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By Yatin Dawra DDU College, DU | 2014

Everyone has a connection with music. Music, in all its form, has the ability to get inside one’s head and wrap itself around each and every level of thought; also, at numerous occasions, it acts as a stimulus to the very basic thought and then transcends it beyond the realms of the mind, as there is always a high that music gives you. Be it the feeling of overwhelming power while listening to “The rise of Valkyries”, or be it the wishful thinking while listening to “I want to break free”. Because music has so many different forms going across a huge spectrum of genres, there is a song for every mood. Music, because of this diversity, has healing effects catering to each individual’s audio/psychological needs. More than the healing, it also helps increase the overall magnitude of emotion. If you are angry, there is music that can fill you up with rage, which probably is one of the best things that music can do. From a single key on the piano, to the thick bass line hitting you in the head, there is always something that goes inside your head while listening to music, given the condition that you know how to cherish it. In your head your thoughts go blurred and that is

Falguni Verma Executive Editor

The curse of ignorance strikes ceaselessly. Ignorance of the never-ending intricacies of this wretched mind. Blessed is he, who has been victorious in unravelling these complexities; who has navigated through those dark, terrible and chilling passages of such tremendous anxieties that everything seems surreal and vacuous. when one goes on to walk into a portal, a portal to your own little universe. There are also times when certain songs become traditions. That’s how powerful they are; they can hit that note that can bring out everything you feel about, a particular moment or event or what you feel

at a particular moment. Even though you yourself won’t know what you are feeling exactly, you’ll be able to appreciate it because of that special song. The music equation consists of variables which are then differentiated by each individual in their own unique way.

But time and again, this curse strikes and destroys all that stands. They say it's called learning and growing. But I wonder when I'll be learned enough to be blessed. I wonder.

THE CAUTIOUS REVOLUTION 2011 By YatinDawra DDU College, DU | 2014

It was the last day of school. The “we had tIt was 11:45 on a Thursday and by some weird turn of fate, our classes for the day were over. I and a couple of friends immediately set off to India Gate to protest against the arrest of Anna. Just the previous day, Anna Hazare was undemocratically arrested and taken to Tihar jail. This move by Congress angered everyone. How could they arrest him? The last time I heard, this country was a democracy! For some, it brought back memories of the infamous Emergency of 1975 that was forced by the same party. India was angry at its leaders and its members took to the streets. And hence the movement began that would wake India up. It made everyone react to it irrespective of their stand. And now this movement is the biggest news in the world! The Ramlila Ground is full to its capacity and everyone is participating in the movement to the best of their abilities. The Jan Lokpal Bill will come into existence and counter Corruption. Or will it?

The Jan Lokpal Bill will formulate a body which will have powers that are unopposed. It will have the powers to investigate even the Prime Minister and the Supreme Court of India. Some critics like Arundhati Roy have problems with this fact. True, India is a democracy but is the Prime Minister of this country so vulnerable that anyone and everyone can challenge their power? The leader of India is supposed to inspire its citizens. How is he supposed to go ahead with his job if he has this weight hanging on his shoulders all the time?

forbid, their intentions waver? The disgusting politicians who got personal

One must applaud Arvind Kejriwal,

Some critics call his attitude 'fascist'. I Bedi. Their intentions for this country

Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi and Shanti

don't agree simply because his are not to be doubted even for a second.

Bhushan for waking this nation up from

intentions are nothing like Mussolini But the Jan Lokpal Bill should not be

its slumber and showing it the cracks in

and Hitler and comparing Anna to that is implemented by force; it should be

the system. But we must understand

just being very petty. But Anna must implemented through a reasonable

Lokpal Bill made by the civil society and accused him of being steeped in members is much more democratic and corruption. sensible than the one that was presented by the government. But, it Anna Hazare will be remembered by needs corrections. And the current Indians as the man who showed us the stubbornness on the part of Anna power of people. He knows he has the Hazare seems undemocratic as well influence, he should use it to make this because unless it is discussed and its bill as effective as possible. I am sure the loopholes are mended, it can become a nation will support him. He is an very dangerous authority.

that the Lokpal bill has its faults too. Just stop the political parties from realize that the bill he so badly wants like the Election Commission, which is influencing the body that will result passed should be discussed and supposedly the most neutral authority, from the Lokpal? The magnitude of debated. This country is a democracy is constantly accused of being partial; power that this body will possess is and we should use this facet here as

inspiration. So are Kejriwal and Kiran

discussion. And next time, maybe think long and hard about who we elect for our Parliament. This country does not need any more A Rajas, Konhimozi,

the Lokpal committee will raise the unchecked. Who is to be blamed if God well. Blackmail is not an option and he Kalmadi and buffoons like Vilas Rao must not stoop to the level of the Deshmukh and Digvijay Singh. same doubts and questions. What will



