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Are you confused about Uni?

We have the POWER but for how long?

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For more information about Proud Enfield and how to join us please contact 07506 474 430, 07939 824 051 Youth Enfield



by Franscesca Tutty


FEATURES Some of this editions Delirium Team

Editorial photo concept by Yaren Kuruovali

Our journalists have worked extremely hard in order to create this new thrilling autumn 2013 edition of Delirium. There are many exciting stories from difficult questions such as is university worth it? To fake tan, how much is too much?

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Following the education theme we also delve into the jump between GCSE to A level. As we have experienced the rise of stress levels. The magazine also covers fashion that is a very important subject for many young people and there is also something for the K-Pop fans out there. Another article asks when will the lights go out? There are also reviews available on a variety of things and don’t forget our amazing competitions. We also have a problem page in which our writers answer some of the tricky questions in life including school, parent or friend troubles. Finally we have our top ten fears that will leave your hairs on the back of your neck standing up. We strived to make this magazine helpful to young people… enjoy.

Youth Action Volunteering Enfield


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This magazine is developed by young people, for young people. If you want to get involved or have any comments or criticism of DELIRIUM MAGAZINE please direct them to the address below. For future editions we need ideas for featured articles, as well as reviews. We also need photographers, writers, artists and designers. Credits: DELIRIUM MAGAZINE is published by YAVE (Youth Action Volunteering Enfield) part of Enfield Youth Support Service and was produced by young people who volunteered their writing, editorial and design skills. Words & Pictures: © 2012 the individuals that created them, unless otherwise stated. The views expressed in this magazine are not necessarily those of the publishers. For more information contact: YAVE, Brigadier Hall, Brigadier Hill, Enfield EN2 ONH. Telephone: (020) 8364 5796 or Email:

E V A Y t u o b a G YAVIN

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In July Youth Action Volunteering Enfield (YAVE) celebrated 20 years of young people volunteering in Enfield. YAVE has come a long way from its humble beginnings to its essential role in finding young people in Enfield fantastic volunteering opportunities; from youth centres, elderly day care centres, animal wildlife rescue, charities, libraries, after-school clubs, schools/playgroups, sports as well as YAVE’s specialist projects: Art, Enfield

Games, Music and let’s not forget our amazing magazine project - DELIRIUM. Young people planned, organised, promoted and performed ‘BACK TO YAVE’ which was presented at the Millfield Theatre in Edmonton. The performance was outstanding – everyone was “YAVING” about YAVE. YAVE would like to give a big thank you to all the volunteers that took part


as well as the partnership working with schools, North London Dance Academy (EN2 KREW), Inclusion Group, ELM (Everybody Loves Music) and the Alan Pullinger Centre. And how can we forget Skewbald Theatre’s contribution, to making the show a unique experience. Let’s look forward to the next twenty years.

Our Top 10


by the Delirium Team 1. Father Christmas ! My dad used to dress up as Santa and chase me around the cellar saying HO HO HO!! 2. Compost Bins - I really don’t like touching the bins full of decomposing food. 3. Lifts - I have watched too many horror films! 4. Dolls - once I watched Chucky the serial killer doll when I was five - now I never go near them! 5. QuickSand - the more you move the quicker it suffocates you! 6. Heights - I’m scared of heights because I fell out of a tree whilst playing Lord of the Rings when I was younger! 7. Spiders - I remember being trapped with a spider in a buggy with the rain protector over me! 8. Snakes - They are just so sly, they move so quietly - it just shows how deadly they are! 9. Rats! - Their tails and the way they move so fast frightens me! 10. Losing or breaking my phone, kindle or laptop!


Mind the


Generation after generation, anxious 16 and 17 year olds start their A levels in September. Most have already been warned well in advance of that dreaded jump from GCSEs to A levels. Now for me personally, the notorious jump from GCSE to A level is something, which most sixth forms and colleges are really struggling to cater to. I can safely say after doing a year at college, the help to deal with that initial journey to doing well in A level exams hasn’t been very good. I’ve had many of my teachers drumming into my head how different A levels are to GCSE all the time, but as for trying to help us with the mammoth task there hasn’t been near enough support. It can be such a pain to come from year 11 having As and Bs and starting doing work only to be getting Es and Us in the beginning. It can be even worse when you


work hard and you’re still not improving , and you don’t know what your really doing wrong. Eventually with hard work your skills will improve throughout the year. Check out my top three tips below to survive the transition. Don’t be shy – just ask I can’t stress this point enough. If you find the essays and extra homework stressful go to your teachers or form tutor and if you go to college there should be a whole team of student support waiting to help you. For example, student support officers and study advisers. If you go to a sixth form perhaps a private chat with your head of year if you’re really struggling would be just as good. Even better you can just ask your teachers to perhaps do a lesson or two on identifying the main differences between GCSE and a level.This may prove to be especially helpful if you have traditional subjects such as English, history, etc.

