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Squeezing more out of technology with IT efficiency

Why IBM N series storage always fits in

Crunch time for IT Services – growing your business in the face of an economic downturn

Look out in this issue for: Data protection, whatever your environment with Symantec

Make 8 your lucky number with HP’s new DL785 G5 server

Hitachi Data Systems announces Hitachi Content Archive Platform 300

It seems no one is immune from the effects of the current economic downturn, with Computerworld recently reporting that the UK government is looking to gain £5bn through increased IT efficiency moving forward. The public sector is looking for innovative ways to deploy smarter technology, consolidate and reduce IT operating costs.

Curb the Crunch with IT & Energy Efficiency It’s no surprise that Treasury Secretary Yvette Cooper is looking to reduce IT costs by as much as 50% per annum and get more ‘bang for their buck’, as it seems that many in the private sector share this agenda. According to YouGov July 2008 research, energy efficiency (achieved in part through smarter IT deployment) is high on the agenda for over 31% of UK business decision makers, and is a higher priority for saving costs than redundancy, headcount freeze and belowinflation salary increases. This is conclusive evidence that achieving efficiency through IT, power and cooling is firmly on the agenda for most organisations. And that’s why this edition of Channel Voice focuses on this issue, highlighting the technology and services you can take to customers and help them address these most pressing business issues. Read about Symantec’s compelling solutions for the datacentre, extending disk capacity whilst generating WAN bandwidth savings. Clearswift and Websense both make solid arguments for web monitoring software aimed at ensuring staff are making proper use of online time. HP BladeSystem and IBM Storage are also providing solid sales arguments for doing ‘more with less’. And with virtualisation at the top of the efficiency agenda DataCore remind us not to forget the storage element of the equation. Bell Micro is also contributing to the efficiency value proposition, read how Partner Services are helping resellers to reach cost-cutting IT projects in their customer base, using skills and resources they don’t have access to internally. Our online marketing solution, campaignWORKS is here to make your go-to-market approach simple, easy and efficient and now features a wealth of new lead-generating campaigns for the products and solutions most relevant to your audience. For the IT channel – efficiency equates to opportunity. Make sure you spend some time looking at the offers presented here in Channel Voice or take some time out with your Bell Micro Account Manager to explore how we can help you to spot and take advantage of the cost-reducing IT projects that are emerging right now in your customers business.

John Toal, Director, Enterprise Division

Efficient Marketing at IT’s best! Choose from a selection of different imagery, use standard copy that has already been created for you or tailor your own messages. The choice is yours. You can then arrange for direct mail fulfilment or broadcast an eshot and track the results – all online. Even telemarketing scripts are available for each campaign, ensuring that you can follow up any marketing activity – maximising the number of leads and ensuring measurable results.

Promoting the latest technologies and solutions to your customers and prospects can be a time consuming and costly process. That’s why Bell Micro has invested in campaignWORKS – an on-line marketing tool that helps you get the right messages to the right people – quickly, effectively and at a price you can afford.

NEW on campaignWORKS Hitachi Content Archive Platform (HCAP) 300 with Symantec Enterprise Vault – helping to automate storage, archiving and retrieval of data across the organisation. HP Services – delivering a unified service and support response that’s both cost-effective and aligned to real business needs. HP Software – BSM (Business Service Management) – enabling a more business-focused approach to IT. HP StorageWorks MSA2000 – storage solutions that offer simplicity, affordability and a flexible platform for growth. HP StorageWorks EVA4400 – bringing enterprise class functionality, scalability and flexibility to any size of business. HP Blades Competitive Attack – highlighting the business advantages to be gained by investing in HP BladeSystems, against competitive solutions.

Symantec Data Management – the NetBackup platform enables organisations to centralise data management operations effectively, even in a complex, heterogeneous environment.

IBM N Series Virtualisation – storage solutions that simplify data management and expand the benefits of virtualised applications.

Symantec Green IT – combining PureDisk and NetBackup software to maximise data management and energy efficiencies.

IBM LTO4 Tape Solution – dramatically reduce backup windows, free up valuable resources and floor space in the datacentre, and improve data security.

Websense Content Filtering – an affordable solution for small businesses that need to control access to inappropriate content and proactively block security threats.

Symantec Data Protection – a complementary set of technologies that provide data protection for any type and size of IT environment. Symantec Consolidation – combining PureDisk and NetBackup software to optimise data management as part of a wider consolidation strategy.