Alma-Mater Review


By Arjun Khosla


MAIMS BURSTING WITH POTENTIAL Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Management Studies

INFRASTRUCTURE AND FACILITIES MAIMS has three computer laboratories and a research lab containing 151 nodes in total including 2 HP Servers. Each and every node is connected with intranet and internet facility is also provided through Airtel lease line. The library of MAIMS has a rich collection of Titles from renowned authors from world over and also subscribes to various National and International Journals and Research Papers. The library has 5404 volumes, 1632 titles including text books, reference books and donated books. Well-equipped and fully computerised, the library also subscribes to 56 national research journals and 4 international journals. Our library provides a special Book Bank facility which allows students to borrow all their subject books from the library for the period of that semester at a small security deposit of Rs.2000, which is refunded at the end of your course. Apart from these outstanding facilities, this college also provides hostel facilities and has a mini-auditorium which seats a capacity of 200+ students and a main auditorium which has a seating capacity of over 500 students.

or MAIMS is arguably the best college in the I.P University, not only because it has academic c rè m e d e l a c rè m e professors but also the top cream of students that pass C.E.T (Common Entrance Test). MAIMS has got the top 5 C.E.T rankers for the year 20092 0 1 2 .T h e r i g o r o u s semester system is a rumoured twin blade for most of the students at college. Not to mention the usual university toppers that they produce each year. On the up side, they are well focused and motivated to study and on the down side, they are left with no or little time for other activities. But in reality, this college provides the perfect platform to strike a balance between studies and extra-curricular activities, preparing the students for the real professional life that awaits them beyond the walls of college.

COURSES MAIMS or Maharaja Agrasen Institute of ADMISSIONS Management Studies college provides some of The only way to get into MAIMS is by going through a C.E.T the leading professional courses which are (Common Entrance Test), which is an entrance exam on the BBA (GEN.) BACHELOR IN JOURNALISM parameters of which the student gets a shot at entering the top BBA (B&I) MASS COMMUNICATION college in the I.P University .

THE PRINCIPAL Dr. N.K. Kakkar , Director General at MAIMS, has fo r t y y e a rs o f t e a c h i n g experience. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in 1967 in the area of HRM. He also taught at Institute of Development Management, Tanzania. He is also associated with the teaching MBA a t s e v e ra l Management Institutes of Delhi. He has authored 8 books and written several articles. He has conducted a Research on "360 Degree Technique: A Multi-dimensional Appraisal Philosophy".

“This college teaches us a deep lesson in life every day.” says a third year student. Maharaja Agrasen offers the true replica of the outside world, but it's less complex, giving the students the ability to learn from each interaction and reaction of the college system.



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Fine Arts and Photography Society, KMC, DU Contributors: Akshay Kumaria: KMC, DU Saurabh Jain: KMC, DU Aanchal Gupta: KMC, DU






Reflections of a Student By Aastha Tyagi of Literature IP College, DU | 2012

Survival of the Richest By Shazma Iqbal Jamia Milia Islamia | 2013

I travel in the metro every single day, from Gurgaon to Okhla. It's an exhausting commute even though it's smooth, air conditioned and I usually get a place to sit. That doesn't stop me from bitching it out to my family and friends and use that as an excuse to get out of social obligations, studies, exercise. This one day I was on the escalator looking forward to the cold blast of air conditioning that will greet me in the station after a long hot humid day, when I saw a bunch of beggar kids in front of me. They were so EXCITED to be on the escalator and then in the cool air conditioned air. The smiles on their faces, the look in their eyes; I just smiled and walked away but it got me thinking. Near the Select City Mall in Saket, there is this pipe sort of thing coming out of the road where I've seen a lot of homeless people fill bottles of water. I look at these people and think of how they survive. And I wonder if people more financially privileged than me, look at me and think like that. I have never lacked anything in my life. I'll even go on to call myself a spoilt brat. And then I look at the huge farm houses and think, what do they have that I don't? Maybe the way I am amused when I see the look on the faces of the kids when they experience the pleasure of air conditioning, somebody else would be amused on seeing my marvel at a Hermes bag or at my drooling over a Mercedes SLS car. Maybe for someone to spend 20,000 on a shopping trip would be just another day at the mall, or taking exclusive holidays in exotic foreign locations with 5-star hospitality is just another summer vacation. Even in my own peer group I see such disparity in