GCSE information

The only way is research Category:GCSE_Revision_Notes

A bit of an obvious point – but it wouldn’t hurt to research around the subject. When I did AS Spanish and geography I can not describe in mere words how useful it was to go to Wikipedia, google, bbc news, etc and just research around my subjects. However don’t overload your brain with information. For example, if you do German don’t


from the workload and hours,and the environment was completely different. Suddenly, you find yourself in a situation where you have to build new relationships with all new teachers. I also found myself completely and utterly clueless on how to spend my free periods and subject tutorials ( revision sessions). After a while I was too relaxed and too lazy. Don’t do it . You WILL suffer in the long term. Yes, there is less work to do in the beginning when you are getting started but it will be harder to remember everything in study leave. Stay focused and as mentioned research and show enthusiasm. With GCSEs it’s so easy to not bother to revise much, waffle and still get an A. But you need to keep doing practice exam papers and revising from guides preferably around the Christmas holidays and onwards to stay on top of your revision. try to learn the whole wikipedia page about Germany. You just need more detail on subjects that your course covers. A level is all about skill and detail.If in doubt consult your teacher they will be glad you asked and will give you some useful resources that are relevant to the syllabus. Don’t EVER relax Many people (including myself ) are way too relaxed and laid back from September to December. When I started out at college, I had major headaches for weeks

Overall, I think what’s probably the most difficult along with the workload for AS students is coping with the level of independence that you are given. If you find the workload hard and feel fustrated your sixth form or college should be able to provide some support. Overall its important to enjoy your subjects and greater independence. So, don’t forget mind the jump.

by Siobhan Currie

A level information exam_stress.php Don’t forget one of the most useful sources are your teachers 7


By Francesca Tutty

K-Pop craze has hit the western world. What is K-Pop you ask? Well it stands for Korean music with its out there clothing, addictive choruses and catchy dance moves. Through the Internet and sites such as YouTube, K-Pop has grown rapidly, increasing their fan bases throughout the world and putting South Korea on the music map.


I myself am a K-Pop fan, first hearing about it through YouTube. My sister and I were randomly surfing YouTube videos when we came across a K-Pop music video. The impressive beat, extravagant clothes and fascinating dance moves lead us to click on another video. Until we were completely hooked. And when we found another K-Pop fan in our school we almost jumped for joy. Now instead of doing basketball, our P.E lessons were filled with K-Pop discussions on which music video was better? Did you like the song? Who were our biases? And many promises to learn dance moves, in which we utterly failed. My heart nearly stopped when I heard the news that Big Bang, a South Korean band were indeed coming to London. The tickets were bought, dances learnt, songs replayed multiple times and soon enough the day was here. We arrived early, bought tops and had a great time. We were shocked to see the amount of fans that sold out the stadium, screaming and shouting. This showed how much influence K-Pop has not only in England but also around the world and it is swiftly growing.

to live there and experience the culture and perhaps be closer to the K-Pop world. Despite the struggles between North and South Korea more and more foreigners are packing up their things and heading there. There are three main companies in South Korea today who rule the K-Pop world, these being SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment. They recruit, train, finance, publish, market, distribute and exhibit idols. For some their only goal is to produce idols and make profit. It is very much like a conveyor belt style of production, where teenagers are recruited out of school and are changed into K-Pop idols. Some even having plastic surgery to acquire the right conventions of K-Pop idols. Therefore it takes years to develop the perfect looks, dancing skills, voice and band. There have been many problems that came with this type of labour involving the distribution of wages being unfair and band members stating that their contracts were too long. However K-Pop has become extremely popular with fan bases worldwide. I am a fan and have been told many times ‘But you can’t understand what they’re saying.’ But its not just good music that keeps me addicted but the whole package and the complete difference between the western and eastern world in which I am fascinated about. Not just seen in the music but how the idols are marketed and portrayed.

Although this may be the case of a factory style production of idols they do make excellent music K-Pop has done much for South Korea bringing in and the majority of idols are thankful and pleased much money and also encouraging more people with the opportunities they have been given.

Although do we think this is right, turning normal people into celebrities and changing their looks drastically to fit the conventional idol despite having an amazing talent? Or do you like this type of recruitment and think it produces better idols? Despite the entertainment value is it ethical for young people to aspire to unattainable perfection? To change their appearances drastically just to fit in? This I find is the problem with not only the world of K-Pop but media in general as it has such a negative influence over younger people. And sites such as YouTube have made it so easy to view these man made idols, for example one Music video had over 47 million views. For those people out there that have never heard of K-Pop I urge you to check it out. It is a great way to peek at Asian culture or just listen to great music.

1. You are aware of the main record companies and which band belongs to which. 2. You know at least one dance from a k-pop music video 3. You sing even though you have no idea what it is you are singing 4. You attempt to learn Korean 5. YouTube is basically your life

Edited and designed by Francesca Tutty

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FASHION Within this generation

Fashion has always been a form of art that permits each individual to reveal their mood, personality, and style as well as their creativity when combining several garments together. This manner of expression has been presented in the media in a negative way as women are being portrayed as sex objects while males are creating fashion controversy. It’s about time someone was able to take blame for the 360 turns that fashion has taken throughout its years as it has worsened. But the main question is, who’s to blame?

