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Welcome to The Overlook ADDRESS

421 Grand Ave. Grand Lake Colorado USA 80447



Hello! Welcome to The Overlook Grand Lake. We are so glad you decided to stay here, and we hope you have a great time in Grand Lake and Rocky Mountain National Park. We are happy to share our special getaway with you and truly hope you enjoy it as much as we do. The views of the lakes in the morning are spectacular; and there are fantastic shops, galleries, restaurants and bars right in town. There is something for everyone! This book contains information about the house and area to help you enjoy your stay. You should find everything you need but, if you have a question that isn’t covered in here, please do get in touch and let me know how we can help. We hope you enjoy yourself and visit again in the future! Sincerely, Steve & Jennifer Please leave a review online to let us know how your stay was!

CONTACT INFORMATION: If you need assistance with anything, please contact: Name:

Steve Kudron, your Host

Phone number:




Important Information IN CASE OF EMERGENCY:

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY - Dial 911 Nearest medical center: Middle Park Medical Center Phone number: 970-887-5800 Address: 1000 Granby Park South, Granby CO 80446

FOR NON-EMERGENCY SITUATIONS Grand Lake Fire Department: 970-627-8428 Grand County Sheriff’s Department: 970-725-3343 Grand County EMS: 970-887-2733

Neighborhood: You are on Woodpecker Hill in Grand Lake Address: 421 Park Ave. Grand Lake CO 80447 NEIGHBORHOOD CONSIDERATIONS The Overlook is in a residential neighborhood. PLEASE be courteous of our neighbors. When staying at The Overlook, we ask that you: • • • •

Keep your outdoor activities within the property of The Overlook. Do not park on any of the access roads that border The Overlook as they are quite narrow. Do not leave any trash outside. Be respectful of noise. You can have an amazing experience at The Overlook without causing the neighbors to object.

WINTER ADVISORIES, ROAD INFO AND WEATHER Winter weather changes rapidly and is not something to disregard. We carry a winter emergency kit of blankets, lamps and shovels. Do not venture out unless you are confident in your experience with winter conditions. Before you leave, always check road conditions. The State of Colorado has a great travel portal that is maintained for road conditions throughout the state. The website is: http://cotrip.org.

Safety Information & Rules EMERGENCY EXITS





In case of an emergency, please exit through the nearest exit and move away from the house. DO NOT use the elevator. In case of fire, extinguishers are located throughout the house. If in question, immediately call 911. Our fire department is less than 1000 feet away.

In of a wildfire, will receiveWhile textswe Wethe docase not allow pets at you The Overlook. regarding evacuation information to the number love fur-babies, you cannot bring them with you. on your reservation. Guests who violate this policy will be subject to a $1,000 pet cleaning charge.




Please be courteous of the neighbors. The Overlook is located in a residential district, and the town of Grand Lake has strict noise ordinances. Generally, don't get loud before 8am or after 10pm. There is NO SMOKING at The Overlook. We live in a natural environment and fire is our greatest threat. Please don't smoke, inside or out!

All types of smoking are not allowed. If it is necessary to clean the TO home smoke, the PLEASE BE COURTEOUS OURfrom NEIGHBORS. guest be charged at the of cleaning, All thewill surrounding homes arerate owned by people not less than $450. just like you and I who come to Grand Lake for a special experience. We ask that you be kind, courteous and respectful of our neighbors, their property and their peaceful wishes. If any neighbor contacts us to lodge a complaint, we will immediately address it with our renter.

About The Overlook THE LITTLE CABIN THAT GREW Originally built in 1949, The Overlook has had many face lifts and additions over the years. Currently, the home boasts 10,480 sq. feet of living space. When first built, the modest home had two bedrooms and two baths. It was 743 square feet and was one of the first homes to be built on the hill. In the 1980s, the home was expanded to include the large rock fireplace and parlor. When purchased in 1997, many of the expansions you see today were started. The Great Room and Lodge Suite were built in 1999. In 2001, the garage was remodeled and became the media room. In 2003, the owners purchased Marv Fisher’s Ice House and developed the Gathering Place to be a fun and enjoyable space for friends and family alike. Throughout the house you will find many unique pieces of art from local artisans. These items are placed here for your enjoyment and, if interested, you may inquire about purchasing any pieces you like. Above the entrance to the Hearthstone Suite is a pair of snowshoes from the 10th Mountain Division. During the Second World War, the10th Mountain Division was tasked with many important tactical assaults and was able to secure strongholds during the harsh winter in Europe. The 10th Mountain Division trained near Vail, Colorado. A number of soldiers from Grand County were in the 10th, and the snowshoes you see were worn by one of those soldiers as they scaled the Pyrenes Mountains in northern Italy during the war. The photo on the wall nearby is from 1908 and shows some of the first recreation in the area by the vacationers of the time. Some things have changed, and some have not. We still cherish the lake and the many ways that help make it a one of a kind vacation spot in America. The Gathering Place is built on the site of the Grand Lake Ice House. A tradition in town, it is now another incredible building. Take a look south at the County’s highest peak, Byers Peak, across a delightful view of Shadow Mountain Lake. Enjoy the 163 windows, all with a view, and experience The Overlook at Grand Lake!

