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Delicate Stitchers Newsletter President: Mary Hofhine 259-5802 Historian: Cyndy Peters 423-366-1778 Vice President Elect: Lou Gostlin 259-1082 Librarian: Shauna Dickerson 259-0906 Secretary: Bonnie Crysdale 259-0246 Friendship: Lou Gostlin 259-1082 Treasurer: Murine Gray 259-5514 Newsletter: Peggy Harty 259-4270 Lesson Committee: Marian Eason (Chair), Lou Gostlin, Pat Garlett, Darleen Nelson, Monica Scowbo, Peggy Harty, Mary Hofhine

February 2013

Important Dates

Next Meeting: Tuesday, February 12th 2013 “A Year of Color”

Program for night includes: Book Review: Peggy Harty – Piec-liqué Curves the New Way by Sharon Schamber Lesson: How to use a color wheel – Lou Gostlin Color of the month: Red – Marian Eason BRING: 2 strips of fabric to each meeting for a strip drawing. Once members have a strip stash, we’ll have a “Jellyroll race” at one of our UFO sew days. Calendars or day planners so you can put the dates of all our meetings and functions for the year, your show and tell, and your name tags. Be thinking about possible quilts to feature each month...

Feb. 16th – Sew Day (tent.) Delicate Stitchers Quilt Show at the Grand Center – March 9th and 10th March 16th - National Quilt Day Museum of Moab Quilt Show – May and June... Theme – “Name that Tune.” HMQS – May 9-11 South Towne Expo Center

UFO Sew Day – Grand Center – 9:00 - ? Saturday Feb. 16th... Mary will confirm this date at our meeting.

Meeting Minutes January 8, 2013 Delicate Stitchers Quilt Guild January meeting was held at the Grand Center. Mary Hofhine, our new president, called the meeting to order at 7:00 p. m. There were 25 people present. Mary introduced herself and all the officers of the guild. She welcomed visitors to the meeting. New people attending included: Marty Thomas and Patty Jo Larson who both live in Moab. Donna Evans and Nancy Seager were visiting us from Anchorage, Alaska. Old Business: Several members from our guild volunteered to do a trunk show for the Grand Junction guild at the Moab Valley Inn Jan. 24-25. Marion said to turn in any quilts in April for the Quilt Challenge at the museum and they will be hung in the museum in May. The raffle quilt is in Mary’s office at this time. If you know anyone who wants to buy tickets, they can contact Mary Hofhine. Peggy has several envelopes with raffle tickets still available. Peggy

TIME TO FINISH UP UFO’S AND GET READY FOR OUR QUILT SHOW IN MARCH 2013.....Gather up and borrow back those beautiful quilts you’ve given away.. Finish up the challenge quilts that didn’t make it to the first deadline... And be thinking about your next challenge quilt... “Name that tune.”

Thought for the Day!

In sewing & quilting, it's not a mistake, It’s an opportunity for embellishment!"