Post War

In the mid 20th century, western women were expected to conform to the image of the stereotypical housewive, the types of women that should be looking after their husbands and dressing accordingly. However they never had a sense of freedom. Freedom and expression was something that they lacked within themselves, stunting their ability to be creative with fashion and having the opportunity to try something new or daring. As time went by women had the chance to finally express themselves through garments, allowing their outfits to depict their characters and personalities in a classy way but on the other hand, this generation in the 21st century seems to have forgotten the history behind fashion and it’s purpose. Garments that used to be worn in past eras have recently made a comeback in the 21st century with it’s grunge mom jeans, high waisted jeans, crop tops to present a women’s figure. But thats not all, Not only have these clothes come back into fashion but so have shoes. Dr Marten’s were one of the most popular boots that were worn in the late 80’s, however, by the late 90’s /early 20th century they were a thing of the past. Fashion has now lapsed what use to be considered fashionable is now a current trend.

Street Style

Originally Dr Martens were mainly worn by particular groups of people but in this case, it has changed. There are now worn by different cultures and friendship groups which proves how diverse they now are. In addition to this, there are also other boots that have come back in to style - Timberlands.

Timberlands were created by one of the biggest producers in America mainly for males within the construction business. This has changed recently as females have chosen to reveal the tomboy look which was once popular with females in the 90s. Both Timberlands and Dr Martens are back which allows me to wonder if we should’ve been more attentive to fashion in the 20th century.


Although we have been introduced to fashion many years ago, it’s evident that there are many aspects to this. One of the major influences of fashion that got the publics attention was iconic celebrities. Celebrities may wear over-priced garments and accessories, unaffordable to the general public, but the desire to have these material things outweighs their pocket and they just can’t resist maxing out their credit cards. It just shows the length people will go to look good. Not only is fashion associated with males and females but they’ve now taken a new direction. Children are now fashion’s newest victims. The garments that have been created for little children are mini versions of adults. Children are meant to act their age and not their parents so why are elders agreeing to this dilemma? The use of social networking sites have made this matter so much worse as many children are fighting to look good on sites such as Instagram and Twitter. Surely this can’t be right? Witnessing children applying make up and age inappropriate clothing before they’ve even hit puberty. Who is responsible for this? Parents?

Peer pressure? Media? Social

networking? And most

importantly how can we convince children of our generation to stay children?

Fashion on a Budget

Low budget Fashion? Of course it’s possible. As surprising as it may sound, each outfit shown above were under £40 which seems to be a challenge to most of you fashion lovers out there. With the outfit on the left, the top was purchased on an online store called Missguided which was around £6, with a hint of a colourful midi skater skirt from Sheinside at an amazing £13. To complete the outfit, the white sandal heels from Asos were a bargain at £20.

You can never go wrong with a simple outfit. The T Shirt was purchased yet again from Missguided however this was £15. The simple dress combined with a silver necklace from New Look at £6, was able to make this outfit more glamourous. Who needs a hundred pairs of unused shoes cluttering up your closet when you can reuse your white Asos pair for £20. Overall, this outfit was a shocking £21. Who says you need to break the bank?.

Fashion tips • Set your fashion trends, • Don’t let people set it for you. • Go through your closet today, before you throw your money away.

By Raissa Coulibaly











Is University Worth it?


written by Bahar Erden, Designed by Bahar Erden & Stathi Papadopoulls




s a sixth former student there is a great deal of pressure to go to university, whether it’s at school or at home. The pressure to start UCAS applications and write personal statements, it can all get really stressful. Exams have just finished but there’s the extra stress to think about ...What university is most suitable for you? The finances? And then it dawns on you:

Edinburgh, Birmingham and so on. These universities pride themselves with “maintaining the very best research, an outstanding teaching and learning experience and links with businesses and the public sector”. The main keyword there is experience; shouldn’t universities be for the experience you gain? Or does one choose a university purely because it has a higher status?

Is it really worth going?

From my experience and many other students that have been to university, find that when choosing a university there are many more important factors to consider, for example the course you want to study? No university is the same as any other, they all offer range of courses to suit the individuals choice - so decide carefully. Also consider the living costs of the area, if you’re on a tight budget you may have to think about staying at home or moving to an area with lower living costs than London. And if you’re thinking of travelling back and forth frequently, going to a university up north would not be as practical as staying in the midlands.

With the prices of tuition fees tripling to £9000 a year (this is without including living costs). As a student you’re going to be left with at least £27,000 deep in debts (those unfortunate to have wealthy parents that is) and a certificate with the letters DEGREE wrapped up in a pretty little red bow. But there’s also the worry of getting into ‘elite’ universities such as Russell Groups, which was established in 1994 and has 24 institutions including some of the top universities such as University of Cambridge, Oxford, Bristol,












If people were asked this question a couple of years ago when prices were a third they are now, students wouldn’t be as immensely selective about higher education as they would be now.



‘So.... ....Is university worth it?’


Many students I have interviewed have said the most important skill you gain from university is independence; for those who move out and experience the university life.


