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No Spamming with Email Marketing

Email marketing is the use of email to promote your business by emailing people about the goods or services your business offers. Marketing and advertising is an important aspect of business promotion and by using the computer and emails you can reach people on an international level

Bulk email is a very lucrative business, but so many people are terrified of being labelled ‘spammers’ that many of them simply avoid using this marketing tool. Some business pundits state that spamming is unethical and robs people of valuable time and money, others do not.

Reducing Email Bounce ď Ź

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Clean your lists on a regular basis. Get rid of anything that is not valid, has typos, or addresses that are not formatted correctly. Use an Send Bulk Email change of address service to help you track down customers whose e-mails have gone inactive or have been changed for some other reason.

What is Soft Email Bounce? ď Ź

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A soft bounce occurs when the recipients email is full, the server is down or too busy, the message is too long, or the e-mail has been abandoned. Often the Best Bulk Email client will attempt to deliver the message a second time.

What is Hard Email Bounce? ď Ź

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A hard bounce is an Mass Email Marketing that is considered permanently undeliverable. It is usually caused by invalid e-mail addresses, abandoned e-mails, and recipients who have blocked your e-mail server.

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No spamming with email marketing