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a clean whip By Alex Teftsis, ‘20

There is much to know when it comes to detailing your car, first and foremost is an investment, it’s one of the most expensive purchases you make. It is vital to keep that investment in great condition to then sell it for the highest price it can go. When it comes to your paint you should keep in mind car washes can cross-contaminate particles and embed them onto your paint. Pretty much what that means is other people’s car dirt gets washed onto your car then they say your car is clean. By simply using a clay bar and some detailer spray, rub the clay against your paint to take out any embedded dirt, sap, and grime this will keep your car nice and shiny for the holidays. As far as your interior goes I will share a secret cleaner that you can mix at home. First, get a regular spray bottle, fill it approximately 20-30 % of denatured alcohol and the rest with water, spray on seats, dash, navigation screen, and windows by simply spraying it and wiping with a microfiber cloth and your interior will be cleaner than ever. These are some quick and easy tips for keeping your car a WHIP!

hong kong phooey By Vincent Motowski, ‘21

For several months, Hong Kong has been in a state of chaos as anti-government protest heat up by the minute. These objections were triggered by the introduction of the Fugitive Offenders amendment bill by the Hong Kong government in February of 2019. It covers mainland China and other jurisdictions that don’t have an extradition agreement with Hong Kong. The bill was initiated by the instance of a Hong Kong man accused of murdering his girlfriend in Taiwan. He was arrested in Hong Kong and also convicted of money laundering. He could not be sent back to Taiwan for trial because there

the first cut is the deepest By Josef Gjonaj, ‘20 With winter approaching quickly, basketball season nears. There is a lot of work that the coaches go through to prepare for the season and create teams. They go through open

gyms and several workouts to evaluate kids for their talent and work ethic. Something to take notice of, there is always a ton of freshmen that tryout for the basketball team. I remember when I was a freshman seeing how many kids were in that gym and thinking there can only be 12-14 kids on a team.

is no structure in Chinese law to do so. The Hong Kong government claims this new law will protect the city from becoming a sanctuary for suspected criminals throughout the land. The goal of this movement is for a full withdrawal of the extradition bill from the legislative process, release, and exoneration of arrested protesters, universal suffrage for legislative council and chief executive elections, and the reestablishment of the Hong Kong Police Force. Hong Kong is seen as a part of China, however, it is a semi-autonomous region. The city was an outpost colony of the British Empire for one hundred fifty-six years. At this time, Hong Kong developed into a prospering economic hub. In a 1984 joint Cutting a kid is very difficult for coaches to do. Seeing kids get down on themselves if they don’t make the team is hard on everyone even though they may have a lot of talent. These coaches have to make all these decisions and it is not easy. Varsity Coach Greg Esler always says, “Don’t lose courage and to use it as motivation to train harder and come back the next season even better.” This is a great statement from Esler because it is accurate, the same amount of kids do not show up the next year for tryouts, so you will have a very high chance of

declarationthe British agreed to give the city back to China in 1997. The Chinese government agreed to allow a “high degree of autonomy” for fifty years. This included a guarantee of capitalist markets, free speech, and English common law. Protesters feared the bill would rebound, so they demanded that it be withdrawn totally. Violent altercations between these protesters and Hong Kong police are becoming periodic and more gruesome. Law enforcement used tear gas and riot shields on citizens. Protesters often hold American flags in their proceedings to demand freedom in this nation. They vandalize banks and businesses, block major roads and even throw petrol bombs at police. Through the midst of extreme demonstrations by the people of Hong Kong, there is no sign of peace in the near future.

making it if you spent time on improving your game. Other options include sports where they don’t cut and have 4 years to make you successful, like the Swiming and Wrestling teams. Even Michael Jordan got cut from his high school team!

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By Joshua Arredondo, ‘20

The De La Salle cross country team had to place top 3 in the regional race to advance to the state meet. The last time the cross country team qualified for the state meet as a team was back in 2013. The regional took place at Chandler Park Golf Course in Detroit on October 25. The boys were able to run well against the other 17 teams competing in the race. The De La Salle cross country team qualified for the MHSAA state meet by placing third in the regional race with a score of 99. The team finished after Royal Oak with a score of 63 and Troy with a score of 76. The seven boys that ran in the varsity race were Zachary Jarski, Preston Earl, Drew Renaud, Peyton Ross, Tom Lanzi, Nicholas Schmidt, and Anthony Youngblood. These seven boys would go on to run at the state meet The MHSAA meet took place on Saturday, November 2 at Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, MI. Sophomore Anthony Youngblood says, “We prepared for the meet by running having

