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Shrimp! It’s where Harvest of the Sea’s roots began, as a small retail market/restaurant cooking shrimp to becoming a pioneer in shrimp aqua culture. Harvest of the Sea brand shrimp is nationally recognized for quality and consistency to make it the perfect seafood for foodservice . Their Prime Select line offers a premium, 100% natural (no added moisture), cooked and raw shrimp selection. The result is a heartier, firmer eating shrimp with superior color and a remarkably sweet taste. Prime Select Cooked Shrimp is cooked in the shell before it’s peeled giving it a distinctively juicier, more delicious flavor.

Raw P&D Tail-Off Shrimp 26-30 #371048 5 / 2 lb

P&D Raw Tail-On Tiger Shrimp 8-12 #371060 5 / 2 lb

Raw P&D Tail-On Tail-On White Shrimp 26-30 #971054 5 / 2 lb

P&D Cooked Tail-Off Shrimp 150-200 #371035 2/5 lb

P&D Tail On Raw 21-25 Shrimp #371031 5 / 2 lb

P&D Cooked Shrimp 71-90 #371037 5 / 2 lb

P&D Raw Tail-On Tiger Shrimp 16-20 #371045 5 / 2 lb

P&D Cooked Tail-On White Shrimp 41-50 #1006785 5 / 2 lb

P&D Raw Tail-On White Shrimp 13-15 #1003939 5 / 2 lb

P&D Cooked Tail-On White Shrimp 26-30 #1007560 5 / 2 lb

P&D Raw Tail-On Tiger Shrimp 13-15 #371042 5 / 2 lb

P&D Cooked Tail On White Shrimp 21-25 #371032 5 / 2 lb

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Seamami Shrimp are free of added Phosphates and Sulfites. These shrimp are clean, firm, with a natural texture and bite that does not take away from the sweet, delicate flavor that shrimp raised right are supposed to have. The variety of our Seamami Shrimp is called Vannamei, a white shrimp that has become recognized for it’s quality by top chefs around the world! Within hours of being harvested, Seamami Shrimp are cleaned, sized, inspected for wholesomeness and then flash frozen. #371029

P&D Raw Tail Off Shrimp 31-40

5 / 2 lb


P&D Raw Tail On White Shrimp 13-15

5 / 2 lb


P&D Raw Tail On White Shrimp 16-20

5 / 2 lb

Corkscrew Shrimp

Harvest of the Sea’s hand-crafted Corkscrew Shrimp are a real delicacy...all-natural and sustainable. Their raw lightly dusted and seasoned corkscrew shrimp are made from raw tail-off peeled and deveined 31/35 ct white shrimp. A tasty, easy to prepare seafood that’s great for tacos, wraps, salads, pizza toppers, seafood plates and more! #371080

Raw Dusted Corkscrew Shrimp

2 / 5 lb*

*special order


PRIME SELECT, ALL-NATURAL CALAMARI. Artisanal squid harvested off the western coast of India by hand from fishermen whose carry on the legacy of those before them. A single species squid, Lologo Duvauceli, is known for its tenderness and delicious flavor. Wild caught in a conservation fishery, this squid is brought back to the docks fresh and ready for processing where then it is frozen until you are ready to use! All natural (additive free). 100% yield – no waste. Perfectly cleaned and trimmed – leaving virtually no cartilage, beaks, ink sacs or wings that are common in other products. Accurate counts and true net weights. #1003074

Platinum Tube/Tents 3 / 5 Squid

6 / 2.5 lb


Platinum Tube/Tents 5 / 8 Squid

6 / 2.5 lb


Platinum Rings/Tents Block Squid

6 / 2.5 lb

IMPORTED TODARODES – FULLY CLEANED. Premium quality Japanese flying squid (Todarodes pacificus). Fully cleaned – no head meat or wing meat. 100% net weight. Consistent and accurate tube sizing. Tubes lined up in row, allowing the operator to cut rings. #1002763

Todarodes Tube/Tents 3 / 5 Squid 4 / 2.5 lb


GLUTEN FREE DUSTED CALAMARI. Ready to cook from freezer to fryer and ready to serve in just 90 seconds. Lightly seasoned and dusted for a scratch-prepared, back-of-the-house appearance, this calamari can be served as is or accompanied with a sauce or garnished with a dry spice. #1007398

Dusted Calamari Rings & Tentacles

6/2 lb

Calamari Rings 5 / 8”

4 / 2.5 lb

Clams WHOLE CLAMS IN SHELL. All natural. Vacuum packed to retain natural juice and fresh taste. Sand free – clams purged before packing. 100% yield. Pre-cooked, just reheat from frozen state. #371100 #370200

Whole Cooked Clams in Shell Baby Whole Clams

10 / 1 lb

24 / 10 oz can

BABY CLAM MEAT. All natural, packed in its own juice. Pillow pack – easy thaw. Sand free. 100% natural. Sweet, clean flavor. Better meat yield than canned alternatives. 300-500 pcs per lb. #1002057

Baby Clam Meat with Juice

Mussels CHILEAN MUSSELS. All natural Chilean blue mussels. Fully cleaned – sand free and de-bearded. Rope cultured. 100% yield – no waste product, no gapers. Easy to prepare, just reheat from frozen state. Farm-raised, sustainable. Cooked Mussels in Shell 23-29 ct #371055 10 / 1 lb