Log on to to start building your artwork & copy now!

PROTECTION – whatever your environment A recent study conducted by Symantec on ‘The State of the Datacentre’, found that roughly two-thirds of managers feel that their datacentres are becoming too complex to manage easily. If dealing with this complexity was not enough, more than half of the datacentre managers surveyed said that internal service-levelagreement (SLA) demands are increasing. As a result, many companies are turning to cost containment technologies, whilst also implementing approaches to simplify operations, including automating routine tasks and centralising core system management processes.

Symantec makes sound business sense Delivering disk capacity savings of up to 50 times, WAN bandwidth savings of up to 500 times, and remote office operational savings up to five times, you can be confident that your customers will see a significant, measurable return on investment with PureDisk. Symantec’s NetBackup PureDisk uses a modular, software-based approach that leverages industry standard server, storage and clustering technology to provide a solution that can scale to meet the data protection needs of organisations of any size. PureDisk particularly comes into its own in remote office environments – enabling efficient, secure backups and restores, both locally and across the WAN, all managed by centrally located IT staff.

If your customers are looking to improve the efficiency of their IT infrastructure, Symantec NetBackup PureDisk offers a number of key benefits: • Manage the lifecycle of backup and recovery from disk to tape with NetBackup integration features • Improve disk-based storage utilisation in the datacentre and reduce costs associated with tape management • Protect remote server and application data without a local backup application or tape media • Enable electronic vaulting for secure low cost duplication of backup data to DR facility You can now go to market quickly and easily with this issue, using our Symantec Data Protection campaign template on campaignWORKS. Contact your Bell Micro Account Manager or visit for further information and resources.

Put a plug in the potential for data leaks Data ‘leakage’ happens all the time, every day, in every organisation. Let’s face it, we’ve all done it – accidentally hit the send button in an email addressed to the wrong person. Maybe you’ve hit the forward button of an email that has sensitive information buried below in a previous email that you didn’t want the recipient to see? Perhaps you’ve forwarded confidential business data using your free, personal webmail provider, so you can access information from your home PC to catch up on some work? And these are just the instances where breach of data protection policies are accidental. The 4 leading causes of a data breach have been identified as:

Clearswift does all 3 of these things exceptionally well – built around a core competence in policy enforcement. Block the Bad

1. Accidental disclosure of information through the email or web gateway. 2. Large scale breaches caused by malware – created by cyber-criminals whose main intent is to steal data. 3. Large scale data breaches caused by hackers who look for a ‘backdoor’ to steal valuable data. 4. Data breaches caused by trusted insiders who profit by selling confidential or sensitive data to people on the outside.

The fact is that with 80% of content now ‘unstructured’ – distributed in emails or webmail and stored in spreadsheets, databases or SharePoint servers – information often travels freely into, within and outside of companies, completely unchecked. If your customers have not implemented enforcement policies at the gateway, their business is needlessly at risk from one of the most common forms of data breach. This is why organisations are turning to Clearswift – the only solution to directly address all 4 of the main forms of data breach. Helping companies to monitor all content leaving their organisation, via email and the internet, Clearswift enables organisations to implement policies that secure the exchange of information with trusted partners – thereby preventing the loss of confidential information, whether accidental or malicious.

The Clearswift Solution The challenge for any business is quite simple: keep the gates open to the good things the Internet offers while filtering out the things that pose a threat.


Block the Bad Block bad content – ensuring protection from spam, viruses, worms, phishing attacks, spyware and pornography.


Protect the Good Protect sensitive information – ensuring that valuable information such as credit card numbers, personally identifiable information, customer data, regulated data, product designs, marketing plans or health records remain confidential.


Prevent Abuse Prevent time-wasting and abuse – not only helping to stop frivolous Web surfing, social networking, gaming, gambling and shopping, but also to shield users from the worst the Internet has to offer, such as cyber bullying, sexual harassment and racism.

Gateway Security

Clearswift Content Filtering & Policy Engine

Prevent Abuse

Employee Protection

Data Loss Prevention

Protect The Good

A trusted partner Clearswift pioneered the content security market over 12 years ago and continues to lead it today – handling more traffic in a greater variety of environments, so that new trends and emerging threats are spotted faster. Clearswift works hard to ensure that all its products are easy to understand, deploy and manage – providing solutions that drive down the cost of ownership and offer a measurable return on investment. Did you know…? • That Clearswift is the only combined mail and web security solution with a common console that Bell Micro supplies? This common console enables customers to manage both their e-mail and web policies in one place, across both platforms – saving them time and money. • That Bell Micro have a number of Clearswift MIMEsweeper Certified Engineers and consultants who can help you in deploying the Clearswift solutions? • That in June 2008, Clearswift won Editor’s Choices Awards from both Web Week & Communications World for the MIMEsweeper™ Web Appliance, as well as a 5 star rating from SC Magazine for their MIMEsweeper Email Appliance?

