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ABOUT Deli Spices is a proud supplier of food processing equipment to the meat and food processing industries. Through years of experience, Deli Spices has generated expert technical knowledge. We are able to offer advice on the most suitable equipment required, assist with installation, offer maintenance guidelines and best practice solutions. We can also provide complimentary onsite training and certification for your staff. We import new machines, primarily from Europe, which have a proven track record in tolerating the African environment and working conditions. We also source reconditioned (pre-owned) equipment, each with their own specific guarantees. Deli Spices offers after-sales agreements on various machines. We also carry a range of spare parts to ensure your downtime is minimised. We are looking forward to providing solutions to drive your business's growth. "Our solution, your success" Vernon Jensen Equipment Channel Executive



BUTCHERY EQUIPMENT Deli Spices can assist in your operational planning. We understand retail butchery production and counter display. Below are some of the more popular units available. Speak to your Deli Spices Representative and we can advise and source equipment and appliances based on your requirements.

BAND SAW • • • •

Various brands and sizes available Locally manufactured Fully stainless steel units Standard use of 112 and 116 blades

BLENDER • • • •

Size: 200 L Locally manufactured High quality stainless steel Safety lid to prevent injury

MINCER • • • • •

Size: 52 mm head Locally manufactured Supplied with knife, plate and plunger 3 phase power required (5.5 kW motor) Table top mincer (32 mm) available


Standard sizes: 20 L & 30 L Supplied with 3 nozzle sizes: 15, 20 & 30 mm Unit made of stainless steel Lids and piston made of aluminium



LAKIDIS offers 2 sizes: 1500 kg and 3000 kg per hour Automatic machine used for reducing frozen meat blocks Specialised, high speed, stainless steel rotor Cuts thin slices of 3 - 9 mm thickness Temperatures to -13 to -15°C Safety bin detection equipment (prevents operation if 200 L buggy is not attached) Controlled and equipped to European Union safety regulations

GRINDER / MINCER • • • • • • •


Automatic stainless steel grinder Equipped with a corner feeding worm Capable of mincing and mixing meat separately or at the same time Able to process fresh and frozen meat and other food products Temperatures to -8°C Optional attached hydraulic loader using 200 L carts Constructed to European Union regulations


LAKIDIS offers 2 sizes: 450 L & 900 L We are able to source larger units based on your requirements Designed for mixing meat, poultry, fish and other food products Optional 200 L bin loader can be attached Special protection cover

BOWL CUTTER • • • • • • • •

Sizes: 14 L to 40 L Able to source larger units (60 L upwards), new or reconditioned Versatile combination of knives and bowl speeds High absorption capacity of emulsions Suitable for frozen meat to -20°C Provided with maximum safety (blades instantly brake when the lid is opened) Fully made of stainless steel Complies with EC regulations



KARL SCHNELL offers stable, consistent product with cost reduction in final recipe Suitable for hot and cold processed meat emulsions Achieves smoother texture of spreadable pâtés and sausages High performance motors capable of starting under full load Overload protection sensors Made of stainless steel



Various devices available for 200 L buggy Suitable for fixed or mobile applications Airlifters, mainly for loading tumblers, also available Stainless steel units


REX RVF 327 Suitable for small to mid-sized enterprises with frequently changing recipes and quantities Touch screen technology for simple operation Modern servo drive concept for accurate portioning Low energy consumption Reduction of waste Made of wear-resistant stainless steel Standard clipper socket Fitted with 100 L fold away hopper (image)


REX RHS 230 Solution to hang sausages immediately after twisting Height-adjustable, easy set for vacuum filler or the RKS 85 Used for artificial and natural casings

Ask your Deli Spices Representative about our range of REX solutions.



REICH AIRMASTER ® UK product range Compact, modular system Chamber modules made of 100% chromium-nickel steel Smoke and steam tight welding Full mineral insulation protects against heat loss Temperature resistant up to +600°C Changeable heating system Touch screen ADITEC controllers Patented cross flow air system (for fish processing)

Ask your Deli Spices Representative about our own brand of Smokers ¾ chambers and upwards



CLIPTECHNIK is a quality German brand Standard table top, semi- and full automatic solutions Suitable for natural and artificial casings Made of high-grade steel and plastic Latest state of the art technology Fulfils all hygiene regulations

