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Many customers are considering the environmental and political impact their business has on society and their local community. This issue is green in more ways than one, it’s focussed largely on the green issues addressable by our key vendors technologies.

Look out in this issue for: When green means business – HP Technical Services

Introducing Internet Security Systems

Create your marketing masterpiece with campaignWORKS

What’s driving the agenda? Staying in the Black or Going Green? – how HP server and storage ranges help to deliver virtualisation & consolidation

Ground breaking performance, flexibility & efficiency capabilites, the new IBM POWER6 chip

Plus important news on SafeWord MobilePass from Secure Computing, IBM System Storage and new Security Technical Academies, Informix Services & Consultancy, Protection beyond Compromise, new dedicated Symantec webportal, Redhat, McAfee & the Associate Service from Partner Services amongst others.

This issue of Channel Voice is green in more ways than one. We have changed the paper stock we have used in the printing process to 80% recycled material and have used vegetable based inks throughout. We have also cut down on waste by not using a polythene bag for postage. The articles you will find enclosed are largely focussed on the green issues addressable by our key vendors’ technologies. Carbon footprints are increasingly commonly discussed in the media and in UK boardrooms, so we hope you will find this newsletter a useful insight into how Bell Micro’s products and services can be applied to help your customer achieve their goals.

1. Think Before You Print campaign and the removal of automatic email trails to reduce paper usage 2. Increasing the number of recycling bins and desk top bins to collect more paper for recycling 3. Green Dot Campaign to highlight all electrical items which should be switched off when not in use,

Here at Bell Micro, we have recently launched our own green task force to run a pilot project to investigate and implement greener processes in our Haslingden office. Our carbon footprint for this office has already been measured to give us the benchmark for our infrastructure, since this is where we could make the biggest positive impact. The project team are undergoing an education process to ensure that all decisions taken are appropriate and, most importantly, effective. If you are interested in further detail of the items we are investigating, please contact your Account Manager and we will be happy to share our findings with you. Just a few examples of internal activities that are taking place in phase one at Haslingden before rolling out to our other offices are:

The marketing team will shortly be sending an electronic feedback form regarding this issue of Channel Voice. Please keep an eye out for it and do take the time to let us know your thoughts on the format and content of our newsletter. The feedback we receive is critical to us producing information that is of interest and value to all of our customers. Regards

including PCs, monitors, lights and photocopiers. 4. Recycling all printer cartridges 5. Research is being carried out on light and heat consumption for the Haslingden building including the investigation of bore holes, natural light and solar panels 6. Installation of hand dryers instead of paper towels in all wash rooms 7. Removal of plastic cups from water dispensers and replaced with recycled glasses 8. Video conferencing and webcams for inter office meetings are to be installed. 9. Review of company cars and travel policy

John Toal, Director of Enterprise Division

When ‘Green’ means business Both ethically and commercially ‘Green’ IT is at the top of the IT agenda. Many customers are considering the environmental and political impact their business has on society and their local community. The datacentre in particular has been identified as cause for carbon concern and an opportunity for IT decision makers to contribute significantly to an improved environmental strategy. To help our business partner community explore the ‘Green’ issue with their customers, Bell Micro in conjunction with HP has created a range of environmental resources, both online and in print. Our new microsite at contains a wealth of resources and information around this increasingly important issue. You can use the site to help build your business arguments and formulate marketing campaigns around the ‘Green’ issue.

Enable greener datacentres with HP Technical Services HP has leveraged leading technology and scientific research to create three breakthrough services aimed at anticipating how your customers datacentre power and cooling needs will grow: 1. Thermal Quick Assessment – Based on customer interviews and professional observations, this service provides an entry-level assessment of the datacentre power and cooling environment. The HP Thermal Quick Assessment offers a smaller scale investment that results in recommendations and best practices geared for short and long-term cooling efficiency. 2. Thermal Intermediate Assessment – In addition to the services provided in the quick assessment, the HP Thermal Intermediate Assessment includes sophisticated thermal modeling of below-floor thermal conditions. This service is only applicable to raised-floor environments where the floor is used for cooling distribution. 3. Thermal Comprehensive Assessment – The HP Thermal Comprehensive Assessment provides 3D modeling of the entire datacentre supply and return air flows, in addition to the services offered in the quick and intermediate assessments. With impact data on room and rack configuration, infrastructure management practices, and failure scenarios, this service provides extensive analysis of the unique thermal conditions in a datacentre.

