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Newsprint Issue 1 – 31 January 2014

FROM THE PRINCIPAL Dear Members of the De La Salle Community, First and foremost, a warm welcome back for the 2014 academic year to all students, staff and parents. A particular welcome to those who are new to De La Salle this year and joining the Lasallian family for the first time. We are very pleased to have you and I’m confident you will find our College a welcoming and happy environment in which to grow and learn. It with a great sense of pride and optimism I sit here to draft my opening Newsprint article as the first lay Principal of De La Salle College, Malvern after 101 years of leadership from the Brothers. It is both an honour and a privilege to be entrusted with this responsibility and I look forward to establishing a relationship with all in our community as we work together to build and improve our College. In the months since my appointment I have spent increasingly more time at the College attending various meetings and functions and could not have been more impressed by the warm welcome received from all I have encountered. It is abundantly clear De La people have a tremendous sense of community, of pride in their school and our Lasallian heritage. We have an excellent Executive Team, experienced and passionate leaders of learning and student wellbeing and enthusiastic teachers who genuinely enjoy working with our young men. I am buoyed by the community’s keen sense of optimism about the future and the genuine belief in De La Salle’s potential. I certainly envision De La Salle as a pre-eminent provider of a quality Catholic, Lasallian boys’ education in our region. A passion for learning, an environment where mutual respect and acceptance are unconditional, with a culture of service and keen awareness of social justice. These are the hallmarks of a healthy Catholic school where our young men can learn to live and lead in the model of St John Baptist de La Salle. An intrinsic part of my new role is to ensure the longevity and central position of the Lasallian charism in our College’s future. When I began work a couple of weeks ago there were three emails from the public sitting on my desk, delivered late last year. Each message reported acts of selflessness, kindness and generosity in the public domain by young men in a De La uniform. This merely confirmed so much of what I knew of De La students from my time here in 1997 – 2000 and the positive impressions staff regularly convey. This is indeed good news for a new principal and I look forward to getting to know as many students as possible and playing my role in shaping their academic, pastoral and cocurricular experiences in 2014 and beyond. The Second Reading at Mass last weekend spoke of the Spirit distributing different gifts as he chooses, but we must recognise, value and embrace the individual gifts we all have and the inherent value therein. This struck a chord with me as a sound message for all of us working in schools. Accepting and celebrating difference, making the most of our different gifts and taking advantage of how they complement each other provides a noble basis for a Catholic Lasallian school. As a case in point, I had the privilege of attending the Year 12, 2014 Leaders Camp in November. It was obvious this is a team of fine young men with outstanding leadership qualities and potential, but each has different gifts to bring to the team. I would like to congratulate James Benton upon his appointment as College Captain, Ben Stafford and Christian Di Donato as the two Vice Captains and the remaining ten leaders, each of whom will make De La a better place this year. These and other College leadership positions will be formally recognised and the incumbents invested in a ceremony at the College on Thursday, 13 February. The same function will formally recognise and present awards to the 2013 College Dux, those students who achieved an ATAR of 90 or above and the individual Dux of each Unit 3 & 4 Study. To achieve what they have requires a good deal more than simply raw academic ability. Commitment, organisation, responsibility and sacrifice are hallmarks of success. I encourage all De La Salle students of 2014 to use these students as an example, meet the high expectations the staff have for your learning and be ambitious and challenging in standards you set for yourself, beginning immediately now the academic year is under way.

He’s Learning to Live and Lead

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Term 1 promises to be very busy as it always is in schools. With rigorous teaching beginning in earnest, VCE assessment tasks already looming, ACC sport underway and Year 7 Camps starting in two weeks February is guaranteed to be very hectic for all concerned. I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible, perhaps beginning with the first 2014 Meeting of the Parents’ Network next Monday, 3 February at 7.30pm. Best wishes for a smooth and successful beginning to the 2014 school year. Peter Houlihan Principal


Andrew Brown Brendan Close Andrew Clements Kerrie Harman Rebecca Egan Emily Ryan Annette Streets Daniel van Bergen Mark Sweeney

Sports Assistant Sports Assistant Camps Coordinator MMEC Library Technician Maths Teacher Grade 4 Term 1 Replacement Music Department Mathematics Teacher

Returning Staff: Justin Bourke Lucy Carne Ian Gibson Hermione Gilchrist Ryan Hayward Adam Jacobs Cathy Loft Lynette McLennan

Returning from periods of leave from last year I’d also like to welcome back Michael and Jacinta Ryan, Peppe Di Ciccio and Brian Hayes. Tim Curran (Term 1) and Carmel D’Andrea (Terms 1 & 2) will be on well deserved Long Service Leave while Liz Phibbs, Courtney Walton and Jen Bonnici will be on Maternity Leave. I wish all these staff a happy and restful break from the rigours of teaching!


