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By Jaden Vizna, ‘20 Cheap costumes and sugared up kids have never been more prevalent than on halloween night, but have you ever wondered where it all started? Halloween, every kids favorite holiday, is based in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced sow-in). The Celtics new year is on November 1st, which celebrates the end of the summer harvest and the beginning of the cold, dark winter. The Celts believed that on the night of the new year, the boundary between the living and the dead became blurred, and ghosts of the dead returned to earth. They believed that the celtic priests, Druids, were better able to predict the future and read people during this time. The Druids would build huge bonfires, burning crops and animal corpses to please the deities. Additionally, the people would dress up in animal skins and costumes and attempt to read each other’s fortunes. Up until 41 A.D, the Celts continued to celebrate the holiday in this way, until the Romans had conquered a majority of the celtic territory. Two of the Romans own festivals combined with the traditional Celtic one over the course of 400 years they slowly transitioned into one. In the early 600’s the Pope created all souls day, to celebrate the deaths of saints and martyrs, on November 2nd. This was believed to be the pope trying to get rid of the Celtic festival to celebrate death, with a christian based celebration at that time instead. All Souls Day was similar to the celtics with big bonfires and costumes amidst. All Souls Day was also called “All-Hallows”, from the middle english translation, and the traditional celtic holiday became known as “All-Hallows Eve”, which eventually becameHalloween.

tik tok Famous

By Josef Gjonaj, ‘20

Recently, the app called Tik Tok has become quite famous around the world. Everybody gets there 5 minutes of fame with this app, by making short clips of them dancing and lip syncing to songs or topics. It is very common for highschool kids from our school and the schools around the country using this app. It is truly cringe comedy, making funny videos and memes on topics ranging from

This form of Halloween came to America when Scotish and Irish immigrants began to move to the nation in mass numbers and they established the holiday here. As the different beliefs of all the people that came to America mixed, along with the beliefs of the natives, a distinctively American version of Halloween began to form. Neighbors would come together, share stories of the dead, and dance. The telling of ghost stories and all types of mischief began to arise in the young people of the time. Halloween didn’t become a nationwide holiday until the Irish Potato Famine, when millions of Irish came to America to flee the situation at home. These people popularized the holiday. Eventually, borrowing from the traditional celtic holiday Americans began to dress up in costumes. These people began going house to house asking for food or money, this eventually became trick or treating. By the late 1800s, people wanted to shift Halloween from a religious rooted “spooky” holiday, and move it more towards the aspects of community and getting together. They wanted to get rid of the ghosts and

politics to whatever a young restless mind can think of. There have been several news reports done on Tik Tok that you can find online, and the hashtag “politics” has more than 123 million views. Gun violence, vaping and the American education system are all topics that have been memed on TikTok, but the most talked about issues that teens are using as humor on are climate change and politics. Some rules have been implemented to try and keep young kids from getting corrupted. Tik Tok has been told to take down U.S underage user accounts and to ask for your age when you sign up. They have to also remove the videos of users when requested from the database. The access to inappropriate content and popular music that has explicit words, makes Tik Tok not an app for young kids.

prank aspects of it, and just have community parties. The way Samhain, or All- Hallows Eve, or Halloween, is celebrated has changed very drastically since its beginning. It went from a spiritual holiday about celebrating the harvest and hoping for another great year ahead, to a bunch of sugar coated kids running around in cheap Halloween costumes trying to eat as much candy as possible. It is now more so about the adults and older people coming together, while the kids go out Trick or Treating. It went from a religiously rooted holiday, to more of a money grab for big businesses. It is not certain whether it was a good or bad change for the holiday, and I can’t say for certain how the ancient Celtic people would feel about their holiday changing, but it certainly became more fun.

happy halloween!

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Wednesday, November 13 Girls | 6:00 -7:00 pm Boys | 7:00 -8:00 pm A hilarious new screwball comedy, NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT pokes fun at the Prohibition era in a clash of elegant socialites and boorish bootleggers, all set to the glorious songs of George and Ira Gershwin. Highlights from the score include “Fascinating Rhythm,” “Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off,” “Someone To Watch Over Me,” “Sweet and Low Down,” “Delishious” and the title song.

