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June 2009


An Engine of Growth Delgado Community College plays an essential role in both present and future economic activity in the New Orleans region and throughout the State of Louisiana. As detailed in this report, the primary impact of Delgado is delivered through the training and educational services that develop human capital and facilitate long-term growth. Indeed, this contribution is at the heart of Delgado’s mission. Beyond this service though, Delgado itself is an engine of growth in the region’s largest metropolitan economy. $12.48 Return for Every $1 the State of Louisiana invests in Delgado. • $451.1 million in total economic impact in 2009 • $167.3 million in labor income generated • 6,996 employment positions supported The long-term impact of education on economic activity is equally important. This report quantifies this impact for Delgado graduates over the past five years as a group. The impact of a Delgado education on employment and wages is significant: • • •

5 years of Delgado graduates fill an estimated 6,796 job openings in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area in 2009. Delgado graduates earned an additional $86.2 million in wages in 2009. Delgado graduates had an economic impact that generated approximately $81.1 million in wages in the broader metropolitan economy.

The impact of all Delgado graduates contributes substantially to the economy— and that impact grows more significant with each succesive year. • • • • •

Delgado students earned 1,063 training certificates and associate degrees in the 2007 – 2008 academic year. 895 students earned awards in Technical Competency Areas preparing them for work in a skilled trade. Delgado had an enrollment of 14,678 in Spring 2009. Enrollment saw a year-over-year increase of 11.4% from Spring 2008. Enrollments at satellite locations are growing fastest— a 15.4% jump at the West Bank Campus and 24.7% increase at the Northshore location, compared to the previous academic year.


Table of Contents 1. An Introduction: Assessing the Economic Impact of Delgado and its Graduates.................. 3 2. Serving the Citizens and Businesses of the New Orleans Region.......................................... 4 3. The Institution: Delgado’s Reach in the New Orleans Region.......................................... 6 4. Our Mission: Workforce Development............... 8 5. The Value of a Delgado Education..................... 11 6. Conclusion...................................................... 14



elgado is the premier community college in the State of Louisiana and an essential catalyst for economic growth in the New Orleans metropolitan region and throughout the state. In 2009 alone, the total economic impact associated with Delgado is estimated to be over $450 million, generating $12.48 in economic activity for every $1 invested by the State of Louisiana. This boon to the local economy supports 6,996 additional jobs and an estimated $167.3 million in added wages for workers across the metropolitan area.

While Delgado is clearly an engine of employment and economic activity in its own right, the institution produces its most critical impact by providing training and educational services that develop our economy’s human capital and facilitate long-term growth. In 2009 Delgado graduates of the past five years will cumulatively fill an estimated 6,796 job openings in the New Orleans metropolitan area. According to figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these graduates will earn an estimated $82.2 million more this year than they would have without the education and training they received at Delgado. The higher wages and rates of employment that result from these graduates’ educational attainment also have an impact on the broader local economy. This economic impact is expected to generate approximately $81.1 million in wages in the metropolitan area this year. Increased consumer spending related to these earned wages also has a significant stimulative effect on the local economy not captured in this analysis. Indeed, this economic benefit, though conservative, offers an estimate of Delgado’s invaluable contribution to economic growth and prosperity in the region, a contribution that grows more significant with each successive year.


Serving the Citizens and Businesses of the New Orleans Region To current and prospective students, Delgado’s value is not found in its aggregate impact, but in its promise to each individual. Citizens across the region are provided the opportunity to develop practical skills close to home, the chance to jumpstart careers in high-demand fields and to capitalize on an affordable education in a variety of traditional subjects. For these students, the education provided by Delgado can greatly improve their potential lifetime earnings and quality of life— outcomes that ultimately enhance the quality of life for all individuals in the New Orleans metropolitan area. For the regional business community, the suite of skills-training programs offered by Delgado plays an essential role in addressing the region’s most pressing workforce needs, particularly in potential growth industries. Recently the area has faced a set of seemingly contradictory problems— high rates of unemployment

Louisiana Workforce Commission, the most recent data

and a high number of job vacancies. According to the

suggest that the New Orleans regional labor market had over 22,000 job vacancies (Q2 2008) and a 5.0% unemployment rate (April 2009). Occupations with the highest numbers of vacancies included those in the trade and transportation industry, educational and health services, and leisure and hospitality. These same industries, along with others such as advanced manufacturing and creative media and design, have been identified by the regional economic alliance Greater New Orleans, Inc. as economic sectors primed for growth in the New Orleans region. With its extraordinary array of geographic, industrial and cultural assets, there 4

is an opportunity for New Orleans to leverage its


competitive advantages and set a new course for the regional economy. Developing a qualified workforce to fill vacancies, grow businesses, and attract outside investment is critical to the