Getting Oriented in Grand Lake A WORD ABOUT ALTITUDE

Welcome to the high country! Rocky Mountain National Park starts at the already-lofty elevation of 8,369 feet at Grand Lake and extends all the way up to 14,259 feet at the summit of Longs Peak. Ever heard references to the “thin air” found in the mountains? That’s a nod to the reduced level of oxygen saturation at high elevations. At 14,000 feet, only 61 percent of the oxygen you’d find at sea level is available. High elevation increases the chance of dehydration, severe sunburn, mountain sickness (headaches, nausea, dizziness), and may aggravate pre-existing medical conditions. Drink plenty of water per day (one-half your weight in ounces is recommended) to ward off dehydration. Wear and reapply sunscreen often. If you begin to feel sick or experience any physical problems, descend to lower elevations.


A bright, sunny day can turn windy and wet within minutes, with high winds and driving rain or snow. Be prepared for changing conditions and carry these essentials; raingear, map and compass, flashlight or headlamp, sunglasses and sunscreen, matches or other fire starter, candles, extra food and water, extra layers of clothing, a pocketknife and a first aid kit.


Approaching, feeding, or disturbing wildlife is dangerous keep a safe distance. All park animals are wild and can cause injury and harm. Be respectful of wildlife and aware of what is going on around you. Know what to do if you encounter wildlife while enjoying the outdoors.

USE EXTRA CAUTION IN THE WINTER Winter conditions can be very deceptive. Whether shopping on Grand Avenue, walking on the lake to drill a fishing hole or exploring a trail on snowshoes, the chance of a slip or fall is not uncommon on ice. While every precaution is made to ensure your safe travels on foot or otherwise, use extra caution.

In the backcountry, stay back from steep snow slopes and cornices. Snow avalanche danger is often high. Ask a ranger about current avalanche potential. Know how to

Property Map


For more detailed information about our resort amenities, please refer to the online TouchStay book. Your host has texted or emailed you the link.


The front entrance is located up Park Avenue to the first right onto Shadow View Lane. Go around the big rock into the drive. The door code is the last 4 digits of your phone number.


WiFi Network: OverlookGrandLakeGuest WiFi Password: it is an open network


The main systems are preset to 68. Individual rooms have individual controls.


Please adhere to the rules posted on the hot tub. More details can be found in our online manual


Please treat our games as you would your own. Return game pieces to their own boxes and return the games to the media cabinet.


All TVs are Smart LED and Xfinity equipped. More details can be found in our online manual


READ ALL RULES ON THE SAUNA. Your use constitutes release of liability. More details can be found in our online manual


USE CAUTION WHEN USING. Your use constitutes release of liability. More details can be found in our online manual


Your use constitutes release of liability. More details can be found in our online manual


Your use constitutes release of liability. More details can be found in our online manual


A gas grill is provided for your convenience. Please use the grill/BBQ with caution. We live in a wildfire-prone region and all outside flames should be managed with great care.


USE CAUTION. Our courtyard firepit is natural gas and the others are propane. Please reference our online manual should you require detailed instructions. Your use constitutes release of liability. More details can be found in our online manual.


The garage can be accessed from the house by both the stairs and the elevator. A garage door opener will be provided for outside access. Up to eight vehicles can be housed in the garage. The owners store some vehicles and other items in the garage. Please keep away from these items. Parking is limited to the grounds of The Overlook and the garage. Up to 8 vehicles or toys can be parked in the garage. There is parking on the side of the garage for a large trailer, and vehicles can park up at the main entrance. If more parking is required, contact us so that we can make arrangements for you. The garage has a large bay door allowing for trailer and toy parking as needed. Please keep your toys contained and tidy in our residential area. Please be responsible and respectful of the owner’s items stored in the garage. You may not repair, paint or otherwise use the garage for any commercial or other use which may damage the garage or its contents.

