’s home between 1944 and the 1970s and was subsequently used as a staff training centre by the Edinburgh City Council. In 2007, the property was abandoned once again and sold shortly thereafter. The Gold Brothers, current owners of the mansion, obtained planning permission to convert the building into six apartments in 2008. Today, almost six years later, no work has been carried out. At the mercy of wind, water, fire and vandalism, the house remains boarded up and continues to deteriorate. As a result, the B-listed property was placed on the Buildings at Risk Register for Scotland in 2011.

The lack of progress prompted the Craiglockhart Community Council to launch a petition late last year, which drew attention to the mansion’s neglect and opposed any construction to be carried out on its historic lawn. Its petition gathered over five hundred signatures and has since been forwarded to the City Council Finance and Resources Committee. Continued interest and support from the local community can help save this unique and important amenity from further ruin. Restoring the former character of Redhall House is an essential step in the preservation of local heritage for current and future generations alike.

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      

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    

  


   


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It IS Easy Being Green

The Green Book by Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas M. Kostigen This book is packed with information about small efforts that can make a big difference. It has thought-provoking facts and figures for when you’re standing there cleaning your teeth with the tap running. There are celebrity hints and tips including pearls of wisdom from Robert Redford, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Timberlake to name but a few. Last Chance to See… by Douglas Adams and Mark Carwardine Bestselling author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams has teamed up with zoologist Mark Carwardine for a round the world voyage in search of some of the planet’s most critically endangered species. On their journey they encounter some bizarre and astounding creatures that are perilously close to being wiped out altogether. Adams’ reactions are often those of someone coming face to face with an alien species and it’s often hilarious. Silent Spring by Rachel Carson Silent Spring was a revolution when it was published in the

Get clued up this month ahead of Earth Day on the 22nd. Kermit actually had it all wrong: with so many great books around to help us be more environmentally aware, it’s just a matter of making some simple changes, and finding the right books to help us along the way.

1960s. This hugely-influential work, and Carson’s findings on the destruction caused by pesticides changed laws and helped to get harmful substances banned from use in the USA and many other countries. She opens the book by quoting Keats: ‘The sedge is wither’d from the lake, and no bird sings.’ Thanks to the pioneer of the ‘Deep Ecology’ movement, the Carson revolution lives on within every new reader. How Bad Are Bananas?: The Carbon Footprint of Everything by Mike Bernau-Lee We talk about our giant, trampling, carbon footprints, but exactly how bad is it to take a transatlantic flight, or use a plastic carrier bag, or buy bananas? This book takes us, step by step through around 100 everyday items and occurrences to show the impact our daily existence is having on the planet. It’s an entertaining, though sometimes disturbing, read. An Inconvenient Truth: The Planetary Emergency of Global Warming and What We Can Do About It by Al Gore Former Vice President of the United States, Gore is an articulate and prolific ‘green’

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campaigner who has long been on a mission to raise awareness of global warming. Gore writes in a succinct, passionate and compelling way about the need to halt climate change and react now, rather than thinking it’s something that’s happening at a glacial pace. He brings urgency and momentum to the debates, insisting that governments need to stop ignoring this most inconvenient of truths: that our planet is heating-up and we have a critical situation on our hands.

Mates, Dates and Saving the Planet by Cathy Hopkins If you’re like, totally into saving the planet and stuff (and you’re a teenage girl) then this edition of Cathy Hopkins’ popular teenage series is ‘totes amazeballs’ for sorting out your carbon footprint. Lucy, Izzie, TJ and Nesta have loads of great top tips on how to make a difference, one knickers drawer at a time. There’s plenty of advice on how to look good whilst being good and showing you actually care about our planet. If you’re not a teenage girl, but live with one, then this book could help drastically reduce household bills. Saving the planet has never been so cool.


ith over 25 years experience caring for older people across Scotland, Lindemann Healthcare was established in 1995, with the aim to deliver care services to older people with the highest quality, which we all deserve. We believe that individuality should be the main basis of the care given within our Care Homes. In a nursing environment great attention is paid to activities of daily living. Each resident receives a careful assessment to identify what his or her individualised care should be. This allows care plans to be constructed to meet their specific needs. Our dedicated team aim to provide specialized care in a safe homely atmosphere where the residents are cared for with dignity and respect. This allows each resident to function at their optimum level where they can feel contented and “at home�.