Contact the Bell Micro Security Team on 0208 410 7995 or email or further information.

Great rewards, great risk:


IT experts

say that companies are asking for help in blocking access

to Facebook, MySpace and Bebo after

The reality of doing business in the Web 2.0 world

realising that they could not prevent their staff from surfing the sites in work hours. Groups have even sprung up on Facebook which collect people who openly admit that they are browsing the social network rather than work. The ‘I have dossed around on Facebook all day and consequently have done no work’ group has more than 240 members.



By using Websense, we estimate

The Times, Article: Time-wasting staff given a slap in Facebook, 28 July 2007.

our non-productive web usage has been reduced by 50%. We’ve saved around 125 working hours a day – and that’s 800 hours a week in terms of improved productivity.


Darren Taylor, IT manager, Accident Advice Helpline

Many business managers still naively assume (and trust) that their employees are productive eight hours a day doing what they are paid to do. Yet, according to Websense research, over 24% of employees’ time spent on the Internet is surfing non-work-related Web sites. Added to this, productivity can be affected by employees introducing security threats into the organisation through unmanaged Web access. Most often the introduction of malware is unintentional. Employees unknowingly expose the organisation by browsing their favourite Web sites during a lunch break or at home as they log in remotely for after-hours work, or even clicking on a link on an email from an unknown sender. Surfing the Web for personal reasons as well as using tools like social networking or file share sites for business use is a reality of today’s workplace. Employers don’t want to become too intrusive by monitoring every movement at every minute. However, they do want to protect their data from security attacks and enforce corporate policies for Internet and email use. With work no longer

confined to the standard 9-5 day or even confined to the office, employers today need to allow staff the freedom for some personal Web use, while ensuring they aren’t wasting “company time” or exposing the business to security risks. As hackers creatively design more and more malware hosted on malicious Web sites, organisations cannot survive with antivirus or firewall alone. Real-time protection against security threats has become even more essential than before. The Web has now surpassed email as the top vector for delivering malware. Many threats escape detection by traditional security solutions as they are ‘blended’, i.e., they use a combination of email, the Internet, and applications in order to carry out targeted attacks. Recent research by Websense found that 60% of the top 100 most popular Web sites have either hosted or been involved in malicious activity in the first half of 2008 and 76.5% of all emails in circulation contained links to spam sites and/or malicious Web sites.

So what can be done to mitigate the risks associated with employees using the Web at work? Organisations must rethink their approaches to Web, email, and data security as the three areas of risk are now resolutely linked. Only Websense integrates Web, email and data security to protect essential information, manage productivity and enable success in the Web 2.0 world. With Websense, employees stay productive on the network, organisations can realise the full potential of connectivity, while protecting against the security risks. Websense offers a range of email, Web and data security solutions to suit the needs of organisations of all sizes. Free evaluations are available for each of the on-network or hosted solutions.

For more information call the Bell Micro Security Team on 0208 286 5000 or email

It’s Crunch time for IT Services How’s this for a conundrum? In times of economic downturn your customers are crying out for IT solutions that contribute significantly to cost reduction – but you haven’t got sign-off to employ people to deliver these projects. Driven by the credit crunch, there’s a lot of talk today about virtualisation, utilisation and automation – some of the big IT initiatives delivering worthwhile cost cutting benefits to your customers. For you this means customers with budget allocated to cost-reduction projects, creating potentially lucrative low-risk business for you.