So graduates with first class degrees and highly ranked university graduates may be the first option with employers. Is that really fair? Some students that I’ve spoken to believe that having a university degree is the be-all-and-end-all of securing employment and going to an ‘elite’ university will have greater significance and importance than the actual grading of your degree. However, university is a ‘right of passage’ - it provides you with the experience and independence for life in the future, most of the students have said that a degree is what you make of it and is a great opportunity to gain new experiences and find yourself.


Students need to consider their return on their investment. So what you’ll be paying in; constant stress with studies, time, obviously money and putting on hold other opportunities. But what you should have achieved by the end is a unique experience, many friends and a degree.









TtUITION FEES With the rise of number of people getting degrees and attending university for the past few decades, could employers become more selective with job offers, as more and more people have degrees. Shouldn’t employability be about whether you’ll be able to do the job and do it well?





When will the lights go out? With energy demand growing at a faster rate than ever before, many countries have faced countless problems in finding and using alternative energy sources to satisfy the needs of the public. Will the UK be able to sustain our energy demand in the future?


Spent on new technologies to control thousands of streetlight lamps in Enfield.



Of energy produced in USA is created from fossil fuels. Imagine if you woke up the next day without any access to electricity. What would you do? People have become so dependent on electrical appliances that have become integrated into everyday life. In one normal day I would use about 10 devices from waking up and checking the time on my phone, to using the toaster and googling on my iPad. I feel that our generation is trapped in the developing world of technology: nearly all having a smart phone, computer and music player. If we as nations keep on depleting our energy sources to an extent, simple tasks like going on the computer may be restricted in the future. By 2050, the world’s population is expected to reach 9bn making it all the more difficult to stabilise energy consumption. On a personal point of view, I think that if our ways do not change, with our blatant disregard for saving energy then we will reach a point where there will be no energy left. The government

should really implement reward point systems for conserving energy at home, with simple yet effective steps to take as mentioned in the next page. A dirty economy? One may argue countries like China, India and Brazil must use alternative energy sources and not depend on dirty, impure and damaging fossil fuels in order to divide the dependency of certain types of energy. However, already developed countries were in the same position; supplying their country with coal, oil and natural gas. Development is crucial to allow the tackling of social issues, political talks and technological advances. Such emerging economies must use fossil fuels as their primary energy supply for a short period of time, as alternative sources are not able to satisfy the high demand that is apparent today. I can see why these great super powers are in need of huge amounts of energy due to their rapidly growing economies and populations. China’s population


in 2011 was 1.344bn and is still rising. By creating reward systems, future generations can save energy and have knowledge of what our world has come to and what needs to be done for a better future. What about the UK? The UK mainly uses fossil fuels, with little input from sustainable energies. Nuclear power has been very significant with 16 nuclear reactors generating about 18% of its electricity. However nearly all of them are being shut down by 2023, making our energy position much more insecure. Lights out? Councils all across the country have introduced schemes to conserve energy and save money, one of which to switch off streetlights. Residents in Leicestershire raised concerns over plans regarding energy conservation projects in Hinckley, Burbage and Barwell. The overall timeline of the scheme aims to save nearly £800,000 a year but the scheme could impact greatly on safety

and crime rate levels. Between midnight and 05:30am around 26,000 lamps in 131 towns across the area have been switched off with another 1,000 being dimmed between 7:00pm and 07:00am. A member of the council, Peter Osborne told the BBC “This is a very ambitious programme but one that has also been carefully consulted on at all stages”. Personally I would feel unsafe if streetlights in my road were to be dimmed or switched off completely, causing concern and panic amongst the community. Is this in our interests to fight back and keep our roads safe? Alternative sources of energy Countries all over the world are battling it out to find the best alternative energy sources for the stability of their energy security. The two most powerhungry countries, China and India have introduced schemes and projects to promote sustainable energy. I don’t think that this will be enough to use these sustainable energies in this day and age, but in the future we will

be able to produce larger amounts of energy from these renewable sources e.g. wind power. The geographical location of the United Kingdom has allowed the steady and sufficient use of wind power, giving a strong sense of energy security. Hydroelectric power (HEP) is also a key alternative source of energy, which is being used more and more as an energy source.


What’s all this fracking? Only in the last decade, fracking has become a more common way to extract natural gas by pumping in a mixture of water, sand and chemicals underground. UK shale gas resources may be much greater than thought with estimates of 1,300 trillion cubic feet of shale gas in North England, according to the British Geological Survey. This controversial extraction process


has sparked many different views. Environmentalists have said that this process is even more damaging to the environment, especially as natural habitats are destroyed. What does this mean for us? Our generation is crucial in the larger picture of conserving energy. We must start from now, to think about the future of our world and remind ourselves that we cannot just plug in something like electricity is running out of a tap. One day it will run out. Generations to come may have to face the immense battle that we are tackling today. We should reduce this pressure by introducing a wide range of sustainable energy sources to eradicate the dependency on just one energy source e.g. natural gas. By Stathi Papadopoullos

