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Neue Corporate USA 1659 Nutter Street New York, MO 64056


INPLAF SRL Via R.Luxemburg, 24 - 52012 Bibbiena (AR) Italy - Tel. +39 0575/536.469 - Fax +39 0575/595.398 -

LAVORAZIONE LAMIERE INDUSTRIALI industrial steel sheets working / travail des t么les industrielles / industrie blechbearbeitung fabricaci贸n de chapas industriales / labora莽茫o chapas industriais


the story.

This, company, was established in 1981 by the Guerrini family with the aim of carrying out the assembly of industrial tinwork, but thanks to its experience, flexibility and dynamism, it soon changed its goal into the development of the sector of pressformed profiles. At the end of the 90s, Inplaf entered the market of the structures and profiles of interior finishing for the modular construction and for building mobile homes; it has today achieved a leading position at an international level with the most important companies working in this sector and, thanks to the use of equipment of the last generation it succeeded in working together with companies working in the field of industrial doors, shelving, transportation of ceramic materials, photovoltaic plants, such as greenhouses, parking areas and free standing arrays, and carpentry in general. The new commercial aims and the young, dynamic and intuitive governance have converted the Company making it grow, dominate a growing and growing but also more and more demanding market, hence Plant of Bibbiena

Massimiliano e Giacomo Guerrini 1

additional and remarkable investments for new machineries. The expansion continues; Inplaf, not only invests on machineries and enlarges its premises, but it also invests on Human resources thus being able to obtain newer and newer and more and more important orders, with the certainty that deadlines are respected for each of them satisfying the customers.Within an international market which is becoming more and more demanding, and where the core business is dictated by tangible as well as proven productive skills, and where qualitative standards are high, such as the German one; Inplaf keeps itself up to date and since the beginning of 2012 it has been implementing and keeping the quality system in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008; moreover, it succeeded in enrolling at the central technical department of the Ministry of Public Works as a centre of transformation according to what Technical Regulations for Buildings of Ministerial Decree dated the 14th /01/2008 provide for. Plant of La Ferrantina




Inplaf does not have its own range of products, but it manufactures profiles according to the customer’s drawings, respecting confidential relationships with customers.

is suitable to manufacture assembled parts, such as pipes for rainwater, profiles with anchoring plates at the ends, welding of tubular elements etc. Finally, thanks to the cooperation with selected suppliers, it is possible to manufacture products with a protected surface, treated by powder coating, hot dip galvanizing and electro galvanizing. Unless otherwise required, all raw materials are certified top quality ones,

Each offer is submitted after a careful technical examination on the feasibility of the project and every related working results from coils; thanks to cutting lines, punching machines, laser and bending machines it is possible to manufacture semi-finished products with any type of punching, trimming, even at 45 degrees, and deformations by means of special tools. As a completion of the provided service, Inplaf has a welding division, which

coming from national steel mills and the cooperation with qualified service centres makes it possible to quickly find raw materials being momentarily out of stock. For national forwarding, Inplaf has its own vehicles to ensure regular dispatch as well as a widespread network of co-workers for national and international deliveries.

Industrial steel sheets working



production unit and warehouse. Great availability of raw materials

Operations start from coils and bands; all machineries are equipped with CNC control, recently set up, and make it possible to produce profiles till a maximum length of 12.60 meter with a maximum thickness of 4 mm. By decreasing the length of the profile, it is possible to manufacture products whose thickness is higher than 4mm. The wide range of bending tools (punching machines and plates) allows to meet most requirements, including 3 mm thick hemming dies. On-going checks are performed during the production cycle, using highly accurate tools, to see to it that the dimensions required by customers are met. The warehouse to store raw materials has an average stock higher than 1500 tons, that ensures a great availability of materials. The mainly processed products are the following ones: Pre-paint sheet: from 0.5 to 1.5 mm of thickness in different sizes, colours and finishings. Sendzimir Zinc-coated sheet: from 0.5 to 4 mm of thickness, DX 51 D+Z quality, other qualities upon demand, several sizes and zinc weight. Black sheet: from 1.5 to 20 mm of thickness, S235JR quality or higher. AISI 304 2B finishing stainless steel: 0.6 mm of thickness in different sizes, other thicknesses and qualities upon demand. Raw and pre-paint aluminium. Corten steel.


cutting lines.

The Production Flow Starts The first department of the production cycle makes use of two cutting lines that cut the coils and the bands into sheets of different length to be afterwards punched or bent.




punching machines. High productivity for any need

The punching division makes it possible to execute holes and trimmings of any kind onto the plates, before bending them. The wide range of tools makes it possible to meet most of needs. Using the two Finn-Power punching machines it is possible to process sheets whose maximum dimensions are 1,500 mm. x 10.00 meters of length and that ensures a very flexible use. The two punching machines for bands have a high productivity since in one single machine the band is flattened, punched and cut along its length, ready to be bent.



bending machines. Complete accuracy

All the bending machines are equipped with numerical control system, with a synchronized bulging system as well as a high tonnage for ml; that ensures small spaces between two folds, with important thicknesses as well; the maximum reachable length is 12.60 m.


laser cut.

Technology at Your Service In order to better meet the customer’s needs, Inplaf provided itself with a laser to produce plates and profiles with a thickness up to 20 mm.


Standard, titanium and stainless steel wire As a completion of the provided service, some wire, which allow the creation of small works assembly.



This System allows saving costs as regards: assembly, transportation, mounting and maintenance. 100 kWp installable in 24 h The whole structure is made of Corten Steel whose main feature is to self-protect itself from corrosion by means of the formation of a superficial compact brown stained patina. The columns supporting the cover have been designed with an “asymmetric V shape” in order to obtain the best inclination for the solar radiation and for the positioning of the inverter.

Standard sizes 5x5,3mt - Hi=2,17mt - Hs= 3,635mt

Photovoltaic panels are installed within the company’s premises so that the mounting phase at the yard can be simplified and quickened. The structure itself can be shaped depending on the standard dimensions of the photovoltaic panels existing on the market as well as on the Customer’s needs.

Developed power ≥ 3kWp



applications. industrial doors.

modular buildings.

photovoltaic greenhouses.

mobile homes.

metal sheds.

di colorazione bruna. Le colonne che sorreggono la copertura

photovoltaic parking areas.



Neue Corporate USA 1659 Nutter Street New York, MO 64056


INPLAF SRL Via R.Luxemburg, 24 - 52012 Bibbiena (AR) Italy - Tel. +39 0575/536.469 - Fax +39 0575/595.398 -

LAVORAZIONE LAMIERE INDUSTRIALI industrial steel sheets working / travail des t么les industrielles / industrie blechbearbeitung fabricaci贸n de chapas industriales / labora莽茫o chapas industriais


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