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Sustainable materials  for  a   waterbike     Department   MTT     Keywords   Sustainable  materials,  waterbike,  maritime   Introduction   Delft  Waterbike  Technology,  a  foundation  which  is  part  of  the  study  association  of  maritime   engineering,  is  focussed  on  the  design  and  construction  of,  as  well  as  competition  with  waterbikes.   The  recent  focus  of  the  maritime  industry  on  a  sustainable  future  has  motivated  Delft  Waterbike   Technology  to  aim  for  a  design  which  is  compatible  with  those  ideas.  This  Bachelor  Research  Project   should  aim  to  look  for  sustainable  materials  and  define  their  use  in  waterbikes.   Main  question   What  sustainable  materials  can  be  used  for  the  construction  of  waterbikes  and  how  can  they  be   implemented?     Method   From  the  main  question,  some  fields  of  attention  can  be  defined.   1. 2. 3. 4.

Definition of  sustainable  materials   Usage  of  materials  in  a  waterbike   Case  study  of  a  material  in  a  waterbike   Design  aspects  

The first  field  of  attention  can  be  seen  as  a  literature  research,  to  define  what  a  sustainable  material   is.  It  should  list  examples  of  sustainable  materials  and  their  current  use.  Then,  the  different  materials   that  are  used  in  a  waterbike  are  examined,  with  a  typical  location  for  those  materials.  Delft   Waterbike  Technology  has  several  waterbikes  which  can  be  examined  and  used  for  a  case  study,  for   instance  to  replace  one  of  the  parts  or  measure  stresses.  From  the  case  study  design  aspects  can  be   deduced,  which  are  special  measures  that  have  to  be  taken  in  order  to  successfully  implement  the   material.   Remarks   The  combination  of  knowledge  of  materials,  mechanics  and  ship  design  makes  this  project  an   excellent  project  for  martime  engineering  students.  

Sustainable materials for a waterbike  

Bachelor Research project proposal at the Delft University of Technology

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