Check out enfield2020 for info on what Enfield is doing for the future

Delirium Reviews Our recent cultural likes

Derren Brown Live Palace Theatre, London There’s something about seeing an artist live that gives you new found appreciation towards their work. I remember when I first saw Derren Brown live September 2012 to his show Svengali, and it totally blew my mind. And July 2013 I went to see Infamous in theatres. And without giving the actual performance away; as he pledges the audience to complete silence; it defiantly wasn’t expected. The whole performance seemed more personal and stripped down, very different from previous shows. Yet it was also very comical and emotional. I laughed, I cried but for most of it all I sat there, my mouth wide open in amazement. There is a tremendous difference with seeing him live than just on the TV, and Derren Brown is known for his entertaining qualities. It’s as if when he gets up on that stage he owns it and everyone. He just breathes confidence, as if he was born to entertain. He has many attributes but it all merges into one when he steps onto the stage.

Royal Botanic The Great Gardens Kew Gatsby OST nearest Tube Kew Gardens Royal Botanic Gardens a.k.a Kew Gardens is a 300-acre area of Garden and Botanical Glasshouse. Kew offers a fun yet educational experience exploring different exotic plants and flowers, from banana trees to rubber trees, you name it, they probably have it. On a gloriously bright and sunny day this is a jubilant and active day out with family and friends, with entry tickets being of an affordable price and free entry for children under 16. The main attractions include boat rides, the Xstrata Treetop Walkway, the Palm House, Temperate House and many more. Beware! The glasshouses are a force to be reckoned with, the heat and moisture may mean that you leave with a different hairstyle from what had entered with. If you want to fully experience Kew make sure you have your walking shoes, it can at times feel as though you have been walking for hours to get from one place to another.

Various Dubbed as ‘dangerous’, ‘sexy’ and ‘breathy’ the new film of the Great Gatsby not only has had fantastic box office, but many of the songs have had commercial success. The soundtrack allows us to step back in time to the an incredibly glitzy period of the 1920s. One of the most unique things about the album is the surprising fusion of the 1920s jazz, with 2013s electro pop. My stand out song has to be Florence + the Machine’s ‘Over the Love’. The solemn and haunting piano chords sound like the band’s usual dramatic trademark. The composition and lyrics combined with Florence’s powerhouse vocals really make the song come alive.

Most of the tracks on the album are fun catchy songs but there are others with darker more profound lyrics. I have to admit, I didn’t like Andre 3000s and Beyonce’s cover of ‘Back to Black’ due to the intrusive, heavy bass sounds and the hip hop and dub injections in the song.

I would defiantly recommend seeing his stage performance, as you get to see Derren Brown in a new light but also because its absolutely amazing to watch.

Also if you are not willing to spend £10 per person on food and drinks then bring a packed lunch, I ended up spending £8 on a mediocre salad box with toast, a packet of Pom Bears and a Can of Orange Juice.

Overall the producers have brilliantly captured the alluring world of the most glamorous decade of the 20th Century.

Reviewed by Bahar Erden

Reviewed by Benedicte Dihumba

Reviewed by Siobhan Currie

Now You See Me A Song of Ice and Fire Directed by Louis Leterrier

Four magicians are summoned by an unnamed sorcerer. They face their toughest challenge yet as they uncover startling secrets that will change their lives forever. This film is extremely psychological, throughout the film ideas are subconsciously projected towards the viewers and I felt as if the film played with your my mind, luring me to think something and then revealing something else. What makes the film so interesting is the way the magicians are always a step ahead of the FBI I really need to watch the film for a second time - I’m sure there are quite a few hidden elements that I may have missed. The film’s strong emsemble cast included Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and the lovely Isla Fisher. Spolier Alert. The highlight of the film was the large twist at the end. Personally I felt that the storyline was fantastic, as the idea of combining reality with magic and the fantastical was exhilarating. There isn’t a part where you are not immersed in the film.

Reviewed by Stathi Papadopoullos

by George R.R. Martin A Song of Ice and Fire books have been immortalized on TV with the Game Of Thrones HBO series, both have won many awards and millions of fans worldwide.

The books follow the stories of key influential characters in the fictional realm of Westeros and the seven kingdoms. The characters are compellingly written and vivid. The book also also has a fantastical element that stretches your imagination with dragons and zombielike icemen called white walkers. The story is based around the struggle for absolute power and the rightful claim to the iron throne. They are packed with twists. Although the many perspectives are somewhat confusing, the cliff-hangers Martin plants keeps the readers interested. The series of books A Song of Ice and Fire, promised to be a good read, but dare I say it they are superior in every way to already brilliant TV series.

Thriller Live Lyric Theatre in Shaftsbury Avenue The show begins with Michael Jackson’s early breakout success with his brothers, the Jackson 5, and then progresses through the different stages of Michael’s life each of which is represented in breathtaking performances. The atmosphere was amazing – the entire audience stood up and danced to some of the songs, including “Shake your body down to the ground”. Everyone sang along to the world famous songs and really got involved with the performance. At times it almost felt like we were at a concert, with constant audience interaction and everyone cheering and clapping after each song, and of course everyone went crazy for the jaw dropping moonwalk, screaming and cheering for their pop icon.