So how do you maintain your market share, or even, dare we say it, grow your IT services business in the face of a recession? Bell Micro Partner Services is the answer. Our pool of IT specialists is at your disposal now and able to help you deliver the projects your customers are talking about. Confidently take advantage of the business resulting from the market downturn and subsequent drive to reduce costs through technology, whilst using the Partner Services skills pool to resource these projects without adding headcount. Bell Micro will both source and align the IT specialists necessary to the project(s), employing our recruitment expertise so you can be confident that the consultants supplied will be commercially capable and excellent ambassadors for your business. What’s more Partner Services will work with you to transfer the most lucrative knowledge in-house, ensuring you’re in a position to optimise your customer relationships over time. Bell Micro’s assistance does not stop at our pool of IT specialists. The Partner Services and Pre-Sales teams are here to help you scope and win the projects being targeted. Highly experienced, these teams enjoy a 65%+ win rate on all bids engaged in, assisting you throughout the lifecycle of a sale: developing services opportunities, scoping and quoting, developing your services sales skills in house and bridging the technical - sales gap. The credit crunch is a current board room agenda item; you should be talking to both your customers and Bell Micro Partner Services now regarding the technologies and solutions that can be delivered to deliver cost savings. Be confident that these projects are now within your reach through the extended skills and resources that Bell Micro Partner Services provide. Call the Bell Micro Partner Services hotline on 01706 898387 for details.

All the support you will ever need Finally you can kill the debate on whose responsibility it is to fix IT problems It’s a given that IT environments are typically complex, maybe even a little chaotic, but HP Multivendor Support Services (MVS) takes this pain away, making it simple to support even the largest, most diverse IT infrastructure. Your customers can now eliminate the confusion and complexity arising from a multitude of support relationships, replacing them with a single, consolidated contract. Deploying HP MVS means: one company to call, one set of contacts and one point of accountability.

Wouldn’t it be great to benefit from: 1. Accountable support in seconds and minutes, not hours and days 2. A simple way to log and track support calls over the web 3. Total control over your IT with a system management dashboard 4. Instant notification of your HP Care Pack Services status HP MVS spans a wide range of technologies including: HP, IBM, Fujitsu, STK, Dell, Cisco, Brocade and EMC. Over 1200 HP MVS engineers are in the field and multi-skilled across all supported vendors and technologies, making it simpler and quicker for you to get resolution on-site, without any need for referral to another engineer. Support via MVS is flexible, mixing on-site services with powerful e-tools and letting your customer determine the ratio of mobile and fixed-site delivery. Spanning multiple operating systems including Solaris and AIX, HP MVS is ideally suited to managing and automating heterogeneous environments. HP MVS is a proven solution, supporting over 25,000 UK servers and spanning more than 20,000 products from 1,300 vendors. HP brings more than 35 years experience to the table, employing tried and tested methodologies and extensive knowledge around sub-contract management. HP is committed to investment in MVS, always acquiring new skills and broadening our knowledge base to keep pace with today’s evolving infrastructures.

Your Bell Micro Account Manager or our Vendor Services team can provide full information on the value of HP MVS to you and your customers.

Join the Blade front Runners According to a recent IDC Research Report, which looked at the total cost of ownership for initial deployment of server blades, the benefits of investing in blade server systems as opposed to rack servers are clear. Cut capital expenditure: Blades’ ability to consolidate LAN and SAN access means that far fewer interconnecting cables and devices are required, providing significant cost savings against standalone rack servers that offer no economies of scale.

Some Blades are a cut above the rest When it comes to improving efficiencies, some Blades are a cut above the rest. With 68.5% of the market share for blade server sales (Q1 2008), HP has lead the way for this technology from the start. With the networking built in to help cut cables by up to 94%, smarter power and cooling systems to save more than 30% on power and a simple interface to help save time and resources, HP BladeSystems are designed to address all the pain points of managing a traditional IT infrastructure.

Cut operating expenditure: Further economies of scale emerge, with reductions in power, cooling and datacentre space accumulating to lower facilities costs by an estimated 25%.

Which vendor’s technology are your customers going to invest in?

• HP BladeSystems have been shown to deliver a 36% reduction in capital costs and a reduction of around 25% in facilities costs. • With HP Insight Control, HP BladeSystem servers offer significant cost savings and ROI for server deployment, monitoring, control, protection, optimisation, and integration. An IDC study found that HP Insight Control provides positive financial benefits across the board, with three-year projected ROI starting at over 400% and payback periods of under 10

Cut resource expenditure: Initial system deployment costs drop dramatically with blade server systems, as the software enables automated installation.

months. • HP blade servers deliver 64% better power efficiency than Dell and up to 33% less power usage than Dell. • At present, HP offer 8 blades, 2 enclosures, 4 storage devices and numerous switch options

With campaignWORKS you can go to market now with this matter Bell Micro has put together a set of ‘go to market’ collateral to enable you to effectively position HP BladeSystems against Dell’s offering. Simply log on to for a simple and cost effective way to start creating your own direct mailers and eshots.

where as Dell have just one enclosure and 2 blades.

