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3 Reasons why people buy network marketing leads I feel frustrated why people spend money on buying leads. There are so many ways to get free network marketing leads online. I cannot understand why waste their hard earned money? In this article, I am going to reveal to you how to be smart and get free network marketing leads. First, let me share with you the 3 reasons why people buy network marketing leads. 1)They are desperate. Right now, the economy is really bad, people lost their jobs, getting retrenched, no money to support the family and therefore join a network marketing company. It is sad to find out that some believe the fastest way to build a business is to buy leads. 2)They have a "get rich quick" mindset. You cannot have a "get rich quick mindset" to build a team in network marketing. Once you adopt this mindset, you are doom to failure. The best investment you can get is to invest in yourself. 3)They want to save time looking for targeted leads. Usually, these types of people have a full time job and live a well to do lifestyle. If you fall into this category, my advice to you is quit now, you are just wasting money and time. When you are reading this article right now, I believe you are into network marketing business and looking for a shortcut to getting free network marketing leads. To be frank with you, there is no shortcut to success. But you can speed up your success by applying the strategies I teach you now. 5 Tips to get Free Network Marketing Leads It is possible to get free network marketing leads online. There are a few simple steps for you to take to get free leads. 1)Create your lead capture page. What do I mean by that? A lead capture page is a mini website that captures your prospect name and email address. Why do they want to do that? By giving a free report, usually an e-book related to network marketing. Next, purchase an auto responder. What is an auto responder? It works like your sales assistant to help you follow up with your prospects after they have "Opt- in" to your lead capture page. Your job is to write responsive emails to build relationship with your prospects and sell to them. 2) Article Marketing. Write articles and submit to article directories to drive traffic to your lead

capture page. This is one of the methods to get free network marketing leads. It is the most effective network marketing leads generation method. You can instantly brand yourself as an expert when you write quality articles about network marketing. 3)Video Marketing. Right now, video marketing is hot. It is now the best network marketing leads generation method you can use to drive traffic. If you do not know to create videos, don't worry. There are network marketing experts who create PLR( private label rights) videos and sell them as a package. You can buy it at an affordable price at or Google search around. Make sure you got the AVI source files so you can edit it and rebrand it using Windows Movie maker which is free. After which, you can submit the branded videos to video sharing sites like Youtube and Daily Motion. 4)Forum Marketing. This is a network marketing leads generation strategy that few people share. You need to have consistency to establish your credibility in forums. Posting your threads daily and replying to threads is a good way to drive traffic to your lead capture page. Make sure you post quality and valuable threads that provide value to the community. In that way, you can brand yourself as an expert overtime. 5)Lastly, social book marking. What is social book marking? It is to save your favorite bookmark, usually a website or podcasting site into a place. On the internet, there are social bookmarking sites that people save their favorite bookmarks at a free hosted website. All you need to do is to post your website URL link in your signature and these is it. Conclusion We have covered a few topics on network marketing leads generation. I wish I could write more but I have to start driving traffic to my lead capture page now. If you want to know more and looking for resources or tools to help you get free network marketing leads, simply go to my resource box and click onto my link. I am looking forward to see you succeed in building a huge team of downlines. Good luck!

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