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“Do this again. Old-Fashioned, please.” Cocktail culture is back in a big way

Talking Over Tweets Winnipeg chefs use Twitter to connect with customers

Now You Know

Five Recipes Everyone Should Know How To Cook

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Profiles 24 Choices, Choices Barley Brothers 28 Come Together Danny’s BBQ & Smokehouse 30 Welcome Home Red Sunflower Restaurant & Conference Centre


Room to Grow –

Scott Jocelyn, Executive Director, Manitoba Restaurant & Foodservices Association


Now You Know

Five recipes everyone should know how to cook

14 Sweet Tweets  Winnipeg chefs use Twitter to connect with

customers, each other, and even host a little friendly competition


What’s Your Cut?  Five different steaks and what they’re best used for


The LocalFare Twist  Cocktail culture is back in a big way, and you can try some of LocalFare’s exclusive takes on some classics with products from your local Liquor Mart


Get the Picture  Photo Tours Manitoba helps both novice and

experienced photographers take their skill to the next level


The French Way  St. Boniface offers historical sites and attractions, cultural venues, and an array of restaurants


The Movement Centre  Teaching Independence – Transforming Lives

34 Whiskey In The Bar ‘O The Whiskey Bar 44 A Dash of Wow 295 York 46 A Slice of Brazilian Life Carnaval Brazilian BBQ 48 High Marks Red River College 50 A Rare Steak Experience Chop Steakhouse & Bar 52 A Perfect 10 WOW Hospitality 58 A Tale of Two Brands To-Le-Do Foodservice 60 Surfing a Different Wave South Beach Casino & Resort 62 It’s Fair To Sip BKG Distributors 64 Just a Touch of Honey Bee Maid Honey 66 Always On Top Amici 68 Mordens’ Chocolates Mordens’ of Winnipeg 72 From Sweet to Spicy Moxie’s 76 Making It For You The Gates on Roblin 78 Just For You Mona Lisa Ristorante Italiano 80 Crushing It Prairie Oils & Vinegars 82 A Little Bit Country The Hitch ‘n Post

104 MRFA Restaurant Members 

84 Province Proud Canad Inns 86 Three Decades of Delicious Ming Court 87 It’s Getting Hot Out Here Smitty’s 94 Carving Out a Culinary Experience Daltons Restaurant 96 A Regal Feast Royal Fork Buffet


100 Come Home The Original Pancake House




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Room to Grow A message from Scott Jocelyn, Executive Director of the Manitoba Restaurant and Foodservices Association Five years ago we put the finishing touches on the MRFA’s first magazine, and, like a child on the first day of school, we anxiously watched as it set off into the world on it’s own. We wondered how it would be received – Would people read it? Would they want to continue to read it? The answer, which we’ve come to find over the last half decade, is a resounding “yes.” And just like that fresh-faced kid, we’ve seen LocalFare grow and change. This year’s edition certainly reflects that. You’ll see articles on Manitoba food institutions such as Amici, The Original Pancake House, and The Gates on Roblin, as well as some well-received newcomers like 295 York, and Barley Brothers. But just because you’ve grown doesn’t mean there isn’t more room to learn. This year Luc Jean, culinary instructor at Red River College’s Paterson Global Foods Institute, gives us all a cooking lesson in Now You Know, which offers up five recipes that everyone should have in their cooking arsenal. You can also become a grilling-pro with tips on picking the perfect red meat for your application in What’s Your Cut? And, finally, a quick history lesson on the classic cocktail will make you want to whip up some drinks from The LocalFare Twist, which includes recipes that were created exclusively for the magazine. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank all the people who have worked on this publication over the past five years. From our publishers, DEL Communications Inc., to the designers at S.G. Bennett Marketing; from our photographers, 100 Acre Woods Photography, to our writers; from our advertisers to our readers. You’ve all played an important role in the success of LocalFare. Tell us your favourite feature, or recipe from the past five years, and we’d love to hear your feedback, and ideas for the future. You can always check out our Facebook page, or email Managing Editor, Carly Peters,


at q




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Now You Know Five recipes everyone should know how to cook You know what a good spaghetti tastes like, but when you walk into the kitchen do you ever find yourself stumped as to what really goes into the basic dish? With the help of Luc Jean, culinary instructor at Red River College’s Paterson Global Foods Institute, these recipes will ensure you know what it takes to make it.

Citrus Ginger Vinaigrette Ingredients: 1 lemon, zested and juiced

(use a Meyer if you can find one)

2 teaspoons honey 1/4 teaspoon fresh ginger, chopped 2 Tablespoons champagne vinegar 1/4 cup grape seed oil (you can use canola)

ginger, vinegar, and honey in a mixing bowl

Everybody should know

and whisk until homogenous. Slowly add the grape seed oil in a slow stream. Add the extra virgin olive oil and season to taste with salt and pepper.

how to make their own dressing. Here is a good one that I like to make. This is a nice summer recipe that pairs well with spinach,

salt and pepper to taste

romaine, or arugula lettuce.


2 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil



Mix the lemon juice and zest, chopped

Homemade Vinaigrette



Photos By 100 Acre Woods Photography.

Spaghetti Bolognaise Cooking the spaghetti ingredients: 8 ounces dried durum spaghetti

Directions: Use a large pot for the water. Giving the pasta plenty of room to boil keeps it moving to ensure the most uniform results, and helps wash away starch to keep the pasta from becoming sticky and mushy.

4 litres water

Bring the water to a hard, rolling boil. Add salt after the water starts to boil.

1 Tablespoon salt

Put the spaghetti noodles into the pot, and use a wooden spoon to press the pasta down into the water as it softens until all of the pasta is submerged and flexible. Stir it once to separate the strands. Boil the noodles uncovered for about eight to 12 minutes, starting the timer when the water returns to a boil. Place a colander in the sink and pour out the noodles. Give the colander a good shake to release water. Pasta must not be allowed to sit after cooking or it will quickly become a sticky, clumpy mass. Serve with sauce as quickly as possible after draining in a hot, deep plate or shallow bowl to keep it warm.

Meat sauce (Bolognaise)



In a large, heavy stockpot, brown Italian sausage

4 Tablespoons olive oil

2 cups chicken stock

and ground meat with the olive oil, breaking

1 pound Italian sausage, casings removed

3 teaspoons basil

up as you stir. Add onions and continue to

(mild or hot)

1 1/2 teaspoons brown sugar

cook, stirring occasionally until onions are

1 pound ground beef

1 teaspoon salt

softened. Add garlic, diced tomatoes, tomato

1 small onion, chopped (optional)

1/4-1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes

paste, tomato sauce and chicken stock. Add

3-4 garlic cloves, minced

1/4 teaspoon fresh coarse ground black pepper

basil, brown sugar, salt, crushed red pepper, and

1 (28 ounce) can diced tomatoes

1/4 cup red wine

black pepper. Stir well and barely bring to a

2 (six ounce) cans tomato paste

1 chunk of fresh parmesan

simmer. Stir in red wine. Simmer on low, stirring

2 (15 ounce) cans tomato sauce

frequently for at least an hour.

Cooking Pasta Pasta is nutritious, inexpensive, and it is a must in everybody’s pantry. Everyone should know how to prepare a good pasta dish. Here is my version of the timeless classic spaghetti bolognaise. enjoy the pleasures of the province


Beef Caldereta Ingredients: 2 pounds beef, cubed (can use short ribs) 3 garlic cloves, crushed and chopped 1 onion, finely chopped 1 cup pineapple juice 3 cups beef stock or water 1 cup red bell pepper, cut into strips 1 cup tomato sauce 1 teaspoon sambal chili paste

Directions: Heat the cooking oil in the pan and fry the beef until colour turns golden brown. In the same pan where the beef was fried, sautĂŠ the garlic and onions. Add the stock, pineapple juice, and let the beef simmer until tender (two to three hours if using an ordinary pot). Add the tomato sauce, carrots, bay leaves, bell pepper, sambal chili paste, and potatoes and simmer for 15-20 minutes until potatoes and carrots are cooked. Add green olives, and salt and pepper to taste.

3 large bay leaves 2 cups potatoes, diced 2 cups carrots, sliced 1/2 cup cooking oil 2/3 cup green olives

Making a Stew

salt and pepper to taste

Every different style of cooking around the world has their version of stew – be it French boeuf bourguignon, Indian beef vindaloo, or Thai panang curry. Stew is certainly a good economical way to sometimes take a cheaper cut of meat and turn it into tender delicious meal. I believe the ability to make some type of stew should be in all home cooks and chefs repertoires. Here is one of


my favourite stew recipes.




Korean Rice bowl

Ingredients for Beef:


100 grams ground beef

Mix the ground beef with the soy, sesame oil,

3 ¼ cups water

1 Tablespoon soy sauce

garlic, and brown sugar. Marinated meat for

1 Tablespoon sesame oil

about 30 minutes. Put some vegetable oil into


1 teaspoon brown sugar

a wok and cook the meat on medium high

Rinse the rice under running water moving your

1/4 teaspoon minced garlic

heat for three to five minutes until thoroughly

fingers through the rice until the water is clear

Vegetable oil

cooked. Put more vegetable oil in a sauté pan

Steamed Jasmine rice ingredients: 2 cups Jasmine rice

and cook the sliced shiitake mushrooms on

without any milkiness. Drain. If using a pot, the ratio of rice to water is about one cup of rice

Ingredients For Toppings:

medium high heat until they are all cooked.

to 1.75 cups of water. Rice cookers require less

200 grams spinach (blanched)

For the toppings, make fried eggs (while sunny

water – about one cup water to 1.5 cups Jasmine

350 grams bean sprouts (blanched)

side up is common, you can also poach them).


100 grams shiitake mushroom (thinly sliced)

Lightly season the blanched spinach and bean

Place the rice in a pot with the water. Bring the

4 eggs

sprouts and warm them in the microwave.

rice to a boil, uncovered. Turn the heat down to

Vegetable oil

the lowest setting. Cover and simmer until the

½ bunch green onions

Get a steaming hot bowl of Jasmine rice and

rice is cooked through (about 20 minutes). Do

Bibimbap sauce or sweet chili sauce

place all the toppings on it. Add chopped green

not touch or stir the rice. Remove the rice from

onions on top and some of the Bibimbap sauce

the heat and allow to sit, still covered, for at

or some sweet chili sauce.

least 10 minutes. Fluff with chopsticks or a fork before serving.

Cooking Rice This food is the lifeline for the majority of the human population. Rice can be a side dish for almost everything. It can be its own dish. It can be used 100 different ways (in desserts, fried rice, stuffing, salads, etc.). Here is a very basic rice recipe.

enjoy the pleasures of the province


Goat cheese, basil, and cherry tomato frittata Ingredients:


8 large eggs

Preheat oven to 400 °F.

1/4 cup heavy cream

Whisk first five ingredients in a medium bowl and set aside. Heat the oil in a medium-sized

1 Tablespoon chopped fresh basil

oven-proof nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add onion and sauté until soft, about five

1/2 teaspoon kosher salt 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

minutes. Add the sliced button mushrooms and continue to sauté another two-three minutes,

2 Tablespoons virgin olive oil

until mushrooms are shiny and slightly shrunken. Reduce heat to low and stir in egg mixture.

1 thinly sliced yellow onion

Turn your oven onto top broil. Carefully place cherry tomatoes and goat cheese evenly over

1/2 teaspoon kosher salt

eggs. Be sure to add the cherry tomatoes in with the interiors facing up. Cook on the stovetop

1 cup sliced button mushrooms

until frittata begins to set, about three minutes. Place in the oven under the broiler for about

1/2 cup goat cheese

three minutes. Remove the frittata from the oven and serve.

1 cup fresh cherry tomatoes, halved

Cooking Eggs Eggs are a complete and nutritious ingredient. In my household we use them in salads, sandwiches, main courses, and breakfast. Here is one of my favourite frittata recipes.


Back in the day the skill of a chef was determined by the amount of different ways you could use an egg. The amount of ridges in the chef’s hat was symbolic of the amount of different ways a chef could cook an egg.




Sweet Tweets Winnipeg chefs use Twitter to connect with customers, each other, and even host a little friendly competition. By Lea Currie There’s a secret underground world happening right under your nose. Or rather, right under your fingertips. The local food scene has built a whole community on Twitter that is a fun combination akin to walking into the back kitchen of your favourite restaurant and having drinks with admired chefs-cum-friends around one of their tables. “People want to know about us [chefs]. That’s why my restaurant is an open kitchen,” says Alex Svenne (@ChefAlex), head chef and owner of Bistro 7 ¼ in south Osborne. “Twitter is about letting people into your life in a controlled environment. It makes a closer connection to people.” From chefs and restaurateurs to aspiring foodies at home and food writers, these are not Twitter handles you follow to find out about restaurant specials or learn about new promotions. Although those types of tweets can be seen in Twitter feeds, they’re just a garnish to a larger conversation. These are people and businesses you follow to get more involved in the local food scene, and on a larger scale, our community. But fair warning – you will often walk away hungry after seeing delectable food photos. “I think the main thing about Twitter is the business that we’re in is a business of relationships. It’s not about selling a product; it’s about building relationships with people. Twitter is another way of doing that,” says Svenne, who came up with the idea for #twitterblackbox (see sidebar). Rather than trying to bring people in the door or sell more meals, the activity online is focused on that idea of building relationships. The


Twitter community serves up topics related


to, of course, food and restaurants, but also


“It’s probably our biggest form of marketing.

broader issues happening in Manitoba and

A Portal With the Public


All of these conversations are not just about

“Twitter helps people recognize that there

you getting to know them – through Twitter,

are people behind the name of the company

chefs are “meeting” patrons and getting to

and business, like Alex (Svenne) and Ben

know more about their customers in ways that

(Kramer), and we have an opinion and we’ll

were never available before social media.

tell you about it,” says Pam Kirkpatrick (@

“It’s a portal with the public to communicate

cakeologycakes), owner of Cake-ology, a

with us and we can communicate with

popular bakery in Winnipeg’s Exchange District.

them. With traditional advertising, there is

The true colours of each personalities come

no interaction,” says Kramer, executive chef

out in their Twitter feed: Kirkpatrick rants

of Diversity Foods, which runs all the food

about hockey teams; Svenne debates the Buy

services on the University of Winnipeg campus,

with 140 characters, you have to be pretty

Manitoba campaign with Diversity Foods’

including Elements restaurant, two cafeterias,

concise. Twitter is more of a conversation

Ben Kramer (@ChefUofW); restaurateur

catering services, and a coffee shop.

than an essay,” says Kramer, who describes his

Shawn Brandson (@winnipegfood and @

Nowadays, many of these restaurants and chefs

Twitter account as “a personal and professional

winnipegwine) live tweets during the wine

are foregoing advertising and relying instead on

account with very little professionalism.”


social media and good old word of mouth.