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will also collect any quilts for the Eagle Scout project. New Business: Cards for Shawna and Carolyn were circulated. Marion passed around sign-up sheets for future lessons and book reviews. Marion Eason gave a review of the book Color & Design by Heather Thomas which will be used throughout this year for mini-lessons on the theme “A Year of Color”. This book can be purchased at Crystal’s shop. It is divided into two sections: color and design. It describes hues, tones, tints and how to use color. It explains all the terminology and includes a section on how colors work together. Elements of design: line, shape and form are covered and at the back of the book there are 12 workshops. Mary Hofhine gave a demonstration on paper piecing. She showed how to make little quilted chickens which were very cute and also angry bird designs for pot holders. She passed out several patterns and suggested that using a size 90 needle and smaller stitches would make it easier to perforate the paper pattern. Darlene shared information about a lady from Blanding, Kathryn Hurst, who is willing to come to Moab to teach a workshop on how to make a big apple core quilt. A picture of the quilt was passed around. Peggy gave us an update on the blog. Show and tell will hopefully be on the blog and the newsletter is being published online. To access it, just click on January Newsletter. You can click it to enlarge it and it will be archived. UFO Sew day will be on Saturday January 12 at 9:00 in the exercise room at the Grand Center. Bring a potluck for lunch. Several people are planning on working on Kids in Crisis quilts. Show and Tell Tommy showed two quilts, including one of Bonnie’s, since Bonnie is basking in the sun in Baja. It was the Eagle Scout quilt for Hospice. It was a star pattern in gorgeous blues and reds. The other quilt was Tommye’s mystery quilt from the guild’s retreat. It has one giant star on a field of white, quite nice. Sandy shared her masterfully painted dragonfly blocks done using paint sticks. Patty Jo displayed a quilt she made for her grandson using a variety of squares and rectangles with beautiful sashing. Peggy showed another bear paw square for her president quilt, bringing her total squares to 24. She plans to put them together without sashing. Murine finished one of her UFO’s from last year for her sister. It was made with a bird fabric and the border was quilted with an egg and dart design, beautiful quilting. She also made the mystery quilt with blue camo material, wow, and a wonderful Christmas tree skirt or table topper and 8 cute tree napkins. Marion shared Kaffe quilt books she got for Christmas and Cyndy shared two books on modern quilts. Patti made a pink little girl’s Kids in Crisis quilt which Lou quilted very nicely. Lou showed a spectacular fall colored batik strip quilt using jelly roll technique with appliqué fall leaves. Laura showed us four quilts she made for Kids in Crisis. One was a very colorful basket quilt with blue


2013 Features Color Horoscopes for our Year of Color!


(January 21-February 19) Element: Air Color: Turquoise Spiritual: Integrity Physical: Cool/Balance Emotional: Innovation Aquarius is out to change the world. This is the quilter who doesn’t care what the pattern says, determined to solve the problem in their own way. Quirky and curious, Aquarian quilters can be found sewing at all hours of the night. ELECTRIC BLUE and vibrant AZURE are the colors for the water sign, Aquarius. With such a flair for color, nothing is ever dull, though there is always a sense of calm, like an ocean holiday. This fresh color lends itself naturally to their unique, youthful outlook.

Kim Knowles – February 7th Alaina Johnson – February 7th Susan Ossana – February 8th - RIP Tommye Paddock – February 17th

BLOG! Show and Tell is up to date on our blog. Cyndy is going to be adding our pictures each month. I’ve also found a way to publish the newsletters online. I suggest that you enter your email on our blog so you will be alerted in an email anytime we update the blog. Recipes... Monica wants to publish a book with our favorite recipes from our retreats and potlucks... Keep those favorite recipes coming.

flowered sashing; one was made with county fair pre-printed panels; one with very bright nine blocks with a star block in the middle; and one with pre-printed airplane panels that any little boy would cherish. Mary shared an Electric Quilt 7 computer program she got for Christmas.

Whew! What a relief to learn this...

We all posed for a picture and sent it to Carolyn and Shawna. Ever walk into a room with some purpose in mind, only to completely forget what the purpose was? Turns out, doors themselves are to blame for these strange memory lapses. Psychologists at the University of Notre Dame have discovered that passing through a doorway triggers what's known as an Event Boundary in the mind, separating one set of thoughts and memories from the next. Your brain files away the thoughts you had in the previous room and prepares a blank slate for the new locale.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m. Respectfully Submitted, Patti Jarrell For Bonnie Crysdale, Secretary -Dan Jarrell, MRC, LVRC, CRC, CPM 125 W. 200 S. Moab, UT 84532 453-259-4635 435-259-4739 FAX

10 More of 67 Quick Tips for Quilters

Thank goodness for studies like this. It's not our age, it's that darn door!


Add embellishments such as beads or braid after the quilting is done so they won't get caught up in the quilting. It makes the task of quilting easier, and avoids them being squashed.

Thanks to Linda Warren for sending this important research to my inbox! My husband had told me about this and I find it really works to go back through the door to recollect my purpose.


Keep your quilt borders simple. Too elaborate a border can overwhelm the central sections and make your quilt appear unbalanced. Often using similar shapes and colours as those in the rest of the quilt can help your border blend better with the overall look of your quilt.


A quick tip for needle turn appliqué - many find that using a wooden toothpick to turn the seam allowance under works best, as the wood grips the fabric better than a metal needle.


