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Get geared up for the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada with global themed recipes from Manitoba restaurants

APP-ETIZING MARKETING Why Instagram is an easy promotional option for restaurant owners


Craft beers keep patrons captivated with innovation and full flavours

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Gearing up for a Great Season

A message from Scott Jocelyn, executive director of the Manitoba Restaurant and Foodservices Association


All Around the World

Get geared up for the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada with these recipes inspired by some of the top teams in the game created by Manitoba restaurants


App-etizing Marketing

Why Instagram is an easy promotional option for restaurant owners


Fitness Fridge

Four local athletes open their refrigerator doors and give readers a look inside to see what keeps them at peak performance


Moms Dish

Local mom bloggers break down the best local family restaurants that give both children and parents happy meals


Witch Craft

Craft beers keep patrons captivated with innovation and full flavours


What Can I Do With?

Hemp Seed


Working with the Community

48 The Quality Experience Tony Roma’s 50 Come Together Piazza De Nardi 52 Feeling Fresh Moxie’s 54 Fusion and Evolution WOW! Hospitality Concepts Inc. 60 The Place for Burgers and Wings Fatburger 62 Be Part of the Club Shark Club 64 Like Never Before RBC Convention Centre 66 Glass is Always Full McCelland 68 Pour it On Prairie Oils & Vinegars 70 Made in Manitoba To-Le-Do Foodservice 72 Altona’s Best Kept Little Secret Red Sunflower Restaurant 74 A Rare Steak Experience Chop 76 Made in Manitoba The Food Development Centre 78 South Beach is Heating Up South Beach Casino & Resort 80 My Chicken Chef Chicken Chef 82 Mama was Right Pasquale’s Italian Restaurant

84 Modelo Especial. Since 1925. Labatt’s

102 Hidden Gems

86 No Travel Required  Daltons Restaurant and Finnigans Lounge

108 Best to go West

88 Butter Me Up Original Pancake House

The Movement Centre of Manitoba Foundation

The Exchange District The West End Biz

111 Saint-Boniface – BIEN OUI! 114 MRFA Member Restaurants

90 Memorable Meals Peaks Restaurant and Catering 91 Lounge Around Town Smitty’s 94 Pizza, Pasta, and Perfect Wine Calabria Market & Wine 95 Serving Up Safety SAFE Hospitality 96 Whiskey in the Bar ‘O Toad in the Hole


101 Tools of the Trade  Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology





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Uncompromising taste makes it the perfect accompaniment for celebrating life’s moments, big or small. ENJOY RESPONSIBLY. ®CERVECERIA MODELO, S. de R.L. de C.V.

Gearing up for a Great Season A message from Scott Jocelyn, executive director of the Manitoba Restaurant and Foodservices Association Welcome to the sixth edition of

feature “All Around the World”

applicable to anyone looking to

LocalFare Magazine. At the time

we asked four local restaurants

get healthy this season.

of writing this there’s still a chill

to create a recipe inspired by

in the air, but in between these

some of the top women’s teams.

pages we’re already gearing

Whip up some Bluefin tacos or

up for a great summer here in

spend a little extra time creating


a French crepe with garlicky

Our lead feature focuses on football, or soccer, if you will.

shrimp before heading out to a game.

the Peasant Cookery, there’s an option for everyone.

across the globe for the FIFA

training? We wondered that

Women’s World Cup. Not only

too. So LocalFare asked four

does this give us as a province

Winnipeg fitness figures about

a chance to see world-class

what’s in their fridge. While you

athletes play an exciting sport,

may not be an MMA fighter, like

but gives us a great opportunity

Deepy, or be on a seven-year

to show visitors “all the

running streak, like Dwayne,

pleasures of the province.” In the

these food and fitness tips are

Winnipeg Winnipeg

35B - 3 Reenders Drive 204-669-6662 756 Pembina Hwy #1B 204-777-7778

Code: STRW1214


additions to the culinary scene,

before a big match or during

Added to any Arrangement.


round. From some of the newest

Ever wonder what athletes eat

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only in the summer but year

to almost a dozen teams from


best restaurants to hit up not

In June, Winnipeg will play host

Visit to view our entire Fresh-tini collection. Five fresh fruit bouquets arranged in a stylish martini container. ™

feature some of Manitoba’s

like Smith, to staples such as

Shake up your next get-together. Birthday Wish-tini.

And, as in every issue, we

If LocalFare has inspired you to visit one of the establishments featured inside the 2015 edition make sure to tweet us (@ManRFA ) with the hashtag #IAteHere for a chance to win a $50 MRFA gift card redeemable at select MRFA member restaurants. Hashtags will be accepted until July 1st, 2015. The winner will be contacted via direct message on Twitter. Also, we’d love to hear your feedback on this edition or ideas for the future. Email Managing Editor Carly Peters at or connect with us through Twitter or Facebook. j

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T d h n u e o W r A

Need a quick and healthy dessert? Try a fun fruit arrangement. Created by Edible Arrangements.


Get geared up for the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada with these recipes inspired by some of the top teams in the game created by Manitoba restaurants




Team Japan Bluefin Sushi Tacos Ingredients Bluefin tuna, or any sushi grade tuna, cut into cubes Napa cabbage, shredded Wasabi mayo (recipe on right) Peking duck wrappers or small flour tortillas Taco sauce (recipe on right)

Directions: Make wasabi mayo – 1 cup Japanese mayo, 1 tsp wasabi powder, 1 Tbsp rice vinegar, 1 tsp white pepper, 1 Tbsp sugar. Set aside. Make taco sauce – add equal parts sugar, soya sauce, and mirin to sauce pan, bring to a boil, then remove from heat. Add Sriracha based on amount of desired spice. Set aside. Cut tuna into 1 to 1.5 centimetre cubes using the fatty pieces of the loin. Deep fry peking duck wrappers or small tortillas in a taco mold. Once cool, fill shell with Napa cabbage, add 1 to 2 ounces of tuna, add a dollop of wasabi mayo and serve the the taco sauce on the side for pouring overtop.

Recipe by Ichiban Japanese Steak House

enjoy the pleasures of the province


Team Germany Jager Schnitzel 6 ounce pork cutlet (pound thin to tenderize)

1 Tbsp beef jus

Directions: Bread pork cutlet in egg wash (one egg, water, salt/ pepper to taste), then press into light bread crumbs. Fry in canola oil until golden brown.

1/8 cup beef stock


Directions: In sauce pan on medium-high heat mix first six ingredients. SautĂŠ and then cover for 15 minutes, stirring frequently. Then add mushrooms, beef jus, and beef stock. Bring to a boil and continue cooking until mushrooms are thoroughly cooked. Add roast beef gravy mix and simmer on low heat for 10 minutes, stirring frequently.

1 Tbsp of butter or oil 2 Tbsp onion brunoise (small cubes) 1 tsp garlic 1 bay leaf Pinch of fresh rosemary and thyme

2 Tbsp roast beef gravy mix, with 1 Tbsp of flour dissolved in warm water

Top the cutlet with desired amount of sauce.

Pinch paprika


Âź cup sliced mushrooms




Recipe by Gasthaus Gutenberger & Catering

GASTHAUS Come experience our classic french bistro while relaxing in a historical train car



Nous vous attendons!

2583 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB

T: 204-888-3133

u n d t a b le s t e a k h

-4 20 4

e .c a

5 3-36 31 • w

w .r o



630 Des Meurons • 204-237-7072


Still the best-tasting show in town!

189 Carlton St. Winnipeg, MB R3C 3H7

204.925.7400 enjoy the pleasures of the province


Team England Fish and Chips 5 cups flour, plus one extra cup dredging 2 Tbsp baking powder 2 Tbsp salt 1 tsp ground white pepper 4 eggs 2 litres beer 4 kg fresh haddock loins Russet potatoes cut into fries

Directions: First put a pot of vegetable oil on medium-high heat and bring to 350 degrees. While waiting for oil to come to temperature mix dry ingredients together with a whisk before slowly whisking in the beer (Chef’s note: It’s always better to let batter stand for roughly 30 min before use but not necessary). Season one cup of flour with salt and pepper for dredging. Cut haddock loins into desired size, however three to four ounce portions produce a nice crispy exterior with a juicy flaky fish on the inside. Dredge haddock in flour before dipping in batter and then fry until an internal temperature of 160 degrees is achieved and the fish is golden. While resting your fish you may use the same oil to cook your french fries. Serve with tartar sauce (1 cup mayonnaise, 3 Tablespoons relish, 1 Tablespoon prepared mustard, salt and pepper to taste, and half of a freshly squeezed lemon).


Recipe by The Round Table Steakhouse




Team France French Crepe with Garlicky Shrimp and Gruyère Cheese Filling and Chardonnay Tarragon Velouté Chardonnay tarragon velouté:

Crepes batter:

Crepe filling:

4 eggs, whole

1/4 cup julienne carrot

3 Tbsp butter, unsalted

2 Tbsp of extra virgin olive oil

1/4 cup julienne zucchini

3 Tbsp of all-purpose flour

1 cup of all purpose flour

1 small onion, finely diced

1/2 an onion, finely diced

Pinch of salt

2 large cloves of garlic, finely chopped

1 celery stock, finely diced

Directions: In a large deep bottom bowl place all ingredients together. Using an immersion hand blender, electrical beater, or a whisk throughly mix together all ingredients for about four minutes or until smooth. Using a fine strainer, pass the batter through the strainer and let stand in the fridge for 20 minutes. This allows the flour to relax in the batter.

1/4 cup of kale, cleaned, washed, and torn by hand

3 green onions, finely sliced 1/4 cup of dry Chardonnay white wine 1 small bay leaf 1 clove of garlic 1 3/4 cups of low sodium vegetable stock or fish broth 1/3 cup of heavy cream 2 Tbsp of each parsley tarragon and dill all finely chopped (Substitution for tarragon is basil). Directions: In a medium heavy-bottom steal pot on medium heat, add the butter, onions, and celery and sauté until translucent about two minutes. Add the garlic and flour and mix thoroughly with a spoon to form the roux and cook for two minutes. To ensure that it does not brown lower heat if necessary. Whisk in the stock and wine, then lower heat and allow to simmer for 20 minutes. Turn heat off, strain in a fine strainer to remove any clumps of flour, and place back of the the stove. Add the cream and herbs and season with salt and pepper. This sauce can be made up to four days in advance, stored in the refrigerator, and heated when needed.


Recipe by Resto Gare Restaurant




Using a non-stick flat skillet or a seasoned cast iron skillet, heat on medium until hot. To test if it’s hot enough place a small amount of batter on the pan – if it sizzles it’s ready. Using your favourite cooking spray or a tsp of oil, wipe it throughout the pan using a paper towel between cooking each crepe. While holding the pan above the stove, take 1/4 cup of the batter, pour on the edge of the pan, and swirl it to create and even flat surface. Place back on the stove and allow to cook for two minutes or until the crepe is no longer wet looking and not translucent. When cooked flip the crepe on to an oil plate and start the process again. If you find the crepe is browning too much lower the heat to low. A desired look is a cooked crepe with very little colouring on it. Makes 12 to 14 crepes.

1.5 Tbsp fresh dill, finely chopped 1.5 Tbsp fresh tarragon or basil, finely chopped 1/4 cup Chardonnay velouté sauce 1 cup of grated gruyère or any other cheese 36 large shrimp, thawed, de-shelled, cleaned, and no tail Salt and pepper to taste Directions: In a large sauté pan on medium high heat, sauté the carrots, zucchini, and shallots until soft but not brown. Add the shrimp and garlic, sauté until shrimp is cooked, about three minutes. Add the kale, velouté sauce and fresh herbs. Lower heat to medium low and continue to cook for four minutes until sauce is hot. Fold in the cheese and turn heat off. To assemble: For each guest take two crepes and place one large Tbsp of your filling with three shrimp for each crepe. Starting from one end roll the crepe with the filling inside and set on a pan lined with parchment paper. Place all crepes in a 200C oven until ready to serve. Place on plate, pour a large spoonful of the Chardonnay velouté sauce on the crepes and serve. Best with summer vegetables in a small salad.

Peaks Restaurant & Catering 106 Scurfield Blvd,

Peaks has called Whyte Ridge home for more than 25 years. Family owned and operated and known for its fresh home-cooked food, Peaks has kept customers smiling with simple, high quality food and friendly warm staff that are always willing to serve you.


204-925-FOOD (3663)

We offer delicious options for breakfast,lunch and dinner, and have excellent ideas to satisfy all your catering needs. In addition to being an expert in catering office breakfasts and lunches, we offer a wide variety of delicious food for the dine-in, home delivery, take out, private parties, special events and weddings. Our goal is to provide each customer with nutritious & satisfying meal. We use ingredients bought locally whenever is available. We pride ourselves on cooking up great tasting meals & soups from scratch.

Breakfast Menu At Peaks breakfast is made from scratch with quality and fresh ingredients.

Catering Menu

CATERING HOURS Monday to Friday 7 AM – 7 PM OPEN FOR DINE-IN BREAKFAST & LUNCH Monday : Tuesday : Wednesday : Thursday : Friday :

8 AM – 2 PM 8 AM – 2 PM 8 AM – 2 PM 8 AM – 2 PM 8 AM – 2 PM

ADDRESS/PHONE: 106 Scurfield Blvd.

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3Y1G4

For business meetings of any size fresh, delicious, and healthy meals individualized to your corporate needs. (Catered Memorial Packages also available.)

Lunch Menu Located in

Winnipeg’s southwest corner, Whyte Ridge, our friendly warm staff serve fresh home cooked, high quality food!

Weekly Soup Menu

A daily selection of cream or broth, vegetarian or meat, made fresh from scratch every day.

204-925- FOOD (3663)

Party Time You can book the restaurant exclusively for 20 to 70 people. Party with friends or colleagues and enjoy delicious food in the friendly atmosphere at Peaks Restaurant. Please call 204-925-3663 for more info.


CULINARY ARTS & DESIGN PROGRAM One of the fastest ways to break into the Manitoba restaurant and food services industry is through the Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology’s Culinary Arts & Design program. Students complete the program after only 10 months and enter the workforce as in-demand, work-ready employees with the In-School Training credits required by Apprenticeship Manitoba for a Level 1 Apprentice. Culinary Arts & Design is one of the most popular programs at Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology (MITT), largely because of its industry’s high rate of employment and the Institute’s recently upgraded demonstration kitchen labs, which provide a very modern facility. Like all programs at MITT, it features dedicated instructors who take great pride in their work, including Chef Instructor, Scott Grant, who states, “It’s the people at the college. Everyone from the Admissions staff, Instructors, Student Success Advisors, they are all invested in student success. I’ve heard so many students comment on how much the college cares about them.” “There are lots of unique reasons why students come here to get an education or start a new career, and even more reasons why they’ve decided to become a chef,” says Chef Tonya Gray, Culinary Arts & Design instructor at MITT and co-founder of the Winnipeg nightlife hotspot 295 York (formerly known as Lobby on York). “One of the things I hear most often from students when we ask why they chose our program is that the cost is very reasonable [compared to other culinary arts programs].” At roughly $4000, the tuition fees for the MITT Culinary Arts & Design program are just under half of the annual cost that students pay at other colleges or institutions. The program blends in the necessary training in menu preparation, staffing, and day-to-day requirements so that students also gain the skills and knowledge needed to operate a successful enterprise from both the front-end and back-end of a restaurant or catering business. As a result, our graduates have found employment at many of the top restaurants in Winnipeg.

GET READY | 204-989-6500 |

App-etizing Marketing Why Instagram is an easy promotional option for restaurant owners. By Natalie Batkis They say we eat with our eyes first. With pops of colour jumping off a plate, and textures that pull us deep into the depths of a dish, eating is just as much about what we see as it is about what we taste. Imagine if restaurants could harness the power of these incredible visuals to advertise their dining experiences while doing it all for free. It’s already happening in restaurants across Winnipeg, thanks to an app most of us already have on our smartphones. Instagram is an app owned by Facebook that allows users to capture and share the moments of their lives through photos and videos. If posting pictures isn’t your cup of tea, you can follow your friends, family members, celebrities, and yes, even your favourite restaurants to take a glimpse into their daily lives through their photo experiences. There are currently over 300 million people using Instagram around the world. For Sean McKay, chef and owner of The Mitchell Block (@themitchellblock), the success of his restaurant’s Instagram account has not only helped him connect with his Winnipeg customers, but it has also attracted attention from outside the city. “We’ve had quite a few out-of-town customers staying at hotels near us saying ‘you know, I was scoping you guys out on Instagram, and I wanted to come check it out while I was in the city,’” says McKay. And while he loves the attention he is getting from outside of Winnipeg, McKay’s main priority is to connect locally. “What I want to do with our Instagram account is to connect with people who are in the city. I’d rather have 1,000 people in Winnipeg follow me, than 10,000 in South America,” says McKay. Convenience is one the reasons why Joel Boulet, owner of Cafe Carlo (@ cafecarlo), decided to incorporate Instagram as part of his restaurant’s marketing plan. “For somebody who doesn’t have a whole lot of time and sees a lot of


value in photographs and images, the one great thing about Instagram is localfare


that I can take a photo and post it not only on Instagram, but share it on multiple platforms all at once through the app,” says Boulet.


Cafe Carlo

Company | PROFILE

Dining Specialties Wine Rooms Special Events Catering

185 Lombard Avenue | Winnipeg, MB Tel: 204-944-1180

Bailey’s is committed to the personal touch. Call us to book reservations. enjoy the pleasures of the province


What Boulet is referring to is that Instagram also allows you to post your pictures to Facebook, Twitter, foursquare, Tumblr, and Flickr. It’s

The Mitchell Block

a great feature if you don’t have time to update all your social media platforms separately. “You have to keep feeding the monster,” explains Boulet. “With social media, you have to keep at it. You have to keep giving stuff to it in order for it to work for you. I think, in the initial stages, there wasn’t a whole lot of response but, as I became more committed to it, I’m noticing that we’re getting direct responses in some cases.” So what kinds of pictures do restaurants share? Well, obviously perfectly plated dishes make a regular appearance, but sometimes there is more engagement from other types of photos. “Last year, we went to the Oyster Farm Festival to visit our suppliers, and we put those pictures up,” explains Tracy Chen, co-owner of the Wasabi Group (@wasabiwpg). “We wanted to show people how we get our oysters. When they harvest today, the oyster will come to us the next day,” she says. “That’s something customers should know.” Much like Twitter, Instagram photos and videos can be categorized by hashtags. Any picture or video with that specific hashtag will come up in the search – the most recent post being at the top. However, there seems to be some differences in opinion when it comes to using hashtags.