Computer Information Technology (Degree) Computer & Electronics Service Technology (Degree & Certificate) Electrical-Electronics Engineering Technology (Degree) Electrical Technology (Certificate) Metal Arc Welding (TCA)


Computer Information Technology (Degree) Computer Network Technology (Degree) Computer & Electronics Service Technology (Degree & Certificate) Visual Communications-Graphic Design (Degree) Web Site Design (Certificate)


Diesel Power Technology (Degree) Electrical Technology (Certificate)

success of such an effort. Indeed, the majority of industries that have been the focus of GNO, Inc. and other economic development organizations in the region are driven by the kind of technical knowledge and skill sets that Delgado Community College


is geared to provide. Delgado’s curriculum has evolved through dialogue with regional business leaders and public officials about the


community’s most important needs and most exciting opportunities— to ensure that Delgado is providing the workforce for the economy local leaders are working towards.

Accounting (Degree) Business Administration (Degree) Business & Management (Degree) Entrepreneurship (Degree)


Food & Beverage Purchasing (TCA) Food Safety & Sanitation

in the mainstream of state policy and has been HEALTH SERVICES / BIOLOGY

on economic development and growth. The newly renamed Louisiana Workforce Commission promotes closer ties with the state’s community and technical college system. This is an excellent first step in creating a more robust network of community colleges that will be able to satisfy

Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic (Degree & Certificate) Nuclear Medicine Technology (Post-Associate Certificate) Physical Therapist Assistant (Degree) Radiation Therapy (Post-Associate Certificate) Radiologic Technology (Degree) Surgical Technology (Certificate) Veterinary Technology (Degree) Safety & Health Technology (Degree & Certificate) Nursing (Degree) Practical Nursing (Technical Diploma) Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Certificate) Electrocardiography (Certificate) Medical Coding (Certficiate) Health Information Technology (Certificate) Ophthalmic Medical Assistant (Degree) Pharmacy Technician (Certificate)


Teaching, Grades 1-5 (Degree) Care and Development of Young Children (Degree & Certificate)


Architectural / Design Construction Technology (Degree) Civil Construction Technology (Degree) Computer Aided Design & Drafting (Degree & Certificate) Construction Management Technology (Degree)


Culinary Arts (Degree & Certificate) Culinary Management (Certificate) Hospitality Management (Degree & Certificate) Music (Degree) Performance and Media Arts (Degree)

all workforce demands in the region. It will also serve as an incentive for businesses looking to



Delgado’s recognition of this dynamic is now incorporated into Governor Bobby Jindal’s focus

Diesel Power Technology (Degree) Logistics Technology (Certificate) Motor Vehicle Technology (Degree & Certificate) Metal Arc Welding (TCA) Business & Management (Degree)


TCA=Technical Competency Area

“The training Delgado provides its students is relevant and responsive to the needs of the healthcare industry. Our employee partners appreciate how effective Delgado is in creating programs for students that are critical to the everyday workforce needs in the healthcare marketplace – making students well prepared for good jobs in the healthcare industry. Delgado Allied Health and Nursing graduates are the lifeblood to this region’s health care industry.”

Jan Robert, Executive Director, St. Tammany Healthcare Alliance


The Institution The degree and certification programs administered by

multiple locations throughout the region enable Delgado

Delgado are the premier avenues for citizens to receive

to reach residents across the New Orleans area who might

the education and training necessary to compete for

otherwise not be able to enroll in college.

high quality jobs in the region. In fact, over the past five academic years, Delgado students have earned

Delgado maintains and operates a network of locations

over 10,000

that includes the flagship institution at the edge of New

degrees, certificates and technical competency awards in over 85 programs. Delgado has maintained efforts to expand and tailor its program offerings to serve the greatest of these workforce needs, thus generating the most substantial and most lasting economic impact possible. In addition,

Orleans’ City Park, the Charity School of Nursing in New

Delgado offers a

Orleans’ downtown medical district, a campus on the

suite of programs in

West Bank of New Orleans adjacent to Behrman Park,

continuing education

and a pair of facilities serving the Northshore in Slidell.