While Facebook is all about connecting with

We don’t do a lot of paid advertising. We tweet for marketing reasons. We’ve used it to find staff on Twitter. We take reservations or book events,” says Svenne, who says the advantage of Twitter over Facebook is the speed in which interactions can happen and spread. “I find for me, [Twitter] is way more effective than Facebook was. I used to be a Facebook guy, but I got sick of it. Facebook got a little too involved or detailed, meanwhile Twitter


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Located: Osborne St. & Mulvey Ave. E. / Open: 10-5 Sat.-Sun. & Holidays

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enjoy the pleasures of the province


people that you know in real life, Twitter is

Promenade Café and Wine and Gibraltar Dining

effectively, Twitter can create the culture that

about interacting with those who share similar

Corporation, which manages Fort Gibraltar.

often happens within a restaurant.”

interests with you. For example, you can easily

Talking with strangers online may seem strange

Ultimately a good Twitter feed is not going to

find like-minded people who share your love

at first, but you can get to know people and

make or break a restaurant. That will always

of #goatcheese or #fairtrade products with a

have conversations with individuals who

simple hashtag search. Or try including it in

may never meet otherwise. It can be a fun

your own tweets.

way to get to know your favourite chef, live

“If anyone wants to connect with a restaurant

vicariously through the delicious photos they

owner or chef, start following them and when

post, and get involved in Winnipeg’s food

it’s certainly not hurting business. So next

they’re in the restaurant, use the hashtag or


time you’re on Twitter, look up the dining

their account. It’s amazing the number of chefs

“People get emotionally tied to various

active on Twitter, and they’ll start engaging

establishments for different reasons,” says

restaurant while you’re there and get involved

people. It can be very interactive if you engage

Kelvin Peters (@Prairie360wpg), hospitality

in the conversation. It can add a whole new

the right people,” says Brandson, owner of

and lounge manager for Prairie 360. “If used

course to your meal. q

come down to a tasty menu, fresh ingredients, and friendly service. But in the age of social media, smart phones, and instant-everything,

establishment you just visited, or tweet the

#twitterblackbox Twitter Black Box is a Winnipeg-based cooking competition among tweeting chefs, including home cooks and professionals from around the world. The weekly contest sees one chef suggest four random, and sometimes seemingly unsuitable, ingredients and each chef must then create a dish that uses those ingredients. A photo of their meal is submitted, along with a description that adheres to Twitter’s 140-character limit, which people then vote on. The winning chef gets bragging rights and chooses the next week’s ingredients. “It forces some thought and creativity, which I think can get lost in the day-to-day restaurant work. Using ingredients you’re not comfortable with or wouldn’t think to combine those things forces some creativity,” says Kramer. “It’s great to see everybody’s take on the same ingredients.” Even home chefs or foodies who don’t feel up to competing can follow along, find inspiration for their next meal and vote for their favourite. Twitter handles for other local chefs and restaurants: @Bistrogal725 (Svenne’s wife, Danielle, tweets for Bistro 7 ¼)

14 localfare


(chef at University of Winnipeg main campus)

@Cafeandwine (Promenade Café)




@chefepp (Aron Epp – chef at Elements)









@sarahzaharia (local food writer/blogger)


@shelzolkewich (local food writer/blogger)









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What’s Your Cut? Five different steaks and what they’re best used for. Strip Steak New York Strip

Indulgent, luscious, and satisfying. One of the most tender cuts. Higher price. Excellent for grilled steak.

Flat Iron Steak Second most tender beef muscle. Juicy, well-marbled. Best prepared using dry heat and cooked to medium-rare. Good as steak, French dip, and stroganoff.

Skirt Steak Ideal with tenderizing marinade. Carve thinly across grain to promote tenderness. Best prepared using dry heat, including broiling and stir-frying. Good for skewered steak, pasta topping (grilled), and fajitas.

Flat Iron

Flank Steak Robust, beefy flavour. More affordable. Versatile cut. Good for beef sandwiches, fajitas, and stir-fry.

Ribeye Steak


One of the most tender beef cuts. Convenient and versatile. Fine-grained and full-flavoured with generous marbling. Good for beauty steak, wraps, and sandwiches. localfare


Photo By 100 Acre Woods Photography.


Dry Rub Tips • Use one to two Tablespoons of rub for each pound or 1/2 kg of meat. • Dry rubs can be mixed and stored in an airtight container up to three months or in the freezer up to eight months before they lose their flavour and intensity, can be used when you need it. • Keep a record of the different spices and amounts of each used for future recipes. • When mixing and storing rubs, record the date on the container storing the rub. • You can freeze meat after applying a rub, just thaw and enjoy at a later time. • Don’t reuse remaining rub after it has been in contact with meat.

Make a rub for roast beef Roast beef can accommodate much more assertive flavours in a dry rub. Combine two Tablespoons granulated garlic, two Tablespoons dark chili powder, one teaspoon dried mustard powder, one Tablespoon dried oregano, 1/4 teaspoon ground pepper, and 1/2 teaspoon coarse salt. Rub evenly over the beef and cook in a preheated 350 degrees F oven for about 20 minutes for each one pound of meat for boneless cuts and about 25 minutes for each one pound of meat from a bone-in cut. This will result in rare meat; adjust cooking time for your desired level of doneness. SHOT ON LOCATION AT KELMAR MEATS, 925 HEADMASTER ROW.

Flank Steak Skirt Meat

Boneless Ribeye

enjoy the pleasures of the province



$180+ M

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The International Polar Bear Conservation Centre recently opened at the Assiniboine Park Zoo and is the key component of the new Journey to Churchill exhibit currently under construction.

$200 M


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$170 M

WINNIPEG IS RADICALLY TRANSFORMING... With over $2 billion being spent on new convention infrastructure and attractions, we’re experiencing unparalleled growth that is changing the landscape of our city. A new airport that was recently named one of the 10 most iconic terminals in the world, a world-famous human rights museum, a polar bear conservation centre, the league’s most exciting NHL franchise, a new CFL stadium, major retailers like IKEA and Cabela’s anchoring a flagship shopping experience, new boutique and big brand hotels breaking ground, and a host of other exciting changes are making Winnipeg a whole new city. The RBC Convention Centre is right in the middle of it all with a $180+ million expansion that will make it twice as big and twice as great. Visit!      


PROFILE | Barley Brothers

Choices, Choices

There’s a world of beer out there. Barley Brothers wants to be your passport to discovery. By Kelly Gray

When most people think of a business that offers 72 taps most would think of a plumbing supply outlet. However, restaurateur Noel Bernier would prefer people think of Barley Brothers, a unique craft beer destination located near Polo Park along Empress Street that is helping to raise the stakes on the public’s appreciation of a great brew. Barley Brothers is the progeny of Bernier and partners such as Beer Manager Raj Maniar. Inside patrons are blessed with a world of brew unlike anything else in the local market. The beers that wait behind the 72 taps are selected from only the best and brightest


among the global craft beer sector. This means you localfare


won’t find industry giants like Budweiser, Erdinger, or Stella Artois. While these products have their


Barley Brothers | PROFILE

“We could see that people were bored with the same old tastes that are produced by the big brewing companies,” says Maniar. “We saw an opportunity to raise the level of appreciation here in Winnipeg and to accommodate those whose love of beer meant their needs were not being met by any establishments in the area.”

adherents and have many qualities, none is classed as a craft beer, a

“Nothing lasts longer than a month and we pay a lot of attention to our

distinction that only goes to brewers that create small, independent, and

CO2 Nitrogen beer system to make sure the brew in the glass is the best

traditional brew.

it can be. This means our bartenders have to understand each pour is

“We could see that people were bored with the same old tastes that are produced by the big brewing companies,” says Maniar. “We saw an

unique given that beers all behave a little differently as they go into the glass,” he says.

opportunity to raise the level of appreciation here in Winnipeg and to

Servers are knowledgeable as well. With a dizzying array of different

accommodate those whose love of beer meant their needs were not

styles from IPAs to porters to pale ales and German bocks, there is a lot

being met by any establishments in the area.”

to tell when staff comes to tableside.

According to Maniar, there is always something new on hand. “We

For patrons that look over the menu, ask servers a few questions, and

are constantly scouting for small runs and opportunities to bring in

still find themselves in a state of wonder Barley Brothers also offers

something special, even if its just a keg or two,” he says remembering

flights of beer – a facet of service that takes the experience a step further.

a recent order from California’s renowned Anderson Valley Brewing

Similar to offerings in wine bars, Barley Brothers’ guests can ask for a

Company where the limited release was sopped up as fast as bartenders

selection of small glass beers to sample.

could pour.

“This helps people better understand the range,” says Maniar describing

The beauty of the concept is that beers are as fresh as they can possibly

the popular menu program where customers can ask to have a grouping

be. This means kegs are bought in small runs and turnover is quick.

of IPAs, lagers, or others for comparison. There is even a tasting wheel,

enjoy the pleasures of the province


PROFILE | Barley Brothers

a device that helps with description with areas that discuss mouth feel,

reminder of Winnipeg’s once proud brewing tradition. For example,

bitterness, aroma, and other aspects of taste perception.

each burger comes with names like Shea, Kiewel, and Drewry, all

“Our goal is to raise awareness and appreciation. I think the flights and the tasting wheel are perfect tools to help people try new flavour experiences and then be able to articulate their preferences and Brothers’ experience can be edifying or just a simple getting together

seen the level at which wine is perceived. We think this is unbalanced

with friends for a beer.

and want people to be able to enjoy beer with the same focus on quality

and a beverage culture where leaders are labels such as Hoptimus Prime, White Cap Wheat Ale, and Black Death Porter. All that great beer can make a person hungry and Barley Brothers’ kitchen doesn’t disappoint. The food menu is designed by Head Chef Paul Stafford, a local boy who really gets the connectivity between plates and glasses. In Maniar’s view the beer must compliment the food much like a wine pairing. Towards this end Stafford has created a menu that works with the 72 taps. Indeed, the food list is replete with things like oysters, house-made pretzels, Nurnberger Rostbratwurst (house-made sausage, sauerkraut, and potato salad), as well as Elk Burgers and a wide array of steaks. There are also small plates like mac n’ cheese, salads, sandwiches, and schnitzels on a menu that features something for everyone. “We have a lot of favourites that people will recognize, but we sought to make them unique. For example, our wings are cold smoked and fried for a taste and texture that is only available here. We make all our own sausages and sauerkraut,” he says commenting the concept is really Canadian meets German Bierhaus. Ramping the food excitement still further, Maniar tells that every Thursday steaks are all $29, a great deal for a 20 ounce Porterhouse


the full range of tastes. “Our idea is to offer more to those people who love beer. All of us have

pointing to a 177-seat room where patrons all seem excited by the menu


using ground sirloin, grilled chicken, or lentil patties to accommodate

discoveries the next time they come in,” he says, noting that the Barley

Guests decide just how far they want the experience to go adds Maniar


appellations that refer to old breweries from the city. Burgers are made

or a 14 ounce Rib Eye. Still, the restaurant’s burgers are proving to be the most popular drawing card. Maniar reports the burger list offers a


and approach to service and selection they might find with wines,” he says inviting beer lovers to hop in to find their next favourite. “We’ve got 72 taps. Come in and make a discovery.” q

“Best New Restaurant in Winnipeg” “The ambience and decor are straight from a downtown boutique hotel in New York or San Francisco and the food is even better.” - diner review, 01/2014

Featuring Tapas-style cuisine made with local ingredients

Located in the Grand Winnipeg Airport Hotel Parking in the airport parkade validated 1979 Wellington Avenue | 204.594.1967

Golf Tournaments • Memberships Weddings • Banquet Facility Licensed Dining Room • Open to Public

Nothing like Food Fare

at a Fair.

Ph: 204-632-8337 Fax: 204-632-9497



Manitoba Association of Agricultural Societies

Ph: 204.746.8186

enjoy the pleasures of the province


PROFILE | Danny’s BBQ & Smokehouse

Come Together

Danny’s BBQ & Smokehouse brings the community together with great food and an ideal event facility. By Carly Peters

Food is one of the best ways to start-up a conversation. And Danny’s BBQ & Smokehouse, where great food is a given, now offers the perfect place for family, friends, and community to come together. The restaurant and lounge at the St. James restaurant is an ideal location to meet over a shared platter of ribs, or an awardwinning burger (see sidebar), but the space also boasts a banquet facility, which can host up to 150 people, or a smaller private room perfect for a meeting of 30. “We want to see like minded people coming together in a place where they feel comfortable and can have great food,” says restaurant co-owner Buck Pierce, who suggests anything from hockey teams hosting a fundraiser to fishing seminars can be held at the restaurant.

a football game, made sausage, and taught

opportunity – the opportunity to play hockey,

“And when it comes to food they can go off

them how to prepare the game birds,” explains

or play football.”

the menu, or have a buffet, whatever they like,”

Pierce. “It’s an amazing experience, and you

states Danny Kleinsasser, owner of Danny’s

learn so much. It’s such an honour to give back

Whole Hog, and other half of the restaurant

to these veterans.”

partnership. Both Kleinsasser, and Pierce are very excited

Harvest, Siloam Mission, Lighthouse Mission,

to also utilize the space to host events close

CancerCare Manitoba, and so many more,

to their own hearts. Recently, the pair

both community heros are passionate about

held a social for Faces of Freedom (www.

kids’ charities., an organization that provides an opportunity for wounded Canadian, and U.S. veterans to enjoy a week


of outdoor activities, and hopefully some time to heal.



Along with support to United Way, Winnipeg

“We’ve gone hunting, fishing, taken them to


“Growing up with a sports background I remember the coaches that gave me

The pair utilized the restaurant to host a fundraiser for an inner city youth football team, which raised enough money to send the group to Ireland. The team came back as tournament champions, and spent an evening eating barbecue and watching their game on the big-screen T.V. in the restaurant’s dining room. “They became champions because they were

opportunities. My parents provided me with

given an opportunity. It’s why we got into the

opportunities. I got to do all these amazing

business and why we continue to work hard at

things because I was given the opportunity,”

our business,” says Kleinsasser. “We want to be

states Pierce. “That’s all kids want – the

able to do more of that with what we have.”

Danny’s BBQ & Smokehouse | PROFILE


#1 Eats Of course what’s a good barbecue restaurant without an

The Big Daddy Tazz Burger which boasts two patties, raw

equally as good burger on the menu? Danny’s BBQ &

onions, extra pickles, cheese, and bacon, 1,000 island dressing,

Smokehouse can claim they not only have a good burger –

hot sauce, jalapenos, and guacamole.

they have the best burger in the city.

Under a new head chef, the restaurant is also offering up some

Voted Winnipeg’s number one burger by the Winnipeg Burger

new items including pulled pork, or pulled turkey perogies, as

Club, Buck’s BBQ Burger features 100 per cent prime rib

well as a little more focus on chicken dishes, such as a roasted

beef topped with onion rings, double smoked bacon, your

quarter chicken and rib combo.

choice of Monterey Jack cheese, or cheddar, and, of course, the traditional mayo/mustard/relish/pickles/lettuce/tomatoes combination. “Manitoba likes burgers,” laughs Kleinsasser, adding they have

“We’re always trying to be creative,” states Kleinsasser, pointing to his latest sauce, Jamaican Jerk Chicken, which was developed after an off-road restaurant visit while he was in Jamaica. q

three other award-winning options on the menu, including

enjoy the pleasures of the province


PROFILE | Red Sunflower Restaurant and Conference Banquet Centre

Welcome Home Red Sunflower Restaurant and Conference Banquet Centre brings quality food and service to Altona. For Evie and Chef Ron Davis the restaurant

“The welcome we received when we opened in

shop in their previous restaurant in Oakbank.

business is all about the people you serve. This

September 2012 was amazing. For us it was like

“We had a lot of customers in Oakbank and the

mantra is behind the pair’s recent opening of

coming home,” says Chef Ron, who tells that

restaurant was successful, but our hearts were

Red Sunflower Restaurant and Conference

they had a previous operation, South Forty, in

still here in Altona.”

Banquet Centre on Main Street in Altona.

the southern Manitoba town before they set up

The Red Sunflower offers a 100-seat restaurant and 300-seat conference facility in a 7000-square-foot extensively renovated building in the centre of town. Hours begin early. “We open at 5:30 a.m. to offer service for people on their way to work,” he says, noting that Altona is a busy community with a lot of factory and agricultural workers. He reports they specialize in great breakfasts and lunches and do an impressive brunch on Sunday. In fact, the brunch and its huge table of 60 items has been a consistent performer for the new restaurant. “We are also known for our service,” he says, pointing to Evie who manages the front of the house. “My wife is passionate about making sure every detail is perfect and I believe this shows in the level of service we offer in the dining room at our banquets and at our catered events.” In the kitchen just about every single thing is made in-house. This includes the desserts, the soups (they make four every day), the meatballs and the sauces, as well as other items. Every Friday night Ron and Evie keep the doors open for dinner. “This is our chance to show the community what we can offer when it comes to fine dining. Every week it’s something new,” he says commenting their experience allows them to


create dishes that sing out with flair thanks to skills that have been fired through decades of


perfecting the cooking craft.