“Whatever hashtag I can think of. That’s the biggest difference. The hashtag can link your pictures to so many things.” “It’s funny because I work with quite a few younger guys and they see hashtags as cheating. You know, you have to build up your following without hashtags,” laughs McKay. “But I do use them from time to time, especially when we started out. I’ll use hashtags like #Winnipeg or #ExchangeDistrict.” Chen has a completely opposite view of hashtags. She sees them as the secret sauce of Instagram. “I will hashtag #WasabiWinnipeg, #WasabiBroadway, #WasabiSashimi, #WasabiYummy,” she laughs. “Whatever hashtag I can think of. That’s the biggest difference. The hashtag can link your pictures to so many things.” There is one major drawback to using Instagram, especially for those who use it for business. “The only thing with Instagram is the analytics are non-existent,” points out Boulet.


It is much more difficult to track the success of your Instagram



strategy because there are no built-in analytic tools which is a big advantage of other platforms like Facebook or Twitter. But, as Chef McKay points out, there are ways of doing your own testing.


Quick tips for the perfect #nofilter food photos • Lighting is important. Focus on one key light. Avoid lightbulbs that are directly overhead. If you are in a dark restaurant, get close to a window with natural light. • Overhead and straight-on angles tend to work best with food. • Try to avoid surfaces or backdrops that are too distracting from the food or get too close to your subject. • Try to avoid filling the frame with too many elements. Have a bit of negative space in the image. • You don’t need to use Instagram filters for food. We all know what food should look like, so when colours and tones are altered the image looks fake.


“Once I saw the response we were getting on Instagram, I wanted to put it to the test. I would run specials on Instagram but not have the servers tell the tables about them, so that we would know if people were asking for that special, it was because they saw it on Instagram,” explains McKay. “From the first day we started doing that, we were getting responses.” While restaurants mainly focus on pushing their own content via Instagram, they also use the platform to support social causes. “Yes, it’s about the business, but it’s also about getting other messages out to the community,” says Larissa Webster, owner of The Frenchway Café (@frenchwaycafe). “We don’t pay for social media, so I think we have an obligation to not just use it for ourselves but to use it for other messages too.” The Frenchway Café has worked with numerous charities including Winnipeg Harvest and Dreams Take Flight. By sharing these events on Instagram, everyone wins. “We promote them, and they promote us. It’s a snowball effect,” explains Webster. Have you found your local eatery on Instagram yet? If you haven’t, it’s definitely a great way to deepen your connection with the places you hang out, and the people that care so much about them. #awesome Natalie is the Business Development and Social Media Manager at Graphic Intuitions. j

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RESET Disclaimer: Typical results are 4 lbs in 5 days. Results will vary. As with any health or fitness program, a sensible eating plan and regular exercise are required to achieve long-term weight loss results. Results from the RESET 5-day weight-management system are achieved through daily caloric restriction and moderate exercise. It is suggested that you take these products to your physician and secure his/her advice if you intend to change your diet, begin an exercise program, are pregnant, lactating, have allergies, are taking medications, or are under the care of a physician. USANA’s RESET 5-day weight-management system is FOOD, not a DRUG. Approval code: ADV551


The Frenchway Café


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Phone: +1 (204) 2949314 | Fax: +1 (204) 3398497 | Black + 466 C

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Locally produced John and Liz Kelly are one of 162 regulated farm families in Manitoba who provide the nutritious and locally produced eggs found in your grocery store.

Egg Pizza 4 six-inch whole-wheat wraps 1 tbsp (15 mL) canola oil 4 slices of prosciutto, sliced 2 medium Roma tomatoes, thinly sliced 1 yellow pepper, diced 1/3 cup (75 mL) sliced red onion 4 eggs Black pepper, to taste ¼ cup (50 mL) Parmesan cheese, grated 2 tbsp (30 mL) chopped fresh basil 2 cups (500 mL) arugula Preheat oven to 400°F (200°C). Brush each wholewheat wrap with canola oil on one side and place onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper, oil side up. Layer the pizza with prosciutto, then sliced Roma tomatoes, yellow pepper and red onions. Make a small opening in the center of each pizza. Crack one egg into the centre of each pizza. Bake in oven for 10-12 minutes. Remove from oven; sprinkle black pepper, Parmesan cheese, basil and arugula evenly on each pizza and serve. Makes 4 servings.

PROFILE | Company

Fitness Fridge Four local athletes open their refrigerator doors and give readers a look inside to see what keeps them at peak performance. By Carly Peters

Deepy Sidhu, mixed martial arts fighter Deepy Sidhu may look sweet, but she can spar with even the biggest brutes. This Muay Thai and Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter first hit the ring when she was 16 and has earned top spots in her weight class ever since. Her training schedule, which usually consists of intense hour-and-a-half sessions five times a week, calls for lean protein and healthy carbs as the base of her diet.


“Brown rice is an excellent source of healthy carbs. It also helps regulate sugar levels, which is great when trying to lose weight during a fight camp,� she explains, adding that berries are a good snack for a bit of a sugar boost before a long, hard training session.




photos by Katy Winterflood Photography

Company | PROFILE

Brown rice: Filled with antioxidants and nutrients that are good for providing me with energy for long training sessions.

Chicken: Has lower fat and sodium content compared to other meats; very high in protein, a requirement for my muscle recovery. Berries: Low in sugar compared to other fruits but high in vitamin C, essential to protecting the immune system, which is important when exercising at the intensity I do.

Eggs: Rich in omega-3s, vitamin A and E, and of course, a good source of protein. When training, you need protein in every meal.

Red peppers: Help boost metabolism, contain magnesium, which helps lower sugar cravings, and are packed with vitamin C. enjoy the pleasures of the province


PROFILE | Company

Dwayne Sandall, founder and race director, Trail Run Manitoba Dwayne Sandall has run every day for seven years straight – even the day 16-month-old son, Jean-Christophe, was born. “My wife woke me up at 3 a.m. and said ‘you better go for your run, because when you get back we’re going to the birth centre,’” he laughs. Sandall started Trail Run Manitoba in 2007 in response to a growing number of runners looking for an off-road experience. Since then, the association has added races of all lengths – from 5k to 100 miles – that take on Manitoba’s varied trails. As an ultra-marathoner himself, when Sandall’s mileage increases, so does his food intake. “I become a vacuum,” he states, adding that he takes homemade nut-butter wraps on long runs, while post-run, he downs coconut water and guacamole. “I’m continuously experimenting with foods. Right now I’m sort of moving to Paleo, but I still love bread.”

Fresh fruit and frozen berries: I try my best to make this the only source of sugar in my food intake.

High fat Greek yogurt: Dense, high-quality calories. Fat is fuel when you’re running more than a marathon.

Eggs: We buy local and fresh. I’m simple: scrambled. They’re fast to cook, filling, and a great source of protein and healthy fats. I always eat the yolks.

Hemp seeds/chia seeds: Add these to salads, yogurt, smoothies, oatmeal and my own trail mix combo. Omegas in both. Hemp for protein, chia for magnesium, anti-oxidants, and satiety.


Coconut water: I’ve been drinking this post-hard workout for the last couple years. Great for electrolyte replacement. The colder the better.





Strawberry MicroGreen Salad Microgreens are tiny leafed vegetables that are harvested when less than two inches tall. They have remarkably intense flavor and high levels of vitamins and minerals. Pair this salad with a piece of lean meat for an excellent, light meal. Servings: 4 Here’s what you need: • 3 cups organic microgreens • 1 cup sliced strawberry • strawberry dressing: • 6 strawberries • 1 Tablespoon balsamic vinegar • 1 teaspoon honey • 1 teaspoon olive oil • dash of salt and pepper — blended) • 1/4 cup chopped walnuts Toss the microgreens with strawberries and dressing. Sprinkle with walnuts.

Choosing salads that combine flavour and lots of healthy ingredients without the heavy, calorie-filled dressings and boring ingredients can keep your from gaining unwanted fat. Here is our 5 step system for building - or choosing, when eating out - a better salad.

Step #1: Start with your leafy, greens base Good options are loaded with nutrients, vitamins, minerals and are rich in antioxidants. These include spinach, mixed greens, romaine, arugula, endive, radicchio, kale and micro greens (see recipe). Step #2: Add colourful veggies & fruit Vegetables are loaded with fiber and water which is why they are known as nature’s fat burners. Add colour to your plate with bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, shredded carrots, cucumber and beets! Fruit, such as strawberries and blueberries, can also be a great option to add some sweetness to your plate. Step #3: Pick a lean protein Turn your salad into a main course by adding protein. Chicken is always a go to, but try grilled steak, fresh fish, black beans or even a mixture of garbanzo beans and chick peas. Step #4: Choose your flavour The dressing can completely change the flavour (and calories) of your salad. Olive or sesame oil along with vinegar or citrus juices and fresh herbs are better than that fat-free Italian dressing. Add zest with lemon, orange or lime juice; then throw in fresh or dried basil, oregano, cilantro or tarragon and you are good to go! Step #5: Finish off with soft or crunchy

Phone : (204) 960-4769 (GROW) TM


Learn. Grow.Transform.

Say no to croutons. For crunchy options, choose nuts such as walnuts, almonds, pine nuts or pecans and/or seeds such as pumpkin, sesame or sunflower. They provide the good fat and are high in brain boosting benefits. Soft options can include feta cheese, avocado or even cooked artichoke hearts!

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Water: Having a pitcher in the fridge with lemon, cucumber, or a splash of pure cranberry juice makes hydration easier and a bit more fun.

Cheryl Zealand, founder of Cranked Energy Barsz After her twin boys were born in 2009, Cheryl Zealand found her energy was suffering, as was her nutrition. Her busy lifestyle as a mom, chartered accountant, and fitness model called for on-the-go healthy options. So she turned to her favourite breakfast combo of oatmeal, nut butter, and protein into a hand-held snack – the first prototype of Cranked Energy Bars. Since then she’s added other elements, such as chia and granola, into this well-balanced bar, which also contains no refined sugars, flours, or preservatives. When it comes to making better food choices while on the go, Zealand explains meal planning is key. “Prep and measure out your food to ensure success when trying to stick to a healthy meal plan. Fill your fridge with lean protein, leafy greens, low-glycemic carbs like yams, quinoa, and healthy fats. And purge your pantry of junk; out of sight, out of mind.”

Good fats: Avocado, nut butters, and flax oil should not be avoided; they’re a smart and tasty way to reduce heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.


Leafy greens and vegetable of all colours: The produce section should be a top priority at the grocery store. Vary your greens and vegetables to fend off salad boredom.




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Noni Juice: A daily shot of this 2,000-year-old Polynesian plant provides anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Unsweetened almond milk: A great option for those wanting to avoid dairy, it makes smoothies nice and creamy with a nutty flavour without the calories and sugar of cows’ milk.

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Paul Dyck, owner, Starke Strength & Conditioning, Starke CrossFit Get SMART. That’s what Paul Dyck suggests. A specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time oriented (SMART) goal is one of the first steps to getting fitter and stronger, explains the Brazier Street gym owner. Three years ago, Dyck decided to open Starke as a way to motivate people to learn, train properly, and progress in health and fitness. This ranges from people who want to participate in the CrossFit Games to individuals just looking to build strength and have more energy. A main source of that energy comes from what you put in your body, he states. “Consistent, clean eating habits can get you and keep you at your desired weight,” explains Dyck, who may indulge in a little Nutella here and there – but only on heavy workout days. “One thing I always do is make sure to have fuel in the tank all day long. The last thing you want to do is not have the energy for a workout, event, or even to supply you with the energy you need for daily tasks.”

Salmon & chicken: Are always in the fridge cooked up and ready to grab as a source of protein. Having these ready by doing batch food prep is a saviour since it’s so easy to add a carb and salad to make a complete healthy meal.

Eggs: A great source of natural protein and quick and easy to make. There are so many ways to do them up that I always make sure to keep the fridge stocked with them.

Spinach: Spinach is in multiple meals every day. I fry it up for breakfast with some coconut oil, peppers and sea salt. My power breakfast consists of spinach, peppers, three eggs on toast with half an avocado, and another piece of toast with peanut butter. That will fuel you up for hours.


Peanut Butter: I love adding it to toast, melting it in oatmeal, or using it as a dip for veggies. It’s so versatile, and the protein and fats help fill you up a little longer.




We’re making it easier than ever to find your beer style.

Each of our selections are identified by their body & flavour. Simply match your preferences and enjoy! Visit your local Liquor Mart or for more information.







MALTY Dry to sweet, can include hints of toast, grain, caramel and nuts. PIZZA - SPICY CUISINE - POULTRY CURED MEATS

Pronounced hop aromas and flavours. Range from mild to bitter.

Dark bread, bitter chocolate and coffee. May be dry to sweet.





Complex with a crisp, sour edge. May have fruit or oak influence.

Often wheat based. May have aromas of clove, coriander, even citrus.



FLAVOURED Various styles can include fruit, chocolate, nuts and even smoke. SEAFOOD - SALADS - SPICY - DESSERT


Please drink responsibly.

®™ Trademarks of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under license by LoyaltyOne, Co. and Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation. you buy Manitoba? When shopping for groceries at your local market, or out dining at one of Manitoba’s many fabulous restaurants, asking this question is how you know you are going to get the freshest meats, produce, and food products made right here where we live. It is how you can assure yourself that you are eating quality Manitoba made products while supporting an industry that is dedicated to producing delicious foods for your table at home or when you are sitting at one of Manitoba’s great restaurants. When you buy Manitoba you support the over 14,000 Manitobans that work here, growing, producing and processing food – providing us more and better choices for our tables. So it’s time to stimulate your taste buds as well as Manitoba’s economy by asking: Do you buy Manitoba?

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Tasty homemade pies in cute jars. All pastry is handmade with no more than 10 real ingredients.


Call today for your own delicious pie! Facebook: Shut Ur Pie Hole Twitter: @heatherdaymond Instagram: @piemakespeoplehappy



Premier manufacturer of almond based Italian specialty foods. For more information please visit

Your Made in Manitoba Specialty Food Store Check us out on YouTube & Facebook 204-255-2172 #8 – 1604 St. Mary’s Road, Winnipeg

Put Manitoba on your plate with these delicious foods. For more Manitoba made food products visit...... Buy Manitoba is administered by Manitoba Food Processors Association.

Moms Dish Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you’re stuck going to just fast food joints. Local mom bloggers break down the best local family restaurants that give both children and parents happy meals. By Carly Peters Erika Linden – The Linden Life Blog:

EL: My family consists of my husband and

up-to-date on new restaurants in Winnipeg,

I and our two young children. Poppy is 17

and we’re always up for trying new places.

months and very adventurous. This includes

With kids, we tend to go out for brunch a

food – tonight we shared some takeout

lot. It’s a meal that the kids will always eat,

lasagna, a cold calamari salad, and very

and it doesn’t usually interfere with naps or

Erika Linden: I started blogging in 2012, when

garlic-y hummus. She loved it, and kept

early bedtimes. Also brunch is usually a lot

my son was around six months old. I had

signing for more. My son Soren is three and

cheaper than dinner, so we can try out new

started reading blogs while on maternity

a half, and sadly he eats almost nothing.

restaurants for considerably less money than

leave, and I finally decided to jump on board

Tonight he had some cheerios, a pear, and a

and start one myself.

we would spend in the evening.

croissant with jam. He was a good eater as a

LF: Your photos are great; very vibrant and

baby, but has become extremely picky in the

full of family life. Who takes them?

last couple of years.

EL: Almost all of the photos on The Linden

LF: How often do you go out to eat as

Life are taken by my husband. He’s really

a family? And how do you choose the

passionate about photography, which works

restaurants you go to?

out well for me. I will occasionally take some

EL: We probably eat out about once per

restaurants.” I remember thinking that these

week, or maybe once every two weeks.

well-meaning friends were a little bit crazy…

We choose restaurants based on our taste

can’t you just teach your kids to behave nicely

LF: Tell us a little about your family (how

cravings that day – sushi, Thai, and Indian are

in restaurants?

many kids, what they like to eat, etc..).

some of our favourites. I like to think I am

Local Fare: How long have you been blogging, and why did you start The Linden Life?

food shots, and if my husband happens to be in the picture, I’m probably behind the lens.

LF: What do you think some of the biggest challenges are when eating out with kids? EL: When I was pregnant with my son, I remember people telling us “make sure you go out to eat now – once the baby comes you’ll never make it to your favourite

Now, four years and two toddlers later, I can see why some people are apprehensive about dining out with kids. You can’t predict how their behaviour will be, and there are some places where I do think bringing children is a little inappropriate. We always try to go out when the kids are on their best behaviour – not when they are tired or whiny. We also prefer places that have a higher noise level, so if our kids are noisy it’s less noticeable. Pubs or lounges are surprisingly good for this reason – they are usually louder and have a relaxed atmosphere. Not all lounges allow


kids, but some do, like The Keg, and we’ve taken our kids there for an early dinner a



couple of times. Beer and wings for us – milk


and chicken fingers for the kids. Happy hour

service Skip the Dishes and order in. It’s a great

LF: Any other tips or hidden gems for family

has changed a little.

way to try new foods, but with the flexibility


LF: What are some of your family’s favourite Winnipeg restaurants? What are their favourite dishes? EL: We love going out for brunch on Sundays, and our favourite places include The Qualico Centre at Assiniboine park, the Marion Street Eatery, and Stella’s. My son is obsessed with the

of eating in your own home. This is what we’ll often do on Friday nights when we’re too tired to cook. LF: Have there been any local restaurants that have really surprised you in terms of their kid food offerings, or “adult” dishes that your family loved?