DERINDER • • • • • • • • •

NOCK® machines conveyorised for automatic and manual processing Various sizes available Primarily used in the pork and beef industry NOCK POWER PLATES ® for outstanding robustness, durability and ease of use Blade gap infinitely adjustable Spring suspended pressure roller and blade holder adjusts optimally to thickness of rind Conveyors can be removed within seconds without any tools Lockable castors Stainless steel unit and bearings


Used to remove the membrane from pork, beef, veal, lamb, ostrich, game, poultry and fish High operational speed and yield



RETUS offers various sizes to suit your requirements Brine injection to improve yields Needle head with spring loaded needles Used for both bone-in and bone-out products Stripper bar without pressure to the product Removable conveyor belt for easy cleaning

Supported with a mobile brine mixer (200 L buggy)

VACUUM TUMBLER • • • • • •


Variety of solutions available, depending on specific requirements, locally or internationally sourced Ideal for the massaging of cooked, cured products Ideal for salt impregnation, braising and in-depth salting of dry cured products Ideal for dry salting, seasoning and marinating of poultry, barbeque products, game and goulash Ideal for tenderising fresh meat Units made of stainless steel


• • • • • •

BIZERBA range for precise portioning weights of any product Used mainly in polony and bacon slicing Slice thickness: 0.5 – 3 mm Shingling (portioning) to increase production Product offcuts minimised Overweight portions reduced by up to 15% Ideal for use in smaller rooms Easy and safe handling during production and cleaning

MHS range is ideal for slicing and portioning fresh, frozen or slightly frozen (up to -4°C) meat Pulling / cutting process leaves a minimum of bone splinters resulting in smooth surface on product Reverse function Quick and easy cleaning MHS KS Series designed for supermarkets and medium sized butchery businesses Fulfils German Trade Association for Butchers and EC guidelines



Designed for packing of food products with shrink film by immersing in hot water Board size: 685 / 585 mm Maximum product weight 50 kg Unit made of stainless steel Additional vacuum packaging machine for optimum packaging and presentation Fitted with a protective splash cover which also restores heat



VAMA are experts in vacuum chamber technology Comprehensive range of table top, standing and double-chamber models Ensures safe and cost-effective packaging Various sealing bar lengths and chamber sizes available


MHS multi-purpose machines, ideal for cutting cubes, strips and slices of sausage products, meat and vegetables as well as many other products MHS 850: up to max 850 kg/h MHS 1000: up to max 1000 kg/h Automatic start by closing slider Forward feed mode selectable: continuous or step by step Clean cut via long blade stroke

SEPARATOR • • • • • • •

AM2C range for producing mechanically deboned meat High yield through high pressure Simple to assemble, use, maintain, clean and dismantle Pre-breaking incorporated in the separator Low increase in temperature due to slow speed of rotation Low maintenance costs Easy and precise yield adjustment and setting




MTJ King of Bacon® technology Exact mould filling Easy handling of integrated conveyor belt Safe and easy loading via lifter Fast unloading after thermal treatment Efficient use of entire machine Optimised workflows and savings Guarantees shape, uniform smoke and heat distribution


LAKIDIS Hamburger Forming Machine FR200L For meat and other food products 40 L bowl Capable of producing 15-30 meat patties per minute (1 800 burgers per hour of various shapes and volumes) Stainless steel conveyor 800 mm x 200 mm Deli Spices can supply burger formers that are adaptable to the REX Vacuum Filler Based on product and formulation, the unit capacity is 2 units per second

TABLE TOP SLICER • • • • • •

BIZERBA automatic Gravity Feed Slicer GSP HD Maximum slice thickness 24 mm Maximum slicer diameter 235 mm Quiet, energy efficient Powerful slicer can also be used for manual operation Drain on slicing system and raised lip leak protection for liquids


ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT BILTONG CABINET Ask your Deli Spices Representative about our various sizes to suit your requirements. We have a large range of spices to flavour your biltong and droëwors products.

BUTCHERY TABLE Deli Spices can make stainless steel tables to your specifications.

MEAT BUGGY 200 L, stainless steel units available.

TROLLEY Deli Spices can supply both ¾ and full trolleys. We can also manufacture trolleys to your specific needs e.g. sliding trays for maximum stacking.


CONSUMABLES ALUMINIUM SMOKE STICK We supply standard 1 m length.

CLIPS Designed for automated clippers. We offer a variety of sizes: E210, E220 and industrial rolls.