Red Sunflower Restaurant and Conference Banquet Centre | PROFILE

The Red Sunflower also features a full

that the RED in Red Sunflower is an

banquet and conference facility. This means

acronym for Ron and Evie Davis. “The red

the kitchen is busy with catering to local

sunflower is a unique special flower that

businesses that seek to impress. They also

embodies our goals and aspirations at the

do weddings and tradeshows.

restaurant where we seek to be a positive

“Whether it’s a sandwich tray or a fully catered reception, people in the area are coming to us for the flavours and the service that helps to enhance the level of the event,” he says noting they believe they have raised the stakes in the community with a menu and taste profile that has made them a local benchmark in quality.

force for change. In our lives we have been able to simplify and focus on the things that are important. We want to utilize this focus to create not just foods that keep people coming back, but to organize events and functions that are at the centre of our community. Our goal is to nourish our neighbours and friends with delicious foods and help them organize the events

“We really felt all the stars aligned for us

surrounding the milestones in their lives

when we opened,” says Ron, commenting

and businesses.” q

enjoy the pleasures of the province



AND DELICIOUS A South American style steakhouse in the heart of Winnipeg’s Exchange District

Heating up the Exchange

Come for the food Stay for the music LIVE MUSIC FRIDAY-SUNDAY MON-WED: 11:30AM - 10PM THURSDAY: 11:30AM - 11PM FRIDAY: 11:30AM - 1AM SATURDAY: 4:30PM - 1AM SUNDAY: 5 - 9PM HAPPY HOUR: MONDAY - FRIDAY 2-6PM 179 BANNATYNE AVE



PROFILE | The Whiskey Bar

Whiskey In The Bar ‘O From straight up to custom cocktails, the Toad in the Hole’s Whiskey Bar serves up the city’s largest selection. By Carly Peters pub with his brother Kevin. “The whiskey bar

shelves, containing over 245 bottles, The Toad

was actually Kevin’s idea. We had the space,

in the Hole’s Whiskey Bar is the province’s

were wondering what to do it with, and he just

biggest collection and selection of Canadian,

threw out ‘whiskey bar’ and we were both like

Irish, American, and Scottish whiskey.

‘f*** yeah!’”

“We bought a custom made library ladder

And the timing is certainly right. Whiskey’s

from New York to be able to get to all the

popularity has grown over last year or so,

bottles,” laughs Michael Monk who owns the

speaking to both the “macho man” who sips it


With an 11-foot high wall holding six layers of




straight, and the creative cocktail buff. With years in the industry, the Whiskey Bar’s original bartender Patrick Morrow (“Paddy has since left us to go to school but he is still a part of the family,” says Monk) utilized his knowledge to custom create cocktails using the bar’s wide selection of bevies. “We research the history of the distilleries,

The Whiskey Bar | PROFILE

the grains, the blending, aging and finishing process so we know exactly what we’re creating with the recipes,” explains Monk, adding all of the simple syrups, and most of the bitters used in the Whiskey Bar’s cocktails are made inhouse and fresh ingredients are always on hand for their creations.

drinks that includes scotch,” he states. For those looking for all whiskey, no added flavours, the city’s only $1,000 bottle awaits. Otherwise, Monk says while the general rule of thumb is to start with a lighter whiskey and move towards heavier, more robust flavours,

questions like “what’s the difference between a Canadian whiskey, scotch, or bourbon?” Incidentally, Canada has become increasingly innovative in the last few years and now it’s not just your old man’s 5 Star pilfered from the

there are no steadfast rules and recommends

liquor cabinet. Brands like John Halls Forty

Along with their take on the classic Whiskey

that each individual drink the whiskies they

Creek, Wisers, and Canadian Club all have

Sour, Monk points to another favourite –

like and how they like to drink them.

great selection with many expressions and

“There’s no right or wrong way to drink


Blood and Sand, a scotch-based cocktail introduced in 1922.

whiskey. It’s your palate that will like or not like

“We could go on for days with this, the best bet

“It was named for Rudolph Valentino’s 1922

certain characteristics,” states Monk, adding

bullfighter movie Blood and Sand. The recipe

they do run seminars every few months for

first appeared in the 1930s Savoy Cocktail Book.

people to come and learn about whiskey in

or myself... if you can catch me behind the bar

Blood and Sand is one of the few classic mixed

a chill environment, and not be afraid to ask

these days.” q

is to just come down and talk to Kev or Sam,

Recipe for Blood and Sand Equal parts: Auchentoshan 3 Wood (Scotch) Cherry Brandy Sweet Vermouth Freash Squeezed Orange Pour all ingredients into cocktail shaker filled with ice cubes. Shake well. Strain into cocktail glass. Flame orange zest over the top of the glass. enjoy the pleasures of the province


The LocalFare Twist Cocktail culture is back in a big way, and you can try some of LocalFare’s exclusive takes on some classics with products from your local Liquor Mart.

By Carly Peters

James Bond may have liked his vodka martini shaken, not stirred, but that’s technically not the right way to make it (they say too much shaking actually bruises the alcohol). Today, bartenders and cocktail geeks are learning the history and the evolution of iconic cocktails to create menus that mix nostalgic ideals with modern ingredients and flavours. Look no further than AMC’s smash hit Mad Men for bolstering the resurgence in classic cocktails such as a Whiskey Sour, and Sidecar. The show’s drink selections are overseen by a well-trained staff to ensure era accuracy, and has certainly played a pivotal role in the shows popularity and story-lines. In the pilot episode before we even learn Don Drapers name or occupation, we know his drink – an Old Fashioned.

While some purists insist on using the same brands and ingredients that went into these classic concoctions, many cocktail menus are adding elements of excitement to elevate each drink. “Bartenders make their own flavoured vodkas and make ice cubes with liquid smoke to make whisky-based cocktails, or utilize infused simple syrups,” states Sabeski, adding people’s knowledge, thanks to increased travel and media like The Food Network, acts as a catalyst for new flavours of favourites. “There is also more to choose from on the Liquor Mart shelves. People can buy a flavoured vodka, and add in those fresh ingredients to create either something that’s classic or something that’s a completely custom cocktail.”


“Frank Sinatra, Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Sammy Davis Jr. – these guys made the cocktail scene,” states Gary Sabeski,

Licensee Sales Advisor, Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries. “They had glamour, they were cool, people wanted to drink what they drank.”



Photos By 100 Acre Woods Photography


Summer Bounty The beauty of sangria is its fresh flavours. Here we take the bountiful berries of summer and pair them with Chambord, a naturally flavoured raspberry liqueur, and light, effervescent sparkling wine. In a pitcher fill 1/3 with ice then add the following: 2 ounces Chambord Half a clamshell of fresh raspberries and blackberries Top with Prosecco

The LocalFare Lounge Sabeski used his vast knowledge of mixology, and experienced palate to create these custom cocktails – all while simply walking through the newly renovated Grant Park Liquor Mart.

enjoy the pleasures of the province


The Sweet & Sour A traditional Whiskey Sour features American bourbon, egg whites, lemon, and sugar, but ours has a bit more sweetness to it. 3/4 ounce Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey ¾ ounce Jack Daniels Juice of ½ a fresh lemon ½ to 1 teaspoon of sugar


Pour over ice, shake, and strain into a glass.




Everything’s Coming Up Rosemary There’s so much more to gin than tonic. We’ve chosen Hendrick’s Gin because it boasts so many botanicals (citrus peel, rose petals, coriander, etc..) and has less of an anise flavour which is found in Bombay Sapphire or Tanqueray 10. 1.5 ounces of Hendrick’s Gin 1/2 ounce rosemary simple syrup (see sidebar for recipe) Top with soda water, or tonic water Garnish with sprig of rosemary and citrus twist

Simple Syrup Homemade simple syrups are an easy way to create innovative cocktails, and keep them fresh. The base is: 1 cup sugar 1 cup water Simmer until the sugar is dissolved and add in your flavour fixing – rosemary, thyme, lemon thyme, citrus peel, cloves, cinnamon sticks, ginger, etc...

enjoy the pleasures of the province


All Hail Caesar! Caesars are about as classic as cocktails come, but also lend themselves to some lip-smacking, tonguetingling add-ins. We’ve added a little heat, and a little earth with herbs and spices. Muddle together basil, fresh lime, and sea salt Grate some horseradish 1 ½ ounce vodka and a few drops Worcestershire sauce and fill with Clamato juice


Play with your rim flavours




Prairie Fruit Growers Association Your source for fresh Manitoba u-picked and pre-picked local fruit.

e h t o D ns! w o D  Live Racing

 Casino-style VLT lounge  Fabulous dining


to find fruit u-picks open near you!

Facility rentals (meetings, socials, weddings & more)

May - September

 Weekly poker games

with cash prizes  Open year round


204-885-3330 3975 Portage Ave Winnipeg, MB

ASD enjoy the pleasures of the province




A wine that pairs well with grilled steak? The perfect beer for spicy Thai food? What’s in an Old Fashioned? Your Liquor Mart Product Expert can help with food pairings, cocktail recipes, gift ideas and more.

You have questions. We have answers.

Please drink responsibly - Moderation tastes so much better ®™ Trademarks of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under license by LoyaltyOne, Co. and Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation.

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14-03-27 9:36 AM

PROFILE | 295 York

A Dash of Wow 295 York will maintain its solid traditions as the pros at WOW! Hospitality spin fresh flair on this well-loved downtown chophouse. Sometimes small changes can bring out the best. This

We discovered that people loved the quality of beef.

is the case with 295 York. The restaurant located at

They told us the service was strong and the staff were

the corner of York and Smith was previously known

knowledgeable at tableside. We felt we could build

as The Lobby and was taken on in December 2013,

on this with 295 York,” he says, noting that the beef

by WOW! Hospitality Concepts, an operator whose

program is Angus Reserve and each steak is hand cut.

marquees count among the city’s leading foodservice establishments. According to 295 York General Manager Jeff Glover, WOW was able to hit the ground running

their highly regarded Clubhouse from the lunch menu.

well-established patron base.

Every day they roast turkeys, debone them, and make

able to put all the pieces together in a configuration that maintained the menu and the concept of the restaurant while raising the bar in terms of total presentation,” he says. For example, the previous operation offered guests a selection of just 40 wines. Glover and his team have enhanced the list to 130 vintages. “Our goal is to attract


their own turkey roll for the classic sandwich. “The kitchen bakes its own breads and we make all the sauces in house. The chef even cures our own bacon. People have told us they look to the restaurant as a downtown destination for quality in a modern steakhouse. We want to continue in this vein, but with enhancements as we move forward.” People can expect to find the same welcoming

the attention of Wine Spectator, the authoritative wine

atmosphere with a few tasteful tweaks here and there.

guide, as well as impress our wine savvy patrons.”

“We have dedicated complimentary parking for 20 cars

Glover remarks they have been able to keep the existing

in the parkade next door,” says the GM. “Coming this

menu that had proven to be highly popular with a steady

spring we will open a new patio that will become a focus

base of support that loved dishes such Cambozolo

of open air drinks and dining in the area.”

topped beef filets and Alaska Lingcod with truffle butter.


extra distance with every menu. Here, he mentions

with an operation that had all the pieces in place and a

“The restaurant came to us with great ‘bones’. We were


Glover remarks Chef Jesse Friesen and his crew go the

Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two, or a business

“We went to the guests and talked to them about what

meeting, Glover wants people to come in to 295 York to

they liked and what they wanted to see in the restaurant.

see what a difference a little WOW makes. q

We say beauty is only part of it. The food is pretty smashing too.

PROFILE | Carnaval Brazilian BBQ

A Slice of Brazilian Life

Carnaval Brazilian BBQ is revolutionizing the all-you-can-eat experience with flanks, flavour, and a whole lot of fiesta. By Twila Driedger

At Carnaval Brazilian BBQ, expect an experience true to its name – an

back to their table for a second (or third) slice of the 13 various cuts of

authentic Brazilian celebration of epic proportions.

seasoned beef, lamb, pork, chicken, and Brazilian sausage.

The South American-inspired “churrascaria” (steakhouse) features an

The meat is the main event. Situated in the centre of the dining room,

all-you-can-eat serving style called a rodizio, where traditionally dressed

the finest flanks are turned slowly over a wood coal burning barbecue,

gauchos (carvers) parade around with huge skewers of slow-roasted

making the meat cooking process part of the performance.

meat, catering to customers’ carnivorous appetites. “It’s interactive. It’s a party. It’s loud and it’s vibrant,” says Carnaval Manager Najara Barros. “It’s like going to Brazil.”

“It’s very simple,” Barros says of the grilling practice. “[The meat] is fresh. It’s sizzling in its own juices and sprinkled with sea salt.” To execute the exact nature of the country’s colourful cuisine, the

Colourfully blown glass, reminiscent of streamers are hung from the

Carnaval team – consisting of approximately 60 per cent Brazilian

ceiling and South American sounds echo throughout the spacious two-

natives – were sent to the South American country for culinary training.

storey space helping transport patrons to this exotic far-away land.

The result is a technique that preserves the unique taste and natural

“We made something special for the people that won’t get a chance to visit,” Barros, a native Brazilian, explains of her home country. A round card set on each table – green on one side means go, red on the


other means stop – is the only ticket diners need to invite the gauchos



juices of each cut. “We want everyone to taste the flavour of the meat. There is no adding anything to it,” she adds. Without the added sauces, patrons are able to savour the flavour of a

Carnaval Brazilian BBQ | PROFILE

variety of meaty options, including Frango Com Bacon (bacon wrapped

Also popular in South America, and a main ingredient in any

chicken breast), Linguiça (choizo pork sausage), Cordeiro (lamb

celebration, is the Caipirinha – Brazil’s national cocktail. Dine on the

shoulder), and the restaurant’s most popular, the Picanha, a sirloin cap.

weekend and enjoy Carnaval’s signature beverage prepared on a mobile

“It’s is the star of any Brazilian barbecue,” Barros says of the Picanha, explaining the thin slices are the most succulent. “We leave the extra flavours for the sides, like our house-baked Brazilian cheese bread, panzanella, and cinnamon-dusted fresh pineapple.” Traditional Brazilian fare such as Feijoada, a black bean stew with pork and beef, a fried cassava root dish called Macazeira Frita, and new favourite, Chorizo and Chickpea Stew compliment familiar Canadian classics like garlic mashed potatoes, white rice, and French fries, all served family-style to encourage fellowship. “Everything related to food is an affair,” Barros says of the way the

cart tableside. “It’s a rum made of sugar cane and it’s mixed with any tropical fruit. They grind it in front of you and then they add the cachaça, the liquor,” explains Barros. “It’s a very happy lemonade.” Carnaval is appropriately situated in the heart of Winnipeg’s entertainment district on Waterfront Drive, close to theatres, neighbouring Shaw Park, and a short walk from the MTS Centre. Just a stone’s throw from its owner’s first two South American-themed establishments, Hermanos Restaurant & Wine Bar and Corrientes Argentine Pizzeria, Carnaval Brazilian BBQ completes Winnipeg restaurateur Noel Bernier’s South American eatery trifecta.

restaurant emulates the country’s culture. “You eat it slow, savouring

Carnaval opens for the lunch crowd weekdays at 11:30 a.m., and

every bite, while enjoying conversation with family and friends. It is very

4:30 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Reservations can be made at

common in Brazil.” q

enjoy the pleasures of the province


PROFILE | Red River College

High Marks Jane’s offers a superior learning experience for students, and an equally stunning dining experience for guests. By Kelly Gray At Jane’s dining is as much an experience for the patrons as it is for the

charcuterie. In fact, everything from sauces to spicing mixes are bench

staff. Jane’s is the restaurant component of Red River College’s Culinary


Arts program where second year cookery students work long days in what could be described as a finishing school for kitchen pros.

appetizer from list of mystery ingredients that they discover only the

of the Paterson Global Foods Institute, a heritage building that was once

day before. Today, students will open the box to find sablefish, miso, and

the Union Bank Tower. There, nine kitchen workers form Culinary Arts


serve under the careful eye of chef instructor Terry Gereta. Readers may know chef Gereta from his city restaurant Mise, where he wows patrons with a stunningly delicious menu predicated on Canadian and locally sourced fare that has been termed “Haute Prairie.” At Jane’s, the approach is a bit more eclectic given that the students need to learn from a broad palette. However, the cooking styles and the freshness of the dishes are consistent with current trends that have patrons singing Jane’s praises.