EL: Make sure your kids are not starved when you first arrive. Most people, kids included, are grumpy when they are too hungry. Also, let the kids get involved in the meal. While my son can’t read yet, he always holds the menu up to his face and “reads” it, and when the server arrives we always have him order for himself.

blueberry cinnamon pancakes at the Marion

EL: Because my son is so picky, and also

He prefers not to sit in a booster seat or drink

Street Eatery. He orders a full adult portion

because my daughter likes everything, we tend not to order off of the kids menu. We find

out of a kids cup. I think by treating him like

and polishes them off. We also frequent the Crusty Bun for delicious baked goods and the traditional german breakfasts. At Little Sister Coffee, Vanessa will make our kids their own “coffees”, which are steamed milk served in espresso cups, topped with sprinkles. My son will order “a little guy coffee”, which always gets smiles from other customers.

it easier to order a few dishes and all share, making sure to order at least one thing that each kid will eat. Vera’s Pizza on Osborne is walking distance from our house, and they have the most delicious thin crust pizzas.

a real person and not a baby, he feels some social pressure to act appropriately. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had some issues, but for the most part both our kids can sit nicely throughout a meal. Note – be sure to leave

Soren is so picky that he doesn’t even like

promptly after eating. Once they are full of

pizza – what kid doesn’t like pizza?! – but he

food they are also full of energy, and trying to

will eat “breadsticks”, which are actually just

keep them in their chairs while we sip on our

our pizza crusts. This is a good compromise for

coffees never works out. One of us will often

We will occasionally take the kids somewhere

me – less carbs – and allows him to eat what

take the kids outside, or into the lobby, while

for dinner, but more often we will use the

we are eating.

the other pays the bill. Don’t push it!

Jody Arsenault – MommyMoment™ Blog: Twitter: @MommyMomentBlog Facebook: Instagram: @JodyArsenault LocalFare: How long have you been blogging, and why did you start MommyMoment? Jody Arsenault: I have been blogging for about five years. Mommy Moment was started as a place for moms to come for a moment to be inspired. The blog has changed throughout the years, resulting in a wider audience. LF: Tell us a little about your family (how many kids, what they like to eat, etc..). JA: I have been married to Trevor for almost 14 years. We have two daughters ages six and nine. We are a social family. LF: You and your family embarked on a weight loss journey last year. How did it change the way your family ate? JA: Our family was featured in the February 2015 issue of Canadian Living magazine. In 2014 we decided to focus on our health. We changed to eating a real food diet (Paleo for me and whole/real food for Trevor and the kids). We also began our journey using essential oils. These healthy changes enjoy the pleasures of the province


resulted in a combined weight loss of 115

the fast food places, but we see eating out as

the restaurant it usually goes quite well. A

pounds, as well as my autoimmune disease

a special occasion and do not mind spending

notepad and pen also come in handy for a

going into remission.

a bit more for the quality and experience.

game of X’s and O’s.

LF: How often do you go out to eat as a family?

LF: What do you think some of the biggest

LF: Have there been any local restaurants that

And how do you choose the restaurants you

challenges are when eating out with kids?

have really surprised you in terms of their

go to?

JA: Some of the biggest challenges are that

kid food offerings, or “adult” dishes that your family loved?

JA: Since our health change we do not eat out

kids can get bored. We tend to ask questions

as often as we used to. We probably eat out

to each other while we are waiting for our

JA: I love when local restaurants are willing

only once every six weeks or so as a family.

food to arrive. I find if I am distracted by

to accommodate – simple things like offering

We tend to choose restaurants that offer

my phone my kids are more likely to act up

cucumbers instead of toast and hash browns

fresh food. We are often paying more than

or get bored. If we pay attention to them in

with a breakfast.

Nadine Chappellaz – Save Money in Winnipeg Blog: Facebook: Twitter: @couponwinnipeg LocalFare: How long have you been blogging,

NC: Our biggest challenge when going out to

all starving we like to go to Mongo’s once in a

and why did you start Save Money in

eat is usually timing. We eat pretty early so

while, that’s another easy one for families.


that can be hard depending what restaurant

Nadine Chappellaz: I started to blog in 2009 when my daughter was young. I was noticing deals on things like formula and diapers and ways to get groceries. It got to be a little bit hard to phone each person the deal would be good for, so the blog was born. LF: Tell us a little about your family (how many kids, what they like to eat, etc..). NC: We have one daughter. She’s not too much of a picky eater so that makes it pretty easy to go to restaurants with her. She’s a

I guess we’d probably go to louder more kid friendly places. LF: What are some of your family’s favourite Winnipeg restaurants? What are their favourite dishes? NC: One of our favourites is Chaise Café. If you ask my daughter where she wants to go, that’s the pick 99 per cent of the time. She

kid food offerings, or “adult” dishes that your family loved? NC: I find most restaurants are really accommodating to kids, if it’s a smaller place. As far as chains go they all have kid friendly options and menu’s so that makes it easy too. And things to occupy kids. At a nicer restaurant the appetizer section usually works as a great kid menu for us.

wouldn’t try half of the stuff on it at home,

Winnipeg – can you share a few of your fab

but there she will try every cheese and

restaurant finds where kids eat free, get a

spicy meats. It’s a good way to get kids to

discount, or you get great deals?

try new things I guess – it’s more exciting at

NC: Almost every chain has deals for kids eat

LF: How often do you go out to eat as

a restaurant and then they might be more

free nights, discounts etc. If you have several

a family? And how do you choose the

willing at home after.

kids it’s an easy way to really cut the bill down

restaurants you go to?

We order a lot of takeout at home too.

when going out to eat, just keep an eye out

NC: How often we got out really

Favourites are Bodegoes and Vientiane. If we’re

and plan what works for your family. j

dates and sit on a patio and sip drinks and enjoy a nice meal.

varies – we usually go out more in the summer if we can sit out on patios or while we are out doing errands. Love all the local produce in the summer, when menu’s start to reflect that more. In the winter it’s mostly delivery, comfort food. LF: What do you think some of


asked to leave anywhere yet. With several kids

have really surprised you in terms of their

LF: Your speciality is finding great deals in

go out in the summer for mother daughter


easy to go to any restaurant – we haven’t been

LF: Have there been any local restaurants that

loves the charcuterie board. She probably

people watcher and pretty quiet, so we often


you choose. With only one kid it’s been pretty

the biggest challenges are when eating out with kids?


Ukrainian-inspired food with a twist of the prairies made from scratch in the Tall Grass Bakery tradition. We even know most of the local farmers who grow our ingredients, such as organic Manitoba potatoes, onions and grains.

hand-made perogies cabbage rolls nitrate free sausage borscht hot or to take home


1280 Baba’s Tall Grass Pantry - Ad LocalFare

simply local

Witch Craft Craft beers keep patrons captivated with innovation and full flavours. By Carly Peters

In a market thirsty for innovation, craft beer is certainly

addition of specialty grains – think an oatmeal stout or rye

tapping into something. These brews, which are usually

IPA – or fruits to broaden the beer’s flavour.

defined as being independently owned and produced in small batches, use unique ingredients and inventive brewing techniques to keep bringing people back for the perfect pour.

This taste flexibly allows craft brewers to produce special, small batches for different events or seasons. For example, Winnipeg-based Fort Garry Brewing Company produces a

“The top 10 selling beers are all lagers, which have a similar

Brewmasters Series: limited edition, small-batch beers that

taste profile, and they’re all quaffable,” says Ben Rusch,

explore the boundaries of craft beer making. The seasonal

product education manager with Manitoba Liquor &

Kona Imperial Stout is brewed using 50 pounds of Hawaiian

Lotteries. “Craft beer caters to a smaller segment, a segment that says ‘I want more flavour alternatives.’ Craft beer really underscores a trend in food, wine, and spirits – people want something different, exclusive, unusual.” Craft beers tend to play with tradition, sometimes using new yeasts or adding elements such as coffee to produce a brew packed with flavour. Rusch points to one of the most popular varieties of craft beer, India Pale Ale (IPA), which features a heavy hop flavour. That bite can be amplified by wet hopping,

coffee beans, two types of hops, and 10 different malts, while their Happy Jack Pumpkin Ale, aged with oak, is singlebatched brewed with real pumpkin and whole spices. Part of craft beer’s appeal is certainly the local aspect – supporting your city or provincial breweries. While Manitoba is still in its craft-brew infancy, featuring only two – Fort Garry Brewing Company and Half Pints Brewing Company – provinces such as B.C. and Ontario see close to 100 breweries

hops that are added in fresh, not in pellet form, or even

identifying themselves as a microbrewery. The market is

producing a Double IPA for an individual finish.

small, Rusch says, but it is strong and steady. Craft beer

Changing basics such as the malt or yeast yields a unique flavour, but there’s also the option of adjunction. Most craft brewers are quick to point out that, in their world, the word

sales in Manitoba rose by 25 per cent from December 2013 to December 2014, and he states those numbers will only continue to climb.

doesn’t have the negative connotations that surrounds a big

“There’s just so much going on. Craft beer keeps the industry

brewers’ choice of add-ins, such as sugars. Rather, it’s the

fresh – literally and figuratively.” j

Looking to try a few craft brews? Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries is introducing Canada’s Craft Beer Revolution, Coast to Coaster Festival, June 15 to July 12, 2015, which will play host to over 30 craft breweries across the nation – from Vancouver Island to Nova Scotia and as far north as the Yukon. A selection of single-serve, seasonal, limited-release and one-time purchase of all beer types (stouts, ales, lagers, flavoured, etc.) and containers (cans, bottles, and even growler format) from “Coast to Coaster” will be available at select Liquor Marts, liquor vendors, hotel beer vendors, restaurants, and pubs.


A preview of these selections can be sipped at Flatlanders Beer Festival June 4 and 5, 2015.




enjoy the pleasures of the province


What Can I Do With?

Hemp Seed Move over flax. Take a back seat chia. Raw, shelled hemp seed has you beat.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts taste great, are easy to use, and so good for you. These soft seeds taste like the love child of pine nuts and sunflower seeds. Sprinkle over cereal, yogurt, salad, or pretty much anything; add to smoothies and recipes; or, eat straight from the bag. Per 30 gram serving, these super seeds contain 10 grams of protein and 10 grams of omegas, which is more protein and omegas and less carbs than the same serving of chia or flax seeds. Whip up a quick batch of these muffins, which are also Paleo-friendly, and feed the goodness. j

Carrot Cake Muffins 1 1/2 cup almond flour

1/2 tsp ground nutmeg

1/3 cup honey

1/4 cup coconut flour

1/4 tsp ground ginger

1/4 cup coconut oil

1/4 cup Hemp Hearts

1/4 tsp sea salt

1 tsp vanilla extract

2 tsps ground cinnamon

4 eggs

2 cups grated carrots

4 tsps baking soda

3/4 cup apple sauce

Directions: Preheat oven to 350F In a large mixing bowl combine the following; almond flour, coconut flour, cinnamon, baking soda, nutmeg, ginger, sea salt, and Hemp Hearts. In a separate mixing bowl, whisk together eggs, apple sauce, honey, coconut oil, and vanilla. Stir in the wet ingredients into the dry and mix until just combined. Add the shredded carrots. Put in muffin liners and bake for 20-25 minutes. Remove the muffins from the tins and place on metal rack to cool.


Chef’s Notes: Make sure you melt your coconut oil prior to adding to the wet ingredients.




The time to join is NOW! Contact our office for more information

204-783-9955 enjoy the pleasures of the province



Prairie Ambiance A craftsmith of good taste and a good ambiance bring the full package to Smith. By Shayna Wiwierski

The iconically Canadian look of The Forks’ newest culinary hotspot is

Manitoba). They feature “simple, good-home comfort food” and make

just the tip of iceberg for what’s in store when you walk into Smith.

many of their seasonings and sauces in-house as well.

Completely renovated and rebranded late last year from its predecessor The Current, Smith, located at Inn at the Forks, is a fine blend of prairie-focused cuisine, sourced locally, to present one of the city’s most innovative dining experiences. Maybe it’s the rustic Canadian décor – designed by Calgary architect McKinley Burkart – or the a la carte menu meant for sharing, but Smith is one of those places that has a fine balance between good food and

trying to get after,” says Saunders, adding that the restaurant also offers an extensive wine list – over 30 Canadian wines and 16 wines that you can also try on a smaller scale, a two-ounce pour, which is something

The restaurant, which boasts a protein-focused menu with a blend of

And, it’s not just about the food. The atmosphere of the restaurant

seafood and meats, is big on sharing. First you choose a protein, then

really brings the full package to the dining experience. Gunmetal

“We went and did some research and development in bigger markets like New York, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and noticed that this was a concept that was successful. It was a niche that was missing in Winnipeg and we wanted to see if we could make it work,” says Barry Saunders, executive chef at Inn at the Forks.


from scratch as well. A mid-western prairie homey feel is what we are

rare for the Winnipeg market.

completely tailored to the palates of the diner.


scratch. We also have butchers on staff and all our charcuterie is made

good atmosphere.

a side (or two, or three…), to create a customized culinary experience,


“We make all our own mustards, and all our sauces are made from

accents combined with rustic wood and Canadian-inspired detailing (picture a modern juxtaposition of Hudson’s Bay stripes and caribouhorn chandeliers mixed together with furniture you might find in your family’s cottage in Gimli) bring a classy elegance to the space. Something that Melissa Mulder, general manager, says is the perfect blend of what makes Smith so special.

The finely crafted food at Smith is sourced as locally as possible (for

“It’s casual, fine dining. The components of the place look more casual,

instance, the pickerel – one of their most-popular items – is from Lake

but the service and quality leans more towards the fine-dining aspect.” j


Honest food created from the diversity of the lands and waters of our great country. Brunch menu available weekends 7 am - 2 pm Inn at the Forks –– 75 Forks Market Road 204.944.2445 smithrestaura

PROFILE | Peasant Cookery

Off With the Cloth

Peasant Cookery takes the pretension out of French cuisine and provides an approachable appeal. By Carly Peters When WOW! Hospitality Concepts Inc.

adding that, while the menu is still considered

anything he prepares – even the onions for our

rebranded their French-inspired restaurant on

French in influence, it has a more understated,

soup. He sautés them, then lets them caramelize

the corner of King and Bannatyne four years ago,

approachable appeal.

for 14 hours. These are the things that make

they didn’t realize how successful pulling white tablecloths off the table would be.

Chef also offsets some of these traditional

“The original restaurant, Oui Bistro, was

a-shuck typically does 1,500 to 2,000 oysters per

methods with modern techniques such as

possibly seen as unapproachable, maybe geared

night with guests slurping from fresh shells by

toward specialized events,” states Doug Stephen,

the dozen.

molecular food biology. “If you order the beet

“We just weren’t attracting the people who were visiting the Exchange District.”

salad, instead of crumbled cheese, you’ll get a goat cheese foam. It’s really very unique,” states

passion for the chef who uses local pork for his


house-made boards – which has made him a

Innovation continues just across the lobby in

recognized expert in the craft of curing. Pickled

Tristan Foucault, Stephen took off the tablecloths

vegetables are also a point of interest on Peasant’s

and the perceived pretension that came with

plates; large jars even line the walls of the

them, and the pair embarked on a new endeavor

restaurant, begging guests to crack the seal and

under the name Peasant Cookery. Even though

taste what’s preserved inside.

the restaurant’s cozy wine bar, which features scattered tables in front of a fireplace, rows of curiously named bottles behind the bar, and an incomparable wine list for the area. General Manager Richard Hanna and his highly talented

“His pickled vegetables are amazing,” gushes

bartending staff can be credited with creating

Stephen, adding the restaurant’s chicken, which

in-house cocktails that infuse, muddle, and

“Chef kept, and continues to keep, the pulse

is de-boned and cooked sous vide, is the best he’s

zest a variety of ingredients and spirits unseen

on what guests would like,” Stephen states,

ever had. “[Chef] takes great care and time with

anywhere else. j

honest food from the land.


Stephen also points to Foucault’s charcuterie – a

With the help of Executive Chef and partner

the cosmetics changed, the overall concept didn’t:


[Foucault] an outstanding executive chef.”

extremely popular city trend. Wednesday’s buck-

president of WOW! Hospitality Concepts Inc.


The restaurant has certainly tapped into an


PROFILE | Tony Roma’s

The Quality Experience Tony Roma’s still excels at ribs but also features quality steaks, seafood, and sides created in-house. By Carly Peters What was originally just a meant to be a one-time special at an Italian restaurant owned by Tony Roma has now translated into one of the mostwell known rack of ribs in North America. Tony Roma’s ribs certainly continues to be the cornerstone of the chain, but in Manitoba it’s also a platform for in-house sauces and dressings, additional local-specific entrees, and innovation that’s copied across the country. The first Canadian Tony Roma’s restaurant opened on Winnipeg’s Kennedy Street in 1983. Since then, the Kennedy Street establishment re-located to St. James Avenue, and two more restaurants opened on Nairn and Pembina Highway. Having been the first location, Manitoba’s restaurants continue to set the trends for the brand across Canada. “We were the first ones to introduce a Caesar salad to the menu,” states Ramona Wall, director of operations, who adds riblings and beef ribs were also a Manitoba-first other restaurants adapted. “We were also the first to use cloth napkins. We thought, if you’re paying for a high-quality steak or rib platter, you don’t want to be using a paper napkin.” The emphasis on quality is certainly an element to the restaurant’s success. Along with the best Canadian ribs available, the brand also puts great emphasis on their fresh Sterling Silver Steak program. “Not everyone wants ribs when they come in so we decided to really focus


on quality steaks as well. We wanted to be comparable to other dedicated steakhouses,” she says, pointing to two of their most popular dishes, the



two-filet medallions and half-rack rib combo, and the New York steak


Tony Roma’s | PROFILE

topped with the restaurant’s famous kickin’ shrimp. “We always look at quality first when it comes to any of our products, whether it be steak, chicken, seafood, or sides.”