We have also put together a series of direct mail and e-shot templates for you to use via the new Bell Micro ‘campaignWORKS’ initiative, our new online marketing campaign builder (see the full-page article on page 15, in this edition for more details). Choose from one of four ‘Green IT’ templates, use the copy provided or customise your own copy and create an integrated direct marketing and e-shot campaign to send to your customers and prospects. Many of the IT solutions we have been talking about for some time also integrate closely with developing a ‘Green’ IT strategy. Consolidation, virtualisation, data management and high availability are just some of the solutions looking at creating the leaner, meaner, more flexible IT infrastructures that also pay into a greener IT strategy. You can see a range of IT solutions guides at and tie these into the business arguments around environmentally sound IT strategies to create a very compelling argument for changing IT infrastructures with your customers.

For more information please visit the microsite at or contact your Bell Micro Account Manager

Announcing SafeWord MobilePass from Secure Computing Mobile devices such as BlackBerries and Palm-based mobile phones are fast becoming an indispensable tool for mobile workforce productivity. They keep us in touch and are always with us. SafeWord® MobilePass® combines the security of proven two-factor authentication with the convenience of one-time passcodes generated right on your personal mobile device or PC.

SafeWord MobilePass gives you unparalleled convenience and security: • Clear, vivid display of your one-time passcode from your own mobile device • Support for a wide range of popular

SafeWord MobilePass is available on a number of popular platforms, including: • • • • •

MobilePass MobilePass MobilePass MobilePass MobilePass

for for for for for

BlackBerry Palm Windows Mobile J2ME-enabled devices Windows Desktop

MobilePass makes two-factor authentication easier than ever, combining proven security with user convenience. Just quick-launch the MobilePass application from your mobile device to retrieve your one-time passcode for secure remote access logins for VPNs, Citrix applications, and Outlook Web Access. Now you can turn the mobile phone that you take with you everywhere into a strong authentication device for secure application, Web, and network login.

SafeWord offers a software-based client that resides on your Windows laptop or PC. Simply launch the MobilePass application from your PC to generate your one-time passcode and ensure a secure network login.

mobile device platforms and any laptop or desktop PC • Easy use and deployment gives you a

MobilePass is an authentication solution that generates one-time passcodes on a variety of popular mobile phone platforms, including Palm, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and J2ME-enabled devices. MobilePass is also available for Windows Desktops, where you can retrieve your one-time passcode from your laptop or desktop PC.

MobilePass for Windows Desktop

low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) • Generates one-time passcodes that are never used twice • Quick-launch to generate your onetime passcode • Completely compatible with other SafeWord PremierAccess authenticators and solutions

For further information please contact Mark Corrigan Tel. 0871 230 4666 Mob. 07717 336 420

What’s driving the agenda? Staying in the Black or Going Green? Is there more to going green than the carbon footprint?

A clear conscience is all very well, but end-user budgets still have to be managed and adhered to. Is it possible to save the world and still stay in the black? To make a “green” IT Plan, end-users are encouraged to take a number of steps including making environmentally sound purchase decisions and conserving energy. Two increasingly popular approaches to addressing these issues are virtualisation and consolidation, which both have the potential to achieve commercial, financial and environmental objectives.



Virtualisation is an approach to IT that pools and shares resources so utilisation is optimised and supply automatically meets demand.

From simple server and storage consolidation to data centre, application and database consolidation, the choices for IT administrators get broader by the day. Indeed consolidation could be considered as an emerging business process in its own right, not a discrete activity but an ongoing activity that continuously occurs in response to evolving technologies and the drive towards adaptive IT infrastructures.

Commonly virtualised resources include computing power and data storage. Traditionally, distributed computing centres have used dedicated servers for each application within an enterprise, while most server capacity goes unused. By pooling and sharing resources, utilisation is optimised and supply rapidly shifts to meet demand. Business issues addressable via virtualisation include: • IT cost of ownership • Reducing risk • Improving service levels • Building flexibility into IT infrastructures Virtualisation consolidates existing and expected future workloads. This reduces the number of physical servers required, thereby reducing floor space, cooling and capital costs. It also increases the utilisation of servers to improve energy efficiency.

Business issues addressable via consolidation include: • Controlling IT costs of ownership • Delivering IT as a service • Building flexibility into IT estates One of the most effective ways to lower energy consumption is to consolidate servers, especially little-used servers. By moving these applications onto a single platform, IT sites save almost the entire energy costs of the original server, the cooling costs of that server and gain greater manageability by having applications running on fewer physical machines.

How do the HP server an help to deliver consolida Blade Consolidation

Storage consolidation

The integrated BladeSystem simply magnifies the management

Storage consolidation is an integral element of any IT

benefits of consolidation. By taking advantage of the pooling

consolidation effort and it can take many forms, including:

and virtualisation capabilities of BladeSystems, enterprises can consolidate multiple under-utilised, special purpose servers onto a compact and highly versatile BladeSystem – this not only saves space, but also reduces long-term operational costs significantly. BladeSystems also consolidate storage, network and power, reducing complexity of cabling and driving greater utilisation of resources including reducing power draw and heat output thus in turn reducing the carbon footprint.

