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THIS IS THE CHILD I AM FOR CASA Youth Advocates 2013 GALa Supporting child advocacy sponsorship I am there to listen to her. To stand up in court for her. To speak for her. To champion without compromise for what’s in her best interest. Because if I am there for her, I know she will be half as likely to languish in foster care, and that much more likely to find a safe, permanent home. That is the child I am for. I am a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer.

I am you.

This is the child i am For 2013 GALA Supporting Child Advocacy Friday, November 22, 2013, 7:00–11:00 pm Drexelbrook Corporate Center, Drexel Hill, PA Safety. Care. Love.

Support Our 20/20 Vision

These are things every child requires and deserves. They have a right to be treated as human beings – not possessions. They have a right to learn and grow. To become the person they are destined to be. To thrive!  But too many families are in crisis and too many children are lost in the process. • Nearly 425,000 children are separated from their families – a disproportionate number of whom are Native American, Latino and African-American. • More than 660,000 children go through the child welfare system annually, a system that is full of well-intentioned people trying their best to place children in what they hope will be better circumstances. But this system is desperately overburdened. • In some counties a judge can preside over 30 or even 90 cases involving children in peril before the court even breaks for lunch. Too often, a child is separated from his or her siblings, changes homes every other month and endures years of dispiriting instability, only to grow out of the system.  

Every successful organization must have a clear vision for the future. CASA’s vision is 20/20. We commit to changing the world for every abused and neglected child in Delaware County by the Year 2020. We have a long way to go. • 81% of the dependent children in Delaware County do not have a CASA volunteer representing their rights, interests and well-being.   • 750 children in Delaware County -- children within miles of your home -- do not have the kind of hope a CASA volunteer can provide. Every year more children will be lost and let down by the system. We are not referring to mere statistics; we are referring to children’s lives. To make our vision a reality, we pledge to fight on behalf of America’s children until: • Every United States court recognizes a CASA volunteer as essential for a successful outcome for children; •Our volunteer base reflects the diversity and cultural makeup of children in the system; • Every potential donor understands the importance of our mission, and places it at the top of their priority list; • Every legislator and government official at the local, state, federal and tribal level understands the far-reaching results CASA can achieve, and places our work at the top of their agenda; • Every child can thrive in the safe embrace of a loving family.

CASA’s Proven Solution for Delaware County Begins with a single volunteer – not just a mentor or a special buddy, but a court-appointed special advocate – a CASA volunteer, a unique individual, specially trained to fully understand a child’s best interests and to ensure those interests are met in the system. For many children, a CASA advocate is nothing short of an angel. A CASA volunteer advocate: • Knows how to help a child through a time of tremendous vulnerability. • Is a deeply committed adult, who fights for a child against odds, against power, against bureaucracy and against shortsighted agendas. • Imbues each child with a belief in themselves so they can later advocate for their own rights to all that life has to offer.   More than 75,000 CASA volunteers are spread throughout 955 local and state programs nationwide. Because of CASA volunteers, more than 2 million children have found their way to a safe home with an adoptive family or an extended family or even with their birth parents when it is safe to reunite them.

OUR COMMITMENT Your support will help us serve more and more Delaware County children who are at serious risk. With a CASA advocate in their corner, a child’s chance of finding a safe and permanent home doubles. Doubles! It is just that simple and just that incredible.   Please join us as a donor to ensure abused and neglected children in our county have a far greater chance of a bright future.  Help us light their way. Please support CASA’s proven and invaluable service to children.

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Don’t Miss This Wonderful Opportunity. Support CASA’s Annual Gala! CASA is the Only Program of its Kind. In the child welfare and Family Court systems, CASA is revolutionary. Everything is built around one child and one adult advocate for that child. The CASA solution is a proven one. No one needs to invent a new technology or method to achieve success. No genie has to come out of a bottle. We know what works. And true success is merely a matter of scale and resources. For more information go to

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