We always look at quality first when it comes to any of our products, whether it be steak, chicken, seafood, or sides. Wall states many people assume just because Tony Roma’s is a franchise that a lot of the food comes pre-packaged or pre-prepared, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Most sauces and soups (including their highly sought baked potato soup) are all made from scratch; a pork roast is smoked and shredded in-house for the pulled-pork sandwich; burgers are made from fresh ground beef with no fillers; shrimp and calamari are hand breaded; the wings are not pre-cooked or pre-breaded but cooked fresh from locally produced chicken. “We just feel this is better quality for our guests. You can see the freshness and quality on the plate,” explains Wall, adding that even the kids’ menu features house-made mac n’ cheese and pizzas. While food is the main ingredient, Tony Roma’s also focuses on superior service. Well-trained staff are there to answer any questions about the food or the brand, and they ensure each table receives their full attention and gets the full Tony Roma’s experience. j

1500 PEMBINA HWY. | 656 ST. JAMES ST. | 1212 NAIRN AVE. enjoy the pleasures of the province


PROFILE | Piazza De Nardi

Come Together Piazza De Nardi fuses traditional, old-world foods with current trends, all while being a meeting place for family and friends. By Carly Peters

“Piazza” in Italian means “meeting

other,” explains Tom De Nardi, adding

place”, a common area where family

he really enjoys seeing these groups get

and friends of every generation gather

together over coffee and in the same

to enjoy good conversation and great

breath, a few tables over, their children

food. That is certainly the heart of

and grandchildren are coming with

Winnipeg’s Piazza De Nardi. On

their friends making new traditions.

any given day, you can find friends gathered over an espresso in the Mediterranean-style cafe, people enjoying the smell of fresh, madefrom-scratch tomato sauce at the tavola calda (“hot table”), and local chefs in their white coats searching for that special ingredient, like fresh artichokes or even a 100-year-old vintage vinegar. Regardless of heritage, regardless of age, all are welcome at the Piazza.


“Some of the original Italian



immigrants still shop here – even in their 90s. They can come here and speak their mother tongue to each


What started out as a small Italian grocery store on Sargent Avenue, which was considered one of the original ethnic shops in the city, has transcended to an Italian shopping experience, based on traditional Mediterranean food that is also aware of trends within the Canadian market to ensure everyone’s culinary tastes are encompassed. Strolling through the store’s various departments, customers quickly sense De Nardi’s commitment to quality as they see, taste, touch, and smell an array of high-quality, fresh foods,

Piazza De Nardi | PROFILE

from the homemade sausages (ranging from pork and lamb to bison) to freshly cracked California olives soaked and brined in-house to irresistible options of prosciutto di parma and serrano ham from Spain. The meat department, overseen by a Sicilian butcher, is known for some of the best grilling steaks in the city, and the cheese counter houses over 400 varieties from all over the world. The most unique department is the Piazza’s Italian bakery. The store’s incomparable international pastry chefs create not only traditional Italian breads – such as Calabrese, a tricky crunchy-on-theoutside, chewy-on-the-inside recipe – but cakes, tortes, and pastries that are works of art and made with real cream and butter. Customers can find a pairing for any of the Piazza’s amazing foods with a bottle of wine from La Boutique del Vino, conveniently tucked away just beyond the entrance to the Piazza. One of the city’s original private wine stores, the boutique features over 3,000 different wines from across the globe. One of the numerous sommeliers on staff are happy to help any level of customer – from the seasoned wine connoisseur to those just having fun. La Boutique has a wine for every occasion, at the perfect price. Staff continues to share their passion about wines through the Piazza’s Friday night wine flight seminars held on the second floor Tuscany Room. With the recent addition of a full kitchen, complete with real-time cameras and HD flat-screens, the second floor’s versatility knows no end. From in-house events hosted by local and international celebrity chefs, to demonstrative culinary lessons, to private functions for special celebrations and important business presentations, entertaining at the Piazza is grand experience not to be missed. “Everything about the Piazza is about bringing people together,” concludes De Nardi. “We are proud to call everyone that comes to the Piazza family.” j enjoy the pleasures of the province


PROFILE | Moxie’s

Feeling Fresh Summer at Moxie’s with Executive Chef Brandon Thordarson Moxie’s Executive Chef Brandon Thordarson has travelled all over the world perfecting the love of his craft. He’s as passionate about food as you are, especially during those beautiful, sun-soaked summer months. LocalFare recently sat down with Chef Brandon to ask him all about his favourite season. LocalFare: As a chef you have so much experience with different types of food, where do you go when you are in Winnipeg to get ingredients or to experience local flavours? Chef Brandon Thordarson: I’m definitely a fan of farmers’ markets. Shopping at a market is inspiring for all chefs; it gets the creative juices flowing. You can see, touch and smell the produce before you buy it. Knowing that the produce you’re buying is supporting


local farmers and Canadians, that’s important and why




LF: What are your favourite summer ingredients? BT: Fresh greens, tomatoes, carrots and beans are my top picks for the summer. LF: What inspires your culinary creations during the summer? BT: Summer is an inspiration in and of itself. Bright colours, fresh herbs, barbecues, fruits, flowers and picnics. Not to be redundant, but I also especially love the farmers’ markets in the summer. I visit so often they know me by name. LF: What are your top three favourite summer menu items at

I like to shop local. The Forks is my favourite when


I’m in Winnipeg. I like food that is literally farm to

BT: That’s a tough choice as we have so many fantastic

table. I had the most amazing roti when I was there to

menu items but I would say our Sushi Cones, Sirloin with

purchase some produce for our menu development.

Compound Prawn and Lobster Butter, and our Fish Tacos.

Our Sushi Cones are made with crispy tempura prawns, fresh avocado, nori crisps, pea shoots and served with a sesame chili ponzu for dipping – very unique and so tasty. I’m a steak guy which is why I love our delicious Sirloin with Compound Prawn and Lobster Butter. Our steaks are AAA, grain-fed Alberta beef, aged 28 days for superior flavour and tenderness. I also love our Fish Tacos. They have this citrus, spicy sauce that you have to experience to understand how amazing it is. LF: On that note, what is your favourite dish to cook at home during those hot summer months? BT: Of course, being a steak guy, it’s steak grilled on the barbecue. Actually I pretty much like anything grilled on

LF:What is your favourite summer spot in Winnipeg? BT: The Forks is a favourite of mine. I love walking from the Mere Hotel to The Forks to enjoy the sunset and sunrise. I also love it along the Red River. LF: What is your favourite summer activity? BT: There’s nothing better than getting up at dawn to start a day of golf. You’re in nature, and early morning is such a peaceful and quiet time of day. It’s me and my club; it’s perfection. LF: What is your favourite summer vacation spot? BT: The Okanagan. I got married there and absolutely love it. The beautiful scenery, fresh fruits and vegetables surrounded by vineyards of grapes and lots of wine – what’s not to love? LF: What do you enjoy most about your craft?

the barbecue. For me grilling in the hot sun is quintessential

BT: The fact that I get to cook for a living is amazing. When I think about

summer. I love making my friends and family steak and

it, everyday I get to go to a job where we serve food made with passion and

lobster with grilled asparagus and crushed purple potatoes.

love, and we get to meet people that are equally passionate about food. It is a

I also enjoy making tacos at home…so much so that I make

shared experience and beyond creating food that’s the part that excites me.

them on a weekly basis with the freshest ingredients. They’re

LF: If you could only use three words to describe Moxie’s, what would they be?

healthy, vibrant, fresh, and spicy. I often make multiple salsas and sauces so I can customize each bite.

BT: Real, modern, full of life. j

enjoy the pleasures of the province


PROFILE | WOW! Hospitality Concepts Inc.

Fusion and Evolution The WOW! Hospitality Concepts Inc. continues to lead Manitoba’s food scene with innovative concepts and varied menus.


By Carly Peters




WOW! Hospitality Concepts Inc. | PROFILE

No industry sees ebb and flow like the hospitality sector. Changing

of the same name; and the 529, a custom package from WOW!’s premier

food trends, shifts in consumer habits, and foods costs all play a role in

restaurant on Wellington Crescent.

whether a restaurant rides the waves or sinks in the storm. Winnipeg’s WOW! Hospitality Concepts Inc., which boasts seven establishments

Homemade menus

across the city, understands one must adapt and evolve in order to

Set on the banks of Kildonan Park’s redeveloped duck pond, the group’s

survive and thrive.

newest restaurant, Food Evolution, is heading into its second summer

This acclimatization is reflected in the recent name change for Terrace Fifty Five. The new title for the Assiniboine Park-based establishment, Pavilion Event Centre, better reflects the services offered. “We would have people coming in on a Sunday hoping to enjoy a brunch only to find we were closed for a private event,” states Doug Stephen, president of WOW! Hospitality Concepts Inc. “We were in fact trying to run an event centre out of a restaurant, and we decided it was time to finally determine who we were and what we wanted to be at this location.” Therefore, starting in January, the focus moved to private events such as weddings, fundraisers, and corporate functions within the glass atrium and outdoor terrace. With the ability to host a 120-person sit-down dinner or 180-person cocktail-style function, the event centre is a premiere location set in the heart of the park with an equally stunning

with much anticipation of what will appear on Executive Chef Michael Dacquisto’s menu. As an homage to the North End, the menu features in-house-made, locally inspired dishes that range from kielbasa provided by Winnipegbased Metro Meats, to a house-cured brisket sandwich, to beet fritters, and of course Manitoba’s favourite fish, pickerel. “We try to use local where we can, from our produce to proteins,” explains Stephen, pointing to the bacon even being Winnipeg sourced. The restaurant’s brunch, which features said bacon, has certainly become a popular stop for park-goers on Sunday. With items such as stuffed French toast, classic eggs Benedict (which MLA Gord Mackintosh calls the best in the city), and sides of whole white potato home fries, the restaurant has garnered many repeat clients.

menu selection. Guests can choose from the Classic package, featuring

Food Evolution’s appeal becomes even greater as the summer months

items from the former Terrace Fifty Five menu; the 295 option, which

approach. The restaurant’s 140-seat patio overlooks the duck pond,

highlights the modern steakhouse experience from the group’s restaurant

making it the perfect spot for a pre-Rainbow Stage dinner. enjoy the pleasures of the province


PROFILE | WOW! Hospitality Concepts Inc.

Got your number Since opening just over a year ago, 295 York has been rated as one of city’s best restaurants, and rightfully so. Executive Chef Jesse Friesen, who Stephen says is one of the brightest young chefs in the city, oversees the modern steak and seafood restaurant. Under their Certified Angus Reserve program, classic cuts of beef are kept innovative with ever-changing in-house sauces, while seafood is always on-point with flown-in-fresh fish such as Alaskan lingcod, scallops, shrimp, and lobster. Sides are also standouts, with items such as an elevated mac n’ cheese that’s become a dining staple. Not far from the MTS Centre, this trendy hotspot is perfect for a pre-game/pre-show meal, or the ideal location to host a business function of 30 to 40 people. City Staples

with serving up Canadian Prime, the best beef

says the menu has begun to shift toward more

available in the country, the restaurant features

comfort foods – meatloaf, baked pork and

Manitoba’s highest-rated wine list, which is

beans – making it more eatery style.

overseen by Christopher Sprague, one of only

Of course, what won’t change is the al fresco dining experience on one of the best patios in the city, set on the banks of the Red River,

WOW! also boasts the province’s premier dinner theatre experience – Celebrations – which continues to entertain guests with

restaurants under the WOW! banner, became

It’s that river that flows behind the terrace of

engaging, lively shows and keep them equally


where it’s joined by the Assiniboine River.

14 certified sommeliers in the province.

a Forks Market destination thanks to their

529 Wellington, one of the most recognized

as happy with a four-course meal served in a


Muddy Waters Smokehouse, one of the original

restaurant is still devoted to the grill, Stephen

Southern-inspired barbecue. And while the

steakhouses in all of Western Canada. Along

totally unique way. j






• color and finish consultations

• space planning

• furniture and accessory selections

• home redesign and staging Winsome Algera Certified Interior Decorator T: 204.291.4781 E: •


THE FUN PLACE TO SHOP. 40 Vendors. FREE Admission & Parking. Air Conditioned, Café, W/C Access. +

Prairie Fruit Growers Association Your source for fresh Manitoba u-picked and pre-picked local fruit.

New & Used! Antiques & Collectibles, Furniture, Glassware, Records, Tapes, CDs, Videos, Sports Cards, Tools, Sport-Elvis-Marilyn-Movie & Toy Memorabilia, Jewellery, Crafts, Star Wars, Games, Action Figures, Toys, Comics, Incense, Perogies, Cabbage Rolls, Flavoured Coffees & More.

Located: Osborne St. & Mulvey Ave. E. / Open: 10-5 Sat.-Sun. & Holidays

Ph/Fax: {204} 478-1217 or


to find fruit u-picks open near you! enjoy the pleasures of the province


offers a PATIO

for every occasio


TOP FIVE ways to enjoy patio dining this summer! A local landmark: an unforgettable steak and seafood dinner or private event at 529 Wellington.

529 Wellington Crescent — 204-48-STEAK In the heart of Kildonan Park. Enjoy the beauty of your surroundings while enjoying foods that you love turned into modern dishes.

Kildonan Park — 204-284-7275 An afternoon in the Exchange District, over Peasant Cookery’s made-from-scratch comfort food.

100-283 Bannatyne Avenue — 204-989-7700 A unique soul satisfying comfort food experience at Muddy Waters in the Forks Village.

15 Forks Market Road — 204-947-6653 Have your next event surrounded by the beauty of Assiniboine Park on the terrace of The Pavilion Event Centre.

55 Pavilion Crescent, in the Pavilion at Assiniboine Park 204-226-2018

Or let us come to you: WOW! Catering offers onsite and offsite catering from any WOW! Restaurant. Our staff is committed to seamless, unforgettable events that will leave your guests in awe.

• Weddings • Corporate Events • Meetings • Intimate Dinners 3rd Floor, 529 Wellington - 204.942.1090

PROFILE | Fatburger

The Place for Burgers and Wings

Premium burgers, world famous wings and tenders make for an exceptional taste experience at Fatburger Winnipeg.

Guests across Canada agree – Fatburger serves delicious premium burgers,

burgers, both made exclusively for Fatburger. There’s an assortment of

sandwiches, wings, and tenders featuring top-quality ingredients all with

chicken sandwiches made with full-sized marinated chicken breasts.

superior customer service.

Fatburger also offers “Lettuce Wrap your Burger,” a gluten free, low-carb

“In 1952 our founder, Lovie Yancey, created something unique,” says Frank Di Benedetto, Fatburger franchisor for Canada. “She created the biggest, juiciest hamburgers anyone had ever seen. So obviously, there was only

60 years later and Fatburger is still making their award-winning

breaded and cooked to order.

AAA Angus beef with no additives, binders, or fillers. Fatburgers can be enjoyed with all the usual condiments, plus many inspired choices such as chilli, maple bacon, mushrooms, guacamole, jalapenos, an assortment of cheeses, and even a fried egg. Only the freshest produce, including handcut lettuce and centre-cut beefsteak tomatoes, qualify to be served on a Fatburger. For hungrier patrons, there’s the half-pound Kingburger, a three-quarter pound Double Fatburger, and the baddest burger on the block – the Triple Kingburger. This monster of a burger features three half-pound patties of Angus beef served on an artisan sesame seed bun with lettuce, deli dill pickles, and your choice of cheese, plus tomato, onion, and any of Fatburger’s other complimentary tasty toppings.


Tenders. The big, juicy chicken wings are fried to perfection and coated with your choice of signature scratch-made sauce. The chicken tenders

gadgetry – no microwaves. Made with fresh, never frozen, hand-pressed


Fatburger Winnipeg is proud to serve Buffalo’s™ World Famous Wings and

one name for them – Fatburger.”

hamburgers the way she did, with the same cooking techniques. No fancy


option for beef, chicken, turkey, and veggie burgers.

But there’s more on the menu than burgers. Delicious options include lean sage and rosemary infused turkey burgers, and custom-made veggie


are made using plump and juicy chicken tenderloin, lightly battered, hand

Fatburger’s quality ingredients are matched with high standards of service. This is not your typical fast-casual restaurant – guests order at the counter, but that’s where the similarities end. Cheerful staff bring your food to you, and return to your table to ensure your meal is as you like it once you’ve had a chance to take a few bites. It’s the focus on premium ingredients and exceptional service that truly sets Fatburger apart. j

PROFILE | Shark Club

Be Part of the Club Shark Club knows sports, food, and fun. By Lea Currie The first rule of Shark Club: tell everyone about

Manalastas, Shark Club’s regional manager. This

cheese, roasted garlic aioli and traditional

Shark Club. This isn’t a private, members-only

reputation helped the Winnipeg location earn

burger toppings) and oven-roasted chicken

club. It’s a vibrant gathering place with 17,000

the title of top Shark Club in Canada in their

wings in eight flavours.

square feet and a two level bar. The ideal setting

first year.

for watching the Winnipeg Jets game or another major sporting event, meeting up with friends before or after a concert, devouring a good meal, or enjoying happy hour.

15 localfare

such as the Mexican Bulldog, a margarita with

around the perimeter of the bar, offering up the

a bottle of Coronita upside down in the frothy

latest scores and stats, plus 66 HDTVs, including two large screens, airing all the must-see games,

quickly become the go-to spot for hockey fans,

and a state-of-the-art sound system.

still want the lively game-day atmosphere.


beer on tap (11 to be precise) and cool drinks,

as evidenced by the sports ticker that revolves

Since opening in June 2013, Shark Club has including those who don’t have Jets tickets but

A sports bar wouldn’t be complete without

The Shark Club is, first and foremost, a sports bar

What really sets the place apart from typical sports bars is the food. Chef Mike Watson

glass. Come Friday and Saturday nights, an on-site DJ turns the hot spot into a dance club. Add a gaming centre with 140 slot machines and Manalastas says it has a Vegas feel.

“Since we’ve been open over the past two years,

and his team offer a variety of fresh, inventive

we’ve definitely taken the claim as the place to

dishes, most hand-prepped on-site. Classic

The energy and passion of the Shark Club has

be when it comes to any sporting event, and we

favourites include the aptly-named double-

made it a downtown attraction of its own and

want to continue to make that true,” says Chris

fisted burger (a double burger with bacon,

it’s got everyone talking. j


Estate wines since 1999

Savour with local cheese, free run fowl, bison, beef and sumptuous enlightened conversation. Serve this evening, Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving. Long days of June mature dark blue-red avonoids. Of Japan, Siberia and Kuril origin, Borealis haskap is bred on The Prairies for fertile chernozem soil.