“We want to keep them thinking and keep the excitement level high. We are looking for creativity, as well as skill in basic preparation. I think the diners may be the real winners here,” says Gereta. At Jane’s prices are in keeping with the adventure. For example, a plate with tenderloin and prawns will run $24. A Spicy Italian Sausage Stuffed Quail with Tempura Bocconcini, Marinara Sauce, Basil Pesto, Toasted Pine Nuts, and Baby Arugula is just $12. Both are a good $10 less than one might expect to find for this combination at more established restaurants. The lunch is no different with offerings such as a tasty Asian

“The program is designed to give the maximum experience and show

Noodle Salad with Duck Confit Spring Roll or Gingered Fried Tofu for

students the full range of situations from kitchen to front of the house,”

just $5.25.

says Gereta.


test each day where chef has student cooks prepare an entrée and an

Jane’s is a 70-seat dining room on the splendidly renovated ground floor

and eight front of the house staff from Human Resource Management


To ramp up the pressure students are thrown into a black box format

“Yes, guests are part of a student setting, but these second year students

He reports that restaurant guests can expect to be pleasantly surprised

have really honed their skills. Jane’s is just the finishing touch for these

by the high-quality of dishes with students making their own cheeses

students who will go on to work in the best kitchens in the province and

such as Indian paneer, butchering all the meats, and making all the

through out Canada.” q


Showcasing Canada’s Cuisine

Sample the latest in upscale, urban cuisine – in a setting that blends old-world elegance with the latest in culinary trends. Featuring food prepared and served by Red River College’s renowned students and chefs, Jane’s serves as an exciting addition to the downtown dining scene, while injecting new vibrancy and life into Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District. PH: 204.632.2594

PROFILE | Chop Steakhouse & Bar

A Rare Steak Experience

A contemporary, stylish take on the classic steakhouse, the award-winning Chop Steakhouse & Bar heats up Winnipeg’s culinary scene. Chop Steakhouse & Bar provides a unique,

Stuffed Gorgonzola Filet, and the Sirloin Oscar

Chop’s commitment to quality is further

modern interpretation of the classic steakhouse

with jumbo prawns. Prime Rib lovers are

exemplified by its kitchen’s custom broiler,

combining its distinctive “from-scratch” food

also in for a treat. Chop’s Prime Rib is slowly

which has been designed specifically to cook

concept with stunning, chic interiors. Chop

roasted in rock salt and fresh ground pepper

steak at 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. This extra-

in a unique, controlled vapor oven ensuring

hot cooking method allows steaks to retain

maximum retention of natural flavours and

their amazing flavour and is a key differentiator


from other steakhouses.

Beyond traditional meats, Chop also

Guests are further impressed by Chop’s

specializes in a selection of succulent seafood

atmosphere of modern luxury. Plush leather

options including the Citrus Soy Glazed Wild

seats, rugged stone accents and warm rich

Salmon, and Wasabi Crusted Ahi Fresh Tuna,

woods combine to create an environment with

pan seared and served with a mandarin beurre

a stylish contemporary feel, yet still relaxing –


ideal for casual dinners or special occasions.

delivers a breath of freshness into Winnipeg’s steakhouse scene. “Chop is the steakhouse for today and is the perfect choice for today’s steak lover,” says Chop Executive General Manager Mark Ludwick. “We bring together all the elements that discerning guests enjoy about a memorable culinary experience including exceptional food, a notable wine list, quality spirits and excellent service, and combine them with the energy level, value, and comfort of casual dining. Add our fresh, modern aesthetic and you have a winning recipe that we are


without pretense or stuffiness. Located at the Sandman Hotel & Suites on

every time,” continues Ludwick. “Preparing

Sargent Avenue at Century, Chop is now open

items from scratch is a Chop passion and our

for lunch Monday to Friday at 11:00 a.m.

location was named one of Canada’s Top Ten

guests taste the difference in each course –

Perfect for a business meeting, gathering of

New Restaurants by Where Magazine. Chop

from our artisan breads, prepared daily by our

friends or single seat. Open weekends starting

tantalizes and delights with signature dishes

baker, to our hand-selected cuts of meat, to our

at 4:00 p.m. Reservations can be made at

such as their crave-worthy Steak Bites, the

desserts crafted in-house by our pastry chefs.” and walk-ins are always welcome. q

No stranger to culinary accolades, Chop’s first


spectacular dishes, and providing amazing

Chop combines modern, comfortable luxury

dining experiences for our guests, each and

proud to share.”


“We are committed to creating handmade,


PROFILE | WOW Hospitality


A Perfect 10

Local Winnipeg restaurant chain scores high with local foodies. What does a perfect 10 taste like? Homemade,

secret, as the team insists, is simple: the answer

the establishment focuses on simple, seasonal

sumptuous, and tantalizing, possibly. Delicious

is always yes.

ingredients prepared in inventive ways. Be sure

would be a safe bet. And then there’s the simplest (and punchiest) of words – wow.

No matter what the concept, WOW! Hospitality has Winnipeggers eating out of

There’s no shortage of life-changing meals at

their well-seasoned hand. Take a closer look at

each of WOW! Hospitality Concepts’ popular

their wow-ful offerings.

dining establishments. In fact, the Winnipegbased umbrella organization has earned a reputation for their increasing number of

Cookery offers restaurant-goers “the kind of food that you thought your grandmother made from scratch.” Located in the Exchange,

like the aged cheddar gnocchi or the peasant burger. Nestled in glass atrium of the Assiniboine Park’s pavilion building, Terrace in the Park is one of the most spectacular venues in Winnipeg. To mirror its natural, green setting, the restaurant is committed to using


“it” spots where food and culture meet. Their

As Chef Tristan Foucault says, Peasant

to try the in-house, made-from-scratch hits



photos by chronic creative.


WOW Hospitality | PROFILE

Photo By chronic creative.

sustainable seafood and local products, like

If you want a little something extra with your

favourite nibbles, such as ribs, burgers, nachos,

Manitoba pickerel and bison. Perfect for surf

food, Celebrations Dinner Theatre has a great

and wings.

and turf crowds.

side dish – Winnipeg’s only 500-seat theatre

Located along the river in a restored 1912 mansion, 529 is a Winnipeg icon – though it has no signage out front and no address on the building. Canadian prime beef, fresh seafood

offering originally produced, three-act musical comedies along with a delectable four-course meal. With five new shows a year, there’s always a reason to go back for more.

If you have a taste for something from even further down south, head to Los Chicos Restaurante Y Cantina, a family friendly authentic Mexican restaurant. Tame taste buds will be pleased with the variety of options and

and fish, and a significant selection of vintage

Located upstairs in the Johnston Terminal at

for those who want some fire as XXX Loco

wines (900, to be exact) render this elegant

the Forks, Finn’s Irish Pub has a great selection

Gringo Sauce can be added to your order.

Winnipeg hotspot a one-of-a-kind dining

of microbrewery beers and ales. Finn’s is

Quench your thirst with a couple of cervezas


also home to Dingo’s Wild & Crazy Dogs, a

or margaritas at the cantina, which boasts the

gourmet hotdog spot known for going to the

city’s largest selection of tequila.

295 York, formerly known as “The Lobby on York,” continually scores high on the WOW! factor. Its close proximity to the MTS Centre makes it a popular meal choice among

extreme. Try the samurai dog with wasabi mayo or the peanut butter and jelly dog topped with Cap ‘n Crunch cereal.

Food Evolution, a fresh concept that pays homage to the North End of Winnipeg with its diverse cultures, will be opening May 2014

concertgoers and sports fans wishing to dine

Southern-style barbeque is what Muddy

in Kildonan Park. Authentic retro food with a

on the finest cuts of beef, flown-in fresh fish

Waters Ribs & Wings is all about. The laid-back

modern twist – Andy Warhol would be proud.

and seafood. The local hotspot also offers a

sports pub located at the Forks boasts large-

Also stop by the cafe for wood-fired pizza by

casual dining in their relaxing lounge.

screen TVs, two summer patios and all your

the slice or a soft ice cream cone. q

enjoy the pleasures of the province


offers a PATIO

for every occasio


TOP FIVE ways to enjoy patio dining this summer! A local landmark: an unforgettable steak and seafood dinner or private event at 529 Wellington.

529 Wellington Crescent — 48-STEAK Romance in beautiful Assiniboine Park! A memorable regional culinary experience, hosted by Terrace in the Park.

55 Pavilion Crescent — 938-PARK An afternoon in the Exchange District, over Peasant Cookery’s made-from-scratch comfort food.

100-283 Bannatyne Avenue — 989-7700 A unique southern soul satisfying comfort food experience at Muddy Waters in the Forks Village.

15 Forks Market Road — 947-6653 A fun, family-friendly dinner complete with margaritas, chips and salsa at Los Chicos Mexican Restaurante & Cantina.

1715 Kenaston Boulevard — 938-2229

Or let us come to you: WOW! Catering offers onsite and offsite catering from any WOW! Restaurant. Our staff is committed to seamless, unforgettable events that will leave your guests in awe.

• Weddings • Corporate Events • Meetings • Intimate Dinners 3rd Floor, 529 Wellington - 204.942.1090

Get the Picture

Photo Tours Manitoba helps both novice and experienced photographers take their skills to the next level. By Lea Currie Everyone seems to be a budding photographer

For those later people – or for the former

knows how to use their camera and we just let

these days. Whether it’s the guy sitting next

who want to become the later – there is a

them shoot, and then we will honestly critique

to you who whips out an iPhone to capture

new tour being offered by Jeff and Tara Miller

images, providing any advice,” says Tara.

a photo of his quickly-cooling dinner plate

of Winnipeg’s 100 Acre Woods Photography.

or the teen girls snapping selfies and adding

Designed for photographers of all skill levels,


filters with the help of Instagram.



Photo Tours Manitoba takes parties of three to six people to a stunning area of Manitoba

The Millers can show budding or more adept photographers everything from how to shoot water movement and get it to look like glass and the best techniques to capture birds in

But photography is more than meets the

to capture landscapes, waterscapes, historical

iPhone. It’s a true art form. Photography lovers

sites, and flora and fauna. If photography is a

understand there are special techniques to

hobby, passion, or even just a growing interest,

“Jeff and I have different abilities. Both of us

setting up the perfect shot. That light can

this is a great way to learn by doing with two

are commercially trained, but Jeff is more

bounce off a dinner plate just right or oh-so-

award-winning commercial photographers.

equipment-orientated, while I’m more artistic,”

wrong. Capturing the perfect sunset isn’t just

“We take people out and depending on what

a matter of luck – it’s about having the right

their photo ability is, we’ll show people

skills, a good eye, and, sometimes, the patience

how to set their camera up and take it off

The pair can’t promise that the natural

to wait for that perfect moment.

automatic. Or we can back off if someone

elements will cooperate all the time as tours


flight to the more technical side of the lens.

says Tara of the variety of skills they can pass on to tour groups.

are at the mercy of the weather, wildlife, and

Pembina Valley

Winnipeg Historical Sites

Located in south central Manitoba between

Winnipeg’s finest historical buildings and

the Red River, the Manitoba Escarpment and

areas are the focal point of this tour. The

the U.S. border, this area is rich in culture,

Forks Market, Manitoba Legislative Building,

history, and tourist attractions. Photo

Assiniboine Park, St. Boniface Cathedral, and

opportunities include the fertile agricultural

the Exchange District are on the agenda. Visits

land, livestock, wildlife, historic buildings, and

may also include the St. Norbert Farmers

picturesque wind turbines.

Market for some great action shots.

filters, and other attachments. Even someone

The Interlake

Mystery Tour

with just a basic point-and-shoot camera or

If you want to capture gorgeous waterscapes,

It’s a mystery! This tour is never the same, but

the Interlake is the place to be. Visits to

it always promises fantastic photo ops and lots

Winnipeg Beach, Gimli, Selkirk, and the piers

of fun.

the sun. But even with limited lighting and willing subjects, they can provide various tips on camera angles, working in shade, camera settings, bumping up photos, and more. If you don’t have a ton of camera equipment, don’t worry. Heck, don’t worry even if you don’t have a camera. 100 Acre Woods will rent out cameras, as well as various lenses, tripods,

a phone camera can still gain valuable insight into photography. This professional and personalized tour

at Matlock provide a variety of backdrops,

is a great way for beginner or advanced

including sandy beaches, marshlands and, of

photographers to develop their skills behind

course, Manitoba’s inland sea, Lake Winnipeg.

the lens, capture some stunning “non-touristy” photos and see parts of Manitoba that

Tour prices range from $150-250. Most tours are approximately 12 hours, with the exception of the Winnipeg Historical Sites tour, which is five hours. q

are often overlooked. Photo tour locations:

Riding Mountain A tour out to Riding Mountain National Park offers an array of photo opportunities – from lush farmlands and wild flowers to various wildlife, such as moose, elk, deer, beaver, porcupine, loon, and grey wolf. The park is also home to one of the largest black bear populations in North America. The tour can include a visit to the wild bison enclosure located near the pristine Lake Audy.

Canadian loons / Riding Mountain National Park

Who’s Behind the Lens? Tara Miller, an award-winning photographer known around the world, also happens to be legally blind. She may have less than six per cent vision, but Tara has a natural artistic eye, which is evident in her photos. Although her impairment is a huge part of her history and who she is, she doesn’t let it define her or hold her back, especially when it comes to photography. “You don’t go, ‘Hey, I have diabetes,’” says Tara about other disorders not affecting people’s jobs. “If you know you can do your job, you don’t have to say it.” At a young age, Tara taught herself how to perceive depth through shading, which is how she’s able to capture angles and light her subjects. Her disorder also allows her to see ultraviolet light, which provides her with a guiding light as she shoots landscape images based on the sun and time of day. Tara’s inspiring message to others to follow your dream, no matter what, and to not let the negative overwhelm all the beauty that life has to offer is picture perfect.

enjoy the pleasures of the province


PROFILE | To-Le-Do Foodservice

A Tale of Two Brands

For over 25 years Manitoba’s To-Le-Do Foodservice has brought high-quality meats, such as Certified Angus Beef®, and exceptional service to the province. By Carly Peters This is the story of the world’s number one beef

that’s made them the number one name in portion

brand. It’s also the story of Manitoba’s number one

controlled meats.

name in portion controlled meats. These two tales both began with a similar vision – bring high-quality beef with superior taste to a hungry market. handful of Ohio cattlemen and Angus supporters

do so, bringing the two stories together.

for quality. Since then the brand’s science-based standards have been the benchmark for its superior quality for three decades. More than 1.6 million pounds are sold daily through foodservice and grocery channels, and it has become the most recognized North American meat logo.


a licensed processor and distributor of Certified Angus Beef®, only the second company in Canada to

juicy beef that would exceed consumer demands


the brand’s standards, To-Le-Do Foodservice became

Certified Angus Beef®’s story began in 1978 with a who envisioned consistently flavourful, tender, and


In August 2001, after two years of working to achieve

To-Le-Do Foodservice’s continued success not only draws on their partnership with the beef brand, but also on their very own on three P approach – People, Product, Performance.

People While most companies look to get more bang for their buck, To-Le-Do prefers to “sell relationships.”

To-Le-Do Foodservice began much the same way

Having a base of knowledgeable sales staff,

in 1988. Leigh Young co-founded the company with

the company looks to create partnerships with

one goal in mind – provide exceptional products, and

restaurants, and grocery in order to provide the best

service to the company’s customers. Since its start, the

quality service and find the right meats for their

Manitoba-based company has built a market niche

customer’s needs rather than just pushing products.

To-Le-Do Foodservice | PROFILE

Back row (left to right): Randy Young, Kerwin Rempel, Craig Rude, Jeff Beacage, Chad Young, Kim Billson, Barry Lecuyer. Front row (left to right): Cole Young, Barry Rooney.

On average, the company’s nine sales representatives have each worked over 18

Photo By 100 Acre Woods Photography.

years for the company, with management staff working 20+ years with the family-owned business.

Product Just like when people see a Certified Angus Beef® logo on a menu they are ensured great beef, when you see a To-Le-Do logo on a box it’s recognized as the best label in portion controlled meat. Within their federally registered production plant, located at 143 Henry Avenue, the company produces cuts of beef, pork, bison, veal, lamb, and most recently, goat. The company also distributes a full-line of quality chilled, frozen, and shelf-stable products including smoked, cooked and cured meats, sausage, wieners, poultry, seafood, cheese, butter and oils, frozen vegetables, salad dressings, spices, juices, and desserts.