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By Carson Kresevich, ‘20

I bet you have seen this man before but do you know anything about him? Mr. Keith Zielinski is our schools Safe-Ed security guard. Mr. Keith was born in Detroit, Michigan and raised in Sterling Heights. He attended Sterling Heights Stevenson and played defensive tackle on the football team and was a shot putter on the track and field team. Mr. Keith ended up getting a scholarship to play football at Eastern Michigan University, but chose to go to Macomb Community College and then on to Rochester College to get three degrees in physiology, criminal justice, and general auto body design. Mr Keith worked an amazing twenty eight years for the Fraser Department of Public Safety as a police officer, fire fighter, and a medic. Mr. Keith loves working at De La Salle because being a police officer for twenty eight years was very stressful. Mr. Keith said “the boys here are very respectful and I love talking to everyone here, the boys make my job a lot less stressful.’’ Mr. Keith was working at Royal Oak High School for Safe-Ed, but he came to De La Salle two summers ago when his boss offered him a full time position here, which he said he took in a heartbeat. Nowadays, Mr. Keith loves to hunt, fish, trap skeet, and golf. One interesting fact about Mr. Keith, he stopped growing at the age of eleven, where he topped out at 6’4. We thank Mr. Keith with all he brings along with him to our school!

ByNick Guevarra, ‘20

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a reboot of the Modern Warfare series. Since it is a reboot the new Modern Warfare wouldn’t be considered the 4th because it is a sequel to the old ones. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare releases on October 25, 2019. A popular question is how will the cross play work in the game. Cross play allows Xbox and ps4 players to play together. In the new Modern warfare they will have cross play which will be the first one that has had it. In order to enable cross play all you would have to do is turn it on in settings. This is what we know about the Campaign. The campaign

robbery? By Sean Bonery, ‘20

Tr a d i t i o n a l l y here at De La Salle the Monday after homecoming has been a day off. Unless homecoming was on a Saturday, but this year, unfortunately from a students standpoint we were robbed by not having Monday off. When asked, “out of all the years you’ve been teaching here was the day after homecoming a day off ?” all responded with YES, if the dance was not on a Saturday. History teacher head varsity golf coach, Mike Shortt class of ‘04 who has been teaching for 7 years claims that the day after homecoming has always been off. Class of ‘90 journalism teacher head varsity swim coach, Jim Singelyn stated that he had the day off after homecoming when he was in high school, but admits that times have changed and he went here awhile ago. Not only them but more of the staff who have worked here for several years also said the day after homecoming was usually a day off. Students strive to get this day off and even started a petition hoping it would work. Unfortunately it was shot down by the administrators they were trying to convince. When asked Nate Maus stated he did his research on why we should have the day off after homecoming, and he came to the conclusion that since approximately only a quarter of the students attend homecoming it made no sense to give the whole school the day off. Personally I felt that spirit week and homecoming week in general was the best I’ve seen in my four years. Also the faculty and staff put in a lot of extra time and sometimes their own money into spirit week ensuring that it is successful for the students. Obviously students always want a day off, but did anyone stop to think that our teachers could have used one?

will feature many missions in European cities and even in the Middle East. Not only will you be using higher tech military grade weapons, but also fight as rebel freedom fighters. Surprisingly the new Modern warfare will not include a zombies map which they have in the Black Ops series. The new game can be bought at Best Buy, Walmart, GameStop, etc. You can also purchase it in the ps4 store or Xbox store. The game looks very interesting and I would recommend to try it out when it releases.

Homecoming 2019 By Brendan Jenkins, ‘20

The student council of De La Salle executed a phenomenal 2019 Homecoming Dance. It was a great experience for everyone who went. I spoke to the schools class president Noah Cole to get more insight on it. Zuccaros was not available at the time so, “Petrozellos was a great second option”. When I asked Noah who designed the shirts for homecoming he said “ It was a team effort but, most credit goes to Ryan Drake.” Homecoming ended up to be a very nice and memorable night for everyone who attended. I asked Noah what his favorite part of the preparation was, he stated “ Working with student council and faculty to work towards putting on a great week and dance for the whole student body. The collaboration between the executive board and myself could not have been better as my team is one of a kind and helped with giving insight and great ideas”. When asked about the difficulties of the homecoming, Noah wanted everyone to have a good time and be happy, “ It is always difficult to please 600 students”. Homecoming was a great and memorable night for everyone who went, The food was great and the dance floor was hopping. Our schools student council put in a lot of effort to ensure that everyone had a great time. There was never a dull moment during this dance, the DJ’s music had everyone dancing the night away.

