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Delgado Community College West Bank

Supporting the New Economy of Southeast Louisiana

Delgado Community College Today • Delgado Community College has an enrollment of 17,208 as of Spring 2010. • Delgado is growing. Enrollment saw a yearover-year increase of 17.2% from Spring 2009.

Delgado is Growing on the West Bank • Delgado has been offering courses on the West Bank since 1968. – The West Bank Campus features dozens of classrooms, a state of the art computer facility, science laboratories, art studios and a physical fitness center. – Major building construction in last ten years, postKatrina renovations continue.

• Delgado West Bank enrollment reached an historic high of 3,295 in Spring 2010 – Enrollment rose 10.8% over Spring 2009 – Spring enrollment is now 8% greater than in the last preKatrina semester (Spring 2005)

Delgado is Responsive “ The training Delgado provides its students is relevant & responsive to the needs of the healthcare industry. Our employee partners appreciate how effective Delgado is in creating programs for students that are critical to the everyday workforce needs in the healthcare marketplace – making students well prepared for good jobs in the healthcare industry.” -

Jan Robert, Executive Director, St. Tammany Healthcare Alliance

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An Engine of Growth Delgado Community College plays an essential role in both present and future economic activity in the New Orleans region and throughout the State of Louisiana. • $12.48 Return for Every $1 the State of Louisiana invests in Delgado. • $451.1 million in total economic impact in 2009. • $167.3 million benefit of direct Delgado spending. • 6,996 employment positions supported metro wide.

Impact is Significant The impact of all Delgado graduates contributes substantially to the economy— and that impact grows more significant with each successive year. Delgado students earned 1,063 training certificates and associate degrees in the 2007 – 2008 academic year, according to Institutional Research. 895 students earned awards in Technical Competency Areas in 2008, preparing them for work in a skilled trade.

An Intellectual Investment

Annualized Figures for 2008 released by Bureau of Labor Statistics in March 2009

Value of a Delgado Education The impact of a Delgado education for our graduates and the regional economy is significant. • 5 years of Delgado graduates fill an estimated 6,796 job openings in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area in 2009. • Delgado graduates earned an additional $86.2 million in wages in 2009. • Delgado graduates had an economic impact that generated an additional $81.1 million in wages for a cumulative benefit of $167.3 million in the broader metropolitan economy.

Responding to the Needs of Business Community

Delgado’s West Bank Profile • 3,295 West Bank students in Fall 2010 – 10% increase between 2009 and 2010 alone – 145 faculty and staff are employed at Delgado’s West Bank Campus.

Economic Impact of West Bank Location on Metropolitan Economy •

The economic impact of the Delgado system is generated by its spending throughout the metropolitan area. With record enrollment & student spending, the economic impact to the region & Orleans Parish will continue to increase.

Spending associated specifically with Delgado’s West Bank Campus constitutes a substantial share of Delgado’s impact on the greater metro economy, with much of this impact captured within Orleans Parish.

Total Economic Impact Total Employment Supported

$77,413,281 1,200

* Economic Impact is determined using Bureau of Economic Analysis RIMS II multipliers. These figures represent the impact of spending on the 7-parish metropolitan area economy. The share of spending attributed to the West Bank location is determined by estimating per pupil spending and the West Bank location’s share of unduplicated total enrollment in Spring of 2008.

Impact of Delgado Education for the People of the Orleans Parish Workforce •

Five years of Delgado graduates from all over the New Orleans region will fill an estimated 2,019 of the 168,404 (Q1 2009) jobs in Orleans Parish.

These graduates working in the New Orleans will earn $28.2 million more this year than they would have without the training and education they received at Delgado.

These greater wages will have an additional estimated economic impact of $26.8 million on the metropolitan area economy, with the majority of this impact captured in Orleans Parish.

The combination of these additional wages and their economic impact represents a cumulative benefit of $55 million to the metropolitan economy.

* The number of Delgado graduates working in St. Tammany Parish is determined by the share of MSA employment represented in Orleans Parish (34%- LA Workforce Commission - Q1 2009). The additional wages earned are calculated using Bureau of Labor Statistic wage data. The impact on of those additional wages on the MSA economy is measured using Bureau of Economic Analysis RIMS II multipliers.

Delgado Today & Tomorrow •

Almost four years after Hurricane Katrina, Delgado continues to be an economic engine in the region’s recovery, as well as an institution responsive to the needs of area residents and industry.

5 years of Delgado graduates fill an estimated 6,796 job openings in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area in 2009.

While Delgado is dedicated to the continuing education and training programs that drive the economy, the institution is already adapting to the workforce demands of the years ahead.

Tomorrow’s New Orleans Workforce Delgado invites you to partner with us to produce graduates that work and live in our community! Paid apprenticeship programs = Higher student retention Experiential learning = Rapid return on investment

Delgado WestBank  
Delgado WestBank  

West Bank Supporting the New Economy of Southeast Louisiana • Delgado Community College has an enrollment of 17,208 as of Spring 2010. • Del...