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Delicate Stitchers Newsletter President: Lou Gostlin 259-1082 Vice President Elect: Murine Gray 259-5514 Secretary: Mary Hofhine 259-5802 Treasurer: Bonnie Crysdale 259-0246 Lesson Committee Chair: Marian Eason

Historian: Patti Jerrell 435-259-0127 Library Committee Contact: Patti Jo Larson 435-259-7941 Friendship: Judi Simon 435-259-3603 Newsletter: Peggy Harty 259-4270

February 2014

Important Dates

The Year of Design Next Meeting: Tuesday, February 11, 2014 Program for night includes: Book Review: The Quilters - Nancy Kreiger Mini lesson:

Principles of Design - Shape - Crystal Day Lesson:

Paper-piecing - Lou Gostlin – Bring 2 fat quarters and a sewing kit for a hands on project. UFO Project # 3 due for bonus points

Rocky Mountain Sew Expo February 6-8 at the Denver Merchandise Mart March 9th – deadline for UQG membership. $20.00 March 22 – National Quilting Day April – Quilts due for the Museum of Moab Quilt Challenge HMQS – SLC May 8-10 Quilt Fest – Sept. 16-20

BRING: $15 Check or cash to renew your membership, your Calendars or day planners so you can put the dates of all our meetings and functions for the year, your show and tell, and your name tags. Meeting at the Grand Center, 182 N. 500 W. * 6:30 p.m. social hour – Meeting begins at 7:00 p.m.

January 14, 2014 Meeting

The January Meeting, as always, had a wonderful show and tell which can be seen on our blog- Above: Crystal captured everyone’s interest in the demonstration of her AccuQuilt cutting machine and the table runner made with the accu cut strips. The machine is at her shop and available for customers to use. Minutes Continued on next page... 1

Alaina Johnson – February 7th Kim Knowles – February 17th Tommye Paddock – February 17th Betsy Stewart – February 25th

Minutes for January 14, 2014 – Submitted by Mary Hofhine Delicate Stitchers January meeting was held at the Grand Center.

"All you need is love but a little chocolate now

Lou Gostlin President, called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. Lou asked that everyone find someone in the guild that they don’t know well and spend some time talking and getting to know them.

and then doesn't hurt."

Charles Schulz

The Guild will continue reviewing the book Color and Design, by Heather Thomas, the next section will be The elements of Design. Design of the month - Murine gave lesson on elements of line, specific types of line and the quilting of your quilt based on the line. How lines can provide depth and dimension to a quilt. Many of our guild members use this concept in their quilting, which will be displayed during show and tell. Crystal gave the lesson, showing the accucut that is available at It’s Sew Moab, she has a variety of patterns that are on hand for use by public. Crystal showed how convenient the accucut is in cutting design for appliqué or piecing.

Show and Tell: Murine showed a stain glass quilt she started 20 years ago, a parrot panel was added to the center that really showed off colors in the panel and the quilt. Jolly made a low contrast green and gray forty or fight quilt from a pattern out of Fons and Porter magazine. Audrey showed an airplane quilt she made for her Dad and a pillow from the leftovers from Bonnie’s class. Also read a letter from her daughter about the very bright and pretty quilt Audrey had made for her. Kathy Gurving showed a trip around the world that her mother had from 1972, very bright colors. Donna showed a multitude of quilts for kids in crisis, a journal book made from fabric, a bag made from selvages a friend made for her. Sandy was wearing her jacket she started five years ago. Patty Jo showed the quilt she made for the Moab Folk Festival as a door prize.

Dues are due at this time, when dues are paid to Bonnie she will give you a Delicate Stitchers member card. Lou explained that last year mug awards were given to members for acknowledgment of the extra time and work that members offer. Lou gave Mary a wine glass, but no wine! Marian passed out clipboards for members to sign up lessons, book review, and principle of design. Also reminded the guild of the landscape class that she will be offering on Saturday, a sign up sheet was passed out. Bonnie reminded the group of the trunk show for the Grand Jct. quilt guild on Thursday, January 16th, at the Holiday Inn at noon. There will also be another retreat from a guild out of Grand Jct. in February and have also asked for a trunk show by our guild, will be looking for art quilts.

Our UFO number for next month is three (3). Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM

Challenge quilt show in May and would like to have the quilts done by the April meeting.

