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Delicate Stitchers Newsletter President: Mary Hofhine 259-5802 Historian: Cyndy Peters 423-366-1778 Vice President Elect: Lou Gostlin 259-1082 Librarian: Shauna Dickerson 259-0906 Secretary: Bonnie Crysdale 259-0246 Friendship: Lou Gostlin 259-1082 Treasurer: Murine Gray 259-5514 Newsletter: Peggy Harty 259-4270 Lesson Committee: Marian Eason (Chair), Lou Gostlin, Pat Garlett, Darleen Nelson, Monica Scowbo, Peggy Harty, Mary Hofhine

November 2013

Important Dates Next Meeting: Tuesday, October 8, 2013 Program for night includes: Book Review: Kay Osteen Color of the month: Triad Colors - Mary Hofhine Lesson: Bonnie Crysdale – Border Basics: Make your borders hang straight, even, and square, along with the perfect ¼” border.

Nov. 8-10 Pack Creek Retreat Tuesday, December 10 Next Meeting – Christmas Potluck and gift exchange April – Quilts due for the Museum of Moab Quilt Challenge HMQS – SLC May 8-10


2 strips of fabric to each meeting for a strip drawing. Once

members have a strip stash, we’ll have a “Jellyroll race” at one of our UFO sew days; Calendars or day planners so you can put the dates of all our meetings and functions for the year, your show and tell, and your name tags. Remember, we meet at the Grand Center, Social time 6:30 – Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thought for today: Success doesn't mean you've never fallen down. Success means you keep getting up and moving forward.



2013 Features Color Horoscopes for our Year of Color!


Delicate Stitchers Guild met at the Grand Center at 6:30 p.m. President Mary Hofhine called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. There were 21 people present.


Lou reviewed the Studio Color Wheel Color Key by Joen Wolfrom which is available from Amazon. The review was an excellent addition to our continuing color study. Pat Ferguson discussed our color of the month: Analogous Colors, which are three colors with one primary color in common; can be expanded to contain more colors, but must always have a primary color in common. You can find more information about analogous colors at From the book Color Play Pat showed us her samples. Marion’s lesson was on Ergonomic Sewing. The first priority is your chair. It must be comfortable, preferably on wheels and that your feet are flat on the floor at a 90 degree angle. The second priority is your sewing table. Again, a 90 degree angle at your elbows is most comfy. Could be a little lower, but not higher. Your work table height should also be a 90 degree angle – can be 2 to 5 inches above or below. If you become uncomfortable stop and do some stretching exercises. Old Business: Mary reminded everyone that Utah State Guild’s annual Quilt Fest was at the Zermot in Midway this week. Also, that Bonnie’s class on appliqué is on Saturday, October 19th at the Grand Center. UFO – Sandy Davey reported that it was No. 7 this month. Marion’s quilt from quilt show and Sandy’s snap bag. Patty finished hers. No. 9 is the next UFO project. Retreat November 8, 9 and 10 at Pack Creek. There will be a mystery quilt. Cost is $30.00 per person. Please sign up for meals. Lou announced that she is retiring as of October 24th. Mary’s mug award went to Lou for always being on the forefront of what we needs to be done; she quilts our charity quilts; always has something to contribute; and convinced Mary to join the guild on a river trip. New Business: Audrey suggested having a sewing room tour – around five people show their sewing rooms so we can get ideas as how to set-up ergonomically, how their store their “stash”, etc. Perhaps in the Spring on a Saturday.


(October 24 to November 22) Element: Water Color: Dark Red Spiritual: Love Physical: Hot/Energy Emotional: Strength Scorpio is a complicated sign with boundless passion, be it for good or evil. Their eyes say more than words, and are often their most powerful (and mysterious) feature. These quilters aren’t cowed by a challenge, and are bound and determined to make it work, even if they have to bide their time in the search for perfection. DARK RED and black are the colors for sociable Scorpio. Red symbolizes fierce passion, and the black adds magnetic sexiness. Not afraid of the dark side, there is a richness present as a reward for those who brave the depths.