and professional

In addition to these major locations, Delgado also

development to

operates two Maritime, Fire, and Industrial Training

ensure that members of the workforce remain competitive

Facilities in New Orleans East and Mandeville. With

throughout their careers.

the on-going integration of the four Region 1 Louisiana Technical College facilities—on the East and West Banks

Delgado is an institution of higher learning that is

of Jefferson Parish, in the Gentilly Area of New Orleans,

accessible to all area residents. Affordable tuition and

and on the Northshore—Delgado Community College truly 6

has a metropolitan-wide reach. This expanded network has strengthened Delgado’s role as a critical component of the region’s education infrastructure. Delgado currently serves students from 65 ZIP codes in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area, as well as scores of students from South Louisiana and communities in neighboring states. Over 14,000 students took advantage of the educational services offered by Delgado in the 2008 – 2009 academic year. Although Hurricane Katrina adversely affected enrollment, the number of students seeking an education at Delgado has climbed by the thousands with each subsequent academic year and is on track to reach the historic enrollment peak of 17,398 reached immediately before Katrina. In addition to part-

“Delgado truly changed my life

time and full-time students, Delgado also awarded over 150 Graduate Equivalent Degrees in 2008-2009, helping

for the better. Delgado started me

those residents who have decided to get their education back on track.

on my career as a life-long learner

Aside from its geographic reach, the low-cost of training

and gave me the foundation that I

and degree programs makes Delgado the most accessible

needed to continue my education

source of higher education in the region. Coursework at

and work toward my doctorate.”

Delgado can dramatically lower the cost of a bachelor’s degree, prepare students for high-demand professions, and allow members of the workforce to advance their

Rosalind Blanco Cook Public Relations Specialist New Orleans Regional Transit Authority

careers while working full-time. For Delgado students, a small investment in their education can produce dramatic returns.


Our Mission: Workforce Development Delgado’s primary mission is the development of a skilled workforce to serve the economy of the New Orleans Region and Louisiana at large. While Delgado students pursue a wide range of subjects in their studies, a Delgado education helps those students to apply their knowledge in real-world, practical settings. One-on-one instruction, simulated work environments and Practicum requirements all ensure that Delgado students are ready for life in the workforce. Delgado’s Workforce Development and Education Unit promotes special initiatives to grow the skilled workforce in the area. The division oversees programming at

Incumbent Worker Training

specialized facilities, operates state grant programs, and

Through the Louisiana Department of Workforce

serves to establish relationships with industries in the

Development, the Incumbent Worker Training Program


provides grant funding to eligible companies for customized training. This industry-driven training

Maritime, Fire and Industrial Training Facilities

enables companies to effectively upgrade and retain

Delgado maintains and operates two Maritime, Fire and

existing full-time employees. Delgado’s Incumbent Worker

Industrial Training Facilities— one on the Northshore

Training Program was introduced in 1999 and has since

in Mandeville and one in New Orleans East— that

provided customized training for over 51 businesses and

serve those training to work in public safety and the

industries and has awarded over 71 grants statewide,

region’s large number of maritime industries. For over

for a total of $31,543,563.95, training over 18,284

two decades these facilities have offered fire fighting,

employees. The program also includes a dedicated grant

radar operation, navigation, public safety and Coast

for small business employee training—reimbursing

Guard-approved maritime training. These facilities prime

employers for textbooks, manuals, and classroom costs

scores of students annually to work in the trade and

for their employees.

logistics industries, the region’s large offshore oil and gas operations, and as first-responders in communities

Apprenticeship Programs

throughout the area.

Though the core focus of many Delgado programs is in the classroom instruction, on-the job experience is extremely valuable for all students. This understanding 8

INDUSTRY PARTNER PROFILE Florida Marine Transporters has led to the development of apprenticeship programs in “Florida Marine Transporters is proud of its association with Delgado Community

a variety of fields studied at Delgado. These “earn while

College and its Martime, Fire and Industrial Training Program. Our relationship with

you learn” programs allow students to generate income

(Program Manager) Rick Schwab has evolved into a friendship. His leadership and

and valuable feedback from experienced professionals

laser focus is not only commendable but an example for others. Rick and his staff

in the field they are pursuing. Delgado Culinary Arts

are proof that post-secondary education can be practical, beneficial and resultsoriented.” said Jason Belcher, Chief Financial Officer of Florida Marine Transporters.