The highlight of the show was definitely the finale song – Thriller. Zombies surrounded the audience, moving amongst them to scare people as they approached the stage, even I screamed. The overall performance was enjoyed by all members from the Alan Pullinger Centre and was a night to remember. I would definitely go and see it again. It was great to be reminded of the amazing hits that Michael created throughout his career.

Reviewed by Francesca Tutty

Reviewed by Stathi Papadopoullos 17

Delirium Reviews

Born Sinner

The Handmaid’s Tale APC Open Day

by J Cole

by Margaret Atwood

1 John Bradshaw Rd, N14 6BT

Through his passion for hip-hop, J Cole allowed the public to believe that there is still hope for the hip-hop Industry.

Think about your freedom to become something; as a child we all imagined what we’d become in the future, and we had the freedom to do so. We all have the right to an education and the ability to earn money and choose how to spend it.

Southgate’s best kept secret revealed at the Alan Pullinger Youth Center Open day. The day kicked off with singers and bands taking to the stage. Singer Fatma Abdurahman blew the crowd away with her cover of ‘Love is a losing game’, and solo artist Lizzie Jo-Rey olds lifted the audience’s spirits with a strong and powerful Adele Song ‘One and Only’.

Cole’s previous two mix tape releases: Friday Night Lights and The Warm Up had drawn comparisons with the legendary Nas. However this comparison was lost when he released his first album, Cole World: The Sideline Story. That album was renowned for being too mainstream, but with Born Sinner he has taken another approach. The latest album uses the variation of beats, personal struggles and flows that let the audience connect to him on a personal level despite his fame.

The songs Born Sinner and Crooked Smile discuss each of our flaws, which is something we can all readily relate to. Not only has he thought about the structure of each song, it’s artistic side and also what the fans desire from him, Cole has importantly thought about revealing messages, which is something that lacks from today’s Hip Hop.

Now imagine all this taken away from you, and women shadowing behind the perception of being nothing more than a reproductive gender. This novel is frighteningly realistic and certain aspects and the ideology that Margaret Atwood creates could be applied to real life although it’s a science fiction novel.

When I first started reading this novel I was pleasantly surprised at the level of detail and imagination put into this book. The novel is told from Offred’s point of view, a handmaid’s viewpoint, lost between her past before the revolution and trying to cope living in the present.

Overall, the Roc Nation rapper Jermaine Cole also known as J Cole has dropped yet another classic album. After all the attention that hip-hop has gained for negative reasons, it’s only right for it to now be on someone positive.

Even though the concept of the novel is quite morbid and extreme, it may be applicable in the future. And Margaret Atwood has said herself: “There isn’t anything in the book not based on something that has already happened in history or in another country, or for which actual supporting documentation is not already available...”

Reviewed by Raissa Coulibaly

Reviewed by Bahar Erden

Activities for all ages were held all around the centre including face painting, arts and crafts, Henna and much more. Crazy Golf was a popular activity, with a 9-hole game, featuring hills and obstacles making it a challenging course. People sat outside enjoying the barbecue in the wonderful sun. Volunteer Precious Robinson-Bailey said: “It was a great experience I loved every second of it and the prizes and food were good too.” The fantastic raffle was held, closing the event with prizes including an iPad Mini, Beats headphones, Pandora bracelet and more. People gathered around the stage ready for the raffle, with music DJ Adam May playing a dramatic soundtrack.

A special thanks to Connexions and YAVE staff for supporting the event. The open day would not have been possible without the dedication and commitment from the Alan Pullinger Centre staff team and APC’s young leaders/volunteers - thank you for organising such a lovely open day.

Reviewed by Stathi Papadopoullos


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n today’s world money is very scarce, Delirium wanted to find out whether we could find a decent lunch for £5. Our search took us to the high street of Southgate searching for a decent restaurant that could satisfy our needs. We found three restaurants that had an appetizing menu that also fit our budget: Wetherspoons, Fish & Chips Co and La Paella.

excellent. The waiter got my drink order wrong, but quickly rectified the situation by bringing me a fresh drink. One of the best things about the restaurant was that although it cost £4 per tapas, I felt more revitalized and energized than I would if I had gone to McDonalds, because the food was healthy, fresh and light.

The NEW CROWN - Wetherspoons

The Fish & Chips Co

It was very confusing when we first arrived there was no one that took us to our seats, luckily the menu was straightforward with the calorie count and the prices. There were vegetarian options available and large portions.

The server was extremely attentive and friendly, asking if I needed anything when placing the dish on the table. I ordered medium chips and a saveloy giving a total of £4, with a pound to spare. Waiting time was literally only a minute.

We ordered at the counter, the service was friendly. The meal was with us in five minutes, which we were surprised about. I specifically had a Gourmet Chicken Burger that came with a cheese and pepper sauce and chips with a pesto dip drinks included, which cost £4.70. Other options were a Classic 6 ounce Beef Burger that cost £4.19 plus drinks.

