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Building for the Future

Building For Our Future Annual Report

2009 - 2010

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Letter from the Director Dear Members of the DSD/Statewide Community: As I enter my second year as the Director of our three fantastic programs, I reflect on the many lessons I have learned as a “rookie” in this position. Getting to know families in each of our programs, as well as the legislators, staff and stakeholders who serve the students have provided me with a wonderful basis of understanding of where Delaware is in terms of Deaf education and how she nurtures her students and families. By “Discovering DSD” and asking our staff and community members to “Rediscover DSD”, we all had a great deal to learn and relearn about our programs. We wrote a strong School Improvement plan and showed great progress with MAP testing. We unearthed qualities about ourselves and the programs we run on the statewide level. We started on the path toward redefining our mission and our goals to provide a full continuum of options to Deaf/HH students. In the fall, at the groundbreaking ceremony for our new school site, Gallaudet University Provost Steve Weiner left us with the words “Delaware is a small state with a big heart”. I could not agree more. Caring for the whole child is exactly what we do. Nurturing a student’s cognitive, linguistic and socio-emotional needs are at the crux of our programs while working with early intervention services through transition to adulthood.

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Since we started to rediscover the qualities of DSD/Statewide programs that make us unique in 2009-2010 and we have a new facility about to open in fall, 2011, this is the perfect time to “Build for our Future”. The next year will bring us closer to articulating a statewide, cohesive vision for serving the holistic needs of Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deaf-Blind students. Please take a look at our accomplishments in 2009-2010 and roll up your shirtsleeves as together we build for a stronger future for Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deaf-Blind Children in Delaware. Sincerely,

Della W Thomas, Ed. D., Director Date of Publication: October, 2010

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Delaware School for the Deaf - Instructional

ECE/Elementary Highlights

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Successful implementation of the Early Childhood Spoken English classroom allowed for careful language planning and allocation of use for ASL and Spoken English with students who had needs identified through their IFSP or IEP. All students showed growth in their Spoken English development. 11 members of the Early Childhood and Elementary department completed the American Sign Language and English Bilingual Professional Development training program during years 2007-2010. Development and full implementation of ASL/English Language Arts Framework since December 2008 for Grades K-5. Over 35 theme related field trips were planned to provide language experiences and help build world knowledge connected with language. 45% of the student body participated in school sponsored family activities. 75% of Elementary students improved their reading level at least one grade level on the Individual Reading Inventory. 100% of Spoken English/Speech Language Pathologists participated in Auditory Verbal Training at AI DuPont Children’s Hospital Creation of an enrichment class in American Sign Language with culminating ‘Deaf Treasure’ performance for the DSD community. 100% of ECE/Elementary staff participated in district wide content chair meetings and programming discussions.

Delaware School for the Deaf -Instructional

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MS/HS Highlights Middle School • 17 students were educated in Grades 6-8 • Partnership with the Delaware Council for Contemporary Arts to create a group mural, currently on display in the school lobby. • Students researched and built amusement park rides out of Legos for Science Class. • Horace Mann Insurance Company presented one student with a laptop for perfect attendance. High School • 31 students were educated in our High School. • Seven students graduated; six were accepted into college. • 64% of students were mainstreamed at four area schools. • We offered Service Learning, Digital Media, and Test Preparation classes for the first time. • An orientation meeting was held for parents of incoming seniors. • Our seniors researched and presented senior projects similar to peers in local area high schools. • 95% Staff and students attended the Statewide Transition Conference in Dover. • Horace Mann Insurance Company presented one student with a laptop for perfect attendance.

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Delaware School for the Deaf – Student Life

Delaware School for the Deaf – Instructional

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Residential Program Highlights

Extracurricular and Athletics Highlights

Family Events – Thanksgiving Dinner and end of year picnic at Killen’s Pond DSD staff holiday dinner Sponsored Elementary Halloween Party and Halloween dorm decoration Community working with our Residential Hall students – Pioneers (crafts and Blue Rocks baseball game) and Children with Challenges (fishing event) Various Field Trips – Disney on Ice, Pumpkin Carving at Chadds Ford Pa., Painted Platypus (pottery and painting activity), visit to the Kalmar Nyckel Tall Ship at Riverfront Guest Speaker Tracy Acuff sharing her Deaf Olympics experience Monthly Movie Night Empowering the students to organize activities for residence hall students such as games, cooking and craft activities. Reading Aloud by dorm staff with elementary students every night Eating out at various local restaurants Doing chores after dinner to contribute to their dorm family environment

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ASL classes for DSD families, Christina School District employees and Community Academic Bowl – Finished 4th place in Mid-Atlantic Regional Girls Volleyball finished 2nd place in ESDAA and 3rd place in MIL Boys Basketball finished 2nd place both in ESDAA and in MIL Homecoming Basketball against MKSD 2 DSD students attended Jr NAD National Conference at TSD in Austin, Texas Hosted ESDAA Volleyball Tournament Prom Night at Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Newark Senior Night with families Sports Banquet – Jessica Duhon from Gallaudet as guest speaker Bowling activities for Elementary Students and Middle School Students o Empowering each class to host social events such as a Valentine’s Party, St. Patrick’s Party and Spring Fling.