Chef Apprenticeship program has employed students in some of the area’s best fine-dining establishments, as

“Florida Marine and our industry peers such as LeBeouf Brothers, Crosby Tugs,

well as hotel and catering kitchens. These students have

Transit Marine, and Noble Drilling, among others, are committed to the success of the Martime, Fire and Industrial Training program. The jobs that are created within the walls of the Delgado facility coupled with the continuing education of our crews and employees will make a demonstrative contribution to improving this state’s economy.”

Northrop Grumman Since Hurricane Katrina, the shipbuilding industry has faced an historic labor shortage that has forced companies in southeast Louisiana to think creatively and create new relationships in order to fill job openings with qualified candidates. “It isn’t like it used to be,” said Woody Ogé, site director for the Avondale Operations of Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding. “Its not grunt work. We need smart people who are good at math and reading and want a career, not just a job.” The shipbuilding and repair industry is one of the largest employers in the Gulf Coast region. The need for better candidates led to a robust dialogue between politicians, industry representatives, and educators. These companies are now working with

registered over 4,000 hours of work under the supervision

institutions like Delgado to train employees, whose salaries can range from $30,000

of an executive chef since the inception of the program.

to $50,000 annually, not including overtime.

In addition, Delgado has partnered with Northrop Susie Davis, an electrician for Northrop, found her job at the Avondale Shipyard after

Grumman Shipbuilding to create an apprenticeship

she accompanied her son there to apply for a job. Through Northrop Grumman’s

program that blends on-the-job and classroom training in

partnership with Delgado, she was able to get the training she needed to make her

key crafts such as welding, marine electrical technology,

job a career.

machinist work and shipfitting. Students work up to 16

“I tell everyone that if I can do it, you can too,” said Davis. “This is the most

weeks depending upon the craft of study and receive an

rewarding experience. When I wire a room and turn on the light switch, I know I’ve

hourly pay rate increase for every 500 hours worked.

done my job.”

Tulane-Delgado EMS Program

Local trade unions also have a long-established relationship

Delgado Department of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is working hand-in-hand

with Louisiana Technical College

with Tulane Medical School/ Tulane Life Support Program to create groundbreaking

Region 1. Going forward, unions

opportunities for interdisciplinary training. In the words of Dr. Peggy Chehardy, Tulane director of Surgical Education and Delgado EMS Advisory Board member, the

will continue to communicate

partnership is creating “a new tradition in health care, from the street to the surgery

their hiring needs directly to


the Delgado-LTC apprenticeship

Delgado paramedic students are joining Tulane Medical School students in doing

program to help fill positions.

instructional Basic Life Support training at community sites across the city. This

Hired students receive

service learning activity gives the students invaluable hands-on experience and

competitive hourly wages and

improves critical care for high risk populations.

insurance benefits while training

“Delgado and Tulane are taking the lead in breaking down the glass doors between

on the job, and their continuing

medical care in the street and the hospital. This educational approach is building

class work is paid for by their

a framework for open communication and improved patient care,” said Dr. Chehardy.

employer. Trades taught in these programs include

“I have always had a great appreciation for Delgado and the college’s openness to

carpentry, sheetmetal work, operating engineering,

groundbreaking education ideas,” said Dr. Chehardy. “Today, Tulane and Delgado

ironwork, asbestos work, plumbing and masonry.

can be proud that we’re recognized as trendsetters in Trauma Life Support education around the world.”


Occupations and Incomes Associated With Divisions of Study At Delgado

“At Northrop Grumman, our working partnership with Delgado is matching jobs with the abilities of students – new and innovative training focused on developing careers in the world of shipbuilding.” Woody Ogé Avondale Facility Site Director Northrop Grumman

“The innovative training and hands-on experience Delgado students acquire at St. Tammany Parish Hospital produce highly skilled, quality healthcare professionals.” Patti Ellish CEO St. Tammany Parish Hospital

Selected List of Industry Partners Workforce Development & Education Grants: Florida Marine Northrop Grumman Cox Communications Liberty Bank Microsoft Corp. Digital Literacy St. Tammany Fire Districts Folgers Coffee Hornbeck Offshore Tulane Hospital/Loyola Canal Barge Diagnostic Imaging Service Midgulf Stevedore Association

Maritime: Marathon Oil Exxon Shell Isle of Capri Crosby Tugboats

Allied Health: Tulane University Medical School LSU Medical School St. Tammany Healthcare Alliance East Jefferson General Hospital Ochsner Hospital Slidell Memorial Hospital West Jefferson General Hospital University Hospital Lakeview Regional Medical Center St. Tammany Parish Hospital Children’s Hospital New Orleans Touro Hospital


Hospitality & Culinary Arts New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau Arnaud’s Antoine’s Bayona Brennan’s Commander’s Palace Emeril’s Hotel InterContinental Palace Café

Architecture: National Association of Home Builders Construction Specification Institute Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment

Electrical Engineering: Federal Aviation Administration

LTC: Boh Brothers Trinity Yachts Laitram Machine Shop National Assoc. of Women in Construction Northrop Grumman

Business: LA Small Business Development Assoc.

