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Photographs By Johnny Jackson

Volume 2 #6 The Hyanide What do you get when you combine a dirt bike, a four-wheeler, and a snowmobile? Well, you get a super bike named "The Hyanide", specifically designed to handle rugged and diverse land. German designers Oliver Keller and Tillman Schlootz invented this concept bike for the 2006 Michelin Challenge Design. It runs on 77 identical, flexible, rubber tank threads held together by kevlar rope. It boasts a 60 hp, 500cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine. It weighs 450-650 pounds, and top speed is 75-85 mph. The Hyanide is like a snowmobile, but in this case the tread runs under and around the entire bike. It is basically unstoppable in mud, sand or snow and corners like a dream. A unique feature of this bike, is that when turning, the front and rear will rotate into the turn. You steer with your hands and feet and wear special shoes that snap into the petals like a racing bike. So far though, the bike is only at one-fifth-scale model and there aren't any plans to bring it into the market. But you never know. Check out the 3-D movie here at :

Shout Outs Man, where do I begin? There are so many people to thank for this issue. First of all Johnny Jackson aka Inkaholik, Mizuz Inkaholik, Ominous Words, Robbi, Tony @ Chronic Candy, eSoHel and fam, My staff, my family, all the Voices supporters, Headline Records, Mattison, Miss High Times '06, Divinity Veganatural, all the contributors, Texas Body Art, Louis & Erin Palos, Paul & Stacie, Andra & Carlos, Isaac, Mike Hienze, Biggie, Nick, Kirk, the Vegas crew you know who you are, Mario, Jake, Steelo, Dustin Mugford,

9/11 Revisited Dustin Mugford takes a stand and directs and produces and film called 9/11 Revisited, where there are testimonies from eyewitnesses who say there were explosions in the lobby of the towers seconds before the planes actually hit. Columbia University even recorded them on the seismographs. Dustin obtains footage of the owner of building seven addmitting that they brought down the building by demolition. This film shows that the three buildings collapsed because there were thermite explosives planted throughout the buildings the day before. Jeb Bush (President Bush's brother) ran sercurity for those buildings, ironically his contract was up on September 11th. Never before in the history of engineering, has a steel building collasped because of fire. Why would it start on 9/11? Check out and watch the film, it's on Google! as well. Dustin is allowing people to download the movie for free so that the truth can be spread. The government is bad when the governed cannot trust their gatekeepers. Alkatraz Editor In Chief

Danny Koon, BC, The Stubers, The Pohe's, Griffen Eckstein, Calista, Camren, Nicki, Kris & Savanah, Amber & Troy, Decrim-inalize, Adam & Candice, Shana & Greg, Bill/Alice & Lila, Amber & Ryan, Monkey, Michelle Hienze, Heads Magazine, Class of 1997, NORML, Clifford Fastco, Aaliyah, fake ass government officials, stupid fucking presidents, redundant political parties, greedy corporations, free speech TV, Democracy Now!, Dog Poo Wax, Thanks again guys sorry if I forgot you! One love and power to the people. ALKATRAZ

By Spiral Cycle

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Black & White Photo’s by John Langmore

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Photo: John Langmore

Voices Magazine Vol 2 # 6  

This is the issue that really made us a real magazine. This was the first issue that we had advertisers and with the powerful images of Mizu...

Voices Magazine Vol 2 # 6  

This is the issue that really made us a real magazine. This was the first issue that we had advertisers and with the powerful images of Mizu...