David Alexander (Tiverton staff) and his wife Sarah on the birth of their son Billy Jack Alexander, on 16 January weighing in at 3.6kg (7lb 15oz). Kate McIlroy (Tiverton staff) and her husband, Andrew, together with Clinton Harris (Maintenance staff) and his wife Adelaide on their recent marriages. Best wishes to all of you.

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Sympathies: It is with deep regret we advise Sam Minogue (Class of 2008) has died in a tragic car accident in Queensland on Monday evening, 20 January. Our deepest sympathies and prayers are with Sam's family and friends at this incredibly difficult time.

Earlier in January we were advised Alex Bressan (Class of 2006) lost his battle with leukaemia and passed way on the 8 January. Again, we offer the Bressan family our condolences. May they rest in peace.

Farewell my friends It was beautiful as long as it lasted. The journey of my life. I have no regrets whatsoever Save the pain I’ll leave behind. Those dear hearts who love and care And the strings pull at the heart and soul The strong arms that held me up Whe my own strength let me down. At every turning of my life I came across good friends, Friends who stood by me, Even when the time raced by me. Farewell, farewell my friends I smile and bid you goodbye. No, shed no tears for I need them not All I need is your smile. If you feel sad do think of me For that’s what I’ll like when you live in the hearts Of those you love, remember then You never die. Rabindranath Tragore Bengali poet and philosopher (1861-1941)

He’s Learning to Live and Lead

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2013 VCE RESULTS The College will celebrate the results at our Academic Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, 13 February. • • • • • •

DUX is STEPHEN CIAVARELLA = 99.90 (Melbourne University to Study Biomedicine) Eight students achieved an ATAR over 95 Average ATAR for students in the 90s was 93.94 22 students scored an ATAR greater than 90 17 scored an ATAR greater than 80 Two students had a perfect score of 50, one in VCD and one in Biology

College Dux, 2013

Stephen Ciavarella - 99.90

Top Students over 90 Richard Buckley 99.55

Thomas O’Dwyer 99.35

Alexander Di Medio 98.30

Jerome Lugo 98.10

Christian Lymbouris 96.15

Adam Bell 96.10

He’s Learning to Live and Lead

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Lewis De Stefanis 95.50

Michael Patane 94.70

Andre Lew 93.15

Thomas Wilkes 93.10

Zane Hutter 93.05

Aiden Atkin 92.40

James Curwood 91.60

Stephen Galgani 91.60

Chris Zisimopoulis 91.35

James Koulous 91.30

William Agar 90.60

Daniel Wijaksono 90.30

He’s Learning to Live and Lead

Newsprint Issue No. 1 page 5

James Liu 90.20

Daniel Anastasio 90.15

Gihan Boteju 90.15

Study Score of 50

Stephen Ciavarella (Biology), Thomas O’Dwyer (Visual Communication Design)

Study Score Between 40 and 50 Accounting Rohan D’Souza (Year 11), Jonathan Kouch Biology Alexander Di Medio Business Management William Agar, Jordan Gasparini, Liam O’Malley (Year 11), Peter Pepes Chemistry Richard Buckley, Stephen Ciavarella, Alexander Di Medio English Benjamin Allars, Adam Bell, Richard Buckley, Stephen Ciavarella, Patrick Collins, James Curwood, Alexander Di Medio, Jordan Gasparini, Jack Heatley, Jerome Lugo, Christian Lymbouris, Thomas O’Dwyer, Michael Patane, Thomas Wilkes, Jeffrey Xu, Christopher Zisimopoulos History – Revolutions Thomas Brasher (Year 11), Lewis De Stefanis, James Koulousias, James Liu Languages: Indonesian Daniel Wijaksono Legal Studies Adam Bell, John Buchanan (Year 11), Thomas O’Dwyer Mathematics Further Jack-Henry Attard, Rohan D’Souza (Year 11), Christian Di Donato (Year 11), Stephen Galgani, William Nguyen, Nicholas Papamiltiades (Year 11), Cameron Roberts, Aidan Shallue (Year 11), Matthew Swinnerton (Year 11), Michael Zbiegien Mathematics Specialist Richard Buckley, Stephen Ciavarella Mathematics Methods Richard Buckley, Stephen Ciavarella, Jerome Lugo

