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Volume 2 Issue 2 - June 2018

The Jam Del Lago Key Club Newsletter

WHAT’S INSIDE? 3 | President’s Message

4 | Rent A Jelly

5 | Tutti Fruity SDCDM Event

6 | Mother’s Day Fundraiser

7 | Sandwich Making

8 | SDCDM Family Steam Night

9 | Pancake Breakfast

10 - 11 | May DCM

12 - 13 | Beach Cleanup

14 - 15 | Club Banquet

16 | Committees

17 | Contact

18 | Thank You For Reading

President’s Message

What's stinging DLA jellies! Can you believe it's almost the end of the year?!? This term definitely flew by in a blink of eye. From Fall Rally to DCON, we have had a wild rollercoaster. Take the time to pat yourself on the back for all the service you've helped raise. Without you, we wouldn't have reached 500 service hours last term and we are well on our way to 200 in less than two months! With summer approaching, I hope you continue to serve our community. Bee sure to look out for summer events and follow our Instagram as well as the division's for updates. Last but certainly not least, to our seniors; thank you. You've made your mark on our club and we will miss you tremendously. We all wish you the very best of luck in your future endeavors. Come back and visit soon! [and be our Fall Rally chaperone ;)] On a final note, I hope you continue to serve the world around you whether it is in Circle K or in your future careers. It needs you, jellies.


Jane Pham Del Lago Key Club President

Rent A Jelly The May Long service event to help our teachers get cleaned up for the end of the year.

“I helped Ms. Schwartz return her math textbooks and organize her cabinets. I got a lot of exercise and it was fun.� -Ashley Villegas Del Lago Key Club General Member

We reached


Service hours with Rent A Jelly!


Tutti Fruity SDCDM Event We managed the photo booth and the arts and crafts area for this member only exclusive event.


Mother’s Day Fundraiser

“I bought a flower and card for my mother at a cheap price. It was a way of buying moms a simple gift without having to worry about going somewhere Ian Ramirez else.”

Del Lago Key Club General Member


Sandwich Making


SDCDM Family Steam Night

“It was great making a turning point in children’s lives at The SDCDM Family Steam Night! We were able to help kids create anything from their imagination, make some slime and concrete, and watch the Robotics team from Torrey Pines showcase their robot! The museum is always having cool events like this one so I hope I could see you at the next volunteer event!” -Jane Pham Del Lago Key Club President


Pancake Breakfast


May DCM DLA KEY CLUB DLT MEMBERS: Jane Pham Kyle Shaffer Brianna Virabouth


May Member Of the month: Brianna Virabouth


Beach Cleanup




Our accomplishments, our progress, our growth from a small club to a slightly larger one. The 2017 - 2018 brought a lot on the table, from new members, to new experiences. We’ll never forget a thing. With over 100 members and  over 500 service hours. With each term our club improves more and more. We will always keep improving for more terms to come.


Want to get more involved? introducing


Media and Marketing Committee Led By Tech Editor, Rendell Fundraising Committee Led By Treasurer, Bri

Service Coordinating Committee Led By Service Coordinators, Jonathan & Savannah Member Relations Committee Led By Vice President, Ryan

More information on how to apply will be in future emails! 16


2018 - 2019

Club Board

President Jane Pham

Vice President Ryan Quatch

Secretary Matthew McGraw

Treasurer Brianna Virabouth

Service Coordinators Tech Editor Johnathan Vo Rendell Estacio Savannah Ruiz

Club Advisors Kiwanis Advisor Dave Geary

Faculty Advisor Rita Boyd



The Jam | Volume 2 | Issue 2| June 2018  
The Jam | Volume 2 | Issue 2| June 2018