The food was nicely presented in a large oval plate and came with two complimentary sauces. Sadly the saveloy was slightly cold and the chips were a little soggy. There was the radio on in the background, which made the atmosphere all the more relaxed. The place was very clean and slick. I would give this a 3/5 as I would go there again, but not go out of my way to do so.

The meals themselves were big, presented nicely and well cooked. The atmosphere was calm and we were able to have conversations without shouting. The lighting was quite dark but added to the laid back mood of the pub. Overall we found that ‘The New Cross’ was a good location for lunch and definitely value for money.

So yes, it is possible for you to eat a reasonable lunch for a fiver.

LA PAELLA It was completely empty but was clean, tidy and appeared hygienic. The décor was tasteful and the ambiance was really calm and the music relaxing. It was £4 for one tapas and the tomato salad was delicious and tasted really fresh and flavoursome. The food came quickly and was nicely presented. I also noticed that the menu included lots of vegetarian options, useful if one does not eat meat. I was a solo diner at the restaurant, thus service was

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Food For A Fiver

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Fake Tan How Much is Too Much? by Benedicte Dihumba

t has become apparent that fake tan has become a way of life for many western societies. Where people have gone from the desire of having a healthy glow to looking like an oompa loompa’s twin sister.


So, back to the subject of why do people wear fake tan? Polls show that insecurities with ones skin tone and what the media portrays are the main drivers to wanting to wear fake tan. Where one person said: “I just wanted to try it - liked the way I felt and looked, so I kept tanning”.

So why do people wear fake tan? Why does it go so wrong for some? What are the top ten best tanning products? What is the right tan for certain skin complexions? Most importantly, How To Apply It.

However Ladies and Gents some of us know that for some people tanning goes completely wrong,

“All my friends were wearing fake tan to prom so I tried it out once and it ended up being this vicious cycle where I feel almost naked without it and I wouldn’t go out without it.”

Not to state the obvious or anything, but yeah, we live in England, the country renowned for its appalling weather, where sunrise seems more like sunset. So I understand why some people do wear fake tan. However, it’s not as though, if they lived somewhere in Africa, Cyprus or even Spain a persons skin tone would ever become the same colour as what some of the girls and boys look like these days. In the past when class and status was the main personal gain and aspiration which people looked to before the 1920’s, the paler a person was a sign of an higher status. Where upper class people would not have been working in fields and farms in direct sunlight so their complexion would be more tanned. So, when did all this change? When did darker skin complexion become fashionable? Well, in the 1920s fashion icon Coco Chanel herself revolutionised the idea of skin complexion, from pale skin being associated with wealth to the sun kissed look becoming fashionable. It was then that fake tan had become a global franchise in western society where as the years went by different techniques were created to give people a tanned appearance. From using tea bags being dabbed onto the skin to the very first self tan product called ‘Man-Tan’ made form sugar cane, to sun beds which caused a controversy when it was discovered it causes skin cancer and finally the 21st Centuries Self Tan by various brands.

like seriously, from people like Tulisa Contostavlos and Snooki, what were they thinking when the picked out a shade of orange that was 10x darker than they were. Now this is just my opinion but i think that if you are going to wear fake tan, at least go for one that is around the skin complexion as your own if not a bit darker. There is no need to go overboard with tan, because if your tan is anywhere near that of Katie Price you have a serious tanning problem mate. Unless it was by accident of course, but that’s easily solved really. So this article goes out to all the young people who are in need of a serious tanning intervention, and to start off with we just want you to know Delirium is here to help you go from ‘Tangtastic’ to ‘Glowtastic’.


Top 10 Fake Tan: 1. Sienna Instant Bronzing Gel 12.95 2. Garnier No Streaks Bronzer £9.33

✓ ❍

chosen by Cosmopolitan UK

3. Fake Bake 60 minutes £24.95 4. St. Tropez Self Tan Dark Bronzing Lotion £33 5. Melvita Pro-sun Self Tanning Gel Cream £20 6. SunShimmer Waterproof Instant Tan £6.99 7. James Read Liquid Tan £24.50 8. Famous Dave’s Tanner Self Tan Wipes £9.95 9. Self Tan Formula Gradual Tan Moisturiser £5.00 10. Soltan Beautiful Bronze £3.99

7 Easy Steps When Apply Fake Tan

1. Exfoliate: To avoid blotches and achieve a long lasting effect exfoliate beforehand ensuring that all dry skin areas are covered especially near the elbows knees, ankles and feet.

The Tan-o-Meter

2. Moisturise: Apply more moisturiser to the more naturally dry areas. 3. Protect Yourself: Use latex gloves when applying self tan mousse or lotion to prevent transfer onto your hands. When using mittens and latex gloves apply in circular motion to prevents streaking when the tan sets the next day.

How many Katie Price wannabes can you spot?

4. Tan Smart: When applying fake tan work from your face downwards making sure you do not miss any parts of the body. 5. Hands, wrist and Feet: Remoisturise and work excess tan from the bottom of the legs over the foot and around the ankle, hands and wrist using a mitt. This provides a more natural look and reduces the likelihood of tan lines.