Good friends are like a quilt; they age with you and never lose their warmth.

Marian read a letter from Mahnaz thanking the guild for the quilt that was made by members of our guild and given to Mahnaz’ group, the quilt was a dragonfly and Mahnaz’ group is called Dragonfly. Quilty Christmas gifts show and tell: Mary said her best gift was the president blocks Pat showed fabric of Downtown Abbey a show on PBS. Caudia received a book. Marian showed Australian fabric Audrey also got a quilt book. Patty got a Minnesota historic quilt book Judy got a jelly roll Crystal showed a table runner she received.


From the Beeline Newsletter To encourage, promote and preserve the art of quilt making in Utah.

Here’s What’s Cookin’ *I was thinking about Valentines Day and Chocolate and the brownies that Pat Garlett makes with a chocolate kiss in the middle... Internet search produced this and it sound like something to try! :) Peg

Membership in UQG is encouraged and is $20 per year.

All memberships expire on March 31st. New members joining after Quilt Fest but before March 1st, may pay a pro-rated amount of $10 to join. New members joining on March 1st or after (but before Quilt Fest) pay $20 for membership that is good through March 31st of the following year. We will have forms to fill out at the meeting or you can print a brochure from the UQG website. Shelli Stephenson says, “Please send your check today made out to the UQG by March 9th. You don’t need to wait until the expiration day, so be kind and send it in early. In order to be included in the bulk mailing of the membership cards, we need to have your renewal check by March 9. Checks received after this date will cost the guild more money in postage and printing fees. Please mail your renewal today so you will get your card before your old one expires. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at Thank you, Shelli.”

Quilt Happenings around Utah Woodbury Art Museum”s Hidden Voices: Fiber Arts Show Jan. 14-Mar. 7, 2014, University Mall, Orem, UT, open Tues 11am-8pm, Wed-Sat 11am-5pm. Winter Quilt Retreat Feb. 5-8, 2014, Bryce Canyon, AQS Quilt Week Feb. 5-8, 2014, Phoenix, AZ. Snow Goose Quilt Show Feb. 21-22,Delta, UT, National Quilt Day Event March 21 & 22, 2014, being held at Legacy Village in Layton, UT. Second Annual Blackfoot Quilt Fest March 28 & 29, 2014, Blackfoot High School, Blackfoot, Idaho. Utah Valley Quilt Guild Spring Quilt Show April 11- 12, 2014, Jamestown, Provo, UT. HMQS 2014 May 8-10, 2014, South Towne Expo Center, Sandy, UT. Jan Krentz May 19-20, 2014, in Brigham City, UT, sponsored by UQG. Jan Krentz May 21-22, 2014, in Provo, UT, sponsored by Utah Valley Quilt Guild. Jan Krentz May 23-24, 2014, in Salt Lake City, UT, sponsored by UQG. Quilting on the Falls June 19-21, 2014, Snake River Valley Quilt Guild. Small Town Quilt Show June 26-28, 2014, Zermatt, Midway, UT, or

Kahlua Kiss Brownies by Amy I’m not sure what my favorite thing is about these Brownies…is it the drippy Caramel Kisses? …is it the Kahlua soaked, rich & thick Chocolate Brownie? I don’t know ~ all I DO know is that these Brownies have the power to take your willpower, smash it to pieces, and leave you all alone to feel the shame..ha ha! Sticky, wet and dense Brownies are filled with sweet & sassy Kahlua ~ and then gently studded with an entire bag of Caramel filled Hershey’s Kisses. Whoever you share these with, you’d better make sure you like, because you’ll be seeing a lot of them! :) What you’ll need:  lb. box of Brownie Mix  1-11 oz. bag of Caramel Hershey’s Kisses  Enough Kahlua to replace the water that’s called for in your box of Brownie mix. (Optional)  A square baking pan Directions:  In a medium bowl combine the Brownie mix (according to the box instructions) with the Kahlua replacing the water (if you choose to use the Kahlua) …I choose booze! ;)  Mix it up ~ lick fingers ~ repeat…  Unwrap all of the Kisses…a labor of love for sure…  Pour half of the batter into a non-stick sprayed pan and place ALL of the Kisses evenly onto the batter…eat one, of course!  Now..pour the rest of the Brownie Batter over the Kisses and gently cover them up with batter…

 

This is a quilt by Carol Johnson entitled Rock Ribbons. She is the one who taught the Delicate Arch Applique workshop years ago. Beautiful Work! A couple of her quilts are on UQG website.

