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n g i s e d

hen we design a delicious improvements product for a customer we take in to account all factors of the home, e.g what does the home look like?, where is it? And who are the customers? This build, was about the letterbox, here is what we designed.

“When designing a product for our customers we take it seriously� To assist in providing a cost-effective, stylish option for consumers, we have created durable, innovative and architecturally designed garden products using a high-density polystyrene core. The high density polystyrene materials are long lasting, sturdy and teamed with the 40 mpa concrete coating increases its strength and weather resistance. The design fits the scale and look of the house by using sharp lines and contemporary finishes we think that this will be a great addition to your home.

e h T

l l a t s in

It’s just like putting Lego together….

Job mission

If the ground is uneven, we still can build your perfect letterbox design. Good work Steve . Great to see the owner lending a hand….

Construct decorative letterbox to the design discussed and provided. Render to a sponge finish using a acrylic render (7 year manufacturer warranty will be provided) 2 coats of self priming membrane paint (7 year manufacturer warranty will be provided)

The end result

Aliquam pulvinar congue

We have many different designs and uses for our products please visit our brand new webisite for more information about our range.

Delicious improvements (07)3801 4177

custom letterbox with black powdercoated slats  

custom letterbox with black powdercoated slats, this was a great intsall, it changed the whole look of the home. it is very big too almost 3...

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