Is 8 your lucky number in 2008? 8 of course is a lucky number for the Chinese and HP is certainly hoping that their new crossover product the DL785 G5 server will bring you good fortune in this Olympic year. Bridging the gap between Integrity and ProLiant, the DL785 features multiples of 8, with 32 processor cores and up to 256GB of memory. So what makes it lucky?

product set. This server lets your customers leverage their

For you the DL785 is attractive because it moves beyond a

existing HP ProLiant/HP Infrastructure Management server

standard sale, providing scope for true solutions business with all the attendant margin, you can use this product to lead into a conversation around consolidation, virtualisation or enhanced utilisation rates. Better still you can use this product to initiate a discussion around key business drivers such as burgeoning storage needs and issues such as Decision Support and Business Intelligence in your customer environment. Ideally suited to enterprise datacentres, customers looking at consolidation and those already familiar with ProLiant management tools, you can be confident that the scalable, flexible and highly available DL785 will only enhance your reputation with the customer when deployed.

How will your customer benefit?

environment, integrating seamlessly with the abilities of HP Systems Insight Manager and Integrated Lights-Out 2. The DL785 offers outstanding scalability with upgrade options available for processor, memory, drives and controllers – more than enough to keep pace with the growing computing needs prevailing in most customer environments. Reliability is enhanced via the DL785 through a set of availability enhancing features including: redundant power supplies, fans, ROM and Automatic Server Recovery. If you’re looking for a killer benefit, then it must the DL785’s virtualisation abilities. Offering up to 256GB DDR at 533MHz or 128GB DDR2 at 667MHz, this server is ideally suited to large virtualisation and consolidation environments. The product supports VMware, Microsoft, Oracle and Linux software.

Designed for the most demanding data environments, the DL785 brings enterprise-class capabilities to the ProLiant For full details on this crossover opportunity please get in touch with your Bell Micro Account Manager.

Storage that works smarter and harder Storage and data growth are no doubt permanently on your agenda, as your customers tire of ad-hoc, reactive disc spend and look to deploy scalable and cost-effective solutions. Storage virtualisation has emerged as an answer to this dilemma, allowing customers to identify, provision and manage disparate storage as a single, aggregated resource. This is an important element of IT consolidation – easing management headaches and allowing higher levels of storage utilisation. For organisations looking for a high performance, scalable, reliable and highly available storage solution that can be installed in just a few hours, the EVA 4400 provides the perfect fit.

Storage you can afford to rely on The HP StorageWorks 4400 Enterprise Virtual Array offers an easily deployed enterprise-class virtual storage array at an affordable price. EVA virtualisation is designed to improve capacity and reduce management complexities, thereby lowering the total cost of ownership compared to traditional arrays. With installation in just a few hours, customers can spend less time managing storage. In an evaluation of midrange storage arrays from EMC, HP and NetApp, the Edison Group noted: “Configuring an HP EVA solution from initiation to host attachment is as much as five times faster than that of the competing systems.” Bell Micro is positioned to help you work with your customers to fully understand their requirements and position the most appropriate hardware, software and services to support their business. Our team of pre-sales specialists are experienced in deploying the whole of the HP StorageWorks range from the smallest to the largest. For more information, or to engage the pre-sales team, please contact your Account Manager or HP Storage Product Manager, Colin Robson on 07990 508579.

Generate new business with the HP StorageWorks EVA 4400 campaignWORKS is Bell Micro’s unique online marketing campaign tool for our reseller partners. Choose from a selection of different imagery, use standard copy that has already been created for you or tailor your own messages. You can then arrange for direct mail fulfilment or broadcast an eshot and track the results – all online. Even telemarketing scripts are available for each campaign, ensuring that you can follow up any marketing activity – maximising the number of leads and ensuring measurable results. Log on to to start building your artwork & copy now!


reasons why you should recommend Virtualising from Top to Bottom –

Or suffer the pitfalls of going halfway Your customers’ server consolidation project is over, so why aren’t they celebrating? Did the lure of server virtualisation unwittingly lead them to virtual machine sprawl? Your customer may have received short term gratification from freeing rack space and lowering power consumption but often the realisation follows that lots of VMs crowded in tight spaces can significantly stress I/O channels, increase disk allocation complexity and compound the casualties from single points of failure. These pain points remain until the job is finished by virtualising the storage. Only then will your customer be able to rapidly provision/migrate workloads, automatically load balance and fail over VMs, and nondisruptively backup and upgrade equipment to attain the richer rewards of virtualisation.

