Gaucho Premium Slow-Cooked Meats

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Gaucho’s Premium Slow-Cooked Meats are upscale items because they do not contain sauce, added water, binders, or extenders. These meats are seasoned and cooked overnight under vacuum to tenderize for easy shredding and great natural taste! They offer versatility in the kitchen, while giving you the comfort of serving a lean, all-natural product that has a good source of protein. Quick and easy, food service personnel can heat 2 pounds of meat in just 25 minutes, hand-pull, and add to various recipes.

SLOW-COOKED CHICKEN Slow-Cooked Chicken made with chicken thigh and breast meat, makes for a great heat and pull option! This great product has the ability to be used in many different recipes. It’s wide range of applications include adding to soups, gravies, salads, sandwiches, dips, tacos, enchiladas, nachos or pizza.

PRIME RIB This Ribeye Lip-on is the boneless portion of the primal rib consisting of the ribeye muscle. It is fabricated from a 3” x 4” rib. The ribeye is then fullycooked to Medium Rare. This product is considered upscale and is recommended to be sliced thick or thin for sandwich applications or thick sliced for center of the plate entrées.