lifestyle. In their choices, tastes and spending style. For a few, a Sunday spent in Sarojini Nagar is beneath them, for some the DLF Emporio mall is not good enough. I have never felt envious of anyone else having better clothes or a better house but I have always wondered about the sensibility and the sanity of a person who is willing to spend 50 grand on a hand bag that is too delicate to carry anything more than a small cell phone and a lip gloss. Is it just because they can afford it? Is it because of the brand and the impression value? Or is it because they are mentally retarded? Does someone else marvel at my mental sanity? In this addiction to luxuries, I have seen a lot of essentials being ignored. I have seen a slum where the kids didn't have clothes on their backs, where the parents claimed to not have enough money to send the kids to school, in which there was a flat screen TV. My maid has 50 different shades of lipsticks, she'll declare proudly, but not enough money to buy medicines for her ailing husband. Is it because we don't want others to think of us as inferiors, or is it because we ourselves are insecure in our social standing that makes us behave so irrationally? Are we this way because of the society? But the society is made up of us. We, who are always crying for equal treatment, no matter our religion, caste, race or financial stability; turn around and pretend to be something we are not. Who exactly are we trying to fool when the truth is so thinly veiled? I leave it to you to ponder upon.

My professor recently remarked, “When you are a student of Literature, the whole world is your oyster.” I think this line very succinctly brings out the essence of being a student of literature. Now, because this piece is so close to my heart, I'm writing with the flow and so please bear with me for that. Literature is hard to define. For some can find meaning in a tagline like 'Hum hi se toh, umeedein hai' (Hope is within us itself) and some may find even J.M. Coetzee a drag. Literature seems like a very impenetrable, mighty term, but it is not. It is anything that carries with it the potential to make the observer think. Why did I use the term 'observer' instead of 'reader'? Because Literature is not only in the books, it is everywhere: from lyrics in music, to paintings, to short stories and even limericks. Wouldn't you agree if I say that there is something timeless about 'Lose Yourself' by Marshall Mathers? Literature is so varied and rich, that it is impossible to explore all facets of it in a lifetime. Hence, repeating my professor's line, “The world is your oyster”. Now, next thing one understands by the term 'Literature' is that it only includes literature from England; and this is not at all true. Studying literature opens your mind to other civilisations and languages. For example, when we study John Milton's 'Paradise Lost', we not only study the text, we include the Bible, references from the Koran, paintings; and on looking further, one finds resonances of this work in Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein' etc. Reading literatures from other languages is an essential part of doing this course. When you do this, you are opening your mind up for possibilities from all over the world! The whole world then becomes your text-book and you in turn become a student of the world. One stereotype that is associated with students of

Literature is that they are 'not normal' and they carry anarchist tendencies, always flouting norms and their minds tilting towards deviancy; some might say that they have a license of being 'Bohemian'. This stereotype has plagued literature writers of all eras. Why does this happen? Do they do it consciously to attract attention to themselves? Well, to explain this, I will need a bit more space. When one does a diligent study in anything, one realizes that they are just another part of a large universe. They realize that the world does not revolve around them. When you study literature, by connecting different cultures, you understand that the differences are worthless; that the essential human feeling is same for everyone. And hence, they move beyond the material and try to explore this essence. Therefore, the clothes and brands stop to matter. One is required to be presentable, of course, but not to the point of splurging. Now, coming to the 'anarchist' tendencies that almost all literature students/teachers seem to carry: the 'essence' that one looks for in all humans, makes one aware of the importance of individuality and hence subsequently, that all human life is important. And so, angry outpourings from academia were expected when the Indian state arrested Binayak Sen merely for holding a particular view. Irrespective of whether they agreed with him or not, they reacted because arresting him for his opinions is undemocratic. Therefore, Arundhati Roy's views might annoy most of the Indian population, but it is essential that as students of literature, we understand her point of view and of others as well. And this brings me to my final point, that when one studies Literature, it is in the end, a very humbling experience. You will never hear someone from Arts belittle other areas of education (as the opposite happens to us Arts students all the time). Arts gives us perspective, it becomes a tool to be more tolerant and patient. The world truly becomes your oyster, and we become the 'citizens of the world'.

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I hear all these people talking about how Gurgaon is a great real

I love Delhi. Oh God I absolutely LOVE Delhi! The open

estate investment and I feel like shaking them and asking them to

spaces, DU, the food, Chandni Chowk, SAROJINI NAGAR!!!

not make the mistake of buying a house there. Gurgaon. Sucks.