Performance This is the part where everything comes together. To-Le-Do Foodservice looks to satisfy the individual needs of their customers, whether it be a restaurant, catering company, hotel, or retail shop. Once these are established the company ensures they meet customer’s criteria and continue to perform at highexpectations. With high-standards and hard work, To-Le-Do has exceeded many goals, and are always looking to improve and anticipate the ever-changing needs of the foodservice market. End of story. q enjoy the pleasures of the province


PROFILE | South Beach Casino & Resort

Surfing a Different Wave With a new executive chef, Mango’s restaurant at South Beach Casino & Resort is moving in a fresh direction. By Carly Peters It’s Tuesday morning, and it’s already been a busy day at South Beach

to 70 foodservice employees, are committed to creating quality dishes

Casino and Resort’s restaurant Mango’s. Not only is it Customer

for the high-velocity establishment known for providing great value to

Appreciation Day, which sees 300-500 guests come through the


breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets, but new Executive Chef Richard de Krijger is trying to streamline his 2,500-square-foot kitchen. Looking at his planogram, the chef, who also holds the title of Food

“With our location outside of Winnipeg, we need to give people a reason to make the trip here, and food should be one of them,” he states. “We particularly excel on our specialty days, and offer items normally

and Beverage Director, states the re-location of prep stations, sinks, and

associated with fine dining.”

shelving is all part of bettering overall quality and consistency at the

Not only does this include the Certified Angus beef used in Saturday’s

restaurant. “The more complicated, the more room for mistakes,” he states. “It is a big place and we’re almost a 24-hour operation.” There certainly isn’t much downtime in the lively kitchen, which runs from 6 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. to service Mango’s, the Blue Dolphin Lounge, South Beach Café, and any events or conferences booked at the hotel. De Krijger, his daily team of four to five sous chefs, and an additional 60

Prime Rib buffet, or Sunday’s lavishly stocked breakfast bar, but the restaurant’s renowned Seafood Buffet, which boasts shrimp, king crab, sustainable fish, and lobster tails – an item that would cost guests three times the price at most other city establishments. Since taking over the kitchen in November 2013, de Krijger has also begun to move the restaurant’s menu in a fresh, house-made direction. Guests will soon see items such as falafels, poached Manitoba pickerel, gluten-free options, homemade desserts, and fresh gnocchi – de Krijger’s signature dish. “This is my vision of what food should be,” states de Krijger, who owned his own restaurant for four years and accumulated 30 years of experience in Switzerland before moving to Manitoba and working in several establishments including, most recently, the Radisson. “With my style of cooking, I adapt to the place I’m working. What I would cook at the Radisson is different from at South Beach. Here I work with Canadianstyle foods but with a tropical flair. I really enjoy fusion cooking.” “It is a great place to work, and I see a great future here,” he continues. “It might take some time to get it where I want it to, but you have to


have goals. And the goals for South Beach and my goals are very close, so it’s a good fit. We’re all here to make a great place, and great food,


even better.” q


PROFILE | BKG Distributors

It’s Fair To Sip

Photo by dave pletz.

Winnipeg casinos are now serving sustainable and fair trade offerings on their wine lists. By Carly Peters Most often when people scroll down a wine list they ask questions

income to meet their family’s basic needs. Fair trade certification

regarding taste, finish, and food pairings. Not too often does one

ensures that farmers are able to cover their costs of production,

question whether the person who harvested the grapes gets health

supporting grape growers to maintain ownership of their farms

benefits, or if they were paid a fair wage? But, Manitoba Liquor &

against the pressure of large business competitors. At wine

Lotteries DID ask those questions when selecting their new red

plantations, fair trade standards ensure salaries are equal to or

and white house wines for Winnipeg’s casinos.

higher than the regional average or minimum wage in effect,

“We’re always looking to increase our use of local and sustainable products, and adding a certified fair trade wine fit into this model perfectly,” says Alain Dumonceaux, executive director of hospitality and entertainment services “We looked at different fair trade offerings, and worked with a local distributor to find

into the surrounding community. Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries supports fair trade at its Liquor Marts as well, with over 20 fair trade wines available at stores throughout Manitoba. The Casinos of Winnipeg’s custom designed labels for the Qapay


house wines will bear the internationally recognized fair trade

on Qapay Reserva wines, a Chilean producer that’s certified

logo, assuring guests that they are making a difference in the lives of the harvesters and producers by selecting a bottle.

fair trade by Fairtrade Canada, a national, non-profit fair trade

While the wine boasts feel-good properties, it also contains all the

certification organization, and the only Canadian member of the

tastes and notes to suit people’s palettes.

Fairtrade International (FLO).


measures are established, and many more benefits that trickle

a winery where we felt comfortable with their production and

After doing their research, Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries settled

Dumonceaux states both wines pair nicely with the casino’s new

According to Fairtrade Canada there are currently fair trade

à la carte menus. The Reserva Carménère, tastes of berries and

certified wine producer organizations in South Africa, Argentina,

spices, including black pepper and licorice, and a touch of toasted

and Chile. Just as each country produces its unique grape

oak. It enters the palate with a firm body, well-balanced structure

varieties and blends, producers in these three countries also

and long finish, and pairs well with the casino restaurant’s steak

face unique economic, social, and political challenges. The

and prime rib dishes. The Reserva Sauvignon Blanc, on the

casino’s new wines come from the Central and Maule Valley in

other hand, has a crystal colour, tropical fruits, fresh herbs and

Chile, where small family farmers cultivating wine grapes are

citrus aromas. It has a nice clean, fresh finish that is perfect for a

susceptible to low market prices which do not generate enough

rotisserie chicken dish, or to just sip on its own. q



forced labour and child labour is prohibited, health and safety


For the ancient Andean cultures, aromas played a central role in their rituals. Qapay in Quechua language means “good aroma” or “pleasant aroma”. Our wines capture the importance that aromas represented to the native tribes from Chile.

Behind every bottle of Qapay wine stands firm and fair trading conditions which allow the farmers and their families to achieve improved quality of life, education and health giving them a genuine promise for a better tomorrow. The Fairtrade Certification Mark is your independent guarantee that this product has been certified in accordance with the international Fairtrade standards. For more information visit

BKG DISTRIBUTORS Winnipeg, MB Phone: 204.294.9314 | Fax: 204.339.8497

PROFILE | Bee Maid Honey

Just a Touch of Honey Let the “Bee” help you make some great recipes. Honey Candied Bacon and Lettuce Sandwich Ingredients 2 Tablespoons plus 1 teaspoon honey 1 teaspoon hot water 8 strips bacon 1/4 cup mayonnaise 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard 1 teaspoon honey 4-8 leaves butter lettuce or romaine hearts 4 long potato rolls

Honey Watermelon Refresher Ingredients


16 ounces watermelon, diced

Preheat oven to 350°F. In a small bowl, mix two Tablespoons of the

16 ounces seedless watermelon, small cubes

honey with the hot water until combined. Lay bacon on a baking sheet

10 ounces cucumber

in one layer and place in oven for 10 minutes. Drain off fat and brush

6 mint leaves

bacon with honey mixture. Bake for five to six minutes more or until

4 Tablespoons honey


16 ounces ice

In a small bowl, mix together mayonnaise, mustard, and one teaspoon

2 sprigs of mint, garnish

honey. Cut each roll in half horizontally and spread both cut sides with mayonnaise mixture. Place one or one lettuce leaves on bottom of roll, top with two strips bacon and close with top of roll.

Place the diced watermelon, cucumber, mint leaves, honey, and ice in the blender and blend on high till you receive a smooth consistency.

This sandwich is good just as is, or make your own version with slices of

To serve, place the small cubes of watermelon into the glass, then pour

ripe tomato or smoked turkey. The honey-glazed bacon is so good you’ll

the blended juice over it, slightly stir, and serve with a small spoon.

want to make extra just to snack on.

Garnish with a sprig of mint. q


Serving Suggestion:





How much

Canadian honey is in your bottle?

pure 100% DIAN A CAN honey

You know your honey is going to your family’s table. But do you know where it’s coming from? Some things are hard to see, like the origin of honey inside the bottle you buy. With Bee Maid, you know what’s inside. Proudly owned by Canadian beekeepers for over 60 years, Bee Maid produces the highest quality, 100% pure Canadian honey. Read the label. Choose 100% pure Canadian honey from Bee Maid.

Proudly Owned by Canadian Beekeepers


Always On Top Amici Restaurant stands the test of time as one of Manitoba’s premier restaurants. By Carly Peters Longevity in the restaurant industry is not often heard of. Trends in food come and go, areas of town become popular, than dormant, – all elements which make it difficult for businesses to keep up with patrons and their needs. But this is not true of Amici – a name that many Manitobans know and love in Winnipeg’s downtown. Opened in 1986 by Heinz and Johanna Kattenfeld, Amici has been voted one of the top 40 restaurants in Canada, and has boasted a 28 year reputation for the premier standard of highest-quality restaurants in Manitoba. The tradition of outstanding food, and equally matched service are elements that have been passed down from the original owners to the staff that services the restaurant to this day. Executive Chefs Patrick Shrupka and Todd Bjornson both worked under Heinz, and have since upheld his thorough cooking techniques, recipes, and presentation. “Heinz and Johanna were great mentors to us

Livers on Gorgonzola Polenta with a Brandy

are treated to a innovative take on Italian

under Heinz as a dishwasher, waiter, caterer, to

Peppercorn Sauce Topped with Crisp Onions)


owner and operator of the downtown location,

have been with Amici since day one.

all,” states Brian McKnight, who also worked

Bombolini, and Amici Catering. “To this day we still use Heinz’s recipe for rack of lamb. He really, really taught us all well.”

14 localfare


“We had taken the gorgonzola off the menu

they continue to come to Amici. Much like the

once, and customers complained so much we

kitchen staff many servers have been in-house

put it back on,” he states adding the zuppe

for years.

While the chefs continually add new elements

(soups) are also untouched, and continue to be

to the menu to ensure it’s not stagnate, there

a popular seller.

are staple menu items that keep customers

Customers also cite the service as a reason

“Our general manager, Juve Silva, has been with the restaurant since the early 1990s,”

coming back. Dishes such as the carpaccio, a

Primi is where the chefs take liberties with

explains McKnight. “When you have a good

thinly sliced raw beed tenderloin, olive oil and

the menu, working with traditional concepts

product, and a good environment it’s easy to

parmesan shavings, bruschetta, and Fegato di

while adding a touch of local flair. Whether it’s

have such a good team. And that translates into

Pollo con Polenta do Gorgonzola (Chicken

a fresh fettuccine, or unique gnocchi, guests

the service they provide to the customers.” q


Since 1986 Amici has been garnering national acclaim for its Tuscan-influenced Italian fine dining. Executive chef Patrick Shrupka along with chef Todd Bjornson ensure a consistent level of excellence that has stood the test of time.

A Telephone Amici 204 943-4997 | Bombolini 204 943-5066 | Catering 204 947-5194 Fax 204 943-0369 | Email | 326 Broadway Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba

PROFILE | Mordens’ of Winnipeg

Mordens’ Chocolates Making Manitoban’s lives sweeter for 55 years. By Mariel Morden Spending time in Mordens’ flagship store is a truly unique experience. Once being welcomed inside by the alluring aroma, you’re invited to explore the showcases filled with beautiful confections, and the shelves overflowing with over 50 varieties of chocolates, freshly roasted nuts, and brittles. “It’s both satisfying and humbling to walk through the retail space, seeing the familiar faces of our loyal customers and greeting the new ones,” says Fred Morden, owner of Mordens’ of Winnipeg. Mordens’ Russian Mints are not only a favourite among Manitobans, thousands of boxes of this award-winning product have travelled overseas to become an international sensation. Mordens’ has become a household name, as the company continues to expand its brand in manufacturing, distributing, wholesale, private label, custom-made corporate chocolate logos, wedding favours, and more. Mordens’ is always striving to expand their production capabilities. The acquisition of new machinery gives the company the ability to manufacture over 9,000 pounds of product per day. Fred Morden is always experimenting with new ideas to create unique products. Mordens’ was one of the first chocolatiers in North America to produce the chocolate covered coffee bean, and one of the first in the country to produce the chocolate covered jujube. “As you grow as a company, you try to enhance every product, and appeal to a broader customer base,” explains Fred. These unique products have not gone unnoticed; the 7,000 square foot production facility is working at full capacity to supply the 45 satellite stores in Manitoba, and fulfill corporate orders that are continually increasing in number. With the strides this company has made over the past five decades, it’s hard to believe that in 1959 Fred’s parents, Blake and Shirley Morden, began with nothing but a kettle stove


and two marble slabs.


“I couldn’t imagine doing anything else,” says Fred. q


Family owned and operated chocolatier and custom nut roasting since 1959.

Ask us about our World Famous Russian Mints.

Morden’s Of Winnipeg Candy Manufacturing Ltd. 674 Sargent Avenue, Winnipeg, MB

Call (204) 783-4551

Celebrating 55 years

PROFILE | Moxie’s

Moxie’s Executive Chef Brandon Thordarson

dishes about his culinary inspiration Brandon Thordarson took his first cooking class when he was 10. “Ice cream, cakes, and cookies – every child’s dream,” he recalls of his culinary introduction. Amidst an advanced class dominated by gracious middle-aged women, young Thordarson thrived and was able to quickly pinpoint his niche – the kitchen. Today, Thordarson is the National Executive Chef for Moxie’s, responsible for all menu development. And as he shares, it is in “the everyday” where he finds the most inspiration.

Globetrotter The key to Thordarson’s success? Travel. And eating

His Two Great Loves (cuisines, that is)

Passion for Food Thordarson’s passion for food is evident in his inspirations and

whenever you can. This

There are two cuisines

creations. He invites everyone

globetrotter has lived and

this culinary artiste can’t

to experience his all-new dishes

worked in Toronto, Whistler,

get enough of – Thai and

including the Prosciutto, Braised

Vancouver, Victoria, Australia

Indian. Coconut milk,

Beef and Pancetta Pizza with

and Scotland, and he has

fresh limes, and cilantro

savoury, smoked paprika pesto or

travelled through Asia, India

make the perfect Thai

the Top Sirloin with Prawn Lobster

and Europe. “I’m settling

creation, whereas curry,

Butter served with baby potatoes,

down now but travel has

ginger, and cinnamon are

chorizo and chimichurri. “Our

definitely made me aware of

basic ingredients to create

guests love that they can come

different cultures and their

authentic Indian dishes.

to Moxie’s and have something


different every time they visit,” he






Moxie’s | PROFILE




1 | A Pictures Kind of Guy

3 | Can’t-Live-Withouts

When he needs an extra little kick, Thordarson picks up a

Rosemary, basil, mint, cilantro and oregano. In Thordarson’s

magazine. “I find magazines are the most trendy and the most

kitchen these five provide the base for any great dish. Oh, and

current,” he says. “From there, I get ideas and then I go to the

don’t forget salt. He has over 30 types – smoked salt, coarse salt,

market.” Among his favourites are Bon Appetit and La Cucina

kosher salt, sea salt, Himalayan salt, Australian salt and more.

Italiana. “I’m a pictures guy. I love the vibrant colours, how current they are,” he adds. “I have probably 150 cookbooks, but

4 | The Four Seasons

you read them once and they’re history, whereas with magazines they’re always a month ahead.”

Beets, onions and squash in winter. Radishes, baby turnips, spring peas and mint for spring. Cooking for the season is this chef ’s number one tip. It’s fresh and tastes great.

2 | Hell’s Chef Thordarson has been inspired by Hell’s Kitchen chef,

5 | A Sweet Tooth

Gordon Ramsay and his modern British food movement. He even dined at London’s Maze, one of Ramsay’s restaurants.

Thordarson is, as he puts it, a simple, dark-chocolate kind of

Of course, he still remembers what he ate, “Venison on creamed

guy. Make it bitter and over 70% cocoa, please. Pair that with a

cabbage with bacon,” he says. “As a starter, fresh beets with goat’s

good espresso, a nice biscotti and bam, you have the makings

cheese and nuts.”

of one delectable dessert.




Give the gift of Good Food! The Manitoba Restaurant & Foodservices Association offers gift certificates in $10 and $25 denominations. For a list of participating restaurants please visit or call 204-783-9955 for more information.

®/MD Anheuser-Busch, LLC.

CANADIAN GOLD Natural Artesian Water

Canadian Gold (Beverages) – its Good and All Natural Start Healthy Living Today – Drink Canadian Gold

World’s Best Tasting Water in the World – G A old


Marchand, Manitoba | Highway 210

1-204-424-5479 Bus Tours by appointment only | Store open daily Private label for Restaurants, Hotels, and Resorts


Please Recycle




St. Vital Shopping Centre 1225 St. Mary’s Rd | 204 257 1132 1615 Regent Ave at Lagimodiere 204 654 3345 Polo Park Shopping Centre 1485 Portage Ave | 204 783 1840

passion food friends

MTS Centre 300 Portage Ave | 204 926 5757 Kenaston Common 1620 Kenaston Blvd | 204 489 1199

PROFILE | The Gates on Roblin

Making It For You Love the food at The Gates on Roblin?

