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A C M X P C I Winter 2019

Prepare yourself!

Greetings Luthfi Ghazian Local Committee President AIESEC in Semarang 2019

Hi AIESEC! Here I am, Luthfi Ghazian Akbar, serving as your Local Committee President of AIESEC. To give you a depiction, I was an OC back then in the year of 2016. I was the OC Program of the first ever REFORM Project. It was indeed one of my hardest and happiest experience in AIESEC and also one of my turning point. I cried, I laughed, I danced, I strived, I tried and most importantly, I made family in the team. Your OC experience is a once in a lifetime experience that you will never get in other places. So rock this experience and give the best out of this experience. Good Luck!

SaďŹ ra Alfadianti Local Committee Vice President International Operation AIESEC in Semarang 2019


Hi AIESEC! I am beyond excited to welcome you to ICX Camp! This conference will be attended by brave individuals who will run this winter realization. As OCs, you are going to face many challenges that will develop you in so many ways; skill and capacity, emotional intelligence, network, and even responsibility. This conference aims to prepare you to face those challenges. "Satu dari Awal, Satu sampai Akhir" is the theme that we want to emphasize during this conference. The thing that we want you to have in mind is that when the road gets bumpy, those people walking alongside you are the ones who understand your struggles the most. Cherish them, and most importantly, trust them. So, are you ready to gather with tho bravest, most amazing individuals who will bring warmth this winter? Proud, SaďŹ ra

Greetings Regina Levana Conference Committee President ICX Camp Winter 2019

Hello young leaders! ICX Camp is the best place to prepare yourself before doing your project. Through ICX Camp you will get more knowledge, memorable experiences, having fun with the games, and experiencing many activities that will develop yourself as a person and as a leader. See you at ICX Camp Winter 2019. Good luck winter peeps!

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11 – 12 October, 2019

16:00 P.M. - until end

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Bapelkes Provinsi Jawa Tengah Kampus II, 17A Merapi Street, Suwakul, Ungaran.

About ICX


ICX CAMP is a conference aimed to gather and prepare all the OC Winter Project before project realization in order to complete Oc’s knowledge regarding the projects itself, create & hold successful projets.

Delegates profile Ÿ OCP & OC ATLAS Conference & Global Village

Winter 2020 Ÿ OCP & OC Reform 6.0 Ÿ OCP & OC Sunshine #12 Ÿ OCP & OC Upreneur 6.0 Ÿ OCP & OC EXPLORism 3.0

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special event Halloween is not the time to be afraid but it is the time to have a fun night with your friends! Let’s have a great time together in a masquerade party and don’t forget to bring your mask. See you there!

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Safira Alfadianti

Zidny Ilma

LCVP of International Operation

LCVP of Talent Acquisition

Luthfi Ghazian

Kezia Naomi

LCP AIESEC in Semarang

LCVP of Talent Development

Khalda Desiana

Ardhani Putra

Shania Marinda

IT Director

LCVP of Finance, Governance, and Legal

Putri Naomi LCVP of IGV Ad Hoc

LCVP of Incoming Global Entrepreneur


Anastasya Yuca

Zakia Ayu

Pramudito Anggara

Adam Endraprianto

LCVP of IGV Project

LCVP of Outgoing Global Talent

LCVP of External Relation

LCVP of Incoming Exchange Marketing

Ayu Wulandari

Eric Lesmana

Geary Jonas

LCVP of Public Relations

LCVP of Global Volunteer Marketing

LCVP of Outgoing Global Volunteer

Ilma Samara LCVP of Business Development

conference committee

Regina Levana CC President

Amara WaďŹ q

Intan Mutiara

CC Finance & Logistic CC Program & Brand Design

Gloria Gita CC Delegates Service

WHY YOU HAVE TO COME? Through ICX Camp you will get more practical and theoretical knowledge about your project preparation. ICX Camp will also give you enjoyable time and memorable experiences as you get to know your teammates. There are so many valuable things you will lose if you are passing this conference.


Ignatia Endra

Delegates ICX Camp Summer 2019

Delegates ICX Camp Winter 2018


ICX Camp adalah conference AIESEC pertamaku dan salah satu yang paling seru. Banyak banget insight baru yang aku dapat dari sana untuk melakukan persiapan running project, khususnya tentang bagaimana project di AIESEC berjalan. Satu hal yang terpenting aku jadi lebih mengenal teman-temanku dan lebih paham tentang projectku sendiri.

This is me Ignatia Endra, or you can call me Inne, currently as Faction Manager of Talent Development. So I started my journey in AIESEC as OC Exchange of Sunshine #10 in Winter 2018, as an OC I got many chance to grow and that great experience not only developed me but also give me new family, and ICX Camp Winter 2018 was one of the biggest place for me to be close with this family, so don’t miss this chance since becoming an OC needs more development platform for skill and face many challenging things, this event really help us. So, don’t miss your chance to be the part of it, best of luck Winter Soldier!

PAYMENT and REGISTRATION Delegates Fee: IDR 75.000,-

Open Registration: 8th – 10th October, 2019

Payment: COD at SPBU Undip Transfer via: BCA on behalf of Gloria Gita Kinasih 0091673796

Last Payment: th

10 October, 2019 Please confirm your payment to: Gloria Gita gloriagita319

Register at:


Gloria Gita CC Delegates Service



thank you and see you there!

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Delegates Booklet ICX Camp Winter 2019  

Delegates Booklet ICX Camp Winter 2019