But what is it with the roads and the sign posts? I

Period. There is absolutely NOTHING to do here unless you like

love greenery okay! It keeps our oxygen clean and

shopping and eating. And even that gets old after a while. And this

everything, but can we PLEASE not have the greenery

is coming from a girl who lives to eat. There is NO culture, no public

RIGHT IN FRONT of the sign posts? Because if I'm trying to

transport system, not even basic decent roads. WHY is this called the

navigate through the maze of the flyovers and a tree branch

Millennium City? Its roads are literally pre historic. The people are loud, brash,

is blocking my view of the direction I need to go to, I AM NOT

indecent and anti social. Having most of my friends live in South Delhi, where

LOOKING AT THE ROAD and accidents WILL happen. So

there is little metro connectivity, I have no ways of meeting up with them unless I

don't be arrogant and go around blaming the female

drive out there or beg them to come to CP. An hour long commute to get decent

drivers! So please Delhi, TRIM YOUR BUSHES

company. You still sure you want to spend all that money to end up dying

(pun unintended!).

By Shazma Iqbal Jamia Milia Islamia | 2013



METRO CHARACTERS The Delhi Metro is so nice, na? So smooth, fast, AC and all. It's brilliant stuff

FACEBOOK ADDICTION WHY are people so addicted to facebook? It is so boring. It's nothing but a bunch of people updating their statuses trying to make their mundane everyday activity sound like a script of a thriller movie. So wannabe-ish. WHO CARES that you went out with a bunch of your friends and had a good time? Or bought a new pink dress for that matter! Just. Shut. UP. How do people surf facebook for hours and hours? Unless you want to stalk your ex or you weigh a 100 KGs so you can't get people to talk to you in real life, facebook is of no use whatsoever. It's a great way to keep in touch with friends you knew 10 years back but after the initial “hey wassup”, conversation ceases to exist and you look for a quick chance to 'brb' them. And don't even get me started on Farmville and that It Girl nonsense. Are you THAT bored? REALLY? You want to cultivate a virtual farm and dress up a cartoon girl to pass your time? Whatever happened to reading books? Or watching movies? I would rather study than water virtual plants. Get a life people. A non virtual one.

really. Just teach the commuters SOME manners please. World peace will be achieved. The characters I see every day, my God! Fat aunties trying to squeeze themselves in small crevices; little kids skating up and down the compartment on their stupid shoes-that-double-into-skates; perverse pathetic men trying to feel up a poor little girl. I've seen it all. Inevitably, when the metro is mad crowded, there will be this little kid who would want to hold that pole in the middle and swing around it. Or a baby would be screaming at the top of his lungs, while the mother will be bitching about her mother-in-law, completely oblivious to child's eardrums shattering screams. Also, WHY is it that even at 8 in the morning there will be people who stink like pigs? Is it that hard to spray on some deodorant? And the race for a seat? It's nail biting. You can almost see the antennas perk up when a person starts to fidget with their bags, or shift in their seat. The anticipation of at least 3 people vying for it is guaranteed. And the looks on their faces when they realize that the person wasn't going to get up? Epic. I have to confess, I do that sometimes just for fun. Sorry, but it's HILARIOUS! What entertainment man. Delhi metro sabse best hai yaar!

By Shazma Iqbal Jamia Milia Islamia | 2013

better this way; less misery for all of us. I am not the kind that has multiple relationships and I am NOT the one who gets dumped. So it IS a big deal. Plus it's a big deal to last a year with your FAMILY, let alone a random guy. It all started rather stupidly and turned into a huge manipulative power struggle for both of us. Politics has always ended up in a blood bath and that is what happened. I don't regret the dysfunctionality of it all because that is still not the ugly part. Dear Diary,

weight will transform me into Megan Fox, always finding it hard to focus

When it really got disgusting was, when after each fight, I kept going

on anything other than the latest gossip till I have to appear for an exam back with my tail between my legs for a little shot of affection. I have always been a big reader but have refrained from writing diaries the next day etc. You know. The usual. Superficial. Which, btw, is why I Apologizing for a million things I shouldn't have to and a few things I did. because it seemed too Anne Frank to me. The book changed my outlook decided to write out my feelings. To find out if I have any depth within I used to laugh at people who behaved this way but now I feel their pain. It's so funny that all it took me to close this chapter in my never ending on putting your thought down on paper. I had, since then, always related me. it to a morbid time in one's life. Basically, where you can't trust a soul

book was, a simple list of the virtues and vices of this ex sweetheart of

other than yourself to understand what you are going through. But on It's been a puke inducing roller coaster for the past couple of weeks. A mine; A la Miranda Hobbes in Sex and the City The Movie. Needless to introspection, I feel it does kind of fit us all. Because no one else WILL turbulent time. I recently got dumped. Boy trouble always throws me say, the vices exceeded the virtues (duh!)… Although barely (which understand what you're going through and how the circumstances have off balance. Argh. SO annoying. I felt it coming for a long time but I didn't kinda sucks), but at least it wasn't the other way round. It is so sad that been affecting you. Nothing pathetic about it, that's just how it is.

want to accept it. He was the one who pulled the plug, so naturally I all it took was a stupid fight and an even stupider list to end what could wanted what I couldn't have, and begged him to return. But I'm finally have been an era for the both of us, but that's how it was meant to be.

