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Volume 1 Issue 4 - March 2018

The Jam Del Lago Key Club Newsletter


4 | Message From Our President

5 | Message From Our Editor

6 | D37E Member Of The Month

7 | D37E Member Of The Month

8 | Escondido Education Event

9 | Escondido Education Event

10| Mission Ave Cleanup

11 | Mission Ave Cleanup

12 | Ice Skating Fundraiser

13 | Ice Skating Fundraiser

14 | Oceanside Beach Cleanup

15 | Oceanside Beach Cleanup

16 | Elections

17 | Contact 18 | Thank You For Reading

Message From Our President Hey Jellies

It's your president Maivi here for the last time! It's almost time for our club's upcoming 2018-2019 term m very proud of what we've accomplished thus far and I would like to thank each and every one of you for your service, support, and love for Key Club! Please look forward to the installment of our new president and officer board this month! Stinging With Service,


MaiVi Nguyen Del Lago Key Club President

Message From Our Editor Hey Jellies We had such a successful February, (Cue in confetti and streamers)! Thank you to everyone who attended some or all of these events, we hope you enjoyed them. From cleanups to our first fundraiser of the term, February has truly been amazing. Now on to March, it’s our last full month before the new term begins. I’m in awe about how fast this term went by. We’ve had so much success and now it’s time to let others have some more success with the future election of our club board for the 2018-2019 term! We can’t wait to see our next leaders for Del Lago Key Club!


Brianna Virabouth Del Lago Key Club Member

D37E Member Congrats to Del Lago Key Club’s very own


Of The Month


Escondido Education


Foundation Event

The Escondido Education fundraiser was such a great event. It was incredible to see all the dedicated people in our community come together to bring more funds into our education i was very proud to be a part of bringing the event together. Ryan Quatch Del Lago Key Club General Member


Mission Avenue



The Mission Avenue cleanup was a blast. The clean-ups are always a great time to bond with your fellow club members and just have a great time. My favorite part of doing cleanups is, of course, helping the community but also all of the exciting, and unusual items that you find, that people leave behind. Although only a few people joined us for the clean up it was still a really fun day 'clubbin' with the palz (key clubbin' that is). Matthew McGraw Del Lago Key Club General Member


Ice Skating

A fun filled Sunday afternoon, getting to fundraise for our club and getting to spend time with each other. 12




I enjoyed engaging in helping the environment. The feeling of knowing you and other people are out making a different to the environment is very rewarding, and I recommend everyone to go out and give it a try. I also appreciated everyone that came out and helped make a change.


Annalee Enriquez Del Lago Key Club General Member

Beach Cleanup


Interested In Running for The 2018-2019 Term Club Board? -President -Vice President -Secretary -Treasurer -Service Coordinator -Tech Editor



Wednesday, March 21st During our weekly meeting

How Create a 5 minute speech stating why you should be elected for the position of choice 16



The Jam | Volume 1 | Issue 4 | March 2018  
The Jam | Volume 1 | Issue 4 | March 2018