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Methods for Improving Your Stats

Selecting a message supplier (ESP) can be quite a difficult task, given the large numbers of companies within this market and the subtle variations within the services they offer. Pricing types also vary widely.

Methods for improving the stats

In regards to subject lines, boring works if you create your subject line best., don’t market what’s inside—tell what's inside. Read on writing effective subject lines.

If you wish visitors to start your bulk e-mail service, you've to see through their spam filters first. Avoid using spammy keywords and terms, and avoid using ALL CAPS or too many exclamation points!!! The easiest way to avoid spam filters would be to find out how they operate.

Too many hard bounces is a sign of an old, stale list. People change email addresses every few months. Make sure you keep in touch with your subscribers regularly (at least once a quarter), so they can stay on your list.

Soft bounces usually mean the recipient is “temporarily unavailable.” Maybe they’re on vacation, or their mailbox is full. You can keep those emails and try them again later, but bulk email marketing service autocleans soft bounces after five failed campaigns.

Hard bounces mean an email address failed. Maybe it no longer exists, or maybe someone made a typo when they subscribed to a list. But hard bounces might also be spam filter —if you see an abnormally high number of bounces after a campaign, read your bounceback records for any messages or clues from spam filters

Abuse complaints happen when recipients click the “This is spam” button in their bulk email sending programs. That usually means they don’t remember you. Make sure your “From” and “Subject” lines contain your company name, so your subscribers will instantly recognize you.

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Methods for improving your stats  

Choosing an email service provider (ESP) can be a daunting task, given the large number of companies in this market and the subtle variation...

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