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spirit week By Ethan Desjardine, ‘21

Another year, another successful Spirit Week. We had a fun and exiting spirit week leading up to Homecoming, and there were a lot of events going on as usual. This years theme was Sports. Each squadron was tasked with decorating their hallway and chariot with their respective sport. Squadrons 1-6 were tasked with basketball, where 2-5 were football and 3-4 were baseball. The hallways were excellently decorated and Squadrons 3-4 won the decorating contest. The chariot races were also exciting with 2-5 coming out on top. All in all 3-4 won spirit week and will receive the day off after the Superbowl. Each day had a theme as well, where Monday was Pajama Day, Tuesday was Jersey Day, Wednesday was Western Day, Thursday was Hawaiian day, and Friday was Spirit Day (purple & Gold). The week overall was very exciting, with Monday being a free popcorn day, Thursday being a giveaway day, and Friday being the famous National Coney Island day. Friday was the final day of spirit week, and to kick it off we had our pep assembly, to root on the Pilots Football team as they took on Catholic Central at Wayne State. One of the more noticeable aspects of spirit week was sitting as classes instead of squadrons during the pep assembly. The school spirit was considerably higher in the bleachers and it was awesome watching the freshmen class standing their ground against the rest of the student body when given the traditional “Go Home Freshmen” chant. Honestly, this might be something for administration to look at going forward. Afterall the squadrons were modeled after Brother Rice and well that says it all right there. The Pilots defeated Shamrocks, 14-3, and shocked many people after suffering back-to back tough losses in the previous weeks. Overall, spirit week was very fun and exciting this year, and it was pretty successful.

super sophomores start By Galiko Lovelace ‘20

Something big happened at the Homecoming game that you’re most likely not aware of ! For the first time in De La Salle football history 5 sophomores started in a key game against Detroit Catholic Central. You’re probably wondering who these amazing 5 young men are. William Beesley(Linebacker), Noah Dobbs(Guard), Alton McCollum(Runningback), Kadin Featherstone(Guard), and Gavin Grzywacz(Tight End). Three of these players Beesley, Dobbs, and McCollum have been on the field a lot and started previous to the game vs Catholic Central. The two new additions, Featherstone and Gryzwacz had to step up and bring their efforts on game day. They all played well and helped the team lock in a must win game for a playoff berth. Beesley had a great game leading the entire defense with 11 tackles. Dobbs and Featherstone did a phenomenal job keeping our QB protected and creating giant holes for our running backs like McCollum to run through for big plays. Gryzwacz played a role, getting open on pass plays which pulled defenders towards him and eliminating the defensive ends and linebackers from run plays was huge for plays to develop. I spoke with a couple of these young superstars and asked on how it felt to be apart of such an important game and making De La Salle history. Beesley says “It was an honor being able to be on the field with my brothers and to come together as a team for a much needed win”. McCollum added to that saying “I didn’t even know that was the first time it happened. I was more focused on winning the game and keeping our playoff hopes alive”. These guys were very humbled about being apart of something so big and you can expect to hear their names a lot more in years to come, as they are big playmakers on the team.

Warren and Sanders Plan For American Health System.

By Vincent Motowski , ‘21

As the 2020 presidential election is only around the corner, all eyes are on this year’s canidates. Specifically, democrats Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have seen their fair share of the limelight this season. The public focus on Sanders and Warren can be credited to their leads on a public health care program, seen similarly in the Affordable Care Act under President Obama. Such plan calls for a health insurance system financed by taxes that is managed and run by one entity, in this case, the U.S federal government. In general, this would prohibit employers from offering separate plans that compete with this new, government option. It would drastically altar Medicare and Medicaid, transitioning their enrollees into the new universal plan. It would, however, allow two existing health systems to continue to operate as they do currently: the Veterans Affairs health system and the Indian Health Services. A universal health care plan will ensure that all Americans possess minimal insurance to sustain daily functions, but at what cost?