Automotive: Firestone GMC Ford

The Value of a Delgado Education The services offered by Delgado are essential to businesses in the New Orleans region— but equally important is the positive impact of the knowledge and skills learned at Delgado upon the lives of individual students. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, individuals typically earn $300,000 more over their working lives if they have some college experience than if

and degree programs offered by Delgado that prepare so

they have only a high school education. After earning

many in Southeast Louisiana for bachelor’s programs,

an associate degree from institutions like Delgado,

whether through direct transfers to four-year programs

individuals earn on average more than $400,000 more

or joint “2+2” programs with local universities like the

than high school graduates. Moreover, it is the certificate

University of New Orleans and Southern University of New Orleans.

“With great partners like Delgado, we are able to

Each greater level of education achieved is correlated not only with greater lifetime income, but increased

insure that higher education opportunities exist

life expectancy, better overall health, a higher rate of

that allow graduates to receive the education they

homeownership, a decrease in criminal behavior, and

need to add value immediately when they join an

increased civic engagement (as measured through voter

organization. Through our partnership, we are

turnout). In short, Delgado students are not only likely to

able to meet this goal for an important segment of

be effective employees and more prosperous individuals, but also valued members of their community.

our local economy, and ensure that education is

affordable and available for all students.

Not only do well educated citizens decrease the cost of public health and safety in communities, they also

James W Logan, Ph.D. Dean, College of Business Administration University of New Orleans

contribute more to their local tax base, thereby enabling better public services for all residents. Consequently, Delgado graduates contribute greatly to improving the 11

quality of life in communities in which they choose to live. This benefit is particularly important in Louisiana, which in the 2007 Census was ranked 48th among states in the percentage of citizens with a high school education. Indeed, over 90% of Delgado students are from the New Orleans Metropolitan Area, and there are qualitative indications that a great many students— whether they move on to trade jobs, seek a bachelor’s degree, or start a business— choose to stay in the New Orleans area.

Degree program formerly administered by the Orleans Parish School Board and the Recovery School District. In the past academic year, the Delgado Center for Teaching and Adult Education has served approximately 800 high school dropouts at three locations around Orleans Parish. Upon receiving a GED, these students will now be eligible to attend regular Delgado programs, to earn an associate degree that opens doors to four-year universities, or to receive valuable skills training that will qualify them for While each of the area’s institutions of higher learning

employment that will generate a far greater income than

works towards these goals in tandem with Delgado, it is

would otherwise be possible.

Delgado itself that is the most inclusive and accessible institution for those area residents that have the most to

Beyond providing residents with a new chance to get an

gain. With a full-time, in-state tuition of under $2,000,

education, Delgado’s GED program reduces the number

Delgado is affordable to the greatest number of New Orleans area residents; additionally, with its multi-

“Attending Delgado helped bring my goals

location network it is the most geographically accessible center of learning and offers flexible course schedules

in line and lent me the focus on my career

for those students who have demanding work and family commitments. Particularly as the cost of four-year

path that I needed at the time,” said Chief

colleges has inflated dramatically over the past twenty-

Charles Parent. “I truly enjoyed my time

five years, a two-year education at Delgado is a critical bridge for an even greater number of residents seeking higher education.

at Delgado, and the educational support I

Delgado has also evolved to offer services to those

received there was essential to my success.”

citizens who are at greatest risk of low earnings, low life

Chief Charles Parent Superintendent New Orleans Fire Department

expectancy, and little opportunity—those without a high school degree. Since Hurricane Katrina, Delgado has assumed responsibility for the Graduate Equivalency 12

STUDENT PROFILES of at-risk residents in the community. The

Shalamar Delpit

U.S. Census Bureau estimates that 18%

Shalamar is a student in the Culinary Arts Program at Deglado, specializing in pastries. An avid cook, Shalamar knew she wanted to get an education in the culinary arts. She chose Delgado because she saw it as the best program in the Greater New Orleans Area.

of residents aged 25 and older in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area do not have a high school degree. These citizens are far more likely to earn low-incomes, putting stress on themselves, their families, and the community at large. By focusing on at-risk residents, Delgado directly improves the quality of life for all citizens in the New Orleans area.