DataCore’s Storage Virtualisation software allows you to:-


Reveal Physical Disk Storage Shortcomings


Provide Portability & Generality: Virtual Machines + Virtual Connections + Virtual Storage:


Maximise Virtual Storage and Virtual Machines of the Same Class to provide Asset Flexibility & Productivity


Feed demanding Virtualisation I/O Performance Acceleration


Complete What You Started – Virtualise Top to Bottom

If you are looking to recommend adaptable, high margin, intelligent and flexible virtualisation, then layer in the complete software virtualisation stack uniformly from the server down, through the SAN and onto the storage pool.

George Teixeira, CEO, DataCore Software

For more information about DataCore’s SANvantage Partner Programme and the opportunity to earn up to 33% margin*, contact Keith Joseph, Channel Manager, DataCore Software on 07841 359963. *available for DataCore Gold SANvantage partners

Working together to solve your customer’s SharePoint challenges ®

The Hitachi Content Archive Platform 300 with Symantec Enterprise Vault software Microsoft® SharePoint® Server 2007 and its predecessors have sold 100 million licenses globally. With ever more companies depending on the technology, effective storage and retrieval of SharePoint data is now critical. The Hitachi Content Archive Platform 300 with Symantec Enterprise Vault, enables organisations to automate storage, archiving and retrieval of SharePoint data, helping them reduce costs, increase productivity and ensure regulatory compliance. Addressing your customer’s business pain points SharePoint is a critical tool for storing and sharing corporate knowledge however, organisations that rely on SharePoint often experience key challenges, such as: • High storage costs in the live SharePoint environment, resulting from the inability to identify old and obsolete documents for archiving • The inability to conduct fast searches of SharePoint content across the storage environment • Risk of non-compliance with regulatory controls for information management and difficulty setting effective file retention policies • High data management costs resulting from multiple storage platforms and administration processes • Long backup windows and high tape costs

Hitachi and Symantec: working together to solve your customer’s needs The solution helps automate storage, archiving and retrieval of SharePoint data across the organisation by offering: • Secure, archival-quality data storage and protection with industry leading scalability • Fast, easy search and discovery of SharePoint content • Write once, read many functionality, which digitally signs SharePoint data to authenticate its archive date • Online tools to manage SharePoint data remotely from any location • Data replication for effective disaster recovery • Automated, granular policies for archiving SharePoint objects • An industry leading classification engine that streamlines archive management • Rapid search and discovery of SharePoint objects across the storage environment • Compliance with regulations for information management Delivering real business value The joint solution provides industry leading scalability that is not available with any other solution. In addition, it offers: • Unparalleled data authentication, protection and disposal capabilities • Increased storage efficiency and reduced overall storage costs • Streamlined management of SharePoint data through a fully integrated graphical user interface • Improved auditability and compliance with regulatory controls • Significant cost benefits over disparate point solutions • Reduced effort during solution deployment and integration

To find out how the Hitachi Content Archive Platform 300 and Symantec Enterprise Vault Software can benefit your customers contact your Bell Micro Account Manager.

Do your customers use web applications? Sell them web security too! Web applications are the number one target for hackers and some 90% of solutions delivered to date are vulnerable to attacks. Help your customers avoid this risk, and generate new services revenue with IBM Rational AppScan from IBM. IBM Rational AppScan is a testing tool that automatically scans websites for security weaknesses and reports back with fix recommendations. AppScan provides comprehensive compliance testing against legislation such as Sarbanes-Oxley and PCI standards and provides a simple, automated method

of identifying web application vulnerabilities – before a hacker has time to do the same thing. The world leader in web application vulnerability solutions, IBM Rational AppScan enables you to analyse the threats to your customers’ web solutions either in parallel with their development process, or as a review of their live site. An AppScan audit can be offered as a consultancy service to anyone whose website may be vulnerable, or as part of an overall security review to create incremental services revenue.

IBM Rational AppScan: • • • • • •

automatically tests websites against the 10 most common security breaches takes the manual work, and associated costs, out of PEN testing; dramatically speeding up the process generates vulnerability reports with detailed fix recommendations allows you to demonstrate to your customers the potential consequences of their security weaknesses is backed by the largest security development team in the industry has the lowest rate of false positives in the industry

If you would like more information about what AppScan can do for you please call the Bell Micro IBM Software team on 0113 251 3045.