Art and Vino at The Overlook ART AT THE OVERLOOK

Please enjoy the artwork you see on the walls of The Overlook. Many of the items have been placed by local artists who are part of our thriving creative community. If you are interested in any of the works, please contact your host for more information. We are currently featuring works by: • • • •

Rick Koller John F. Williams Eishi Arts Susan Burleson

We hope you enjoy their perspectives and talent as much as we do. THE OVERLOOK WINE EXCHANGE Okay, we admit it. We LOVE wine! Reds or whites, we are fans of the many wonderful tastes that a bottle of wine can bring. We’ve come to especially enjoy a glass as we take in the beauty that surrounds The Overlook. If you are a wine lover like us, we invite you to peruse our wine cellar, located near the Media Room and the laundry room. If you like a bottle you see, trade us a bottle and we can try something you like. We like wines from around the world that are priced $10 to $20, some more, some less. You can use that as a guide. We are looking forward to sharing our tastes and finding some new tastes as we share our love of wine with our guests. **Here’s the legal stuff** You must be 21 to consume wine in Colorado. If you aren’t 21 or over, DON’T DRINK! If you can’t trade, DON’T DRINK! We will charge guests a damage fee of $25 for each bottle that has been consumed and not traded. Salute’!


We hope your stay with us was spectacular. Here are some tips to help your checkout go smoothly. -Check-out is at 11am. -Please take all your trash to the garage. There are two bins for your trash near the elevator door. Our service staff will dispose of it from the garage. -Please start the dishwasher with any remaining dirty dishes. The start button is located on the inside top of the door. It is quiet, so you may want to listen for it. -Please turn down any of the space/floorboard heaters before leaving. -Please lock all doors, including the front door, when you leave. Pull back on the knob while closing to lock. Don’t forget to check the garage doors. -Please turn off all the lights throughout the house. -Please close all the windows. -Please be sure all gas fireplaces are turned off. -Please let us know if you have any questions. Call or text – the number is 303-408-0448 - and let us know when you leave. -Thank you for staying with us. It is our goal to make your stay extraordinary. Safe travels to wherever home may be!


Mountain Market 400 Grand Avenue, Grand Lake Open Daily Rocky Mountain Grocery 701 Grand Avenue, Grand Lake Open Daily 9am-8pm

FAVORITE CASUAL RESTAURANTS Grand Pizza 1131 Grand Avenue Open Daily grand-pizza.com Sagebrush BBQ and Grill 1101 Grand Avenue, Grand Lake Open Daily sagebrushbbq.com Squeaky B’s – Angus beef burgers, milkshakes & more! 1000 Grand Avenue Open Daily squeakybs.com Cy’s Deli – fresh ingredients on freshly baked bread, soups, breakfast burritos and sweets El Pacifico - Mexican Bar & Grill Fat Cat Café - weekend breakfast buffet, located inside Pancho and Lefty’s) Pancho and Lefty’s – Mexican fare, beautiful lake view Sloopy’s Grill – Wide selection of sandwiches and burgers with all the trimmings World’s End Brew Pub – pub grub and craft beer White Buffalo Pizza – pizza and wings, hot dogs too! FAVORITE FINER RESTAURANTS The Rapids 210 Rapids Lane, Grand Lake Reservations Recommended rapidslodge.com - 970.627.3707

O-A Bistro 200 W Portal Road, Grand Lake (located in the lower level of The Gateway Inn) Reservations Recommended o-abistro.com - 970.627.5080 Stillwater Grill 9921 US 34, Grand Lake Reservations Recommended stillwatergrill.net – 970.627.4929 -Backstreet Steakhouse at Daven Haven Lodge -Grand Lake Lodge Restaurant -Mustachio’s FAVORITE COFFEE SPOTS

Blue Water Bakery 928 Grand Avenue, Grand Lake bluewaterbakery.com - 970.627.5416 The Hub 830 Grand Avenue, Grand Lake 970.627.5095 Jump Start Coffee and Tea Shop 1141 Grand Avenue, Grand Lake Open Daily 7am-7pm jump-start.business.site – 970-797-8236


Dairy King 629 Grand Avenue, Grand Lake Grand Lake Chocolates 918 Grand Avenue, Grand Lake Lulu City 916 Grand Avenue, Grand Lake Miyauchi’s Snack Bar 1029 Lake Avenue, Grand Lake Polly’s Sweet Shop 1106 Grand Avenue, Grand Lake