Delgado provides the complementary formal education that allows those with a passion for food to compete for positions in world-class kitchens around the area. The program is truly an intensive, careeroriented technical training curriculum that prepares students for work in one of the region’s most proud working traditions and consistently robust sectors of our economy. The finest chefs in New Orleans often come from within out community. It is critical then, that Delgado provide one of the premier programs in the area, lowering the financial barriers to entry in order to allow not only the next top chef in New Orleans cooking to blossom, but also to constantly transform our students into a workforce of sous-chefs, pastry chefs, and the like to ensure that the caliber of the culinary experience in New Orleans continues for another generation.

Tammy Tommaseo Tammy chose nursing because of the flexibility the career provides. After graduating from Cabrini High School, She attended Loyola University until the school was disrupted by Hurricane Katrina. When she returned to the city, she initially enrolled at the University of New Orleans, but transferred to Delgado because UNO did not offer all of the classes she needed for her degree. Through Delgado, Tammy will be able to finish her nursing pre-requisites and transfer to the Charity School of Nursing, where she will be able to earn her degree. After earning her degree from Delgado, Tammy intends to eventually get a masters degree in tropical medicine and become a nurse practitioner. For Tammy, Delgado’s course offerings made all the difference. While Delgado’s offerings are not always exclusive to the area’s colleges and universities, Delgado enables education at an unparalleled value and convenience. A great many other students with aspirations like Tammy’s depend on Delgado to offer an affordable, flexible, high-quality education.

By providing high-quality education at modest cost, improving quality of life and

Jodie Clelland

addressing workforce needs, Delgado performs

Jodie wanted to continue a longstanding family tradition in the welding trade. Through the technical training offered at Delgado/LTC she was able to get this training while staying close to her family, thereby getting an education at both school and at home.

a significant role in the region’s educational infrastructure.

With the help of the financial aid staff, Jodie was able to get the education she needed to keep a family tradition alive and enter a job market where skilled employees are in high demand. Corporate partners throughout the area, including many of the centers of advanced manufacturing such as those run by NASA and Northrup Grumann, are constantly looking for candidates like Jodie.

Joseph Moore Joseph had always loved working with computers, so studying Computer Technology seemed like a natural fit when he began attending Delgado. However, through the wide range of course offerings at Delgado, Joseph has been exposed to other fields beyond his concentration. He credits Delgado with helping him realize exactly what he wants to do and is now considering changing majors to Biology. Joseph cites the availability of instructors, and their willingness to get him the help he needed, as his favorite thing about his educational experience at Delgado. The mix of technical training and traditional curriculum offerings at Delgado gives students the benefits of the collegiate experience, without sacrificing the training for a career in a high-demand trade that will provide them with financial stability to become valued citizens of our community.


Conclusion Almost four years after Hurricane Katrina, Delgado continues to be an economic engine in the region’s recovery, as well as an institution responsive to the needs of area residents and industry. While Delgado is dedicated to the continuing education and training programs that drive the economy, the institution is already adapting to the workforce demands of the years ahead. Indeed, a new economy is envisioned for New Orleans, an economy that further promotes the traditions of industry, trade, and the creative ethos of our diverse region. Delgado has the capacity and the programs in place to train the skilled tradespeople necessary to attract contemporary manufacturing and logistics organizations. At the same time, Delgado offers programs that will develop the workforce to attract film, media, and other creative arts to the Greater New Orleans area. Delgado is uniquely positioned as the major driver in the regional economy. Our graduates will provide the essential workforce that will help the region to realize greater economic growth and community prosperity in the coming years.


Report prepared by GCR & Associates, Inc. 2021 Lakeshore Drive Suite 500 New Orleans, LA 70122 p. 504.304.2500 f. 504.304.2525 15

Delgado Economic Impact Report  

June 2009 1 • 5 years of Delgado graduates fill an estimated 6,796 job openings in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area in 2009. • Delgado grad...

Delgado Economic Impact Report  

June 2009 1 • 5 years of Delgado graduates fill an estimated 6,796 job openings in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area in 2009. • Delgado grad...