So since, I AM writing to you, I think it's only fitting that you should at getting my self respect back. I thought it'll take me a year to start feeling Oh well, on to my next self-revelation adventure. least something about me! So I am this average college student. foolish about my behavior, but (THANK YOU LORD!) it took me a week. Obsessed with my appearance, convinced that losing a little more Guess that's the new age “over it” period. I have to say, I like it MUCH I'll write again to you, my dear diary, when my world will be topsy-turvy once more; which I feel will be SOON. Till then, adios!



Critics Corner


review BOOK

The Compulsive Confessor


Http:// Meenakshi Madhavan Reddy is well known as the author of the bestseller of 'You Are Here', but most people don't know that she started off by writing a blog 'The Compulsive Confessor'. She has been religiously writing in it for close to 8 years. Her witty style of writing and the thousands of stories she has to tell, keeps readers hooked. She is, in the true sense, a fun, fearless female who is not afraid of what the neighbours will say


and that is what she presents to us in a crisp, to-the-point, in-your-face blog. Her life is what every other girl wants her life to be: one wild, crazy party after another, a few cigarettes and drinks, and open discussions about sex. Well, her life isn't only about that but yeah, that's what anybody as party deprived as us North Delhi girls would gather out of the whole blog. Her blog shouts out that every woman has shades of grey and should be unashamed of it. The whole blog has a bit of everything, from drinks to fashion to boyfriend flaunting to plays to music to movies to bitching about people to other blogs. It has a bit of everything wrapped in

sarcastic humour and witty one-liners; and very good writing too, extremely descriptive and engaging, gives the reader a sense of conversation. The only thing I fail to understand is, why would anybody bother to buy her book if she's writing almost the same stuff a few times a month. I purchased 'You are Here' and it didn't really make me feel any different than I do when I read the blog. Also sometimes, the whole 'upper crust of the society' act seems forced. But all in all, a must read. After all, she got a book deal out of it.


U.S. Release Date: December 27, 2002 Distributor: Miramax Director: Rob Marshall Writer: Bill Condon Producer: Don Carmody (co-producer) Composer: Danny Elfman Cast: Renee Zellweger, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Richard Gere, Queen Latifah, John C. Reilly, Lucy Liu (Cameo) Running Time: 1 hour and 47 minutes MPAA Rating: PG-13 (sexual content and dialogue, violence and thematic elements)




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Wasting Light is one of the greatest Foo Fighters albums and for me it is one of the greatest new releases this year till now and I am sure it will be till the end. There are two things that you should absolutely make sure you have before listening to this one. First, make sure you have extra kickass speakers that are set to maximum volume and the second thing that you need to have is the ability to listen to high level volume because if you aren't listening to this loud, you'd better not listen to it. The guitaring on the entire album is fucking brilliant in terms of notes and structures. Also all the vocal and guitar driven harmonies are so wonderfully gelled together, you feel as if you are walking through a tunnel of brilliant sound. One thing about the album is that each chorus of each song is insane. The very first song “Bridge Burning” is a slobber knocker. The harmonies towards the end are just too beautiful. There is a great deal of experimentation in the album. There is of course the original Foo Fighter DNA but this time it is lined with radioactive mutated improvisations, which can be seen on “rope”, the little high hat tricks and the subtle ghost notes are truly amazing and the breaks towards the end are great too. With a little guitar solo lined up, this is one of my favorite tracks on the

album. The opening notes to “Dear Rosemary” are magical. The song structure of “These Days” stands out. Over the entire album, if you dig deep into the lyrics, you'll know that at some point Dave Grohl is talking about Cobain. “A matter of time” is one of those songs that are simple, no complexities yet the guitaring which is laid back behind the vocals just transcends the song to a greater level. “Miss the misery” with its chorus going “Don't change your mind, your wasting light” and being lined with a hard lead makes you want to bang your head off. “I should have known” in terms of song structure has the over-powering old school feel to it. “White Limo” is the fourth song in the album but I am writing about it at the end because if you were listening to this album at 100% volume, listen to this track in the end at 400% (VLC media player boss!). This is absolutely the best track on the album with a crazy riff lined out, the soul crushing power drumming and Mr. Grohl just singing out, out loud. The riff won't stop playing in your head. Overall the production quality is great. Big thumbs up to Butch Vig, who has also produced Nirvana's 'Nevermind'. The album artwork is trippy in many ways, with the faces and the colours. The Fighters are fucking back.