Contact us:

Struan Lodge Nursing Home 54 Balgreen Avenue, Edinburgh EH12 5SU T: 0131 337 7477 F: 0131 337 8886

Thorburn Manor Nursing Home 2a Thorburn Road, Edinburgh EH13 0BQ T: 0131 441 6984 F: 0131 629 2298 email: website:

We offer every resident, and their loved ones, the opportunity to participate in their care to a level of involvement that they choose. We believe that our Care Homes should be therapeutic yet homelike environments where the resident can feel their individual needs are met with priority.


Lorimer House Nursing Home 491 Lanark Roadm, Juniper Green, Edinburgh EH14 5DQ T: 0131 442 2123 F: 0131 453 4466 email: website:

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Cake and Bake Banana, Walnut & Chocolate Cake Bananas ripen so quickly that it’s easy to find yourself with several left over needing to be used up. Many people don’t like the taste or smell of ripe bananas though so they often go to waste. However, when baked in a cake they lose their slightly sour smell and give a subtle taste, which is particularly delicious when combined with chocolate and walnuts.

Ingredients: • 100g butter at room temperature • 100g light brown sugar • 25 grams caster sugar (white or golden) • 2 large eggs • 1 tsp vanilla essence • 3-4 ripe bananas (depending on size), mashed • 175g plain flour • 1� tsp baking powder • 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda • � tsp cinnamon • 100g Walnuts (Chopped or whole) • 75g Dark chocolate chopped or coarsely grated

1. Preheat the oven to 180C, 160C for fan oven or gas mark 4. 2. Grease a 900g loaf tin and line with greaseproof paper 3. Cream the sugar and butter together until fluffy 4. Add the eggs and the vanilla essence and then the bananas and mix in well 5. Carefully mix in the flour and bicarb, baking powder and cinnamon so there are no lumps, then fold through the dark chocolate and most of the walnuts. 6. Pour the batter into the loaf tin and bake for 4555 minutes until a skewer through the centre comes out clean. 7. Leave on a rack until cool before serving to allow time for the chocolate to set. 8. Sprinkle with icing sugar and a few more chopped walnuts.

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at beauty care


Sit back and relax...


on any of our full range of beauty treatments

Quote code

DD0414 when booking

Offer runs until 31 st May 2014 Indulge yourself at... Moodz Hairdresser, 40 Bridge Road Colinton Village Edinburgh EH13 0LQ

Tel: 0131 441 7527

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decorators Established 1986

20 Campbell Park Crescent Edinburgh EH13 0HT Please contact Robert on

013 1 4 4 1 3 1 9 4 07733008796

• Painting & Decorating • Wallpaper Hanging • Interior & External Painting • Cornice & Coving • Plastering & Ames Taping • Fire & Flood Works • All Joinery Works • All Trades Supplied • Free Estimates

Plus 10% DISCOUNT with this advert With over 20 years experience Liberton Joinery specialises in all types of carpentry and joinery in and around Edinburgh Sash windows ~Decking Loft Conversions ~ Kitchen Fitting Skirtings ~ Wood Flooring ...and much more

Re-upholstery Specialists

Liberton Joinery Call Nick

Tel: 0131 258 1486 Mob: 0781 061 2793

Domestic and Commercial Clients

We provide excellent standards of work and are committed to providing customer satisfaction that is second to none

30 Carnbee Park, Edinburgh, EH16 8BG


Domestic and Commer Clients 0131 447 3135 6-10 Church Hill Place, Edinburgh, EH10 4BD

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Enter the prize crossword and win a £25 gift voucher from ASDA. Closing date 30th April 2014. 2