Prairie bred and grown. Manitoba made. Sold in most wine stores.

Our farms nurture life and creativity and sulďŹ tes are never added to our wines - Grant Rigby, M.Sc. Food Science

PROFILE | RBC Convention Centre

Like Never Before The RBC Convention Centre is changing the landscape of Winnipeg. With billions being spent on new convention infrastructure and attractions, Winnipeg is experiencing unparalleled growth that is changing the landscape of the city. With the opening of new attractions like the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and Journey to Churchill along with a host of other exciting changes, Winnipeg feels like a whole new city and is known as a top meeting and convention destination across Canada and North America. In the middle of it all is the RBC Convention Centre with a $180-million expansion and renovation that is set to transform Winnipeg’s event, meetings, and convention trade. When complete in the first part of 2016, the convention centre will almost double in size and encompass more than two city blocks. An expanded third floor exhibition hall will see the most changes. With the addition of the new south building, the current 78,000-square-foot third floor will grow by 55,000 square feet to create 133,000 square feet of contiguous pillar-less space that can accommodate over 650 exhibitor booths. In the centre of the third floor will be the incredible new City View Room that will stitch the north and south buildings together with floorto-ceiling windows and a beautiful view. Imagine 46,000 square feet of space situated high above York Avenue, capable of accommodating


The main entrance to the new south building will be off Carlton Street


2,600 guests for dinner or over 200 trade show booths.

and will feature a pre-function, lobby and registration area that will be



filled with natural light streaming in from the floor-to-ceiling windows. With an additional main floor ballroom, this new 24,000 square feet of premium space can host large galas or be divided into four meeting/ conference rooms. The high ceilings and beautiful lighting with a view to the street level plaza right outside the windows along York Avenue, will be a highlight of the new building. When you add all these new changes with additional underground parking, a new climate-controlled loading dock, and renovations to the existing building, the RBC Convention Centre is creating new meeting and convention opportunities like never before. j

WINNIPEG IS CANADA’S NEWEST CONVENTION CENTRE Located in the centre of the city’s downtown, the RBC Convention Centre is the premier event facility in Winnipeg. With our $180+million expansion, we’re almost doubling in size and taking over two city blocks! When we open in the first quarter of 2016, you will see:

We’re growing to accommodate your next event. Be here when we open our doors in 2016!

» Current 160,000 sq. ft. of space expanding to 264,000 sq. ft. » New main floor 24,000 sq. ft. ballroom divisible by four » Additional 22,400 sq. ft. of pre-function, lobby and registration space » New underground parking with 150 stalls » Street level plaza with a weather protected gathering place » 3rd floor exhibit hall expanding to 133,000 sq. ft. of contiguous, pillarless space featuring the City View Room situated high above York Ave. with floor to ceiling windows and an incredible view » 3rd floor exhibit hall accommodating 650+ trade show booths 1-800-565-7776

Tune into WindCity, Winnipeg’s first web TV comedy series to see why Winnipeg is Canada’s Newest Convention Centre:

     

PROFILE | McCelland

Glass is Always Full Picking the right barware for your beer. Europe is known to be the beer

you explode some of that out when

produced and it is becoming very

brewing mecca of the world. This

you pour it. This will give the beer the

important for beer as well. If it is

continent full of history, tradition, and

right taste, mouth feel, and greatly

true that the longer these traditions

rich architecture has shown the world

reduce the filling or “bloatingness” that

have been practiced – the better or

the beauty of beer, including the best

can from the beer.

more perfect the outcome is – then

Like wine, for optimum appreciation,

the manner of enjoying a beer, as the

you should drink beer from the right

Europeans have done and still do,

kind of glass. Ale is like red wine and

should be met.

way to enjoy such a delicious beverage – in a glass. Many Canadians don’t realize that beer should always be enjoyed in a glass. Naturally fermented beer, on average, contains about 2.5 volumes of carbonation. Consequently if beer is drunk straight from the bottle or can, you are essentially putting a

American brewers that are influenced And the market share of import beer

height of the glass. A lager glass should

has tripled in the last 15 years and

be taller than wide. Different styles

import beers are having greater access

and characteristics of beer can be best

to the market now. That illustrates

accentuated by the right-shaped glass.

that we (as Canadians) are starting

is a natural

We are entering a mode of rediscovery.

to look at the finer things in life and

aspect of

Rediscovering healthier choices

take care of and treat ourselves. The


versus a life of convenience. We

style, sophistication and knowledge of

It is really

are becoming much more aware of

beer are rapidly gaining, creating more

intended that

the origins of, and how our food is

choices in the marketplace. j

meant to be consumed by the bottle. The gas that gives beer its bubbliness or effervescence


be considered less robust. Thus, ale is

ways of brewing, there are North

It should have a wider top than the

leave you feeling bloated. Beer is not


whereas lager by comparison would

Although far from the European

by traditional European beer styles.

in your stomach. That will definitely


more robust, aromatic, flavourful,

well suited for a wide-open top glass.

bottle of beer plus 2.5 bottles of gas


Lager is like white wine. Ale is much

Enjoy Europe’s Finest Beers All Year Round

Aigem Blond Abbey Ale 676015

Erdinger Weissbier 16601

Erdinger Dunkel Weissbier 16600

Mongozo Premium Pilsener 742535

Mort Subite Kriek 492405

Stiegl 714842

Fruli Strawberry Beer 17475

Delirium Tremens 435917 Delirium Nocturnum 741637

Stiegl Grapefruit Radler 14979

Timothy Taylor Landlord Coming Soon!

@mpibeers mpibeers

Margy Wilshire 204-292-3332


PROFILE | Prairie Oils & Vinegars

Pour it On Prairie Oils & Vinegars – Manitoba’s first vinegar and olive oil tasting room. By Natalie Batkis When Bev Penner experienced her first oil and

To her surprise, there was nothing similar in

“We love to see the expressions on people’s faces

vinegar tasting room in Portland, Oregon, it

Manitoba. In fact, there were only a few oil

– it’s the best part of our job,” explains Penner.

completely changed her perception of salad

and vinegar tasting rooms in all of Canada. In

“It’s those kinds of moments where you just stand

dressings. Having never tried truly fresh oils

November 2012, Penner opened a tasting room

back and smile, and you’re like, ‘exactly. You felt

and vinegars, there was an entire world of

in her own community called Prairie Oils &

exactly how I felt the very first time I tried them.’”

flavour that opened up to her that day. She


more vary day-to-day. Penner says she cannot

customers from all over the province. Her

keep the Tuscan olive oil on the shelf; it’s by

When she returned home to Steinbach, she

favourite part about the job is seeing people’s

far the most popular item in her shop. People


The products that keep people coming back for

Three years into the business, Penner welcomes

searched the province to see where she could

reactions when they taste her quality oils and

use it on meats, potatoes, eggs, and salads as


knew she had to bring this experience to

find this culinary experience closer to home.


applications are endless.




Prairie Oils & Vinegar | PROFILE

Popular pairings for salad dressing include

And just so we’re clear, oil and vinegar aren’t

an ideal alternative for those who are lactose

combinations like roasted pumpkin seed olive

just for salads. Blood orange olive oil and

intolerant or wanting to increase their healthy

oil and cranberry pear white balsamic vinegar,

chocolate balsamic vinegar poured over fresh

fat intake.

and basil olive oil paired with raspberry

fruit is a sensible and delectable dessert option.

balsamic. Penner says any of these dressings

And did you know there is even a butter olive

We know Steinbach is known for its car

tossed with tender baby greens, your favourite

oil (that really tastes like butter, by the way),

to Manitoba’s first oil and vinegar tasting

cheese, and fresh fruit are amazing.

which can be drizzled over your popcorn? It’s

room. It’s definitely worth the trip. j

dealerships, but now you know it is also home

Nothing like Food Fare

at a Fair.



Manitoba Association of Agricultural Societies

Ph: 204.746.8186

enjoy the pleasures of the province


PROFILE | To-Le-Do Foodservice

Made in Manitoba To-Le-Do Foodservice proudly produces and distributes provincial products. By Carly Peters Support local. These words conjure up visions of the small farmer

definition, it’s not the whole picture. The province’s processors, such as

who harvests his crop and takes it directly to the farmers market, or

To-Le-Do Foodservice, also play a key role in bringing Manitoba foods

the organic rancher who raises his cattle and then distributes the meat

to a market that’s hungry to support local.

through a co-op. While the gate-to-plate portion is indeed part of the

To-Le-Do Foodservice has been a Manitoba-owned and -operated processor and distributor for over 25 years. The company was founded with one goal in mind: to provide exceptional products and service to their customers. Since its start, the independent company has built a market niche that’s made them the number one name in portioncontrolled meats. It’s their very own “three P approach” – people, product, performance – that’s helped them weather the storms that come with today’s competitive market. Aggressive consolidation by the major broadliners pushes the smaller operators either out or gobbled up. “People need to really think about what the landscape would be like if the independents were eroded by the major broadliners,” states Leigh


Young, president and owner of To-Le-Do Foodservice, adding that 10 years ago self-sufficient companies like his own were plentiful across


To-Le-Do Foodservice | PROFILE

Left to right: Fred Dubchak, Production Co-ordinator; Jan Barrett (seated), Packaging Co-ordinator; Jonathon Wazny, Inventory Control Co-ordinator; Melody Brizuela-Mendoza, Food Safety & HACCP Co-ordinator; and Chad Baczewich, Plant Supervisor.

Canada; now they are the exception. “Restaurants, hotels, caterers, and

While To-Le-Do Foodservice is proud to be a Manitoba producer, they

even consumers need to think about where exactly your dollars are

are as equally as elated to be a distributor of numerous local products.

going when you buy product from your local distributor or retail store.

They have established relationships with the following companies:

When you think of buying local, it’s not just the end product; it’s who’s

Bothwell Cheese, Bunge Canada, Dun Huang Corp., Dunn Rite Food

producing those products as well.”

Products, East 40 Packers, Elman’s Food Products, Granny’s Poultry

Within their federally registered production plant, located at 143 Henry Avenue, the company processes pork from Maple Leaf in Brandon and Hylife in Neepawa – bison, veal, lamb, goat, and beef represents the other five species. The Henry production plant staff are an experienced,

Co-Op, Heritage Lane Farms, Hoffmann’s Fine Foods, J.C. Foods, Litke Wholesale Meats, Naleway Foods Ltd., Obermaiers Meats, Tenderloin Meat and Sausage, True North Foods, Winkler Meats, and Winnipeg Old Country Sausage.

dedicated group who take great pride in their contribution to the success

Young jokes that they are the company that can’t really say “no” when it

of To-Le-Do Foodservice.

comes to community involvement.

To-Le-Do’s 15-year partnership with Certified Angus Beef® as a licensed

“Community support has been part of To-Le-Do’s brand since the

processor and distributor ensures the highest standard in beef, sourced

beginning,” he states. “Probably more consumers know our brand

straight from Canadian farms.

because of community involvement. We have a much wider reach than

With beef prices at an all-time high, To-Le-Do Foodservice is quick

most other companies, we do this because we are proud to be living,

to offer clients custom-cuts or alternative solutions to ensure they can

playing, and working in Manitoba.” j

still present plates that have a “creative” protein. Young states that’s the beauty of being independent: they can continue to produce a highquality, consistent product, but they have the flexibility to hand-cut portions that fit their customers’ vision. Relationships To-Le-Do’s commitment to the province can been seen right on their packaging. The company was an early adopter of Manitoba Food Processors Association’s Buy Manitoba Program, which encourages sales of locally-produced foods and helps promote local business growth.

Elwood and Ryan Shearer, who own Leaning Spruce Stock Farm in Wawanesa, Manitoba, are a great example of one local family working to bring the best local beef to thousands of families across Manitoba and Canada. The Certified Angus Beef® brand is produced by local farming families, like the Shearers, and a network of many other small-town farmers and ranchers across Canada. enjoy the pleasures of the province


PROFILE | Red SunflowerRestaurant

Altona’s Best Kept Little Secret Fantastic buffet awaits diners just one hour south of Winnipeg. By Kelly Gray When you look online to see what people

call when you want to make a statement

have to say about Altona’s Red Sunflower

with great food and dining for events and

Restaurant and Conference Banquet

special occasions,” says Ron.

Centre you’ll discover a business that is at the top of the list. In fact, posters on Trip Advisor state it’s their top pick for a full-menu establishment, awarding Evie and Chef Ron Davis five out of five stars. Reviews are glowing for the 100-seat restaurant and 300-seat conference facility with posts pointing to the quality of the

Located on Main Street in the busy southern Manitoba community, The Red Sunflower offers a full breakfast menu, as well as a massive lunch buffet six days a week. On Sunday, Ron and Evie break out the big guns to set up the area’s leading brunch with a selection of more than 60

buffet, the comfort of the 7,000-square-

items. According to Ron they do eight hot

foot facility, and the general skill of

dishes at lunch and 19 hot items on the

Ron’s kitchen where they work to exceed

Sunday brunch table not to mention the

expectation at every opportunity.

incredible cooked-to-order waffle bar.

“We want people to think of us as the

“I’m up every day at 4 a.m. to start. This

best restaurant in town and the place to

means we makes we make our own soup stocks and sauces. We don’t cut any corners. We operate a full-scratch kitchen. We trim our beef not the service,” he says. Coming soon Ron and Evie will be opening more often for dinner beyond the current Friday nights. Ron reports they plan to expand the already huge brunch selection with more seafood such as prawns, pickerel, and salmon. The upshot is they will have to deal with more and more happy customers and more glowing reviews. The Red Sunflower Restaurant and


Conference Banquet Centre is located about an hour south of Winnipeg in



Altona. j


148 Main Street, Altona, Manitoba R0G 0B1 • 204-324-9491

PROFILE | Chop Steakhouse & Bar

A Rare Steak Experience A contemporary, stylish take on the classic steakhouse, the award-winning Chop heats up Winnipeg’s culinary scene. Chop Steakhouse & Bar provides a unique,

Top Ten New Restaurants by Where Magazine

“We are committed to creating handmade,

modern interpretation of the classic steakhouse

– Chop tantalizes and delights with signature

spectacular dishes and providing amazing

combining its distinctive “from-scratch” food

dishes such as their crave-worthy Steak Bites

dining experiences for our guests each and

concept with stunning, chic interiors. Chop

that you will not want to share. Their 14-ounce

every time,” continues Ludwick.

delivers a breath of freshness into Winnipeg’s

Rib Eye is cold smoked with a special blend

steakhouse scene.

of alder and hickory which cannot be found

“Chop is the steakhouse for today and is the perfect choice for today’s steak lover,” says Chop Executive General Manager Mark Ludwick. “We bring together all the elements that discerning guests enjoy about a memorable culinary experience – including exceptional food, a notable wine list, quality spirits, and excellent service – and combine them with the energy level, value, and comfort

scratch authentic Béarnaise sauce. And Prime Rib lovers are also in for a treat. The Chop Prime Rib is slowly roasted in rock salt and fresh ground pepper in a unique, controlled vapour oven ensuring maximum retention of natural flavours and juices.

steak at 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. This extrahot top fired cooking method allows steaks to retain their amazing flavour and is a key differentiator from other steakhouses. Guests are further impressed by the atmosphere of modern luxury at Chop. Plush leather seats, rugged stone accents, and warm rich woods combine to create an environment with a stylish contemporary feel,

options including the Citrus Soy Glazed Wild

yet still relaxing – ideal for casual dinners or

Salmon and Wasabi Crusted Ahi Fresh Tuna,

special occasions. Chop combines modern,

No stranger to culinary accolades – the first

pan seared and served with a mandarin beurre

comfortable luxury without pretense or

Chop location was named one of Canada’s


stuffiness – it’s the steakhouse for today. j

are proud to share.”


roasted red pepper is drenched in made-from-

which has been designed specifically to cook

specializes in a selection of succulent seafood

esthetic and you have a winning recipe that we


jumbo tiger prawns, asparagus tips, and

exemplified by its kitchen’s custom broiler,

Beyond traditional meats, Chop also

of casual dining. Add our fresh, modern


anywhere else. The Chop Sirloin Oscar with

The Chop commitment to quality is further




STEAK EXPERIENCE Discover diverse cuts of hand-selected steaks, slow-roasted Canadian prime rib and succulent seafood including Ocean Wise certified selections. Visit Chop to experience extraordinary service in a warm and comfortable atmosphere of modern luxury.

1750 Sargent Avenue | At the Sandman Hotel | 204 788 2015 | WALK-IN GUESTS ALWAYS WELCOME

PROFILE | Food Development Centre

Made in Manitoba The Food Development Centre helps bring local products to life. By Carly Peters Salsa, syrup, and snacks. Sounds like someone’s grocery list, but it’s just a

As an arm of Manitoba Agriculture, the mandate of the centre is to

small sample of locally made products developed at Portage la Prairie’s

work with Manitoba food businesses to develop or improve products.

Food Development Centre.

With over 120 pieces of equipment for manufacturing a wide variety of foods ranging from meat, to oil, to bakery products the centre’s mission is to also increase the use of Manitoba ingredients for food and create a positive economic impact for producers and Manitoba communities. Along with product creation the centre aids in nutritional labelling, scale-ups (helping to make a small-batch recipe bigger with proper proportions), and packaging to take local items to a national or even international market. Las Salsas, Rocky Lake Birch Syrup Company, Three Farmers Roasted Chickpeas, and Solberry are just some examples of successful local products to come out of the 41,925-square-foot pilot plant. Wellrecognized retail brands such as Bothwell Cheese, Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods, and Granny’s Poultry have also benefited from partnering with the Food Development Centre. The centre has branched out beyond just retail. Restaurants also work with the Food Development Centre to create packaging, nutrition labelling, and shelf-stable options for their in-house products such as sauces and dips. Through this development, the centre is able to help establishments create a retail portion for their business which allows customers take the restaurant experience home with them safely. With over 30 new innovations being produced a year, the Food Development Centre continues to also keep on top of consumer food trends in order to help guide the proper products to the market. Items


such a gluten-free options and vegetable-based proteins have been at the forefront, while snack foods featuring Manitoba pulses are up-and-



coming for this year. j


St. Vital Shopping Centre 1225 St. Mary’s Rd | 204 257 1132 1615 Regent Ave at Lagimodiere 204 654 3345 Polo Park Shopping Centre 1485 Portage Ave | 204 783 1840 MTS Centre 300 Portage Ave | 204 926 5757 Kenaston Common 1620 Kenaston Blvd | 204 489 1199

PROFILE | South Beach Casino & Resort

South Beach is Heating Up Manitobans favourite place to stay, play, and getaway celebrates 10 years. By Lea Currie South Beach Casino & Resort celebrates its 10-year anniversary on

5. Wallet friendly: From Sunday brunch for only $13.95 to a surf and

May 28, 2015. In its honour, LocalFare has assembled 10 reasons why

turf buffet on Thursdays for $19.95, there’s always a deal to be had no

this hotel and casino – just 30 minutes north of Winnipeg – is one of

matter your budget or taste buds.