FOOD GRADE GREASE Lubricant to protect the working parts of all types of equipment.

WOOD CHIPS & WOOD STICKS We supply imported beech wood products to enhance your finished product taste.


REQUISITES & CONSUMABLES BANDSAW BLADES Deli Spices supplies 112 and 116 blades. 2 - pack or 24 shipper option.

GIESSER KNIVES Imported from Germany, GIESSER is one of the world’s leading manufacturers. This range is ideal for the food service and food processing industry.

NETTING Netting provides form, shape and pattern to finished product. Speak to your Deli Spices Representative about our wide variety to meet your requirements.

SPARE PARTS We stock essential spare parts for all our brands to ensure your downtime is minimised.


ADDITIONAL OFFERINGS SOYA PROTEINS Deli Spices is in proud partnership with ADM®. We stock their Arcon® range of functional soya protein products which can be used in meat and poultry products to increase water retention, improve emulsification and maintain nutritional values. • Arcon ® SJ • Arcon ® SM • Arcon ® T (Textured Vegetable Concentrate) Deli Spices invests in continuous research and development work by our qualified food technologists and scientists, focusing on: • New product concepts • Reducing formulation costs • Improving product stability • After processing yields We offer concentrated seasonings and seasoned Ready Packs to meet the demands of the different markets for processed meats and meat protein replacement. Deli Spices has fully equipped pilot plants and training facilities in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg. This allows our customers to run small scale pilot batches on new developments before running factory trials.

SMOKE CONDENSATES & GRILL FLAVOURS Deli Spices, in proud association with R2H Flavor Tech, now offers a better way to flavour food with the Tru*Smoke range. • Naturally manufactured from 100% sustainable sources • Provides colour and flavour identical to traditional smoked products • Reduces processing time and weight loss • Contains no tar, resulting in a reduction in cleaning material costs • Reduces energy and maintenance costs • Three application options: atomising, drenching / dipping or added internally • Comprehensive technical backup TRU*SMOKE 25N • A pH neutralised liquid smoke • Internal use in fresh and processed meat applications • Provides smoke flavour to any recipe TRU*SMOKE 45 & 45P • A liquid smoke preparation • Use with atomising (45) or drenching / dipping (45P) equipment to provide both colour and flavour to processed meat applications • Reduces cost and saves time • Dilute 1:4 with water GRILL FLAVOURS A selection of grill flavours to improve the taste of any application


THE DELI SPICES GROUP IS MADE UP OF UNIQUE, LONG-TERM PARTNERSHIPS WHICH ARE HEADED BY ENTREPRENEURIAL LEADERS This has allowed for a sustainable, national distribution footprint, further expanding to neighbouring Southern African countries.

Zambia Lusaka Zimbabwe Harare Abbiamo Trading Zimbabwe Bulawayo Abbiamo Trading Namibia Windhoek Namcas

Limpopo Polokwane

Botswana Gaborone MW Packaging

Mpumalanga Mbombela

Gauteng Johannesburg

Western Cape Cape Town

KwaZulu-Natal Durban

Free State Bloemfontein H&M Packaging

Border Region East London C&S Suppliers

Head Office Cape Town

Eastern Cape Port Elizabeth Southern Cape George


Head Office Head Cape Office Western Cape Town +27 21 505 2000 +27 21 505 2000 Border Region Border Region East London - C & S Suppliers East London +27 43 743 12 93- C&S Suppliers +27 43 743 1293 Eastern Cape Eastern Cape Port Elizabeth Port Elizabeth +27 41 453 1586 +27 41 453 1586 Free State Bloemfontein Free State - H & M Packaging +27 51 448 1091 - H&M Packaging Bloemfontein +27 51 448 1091 Gauteng


Gauteng Johannesburg +27 11 019 2800

Southern Cape George +27 44 874 0585

KwaZulu-Natal Durban +27 31 705 5056

Western Cape Cape Town +27 21 593 4515

Limpopo Polokwane +27 15 297 5788

Botswana Gaborone - MW Packaging +267 393 0180/1

Mpumalanga Mbombela +27 13 752 2025

Namibia Windhoek - Namcas +264 61 232 358

Zambia Lusaka +260 973 998 301 +260 967 317 744 Zimbabwe Bulawayo - Abbiamo Trading +263 9 787 33/4 Harare - Abbiamo Trading +263 4 755 491 - 6

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