Bake at 350 degrees for approx. 45 minutes or until it’s cooked all the way through to your liking of course! LET THEM COOL COMPLETELY…this helps the Caramel return to its normal gooey goodness. NOW you may cut into them, find a quiet spot where no one will judge you and DIG IN! ~Enjoy! :)

Comments from various people:  “Babe the Kahlua is NOT optional!!! :)” –  “May be good with Dark Rum or Bourbon too.”


What Kind of Quilter are You? Part 2 Lines that divide. Sometimes.

I googled, “What kind of quilter are you?” The following is taken directly from the following blog ines-that-divide-sometimes/ funny...I hope enjoy these definitions and maybe you can identify what kind of quilter you are. In general, people that craft are one of the most accepting and giving of all the creative communities. But, with quilters there can be divisions. Some Art Quilters don’t understand the precise corner matching of the Tradition or Kit Quilters. Some Machine Quilters don’t understand why Hand Quilters would want to spend hours and hours, months and months creating a quilt. Quilters of a different style from you often will ask why you quilt the way you do. Your answer tends to cause their heads to tilt like a confused dog. I have found that if you give your quilting technique an official title people back off, because it’s official for gosh sakes! Here is my list of quilting types and their official titles: 1. Traditional Quilt Crafts Person – TQC Person carries the heavy load of keeping the historic form of quilting alive. They save traditional quilting from dying out. It’s a burden they must bare for the sake of everyone. 2. Kit Quilters – Kit quilters not only use kits but love magazines that have quilt tutorials. Their job is to honor quilt designers by creating their quilts using precision and superb color matching.

7. Outsider Quilter - Have you have ever felt the urge to create a quilt out of tires and bubble gum? Then you know where Outsider Quilters are coming from. An Outsider Quilter often thinks like this, “Lets see, I don’t have any fabric, needles or thread to create a quilt with, but I wouldn’t want to use those materials anyways because I have a perfectly good jar of peanut butter and a whole bale of barbwire to work with.” Outsider Quilters are often unaware that other quilters don’t think of kitty litter as being a good batting. 8. Contemporary Avant Garde Quilter – Same as Outsider Quilter but with an education. 9. Visionary Quilter – Have you ever been quilting with a mouth full of M&M’s and sneezed, only to have the spray from your sneeze create a image on your quilt that looks like Jesus? If you have then you are a Visionary Quilt artist. You are also always under the distinct feeling that it’s not you that is guiding your quilting, but God. Let’s face it, the lines of quilting types are often blurred. There are Hand Quilters that can match corners and might add a bit a tree bark to their quilts. There are Traditional Quilters that that will periodically use a machine to quilt their quilts. What’s great about quilting is the many techniques to explore, the appreciation of textiles (whether it’s fabric, wood, steel or otherwise), the concept of quilting, the room for play, experimenting and the fulfillment of the need to create. I guess what I am trying to say is that all creation is great and if it makes you happy that’s all that counts.

3. Machine Quilter – The quilting culture is a living culture. Machine Quilters are wise to the fact that their ancestors jumped at the chance to use sewing machines to piece their quilts. They nod to the past with their precise corner matching and the fact that they can finish a king size quilt in a month without the need of a quilting bee. Their ancestors would be proud. 4. Hand Quilters – Modern hand quilters practice the semi religious form of self flagellation by stitching everything with needle and thread. To appease the ancient gods of craftiness the hand quilter keeps sewing even when faced with a mean case of carpel tunnel, a bible bump and the beginning symptoms of arthritis. 5. Art Quilter – Art quilters use the craft of quilting as a form of self expression. Weird themes, imagery, colors and materials form the bases for the art quilters artistic voice. The art quilter is more interested in self expression than perfect stitches. Art quilters tend to not be able to match corners if their life depended on it. 6. Folk Art Quilter- Folk Art Quilters are very close to Art Quilters. What makes a Folk Art Quilter is simplistic expressive designs and the inability to make even stitches. Flaws are acceptable, they’re Folk Artists for goodness sakes.


Modern Landscape Quilt... found on Pinterest.

Delicate stitchers newsletter feb 2014  
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