5 1

good reasons why IBM N series fits any environment

NEW PROMOTION 62% discount off list price for midmarket bundles

Bell Micro are offering IBM Business Partners 62% off 4 IBM N series bundles. These products have been aggressively priced aimed at the midmarket customers. All N3000 products are in open distribution (product category M) and hence do not require product accreditation to sell. These N series promotional bundles address customers using VMware, Microsoft Exchange or Unified Storage Solutions, they are eligible for the 62% discount listed below, up to £26k off list price. For a complete configuration along with full terms and conditions, please contact the IBM Bell Micro Account team, contactable on 01706 222180


Directly addresses specific customer challenges/key business issues

Bell Micro can help you to help your customers address the following storage issues: • maximise storage utilisation • increase operational efficiency • protect data and speed recovery • provide instantaneous backups Now your customers can achieve all of the above with very little budget (62% discount helps!) Visit to start building your artwork & copy now!


‘campaign in a box’, ready to help you generate new business leads

Rebrandable, promotional N series eshot available on campaignWORKS, to help you generate new business leads. A fast, straightforward and cost effective way of getting the N series message into your customer and prospect base. Visit to start building your artwork & copy now!


Specific pre-sales support and demonstration facilities for N series

Presales support and N series demonstration facilities are ready and waiting to help to push through your storage sales. Visit for further information.


N series Packaged Services available from Bell Micro

Bell Micro have put together 3 solution installation services, specifically for this N series promotion, additional margin opportunity for the business partner. • IBM N Series File Server Consolidation • IBM N Series Microsoft Exchange Bundle • IBM N Series VMware and Microsoft Exchange Bundle Visit for further information.

Enhance your Services with IBM 3 ways to grow your services business with IBM


Enhance base warranties

Benefits of IBM Services to the Business Partner:

Consolidate your renewals


Develop new opportunities


Why use Bell Micro Vendor Services?

• Established revenue streams – easy to forecast, manage and renew • New opportunities – deeper insight into customers’ infrastructures and opportunity to sell organisation wide • Enhanced reputation and customer loyalty – demonstrating value add while increasing margins and lowering cost of sale.

Benefits of IBM Services to the Customer:

Our Services Division: • Can advise on maximising services revenue • Support over 3000 contracts through more than 250 resellers • Have a dedicated IBM Services Team with an Upfront Attached Specialist, Business Development and Backup Specialist, and a Renewals Manager.

• Ease of managing infrastructure maintenance – one point of contact for all infrastructure issues providing continuity and accountability • Cost-effective - reduces time and cost through one contract to cover multi-vendor infrastructures • Worry free – reduced risk and minimised disruption.


b Availa

Base Warranty

Software Maintenance (AIX)

Enhanced Hardware Maintenance Call Window: 5 x 11 6 x 18 24 x 7

Remote Technical Support (RTS) – Support line (Microsoft & Linux)

Call Window: 5 x 11 6 x 18 24 x 7

Re-active “Problem Solving” Service

Response: 2hr Response

Unlimited Call Placement 24 x 7


Enhanced Technical Support (ETS) Pro-Active Solution Support + Account Advocate Team (with status reviews) + Critical Problem Management

Response: Same Day Target Response 4hr Response Call-to-Repair

Multivendor Support (HP, SUN, Cisco and more)

Cost and consequence of downtime

IBM – Delivering Comprehensive Multivendor Maintenance Services Your customers IT infrastructures are complex – running a variety of applications on servers, storage and networking from a number of different vendors. With each vendor servicing just one part of the infrastructure, managing the environment and administering multiple contracts adds to their pain. With IBM Multi Vendor maintenance you can make it easier by providing: • A single source of maintenance to simplify and reduce the cost of managing the infrastructure • Experience across a range of technology platforms to isolate problems quicker and avoid extended outages and downtime • A network of IBM specialists and select vendors to provide a single point of contact, remote technical hardware support, on-site service and parts You can consolidate existing maintenance contracts into a single IBM contract for IBM and non-IBM products including HP, Sun, Cisco, NetApps, EMC and Hitachi amongst many more.

For more information call the IBM Services team on 01706 898 324 or email

If undelivered, please return to: 2 St. Crispin Way, Haslingden, Lancashire BB4 4PW


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Order Management Account Manager

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