Now you can have them come to you. LocalFare chatted with Ray Louie, general manager and co-owner with business partner Don Carson, about their catering offerings. By Carly Peters LocalFare: Can you have the same great Gates experience at your own

home. This way, you are providing the very freshest products to your

event through your catering service?

guests and much more variety than if you were to do them yourselves.

Ray Louie: Yes! We can definitely provide a similar “Gates” experience

LF: What would you say to people who think catering from the Gates

to any size group that we cater. However, we like to think that the

might be out of their budget?

experience is enhanced by the fact that the party or function is in your own home, office, or venue of choice. We can transform any space into an event venue and provide an immense variety of food and beverage options for your guests. Using your space provides the comfort and convenience of not having to transport anything to our location and not having to make your way home afterwards. We bring everything, we serve, and we clean up. The Gates’ catering is really combining the best

your menu and your needs. There are dozens of food and beverage options to fit the meals into a given budget. As well, we can also “dress up” the event as much or as little as necessary – again, depending on your expectations. Finally, we offer several options for the event itself – whether we provide full service, a “drop off ” style where we prepare all of the food and/or beverage and then just leave it with you. We can

LF: Do you specialized in certain types of food or service when catering?

cooking instructions – really making it your event.


also prepare everything here at The Gates and have you pick it up with

RL: One thing that really adds to a catered Gates’ event are our hors

LF: Do you provide other services beyond food (table settings,


aspects of dining out and entertaining at home.

RL: This is your party, therefore, we can plan and execute around

d’oeuvres. We prep them from scratch and then finish them in your

silverware, etc...)



The Gates on Roblin | PROFILE

Our clientele, and the public in general, are becoming more food savvy and they are asking for more creative and exciting menu ideas and presentation.

RL: We can (and often do) provide everything. We have served entire sit down meals in empty warehouses that require walls, lighting, tables, chairs, linens, cutlery, plates, glassware, a bar, and even candles, and flowers to warm up and dress up a venue. We have brought equipment such as buffet chafing dishes, soup warmers, open burners, ovens, and chocolate fountains to create the experience and show that our guests want to provide to their guests. LF: What are some trends you’re seeing in terms of themes, foods, or menu ideas? RL: The biggest overall trend today seems to be non-sit down events. Performance chef stations where something is created specifically for each guest are very popular. These can range from an omelette station for breakfast where we make omelettes to order to stirfry, pasta, or flambé stations where entrees and desserts are made one at a time by a chef for each guest. Our clientele, and the public in general, are becoming more food savvy and they are asking for more creative and exciting menu ideas and presentation. We are constantly learning new techniques and adapting them to our dining and catering packages. LF: What have been some of the most unique events, and foods you’ve done? RL: One of the most unique events for The Gates was a 12-day long birthday party catering on an island. We were called upon to create breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a group for the whole 12-day period and the only real stipulation was that we were not to repeat any items. Being on an island provided some unique challenges but we did manage to pull off buffets, sit down lunches and dinners, and even a Sunday Brunch served on the host’s beautiful tennis court. q enjoy the pleasures of the province


PROFILE | Mona Lisa Ristorante Italiano

Just For You

Mona Lisa Ristorante Italiano is changing the landscape of event catering. Picture your average strip mall, one that lines

“If you want it, if you need it, we bring it. If

a busy Winnipeg street. Numerous doors

you want us to set up a tent in your backyard

open up to typical businesses, including a

or want us to set up a wedding chapel

hairdresser’s salon, an insurance company,

with tables and chairs and flowers, we can

and a small restaurant. Fast forward through

definitely go all the way. We have the ability to

the years and that strip mall has slowly

organize that. We create an ambiance for the

three daughters.

been transformed by the small restaurant to

event,” says Grande, who opened Mona Lisa

There are no minimums to meet, no budget

become one large, bustling spot – Mona Lisa Ristorante Italiano. The energy, passion, and heart that went into buying and converting the strip mall pieceby-piece is the same that goes into each event that Mona Lisa caters. Joe Grande, owner of Mona Lisa, and his impeccable catering


staff can transform any space into something


in 1983.

have a good reputation,” says Grande, who eventually plans to pass on the business to his

too small and no event too large for the

The bread and butter of Mona Lisa’s

brushwork of the Mona Lisa team.

impeccable catering business is, of course,

“We can deliver almost anything. We adapt

the food. Everything is made fresh in-house, from pasta and spicy calabrese sausage to the divine desserts baked by Grande’s own mom, Angelina.

to the need of the customer. We cater to any demand. [The 2013 United Way Plane Pull] was probably our biggest function that we did. It was a simple menu, but it was a lot of people,” says Grande of the sizable 1,500

magical. Whether it’s a business luncheon,

“I think our food is more traditional, and I

wedding, birthday party, or even an out-of-

think we definitely care what the customers

town celebration, Mona Lisa serves up an

think about our foods. It’s our family name –

event to savour. From the food and flowers to

our reputation is paramount. We’ve already

Much like the transformation of the old strip

the decorations and dance floor, it’s all taken

been here for 30 years and we’ll still be

mall that once stood in its place, Mona Lisa is

care of for you.

here for a long time. It’s important for us to

changing the landscape of event catering. q


person luncheon, which the restaurant sponsored.

Designing Your Event •

Our Place or Yours

A Menu to Fit Your Budget

An Event to Fit Your Style

Choose from your place, our new Dining Room, La Cantina or our private Corporate Dining Room. Special Catering Menu for parties of 12 or more. We can also create a special Menu just for you! Complete services include linens, décor, live music, custom printed menus, flowers and more.

Book your Party Today! For personalized service, call Marilena at 488-3687 or email for bookings or more details.

488-3687 1697 Corydon Avenue Complimentary Wi-Fi

PROFILE | Prairie Oils & Vinegars

Crushing It How to become an olive oil connoisseur. By Lea Currie Choosing olive oil is like choosing wine – you want a good bottle that will complement your food and satisfy taste buds. Yet, while our olive oil consumption – and appreciation – is steadily increasing, too often Canadians are still grabbing any old (and it is sometimes old) olive oil off the shelf. Bev Penner, owner of Steinbach’s Prairie Oils & Vinegars – Manitoba’s

What type of oil should I get? Don’t be swayed by bottles boasting “high-quality” or “premium;” you want extra virgin olive oil. This unrefined oil is the finest – it’s high in antioxidants, has heart-healthy benefits, and lowers cholesterol. How am I using it?

first olive oil tasting room – tells us the questions to ask when shopping

“If you’re cooking or baking and don’t want to change the taste of the

for olive oil:

food, then stick to mild olive oil,” says Penner. “If you’re making chicken

Manitoba’s first oil & vinegar tasting room!

or pork or a salad where you want a bit of taste to the olive oil, go for a medium or robust. Then you’ll taste more flavour in the oil and it adds to your dish.” When was the crush date?

204-326-6457 Prairie Oils & Vinegars is a locally owned company whose goal is to provide the consumer with the freshest Ultra Premium Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the world. At Prairie Oils & Vinegars, we follow the olive crush in the northern and southern hemispheres to provide the consumer with the most recently produced and healthiest oils available anywhere. In addition to the varietal oils, we also offer the opportunity to enjoy naturally flavored olive oils and gourmet oils to tantalize your palate. Our dark and white balsamic condiment from Modena Italy, both traditional and infused, are aged up to 18 years. We’ve created a relaxed and welcoming environment, where you can come in and learn about each of our products and taste before you buy. Whether you like to dip with bread or sip it straight, take your time and enjoy the experience of discovering new tastes and flavor combinations. When you find what you like we’ll bottle and cork it for you to take home and enjoy.

Wedding/Anniversary Favors Gift Ideas Corporate Gifts We’re excited to be Manitoba’s ONLY distributor of culinary squash seed oils from Stony Brook Whole Hearted Foods in upstate New York! Come taste the Award winning Butternut Squash Seed Oil and the Roasted Pumpkin Seed Oil.

14 localfare

with age, so choose a bottle that’s as close to the crush date as possible. “If it’s a year or more after the crush date, the freshness and health properties will significantly decrease, and the taste won’t be as strong,” explains Penner, who re-stocks the shelves at Prairie Oils & Vinegars when new harvests arrive, guaranteeing freshness. Most importantly, how does it taste? Since olive oil comes from a fruit, it should have a unique flavour and aroma like fruit juice or wine. “Olive oil should taste like something. If all you’re tasting is oil, then there’s a problem,” says Penner. “It’s like tasting juice and not knowing what fruit it’s from.”

Mon - Wed: 9:30AM - 5:30PM

Since everyone’s palates are different, sample different oils at Prairie Oils

Saturday: 10:00AM - 4:00PM

& Vinegars to find one that pleases your taste buds. Start questioning


think grapes becoming wine. But unlike wine, olive oil doesn’t get better

Unit 3 - 145 Main Street Steinbach | R5G 1Y5


The crush date is when the olives were ground up and made into oil –

Thurs - Fri: 9:30AM - 8:30PM Sunday: Closed

what you’re buying and taste the difference. q

Introducing... CHICKEN


• Juicier and more tender • All natural • Contains Omega-3

• Raised on local farms • Free run • Hormone free


Now Available at Miller’s Super Valu Meats! 590 St. Mary’s Road • 1867 Grant Avenue • 2425 Pembina Highway

You are what you eat, and Granny’s Finest Chickens certainly have superior diet. The Sungrown™ Feeding Program was researched and developed at the University of British Columbia. Veterinary scientists were looking to produce a healthier chicken rich in Omega 3 by feeding the birds local grains, vitamins, and minerals. To add a natural antioxidant they turned to the surrounding farms that were growing North American Ginseng (NAG), which is usually taken to relieve stress, to help with digestive problems, energy problems, to strengthen mental abilities, and to treat the entire body system. Apparently NAG agreed just as much with chickens because what transpired was a natural change to the bird’s attributes, improving the texture of the meat, which held moisture better resulting in a leaner, juicer, more tender poultry. Granny’s Poultry has the exclusive rights to the Sungrown™ Feeding Program, ensuring you’ll only find its wholesome blend in Granny’s Finest Chicken. Bring it home from Miller’s Fine Meats, or enjoy it at several Manitoba restaurants including Jane’s Restaurant, The Current, and Danny’s BBQ & Smokehouse.

Finest Jamaican Jerk Chicken ™

Prep time: 4-24 hours | Cooking time: 45 minutes | Serves: 6-8 Recipe courtesy Chef Jason Wortzman DIRECTIONS: 2 kg Granny’s cut up chicken pieces 2 tbsp vegetable oil 4 cloves garlic, chopped 1 tbsp ginger, chopped 3 bunches green onion, chopped 2-4 hot chili peppers, chopped 2 bay leaves 1/4 cup dark rum 2 tbsp fresh lime juice 2 tsp salt 1 1/2 tsp ground allspice 2 tsp fresh thyme

DIRECTIONS: Add all ingredients except chicken to a food processor and pulse until just finely chopped. Prick the chicken pieces with the point of a knife and then rub with jerk marinade. *Skin may be removed first. Cover and refrigerate for 4-24 hours. Cook slowly over medium heat on the oiled grill of a barbeque for 45 minutes, turning once after 20 minutes. Chicken is done when the juices run clear or internal temperature reaches 170°F or 80°C.

PROFILE | The Hitch ‘n Post

A Little Bit Country

The Hitch ‘n Post Ranch celebrates 30 years of hospitality. By Jillian Mitchell The quaint ranch just outside of Winnipeg’s perimeter boasts the perfect

Thirty years later, the establishment has garnered much success (a

mix of classic sensibility and rustic charm. Dubbed The Hitch ‘n Post

feature article in Martha Stewart Weddings magazine and Wedding Bells

Ranch, this country and western-themed banquet hall caters to a most

magazine to boot) and is licensed for up to 600 people, with the ability

diverse clientele.

to accommodate 1,000-plus with an additional tent.

“People might have this image in their head that we’re ‘too country,’” says

“There’s a little bit of history to the place,” says Anderson of the venue.

owner Kyle Anderson, who took over the family business for his father,

“The room is adorned with antiques – washboards, wood-fire stoves,

Eddie “T-Bone” Anderson, in 2002. “But just because we’re country-

old gas pumps – and we have over a dozen antique cars out front. Quite

western doesn’t mean they have to be.”

often, the antiques bring about nostalgia for guests.”

Rustic tablescapes and antique furnishings lend well to the allure of the

Of course, the family’s down-home comfort food earns the biggest

former family farm, which was fashioned into a venue back in 1983

reputation – yes, even bigger than the five-storey-high billboard at

by founders Eddie “T-Bone” Anderson and partner Arlene Kaiser.

the ranch’s entrance. On the menu, a sumptuous selection of mains – succulent rodeo ribs, chuck wagon chicken, barbecued hog with apple sauce, and tender roast beef with horseradish – each well-complemented by an array of sides such as fresh corn; baked potatoes with all the fixin’s; and perhaps most notable, the highly-sought after baked beans (a family secret that continually impresses guests, including Prime Minister Stephen Harper). As Anderson cites, his family’s recipe for success is simple – it takes hard work and authenticity. “Being true to who you are is what makes it work,” says Anderson, a born-and-raised country boy. “Even though we’re only 20 minutes from the city, it’s a nice getaway. The best way to describe The Hitch ‘n Post is that we’re inviting and accommodating with a relaxed comfortable




Visit The Hitch ‘n Post online at q



Box 8, Grosse Isle, MB R0C 1G0 Please contact Kyle at:

(204) 467-2544 - Ranch Office (204) 797-7575 - Cell - Email

PROFILE | Canad Inns

Province Proud

What could be more Manitoban than a visit to a Canad Inns Destination Centre? Canad Inns, a renowned leader in Manitoba’s

Along the way, Canad Inns has worked to

The well-recognized Canad Inns brands –

hospitality sector, offers diverse food and

showcase the best of Manitoba. In 2012,

including Aaltos, Tavern United, ‘l Bistro

beverage concepts across 28 locations which

Canad Inns unveiled The Metropolitan

and Garbonzo’s are easily found throughout

are rooted in Manitoba inspiration and

Entertainment Centre – a unique downtown

Winnipeg neighbourhoods.


destination that restored a revered Winnipeg

From their origins as a Manitoba rural hotel, Canad Inns has grown to serve more than nine million customers a year through its eight destination centres in Winnipeg, as well as The Radisson Winnipeg Downtown and Destination Centres in Portage la Prairie, Brandon, and Grand Forks, North Dakota.

landmark as a contemporary meeting place for city residents and visitors alike. The historic ambiance throughout the restaurant, meeting,


and City Bread bakeries, as well as Manitoba Pork and others to source as much Manitoba

the Golden Age of Cinema while providing a

product as possible.

current destination for new memory making.

Manitoba talent also staffs the kitchens and

More recently, the Destination Centre at

facilities at Canad Inns. Many of the key

Health Sciences opened, providing staff and

kitchen staff have been born, raised, and

visitors to Manitoba’s premier health care

trained in Manitoba at such institutions as Red

facility with on-site, leading dining options.

River College, South Winnipeg Tech, Tech Voc

The decor is clearly provincial - featuring

and Assiniboine College (Brandon), as well

iconic scenes of Manitoba photographed by

as local employment organizations. Staff can

local artists. Canad Inns is a known innovator

also take advantage of scholarships, as well as

working with partners to bring to life concepts


suppliers including Pratts, local legends Gunn’s

and entertainment space is reminiscent of

throughout Winnipeg’s business community –


Canad Inns takes pride in partnering with local

ongoing education and training opportunities.

that others only envision. Unique private-

Canad Inns is truly professionals serving

public partnerships have helped develop

professionals, community serving the

favourite destinations such as the Keystone

community and family serving families while

Centre in Brandon and the Club Regent

delivering Manitoba to Manitobans and their

Casino in Winnipeg.

guests. q

7 Great Concepts - 28 Outlets Variety - Endless!



‘l Bistro

Tavern United

12 Resto



Found at a Canad Inns Destination Centre near you!