• Physically consolidating storage devices located in multiple

data centers into a smaller number of data centers • Consolidating data stored across a variety of devices from

multiple vendors onto a smaller number of networked storage devices • Consolidating storage management and other management

tasks such as backup Through consolidation, organisations can eliminate over-

Integrity Consolidation

provisioned or under-utilised silos of technology and can pool

Three out of every four Integrity systems purchased are used for

and provision shared storage resources in a way that allows

IT Consolidation. Why?

them to be allocated as and when they are needed. By consolidating not just devices or arrays, such as the new EVA

– Flexible capacity is needed within a consolidated

range, but storage management tools including Storage

datacenter to have the flexibility to focus server

Essentials as well, organisations can boost the return from their

capacity on the highest-priority business needs at all times.

consolidation efforts.

– Secured availability to keep IT systems up and running and secure at all levels becomes even more important in a consolidated environment. – Simplified management to streamline and consolidate IT operations improves the productivity of system managers and optimises the use of data center facilities. Integrity servers have multiple operating system capabilities; this means that customers can consolidate applications and databases onto a unified HP Integrity platform or even a single HP Integrity system allowing power and space saving returns.

Any consolidation or virtualisation project requires strategic planning, high quality technical advice and sound commercial reasoning. Bell Micro’s channel partners can benefit from the experience and expertise of our Pre-Sales Consultants to help end-users realise their technical and commercial objectives.

Proposed solutions can often be demonstrated in a real life environment at our Enterprise Solutions Centre (see page 16) to help customers to prove that the proposed solution will address their needs.

nd storage ranges ation and virtualisation? Blade Virtualisation To prevent applications under utilising resources, datacenters are employing virtualisation to reduce costs and make IT more responsive to the needs of their business. HP has brought together VMware, HP platforms, management tools and services to provide customers with a clear path to unified management in a virtualised IT environment. HP BladeSystem provides ideal platforms for virtualisation on industry standard

These solutions help organisations: • Double resource utilisation • Maintain continuous service levels • Pay for only what is used • Balance supply and demand based on business

requirements • Reduce costs and increase agility at the same time .

hardware. By using HP BladeSystem, you can leverage the

Storage virtualisation

performance, density and low power consumption of server

Storage virtualisation provides an abstraction layer between

blades. A smaller footprint helps to make the most of the

physical storage devices and the logical volumes consumed by

valuable space in the datacenter.

applications. The abstraction hides the details of the storage infrastructure from servers, simplifying the overall management

Integrity Virtualisation

environment. An array that utilises virtualisation makes it

HP Virtual Server Environment (VSE) for

significantly easier to exploit key functionality such as dynamic

HP Integrity provides intelligent control

volume growth and local replication technologies including

of virtualised environments through

snapshot and cloning.

integrated planning, management and automation, allowing

When storage is decoupled from the server and data is housed in

consolidation of multiple

a common pool of shared storage your customers can boost

applications on a single server and

productivity and rapidly adapt to changing business needs. In this

management of clusters as one entity

way, online and SAN consolidation can bring multiple benefits.

without compromising performance. HP VSE utilises all available server

From the affordable, easy to deploy EVA4100 Starter Kits for small

capacity while providing the highest

SAN use, to the largest XP implementation, the HP range of virtual

priority applications with additional

storage arrays available from Bell Micro is extensive.

resources during peak times. It allows customers to maintain service levels in the event of downtime and to pay for spare capacity when needed.

As always, the implementation skills of the Partner Services team are available for resellers to ustilise as their own for on-site installations – essential where the set up and bespoke configuration of management software is required. Call your Account Manager to find out how you can utilise

the skills and expertise of the Bell Micro team along with the technical delivery capability of HP’s server and storage solutions to deliver your customer’s requirements. To engage any of these services, please contact your Account Manager.

Desperately seeking: IT staff At Bell Micro we understand the difficulties inherent in IT recruitment, that’s why we set up the now highly successful Bell Micro Technical Academy programme. Building upon the academic skills acquired on university courses, the Academy supplements this knowledge with the technical, sales and consultative skills suitable for a commercial role. Strong interpersonal training also ensures that our channel partners have access to a steady stream of IT professionals with rounded-skills in IT consultancy. Antony Young, Director of Services and Security, Bell Micro comments:


Bell Micro is committed to developing new skill sets within our business partner community, enabling these organisations to confidently approach any type of project or new type of business – knowing that they will soon have the skills in-house to maintain this business over the long-term.


Academy courses span the entire Bell Micro solutions and technology offer. Two of our most recent additions include the Bell Micro Security and IBM System Storage Academies.