Timepass Zone


AstroCAFE: Monthly Horoscopes







Something someone says to you, a lover, a child, a friend, even a group, has a piece of the truth in it. At first you may not understand. You might even be upset or irritated. So much at home, so many ideas, a too much communication going on. Set yourself to a creative task, ponder their words, and ask for goodwill. Give it too.

Unusual things occur both at home and with work. These may create frustration, even arguments that distort your usual placid demeanor. Walking will disperse some of the contained energy. Walking with a friend is even better in neighborhoods neither of you know about. Think about sustained nourishment.

Constant thoughts of travel, or perhaps a compelling need to leave the reality you're in, impels you to change something, seek the unusual and bring it home, and/or bring a new level of thought to a limited belief. Communication of the esoteric type will save you. Where do you go for that?

First you'll chat about money and resources and then you'll just chat. Trying to make any sense, especially where your resources are going, may be impossible. The situation is such that you'll have to delve into another's state of finances to understand your own. Not easy. It's time to take a long drive.

The nine tests begin in earnest for all Scorpios. Being aware of them provides you with knowledge, preparation, and reality. Look for three physical tests, three emotional tests, and three mental tests. Their purpose is to see what next level of spiritual development you are ready for. There is no failure. Just information. Act with integrity in all endeavors.

How is your health? Is something unusual, undefined, and unexpected occurring? It's good to seek a professional to ease the symptoms. This will help the changes you're also experiencing in the home. Someone you care about from a group can help. They are intelligent and will soothe your fears. Call upon them.


Just Like That!







Driving could be worse than you've ever experienced it to be. Working with others could be just as bad. The day-to-day situation of relentless working with relentless workers could prove to be just too much. Accomplish as much as you can at home, take long walks in twilight, and know that eventually a brilliance will befall you. Like an unexpected star. You'll move back and forth from the business world to groups of friends trying to be social and yet professionally responsible. You'll have to walk around with a scale in your hands in order to balance both. What you're attempting to do is unite all the facets of your life and unite others too. This is a good humanitarian intention. Add science to the list.

It's as if you became a Gemini this Month, handling multiple calls, emails, technical situations, businesses deals, contracts, and corporate logos. As each message seems to blur into the next, take the time to walk a bit, talk a bit less, and synthesize what you're learning here. Contact siblings. Don't doubt yourself or your dreams or wishes for successful group endeavors. In the next three Months, recapitulate and redefine your goals and then refine them. Perhaps you're moving into a new direction for greater freedom. Yes, I think that's occurring. In love matters, you'll find yourself selfless. This is good, charitable, and gratifying. If unresolved situations surface, work with them. The rewards are spiritual. The question for some is individual freedom (where is it?) in relation to the group (what group?). For others a question concerning commitment occurs. What we're discussing here is the abstract (freedom) vs. practicality (are you in the game or not?). This is a psychological struggle. What's needed is massive communication. Can you do that? The past shows up and presents you with pictures and feelings that cause grief. Each memory has a message that has bearing on the future. You've become your past which makes you very sensitive to your previous unskillful ways. Hold these thoughts close, allow them to gather strength, to gestate, and offer your insights to the world. They will be magnetic.

‘Fake’ Book





The gift of the gab: Rjing They are famous, but their faces aren't seen amongst the glitterati of Page 3; they are household names, but for all we know, they probably use pseudonyms. But we listen to them, let them entertain us, talk to us; we make them a part of our lives. We know them by their voices alone. They are the Radio Jockeys or the more recently coined 'Music Jockeys'.

edit it, add sound effects and play it as soon as the song gets done. It's clichĂŠ, but it is a race against time. And it's all live. Psycho caller? Deal with it. RJing is usually a field chosen by people who have been voice-over artistes or anchors. But a little talent, wit and the love to talk to people can make an RJ out of anyone. Over time, as the private FM industry has expanded and matured, radio jockeying is emerging as a much sought after profession. Amongst many others, colleges such as MICA (Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad), Xavier's and SIMC (Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication) have begun offering degree courses in Radio. All India Radio also conducts a 2 month in-house training programme for broadcasting. With the third phase of expansion in the private FM industry which would allow private FM channels to broadcast news, a major boom is foreseen in this sector making it something it never was a highly lucrative career option.