Ming Court | PROFILE

Three Decades of Delicious

Ming Court’s Chinese-styled dishes keep bringing customers back for more. By Kelly Gray The restaurant industry is a tough one. In fact more than 60 per

kitchen all sauces are made in-house and dishes are prepared from

cent of new operations fail in the first three years. So, when you


find a restaurant that has been open for more than 35 years, you know they are doing something right. This is the case with Ming Court, a downtown mainstay on Edmonton Street near Graham Avenue. There, the Yung family has been offering a delicious well-


considered menu of Chinese-styled dishes that have made them

lot of customers who come in for our hot and sour soup, ginger hot beef, deluxe won ton soup, noodle soup, and egg foo young,” she says.

a favourite among the lunch crowd and to those who look for a

She reports that they have a number of regular customers that

competent kitchen for dinnertime take out and delivery.

have been making the same order for 30 years.

What distinguishes Ming Court from many of its competitors

“There is a trust in our restaurant because we have been consistent

in the classic Chinese market is its décor and its smaller menu.

in our quality and service,” she says commenting this is possible

According to Lin Yung they have sought to perfect a list of some

because they are a family business where her husband oversees the

100 dishes that include vegetarian options and others of which

kitchen and she manages the front of the house. “When you have

many can be prepared gluten free. She reports that they have

changes at the top you can have problems keeping all the pieces in

used their regular trips to Asia to influence the menu and points

place. We worked hard at the beginning to create something good

to Singapore Noodles and Spicy Beef as good examples. In the

and now we work hard to keep it there.” q



“We are well known for spicy northern Chinese dishes and have


Smitty’s | PROFILE

It’s Getting Hot Out Here Take in some sun and good food on a Smitty’s patio. It’s a breath of fresh air when that time of year we wait all winter for finally arrives – patio season. And after the coldest winter in 35 years, a little patio time is something we can all use a little of. Or maybe a lot.

Bomber games and other must-see events. With eight locations in Winnipeg, two in Brandon, as well as one in Dauphin, Selkirk, Steinbach, and Winkler, Smitty’s is a popular

and slushy cocktails. Most notably, the chicken wings are a must have amongst patio goers, particularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays when the wings are half price.

destination across the province for friends,

“Our price point beats all,” says Dave

families, sports teams, and happy hour

Thompson, owner of the Pembina and Grant


Smitty’s location.

umbrellas for those who burn easily and

The extensive menu of this fully-licensed

Of course, no patio would be complete

heaters for the cooler evenings to ample

facility will please drinking and taste buds.

without the sun. And while Smitty’s can’t

parking – both for cars in the parking lot

Summer favourites, like burgers, salads, and

promise hot temps every day, they can

and butts in chairs. Big screen TVs play the

steaks are served with beers, classic Caesars,

guarantee a hot spot on their patio. q

Each Smitty’s patio has everything you need to kick back and relax this summer. From

enjoy the pleasures of the province


The French Way St. Boniface offers historical sites and attractions, cultural venues, and an array of restaurants. Founded as a catholic mission in 1818, Saint-Boniface grew to become a parish, village, town and, in 1908, was incorporated as a city. Although it amalgamated with the City of Winnipeg in 1972, St. Boniface has maintained its uniqueness and place as the largest francophone community in Western Canada.

Winnipeg is known for many things – history, culture, food. No

founding father of the province. In the summer, you can also enjoy a

Winnipeg neighbourhood embodies all of those characteristics like St.

theatre performance by the Theatre in the Cemetery, who bring to life

Boniface, with its je-ne-sais-quoi. Only five minutes from downtown

these important historical figures.

Winnipeg, the oldest part of Saint-Boniface, Winnipeg’s French Quarter, is ideal for visitors who love to explore on foot as it offers many historical sites and attractions, cultural venues and an array of restaurants. Founded as a catholic mission in 1818, Saint-Boniface grew to


become a parish, village, town and, in 1908, was incorporated as a



Just steps from the church, the history of the aboriginal, French and Métis is preserved and displayed at the St. Boniface Museum. Originally the Grey Nun’s convent, this building is the oldest log structure of its kind in North America and houses the largest collection of artifacts relating to Louis Riel.

city. Although it amalgamated with the City of Winnipeg in 1972,

But what brought the French to this area? Well, it all started with

St. Boniface has maintained its uniqueness and place as the largest

the fur trade. Voyageurs with the North West Company came west

francophone community in Western Canada. Still today, a stroll into

from Montreal in search of furs. Many eventually settled here, having

this neighbourhood will have you discover unique architecture, witness

established families. Many say that the perseverance and joie de vivre

a unique and vibrant francophone culture and enjoy great cuisine.

of these hearty men has been passed down and is still today a strong

One of the area’s most striking landmarks, the St. Boniface Cathedral,

trait of the francophone people. This historic time is captured and

attracts thousands of visitors each year. Destroyed by fire in 1968, the

relived at Fort Gibraltar, a recreation of the original fort, circa 1815,

ruins of the majestic cathedral were preserved and the new church

where costumed interpreters tell of the life during the time of the fur

built within its wall, creating an impressive comparison between old

trade era. And in February, the Fort and surrounding park become the

and new. Outside in its cemetery lie many characters who had a part

main site of the Festival du Voyageur, Western Canada’s largest winter

in the development of the area and of Manitoba, such as Louis Riel, the



Other area attractions include the Centre culturel franco-manitobain,

running theatre troupe in Canada? In its 88th season, the Cercle Molière

the francophone cultural center and focal point of all that is culture,

presents four annual francophone productions. And for those who’s

where one can enjoy improv, jazz, concerts, francopone films, and art

French is rusty, the Cercle also provides subtitled soirées so everyone

exhibits. And speaking of art, La maison des artistes Art Gallery features

can enjoy the show.

works from francophone visual artists. Housed in the Old St. Boniface City Hall, La Maison des artistes also manages a beautiful sculpture garden just outside its doors, where monthly summer concerts are held over the lunch hour. And the Wayne Arthur Gallery, just down the street on Provencher Boulevard, features works of local artists as well as many unique gifts. Did you know that Saint-Boniface also has the oldest continually-

Once you’ve had your taste of history and culture, it’s time to feed your real tastebuds. St. Boniface is a foodie paradise, with an array of choices. Why not try Chez Sophie, a unique alsacian restaurant, or their new location right in the middle of the Esplanade Riel pedestrial bridge. At Promenade Café and Wine, enjoy dishes with a fusion of local ingredients paired with delicious wines. One of the newest restaurants on the strip is Chaise, with a great outdoor patio for those warm

Saint Boniface Your Unique French Experience Guided Walking Tours • Tour Information • GPS Adventures

(204) 233-8343 | enjoy the pleasures of the province


summer evenings. And for those who like to make dinner last all night,

and Léonie endeavour to offer unique, creative jewellery at one of

Le Garage Café offers live entertainment nightly. It’s where the locals

Winnipeg’s most beloved jewellery stores.

like to meet. The longest standing restaurant, le Resto-Gare, provides delicious food and a unique setting in the old St. Boniface Train Station. And that’s just a start as there are more restaurants as you venture out of the historic area. Finally, a walk down Provencher Boulevard would not be complete without a stop at some of its unique boutiques. Grab a signature coffee at the Café Postal and treat your sweet tooth at Chocolatier

There you have it. With its rich history and culture, combined with today’s modern attractions, restaurants, boutiques, and services, and its proximity to downtown Winnipeg, Saint-Boniface is a unique destination, with something for everyone. So come on down, say “Bonjour” and discover Saint-Boniface. Do it on your own or take in a guided tour. Tourisme Riel, the area’s tourism agency offers guided walking tours of Old St. Boniface twice daily during the summer months.

the Golden Globes and at the Vancouver Olympics, and enjoyed by the

Its tourism information bureau is open year-round in the Old Saint-

Queen herself. And for the queen in your house, you’ll find a special

Boniface City Hall. It also offers maps, brochures and GPS tours. For

gift of jewelry at Bijou Treasures, where husband and wife team Ashiq

more information, visit or call 1-866-808-8338. q


Chez Monique



Simplifying and managing business technologies since 2008










Constance Popp, whose artisan chocolates have been showcased at

Marc Phaneuf Ph: 204.774.4202 927 Dugald Rd | Winnipeg, MB R2J 0G7 Cell: 204.668.3157 Fax: 204.774.4176

124 boul. de la Seigneurie Winnipeg, MB R3X 1P6




Contemporary Clothing for Outstanding Women

Monique S. Couture | Ph: 204-257-6978




749 St. Mary’s Road Winnipeg, MB R2M 3N6

Ph: 204-594-0400

It’s All Here At Pembina Chrysler! FOOD FOR THOUGHT...

LOCALLY OWNED AND PROUD TO SUPPORT LOCAL FARE 300 Pembina Hwy. | Wpg, MB R3L 2E2 | Ph: (204) 284-6650 | www.

Dinner is on us Mention this ad when you buy or sell with us in 2014 and we will treat you to dinner at one of the fine restuarants featured in this magazine

Let’s get MOVING!




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Pivot Advisory Services works with companies to develop and implement strategies, action plans and performance measures.

To learn more, visit or call 204-289-4090. Services disponible en français. enjoy the pleasures of the province


























































































1000 ft






200 m




























4 PO
























15 14


















































































1 Hôtel de ville de Saint-Boniface City Hall (1906)

2 Parc Lagimodière-Gaboury Park

1 La Maison des artistes visuels francophones du Manitoba

3 Le sentier de la Seine / Seine Trail (1,25 km)

1 Visite pédestre guidée du Vieux Saint-Boniface / Old St. Boniface Guided Walking Tours 2 Le poste d’incendie de Saint-Boniface Fire Hall (1907) 3 Le bureau de poste de Saint-Boniface Post Office 4 Fort Gibraltar (1978) & Maison du Bourgeois (2001)

4 Le sentier du vieux Saint-Boniface / Old St. Boniface Trail (9 km) 5 Promenade Taché (1,25 km) 6 Esplanade Riel 7 Parc Coronation Park 8 Parc Happyland Park – Disc Golf

5 Centre culturel franco-manitobain – CCFM

9 Parc Elzéar-Goulet Park

6 Le Centre du patrimoine / Heritage Centre

10 Parc Joseph-Royal Park

7 Le Cercle Molière (2010) 8 Resto Gare (1913) 9 Salle de quilles LaVérendrye Bowling Lanes 10 La Maison Gabrielle-Roy House (1905) 11 Académie St-Joseph (1911) 12 École Provencher School (1906) 13 Université de Saint-Boniface / St. Boniface University (1910) 14 Cathédrale de Saint-Boniface Cathedral (1908 et 1972) 15 Cimetière de la Cathédrale de Saint-Boniface Cemetery 15 Tombe de Louis Riel / Louis Riel’s Gravesite (1885) 15 Théâtre dans le Cimetière / Theatre in the Cemetery 16 L’Archevêché / Archbishop’s House (1864) 17 Le Musée de Saint-Boniface Museum (1846) 18 Hôpital général St-Boniface General Hospital (1871)


19 Parc et monument La Vérendrye Park and Monument (1938)












20 Église Précieux-Sang / Precious Blood Church (1968) 21 Monnaie royale canadienne / Royal Canadian Mint (voir plan de St-Vital / see St. Vital map) 22 Musée canadien des droits de la personne / The Canadian Museum for Human Rights

CENTRES D’INFORMATION TOURISTIQUE / TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRES i 219, boul. Provencher Blvd. i L’Esplanade Riel (saisonnier / seasonal)

Bibliothèque de Saint-Boniface Library 101-131, boul. Provencher Blvd., 204-986-4330 Bijou Treasures 190, boul. Provencher Blvd., 204-233-9722 Boutique de souvenirs du Festival du Voyageur Souvenir Boutique 233, boul. Provencher Blvd., 204-237-7692 Boutique de souvenirs du Musée de Saint-Boniface Museum Souvenir Boutique 494, av. Taché Ave., 204-237-4500 Boutique du livre 130, rue Marion St., 204-237-3395 Dépanneur Provencher Convenience Store 140A, boul. Provencher Blvd. La Maison des artistes visuels francophones du Manitoba Art Gallery 219, boul. Provencher Blvd., 204-237-5964 Le bureau de poste de Saint-Boniface Post Office 208, boul. Provencher Blvd., 204-987-5111 Librairie à la page 200, boul. Provencher Blvd., 204-233-7223 Marché Terre à Table Market 136, boul. Provencher Blvd., 204-505-3090 poco créations & beads 575, rue Archibald St., 204-219-2528

HÉBERGEMENT / ACCOMMODATIONS Fairmont Winnipeg (centre-ville/downtown) 2, place Lombard Place, 204-957-1350 or 1-888-974-7666 Gîte de la Cathédrale Bed & Breakfast 581, Langevin St., 204-233-7792 Hôtel Inn at the Forks (centre-ville/downtown) 75, Forks Market Rd., 204-942-6555 Hôtel Norwood Hotel 112, rue Marion St., 204-233-4475 or 1-888-888-1878




Sentier Transcanadien / Trans Canada Trail

Point d’accès à la rivière Seine / Canoe Access to Seine River

Sentiers / Trails

Commerces et services / Shops and Services

Restaurants Hébergement / Accommodations Stations-service /Service Stations

Quais d’accès / Water Bus Dock Hôpital / Hospital

204-233-8343 1-866-808-8668

RESTAURANTS Beaujena’s French Table 302, av. Hamel Ave. 204-233-4841 Café 22 130-B, boul. Provencher Blvd. 204-237-4174 Café et Vin Promenade Café and Wine 130-C, boul. Provencher Blvd. 204-233-7030 Café Postal 1-202, boul. Provencher Blvd. 204-414-3654 Casse-Croûte du Pont Esplanade Riel (Place est / East Plaza) Chez Cora 340, boul. Provencher Blvd. 204-928-1204 Chez Sophie Bistro 248, av. de la Cathédrale Ave. 204-235-0353 Chez Sophie sur le pont Esplanade Riel Common Sense Bakery and Tea House 1 - 490, rue Des Meurons St. 204-237-7909 Le Croissant (Patisserie / Bakery) 276, av. Taché Ave. 204-237-3536 Le Garage Café 166, boul. Provencher Blvd. 204-237-0737 In Ferno’s Bistro 312, rue Des Meurons St. 204-262-7400 Jolly Friar Café, Hôtel Norwood 112, rue Marion St. 204-233-4475 Lovey’s BBQ 208, rue Marion St. 204-233-7427 La P’tite France 241, ch. St. Mary’s Rd. 204-237-5468 Purple Hibiscus 171, rue Dumoulin St. 204-233-0670 Resto Gare 630, rue Des Meurons St. 204-237-7072 Sawatdee Thai 150, boul. Provencher Blvd. 204-415-1001 Seine River Café A-390, boul. Provencher Blvd. 204-237-4864 Step ’N Out sur le Boulevard 157, boul. Provencher Blvd. 204-956-7837 Sushi Kuni 131, boul. Provencher Blvd. 204-231-3553

PROFILE | Daltons Restaurant

Carving Out a Culinary Experience Daltons Restaurant offers guests rustic fare with some added elements of flair. By Carly Peters The hotel name may have changed, but the same service, comforts, and great food that greeted guests in the past is still very much a part of The Best Western Plus Winnipeg Airport Hotel & Conference Centre, and Daltons Restaurant. The former Greenwood Inn & Suites’ 212 rooms have been fully-renovated, offering guests a more modern appeal when they stay in the city’s airport area. Daltons however, still keeps guests feeling like they’re at home with its warm ambience, and hearty dishes. Executive Chef Lito Barrion, a member of Canada’s Culinary Chefs de Cuisine and the World Master Chefs Society, oversees the restaurant’s staple menu which boasts everything from classic Sterling Silver steaks, to healthy menu selections. Daltons fabulous Sunday brunch is the best value in the city. Visitors are treated to as many as 25 hot and cold items, along with several action stations featuring chefs custom creating omelettes, and carving off a succulent slice of roast beef or prime rib. And let’s not forget to mention a bubbling chocolate fountain and scrumptious tortes. The restaurant’s popular weekday buffets, and holiday brunches are still the highlight of many travellers dining experience. One of Daltons’ sous chefs, Jaime, is literally carving a niche for the restaurant with his detailed displays of food art. From ice sculptures, to birds whittled out of watermelon, each piece brings a unique flair to every setting, and keeps customers wondering what will be served up next. In Finnigan’s, the hotel’s club style lounge, it’s Steak and Stein night every time the hometown team plays. Guests can sink into the deep reds, dark woods, and plump chairs to catch sporting events on the six-foot screen, HD TV, while being served appetizer and beverage specials on game nights. Join us for Happy Hour weekdays from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m.