Manitoba’s hottest spots to play, dine, and unwind. 1. They’re ahead of the game: South Beach is always updating the 600 machine gaming floor with new slots to keep customers entertained. The casino continually has machines that are new to Manitoba and even the first in Canada. 2. Get paid to play: Members of the casino’s Ocean Club earn points while playing, which can be used towards meals, hotel stays, and gift


shop purchases. Best of all, points can also be exchanged for cash.



6. Good night’s rest: If you need a break for longer than a few hours, unwind with getaways for only $77 a night (Sunday to Thursday). 7. Travel is easy: Play and enjoy responsibly with a charter bus. Day tours are available, starting at only $20, and include South Beach’s delicious all-you-can-eat lunch buffet. 8. Freebies: Guests of the casino enjoy a handful of complimentary perks, including coffee and soft drinks, coat check, and valet parking. Not to mention…

3. Customers are #1: Bar none, customer service is what South Beach

9. Free entertainment: The Blue Dolphin Lounge offers free live

Casino & Resort prides itself on. The incredible team works well together

entertainment every Friday and Saturday night. Local, national, and

to provide each patron with the very best experience, including one of

international bands take to the stage playing everything from country to

the cleanest facilities around.

classic rock.

4. The man behind the menu: Executive Chef Richard de Krijger has

10. Top ratings: Since opening 10 years ago, South Beach has earned

over 30 years of experience working in fine restaurants throughout

high praise from guests, and it currently has a 4 (out of 5) star rating

Europe and Canada. He serves up all your favourite options from the top

on TripAdvisor. Due to this top ranking, South Beach Casino & Resort

trends to tried-and-true.

received the website’s Certificate of Excellence in 2014. j


PROFILE | Chicken Chef

My Chicken Chef The restaurant’s chicken, pizza, and full-service dining is a favourite across the province. By Kelly Gray

Back in 1978, Carman, Manitoba saw the first

Thorgilsson speaking about their incredible

that is ideal for pizza and our customers have

Chicken Chef open. After more than 35 years,

signature flavour that has individuals and

told us they agree.”

this local company has grown substantially

families making Chicken Chef their dining

and earned its spot at the top of the food chain


in communities across the province and into Ontario and Saskatchewan. Not surprising is that chicken is the menu leader with the three piece dinner the chain’s

Here Chicken Chef President Jeff Epp remarks what they have created is a restaurant

The surprise is that second on the menu is

experience that puts “comfort” in both the food

pizza. It might not be on the name of the chain,

and the setting.

but they sell a mountain of pies every year at 34 locations.

“We offer full-service dining and pride ourselves that what you see on the table is what we make

front item. “The way our recipe works the

“We use fresh, house-made dough, and only

in the kitchen. We don’t cut corners. Our

spices penetrate the meat rather than just coat

use real ingredients,” he says, noting that not all

customers wouldn’t stand for it. We started in

it,” says Chicken Chef Vice President Ryan

cheeses are created equal. “We use a mozzarella

small town Manitoba and we have grown and remain a success because we stay true to our value offering and our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We are only as good as the last meal we served. In a small town where word gets around fast, it’s imperative that

Family Restaurant



we stay on top of our game,” he says, adding they have remained true to that mindset at their three Winnipeg locations as well. Part of the beauty of Chicken Chef locations is the flexibility every franchise operator enjoys. For example, Epp explains some locations offer breakfast because customers want this. “We have an 80/20 rule where 80 per cent of





the menu is consistent across the chain while 20 per cent is a reflection of local demands and in-store creativity that has made coming in to your community Chicken Chef a personal experience.” j




456 MAIN ST | 204.505.1511 @FOXONMAIN 456 MAIN ST | 204.505.1511 4 5 6 M A I N@FOXONMAIN ST | 204.505.1511 @FOXONMAIN MON - THU 11 A M - 1 A M FRI - SAT 11 A M - 2 A M 12U PM - M12- A M OSUN N - TH 11 A 1M AM

MON - THU 11 AM - 1 AM FRI - SAT 11 AM - 2 AM SUN 12 PM - 12 AM

FRI - SAT 11 AM - 2 AM SUN 12 PM - 12 AM





115 Garry St. (204) 942-7619 | 2553 Portage Ave. (204) 885-5275 2034 McGillivray Blvd. (204) 477-5300 “The Edge” at the Frantz Inn. Steinbach.

1201-A Manahan Ave. Winnipeg, MB R3T 5S8 Tel: 204.489.5151

115 GarrySt. St.(204) (204) 942-7619 942-7619 ||2553 Ave. (204) 885-5275 115 Garry 2553Portage Portage Ave. (204) 885-5275 2034 McGillivray McGillivray Blvd. 2034 Blvd.(204) (204)477-5300 477-5300

enjoy the pleasures of the province


PROFILE | Pasquale’s

Mama was Right

Pasquale’s Italian Restaurant carries on the tradition of classic Italian food. Mother knows best and Joe Loschiavo was

only sit in at the restaurant, but can have their

sure glad he listened to his. Loschiavo, at the

Pasquale’s Italian food delivered city wide. “We

age of 19, along with his mother, purchased

also offer catering for office or home parties, or

Pasquale’s Italian Restaurant in 1990. It was a

our chefs will come right to your house and do

scary time for Loschiavo. Although young and

an in-house chef service.”

full of energy, he had minimal experience in the restaurant. Luckily, his mom offered the key to

The latest and most convenient way Pasquale’s is

success: “Make homemade, classic Italian food

trying to make dinnertime easier is by offering

at a great price and people will want to come

take and bake meals.

back.” Loschiavo took that advice then and continues to use it today.

“Being a father of active kids that are involved almost daily in after school activities, my wife

With many restaurants changing hands and

and I know first hand how hard it is to get

cutting corners, Pasquale’s has stuck to its

supper on the table and the kids out the door,”

original game plan of serving classic Italian

he explains. “That’s when we thought we should

foods – lasagna el forno, hand-breaded chicken

offer our pastas, sauces, and our pizzas par

parmesan, cannelloni ricotta, homemade

baked and ready to take from your freezer to

meatballs, sausage, and, of course, mama’s

your dining table, so you can enjoy homemade

marinara and bolognas sauces. With so many dining options open to Winnipeg diners, Pasquale’s aims to be top of mind when

hours in the kitchen.” For those who don’t want to get their houses

“It’s important for us to remain competitive and

is a big hit during the holidays or anytime


dirty, Pasquale’s 28-seat private dinning room

give our guests different options to enjoy our

you might want to get the la familia or friends


they want Italian cuisine.

food fast and easy without having to spend

food,” states Loschiavo, adding people can not

together. j



PROFILE | Labatt’s

Modelo Especial. Since 1925. Now imported from Mexico. Modelo Especial is a rich, full-flavoured pilsner-style lager, first brewed in Mexico in 1925. It is the inaugural beer of Grupo Modelo, and has been brewed with the same passion and dedication for the past 90 years. Since its introduction to the U.S., Modelo Especial has grown organically and is now the number two most popular imported beer in the country. This spring, Modelo Especial is bringing its Mexican spirit to Canada. Brewed with premium ingredients, this is a sophisticated beer that has a light hop character and crisp finish. Well-balanced and highly sessionable, Modelo Especial has an alcohol by volume per cent of 4.5. Modelo Especial’s distinctive bottle, gold-foiled top and uncompromising taste makes it the perfect accompaniment for celebrating life’s moments, big or small. j

Jewellery handmade & designed in Winnipeg. Offering custom work, re-design of previously worn precious metals & gems, & repair work. Experienced Gemologist, platinum, gold & silversmith, and lapidary artists. Working with diamonds & precious gems.

Golf Tournaments • Memberships Weddings • Banquet Facility Licensed Dining Room • Open to Public

reddlinejewellery | reddrockshop

Ph: 204-632-8337 15

Fax: 204-632-9497




725 St. Mary’s Rd, Winnipeg Christopher & Lori Redd 204-253-6849 |

Company | PROFILE



estled in beautiful Niakwa

estled in beautiful Niakwa Country Club, Country Club, Tapastry is

a culinary gem featuring

Tapastry is a culinary gem featuring an exquisite an exquisite menu of shareable dishes in a contemporary scenic setting.

menu of shareable dishes in a contemporary scenic setting. For reservations and event bookings, call 204.256.7326 EXT 241 or email For reservations and event bookings, call 204.256.7326 EXT 241 or email




Manitoba’s Largest Custom Coffee Roaster Proudly Supplying Manitoba’s Foodservice Industry Locally Roasted Coffees • Brewing Equipment Programs • Excellent Customer Service Ask for us at your favourite restaurant Love your coffee experience at home, purchase fresh from our roasting house at Unit 2 - 1725 St. James Street.

Contact us at (204) 697-4800 or visit enjoy the pleasures of the province


PROFILE | Daltons Restaurant

No Travel Required Daltons Restaurant and Finnigans Lounge dish up delicious fare at the Best Western. By Lea Currie Weary travellers know Best Western for a comfy bed to lay their head, but for a tasty plate of comfort food, you don’t need to leave town. Best Western Plus Winnipeg Airport Hotel’s on-site Daltons Restaurant and Finnigans Lounge dish up delicious fare – no travel or hotel room required. “We’re kind of like a hidden gem,” says Cherry Ann Chandler, food and beverage director for Best Western Plus Winnipeg Airport Hotel (1715 Wellington Avenue). Whether you’re travelling down the street or across the city, Daltons is a comfortable and relaxed dining option for every meal. Weekday lunch buffets, prime rib Friday nights, and seasonal specials will keep bellies happy courtesy of Executive Chef Grant McFarlane and his team. The restaurant is best known for its premium Canadian Sterling Silver steaks and great casual fare, but Daltons is not just about the eats. “Anybody can serve a good quality steak,” says Chandler. “It’s how it’s delivered and it’s the experience that counts. We deliver good, consistently high-quality food, but we’re making the home run with our service.” Katie Howe, Daltons’ manager, ensures service staff makes your occasion an experience to remember. Another showpiece is the popular Daltons Fabulous Sunday Brunch, which rivals the city’s prestigious hotels, but with a price point that’s easier to swallow. Patrons will find a tasty spread with a full salad bar, charcuterie, carving station, fresh fruit, chocolate fountain, dessert bar, and traditional brunch favourites, all for the best value in the city. Heightening the buffet is the extraordinary talent of on-site fruit and vegetable carver Jaime Berces. “We always capture occasions and holidays throughout the year through our weekly Sunday brunches,” says Chandler. “It’s very popular for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter Sunday, Christmas holiday season, and Valentine’s Day.” For something a little more informal, Finnigans Lounge with its plush chairs and club-like atmosphere is a great spot for happy hour, game nights and everything in between. The six-foot television screen is tuned to Blue Bombers and Jets games, as well as other big sporting events. In between cheers, patrons dig into the offerings from the full menu, including popular steak and stein special – a steak sandwich with a pint of beer for $20.


“We want to be an option for the locals,” says Chandler. “Let’s face it – a restaurant in a hotel carries a stigma; your base business is driven by hotel occupancy, but I



think locals will be pleasantly surprised.” j


…where every time is a good time! Our newly expanded menu offers the best in breakfast selections, steaks, a variety of sandwiches, seafood and pasta.

Hours of Service Restaurant MONDAY TO FRIDAY | 6:00 am - 10:00 pm SATURDAY & SUNDAY | 7:00 am - 10:00 pm

Lounge MONDAY TO SATURDAY | 11:30 am - 1:00 am SUNDAY | 11:30 am - 11:30 pm

Best Western Plus Winnipeg Airport Hotel 1715 Wellington Avenue | Winnipeg, MB | R3H 0G1


PROFILE | Original Pancake House

Butter Me Up The Original Pancake House has local suppliers as plentiful as its pancakes. By Cindy Chan

Flour, eggs, sugar, and milk – all are expected

Long-time partners like Winnipeg Old

signature rye bread. Our newest supplier is

ingredients commonly found in the recipes

Country Sausage and H.M.S. Foods have

Adagio Acres. Their organically grown ‘naked

at the Original Pancake House. However,

been providing the custom-made meats and

oats’ have allowed us to create a superior

there’s one other essential ingredient in their

sausages for the Original Pancake House for


dishes – community. With three Winnipeg

decades. This helps separate them from their

locations, the family-owned Original Pancake

competition. Countryside Farms, another key

House prides itself both on the many locally-

partner, ensures they have the highest-quality

sourced ingredients in their food, as well as the relationships they’ve developed with the local suppliers who provide those ingredients.

The Original Pancake House continues to

“We’re a family-oriented Manitoba business,”

constantly improve quality and create new

says Robert Walker, general manager of the


Original Pancake House, adding all three



Manitoba eggs for both batters and breakfasts.

source Manitoba suppliers as it strives to dishes.

As a family-run business, supporting other family-run businesses is a valued part of our identity he adds. Walker also mentions the Original Pancake House enjoys giving back to many non-profit organizations in the community. According to its website the restaurant supports many charitable groups. This year, the restaurant has developed a partnership with Variety, The

Winnipeg locations are still owned and

“Over the last few years we’ve added new

operated by the Guberman family more than

partners like Notre Dame Creamery, who

50 years after Wallace Guberman established

supplies all our butter and is one of the last

In the next few years, Walker anticipates

the first restaurant in 1958. “We believe

independent creameries in Canada,” says

growth for the family company, but the focus is

strongly in community and work hard to

Walker. “Kub Bakery, like ourselves, is a well-

on Manitoba for now, with a fourth location to

utilize and support other Manitoba businesses.”

known Winnipeg institution and provides their

be announced shortly. j


Children’s Charity of Manitoba.

WEBSITE: 1049 Pembina Hwy 204-452-1040

1445 Portage Ave 204-775-9035

Forks Market 204-947-5077

PROFILE | Peaks Restaurant and Catering

Memorable Meals Peaks Restaurant and Catering – fresh, delicious, and satisfying.

When you host an event, whether it is a

ingredients for their dishes, and pride

Peaks catering menu boasts similar satisfying

corporate affair, private party, wedding, or

themselves on producing foods from scratch.

dishes. Ranging from breakfast options, tasty

something more casual, what’s the one thing

At Peaks Restaurant and Catering their goal is

sandwiches, to full-meal features; from fresh

to provide each customer with nutritious and

fruit trays to delicious dainty platters; from

satisfying meal.

crispy salad bowls to piping hot pizzas. The

people remember most? It’s the food. For over 25 years Peaks Restaurant and Catering has kept customers smiling with simple, highquality cooking, and friendly staff that are

At lunch guests can tuck into a classy club

always willing to serve you.

house, hearty soup that’s made fresh daily,

Located on Scurfield Boulevard in Whyte


Ridge, this family-owned and operated



Mediterranean chicken gyro or traditional Greek gyro, a juicy, fresh, homemade Habana

restaurant can host events in their private banquet facility, perfect for 20 to 70 people, or trays can be delivered to offices or private parties.

establishment is known for its fresh home-

chipotle burger or share a house-made pizza

No matter the event, Peaks Restaurant and

cooked food at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

with Bothwell Cheese and special Peaks pizza

Catering brings nutritious, memorable foods

When possible, Peaks uses locally-sourced


for hungry guests. j


Smitty’s | PROFILE

Lounge Around Town With eight Smitty’s Restaurants across Winnipeg you’re never far from a great lounge experience. You’ve probably spent a morning or two at

favourites, like burgers, salads, and steaks are

Smitty’s for breakfast or, shared a late-night

served with beers, classic Caesars, and slushy

dessert with a friend, but have you had a lounge

cocktails. All of the restaurant’s gourmet

experience? With eight locations in Winnipeg,

burgers are hand-made from scratch every day,

as well as one in Steinbach, Smitty’s is a popular destination across the province for friends, families, sports teams, and happy-hour patrons to gather in the great atmosphere. Each of the city lounges feature big screen TVs for watching the Winnipeg Jets’ playoff push or the Blue Bombers during the summer season, ample booths and tables for the entire team to gather around; and of course great food.

never frozen. Similarly, their wings are never frozen, always fresh, and cooked to order in over 20 different flavours, making them one of the lounge’s most popular items. If wings aren’t your thing, Smitty’s has 130 items on their menu that you can enjoy in both the sports lounge and the restaurant. Contact local stores for hours and in-house

The extensive menu of this fully-licensed facility

specials or check-out to view

will please drinking and taste buds. Summer

unique specials from each store listed. j

enjoy the pleasures of the province



Canadian Club® Chairman’s Select™ 100% Rye is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks. The rye-forward spiciness of this whisky lends itself to classic cocktails such as the Manhattan and Old Fashioned, and when paired with citrus fruits such as lemon, ginger and warm spice flavours such as cinnamon and cardamom.



2 oz CC 100% Rye 1 oz dry vermouth 1 dash Angostura bitters 1 dash (1/4 oz) simple syrup Lemon peel, zested over glass Served straight or on rocks


1.5 oz CC 100% Rye 1 dash Angostura Lemon peel zest Fill glass with ice Top with ginger beer (or ginger ale)



1 oz CC 100% Rye Fill with Lemonade Build in Highball glass filled with ice. Lemon wedge garnish.

1 oz CC 100% Rye 1 oz Orange Juice 0.5oz Lemon Juice Shake with ice and strain into Rocks glass with fresh ice. Cherry and rock candy stir stick for garnish.

You’re Welcome.