10 / 1 lb

Lump Crab Meat Super Lump crabmeat comes from the crab’s midsection. Its sweet and succulent flavor, combined with its large size makes it best utilized in crab cakes and crab-stuffing! Harbor Seafood uses soft, delicate & sweet tasting 100% Blue Swimming Crabs. Their crabmeat is not mixed or blended, & is 100% live cooked & pasteurized. #1004538 #1007460

Super Lump Crab Meat

Premium Super Lump Crab Meat 12 / 1 lb

Branzino Mediterranean Sea Bass (Branzino), a farmed sea raised European fish, has a firm, moist white flesh. Normally served whole, 75% of the time customers ask to have the head removed prior to serving and there is usually a lot of meat left on the plate as the consumer struggles to separate the meat from the bone. Harvest of the Sea’s Branzino fillets come from the Aegean Sea and are all-natural, skin-on and boneless – leaving no wasted product. This sweet, flaky fish is farm-raised in a sustainable fishery. Rich in omega 3s and ocean friendly, the fish have no genetic modifications and are fed an all-natural feed with no antibiotics, no hormones, no GMOs, no colorants, and no land animal byproducts. IQF – individually vacuum packed for ease of use. #371500 – Branzino Seabass 6 oz

1 / 10 lb

6 / 16 oz

Smoked Salmon

A unique breed of King Salmon for Culinary Excellence.

The King salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) species makes up less than 0.5% of the global salmon population, yet is regarded by many as the pinnacle salmon species internationally. Ora King Salmon begin their lives in the fresh water from Te Waikoropupu Springs, which has been verified as the clearest water in the world. Within their first year, the young salmon are carefully transferred to the Marlborough Sounds, where they will grow to maturity in its cool water and swift currents. With an elegant balance of umami flavors and a soft and buttery texture, King salmon have a complex, yet delicate mouth feel that coats the palate appealingly, making it a pleasure to eat. The feed for Ora King salmon is sourced from sustainable, certified GMO-free suppliers. No antibiotics, vaccines or pesticides of any kind are used. # 1003508

Sliced Smoked Salmon

2 lb avg


Pure, without compromise. For over 40 years, Calvisius has been taking care of sturgeons for incredible caviar, using cutting-edge production methods and old world techniques to preserve the sensory characteristics, wholesomeness and freshness for the best “Calvisius Caviar”. Thanks to this exceptional attention, Calvisius caviar has become one of the most exquisite delicacies in the world of fine cuisine. Calvisius Caviars are available by special order.

Tuna Fish

FLOTT TUNA FISH. This is a yellow fin tuna in olive oil from Sicily. First class quality, excellent taste, nice pink meat and only wall muscle. Flott Tuna is good as a delicious plate by itself or makes an incredible salad. #371022 #371025

Tuna Fish in Olive Oil

2 / 60 oz

Tuna Fish in Olive Oil Retail Pack

12 / 6 oz

ORTIZ TUNA. The belly fillet is the tenderest, most flavorful and smooth-textured cut of a Bonito or yellowfun tuna. Cut by hand with the utmost care to ensure a product of exceptional quality. #371027 #371028

Bonito White Tuna Fish in Olive Oil 12 / 220 gr Ventresca White Belly Tuna in Olive Oil

10 / 110 gr

ALBACORE TUNA. Choice cuts of all-white Albacore from the Pacific Ocean and Indian Sea. This firm white meat tuna has a very mild taste, prized for dish applications such as salads and casseroles. Superior quality Albacore with no additives, packed in water. #371020

Chunk White Albacore Tuna Fish 6 / 66 oz

TONGOL TUNA. Tongol is the popular alternative to albacore because of its moist texture and light color. Natural vegetable broth is added to Celebrity canned tuna for a touch of seasoning which enhances the flavor of the tuna, resulting in a milder, more delicate taste. It’s subtle, clean ocean flavor is ideal for salads and sandwiches. #371010

Chunk Light Tongol Tuna Fish 6 / 66 oz


Anchovies are one of the handiest ingredients to keep around the pantry, immediately brightening any dish and infusing it with a delicious flavor without much effort. Our Flott Anchovies are imported from Italy and packed in olive oil, with a nice rustic and thick texture and loads of flavor. Use for pastas, soups, appetizers, pizzas, salads and pretty much anywhere. #370015

Premium Anchovy in Oil 13 oz

24 / 13 oz


Premium Anchovy in Oil 28 oz

24 / 28 oz


Marinated White Anchovies


Anchovy Paste in Olive Oil


Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil

4 / 1 kilo 45 / 60 gr 25 / 2 oz

Cocktail Sauce From St Elmo’s famous steakhouse to your house, now you can enjoy their fiery cocktail sauce. Each 12 oz bottle delivers a horseradish laden punch that you have come to know and love. Serve it to your guests, send it as a gift or simply enjoy for yourself. #1006026

St Elmo Shrimp Cocktail Sauce

6 / 12 oz

& More.... SEAFOOD RAVIOLI. North Atlantic lobster, shrimp and bay scallops blended with mirepoix, spiced cream, and a hint of fresh garlic. #320691

SOUPS. #480042

Chef Francisco Lobster Crab Bisque 4 / 4 lb


Bistro New England Clam Chowder

4 / 4 lb

Seafood Ravioli 2 / 3 lb