Whatever the occasion Daltons Restaurant and Finnigan’s Lounge will truly make your


experience memorable. q


‌where every time is a good time! Our newly expanded menu offers the best in breakfast selections, steaks, a variety of sandwiches, seafood and pasta.

Hours of Service Restaurant MONDAY TO FRIDAY | 6:00 am - 10:00 pm SATURDAY & SUNDAY | 7:00 am - 10:00 pm


11:30 am - 1:00 am

Best Western Plus

1715 Wellington Avenue | Winnipeg, MB | R3H 0G1

PROFILE | Royal Fork Buffet

A Regal Feast The Royal Fork offers up everyone’s favourite.

A buffet represents a delicious opportunity to sample not just

chicken, pan fried shrimp and dumplings. Oh yeah, there is a

tried and true favourites, but new dishes that could well end

banana split bar to round out the meal.

up on your must have list. This is the case with The Royal Fork Buffet, an east Winnipeg tradition for more than 20 years that features over a 100 different items each day. On the tables that lead to the 270-seat dining room are all the dishes one would expect at a front line buffet. Warming pans hold ribs slathered with tangy barbecue sauce, delicately flavoured fish fillets, and mountains of the restaurant’s famous fried chicken. In fact, the fried chicken has stood out as the


guests who are age 60 plus get a 10 per cent discount,” he says, adding that children also get a cost break. “For one price you get it all from roast beef to sushi. This is really like an all inclusive resort for your tummy.” Woods reports recent renovations include work to modernize the kitchen and the creation of a new sushi bar. Now patrons can choose from a list of 17 sushi items Monday to Saturday, and 20 items on the Sunday menu.

Woods. “Guests might find lasagna one day or quesadillas the

On Sunday, The Royal Fork Buffet also hosts its Sunday Brunch

next as we work to keep things fresh and exciting.”

from 11 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.. Here guests can stop in for a feast

She adds they have a set list of dishes each day of the week so


“Prices are just $13.99 for lunch and $19.99 for dinner. Our


with new items every morning,” says General Manager Rose


pleased by the solid value equation.

business’ hands down favourite among its large group of regular

“We keep staples on the menu every day, but change things up


According to Assistant Manager Robert McLellan, customers are

that takes both breakfast and lunch into account.

their regular customers can plan ahead. For example, Tuesdays

“We know that each item has to look as good as when it came

feature barbecue meatballs, fried fish, chicken wings, mac n’

out of the kitchen and each dish has to taste just as great as the

cheese, Kung Pao beef, wantons, and mixed greens. This is in

last time a patron stopped in,” says Woods inviting people to

addition to a taco bar, breaded pork and sesame chicken at lunch

drop into the Regent and Lagimodiere restaurant to discover a

and a dinner slate that includes roast beef, baked ham, curry

new food favourite. q

Welcome to our Buffet! Over the years you’ve come to expect the finest in freshly prepared food at Royal Fork. Now get all your favorites to go! From large gatherings to quiet nights at home, we’ll arrange it all!

HOURS OF OPERATION Monday - Thursday 11 am-8:30 pm Friday - Saturday 11 am-9 pm

We also offer daily specials that include Made-from-scratch salads and delicious soups, golden fried chicken, hot vegetables, gravy, whipped potatoes, fresh baked cinnamon rolls and muffins, ice cream and scrumptious desserts.


Sunday - 11 am-8 pm Holidays - 11 am-8 pm

1-204-668-1960 F: 1-204-661-3568

Unit 900 - 1615 Regent Avenue West, Winnipeg, Manitoba

PROFILE | The Movement Centre of Manitoba Inc.

Working With the Community


Dear Scott,




The Movement Centre of Manitoba Inc. | PROFILE

With generous donations from golfers in attendance, the RBC Royal Bank and the MRFA were able to raise $2,800 at the MRFA’s yearly golf event. The money was donated to our event charity, Movement Centre of Manitoba. Pictured (from left to right): Margy Nelson, executive director, Movement Centre of Manitoba; Scott Jocelyn, executive director, MRFA; and Graeme Green, account manager, RBC Royal Bank.

The Movement Centre of Manitoba is a non-profit charitable organization, established in March 1998. They help children, adolescents, and adults with neuro-motor disabilities become more mobile and independent with an innovative learning system called Conductive Education. Conductive Education maximizes the independence and mobility of children and adults with disabilities including cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, acquired brain injuries, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and spina bifida. The Movement Centre does not receive government funding, therefore fundraising is essential to ensure that programs are affordable and accessible to all who can benefit from them. q

swan lake first nation Gaming centre vlt lounge 4818 portage ave headingley, mb

204.832.1849 vlt’s, atm

cigarettes sold on the premises

enjoy the pleasures of the province


PROFILE | The Original Pancake House

Come Home

The Original Pancake House serves up great memories along with some new recipes. By Lea Currie Accompanying the delicious pancakes is locally

Original Pancake House go hand-in-hand for

churned whipped butter and specially crafted

Winnipeggers. The comfortable, laid-back

maple flavoured syrup. The creamy butter is

restaurant feels as safe as home and many

Manitoba sourced from Notre Dame Creamery

have the menu committed to memory like a

– one of the last independent creameries in

favourite book.

Canada. To maintain its high quality, the

The restaurant has a vast menu beyond

butter is not blended, so you get 100 per cent

pancakes, including waffles (also available

premium butter.

gluten-free), crêpes, French toast, bacon, ham,

The Original Pancake House has been a tradition for families since it opened in

14 localfare

“It’s a treat for people with gluten intolerance to come out and have something special, like the banana split pancakes,” says Walker.

sausages, eggs, and omelettes. There’s also a full

1958. The pancake recipes were perfected

Canadian Living’s accolade also highlights

when Winnipeg entrepreneurs and brothers,

the establishment’s signature dish – the Giant

Wallace and Monty Guberman opened the first

Apple pancake. “If you mention (The Original

location on Pembina Highway. The light and

Pancake House), it’s the Giant Apple – that’s

“Our name is The Original Pancake House –

airy pancakes haven’t changed since then, and

what people remember and that’s what people

we are breakfast and pancakes. People typically

that tried-and-true tradition has earned the

come for. It’s decadent. I can’t even finish it,”

fall back to their tradition. The buttermilk

restaurant a top five spot on Canadian Living

says Walker.

pancakes and the Giant Apple pancake are our

magazine’s list of the best pancakes in Canada.


with celiac disease to also enjoy them.

Happy childhood memories and The

In 2011, The Original Pancake House saw

lunch and dinner menu. But it always comes back to the pancakes.

mainstays,” says Walker.

“We make all five of our batters from scratch

a good reason to add another pancake

At a time when the world is constantly

using whole ingredients,” says general manager

recipe. With gluten-free diets on the rise, the

changing, it’s comforting to know there is a

Rob Walker. “We make them fresh daily, with

restaurant adapted the pancake recipe to create

place you can go to where tradition is alive and

strict adherence to age-old recipes.”

a gluten-free version that allows customers

well and delicious. q


Proud Partners In Our Community

(204) 452-1040 |

1049 Pembina Highway

(204) 947-5077 |

1 Forks Market Road

(204) 775-9035 |

1445 Portage Avenue

Presenting Sponsor

Event Supporters

Event Photographer


Thank you to our sponsors, exhibitors, and delegates that made our tradeshow such a huge success.




The time to join is NOW! Contact our office for more information

204-783-9955 enjoy the pleasures of the province


295 York 529 Wellington A&W Aboriginal Centre Restaurant Adventurer’s North Dining Room Alfie’s Restaurant & Billiards Lounge Amici at Niakwa Applebee’s Grill & Bar Assiniboia Downs Manitoba Jockey Club Assiniboine Community College Assiniboine Gordon Inn on the Park Back at the Ranch Bailey’s Restaurant & Bar Baked Expectations Bangkok Thai Restaurant Barley Brothers Barnay’s Restaurant & Lounge Barney Gargles Restaurant Beachcombers Bel Acres Golf & Country Club Bellamy’s Family Dining Bellissimo Restaurant Benjamin’s Best Western Charter House Hotel Best Western Plus Winnipeg Airport Billabong Bar & Bistro Bistro 7 ¼ Blossoms Winnipeg Bonfire Bistro Boogies Diner Boston Pizza Brahma’s Grill & Steak House Brandon University Brioni’s Buccacino’s Cucina Italiana Burrito Splendido Café 22 Café Carlo Café Savour Cambridge Hotel Canad Inns Captain’s Table Carlos & Murphy’s Carnaval Brazilian Barbecue Celebrations Dinner Theatre Centro Caboto Centre Chicken Chef Chicken Corral Neepawa Chop Fish & Steak Bar Cibo Clarion Hotel


Clear Lake Golf Corner Deli Ltd. Curtis Gordon Hotel Dairy Queen Steinbach Dandy Drive Inn Danny’s BBQ & Bucks Sports Lounge Del Rios Restaurant Deluca’s Cooking School Denny’s Restaurant Dessert Sinsations Café Inc Diversity Food Service DJay’s Restaurant & Ichabods Lounge Domino’s Pizza Brandon Dragon Palace Restaurant Drifters Restaurant & Service Centre Earl’s East India Company Pub & Eatery El Rancho Food & Hospitality Evergreen Restaurant Famous Dave’s Farmhouse Bistro & Tavern Fergies Fish & Chips & Seafood Finn’s Pub Five Guys Foon Hai Restaurant Fort Garry Hotel Four Seasons Take Out Fox & Fiddle Fude Inspired Cuisine & Wine Bar Fusion Grill Gaffer’s Restaurant & Banquet Centre Garwood Grill Gasthaus Gutenberger Geppetto’s & Sandy’s Snack Shack Grace Café Greek Market Green Olive Gypsy Baker Half Moon Drive Inn Hermanos Restaurant Hitch’n Post Ranch Holiday Inn Airport West Holiday Inn Winnipeg South Homer’s Restaurant & Catering Horfrost Hotline International Pizza Hy’s Steak House Ice Sports Ichiban Japanese Steak House & Sushi Inn at the Forks Inverness Falls Resort

Ivory Restaurant Joey Restaurant Johnny G’s Restaurant Keg Brandon Keg Winnipeg Keystone Motor Inn Kingswood Golf & Country Club Kristina’s On Corydon Kum Koon Garden LeGarage Café Legends Restaurant & Sports Bar Lilac Resort Ltd Los Chicos Luxalune Gastropub Manitoba Club Marigold Restaurant McDonald’s Restaurants Melita Golf Club Micheal P’s Restaurant & Bar Michelle’s McPhillips St. Station Ming Court Chinese Food Mitzi’s Restaurant Mobile Maitre ‘D Mona Lisa Restorante Moxie’s Classic Grill MTS Iceplex Muddy Waters Smokehouse New Golden Inn Chinese Restaurant Norwood Hotel Old Spaghetti Factory Olive Garden Original Pancake House Palomino Club Pappas Greek Food & Steak Pasquale’s Pheasant Cookery Pembina Valley Inn Pembina Village Restaurant Pineridge Hollow Pizza Express Brandon Pony Corral Prairie 360 Restaurant & Lounge Promenade Café & Wine Radisson Hotel Winnipeg Downtown Rae & Jerry’s RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg Red Lobster Red River College Red Sunflower Restaurant & Catering Red Top Drive In Restaurant Rembrandt’s Bistro

When going out to eat consider one of these MRFA member restaurants.

Remington’s Seafood & Steakhouse Resto Gare Riverboat Family Restaurant Roblin Golf & Country Club Rosser Curling Club Round Table Steakhouse & Pub Roxi’s Uptown Café Royal Fork Buffet Restaurant Royal Palms Club Regent Casino Saffron’s Restaurant Sagkeeng Mino Pimatiziwin Salisbury House Sand Hills Casino Santa Lucia Pizza Selkirk Golf & Country Club Shark Club Siam Thai Cuisine Silver Heights Restaurant Skinners River Road Smitty’s Restaurant & Lounge SMS Food Inc Sodexo at Investors Group Sonia’s Stand Ssorento’s Grant South Beach Casino & Resort St.Charles Country Club Sukhothai Sydney’s Fine Dining Syl’s Drive Inn Temp Place Emporium Terrace Fifty-Five Teulon Golf & Country Club The Carver’s Knife The Gates on Roblin The Loft Gastropub The Melting Pot Tim Horton’s Toad in the Hole Pub & Eatery Tony Roma’s Travelodge Winnipeg East Velvet Glove at the Fairmont Viscount Gort Motor Hotel Wasabi on Broadway White Tower Restaurant Winnipeg Goldeyes Baseball Club

We Cater.

Stella’s Sherbrook 116 Sherbrook St.

Stella’s Bakery 116 Sherbrook St.

Stella’s Osborne 116 Osborne St.

Stella’s Grant 1895 Grant Ave.

Stella’s @ Plug In 460 Portage Ave.

Stella’s YWG Winnipeg Airport

Stella’s Catering 204 227 8393

Edna’s Café #750 – 1 Research Rd.

Index to Advertisers 100 Acre Photograpy

Morden’s of Winnipeg Candy Manufacturing Ltd.


Amici 67

41, 70, 71

Moxie’s Classic Grill


Assiniboia Downs


Mulvey Flea Market


Avenir It Inc.


Original Pancake House

Bailey’s Restaurant & Bar


Bee Maid Honey


Bel Acres Golf & Country Club


BKG Distributors


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Pembcorp Automotive Group


Pepsi Bottling Co.


Pivot Advisory Services


POS Systems 2013 Ltd.


Prairie Fruit Growers Association


Prairie Oils & Vinegars


RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg

22, 23

Chez Monique Esthetics


Red River College

Chop Steakhouse & Bar


Red Sunflower Restaurant & Catering

49 30, 31

Rigby Orchards


Delicious Kicks


Royal Fork Buffet


Desart Ltd.


Smitty’s 87


South Beach Casino & Resort

Danny’s Whole Hog

28, 29

Dunn-Rite Food Products Ltd.


FB Hospitality Group / Prairie 360


Stella’s Café & Bakery

FB Hospitality Group / Hermano’s

32, 33

Swan Lake First Nation Gaming Centre

Gateway Real Estate Ltd.


Gordon Food Services


Granny’s Poultry Cooperative Ltd.


Greenwood Inn & Suites / Daltons


Investment Pieces


Labatt’s Breweries Manitoba


Lakeview Hotels & Resorts


Manitoba Association of Agricultural Societies Inc.


Manitoba Bison Association


Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries

13, 42

Manitoba Pork Council



The Gates on Roblin

76, 77

The Hitch ‘n Post Ranch


The Keg Restaurant & Bar


To-Le-Do Foodservice

58, 59

Toad In The Hole Pub / The Whiskey Bar

34, 35

Tourisme Riel


Wellington Fine Coffees


Wes-Man Mechanical


Winnipeg Goldeyes Baseball Club


Winnipeg Technical College

Molson’s 17

WOW Hospitality

Mona Lisa Restorante Italiano

WOW Hospitality / 295 York



Many restaurants and night clubs use ordering software and liquor systems from POS Systems. They choose us and our products to ensure that their customers have a smooth dining and night-out experience. With NCR Aloha ordering software and Berg Liquor Systems we look after our customers so that they can look after theirs. Imagine customers ordering their meal while waiting for a table or offering that customer recognition and discounts through rewards and loyalty programs – that is what keeps customers coming back to their favourite places time after time. Find out how we do it at

3 54, 55 45


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Suite 300, 6 Roslyn Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3L 0G5 Toll Free:1.866.831.4744 Toll Free Fax: 1.866.711.5282

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We offer outstanding personal service and quality in the areas of:



>> Manitoba owned and operated. <<




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Our spin on local favourites refl ects the multicultural blend of Manitoba. Experience the cityʼs most memorable meal from a magnifi cent point of view.

83 Garry Street 204-505-2680

LocalFare 2014  

The 2014 issue of LocalFare magazine features stories on food photography, the best cut of meat for steaks, and more.

LocalFare 2014  

The 2014 issue of LocalFare magazine features stories on food photography, the best cut of meat for steaks, and more.