1. Denied (7) 5. Not ours (5) 8. Amazing (9) 9. Spot (3) 10. Nap (5) 12. Replies (7)



13. Nearly (13) 15. Mum’s mother (7) 17.Healed (5) 19. Lodging house (3)




20. Ethereal (9) 22. Dizzy (5) 23. Convent (7) 14


Down 1. Disagreements (5) 2. Supporter (3) 3. Used for cleaning (7)







4. Insistence (13) 5. Sailboat (5) 6. Vests, boxers (9) 7. Fulfil (7) 11. Made clear (9) 13. Fishing (7)


14. Sale by bidding (7) 16. Covered with fine powder (5)



18. Hold up (5) 21. Employ (3) Please complete and send your full name, address and telephone number to: The Dell Directory, 7 Firrhill Crescent, Edinburgh EH13 9DT.

LAST MONTH’S SOLUTION Across: 1 Cash 3 Chess set 9 Upbraid 10 Email 11 Spring greens 14 Let 16 Bongo 17 Hip 18 Roller-skater 21 Riots 22 Bayonet 23 Pedestal 24 Golf


Down: 1 Counsels 2 Sober 4 Hid 5 Skeleton keys 6 Staunch 7 Tale 8 Cannibalises 12 Goner 13 Aperitif 15 Twofold 19 Tango 20 Grip 22 Boa

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COLINTON & OXGANGS LIBRARIES COLINTON LIBRARY 14 Thornburn Road Edinburgh EH13 0BQ Tel: 0131 529 5603 or 0131 441 5171 OPENING TIMES: Monday & Wednesday -1pm-8pm Tuesday & Friday - 10am- 5pm Saturday - 10am- 2pm BOOKBUG A free event for 0-4 year olds and their parents/ carers. Fridays 10.30am-11am, Tuesday 2.15-2.45pm.Every second Saturday 10.30-11.00am. BOOK GROUPS Last Wednesday of the month at 6.30pm and the last Tuesday of the month at 2pm. CHATTERBOOKS Reading group for P4/5 children 3rd Tues of Month 3.45pm - 4.45pm (term time only) STORYTELLER Every second Saturday at 10.30am. CRAFTS on a Friday- 3.30pm-4.30pm. IT Beginners, Family History Classes and advice also available - please contact the library for more information. GLITZ LIT 5pm-6pm 11-12 year olds every Monday OXGANGS LIBRARY 343 Oxgangs Road North Edinburgh EH13 9LY Tel: 0131 529 5549 Opening Times: Monday- Wednesday- 10am-8pm. Thursday- Saturday- 10am- 5pm Sunday 1pm- 5pm BABY AND ME BOOK GROUP Mondays 11.15 - 12.00pm

BOOKBUG SESSIONS 0-3 years plus parents/ carers 11-11.30am. Thursdays - April 17th, May, 1st, 15th, 29th. June 12th, 26th Fridays - April 11th, 25th. May 9th, 23rd. June 6th, 20th. Also first Saturday each month. BOOK GROUPS 10.15-11am & 6.30-7.30pm. 1st Wednesday of every month. CRAFTY FRIDAY FOR 4- 11 YEARS 2.30pm - 3.30pm (Adult supervision required) CHATTERBOOKS Books Fun & Snacks Ages 8-11years Fortnightly on Tuesdays 4pm-5pm. (Starting 25th Feb) FUNDAY SUNDAY 2:30pm- 3.30pm . Games & Activities GLITZLIT Jewellery & Books for Teen Girls Monday 6pm-7pm. Starting 10th Feb (phone for details) HOMEWORK HELP Weekdays 3.30-4.30pm. Free printing. Photocopies (homework projects only). LEARN IT FOR ADULTS Thursdays 4pm-5pm. Drop in Session. LEVEL UP READING XP Gaming & Reading for Teen Boys Tuesday 6.15-7.15pm. Starting 4th Feb (Phone for details) SHARE A STORY FOR UNDER 5’S. Mondays 10.30am-11am & Saturdays 11am- 11.30am SUNDAY BOOK CAFE Books, Brew & Blether alternate Sundays 1.30-2.30pm YAP & YARN Every Tuesday 10.30am-12.00pm.

