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K么teleki Kapt谩r The Hive

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‘Fantastic flavour and fragrance. So clear that you can almost feel the flowers in it!’ MIGUEL VIEIRA

Chef of CosTes, the first Michelin-starred restaurant in Hungary

The Hive is the official honey supplier to CosTes.

Discover the fantastic world of Kőteleki Kaptár (Hive) with the artisan farm products made of 100% pure natural honey. Created with the values in mind that makes our world a healthier one. As a beekeeper family, our main objective is to offer all the treasures and pleasures of premium quality Hungarian honey to our customers. our greatest success is all the totally satisfied and happy customers. Kőtelek is a romantic village on the river Tisza in east Hungary. We are located in the Hungarian low-lands, 30 kms from the agricultural city of szolnok, on the riverbank of the river Tisza, in the village of Kőtelek. It’s a family-owned business, producing premium quality, high clarity flower honey in an authentic environment.

‘Producing pure honey couldn't be more simple, just listen to the bees and let the most amazing IsTván egyeD - Hive Master creatures guide you’

our assortment for retail: HUNGARIAN ACACIA HONEY ‘Acacia honey is a popular honey variety all over the world. over the past decades, Hungarian Acacia Honey has become a well-established, trusted brand name accepted as the mark of outstanding quality and value. What makes Hungarian Acacia Honey so special? In its place of origin, north America, Acacia (Robinia pseudoacacia L.) grows sparsely on slopes covered with boulder stones, suppressed by other plants. In Hungary, however, there are large, pure Acacia forests. In a few centuries, many varieties with different characteristics have evolved. Acacia makes up more than one fifth of all forests in Hungary. With the exception of alkaline soil, it grows and yields plentiful honey on all soil types found in Hungary. In addition to the very favourable climate, the continuous Acacia forests, a very productive bee variety, a special apiarian technology and some other beneficial effects of the non-living environment create those distinctive features that ensure the quality of Hungarian Acacia Honey. Its uniqueness can be truly revealed only by evidence of the senses. It has a harmonic taste and the aroma of acacia blossoms. It is a mild, not very acidic honey. Its colour ranges from nearly colourless to very light amber. Due to its high fructose content, it remains liquid for a long time. It has a good antiseptic effect. It is recommended to ease coughing and also for indigestion caused by hyperacidity. Its mild flavour makes it a popular sweetener used in drinks and desserts.’ From: Agricultural Marketing Centre

our assortment for wholesale: From the propagation of the bee families to the packaging of ready products, the entire production cycle is supervised and executed by the family, guaranteeing stable, outstanding quality. We are able to deliver 100% pure natural Hungarian honey in standard or agreed customized packaging. Âť our distribution covers both WHoLesALe (B2B) and ReTAIL (B2C) channels.

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our products: acacia honey • Wild honey silkweed honey • Lime honey • flower honey sunflower honey • Bee Pollen

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ConTACT: Kล‘teleki Kaptรกr +36 30 816 0010

Brochure 2013 (Koteleki Hive)  
Brochure 2013 (Koteleki Hive)