Bell Micro Security Academy For business partners considering their IT security offer, the Bell Micro Academy programme offers a range of training options: Business partners seeking new Pre & Post Sales Security Consultants can tap into the Technical Academy for graduates, accessing students who

Finding great staff is never an easy task, harder still in the fast-moving and competitive IT marketplace where the right skills are hard to find, new people need to make an immediate contribution and when recruitment mistakes can prove costly. have been pre-qualified for Academy training and who will benefit from technical training courses spanning at least four leading security vendors. Upon graduation the students will be fully accredited to get to work immediately against live projects and opportunities. The Technical Academy for existing consultants offers the chance to be cross-trained around the products of at least four leading security vendors over a period of 6 months. Offers your consultants scope to extend their skills and greater career opportunities whilst extending the scope of your broader business offer. There are two Security Sales Academies – one in the enterprise sector and another targeting SMB businesses. Existing sales staff attend a two-day course at Bell Micro Chessington, studying the offer from four leading security vendors. They will be supported after the course via access to security product specialists and coop marketing assistance from Bell Micro and the vendors.

IBM System Storage Management Academy The IBM System Storage Academy is designed to equip selected final-year students with the technical and consultative skills required to support and implement IBM storage solutions. The students are then available for IBM business partners to interview. A 10-week structured training programme leads to IBM Certified Status qualifications in addition to skills in business communications, time management and customer service. Follow-up activity via a Bell Micro Personal Development Plan mentors the students in their first months in live consulting environments.

For more information about Bell Micro’s Technical Academy programme visit

Informix Services and Consultancy In addition to Bell Micro’s office hours technical support we also are introducing wide range of further Informix services which can be tailored and packaged to meet your requirements. These services are flexible; each one can be purchased individually or they can be combined to build a comprehensive package that meets your specific needs.

Bell Micro’s Informix Services are not designed to replace Informix technical support; they provide depth and breadth where is it needed, augment your own skills and offer reassurance that your Informix systems are secure and achieving optimum performance. Our consultants can also be hired on a daily rate for bespoke consultancy engagements. All of our Informix consultants have more than 10 years of professional Informix experience and can understand the technical and commercial aspects of your business. Bell Micro’s Informix services are available to both business partners and end-users.

Informix packaged services provided by Bell Micro are: • • • • • • •

Free of Charge Remote 20-point Health Check* Informix System Health Check 8 to 8 Extended Technical Support 24x7 Extended Technical Support Stand-by Administration Service** Remote Administration Service** Remote Back-up and Restore Service**

Bell Micro also provide training and education courses. We can visit your UK premises and run courses based on IBM training content, or we can custom design a course which builds on your existing knowledge and achieves your particular aims.

For full details of Bell Micro’s Informix Service, please contact the IBM Software team on 0871 230 4845. We can arrange a preliminary telephone consultation where you can discuss your requirements in full.

* Limited to one FOC 20-point Health Check per system per year ** Informix System Health Check must be performed before using these services.

Protection Beyond Compromise

Want to know what Bell Micro offer in the world of Symantec? Then visit our new dedicated Symantec webportal for news, event, promotions, key campaigns and product details:

As the range of products available from Symantec continues to

or as many of your sales and pre-sales teams as you wish.

grow, so do the ways in which you could address your customers’

Specific coverage of products will be targeted to suit your own

needs with industry leading software. Our team of Symantec

customer base and the sessions can be run more than once to

Software Specialists is available to help guide you to the most

give you the flexibility you need to secure the most benefit for your

appropriate products and services for your business model.

organisation. Supported by call-out sessions and deal reviews, the sessions are more than just education – each one will be designed

Bespoke on site training from Bell Micro

to result in a funnel of opportunity for your sales team.

Bell Micro offers an exclusive service for our partners to develop skills and knowledge around product features, competitive

In order to book your bespoke on-site training session,

positioning and customer targeting. These bespoke on-site training

please contact Jamie Farrelly on 07770 210293 or email

sessions can be tailored to your specific requirements, for as few



This little piggy...

went to open source market For details about how Bell Micro can help you grow your business, visit our microsite at

Whether you’re an existing reseller or an ISV looking to grow your business, the combination of Red Hat product benefits and Bell Micro support could give you a big step up in profitability. You can find out more on our new joint microsite. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 has already taken open source to a new level, offering flexibility, features and cost-savings that make a compelling case for IT managers. Now Bell Micro’s subscription tracking package offers our resellers a business opportunity they can’t afford to miss. Unlike other software solutions, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 is sold on annual subscription instead of using the traditional licensing structure. The subscription business model provides everything the end-user needs in one all-inclusive price – without the hassles of licensing agreements, limiting service level provision or selling unbudgeted upgrades. There are no hidden extras.

