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Recommendations to Keep a Healthy Marketing With Email List

Maintaining a healthy email distribution list is just as important as the best practices you utilize to create your list. Please note that the following steps work best when used with a email marketing tool

Reduce the fat One of many easiest steps to keep your email record clean is always to assess the nonexistent addresses and other bounced or blocked email. All these can be immediately (manually) put into your do not send list. Your marketing with email instrument must have a good way to recognize (and remove) bounced emails from your own record. Be mindful to NOT remove emails that bounced due to ‘mailbox full’ or ‘out of office’ communications.

Track your Opens If people are receiving your emails, but aren’t opening them… after 6 months, it’s time to part with them. Why pay to keep them on your list if they aren’t reading your messages? Add all of your opens from each email blast to a dated list. For example, if we send out 2 email blasts in August 2011, we add anyone that opened those emails to a list called ‘August 2011 Opens’. Do this for each email blast and remove any Open lists that are more than 6 months old. If a contact has continued to open your emails, they’ll be in a new open list and won’t be removed from your total list.

Date your additions As you add new business email marketing to your list, keep track of when they are added. After any list of additions is more than 6 months old, remove them. If contacts from that list have opened your emails within the last 6 months, they will remain on your overall list of contacts.

Eliminate circulation e-mails / aliases some affordable bulk e-mail addresses are used to go to numerous people – or are aliases for other emails. It’s best to eliminate these from your own email lists.

Obviously, as you lean the bad addresses from your list, it’s very important to find ways to add to your list so you may continue steadily to develop your email marketing campaign market.

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Recommendations to keep a healthy marketing with email list  

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