These details were correct at the time of printing but are subject to change. Please check directly with libraries.

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Colinton Country Cattery 5 STAR ACCOMMODATION

• 1st Class purpose built boarding cattery • Special Dietary needs catered for • Indoor and external runs • Individually heated chalets • Pre-viewing welcome • Close to Edinburgh bypass (A720) • 15 mins from airport

Reservations: 0131 441 9099 164 Woodhall Road, Edinburgh EH13 OPJ

ABSOLUTE UPHOLSTERY Traditional and Modern Upholstery Service


0131 662 6644 07727 224 072 Email :

50 Relugas Place, Edinburgh, EH9 2PY


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SMC Joinery

Colinton Hair Design

07884203957 Telephone 0131 466 3494 ...............................................................................

Supply and fit kitchens Maintenance/ letting work All joinery work undertaken ●Kitchens ●Windows ●Doors ●Skirting ●Facings ●Ceilings ●Roofs ●Decking ●Fencing ●Double Glazing ........................................................ Free estimate All trades supplied Fully Insured


Oxgangs Farm Loan Edinburgh EH13 9QD

Dell Directory The



Covering Clackmannanshire, Edinburgh, Fife, the Lothian's and Perth & Kinross

4a Bridge Road Colinton Village The Clean Team Hom Edinburgh Covering Clackmannanshire, Edinburgh, Fife, the Lothian's and Cleanin EH13 Perth 0LF & Kinross

Home Oven Cleaning Service

We offer a professional cleanin for your oven, range cooker, h microwave oven or extractor process removes all traces o and burnt on carbon from the and exterior including all stain racks and doors.

New Name, same great service! Alba Oven Cleaning is now part of The Clean Team

We offer a professional cleaning service for your oven, range cooker, hob, BBQ, microwave oven or extractor unit. Our process removes all traces of grease and burnt on carbon from the interior and exterior including all stainless steel racks and doors.

Go from this

To this

We use low odour, water based products that achieve a deep clean simply not obtainable with high street products.

Call 01506 432100 or 07540947979


Go from this To Advertise hereWe from use low odour, water £36.00 for 2 months colour. products that achieve a dee Mono options also available. simply not obtainable with h

For further information products. on prices call Ann on Call 01506 432100 or 07540 07843 449 441 www.thecleanteam-scotla

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Please use this advert Ja 39 May, June, July, Aug, Sep

USEFUL INFORMATION COMMUNITY REPRESENTATION Edinburgh City Council Local Councillors: Colinton/Fairmilehead Elaine Aitken - Conservative – 0131 529 4282 Buckstone Primary, 3rd Monday Term Time 6.30pm Jason Rust - Conservative – 0131 529 4953 Colinton Library, 1st Monday 7pm Richard Lewis - SNP – 0131 529 4974 Bonaly Primary School – 1st Monday every month at 7pm (term time) Oxgangs Library – 3rd Monday every month at 7pm (term time) Colinton Amenity Association Firrhill Community Council – Pentland Community Centre – 0131 445 287 LEISURE Edinburgh Leisure – 0131 458 2100 MEDICAL Colinton Pharmacy – 0131 441 2352 Mon-Fri: 9-1pm & 2-5.45pm. Sat: 9-5pm Colinton Mains Pharmacy – 0131 441 3388 Times- Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm. Saturday- 9am- 1pm. Closed daily between 1pm and 2pm. Colinton Surgery – 0131 441 4555 Mon- Fri 8am- 6pm Firrhill Medical Centre – 0131 441 3119 Mon- Fri 8am- 6pm Royal Infirmary – 0131 536 1000 Sick Kids Hospital – 0131 536 0000 NHS 24 – 08454 24 24 24 POST OFFICES & LIBRARIES Colinton Post Office – 0131 441 1003 Mon- Fri 9am- 5.30pm. Sat 9am- 12.30pm