Reseller benefits The reseller benefits make good business sense too. Because when you sign up for our subscription renewal bulletins, we keep you informed of all pending subscription renewals on your customer base. It means you never miss out on a sales opportunity, and it gives you more scope to grow your business. It also means an easy sale to an existing customer, which is a much more cost-effective way of spending your sales time than generating new contacts and trying to convert cold calls. But

remember, your customers must renew their subscriptions, otherwise they will not receive vital updates or support. Each installed system must have a valid subscription for the customer to be compliant according to the Red Hat End User Licence (EULA). The business opportunities don’t end there. Because you’re dealing with an existing customer, you’ve got scope to upsell Red Hat services, for example by upgrading to a three-year subscription. A wealth of other upsell opportunities includes hardware, associated software solutions and service and support. As you fulfil these leads, you also increase the scope for new business through referrals.

The power of open source The latest Red Hat product offering, Enterprise Linux 5, is the result of over two years of collaborative development amongst the world’s leading IT vendors and software communities. With a host of new features and enhanced functionality, the platform gives IT professionals new scope to reduce costs, but at the same time improve their operational flexibility and business agility. A comprehensive range of enterprise Linux products is available, and this is backed by support every step of the way – from deployment, to development and management. Red Hat Enterprise Linux business operating systems combine the performance, Independent Software Vendor support, features and extended life cycle that enterprises demand.

IBM have announced new ground breaking performance, flexibility and efficiency capabilities for its System p UNIX servers. The POWER6 announcement covers the new POWER6 chip, new Virtualisation capabilities and pre-viewing a new version of the operating system, AIX 6. POWER6 provides enhanced performance, flexibility and efficiency: • Performance – Customers will see a 35-40% performance improvement • Flexibility – Ability to move workloads within and between System p servers to reduce occurrences of total system downtime that affects service quality. • Efficiency – Allows for consolidation of even larger workloads resulting in further energy and resource savings.

POWER6 – Customer benefits IBM System p POWER6 offerings have features designed to enable continuous availability, reduce complexity and improve service levels. • POWER6 Processors allow more processing power with fewer processors, reducing both hardware and software licensing costs and getting tasks completed more quickly freeing up time and energy for additional tasks or idling back to conserve energy. • Live Partition Mobility and Live Application Mobility provides for movement of partitions between servers to optimise system utilisation. Enables outage avoidance for planned outages and upgrades. Provides for workload balancing across multiple servers. • Concurrent upgrades are enabled for hardware and AIX, with cold-node repair enabling clients to repair failed hardware components without bringing a system or application There are an increasing number of key drivers for businesses to offline/down. adopt a green policy including: • Utility Capacity on Demand enables processing • The global environmental debate and need address society’s capacity to be enabled and utilised at one minute current unsustainable use of resources. increments in order to support flexible/changing • The increasing cost of business due to rising energy costs business requirements. • European directives such as Removal of Hazardous Substances • LPAR Virtualisation Tools and Systems Director Easy-toand Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment use tools designed to size, configure and deploy a customers virtual environment. Enhanced to improve management of crossHow IBM can help right now: system environment: servers and storage • IBM Systems provide leadership in efficiency • Hardware Management Console Enhancements New • Virtualisation and consolidation increases flexibility and graphical web-based interface reliability, while decreasing administration costs. designed to ease the • IBM Product Stewardship Program – This program aims to deployment and To find out more produce products with improved energy efficiency, assisting management of POWER6 on how Bell Micro are clients in reducing their energy usage and associated systems. supporting the green CO2 emissions, as well as operational costs.

Turning your servers p green

CO2 emissions, as well as operational costs.

initiative or for further

POWER6 Chip Level Functions: • Power Reduction: Monitor and reduce power to idle logic within cores • NAP Mode: Powers off inactive cores and restores power when needed • Thermal Tuning: Sensors monitor and reduce power to overactive circuits

information on POWER6 please contact your Bell Micro IBM Account Manager on 0871 230 4500.

Hardware Functions currently released for p570: • Enhanced System Design and Implementation: enables up to 2X server performance uplift over p5-570 • Variable Fan Speed: Reduces power to fans by up to 45%. Fans use 33% of the total electrical power consumed by servers. • Rear Door Heat Exchanger: Cools exhaust air from 19” rack, can reduce system air conditioning requirements by up to 60%

Introducing Internet Security Systems,

an IBM Company – working with Bell Micro to help your customers to define:


What to protect first

What is at risk

Vulnerability Mapping


Protection Prioritisation

How to show return on investment (ROI)

How to protect the entire IT infrastructure

Reporting and Benchmarking

Following the recent announcement of Bell Micro as a new distributor of Internet Security Systems (ISS), your organisation can benefit from this new partnership and growing market. If you want to introduce market-leading security solutions from the ISS Protection Platform into your end-user accounts, then call Dan Waters on 0871 230 4845 at Bell Micro today!

