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Venture e-mail alternatives an overview

Deliver Transactional, Marketing and Mobile Email From the Industry's Leading Email Delivery Platform cloud-based email infrastructure relieves enterprises of the cost and complexity of maintaining custom and on-premise email systems. With the industry’s top transactional and marketing email delivery platform, provides Enterprise customers with reliable and scalable email delivery, from a single platform, at a lower total cost of ownership.

Modern enterprise e-mail security threats no longer contain simply pest spam e-mails. Opponents with malicious intents are increasingly using e-mail as an entry vector through the utilization of phishing messages. Historically, email phishing was centered on acquiring specific account references, but recent email security attacks have demonstrated that phishing attacks have a broader goal at heart: corporate intellectual property and sensitive and confidential company data.

Provides the market's most comprehensive email security hazard category and email security administration option against virus, phish, spam emails, and other email borne malware. Backed by the patented MLX Threat Classification Motor, business e-mails are grouped in line with the degree of email security threat to a business and managed appropriately, whether it is legitimate email, pain junk, or malicious, low-volume phishing attacks. Our email security threat protection solution uses real-time email information tracing to provide the required security resources to triage any security threats and the email security solution is backed by an enterprise-class support organization dedicated to supporting your mission-critical communications.

Highly Scalable Email Infrastructure ď Ź

Take away the frustration of scaling your email infrastructure. Bulk Email server Delivery Software delivers huge amounts of transactional, marketing and mobile email messages each month, significantly more than any cloud-based email deliverabilty service

massive cloud-based infrastructure consists of a fully managed datacenter and a mix of cloud hosting services providing you with:

Optimal scalability Industry leading availability, security and reliability Reduction in CAPEX infrastructure costs

Real-time Analytics and Reporting 

Obtain effective insight to the performance of the email via the Big Event statistics and API program. Course bulk marketing services requests, deliveries, bounces, spam reports, presses, starts, unsubscribes, group tracking and more in real-time Build customized reports centered on ISP, email classification, timeframe, geography, and producttype Acquire info for greater flexibility and customization

Dedicated Account Management and Support Teams 

Acquire specific technical support and account management from SendGrid’s workforce of mail authorities. Providers include: Proactive deliverability and name track of your account Live customer support from the industry’s top support staff including phone, chat and email 24x7 critical incident response should any matter arise

Easy to Integrate 

 

Versatile Web and affordable bulk email SMTP APIs plus a simple SMTP relay set up allow you to choose which integration approach is suitable for your environment. Service for multiple development frameworks including CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Django, Node.js, Ruby on Rails and Symfony Code examples and libraries available Live customer care in case you require any assistance

Maximize Customer Engagement 

Push involvement with your customers by enhancing your mail supply capacity. Mail Delivery Software leverages all of the following and more to assist you increase proposal together with your clients.

Exclusive IP addresses.

E-Mail certification (SPF & DKIM)

ISP feedback loops

Telephone spam monitoring

IP name rating

Complete Messaging Delivery Platform ď Ź

Reduce the complexity and cost to build and maintaining an in-house messaging with marketing campaign infrastructure by implementing a cloud-answer for your Business.

messaging delivery platform supports: Transactional and marketing email SMS messages Voicemails Push notifications

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Venture e mail alternatives an overview Reduce the complexity and cost to build and maintaining an in-house messaging with marketing campaign infrastruct...