Good Luck

6. Washing Off Tan: The morning after application, wash off the product and pat dry with a towel and make sure you apply lots of moisturiser to your skin and continue doing so every day to ensure a long lasting effect. 7. Do Not Under Any Circumstance: Add more self tan if the colour is not to your liking. It will eventually fade evenly. For more information go to: www.channel4. com/4beauty/make-up-skin-care/make-up/how-toapply-make-up/how-to-apply-fake-tan




Dear Delirium, I find it so hard at home to do any schoolwork; everyone is always shouting or getting on my nerves. What should I do? Well psychologist believe that the environment you learn in affects how much you remember in when doing an exam removing yourself from your home environment and putting yourself in a conditioned place that replicates your exam room would be the best solution, so for example going to your local library to complete your schoolwork.

Dear Delirium, All my friends are studying at college but I am struggling and am thinking about dropping out – what do you think I should do? At the end of the day it is your choice. However it is good to consider all your options before you choose to drop out because maybe your just doing the wrong course, what do you want to do in the future, have you considered getting a tutor to help you with your struggling subjects through the ‘Access Project’ who offer free tutoring. These are all options to be considered before you decide to drop out.

Dear Delirium, My parents want me to take subjects such as Maths and Sciences, however I would prefer to take other creative based subjects such as Art. What should I do and how should I tell my parents? You need to keep in mind that your parents only want the best for you. Therefore try sitting down with both of them and explaining why you want to take Art. This will allow them to see how passionate you are about the subject.

for her but it seems like she is shutting me out. I don’t want her to think that she can’t talk to me because of my own experiences. How can I approach it? It’s sounds like your friend is going through a lot right now. I suggest that you give her some space for the time being as she may want to be alone. However, after giving her the space she needed, tell her exactly how you feel about the situation. Remember, she’s your best friend so she’ll understand.

Dear Delirium, I am currently doing my A Levels and I am feeling stressed about my UCAS applications and University. What can I do to relieve stress and stop worrying about University? If you’re really stressed at the moment, I suggest that you talk to your teachers as they have more knowledge on this. But if you are still worried about this, then contact Two-e as they are a support service for young people in the London Borough of Enfield.

Dear Delirium, All my friends are really skinny and well, lets just say I’m not. I’ve tried lots of diets but nothing has helped. Please advise ... Many people feel unsure about how they look but it’s more than likely that your friends also feel unsure about their bodies. Everyone has something they don’t like about themselves. You need to make peace with your body and accept who you are and what you look like. Life would be incredibly tiresome if we all looked the same.

Dear Delirium, My best friends mum is really sick, I have told her that I am here

Dear Delirium, My parents are driving me mad. They are always telling me what


to do and they never listen. What should I do? This is a very common problem amongst teens. As you grow older and go through puberty, you experience different emotions and want to be treated as an independent adult. Why don’t you sit down with your parents and tell them how you feel and have a heart to heart? If you try this and things don’t go your way do not yell or get upset as this may cause an argument and get you in trouble. Also you should just try to explain how you feel in a mature manner, so you and your parents can come to a compromise.

Dear Delirium, Someone in my family passed away a few months ago, and it still gets to me. I feel so upset sometimes. What can I do? First of all it is extremely natural for someone to grieve for a loved one who has passed away and so you shouldn’t think that this is wrong in any way. A good way to heal the wound is to talk to someone close to you about that person, share some memories and soon you may find it easier to cope. Of course you may at times need a little cry, which is good. Look at

Dear Delirium, I am one of those people that seem to over think everything that happens. Can you please give me some advice on how to prevent this from happening? Over thinking is a common trait among people and can lead to stress or anxiety, which inevitably causes more problems. One of the main reasons for over thinking is the desire to strive for perfection, which is impossible. Instead try for the best you can achieve and if

you keep reminding yourself of this you may find yourself over thinking much less.

You can find back issues of Delirium at

Dear Delirium, I am worried that I am drinking too much alcohol and it is affecting my looks. How much is a safe amount for a young person? It is good that you have recognised that you may have a problem and the next step you need to take is to tell someone close to you, perhaps a parent, so that they also may help you to decrease the amount of alcohol you are drinking. Alcohol has numerous effects on your appearance drying out your skin, making your face or stomach bloat and even creating an odour. Over drinking alcohol also affects your internal organs. It is illegal for under 18s to buy alcohol and there is no ‘safe’ limit for young people. For adult males it is 3-4 units per day and adult females 2-3 units per day. Visit websites such as Change 4 Life or www.drinkaware. for more details. For more advice and help, visit: • Your local youth centre in Enfield; youth • Two-e (advice for 13-21 year olds on a variety of issues); or phone 020 8805 9726 • Connexions Centre (careers assistance); www. • Childline; • • Talk to Frank; • • Young Minds (for mental health and well-being); • • But remember to talk to someone at your school or at home as well.


Delirium was made at email:

Text txtm8 for confidential sex and relationships advice. The text service is completely free and open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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