2 3

Threat Preventation and Shielding

The protection platform incorporates: • advanced intrusion prevention • anomaly detection • firewall • VPN • vulnerability scanning • anti-virus • email security • web filtering • email filtering

team by combining the expertise of the X-Force with its own world-class research organisation.

ISS, delivers pre-emptive, integrated security solutions that stop Internet threats BEFORE they impact your customers’ business. ISS solutions secure IT infrastructures, supporting compliance and risk management requirements while enabling cost-effective business processes.

The ISS protection platform provides complete coverage of the enterprise, with solutions for desktops, servers, networks and gateways. All of the security applications of the ISS protection platform can be easily managed remotely, from anywhere. There are a variety of delivery options available for the ISS protection platform.

How can I benefit?

Helping you to position your company as a trusted business partner to your end-user accounts, ISS provides a family of advanced security applications and services available as stand-alone solutions or together in a modular, integrated system. The ISS protection platform is a complete and powerful combination that offers an end-to-end solution.

Why IBM?

Overall, the acquisition has provided ISS with more resources and additional reach to deliver comprehensive, pre-emptive Internet security to organisations around the world. This investment by IBM has been a major factor in Bell Micro partnering with ISS and now we’d like to share this opportunity with you.

Why ISS?

Following the acquisition last October of ISS by IBM, IBM is continuing to invest in ISS. To date this expansion has benefited the sales, support and development of the IBM Proventia® product line, as well as their Managed Security Services and Professional Security Services. IBM has also expanded the ISS X-Force research and development

As a special incentive to Bell Micro resellers, we are offering a limited number of subsidised ISS sales and technical training courses. These subsidised courses are strictly on a first come, first served basis, so if your organisation wants to resell the market-leading range of IBM Proventia products and services, then call Daniel Waters on 0871 230 4845 at Bell Micro.

Want to know more? If you would like to understand more about the partnership, and how you and your customers can benefit, then call Daniel Waters today on 0871 230 4845 or email

Create your marketing masterpiece Time is a rare resource for the majority of people involved in IT channel sales. Yet the pressure to keep your customers informed about new technologies, solutions approaches and IT business issues never goes away. Bell Micro would like to introduce a new way to solve this marketing problem. campaignWORKS is an easy to access, easy to use online marketing tool that makes it incredibly simple for anybody to take powerful campaigns to market. Using a range of templated direct mail pieces and e-shots,

archived campaigns or start a new marketing activity. You can share

campaignWORKS enables your sales and marketing teams to

messages and collaborate with your Bell Micro and vendor colleagues

generate professional looking marketing deliverables. Your team can

to make sure projects progress quickly, with easy input from your

login and create an entire integrated campaign, with a consistent look

channel peers.

and feel across direct mail piece, e-shot and telemarketing script. Using simple admin tools, this solution pre-populates the templates

Initially campaignWORKS will feature a range of materials around the

with your business contact details and approved logos.

core IT solutions covered by Bell Micro in the channel including; ‘Green’ IT, consolidation and virtualisation. Soon more solutions and

The templates are pre-populated with copy, with the most compelling business arguments already presented. However, campaignWORKS enables you to edit or insert your

technology templates will become available, enabling you to focus and simply manage your entire marketing strategy around this online marketing portal.

own headlines and copy to truly make the campaign your own.

campaignWORKS sits alongside a whole range of marketing support options from Bell Micro, from

Once completed and approved you get instant

1-2-1 marketing consultancy to the delivery of

access to print ready artwork and html coded

integrated, co-op funded campaigns.

e-shots. Simply press submit and your approved direct mail piece will go direct to the printer and then out to your door. It’s all quick and painless. You can use campaignWORKS as a focal point for all your marketing activity, simply login to access campaigns in progress,

If you would like more details in how campaignWORKS can help your marketing efforts please contact your Bell Micro Account Manager.

Better together Sometimes demonstrating one piece of technology on its own is just not enough. The reality of most IT infrastructures is complex integration between systems, software and storage in complex heterogeneous environments. So when your customer or prospect needs to see and decide on anything from a new piece of kit to a complex new solution – you require access to a demonstration facility that’s capable of recreating a real world IT environment. The Bell Micro Enterprise Solution Centre (ESC) brings together the UK’s widest portfolio of enterprise technologies, with kit available from HP, IBM, EMC, QLogic and software from Symantec amongst many others. So when your customer wants to see products working together, get in touch with your Bell Micro Account Manager to explore what we can do to help you close the business. The ESC is also a fantastic resource for pre and post-sales technical meetings, sales and technical training and comprehensive testing. Our specialist staff can be on hand to make sure the suite is set up to match your required IT environment to make sure you make the most of the time available.