Canadian Club® Canadian Whisky, 40% Alc./Vol. © 2014 Canadian Club Whisky Company, Walkerville, Ontario, Canada



100% RYE


You’re welcome. | #CC100PercentRye

PROFILE | Calabria Market

Pizza, Pasta, and Perfect Wine Take-out is refined at Calabria Market & Wine. By Ashlee Espenell

CALABRIA MARKET Specialty Foods & Fine Wines 139 Scurfield Boulevard

is best known for their authentic, homemade Italian pizzas, super subs, and ready-to-go pastas. But that’s not where they got their start. “We began in 1994 with the idea of a small, family-owned panino [Italian sandwich] bar,” says Cathy Wozny, co-owner and operator. “People began to request different products, and our business evolved from there. Pizza was the first we added and it’s been very successful Email: • Wine Store • Imported Specialty Foods • Meats & Cheeses • Pizza • Catering • Gift Baskets • Prepared Meals Ready for Your Oven • Daily Lunch Specials

Wine and catering delivered to your door Online orders: HOURS: Mon-Sat: 9am-9pm • Sun: 12pm-6pm


Winnipeg’s favourite neighbours for more than 20 years now. Calabria

Phone: 204-487-1700 Order Online:


love it. Located at 139 Scurfield Boulevard, it’s been one of southwest

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3Y1L6 Fax: 204-487--7924


If you already know about Calabria it’s entirely possible you already

for us.” Calabria also specializes in ready-to-serve meals and homemade Calabrese sausages. You can still enjoy an Italian sub, or the homemade pasta lunch special in their intimate lunch café or on the summer patio. In 1998, Calabria obtained a retail wine license, making them one of just two licensed specialty food and wine stores in Winnipeg. “We felt that the wine selection would really fit with what we were aiming to do, which is really getting to know our customers and what they like,” says Vicky Sartor, co-owner and operator. “We pair homemade foods with personalized service, and we can recommend a good bottle of wine to create a wonderful meal.” j


SAFE Hospitality | PROFILE

Serving Up Safety Maintaining safe restaurants in Manitoba.

Food safety is something we all assume is of the utmost importance at

“We inform restaurants and workers about their responsibilities and

any restaurant. But something equally important, yet often overlooked,

what they are required to have in place, such as a safety bulletin board

is the health and safety of the workers providing the services. Thankfully,

and what needs to be posted on the bulletin board,” says Panas. “We

for the people working in the restaurant and food service industry,

aim to ensure owners and supervisors know their safety roles and

there’s SAFE Hospitality.

responsibilities because they have a responsibility to adhere to safety

SAFE Hospitality is an injury and illness prevention program specializing in the restaurant and food service industry in Manitoba,

and health laws, as they’re clearly outlined in The Workplace Safety and Health Act (W210, part 4).”

and is administered by the Manitoba Tourism Education Council

SAFE Hospitality currently provides services to more than 1,700

(MTEC). Establishments registered with the Workers Compensation

companies, but is striving to eventually reach all restaurants throughout

Board of Manitoba pay a surcharge to finance the program. It is in their

the province. The organization also presents an annual award to

best interest to utilize SAFE Hospitality’s programs to provide a safe

acknowledge establishments that have invested in a safe workplace.


Previous winners include Santa Lucia Pizza, Burger King, the RBC

From first aid and food handling courses to assistance in developing safe

Convention Centre, and Cora’s Breakfast & Lunch.

work procedures, SAFE Hospitality provides restaurants with a variety

Being safe on the job should be of the upmost priority for employees

of services. The program also offers resources, tools and the training

and employers, for ethical and financial reasons. When restaurant staff is

required to establish a workplace safety and health program. All of its

confident in their environment, they can focus on preparing and serving

programs are subsidized, with many being offered complimentary.

delicious meals for customers and providing excellent customer service. j

Because Manitoba’s Workplace Safety and Health legislation mandates that all workplaces with more than five employees must have a designated worker safety representative, and in the case of over 20 employees, a safety and health committee, Safe Hospitality offers this training. “Many of the larger chains have programs and safety measures in place but we find a lot of the smaller restaurants and rural restaurants don’t. Sometimes it’s because they don’t know, other times it’s because they try to implement a safety and health committee or program but turnover is so high they feel like they have to start over again,” says Christine Panas, manager of SAFE Hospitality.


REPAIR • SERVICE • PARTS For most brands of Commercial Cooking Equipment Authorized Service Agency For: • American Range • Bakers Pride • Blakeslee • Champion

• Lainox • Moyer Diebel • Rational • Salvajour

Phone: 774-1414

• SteamCan • Varimixer • XLT • And many more

Fax: 774-0044 enjoy the pleasures of the province


PROFILE | The Whiskey Bar

Whiskey in the Bar ‘O From straight up to custom cocktails, the Toad in the Hole’s Whiskey Bar serves up the city’s largest selection. By Carly Peters pub with his brother Kevin. “The whiskey bar

shelves, containing over 245 bottles, The Toad

was actually Kevin’s idea. We had the space,

in the Hole’s Whiskey Bar is the province’s

were wondering what to do it with, and he just

biggest collection and selection of Canadian,

threw out ‘whiskey bar’ and we were both like

Irish, American, and Scottish whiskey.

‘f*** yeah!’”

“We bought a custom made library ladder

And the timing is certainly right. Whiskey’s

from New York to be able to get to all the

popularity has grown over the last two years or

bottles,” laughs Michael Monk who owns the

so, speaking to both the “macho man” who sips


With an 11-foot high wall holding six layers of




it straight, and the creative cocktail buff. With years in the industry, the Whiskey Bar’s original bartender Patrick Morrow (“Paddy has since left us to go to school but he is still a part of the family,” says Monk) utilized his knowledge to custom create cocktails using the bar’s wide selection of bevies. “We research the history of the distilleries,

The Whiskey Bar | PROFILE

the grains, the blending, aging and finishing process so we know exactly what we’re creating with the recipes,” explains Monk, adding all of the simple syrups, and most of the bitters used in the Whiskey Bar’s cocktails are made inhouse and fresh ingredients are always on hand for their creations.

drinks that includes scotch,” he states. For those looking for all whiskey, no added flavours, the city’s only $1,000 bottle awaits. Otherwise, Monk says while the general rule of thumb is to start with a lighter whiskey and move towards heavier, more robust flavours,

questions like “what’s the difference between a Canadian whiskey, scotch, or bourbon?” Incidentally, Canada has become increasingly innovative in the last few years and now it’s not just your old man’s 5 Star pilfered from the

there are no steadfast rules and recommends

liquor cabinet. Brands like John Halls Forty

Along with their take on the classic Whiskey

that each individual drink the whiskies they

Creek, Wisers, and Canadian Club all have

Sour, Monk points to another favourite –

like and how they like to drink them.

great selection with many expressions and

“There’s no right or wrong way to drink


Blood and Sand, a scotch-based cocktail introduced in 1922.

whiskey. It’s your palate that will like or not like

“We could go on for days with this, the best bet

“It was named for Rudolph Valentino’s 1922

certain characteristics,” states Monk, adding

bullfighter movie Blood and Sand. The recipe

they do run seminars every few months for

first appeared in the 1930s Savoy Cocktail Book.

people to come and learn about whiskey in

or myself... if you can catch me behind the bar

Blood and Sand is one of the few classic mixed

a chill environment, and not be afraid to ask

these days.” j

is to just come down and talk to Kev or Sam,

Recipe for Blood and Sand Equal parts: Auchentoshan 3 Wood (Scotch) Cherry Brandy Sweet Vermouth Freash Squeezed Orange Pour all ingredients into cocktail shaker filled with ice cubes. Shake well. Strain into cocktail glass. Flame orange zest over the top of the glass. enjoy the pleasures of the province


PROFILE | The Movement Centre of Manitoba Foundation


Working with the Community




The Movement Centre of Manitoba Foundation | PROFILE

With generous donations from golfers in attendance, the RBC Royal Bank and the MRFA were able to raise $3,600 at the MRFA’s yearly golf event. The money was donated to our event charity Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation. Pictured above (from left to right): Scott Jocelyn, MRFA executive director; Adell Gauthier, fund development and event coordinator for Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation; and Graeme Green, account manager, RBC Royal Bank.

The Movement Centre of Manitoba Foundation is a Manitoba charity, dedicated to helping children with disabilities and special needs be as independent as possible. The centre is an out-patient facility providing rehabilitation services and specialized health clinics for children and youth who live with life-long conditions. The Foundation raises funds through special events, grants, and donations to improve the lives of children who access services provided by the Rehabilitation Centre for Children.

©Eric Lindberg

©Richard Day/Day Break Imagery

Amazing adventure and cuisine await you in Churchill! Visit the Tundra Inn Restaurant & Pub in Churchill, Manitoba, where pub-style comfort food meets northern regional cuisine… for an experience of polar proportions!

Find us online:

n As seen o rk’s o tw e N The Food Eat Here” a “You Gott enjoy the pleasures of the province


Presenting Sponsor

Event Supporters

Event Photographer


Thank-you to our sponsors, exhibitors, and delegates that made our tradeshow such a huge success.




Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology | PROFILE

Tools of the Trade Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology serves their culinary arts students well. Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology

in a local workplace, which will provide them

“That’s what’s great about our program, we give

(MITT) is always cooking up something

with on-the-job training and experience where

the student tools to be successful in whatever

good for its students. The MITT culinary arts

they can apply what they have learned in the

culinary career choice they make,” says Grant.

classroom to a food service environment. Upon

“For some, it’s finding the first job they truly

and design program offered gives students a chance to turn their flair in the kitchen into a new career in the foodservice industry.

completing the program students will have a number of career options they will be qualified

love, or becoming a head chef, and to even owning their own establishment.”

“Our culinary arts program delivers a great

to pursue, such as in hotels, hospitals, chain

For more information about this program, or

blend of hands-on and theory learning,” says

restaurants, and finer restaurants.

MITT, visit j

Scott Grant, culinary arts instructor. Students start with the basic steps, for example, how to hold and use a knife. “By the end of the program the student has the potential of being Level 1 apprenticeship credited,” says Grant. Students learn everything from basic food prep to baking, understanding meat, fish, poultry, nutrition, and hospitality basics. A career in the food industry can be a stressful one so students will also learn to multitask while working under pressure. “We give the students the tools to be industry ready in a short amount of time. In 12 months you can go from a student to being successful in the workforce,” says Grant. Students may even have a practicum placement enjoy the pleasures of the province


PROFILE | The Exchange District

Hidden Gems

Steeped in history, the Exchange District holds Winnipeg’s deepest and darkest secrets. By Stephanie Scherbain Located just north of Portage and Main, the 20-block Exchange District National Historic Site encompasses over 130 historical buildings that display an innovative and functional approach to architecture. Massive cut-stone terracotta and brick warehouses, elegant skyscrapers and covered alleyways recall the period when Winnipeg was a large commercial centre, and the “Gateway to the West.” In 1905, Winnipeg was the fastest growing city of its size in North America. As the city flourished, the Exchange became home to dozens of financial institutions, warehouses, and manufacturing empires. After experiencing a boom period between the 1880s and 1920s,


World War I and the Great Depression left the district to age



virtually intact. Over a century later, against a backdrop that never changes, The Exchange is in the midst of a renaissance; where locals have converged to curate one of the most dynamic and unique






2 5





SELECT RESTAURANTS 1 - Hermanos Restaurant and Bar 2 - Corrientes 3 - Carnaval Brazilian BBQ 4 - The Mitchell Block 5 - Deer + Almond 6 - Cibo Waterfront Café 7 - King and Bannatyne 8 - Parlour Coffee 9 - Across the Board Game Cafe 10 - Peasant Cookery

PROFILE | The Exchange District

cultural experiences. Today, The Exchange is a vibrant community known for its specialty boutiques, antique shops, restaurants, and pulsing culture. The Actual Contemporary is a dynamic art platform in a purpose-designed space of more than 2,000 square feet located at the edge of Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District. Their commitment to diverse art forms features selected professional emerging, midcareer and senior artists both in permanent or touring exhibitions, and temporary curated shows reflecting the vibrancy of the contemporary art scene. Nothing here is more exciting than the burgeoning culinary scene. With over 40 restaurants calling the Exchange home, worldclass chefs have formed a delectable district that is built on the tradition of industrious creativity. Nothing here is pre-fabricated as no two restaurants are the same. With the chefs garnering their influence from around the globe, Exchange visitors can find culinary plates as diverse as their imagination. Bannatyne Avenue in the East Exchange has quickly become known as Little South America, with favourites Hermanos Restaurant and Bar, Corrientes, and the latest, Carnaval Brazilian BBQ. Carnaval is Winnipeg’s only original steakhouse Churrascaria. A carnivores delight, diners can choose from 12 or more cuts of fire roasted meats that are brought and sliced table side by traditional Gauchos. One block over on McDermot Avenue, Owner and Chef Sean MacKay of the Mitchell Block describes his cuisine as globally inspired. Chef MacKay’s take on Italian Carpaccio blends the prairie’s traditional meat source, bison which is infused with a little bit of Manitoba-grown hemp oil and egg. While the Exchange is quickly becoming a culinary destination with recent additions including Deer + Almond, Cibo Waterfront


93 Albert Street







Café, and King and Bannatyne the Sandwich Shop on the Corner, even the boutiques, shops, and galleries pride themselves on

The Exchange District | PROFILE

Photo credit: The Mitchell Block

sharing ideas and style that are hand-picked and selected with a specific artistry. Once known as Newspaper Row, McDermot Avenue West of Main Street used to be an iconic spot where Winnipeggers gathered to learn the news of the sinking of the Titanic, and onset of the Great War. Today, McDermot is littered with over 10 boutique shops like Tiny Feast, Paperdoll Clothing and world-renowned Hilary Druxman Jewellery. Without a doubt, creativity was born and bred here. There is no better way to take in the shops than to browse with a freshly ground cup of coffee in hand. Parlour Coffee on Main Street has Winnipeggers sipping in delight. But it is their hospitality that leaves a long lasting impression on the hearts of their customers. Or have yourself a game of chess, or something a little more out-of-the-box at Across the Board Game Cafe on Albert. In a world where interaction has become almost entirely virtual, the cafe is an alternative to

Across the Board Mike Linton, Centric Productions

Alison Norlen: leoht April 2, 2015 to June 6, 2015 Image details: Alison Norlen in studio Š Troy Mamer, 2014.

300 Ross Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3A 0L4 204.415.5540 | enjoy the pleasures of the province


PROFILE | The Exchange District

cyber-culture, engaging people face to face.

Photo credit: Five Hundred and One Paintings:

With over 800 games to choose from there’s

Recent work by Cliff Eyland, installation view, 2015. Courtesy of Actual Contemporary

something for everyone to play. Staff can give recommendations based on players likes and the amount of people in the group. And there’s also probably something for everyone to eat – from hearty dishes, such as chick pea curry, to seasoned popcorn for snacking – the lunch and dinner menus offer healthy, flavourful dishes. The cafe is also fully licensed so players can pair their boards with a beer or glass of wine. Even though a pulse is beating year round behind the historic walls, it is truly the summer season when everyone comes to play. Festivals, concerts, walking tours, and so much more enliven the streets and bring people out of the woodwork to celebrate. Every year, Old Market Square transforms into The Exchange hub. The Cube Stage in Old Market Square plays hosts to world renowned festivals including the TD Winnipeg International Jazz Festival, Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival, and Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition.

Who cares if one restaurant “makes it” when there’s always a dozen more right down the street?

Workers, visitors, and residents are also invited to pack a lunch and enjoy the outdoors while listening to an entertaining noon-hour concert hosted by the Exchange District BIZ. But if gracious and friendly customer service tickle your fancy, Peasant Cookery, provides a front

Sysco does.

row view to all the Cube Stage activity from their relaxed street-side patio.

Every day good restaurants come and go. At Sysco, we’re working to

A great way to experience the culinary greats

guidance on mastering the business end of restaurant success. The way we see it, every restaurant that stays open is a triumph – for there who just love good food.

is through an Exchange District Food Tour. Running seasonally from June to August, the Food Tours will leave you and your friends salivating at each stop. Food Tours travel across the district and guests are invited to sample the hottest culinary trends served with an historic twist. Or if you just want to take in the sights, let a friendly guide take you out and show you one of Winnipeg’s most cultured and exciting neighbourhoods. Historic guided walking tours


operate May to June, Monday to Saturday on a per

Order Desk: 204.452.8300




“The Finest Label For Your Table”

booking basis. For more information, visit www. or call 204-942-6716. j

An elegant dining experience. Full of flavor. Without compromise.

Reservations: 204.594.1967 1979 Wellington Ave. Winnipeg, MB R3H 1H5 Inside The Grand Winnipeg Airport Hotel

Located in the historical former St. Gerard Parish Rectory, nestled amongst the hills, in the tiny picturesque village of

Bruxelles, Manitoba Serene area in close proximity to the Trappist Monastery. St. Gerard Church, the former convent grounds of the Ursuline Sisters of Tildonk and Lake 7. Breathtaking mixed agricultural area dotted with stunning family farms. Delicious local foods and baking provided to guest for (making your own) breakfast.

To reserve phone Louise


e h t Do wns! Do  Live Racing May - September

 Open year round

 Casino-style VLT lounge

 $10 Buy-in poker

 Fabulous dining

Facility rentals (meetings, socials, weddings & more)


204-885-3330 3975 Portage Ave Winnipeg, MB

ASD enjoy the pleasures of the province


PROFILE | West End Biz

BEST to go WEST Think you know Winnipeg’s West End? Look again. The West End carries a culinary reputation on Winnipeg’s dining scene for our incredible variety of internationally inspired cuisine, as well as specialty bakeries and food stores. Although dining is one of our proudest features, there is more to our great neighbourhood than meets your stomach. Our amazing cultural food experiences are just the start. The West End is home to a huge assortment of unique shops and services, as well as world class entertainment, recreational and educational facilities. These are not only gems of the West End, many are Winnipeg icons and they draw visitors from across the city and province. You can also find Winnipeg’s largest outdoor mural collection in the West End. Our murals celebrate our history, hometown heroes, culture, and achievements. Our murals and tours are award-winning, internationally recognized and were named a top 10 attraction by Where Magazine. We invite you to explore our world and expand yours. More than 1,000


businesses are ready to warmly welcome you to the West End. j




Westendbiz @wpgwestendgal @Westendbiz

West End Biz | PROFILE

Learn more about the West End. Our murals tell the story of our neighbourhood through art and a West End Mural Tour is the best way to see them.