Aside from looking at the overall balance of your quilt, and the quilting on it, be aware also that concentrated patches of stitching may make your quilt lay differently and perhaps unevenly. Spread areas of concentrated stitching such as stippling evenly through the quilting design to avoid this.

Reason 39: I have new shelves for fabric storage, and if I don’t feill them up, they won’t look right.


To piece together two curved patches (like a Drunkards Path block), it is easier to sew with the convex (outer) curved patch on the top.

Reason 38: I’m too old to have sex. (This was suggested by a quilter’s husband.)


Using spray starch on the backing of your quilt is a popular trick to help the quilt move more easily through your machine when quilting by machine.


Another trick is to spray wax on your machine sewing surface and even table top to help the quilt move easily whilst you are machine quilting it. This may not be for everyone though.


Many quilters have discovered that rubber gloves work very well for helping grip the quilt when machine quilting. Either rubber dishwashing gloves, or gardening gloves with rubber dots on the palm work equally well.


When Machine Quilting, make sure you stop with the needle down in

the quilt before shifting the quilt for further stitching so you can keep your stitches even. 10. Be sure to wipe the blade and clean your rotary cutter properly

after each cutting session, otherwise lint will build up on it and affect its cutting performance.



Reason 36: It comes in whatever size or quantity you want. (That is, unless you don’t buy enough to start with! ) Reason 35: Because this fabric just talks to me and calls my name. Reason 34: It fights the empty nest syndrome – my youngest child is getting married, so I have another empty room to fill with fabric.

MAGIC NUMBERS! (For Math Geeks Only)

Here’s What’s Cookin’ Chicken Sausage and Tortellini Soup

If you were at the retreat, you heard a great deal of razzing directed Peggy’s way who was trying to figure out the hypotenuse of a triangle so she could set some stars on point in her border! Well I just ran across this and it is so cool!

Submitted by Peggy via City Market This recipe came in a City Market Coupon Book. It is easy and delicious! A new favorite of mine.

The magic number is


4 tsp. olive oil 1 pkg. Italian chicken sausage links 5 cloves of garlic ½ cup white wine (opt.) 3 – 14oz. cans low fat, low sodium, chicken broth 1 – 18 oz. pkg. of refrigerated cheese tortellini 1 – 15 oz. can diced tomatoes 1 – 6 oz. bag of baby spinach leaves 1 Tbsp butter grated parmesan cheese to garnish (opt.)

I wondered why and google let me know that the square root of two is generated from the perfect square – symbol of the unified universe! In other words a square whose sides measure 1 by 1 has a diagonal hypotenuse which is the square root of 2. That happens to be an irrational number... 1.4142... So with that said here is what you can do with that number... When designing quilts with blocks that are set on point, many people have trouble figuring the size to cut the setting triangles. There is one magic number to remember and that is 1.4142. For side triangles, you’ll want to rotary cut four from a square (A), so that the grain is along the edge of the quilt. To find the size of this square, multiply the finished size of your block by 1.4142. Then add 1 ¼” for seam allowances. So, if your finished block measures 6”, you would get 8.49 or 8 ½”. Add 1 ¼” and cut your square 9 ¾” Cut it corner to corner twice to make four side triangles.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

For the four corners of the quilt, you’ll want two squares to cut in half diagonally so the grain will be on the quilt edges (B). This time, divide the finished measurement of the block by the magic number 1.4142 and add 7/8” for seam allowance. For the 6” block, you’ll get 4.24 or 4 ¼”. Add 7/8” and cut the square 5 1/8”. Remember to round your numbers up to the nearest 1/8”.

6. 7.

Saute the sausage in 1-2 tsp. oil. til done. Remove and slice into pieces. Set aside. Saute the garlic cloves in remainder of oil. Add the wine and broth. Bring to a boil and cook for 2 minutes. Add the tortellini and cook for another 4 minutes. Add the tomatoes and spinach. Cook until spinach is wilted. Add the sausage back in.... Add Butter... Heat throughout... Serve with parmesan cheese and crusty bread.


So you could use one of those handy references, but now you know the rest of the story! : )


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