Visit for more information

Now featuring the new Virtual Tour

McAfee Security Risk Management Solutions McAfee is focused upon Security Risk Management (SRM) – helping customers protect assets and perform compliance and security reporting IT security policies governing the flow of What is Security Risk Management (SRM)? SRM is a practice to improve security processes, automate some aspects of compliance reporting, quantify IT security risk, and prioritise mitigation activities. What is McAfee’s approach to Security Risk Management? McAfee’s approach to SRM builds on market definitions by bringing together threat protection and compliance management to help organisations control both core operational processes efficiently. McAfee approaches security risk management as a process, not a product. It is a way of doing business that helps organisations protect their investments, proactively identify and eliminate exposures, block attacks, manage compliance, and implement remediation strategies. McAfee uses a ten-step process that is based on four core SRM principles to help customers define critical assets, assess threats, comprehensively block attacks, and implement the security measures required to minimise digital risk.

What is the competitive advantage of this approach? McAfee’s approach to security risk management provides organisations with the most effective way to minimise exposure from security threats and noncompliance. There are four key reasons that prove McAfee is uniquely qualified to deliver SRM solutions: • Focus on Security • Applying Business Discipline to Security • Comprehensive and Integrated • Expertise How does McAfee Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution fit into McAfee’s approach to Security Risk Management?

McAfee DLP solution (a host-based solution) offers broad universal protection that enforces the compliance of

data, regardless of the format in which is it stored or manipulated, even if data has been copied, pasted, zipped or encrypted. This proactive technology complements McAfee’s approach to security risk management, and will help its users address the problem of information leakage before it happens. What problems are McAfee solving with SRM? McAfee’s portfolio of SRM solutions helps customers reduce their costs and more efficiently manage their security risks and compliance. McAfee’s integrated products help organisations to solve the following business challenges: • Exposure to threats and compliance issues • Downtime and business interruption • Data Loss • Prioritisation of Critical Risks • Manually intensive data analysis, auditing, remediation and reporting processes • Lack of centralisation and management between products • Non-compliance with internal security policies and external regulatory policies

Where can partners find out more information about SRM?

Call Anthony Westacott at Bell Micro on 0871 230 4776 or 07767 243985. Alternatively email

Your breadth of capability, our people! Introducing Partner Services Associate Service Getting the balance right! This can be one of the biggest recruitment challenges our partners face in the marketplace. It’s not just a case of finding the right skill set, however that’s hard enough, more importantly what do you do with the employee once a project finishes, or a particular accreditation is withdrawn from the channel.

By taking advantage of this service, you will be able to • extend

your resource

Many partners have also had negative experiences using a

pool without

‘contractor’, especially in cases where solutions don’t go


according to plan, vendor support can be paramount in these

headcount and

situations, or the contractor decides to move onto other higher

incurring the

paying contracts. All of the aforementioned can have huge

associated risks of

negative impact on our channel partners. It maybe a case whereb

permanent employment

our partner’s do not have the capability to approach larger


projects/roll-outs, their in-house services maybe at full utilisation. The Associate Model gives our partners the opportunity to overcome these ‘very real’ challenges, whilst having the ability to

• enjoy highly competitive daily


If you would like to find out more about Partner Services Associate Service, please e-mail

• be able to avoid the risks

provide highly skilled, experienced consultants at typical

associated with employing self

‘contractor rate’, supported by the Bell Micro pool of post and

employed contractors namely

or call the hotline on 0871 230 4999.

pre-sales support, including vendor accreditations, training,

– Lack of loyalty to the project and to you

holiday cover. Essentially we take the risk on our partners behalf.

– Lack of accountability to the project and to you

The Associate Service is provided by Bell Micro Partner

– Mismatch with your organisation’s culture, values and

Services as an alternative option to both the IT contractor market and permanent recruitment.

customer ethos – Poor continuity of resource for future projects – Lack of comprehensive, specialist insurance cover

Pitfalls associated with both the IT contractor market and permanent recruitment

– Increased employment liability after year 1 • be able to enjoy the benefits of permanent recruitment

namely – Suitably qualified and experienced Consultants – Loyalty to the company and the project

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Availability of funding Utilisation pressure Cashflow Skills gap Staff retention Geographical coverage High cost of continually training services staff Time to ROI Need for multi-disciplined skills High risk of building broad-based services business Lack of track record Risk of unproven skills Lack of available resources Recruitment fees

– Management control & accountability – Ability to affect training and development needs – Specialist insurance cover without direct responsibility for the associated cost and management overhead. The minimum order for this service is 150 days per annum, per named Consultant. The service can be paid as a monthly call off or as a monthly service charge. Any unused days must be paid for at the end of the 12 month period. The Consultant will be employed by Bell Micro who shall remain responsible for all associated costs of employment.