Channel your inner artist at Prairie Studio Glass. Sign up to learn how to make your own stained or fused glass project, or pick out a pre-crafted piece.

Explore the West End’s unique boutiques and find that one-of-a-kind item you couldn’t find anywhere else.

Browse an eclectic mix of solid wood, hand-made furniture at Faveri’s Wood Furniture.

Try something you’ve never tasted before. One of our specialty grocery stores is sure to offer something that will pique the interest of even the most experienced foodie.

Take a little break and stroll through one of the West End’s many parks.

Need a snack? Slice’s Pizza serves up fresh pizza for take-out or delivery. This family-owned pizzeria has been going strong since 1987.

Drop by Design FX and imagine your next home makeover with natural stone finishes.

Let Out’n About Travel plan your next culinary vacation or cruise. This boutique travel agency is steps away from Portage Avenue.

enjoy the pleasures of the province


PROFILE | West End Biz













































































































































































































































Premium Faux Stone Cladding • Superior Dual Layer System • Durable & Lightweight • Large 4’ x 8’ Panels • Quick & Easy DIY Install • 7 Styles in over 27 colors

Fine Wholesalers of Faux & Natural home finishing products. Beautify your home, office, or cottage in style with ease! 15

942 Erin St. Winnipeg (204) 505-3300 |




With nearly a thousand businesses offering everything you can imagine, what are you waiting for? Come explore the community, culture, commerce and cuisine of the West End! Try out these great businesses:





































































































































































FAVERI’S WOOD FURNITURE 625 Wall St • 204-957-4940 DESIGN FX 942 Erin St • 204-505-3300 SLICE’S PIZZA 1329 Portage Ave • 204-786-3434 PRAIRIE STUDIO GLASS 587 Sargent Ave • 204-783-1117 OUT’N ABOUT TRAVEL 11- 600 Clifton St • 204-985-9200 HOMER’S 520 Ellice Ave • 204-788-4858 CAFE DARIO 1390 Erin St • 204-783-2813

Saint-Boniface | PROFILE

Saint-Boniface, BIEN OUI! One need not delve far into the neighbourhood

French immersion schools as anglophone

community. And they are not the only ones

to sense that Saint-Boniface is unique. Just

parents recognise the value of having

who have fallen in love with the area. Many

cross over the Esplanade Riel pedestrian bridge

their children learn a second language.

of today’s active members of the community

from downtown Winnipeg and you get that

These French immersion students are now

are from other francophone regions including

small town feeling that sets it apart from other

becoming completely bilingual and immersing

Québec, Ontario, and even as far as France,

neighbourhoods, where you will hear French

themselves in Winnipeg’s French community

Belgium, the Congo, Senegal, and Haiti. The

spoken on the streets and in the restaurants,

and discovering its rich and unique culture.

Université de Saint Boniface attracts students

where everyone seems to know everyone, and

This, coupled with increased francophone

from many parts of the world, and many go on

where there exists a strong sense of pride and

immigration from other countries and

to make Winnipeg their home. Young adults

history… and of course Joie de vivre!

provinces, has provided the province of

touring Canada, despite their intentions of just

Manitoba with greater capacity to offer

visiting Manitoba, decide to make the province

bilingual services to its visitors, whether for

their home.

Having endured many struggles throughout its history, the French-Canadian community has persevered and has brought a distinctive

business, conventions, or for leisure tourists.

The pulse of community is truly experienced

character to the province. The pride of the

Imbued with this very unique character,

when you participate in the annual Festival

community has spread beyond its borders

it’s no wonder Saint-Boniface has inspired

du Voyageur; a 10-day festival held annually

as we now see an increase in the number of

many restaurant owners to set up shop in this

in February in Saint-Boniface celebrating enjoy the pleasures of the province


PROFILE | Saint-Boniface

Canada’s fur-trading past and unique Francophone heritage and culture with music, food and folklore. Proud French-Canadians don their voyageur capots, their red ceintures fléchées (sashes) and moccasins and celebrate their roots and their language with an energetic flair, even on the coldest days of the year. When the public party ends, the fun continues. Franco-Manitobans are known for their “kitchen parties”, a phenomenon that dates back to the days of old when families would gather around the warm kitchen stove after dinner and enjoy listening to good fiddle music, traditional songs, and just plain old camaraderie. Traditional songs and music have been passed down from generation to generation and can be heard at family gatherings and those impromptu celebrations that go late into the night. And because food and culture go hand in hand, the celebrations will often include such dishes as tourtière, ragout, ratatouille, pea soup, and sugar pie. But you can experience the French heritage and culture year-round. One of Saint-Boniface’s most striking landmarks, the Cathédrale de Saint-Boniface, attracts thousands of visitors each year. Destroyed by fire in 1968, the ruins of the majestic cathedral were preserved and the new church built within its wall, creating an impressive contrast between old and new. The cathedral’s cemetery is the final resting place for many prominent individuals who played an instrumental role in the development of the area, such as Louis Riel, the founding father of Manitoba. The cathedral offers a series of concerts each spring and during the summer, the Theatre in the Cemetery presents 45-minute performances in the cemetery, bringing to life some the colourful, historical characters who are buried there. Just steps from the cathedral, the history of the aboriginal, the French and the Métis is preserved and displayed at the Saint-Boniface Museum, housed in the oldest log structure of its kind in North America and the oldest building in Winnipeg. Other area attractions include the Centre culturel franco-manitobain, the focal point of all that is culture, where one can enjoy improv, jazz, concerts, French-language films, and art exhibits. And speaking of art, La Maison des artistes Art Gallery features works from Francophone visual artists. Housed in the Old St. Boniface City Hall, La Maison des artistes also offers a beautiful sculpture garden just outside its doors, where monthly summer concerts are held over the lunch hour. And one must not miss Fort Gibraltar, where costumed interpreters narrate stories of the area’s fur trade history in a reconstructed fur trade fort.

Saint Boniface

Once you’ve had your taste of history and culture, it’s time to tempt

Your Unique French Experience

Promenade Café and Wine, with its beautiful view of the Canadian

Guided Walking Tours • Tour Information • GPS Adventures

your taste buds. Saint-Boniface is a foodie’s paradise. Why not try Museum for Human Rights; Chaise Café and Lounge, with a great outdoor patio for those warm summer evenings; Resto-Gare in the old train station; or the newest addition, Stella’s at the Centre culturel


(204) 233-8343 |




franco-manitobain. A little further off the strip, you’ll find Marion Street Eatery that serves up comfort food that is sure to please, the

Saint-Boniface | PROFILE

creativity of In Fernos Bistro, Lovey’s BBQ and its authentic southern-

Visit the Tourisme Riel Information Center, open year-round in the Old

style flair, the prix fixe experience of Beaujena’s, or the Caribbean flavour

St. Boniface City Hall at 219 Provencher Blvd. They’ll point you in the

of Purple Hibiscus. Do like the locals and finish the night off listening

right direction. For more information, visit or

to music at Le Garage Café. And remember, make friends with the

call 1-866-808-8338. j

locals. Who knows, as business owners lock up shop for the night on the Boulevard, you just may find yourself in the middle of one of their latenight kitchen parties.

SAINT BONIFACE – BON APPÉTIT! The culture, language, and history of Saint Boniface have attracted restaurateurs and an array of dining experiences. Meet just some of the owners who have put their own flair into some of the area’s best restaurants. Ray Beaudry

Shawn Brandson

Linda Love




166 Provencher Boulevard

130-C Provencher Boulevard

630 Des Meurons Street

Beaudry, a Saint Boniface native, opened

With 29 years in the industry, Brandson’s

Following in the footsteps of her family

Le Garage in 2008 and it became the area

fondness of the area enticed him to set up

who have operated French restaurants in St.

meeting place for people of all ages, offering

at the foot of Esplanade Riel in 2011. A

Boniface for 34 years, Love owns the most

food, drinks, games on the big screen and

popular dining destination for breakfast,

historic restaurant, located in St. Boniface’s

nightly entertainment. With its diversity and

lunch and dinner, it offers made-from-

old train station, combining authentic

appeal, you’ll never know who’ll walk in.

scratch comfort food enhanced with Shawn’s

French bistro food in with a very unique

passion for wine and fine dining.

setting, including a dining car.

It’s All Here At Pembina Chrysler! FOOD FOR THOUGHT...

LOCALLY OWNED AND PROUD TO SUPPORT LOCAL FARE 300 Pembina Hwy. | Wpg, MB R3L 2E2 | Ph: (204) 284-6650 | www. enjoy the pleasures of the province




295 York 529 Wellington Crescent A&W* Adventurer’s North Dining Room Alfie’s Restaurant & Billiards Lounge Ltd. Amici* Anderson’s Hitch’n Post Ranch Applebees Neighborhood Grill & Bar Assiniboia Downs Manitoba Jockey Club Assiniboine Community College Assiniboine Gordon Inn on the Park Assiniboine Park & Zoo Back at the Ranch Bailey’s Restaurant and Bar Baked Expectations Bangkok Thai Restaurant Barley Brothers Barnay’s Restaurant & Lounge Barney Gargles Restaurant Beachcombers Bel Acres Golf & Country Club Bellamy’s Family Dining Bellissimo Restaurant Benjamin’s Best Western Charter House Hotel Best Western Plus Winnipeg Airport Hotel & Conference Centre Billabong Bar & Bistro Bistro 7 1/4 Bonfire Bistro Boogies Diner Boston Pizza* Brahma’s Grill & Steak House Brandon University Brioni’s Buccacino’s Cucina Italiana Burrito Splendido* Café 22 Café Carlo Café Savour Cambridge Hotel Canad Inns* Captain’s Table Restaurant Carlos & Murphy’s Carnaval Brazilian Barbecue




Cathay House Celebrations Dinner Theatre Centro Caboto Centre Chicken Chef* Chicken Corral Neepawa Chop Fish & Steak Bar Cibo Clarion Hotel Clear Lake Golf Foundation Inc Corner Deli Ltd. (1991) Curtis Gordon Hotel Dairy Queen Steinbach Dandy Drive Inn Del Rios Restaurant DeLuca’s Cooking School Denny’s Restaurant Dessert Sinsations Café Inc Diversity Food Service DJay’s Restaurant & Ichabods Lounge & Patio Domino’s Pizza Drifters Restaurant and Service Centre Earl’s* East India Company Pub & Eatery Elephant & Castle El Rancho Food and Hospitality Partnership Evergreen Restaurant Fame Night Club Famous Dave’s Farmhouse Bistro & Tavern Fatburger Fergies Fish Chips & Seafood Market Finn’s Pub Five Guys Food Evolution Fools & Horses Coffee Company Foon Hai Restaurant Fort Garry Hotel Four Seasons Take Out Fox and Fiddle Frenchway Café & Bakery Ltd Fusion Grill Gaffer’s Restaurant and Banquet Centre Garwood Grill Gasthaus Gutenberger Grace Café

Greek Market Green Olive Gypsy Bakery Half Moon Drive Inn Ltd Hermanos Restaurant Holiday Inn* Homer’s Restaurant & Catering Hotline International Pizza Systems Ltd. Hung’s Garden Hy’s Steak House Ice Sports Ichiban Japanese Steak House & Sushi Bar Inn at the Forks Inverness Falls Resort Joey Restaurant* Johnny G’s Restaurant Keg* Keystone Motor Inn Kingswood Golf & Country Club Kristina’s On Corydon Kum Koon Garden Le Garage Cafe Legends Restaurant & Sports Bar Lilac Resort Ltd Lil B’s Los Chicos Manitoba Club Marigold Restaurant* Marion Street Eatery McDonald’s Restaurants* Micheal P’s Restaurant & Bar Michelle’s McPhillips St. Station Ming Court Chinese Food Services Ltd. Mitzi’s Restaurant Mobile Maitre ‘D Mona Lisa Restorante Montana’s Cookhouse* Moxie’s Classic Grill* Muddy Waters Smokehouse BBQ & Blues New Golden Inn Chinese Restaurant Northern Hotel Norwood Hotel Old Spaghetti Factory (Winnipeg Ltd) Olive Garden* Original Joe’s Restaurant & Bar* Original Pancake House* Palomino Club Pasquale’s Peasant Cookery Pembina Village Restaurant Pineridge Hollow Pizza Express Brandon Pony Corral* Prairie 360 Restaurant & Lounge Promenade Café & Wine

Radisson Hotel Winnipeg Downtown Rae & Jerry’s RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg Red Lobster Portage Red River College Red Sunflower Restaurant & Catering Red Top Drive In Restaurant Resto Gare Riverboat Family Restaurant Roblin Golf & Country Club Rosser Curling Club Round Table Steakhouse and Pub Roxi’s Uptown Café Royal Fork Buffet Restaurant Royal Palms Club Regent Casino Saffron’s Restaurant Sagkeeng Mino Pimatiziwin Salisbury House* Sand Hills Casino Santa Lucia Pizza* Selkirk Golf and Country Club Shark Club Siam Thai Cuisine Silver Heights Restaurant Skinners River Road Smittty’s Restaurant & Lounge* SMS Food Inc. Sodexo at Investors Group Sonia’s Stand Sorento’s Grant South Beach Casino & Resort St. Charles Country Club Sukhothai Sydney’s Fine Dining Ltd Syl’s Drive Inn Tempo Place Emporium Terrace Fifty-Five Teulon Golf and Country Club The Carver’s Knife The Forks Market The Gates On Roblin The Links at Quarry Oaks Tim Horton’s GRTH Inc. Toad in the Hole Pub and Eatery Tong’s Garden Tony Roma’s* Travelodge Winnipeg East Uncle Jake’s Restaurant University of Manitoba Students Union Velvet Glove at the Fairmont Winnipeg Viscount Gort Motor Hotel Ltd. Wasabi on Broadway Winnipeg Goldeyes Baseball Club

* Multiple Locations

When going out to eat consider one of these MRFA memberenjoyrestaurants. the pleasures of the province 115

Index to Advertisers Across The Board Game Cafe..............................................................104 Actual Gallery Inc.................................................................................105 Assiniboia Downs..................................................................................107 Baba’s Tall Grass Pantry..........................................................................39 Baileys Restaurant and Bar.....................................................................19 Beam Suntory...........................................................................................92 Bel Acres Golf & Country Club.............................................................84 BKG Distributors.....................................................................................23 Calabria Market Specialty Foods & Fine Wines..................................94 Carelsfield Inn Bed & Breakfast..........................................................107 Chicken Chef Canada.............................................................................80 Chop Steakhouse & Bar..........................................................................75 Design FX International.......................................................................110 Dunn-Rite Food Products Ltd.............................................................106 Edible Arrangements................................................................................6 Fatburger Canada....................................................................................61 Fenwick & Company Interior Design...................................................81 Food Developement Centre...................................................................76 Fox & Fiddle.............................................................................................81 Gaffer’s Restaurant & Lounge..............................................................117 Gasthaus Gutenberger............................................................................11 GFS Canada...........................................................................................IBC Greenwood Inn & Suites........................................................................87 Higher Level Fitness................................................................................29 Ichiban......................................................................................................11 Inn At The Forks | Smith Restaurant....................................................45

Honeymoons Anniversaries Overnight rates & Day Spa Getaways

Voted #1 Romantic Hotel in Winnipeg

Best of The Road Award

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

204-947-9447 15




Labatt’s Breweries MB...............................................................................5 Lakeview Hotels & Resorts...................................................................107 Manitoba Association of Agricultural Societies..................................69 Manitoba Egg Farmers............................................................................24 Manitoba Food Processors Association...............................................34 Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology.....................................16 Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries.................................................................33 Manitoba Pork Council....................................................................... IFC Mariaggi’s Theme Suite Hotel..............................................................116 McClelland Premiun Imports................................................................67 MIG Insurance Group Ltd.....................................................................29 Molson Coors...........................................................................................21 Moxie’s Grill.............................................................................................77 Mulvey Flea Market................................................................................57 Pasquale’s Ristorante & Pizzeria............................................................83 Peasant Cookery......................................................................................47 Pembcorp Automotive Group.............................................................113 Pepsico Food Service............................................................................101 Piazza De Nardi (Mondo Foods Co.)...................................................50 Prairie 360........................................................................................... OBC Prairie Fruit Growers Association.........................................................57 Prairie Oils & Vinegars...........................................................................69 Ramada Viscount Gort.........................................................................118 RBC Convention Centre........................................................................65 Red Sunflower Restaurant & Catering..................................................73

Redd Line Jewellery.................................................................................84 Res-Tech Service Ltd...............................................................................95 Resto Gare................................................................................................11 Rigby Orchards........................................................................................63 Round Table.............................................................................................11 SAFE Hospitality.......................................................................................7 SMS Food Inc...........................................................................................15 Shark Club Sports Bar Grill.....................................................................3 Smitty’s......................................................................................................91 South Beach Casino & Resort................................................................79 Stella’s........................................................................................................13 Sysco Food Services of Winnipeg Inc.................................................106 Tapastry....................................................................................................85 The Keg Restaurant & Bar......................................................................81 The Original Pancake House.................................................................89 To-Le-Do Food Services.........................................................................70 Toad in the Hole Pub & Eatery..............................................................96 Tony Roma’s.............................................................................................49 Tourisme Riel.........................................................................................112 Tundra Inn Churchill..............................................................................99 Usana Health Sciences............................................................................22 Wellington Fine Coffees.........................................................................85 Westend Biz............................................................................................108 Winsome Interiors..................................................................................57 WOW! Hospitality Concepts Inc..........................................................58

Give the gift of Good Food! The Manitoba Restaurant & Foodservices Association offers gift certificates in $10 and $25 denominations. For a list of participating restaurants please visit or call 204-783-9955 for more information.

enjoy the pleasures of the province


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Taste With A View

LocalFare 2015  

The 2015 issue of LocalFare features recipes based around the FIFA Women's World Cup, craft beer, and more.

LocalFare 2015  

The 2015 issue of LocalFare features recipes based around the FIFA Women's World Cup, craft beer, and more.