Colinton Mains Post Office – 0131 441 2657 Mon- Fri 9am- 5.30pm. Sat 9am- 12.30pm Colinton Library – 0131 529 5603 Mon, Wed: 1pm-8pm, Tue, Fri 10am-5pm, Sat: 10am-2pm Oxgangs Library – 0131 529 5549 Mon, Tues, Wed 10am-8pm. Thurs, Fri Sat 10am- 5pm. Sun- 1-5pm PROPERTY ESPC – 0131 624 8000 SAFETY Association of Scottish Neighbourhood Watches – 01786 450 145, Crimestoppers – 0800 555 111 SCHOOLS Bonaly Primary School – 0131 441 7211 Colinton Primary School – 0131 441 1946 Firrhill High School – 0131 441 4501 Merchiston Castle School – 0131 312 2200 Oxgangs Primary School – 0131 441 3649 St Marks RC Primary School – Tel 0131 441 2948 UTILITIES Electricity Power Loss – 0845 27 27 999 Gas Emergency – 0800 111 999 Scottish Water 24 hours – 0845 600 8855 Cleansing & Special Uplifts – 0131 666 2623 (environmental health) TRAVEL & TRANSPORT Train Times and Enquiries – 0845 748 49 50 Edinburgh Airport – 0870 040 0007 Traveline Scotland – 0871 200 22 33 Lothian Buses – 0131 555 6363

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Colinton Private Nursery for children aged 3 months to 5 years Government funded pre–school places available. Open Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm Part and full-time places available Experienced and Qualified staff Private garden and secure outdoor play area, well equiped to provide a stimulating and play learning environment For further information or to arrange a visit please telephone Judith McGuigan on 0131 477 7330 We also have nurseries in Colinton Village & Grange please contact... Andrea Melville Grange Private Nursery 0131 477 4504

22 Dreghorn Loan, Edinburgh EH13 0DE

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BEAUTY Indulge (at Moodz Hairdressing)


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CARPETS James Erskine


CHIROPODIST/PODIATRIST Colinton Chiropody Pentland Foot Care

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CLEANING SERVICES Fiona’s House Cleaning Scott’s Premier Cleaning Daily Poppins The Home Agency

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COMPUTER REPAIRS Capital PC Repairs Colinton PC Solutions

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DECORATORS Kenneth Bayne Lamb Heritage Decorators Ian Hodgson & Co

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DE-CLUTTERING SERVICES Simple Living Edinburgh


FISH MERCHANT Marc Horsburgh

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HAIRDRESSING Kim O’Donnell Hairdressing Moodz Hairdressing Colinton Hair Design

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RE-UPHOLSTERY James Erskine Absolute Upholstery

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DENTIST Colinton Dental Practice


DRIVEWAY CLEANING Driveway Cleaning Edinburgh


DRIVING LESSONS Cook Driver Training


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Where contemporary meets heritage.

In a secluded, quiet spot on the banks of the Water of Leith, Westpoint Homes presents a rare opportunity to acquire an exceptional property. Designed with imagination, showcasing fine materials and built with timeless craftsmanship, West Mill at Colinton Village comprises only fourteen sophisticated apartments. Prices from ÂŁ405,000. Our Sales Centre is located at 20 Spylaw Street, Colinton Village EH13 0JX. Open daily from 11am to 5.30pm

0131 629 2626

To advertise call Ann on 07843 449441


Edinburgh Quality Builders Ltd

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Edinburgh’s roofing people! We undertake all roofing works from minor slate repairs to full roof refurbishments on all types of residential properties from big tenements to small bungalows

Fixed quotes at reasonable prices. All work guaranteed We only employ trusted time served tradesmen assisted by accredited skilled operatives All slating and tiling, flat roofs, valleys, ridges, lead and zinc work repaired or replaced Full four storey ladder equipment for minor works Rainwater and guttering pipework repaired or replaced Full public liability insurance Registered office 32 Spylaw Bank Road, Edinburgh, EH13 0JG

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