With the privatization of radio in the 1990s, FM channels came up in a big way and in big numbers. Personified by a young, dynamic, enthusiastic voice, the new age FM channels gained unprecedented popularity unlike their predecessors that catered to a more mature audience. Legends like Amin Sayani and Parvez Ahmed of All India Radio paved way for RJs like Hrishikesh Kannan and Sanket who have helped stylize private FM channels in their initial stages. The music became more contemporary, the language more colloquial, and the listener-ship saw new vistas. With this the 'Radio Jockey' became the new rage. An ear for music and a passion to entertain, getting paid to play your favourite tunes seems easy enough, right? Not quite. The hours are long and frankly, the pay isn't great. To add to this list, the general perception that libels jockeying as an 'all-you-cantalk' profession doesn't seem to budge even after all this time. But it can't be that bleak a future, can it? It isn't. Because despite all this, the number of students enrolling in professional courses to train as Radio Jockeys, is at an all time high. There must be

something more to it that just 'jockeying'? (Ignore the advertisement of the international undergarment franchise that may have popped into your head). Well, the RJs say it's the job satisfaction that gets them hooked, and for them we go down hook line and sinker. We aren't complaining.

Ameen Sayini: The man who started it all

RJ Simran

A Weird Phenomena Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta was born into a conservative Catholic family which was unsuspecting of the uproar she would cause 23 years later as Lady Gaga. She stood out even in her school, Convent of the Sacred Heart, and she claims she was bullied then for being too eccentric. But now her eccentricity and freakish charm make her who she is and she has an amazingly huge fan base she likes to call her 'Little Monsters'. Even though she is severely criticized for her 'antics' by people with stunted imaginations, she still manages to be the most followed person on Twitter. How's that for being an outcast? Gaga made her talent known as a young child when she started performing in front of a live audience and was an avid actor in high school musicals. When she passed out of her school, her mother encouraged her to study drama and performance at the New York University especially CAP21. She gained early admission and lived in an NYU dorm where she studied music and honed her songwriting skills. But by the second semester of her sophomore year she dropped out to pursue her musical dreams. She made a band, the Stefani Germanotta band which became known in the Lower East Side and was pretty popular. She also experimented with Go-Go dancing and drugs. Her big break arrived when she started writing songs for Britney Spears, The Pussycat Dolls, Fergie and New kids on the block. She teamed up with RedOne and Cherrytree Records to make the epic album 'The

By Kaavya Pillai IP College, DU | 2014

Fame' which sold 14 million copies. 'Just Dance', 'Poker Face' & 'Paparazzi' topped charts worldwide and won her a few Grammys. The next album, 'The Fame Monster' did just the same for her, 'Bad Romance' and her collaboration with Beyonce, 'Telephone' won her accolades. And in 2011, she released her third album, 'Born this way' with chart topping hits yet again in 'Born This Way', a gay anthem, 'Judas' and 'The Edge of Glory'. Her success as a singer could be contributed to more than just her voice. Her outrageous fashion sense, read the meat dress, the lace dress that covered her from head to toe, the 'bleeping' high heels with no heels at all and her even more outrageous performances and videos like the Paparazzi performance where she showed herself bleeding, the 'hibernation egg' she lay in before her performance in last year's Grammy awards show have all made her the star she is today. Her support to the LGBT community is appreciated worldwide and her fight against the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy in the US Army has made the necessary ripples it should. She believes that everyone has the right to be who they are and is openly bisexual herself and doesn't mind being called a man as she loves 'androgyny'. Her audience are the free people, mentally, emotionally, socially. And the people who don't like her for who she is sure as hell love her music. Any which way she stays in your heart as the eccentric yet loving free woman that she is 'cause she was born this way baby!

So what is it that an RJ does? With each radio station equipped with a minimum of three studios: a recording studio, a backup studio and a studio for advertisement spots, voice-overs etc: the skill set required to be a good RJ extends far beyond the realms of just the 'gift of the gab'. As the pre decided playlists are played, the RJ must record his own link,

After all that is said, and in this case, spoken, RJing is the 'daredevil' profession it is thought to be. Armed with just software, a playlist and your own talent, you make your voice become your fame. Because it wouldn't even take a minute for most Delhiites to know if it's Anant, Saurav or Sud talking; because before the ignition of our car, we put turn on the FM; because we all listened to Love Guru and thought of calling in at least once; because it is their voices that make our day; because without them, it would've been a very lonely drive back home.

RJ Nitin



My weird world...