Emulex Corporation, the most reliable, innovative name in storage networking, fully supports the need for energy-efficient data centres. This article provides a snapshot of some of the developments Emulex has introduced to balance performance with energy efficiency, resulting in environmentally friendly solutions. Industry Initiatives: • Blade Servers: Emulex is working with leading server OEMs to design high performance, power efficient Fibre Channel (FC) host bus adapter (HBA) solutions for blade servers. • Server Virtualisation: Emulex provides high performance, scalable FC HBA solutions for use in virtual environments. • HBA Virtualisation: Emulex partnered with IBM to develop N-port ID Virtualisation (NPIV) and drove its approval as an industry standard.

Emulex Generational Energy Efficiency (I/O) Per Watt Performance)

Did you know?

30,000 I/O) Per Watt

In a coal-fired plant, it takes a pound of coal to generate a kilowatt-hour of electricity. A data centre that saves 1 watt eliminates the burning of one tonne of coal over the course of 10 years.


25,000 20,000 15,000 10,000 5,000 0 Gen A 2000

Gen B 2002

Gen C 2003

Gen D 2005

Emulex FC HBA Generations & Year Introduced This chart demonstrates Emulex accomplishments in increasing performance & energy efficiency as a function of I/O per watt of electricity

Product Design: With each new generation, Emulex improves the efficiency and performance of its FC HBA offerings and recent integrated green innovations have included: • Component Consolidation: Emulex has reduced the number of active components with each FC HBA release. • Performance: Emulex combines sophisticated software algorithms and intelligent hardware design to Energy address data center performance requirements with zero impact on energy consumption. Efficiency • Advanced Power Distribution: Emulex FC HBAs use power distribution components to deliver measured voltages to various components on an HBA.


Maximation in action: Step

Creating awareness of an ISV solution in target markets is a goal of the Maximation programme. Baytouch Ltd’s (ISV) REACHsuite application is a good example of Maximation in action: Background: We eat them, drink them, breathe them, wear them and live surrounded by them…CHEMICALS. The EU recently implemented a wide ranging safety directive called REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of CHemicals) in June 2007. The directive will require any company affected, which is any company manufacturing or handling any one or more fo the 30,000 chemical substances covered to register the CHemical and its use(s). The net result will be a greater degree of chemical safety and appropriate use for chemicals than there has ever been in the past.

1 Step


Baytouch Ltd contacted Bell Micro having received a Bell Micro newsletter to discuss the value of the Maximation programme to Baytouch. Following agreement of a win/win relationship, (a co-funded co-marketing campaign will create more REACHsuite sales leads for Baytouch and subsequent pull through of IBM hardware through Bell Micro), Baytouch enrolled onto the Maximation programme.

Baytouch and Bell Micro then worked together developing a marketing campaign: a target market was Step defined, resources identified, funding & timelines agreed and IBM approved. Result: 30 leads generated (definition of a lead is an appointment or online demonstration of REACHsuite).


REACHsuite leads processed by Baytouch and hardware leads handed to a Bell Micro business Step partner. The business partner is selected on a ‘best fit’ basis. In this example the business partner has a large base of chemical manufacturing customers.

To help a bulk supplier, manufacturer, distributor or a retailer implement the REACH legislation for substances their organisation is using, REACHsuite is the compliance solution.

The REACHsuite solution ( is needed within but also beyond the chemical industry. Baytouch Ltd realised the potential for developing a solution to this directive two years ago, and there is now extensive publicity EU wide to ensure all that will be affected by REACH are aware of its impact when it starts on 1 June 2008.


It really is as simple as this. If you are an ISV and your solution has the potential to pull through IBM System p or Storage, Bell Micro want to hear from you.

* An application does not need to have such a direct effect as REACHsuite to make a positive impact (albeit indirectly) on our environment, practically all applications improve efficiency (principally to save money) but ultimately this will lead to reduced energy consumption.

Interested? Please contact Greg Bate at or call 0871 230 4575 now to discuss the win/win potential. The Maximation website is


Date for Diary: StorageExpo The UK’s No 1 dedicated data storage event 17th – 18th Oct 07 Visit us at stand no 545 for the total solution

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The price of the Bell Micro booths is £2,000 which includes signage and literature racks for promotional collateral.

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In order to book your booth on the stand, please contact Nichola Cornes on 020 8286 5146 or email

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We are offering our resellers a booth on the Bell Micro stand at this year's Storage Expo. Your booth will enable you to have a formal presence at the event, the potential to address the four to five thousand end users expected to attend the event and promote your organisation to the UK storage market. Resellers will be able to take advantage of key vendor investment in the event by being in the same place as all the vendor pre-sales experts and, most importantly, the products.

Congratulations to Heather Renfree of Hewlett-Packard, the winner of bottle of champagne for completing the electronic feedback form.

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