The Mountain Gal Women’s clothing, jewelry, accessories & gifts 1036 Grand Avenue, Grand Lake Open Daily 10am-5:00pm themountaingal.com – 970.798.8014 The Quacker Gift Shop Homemade fudge, cinnamon roasted nuts, Colorado gourmet spices and condiments, gifts and rubber ducks! 1034 Grand Avenue, Grand Lake Open Daily 10am-6:00pm quackergiftshop.com – 970.798.8014 -Bob Scott’s Authentic Indian Jewelry and Gifts -Cabin Quilts & Stitches – quilting, gifts & decor -Gifts Unlimited – fun gifts and souvenirs -Humphrey’s Cabin Fever – cabin décor and gifts -Manna Thrift Store – thrift and consignment store -The Red Sled – women’s clothing, accessories & gifts -Spirit Lake Traders – gifts, décor and clothing -Whispering Pine – furnishings, clothing, artwork, jewelry and gifts


-Cork on the Water – Wine Bar and Tapas (on the water’s edge across from Headwaters Marina) -The Lariat Saloon – Pub, Bar and Grill -The Wild Bear Tavern (at the Gateway Inn) – full bar and pub menu *Many restaurants and bars listed offer happy hours, live music and karaoke through the week. Check their schedules for more details!


Grand Lake Golf Course 1415 Co Rd 48, Grand Lake 970.627.8008 – grandlakerecreation.com Grand Lake Marina – Pontoon, whaler boat, kayak and canoe rental glmarina.com – 970.627.9273 Headwaters Marina – Pontoon, crestline and pedal boat rental On the beach in Grand Lake townofgrandlake.com – 9709.627.5031

Trail Ridge Marina – Boat Rental 12634 US 34, Grand Lake trailridgemarina.com – 970.627.3586 Winding River Resort Stables – Horseback Trail Rides 1447 CR Rd 491, Grand Lake windingriverresort.com – 970.627.3215 or 970.623.1121


-Hiking & Biking – Adams Falls, Monarch Lake, RMNP -Spirit Lake ATV Rentals -Kayak Shack – Kayak Rental -Grand Lake Bicycle Company – Bike Rentals -On the Trail – Razr and ATV Rental -Rocky Mountain SUP – Stand-up paddleboard rental -Grand Lake Marina – fishing guides/charters -Spirit Lake Outfitters – fishing guides/charters Grand Lake Nordic Center – Nordic ski and snowshoe trails, equipment rental and kids tubing hill grandlakerecreation.com – 970.627.8008 Grand Adventures Snowmobile Rentals - Snowmobile rentals and tours. grandadventures.com – 970.726.9247 On the Trail Rentals – Snowmobile rentals and tours onthetrailrentals.com – 970.627.0171 Outfitters – Ice Fishing, Hunting -Granby Bait & Tackle 970-557-3023 -Rocky Mountain Outfitters 970-798-8021 -Spirit Lake Outfitters 970-531-1431


Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre 800 Grand Avenue, Grand Lake rockymountainrep.com 970.627.5087 office 970.627.3421 box office

Rocky Mountain National Park nps.gov 970.586.1202 office 970.586.1222 recorded Trail Ridge Road status GETTING AROUND

Mountain Transit Adventures 970.888.1227 – 970.531.1393 grandlakemta@gmail.com Please contact your host, Steve, at 303.408.0448, if you need assistance with your transportation needs.

SOMETIMES YOU NEED A KIDDO SITTER Sitter Service of Grand County (970) 531-3765 www.sitterservicegc.com

Original Sketch drawing by Michaela Cross – Art Director, Where Art Thou Gallery


Grand Lake is a growing community of talented artists and galleries. In August 2018, Grand Lake was certified as Colorado’s newest Creative District. The community of Grand Lake is rich in creative pursuits, while maintaining the town’s rustic, western authentic flair. During the summer, there is always something to explore. In the winter, be sure to discover the towns many events and creative activities. In addition to galleries, you’re likely to find art and culture in most every door in town. From June thru September, the Rocky Mountain Repertory Theater produces amazing musical theater. Every year, thousands of hopefuls from around the country audition to make the summer’s troupe. In the local bars and restaurants, you’ll find some of the area’s best musical talent entertaining you throughout the year. Please join us for our Art Walk happening the second Saturday of each month June-October, 2019! June 8 July 3 August 10 September 14 October 12


Where Art Thou Gallery 1036 Grand Avenue (Upstairs), Grand Lake 970.798.8014– email: mikey@whereartthougallery.com Jackstraw Mountain Gallery 1030 Grand Avenue, Grand Lake 970.627.8111 – jackstrawgallery.com Studio 8369 1117 Grand Avenue, Grand Lake 970.627.3104 – studio8369.com John F. Williams Photography 917 Grand Avenue, Grand Lake 303.501.2745 – johnfwilliamsphotography.com

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Overlook Grand Lake Welcome Book  

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