By Carson Kresevich, ‘20

Chances are you have received a pink slip from her in the main office, but do really know Mrs. Sandy Carra. Mrs. Carra was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Mrs. Carra attended East Detroit High School and played softball as well as basketball there. Mrs. Carra is a hard worker with an unbelievable work ethic. Her first job out of high school was an athletic director at St. Anne’s elementary school. Mrs. Carra worked their for 17 years and on top of that coached basketball and softball. From there on, she went to work at DTE energy as a supervisor for 45 years. Mrs. Carra found out about the De La Salle position opening from her best friend, Mrs. Eckhout, who used to be work at DLS. She wanted to come to De La Salle because she believes in everything that DLS stands for. Mrs. Carra loves De La Salle because of her colleagues and the students. In her free time, Mr. Carra’s passion is coaching girls slowpitch softball. We thank you, Mrs. Carra, for all that you do for us boys

nhs: What does it take? By Seth Ray, ‘22

At our school, the National Honor Society is a huge thing. Mrs. Smith is the moderator for NHS and she does a fantastic job running the program. To be in NHS you need to have met the following requirements: 15 hours of tutoring, a minimum of a 3.5 GPA, and you need 3 hours of NHS approved events. Finally, you need to fill out an application to become an NHS member There are 4 pillars of being an NHS member. The first one is leadership, You need to be able to be a leader to your peers and have leadership qualities. The second one is service, you need to be able to volunteer and work and be helpful for other people. The third pillar is character, you need to have good character and represent De La Salle in a proper manner and respectful way. The fourth pillar is scholarship. You need to be able to learn and have high achievement in learning.

a light week of practice and resting”. The team arrived at the school in the morning to take the bus to Brooklyn. The team competed against 26 other teams in the D1 race at 3:30 PM. Sophomore Peyton Ross said, “Running at the state meet was a very eye-opening experience. I hope to be able to go there again in the next two years. I hope as the years go on we exceed our goals from previous years”. Peyton also said, “It was a great course and if it wasn’t so muddy and cold, we could have had some PRs. After seven races it was destroyed and muddy and would love to run on it again”. The team is optimistic for the future and wants to work on new goals with the experience of running at the state meet and only losing 2 seniors next year.

Breakfast At The Detroit Athletic Club By Brendan Jenkins, ‘20

The sophomore class of the 1926 society made its way to the Detroit Athletics Club for a second straight year for breakfast and to listen to notable alumni. Every year there is a new keynote speaker that has done great things in his life and also feels that De La Salle has done great things for him. The keynote speaker this year was Daniel Leopp, class of 1975. He is the CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield. Mr. Leopp talked about the importance of De La Salle in his life and also talked about how it was a good foundation for him and helped him do well and succeed in his life. The 1926 society is a kick-off for the seniors before they become alumni. There were 160 men that attended the event to hear a great speech from Mr. Leopp and learn a couple of new things such as the world of philanthropy.

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“Jesus is king” holiday helping album review

By Galiko Lovelace ‘20

By Nick Guevarra, ‘20

Kanye West’s album Jesus Is King is much more different than any of his other albums. Jesus is King is Kanye’s first album to be classified as religious music. Kanye West opened his first song “On God” with encouragement for single mothers and incarcerated men. Kanye said that this album has changed his life and he has stopped swearing and encourages people around him to do the same. The album definitely blends hip hop with evangelical gospel traditions to create a way to praise God. Kanye talks endlessly about God, yet admitting his mistakes in the past. The album was definitely a surprise to many people because it is not comparable to his previous albums. De La Salle student Carson Kresivich says “The album was mind-opening and really showed me how great God really is.” Although many people liked the album, it did get bad ratings. Rolling stone posted a review by Brendan Klinkenberg rating the album a 2.5 out of 5.

This Christmas De La Salle will be adopting multiple families for Christmas. Every Hangar will adopt one family. There are 37 families in total who are on the receiving end of the drive. It is up to the students to gather clothes, food, and gifts for the families. The junior class will be leading the charge on this. There will be two juniors for every advisory that will be point men. Duties include shopping for gifts fand wrapping the gifts as well. This is a chance to give back to others who are without. Every advisory should be supportive of this and participate because it is a chance to help others who can’t help themselves. The mottos for the drive are ”Whatever you did for one of these brothers of mine, you did for me” and “God has chosen you to do this work”.This is the primary Christmas for all of these families and you have the opportunity to make someone else’s Christmas a lot better by giving which is the true meaning behind the holiday, to give. The drive will begin on November 20th and continues through December 13th.

Wrestling Season Returns

By Vincent Motowski , ‘21

TEAM SCHEDULE • Dec 7, 10:00 AM @ L’anse Creuse • Dec 12, 5:30 PM @ Brother Rice

November is here, and for most people, that means cold weather, falling leaves, and Thanksgiving. However, for many dedicated wrestlers, November is the beginning of the best season of the year. Wrestling started Monday, November 18th. Coach Parks has been the Head Coach of the Pilots Wrestling team for many years now and has had some great wrestlers under his wing. This year is no different, with many talented wrestlers wearing the purple and gold. The Pilots have their first meet on December 7th, when they take on L’anse’ Creuse. De La Salle is always very entertaining to watch, especially on the mats. Coming off of a championship win at the Grosse Pointe North Invitational last year, the Pilot’s Wrestlers are excited for another great season. De La Salle is always referred to as a “Football School”, or a “Baseball School”, however, the Pilot wrestlers are trying to make De La Salle a “Wrestling School”; and they might just have the talent to do so. If you do not have anything going on in the Winter Season, I would highly recommend attending one of De La Salle’s meets. The Pilots are always very talented and highly entertaining to watch.

• Dec 12, 7:00 PM @ Hazel Par • Dec 14, 9:00 AM @ Tom Costello Memorial Tournament • Dec 20, 4:00 PM @ Macomb County Championships • Dec 21, 9:00 AM @ Macomb County Championships • Jan 04, 9:00 AM @ Lake Orion Invitational • Jan 04, 10:00 AM @ Spartan Classic

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The Co-Pilot - December 2019  

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