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Delaware School for the Deaf – Performance Data

Performance Data 20072008



















Grade 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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Statewide Programs for the Deaf - Blind


Delaware School for the Deaf – Statewide Programs

Reading 25% 0% 25% 33% 40% 33% 0% 20% 0%

Math 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 17% 0% 20% 20%

Math 6%

Among the many services provided by the Deaf-Blind Program this year the Family Learning Weekend was definitely the most enjoyable. Families from across the state, those new to the Deaf-Blindness community and also seasoned families were sharing and learning about each other and best practices for their children. During the 2009 – 2010 School Year the Deaf-Blind Program: • Provided 2395 hours of service o 1964 site visits o 162 home visits o 158 hours of material preparation o Attended 63 IEPs and 3 IFSPs o Supported 18 IEP planning sessions and 1 IFSP planning session o Multiple hours of email, phone calls and planning to support the state • Hosted 6 workshops (great participation from multiple districts) o National presenters were brought in for two workshops o The Deaf-Blind Program presented at the other four • Census count of individuals birth to 21 identified with deaf-blindness is 79 o 5 new students were identified with deafblindness o 3 students left the census o 23 individuals between the ages of 0-5 o 56 individuals between the ages of 6-21

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Delaware School for the Deaf – Statewide Programs

Statewide Programs for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

• Since November: o Attended 33 IEP meetings of students throughout the state, o Conducted 13 observations o Arranged 7 tours of the DSD site based program • Completed the Professional Preparation in Cochlear Implants (PPCI) • Conducted a Comprehensive Needs Assessment of Statewide Programs • Assisted with legislation o Deaf Child Bill of Rights – HB283 o Assisted with modifications to interpreter regulations • Assisted with community outreach o Hands and Voices social event o DSD Community Day in Cape Henlopen • Created a more comprehensive Early Intervention team • Visited programs to observe educational programs with spoken English focus • Participated in the chartering of the Delaware Families for Hands and Voices and attended Hands and Voices Leadership Conference • Held two-day ASL camp for Itinerant DHH providers in the state • Updated training with Child Development Watch to streamline procedures in referrals and case management of the 0-3 DHH population

Delaware School for the Deaf – Partnerships

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Volunteers and Community Partners Creative Mentors Thank you to the members of Creative Mentoring who altogether volunteered over 225 hours with students at DSD. Marianne Belsky Chris Witkowski Pamela D’Occhio Karen Miller Al Schyman David Crossan Kimberly Best Aimee Walther Joe D’Occhio Michelle Golebum Kathy Shea Mike Bove Kim Bucha Tom Stevenson Trevor Evans

Donations Thank you to the individuals/groups listed below whom made donations to DSD this year: • • • • • • • •

Order of the Eastern Stars, Grand Chapter of DE Horace Mann Insurance Company, Kevin Lammers BJ’s Wholesale Club JP Morgan Chase Employee Giving Campaign Best Buy- Kirkwood Highway UD Courtyard Marriott Brookside Lions Club Scholarships in honor of:  Pat Fernandes  Grandparents of Lauren Shea  Richard Lewis

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Delaware School for the Deaf – Goals

Goals for 2010 - 2011 •

Creation of Statewide Advisory Committee (early Fall 2010)

Publishing a state of Delaware Strategic Plan for serving students who are D/HH that coincides with the National Agenda (January, 2010)

Creation of specific positions to work in Early Intervention – A Southern teacher, a Northern teacher, a Speech Language Pathologist and an Educational Audiologist (Fall 2010)

Discussions with legislators regarding legislative changes to support a systematic, statewide approach to teaching DHH students, several models being considered (Ongoing)

2010-2011 Discussions with school districts regarding partnerships to provide teachers for classrooms that emphasize a range of communicative modalities that support language acquisition

2009-2010 DE Statewide Programs Annual Report  

This annual report is published by the Delaware Statewide Programs for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deaf-Blind. This report highlights acc...

2009-2010 DE Statewide Programs Annual Report  

This annual report is published by the Delaware Statewide Programs for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deaf-Blind. This report highlights acc...