World Music Festivals Coachella, Indio, USA

Glastonbury Festival, Glastonbury, England

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is an alternative music festival held annually in the Californian town of Indio. Coachella attracts a hipster crowd including an array of stars thanks to its funky atmosphere and the great selection of acts taking to the stage. Some of the bands involved in this year’s edition of the festival include Arcade Fire, Bright Eyes, Interpol and Duran Duran, plus plenty more.

Glasto, as Glastonbury Festival is commonly known, is one of the biggest music festivals in the world and attracts around 140,000 revellers each year. On the go since 1970, the festival is organised by Michael Eavis and features performances by some of the world’s top contemporary music acts alongside comedians, theatre groups and lots more. In 2011, some of the bands performing on Glasto’s numerous stages include U2, Coldplay, Beyoncé and BB King.

Location: Empire Polo Club, 81-800 Avenue 51, Indio

Bumbershoot, Seattle, USA

Location: Worthy Farm, Pilton

Outside Lands, San Francisco, USA

Location: Haachtsesteenweg, Werchter.

Location: Golden Gate Park, 25th Avenue & Lincoln Way

Location: Seattle Center, 305 Harrison Street, Queen Anne One of the biggest music festivals held in North America, Seattle’s Bumbershoot takes place over Labour Day weekend at the Seattle Center. Dating back to 1971, the festival now sees about 250 different performances take place over the course of its 3-day run. The Bumbershoot line up will be announced in the coming weeks and will, without a doubt, include some of the world’s most popular bands.

Rock Werchter, Werchter, Belgium

Outside Lands is a festival celebrating music and art which is held annually in Golden Gate Park over two days. A relatively new festival, the first edition of Outside Lands took place back in 2008. Aiming to be an eco-friendly event, this music festival also features art exhibits, wine tasting, food stalls and lots more.

Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Denmark Seven different stages host a wide variety of musical acts at Denmark’s Roskilde Festival which takes place over four days. Dating back to 1971 when it was known as the Sound Festival, Roskilde has welcomed many of the world’s top acts over the years from Bob Marley to Metallica. Acts appearing at this year’s festival include Bright Eyes, Mastodon & PJ Harvery, plus lots of other bands from all over the globe.

One of Europe’s biggest summer music festivals, Rock Werchter is a long-running event dating back to the early 70s. This year the festival is being held over four days with bands performing on two main stages. Huge rock acts from around the world perform alongside Belgian bands and up-and-coming artists. If Rock Werchter is on your list of music festivals to check out this year, you can expect to see bands like Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, Eels, Iron Maiden, Black Eyed Peas and Queens of the Stone Age.

Benicàssim Festival, Benicàssim, Spain The Festival Internacional de Benicàssim or FIB is a haven for alternative music fans in Spain as it plays host to a huge number of the top indie and electronica acts from all over the world each year. Dating back to 1994, this festival attracts around 50,000 revellers on each day of its 4-day run. Mumford & Sons, Portishead, Arcade Fire and The Strokes are just some of the world-class acts performing this year on the various stages.

Location: Festivalpladsen, Darupvej 19, Roskilde

Sziget, Budapest, Hungary

Oxegen, Naas, Ireland

Hove Festival, Arendal, Norway

Each July around 90,000 people head to Punchestown Racecourse to enjoy four days of live music and entertainment at Ireland’s hugely popular Oxegen Festival. With two huge outdoor stage areas and a number of stages inside tents, you’re sure to be able to find something you like. This year the three main headliners are The Black Eyes Peas, Foo Fighters and Coldplay. Alongside all this great music, festival revellers can check out the funfair and numerous stalls selling everything from band shirts to rain ponchos, and given the Irish weather you might be in need of the latter!

Location: Tromøy, Arendal.

Location: Punchestown Racecourse, Naas, Co. Kildare.

Location: Óbuda Island, 3rd District. Amy Winehouse, The Maccabees, Deftones, Lostprophets and Good Charlotte are just a few of the well-known acts performing at this year’s Sziget Festival in Budapest. If you’re looking for something a bit different, check out the world music stage or the party arena. Held on an island in the Danube, Sziget dates back to the early 1990s.

Location: Recinto de Conciertos, On CN 340, Benicàssim, Castellón.

The Hove Festival (Hovefestivalen) is a must for music fanatics visiting Norway this summer. A large number of well-known Norwegian bands perform alongside top international acts; while new acts also get a chance to showcase their music. Major acts taking to the stage over the festival’s 4-day run in 2011 include Linkin Park, Kasabian, The Mars Volta, Brandon Flowers and 30 Seconds to Mars.




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The Motorcycle Diaries Tawang: The Hidden Paradise!

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Warm Clothing throughout the year

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