On April 10, Sanders submitted his bill in regards to public health care, consisting of fourteen cosponsors and a five page report on how his generous plan would be paid for. In his writings, Sanders presents the “tax on extreme wealth.” Often mentioning the top one percent of the country, Bernie seeks to redistribute wealth in the U.S to ultimately provide common services for the lower class. Through the course of our current political climate, it has become evident that a large amount of Americans are unwilling to pay higher taxes for a public healthcare system. The method pushed heavily by Sanders and Warren has a large room for error. Low quality service and little incentive for medical proffesionals yields doubt. The question of how still remains relevant in the public arena.

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Off and Running kings of the By Joshua Arredondo, ‘20


By Jordan Gallo, ‘21

Cross country truly starts right after the track season ends. The team starts training in June because they would have a tougher time competing if they started any later. Hopefully, the season will end for the team on November 2nd at the state meet located at Michigan International Speedway. Training for cross country can be difficult. It takes a great amount of hard work and determination. The team trains by going on long runs of anywhere from 5-10 miles, any type of workouts like mile repeats or ladder runs, or weights and yoga. The training depends on what the team has coming up the next day and the rest of the week. If the team has a meet the next day, then Coach Sandy will have the team do long slow run and days after meets they do recovery runs, longer distance but same pace. On the other days, they do workouts, which consist of fast running with long-distance intervals or weights and yoga. The team practices at various parks and the BRAC. Some of the parks include Dodge Park, Halmich Park, Joseph J. Delia Park, Stoney Creek Metro Park, and Lake St. Clair Metropark. Senior Frank Viviano is one of the captains of the cross country team. Frank has been running track since freshman year and this is his third season running cross country. Frank has set some goals for the season saying, “As captain, my goal for the varsity runners is to qualify the team for the state meet, and my goal for the rest of the team is to improve at every meet we run at and to work hard every day”. Frank believes that the team’s toughest opponent in the Catholic League would be either Divine Child or Catholic Central. He says, “While every Catholic League team produces good runners year in and year out, DC and CC seem to always have some of the best. CC always has a large number of their team hitting these really good and consistent times, and at DC they have two seniors that are currently both top 5 in the state”. Frank has enjoyed his time running cross country at De La Salle and says, “I enjoy my teammates most. The cross country team has a close bond with each other that you don’t really find on the other teams here at De La Salle”. Anyone can be a Cross Country runner if they give their time, effort, and determination to it. You have to work hard at every practice, meet, and on days off. As a runner, you have to keep your endurance up and run on your own so that you can improve your time. You also have to truly embrace it and believe you can do it. Frank was once told, “Whether you believe you can or can’t you’re right either way”. Having a positive mindset and believing you can is a huge part of being a runner. The team recently competed in the Catholic High School League Championship at Kensington Metro Park. The varsity team and the JV team both took 4th place. Zachary Jarski, Drew Renaud, and Preston Earl all placed top 20. The team also has the MHSAA Region 8 Meet on October 25th. This meet will be held at Chandler Park Golf Course in Detroit.

The Division 2 Tennis State Championship concluded in Ann Arbor last weekend and the Pilots were right in the fight! The De La Salle Pilots Varsity Tennis team won the district title last week and competed at the University of Michigan for states this past weekend. The team has now made the State Championship 4 years in a row and is excited and hopeful for a win. When asked about the hard work the team puts in everyday Junior Alek Beginin stated, “ We work hard day in and day out, we deserved the Regional win.” When Alek was asked about the competition of the State Championship tournament he seemed confident and said “ These kids are the best of the best but we are too, we trained for this over the course of the season and I think our chances are very good.” The Pilots were very excited to travel to Ann Arbor and compete in the State competition knowing that they needed to be focused to deliver a win. The entire team spoke of the leadership of Senior Captain Andy Janusch. Januschis really helped the Juniors stay calm in this situation and getting ready for the State competition. Junior Matt Kostuch said, “ The team captains have given us tips to stay calm and collected on the road to Ann Arbor and all the way to the start of our match.” When I asked Matthew about the energy in practice and how they hoped to do he also seemed to have a positive outlook, saying, “ Everybody was hype and excited to go after this #Dub.” This was the team’s third straight trip to the Finals, the Pilots doubled their win output from a year ago and tripled their point total. It’s been impressive watch this program grow into a state competitor. Congratulations Pilots!

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The Co-Pilot - October 2019  

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The Co-Pilot - October 2019  

The official student newspaper of De La Salle Collegiate