Betty Cosio-Avalos – October 24th Patty Larson – Nov. 6th Darlene Nelson – Nov. 8th Laura Senter – Nov 8th Carol Unruh – Nov 9th

Laura Senter won the 2 ½ inch strips. Show and Tell: Jolly showed her split 9 patch baby quilt, an appliquéd circle quilt – some machine quilting in the center and the rest hand quilted. A friend found a Sun Bonnet Sue quilt top at a yard sale that she gave her – using hand turn appliqué. Audrey showed a t-shirt quilt she made in pinks and greens for her first born child and it took her 6 years to complete. This was UFO #8. Sue showed a quilt that was not finished – started in 1977 – lace doilies on a quilt. Kathy showed a modified Dresden quilt her cousin sent – she is doing it by hand so there is a lot of sitting and sewing. Betsy showed a winter quilt with owls for her granddaughter. Gail is working on a knitted shawl with yarn that she also spun. Sondra is knitting a sock. Tommye showed the Bargello Heart quilt she made at Claudia’s class in June for her Granddaughter Emily, and for her Grandson Eric, a Big Cat quilt which he help pick out all the fabric for. Marion showed the dragon fly quilt that was made for Mahnaz by members of our quilt guild – Marion made the center dragon fly and members/friends of the guild made the smaller surrounding blocks. It was gorgeous – Marion found the fabric at Savage Spirit when they closed up. Pat Ferguson showed a modern “organic” quilt made from a block of the month; a scrappy quilt w/cowboy boots fabric which will be donated to Kids in Crisis; a fun quilt with the alphabet in horizontal strips; and for “Project Linus” crumb block strips purchased in a grab bag – the strips run length wise w/blocks that look like half a log cabin – it was a colorful fun quilt. Murine just finished a project from HMQS she started two years ago – a beautiful crayon color press flower quilt. The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m. Respectfully Submitted, Judi Simon, Acting Secretary

A Treasure Mildred Hatfield It's more than a coverlet, More than a spread, This beautiful quilt That graces my bed. It's laughter and sorrow, It's pleasure and pain, It's small bits and pieces Of sunshine and rain. It's a bright panorama Of scraps of my lifeIt's moments of glory, It's moments of strife. It's a story I cherish Of days that have been, It's a door I can open To live them again. Yes, it's more than a cover, This much-treasured quilt, It's parts pieced together Of the life I have built.

Sandy Davey has stepped up and offered a new UFO challenge for the next 10 months. See August Newsletter for complete details. Double Bonus points are rewarded for projects completed by the next meeting following the month the number is drawn. If you miss the bonus deadline, don’t let that stop you from completing your projects because ANY completed project is worth points! You can also concentrate on finishing a number not yet drawn and it might be done in time for the Double bonus! Numbers Drawn So Far: July - August # 8; August - September # 5; September - October # 7; October – November # 9; Just do it!


From the Beeline...

Here’s What’s Cookin’

Sounds as though Quilt Fest was a great success. Plans are being made for Quilt Fest 2014 which will be at the Davis Conference Center in Layton. The theme Sew Many Pieces.

Lou submitted two different Peanut Butter Pie recipes. She said she may figure out how to combine the two for the retreat... Peanut Butter Pie

In our territory there is a new guild: Quiltin’ Time Quilters are a new group from Monticello. They held their first meeting in Sept., where they decided what they would do for the year, who would teach etc. They have a tumbling block class scheduled on Nov. 2. They will also have a Sew What night each month.

Submitted by Lou Gostlin Ready made chocolate or graham cracker pie crust 8 ounces of cream cheese 1/4 cup sour cream 1 can sweetened condensed milk 2/3 cup peanut butter 1 cup Cool Whip Combine cream cheese, sour cream, condensed milk & peanut butter until smooth Fold in Cool Whip Pour into pie crust Top with shaved chocolate or peanuts Chill until set

Peanut Butter Pie

Look at this great way to use up some fabric scraps! And look at all the big smiles from the Canyon Country Quilt Guild of Kanab at their October mini-retreat. The ladies had a fun day outside with great company, the love of quilting, wonderful food and an awesome view, plus a fun games of Patchwork Bingo! The ladies are showing off their Bingo cards which will be sashed and put together into one or two charity quilts.

Submitted by Lou, from Carnation Sew Happy Quilt Guild Alliance, Ohio Peanut Butter Pie 9 inch baked pie crust 8 oz cream cheese 2 cups powdered sugar 1 cup peanut butter 13 oz Cool Whip Mix cream cheese & powdered sugar until creamy Add peanut butter & mix until blended Fold in cool Whip Put in pie shell Refrigerate at least 2 hours

Another Pretty scrap quilt...

Mardi Lessey, the charity chairperson of the Holladay Chapter Quilters Guild, presented 40 quilts to Mayor Kelvyn Cullimore Jr., Police Chief Robbie Russo and Fire Chief Mike Watson at a recent council meeting.

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