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Direct and Internet Marketing: Building Immediate Customer Interactions

The New Direct-Marketing Model Direct marketing is: • A marketing channel without intermediaries • An element of the promotion mix • Fastest-growing form of marketing

Growth and Benefits of Direct Marketing 

Benefits to Consumers


Ready usage of several products

Access to comparative information regarding businesses, rivals, and products Online and fast

Growth and Benefits of Direct Marketing Benefits to Sellers •

• •

Tool to build customer relationships Low-cost, efficient, fast alternative to reach markets Flexible Access to buyers not reachable through other channels

Forms of Direct Marketing  

Personal promoting direct-marketing Primary-bulk email reseller direct marketing

Listing direct-marketing

Telephone marketing

Immediate-response television marketing

Kiosk marketing

Electronic direct-marketing

Internet marketing

Forms of Direct Marketing 

Direct mail advertising requires an offer, headline, note, or other object to your person at a specific target


Easy-to-measure outcomes

Charges greater than mass-media

Delivers better outcomes than media

Forms of Direct Marketing Catalog direct marketing involves printed and Web-based catalogs Benefits of Web-based catalogs • Lower cost than printed catalogs • Unlimited amount of merchandise • Real-time merchandising • Interactive content • Promotional features

Challenges of Web-based catalogs  Require email marketing  Difficulties in attracting new customers

Forms of Direct Marketing

Telephone direct-marketing entails using the telephone to market right to business clients and consumers Outbound telephone advertising sells directly to businesses and consumers Inbound phone marketing uses tollfree numbers to get requests from tv and print advertisements, direct mail, and catalogs

Forms of Direct Marketing 

Immediate-response television (DRTV) advertising entails 60-to 120-second ads that describe items or offer customers a cost-free number or Web site to buy and 30-minute infomercials such as for example home shopping stations More affordable bulk email than other designs of promotion Simpler to track effects

Forms of Direct Marketing ď Ź

Kiosk marketing requires putting information and purchasing machines in airports, shops, trade shows, and other locations

Forms of Direct Marketing Digital direct marketing technologies • Mobile phone marketing campaigns • Podcasts • Vodcasts • Interactive TV

Forms of Direct Marketing Mobile phone marketing includes: • Ring-tone giveaways • Mobile games • Ad-supported content • Contests and sweepstakes

Forms of Direct Marketing ď Ź

Podcasts and Vodcast require the downloading of video and music files via the Internet to your portable device like a PDA or iPod and hearing them in the consumer’s comfort with good bulk email

Forms of Direct Marketing ď Ź

Interactive TV (ITV) lets visitors interact with television promotion and programming employing their remote controls and provides entrepreneurs with an interactive and involving methods to achieve targeted audiences

Online Marketing ď Ź ď Ź

Marketing and the Internet Internet is just a great public web of computer networks that connects customers of sorts around the world to each other and to a substantial information database with business email marketing

Online Marketing Online Marketing Domains Business to consumer (B2C) involves selling goods and services online to final consumers Business to business (B2B) involves selling goods and services, providing information online to businesses, and building customer relationships

Online Marketing Online Marketing Domains Consumer to consumer (C2C) occurs on the Web between interested parties over a wide range of products and subjects • Blogs •

Offer fresh, original, and inexpensive way to reach fragmented audiences Difficult to control

Online Marketing Online Marketing Domains Consumer to business (C2B) involves consumers communicating with companies to send suggestions and questions via company Web sites

Online Marketing Types of Online Marketers • •

Click-only marketers Click-and-mortar marketers

Online Marketing Setting Up an Online Presence Creating a Web site requires designing an attractive site and developing ways to get consumers to visit the site, remain on the site, and return to the site

Online Marketing Setting Up an Online Presence Marketing Web site is designed to engage consumers in interaction that will move them closer to a direct purchase or other mass email marketing outcome

Online Marketing Designing Effective Web Sites The eighth C To keep customers coming back, the site needs to constantly change

Online Marketing Placing Ads and Promotions Online Display ads • Banners are banner-shaped ads found on a Web site • Interstitials are ads that appear between screen changes • Pop-ups are ads that suddenly appear in a new window in front of the window being viewed • Rich media ads incorporate animation, video, sound, and interactivity

Online Marketing Placing Ads and Promotions Online Other forms of online promotion include: • Content sponsorships • Alliances • Affiliate programs • Viral advertising

Online Marketing The Future of Online Advertising Online advertising provides a useful purpose as a supplement to other marketing efforts and is playing an increasingly important role in the marketing mix

Online Marketing Creating or Participating in Web Communities Web communities allow members to congregate online and exchange views on issues of common interest • •

Online Marketing Using E-mail Marketers are developing enriched messages that include animation, interactivity, and personal messages with streaming audio and video to compete with the cluttered e-mail environment

Online Marketing Using E-mail Spam is unsolicited, unwanted commercial e-mail messages Permission-based marketing allows users to opt in or opt out of e-mail marketing

Online Marketing The Promise and Challenges of Online Marketing Online bulk email marketing service will remain an important approach in the marketing mix to: • Build customer relationships • Improve sales • Communicate company and product information • Deliver products and services more effectively and efficiently

Integrated Direct Marketing Integrated direct marketing involves the use of carefully coordinated multiple media, multiple state campaigns

Public Policy Issues in Direct Marketing

• •

Customer irritation, unfairness, deception, and fraud Privacy Security

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