He’s Learning to Live and Lead

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Media Adam Bell Physical Education William Cardwell, Stephen Galgani, Brayden Hawkins (Year 11), Michael Hoareau (Year 11), Christian Lymbouris, Liam O’Callaghan (Year 11), Christopher Zisimpoulos Politics – Australian Lewis De Stefanis Psychology Mitchell Ainsworth-Griffiths (Year 11), James Koulousias Software Development James Delaney (Year 11), James Liu, Julian Loo Yong Kee (Year 11) Studio Arts James Liu Visual Communication Design William Agar

FROM THE DEPTUY PRINCIPAL Greetings For A New School Year

Warm greetings to all students and families as the College commences the 2014 academic year. A special welcome to our new students and their families. This week at the various Year Level Assemblies, Year Level Coordinators spoke to the boys about the many expectations we have of them. I would like to highlight the following key elements of being a member of the De La Salle community. First, we expect students to be respectful and courteous to each other, staff and all members of the wider community and we expect our students to care for the environment at the College and beyond. We expect students to complete all academic tasks, including homework, to the best of their ability and seek assistance if difficulties arise. Finally we expect students to engage fully in the life of the College. This means attending all compulsory events and getting involved in as many extra-curricula opportunities as possible, for example, representing the College in ACC sport or getting involved in Mission Action Day activities. Students can also show their support for the College in small ways every day, especially through following the College polices and guidelines. These are outlined in the College Diary. In particular, adherence to the College Uniform Policy is a way students can show their support for and pride in their school. Students will be closely monitored by their Homeroom Teachers in relation to the wearing of the College uniform and parents are asked to support the staff by also monitoring their son’s appearance. Parents of Year 4 and Year 7 boys please note; Dobsons Uniform shop is awaiting an order of De La Salle sports tops in sizes 10 and 14. Until this order arrives boys without a College sports top have permission to wear a blue polo or t-shirt until the College shirt becomes available. 2014 promises to be a most exciting year for the College. The start of a new school year creates an opportunity for a new beginning and a chance to be bring to fruition goals and plans formed after past experiences. I wish all students a happy and successful year ahead at the College. Tom Ryan Deputy Principal – Pastoral Care and Organisation

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CHAPLAIN’S NOTES A warm welcome back to a new academic year and especially to those who are new to the College. The special charism of a Lasallian School is that we are brothers and sisters to each other; big brother, big sister for our students. New parents can feel confident that their young men will receive a warm welcome in a compassionate and caring environment as they make the transition to secondary school. The College supports students seeking Sacrament preparation. If your Parish offers preparation I would encourage you to use these opportunities as your first port of call. If you do wish to tap into the College program, and have not already contacted me, please do so without delay on my direct line: 9508 2161. You may also email me at or alternatively, return the form included in the 2013 new student package.


At the start of each year a “Commissioning” ceremony is held in which all students, parents and teachers of candidates for the Sacraments during the current year commit to the program and receive a blessing. Please attend with your son and note, that the “Commissioning” takes place at the start of the Mass, so allow extra time for parking. Commissioning of Candidates, Parents and Teachers, 11.00am Mass, Sunday, 16 February, 2014 at St Anthony’s, Cnr Grange and Neerim Roads, Glen Huntly. Preparation for First Reconciliation will commence during Term 1. Confirmation will be celebrated on Sunday, 10 August, 2014, 11.00am Mass at St Anthony’s Parish Glen Huntly. Classes will commence Term 2. First Communion will be celebrated later in the year (date to be advised). If I can be of assistance to families in any way, you are welcome to contact me at the College. There are times in all our families where we need an extra prayer or some personal support, so please know I am available to you. I wish all our families every blessing as you progress through the new academic year. Joan Ferguson College Chaplain

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2014 COLLEGE LEADERS Lasallian Youth Ministry Retreat, Sydney

St. John Baptist de La Salle saw a need to give people an education who could not afford it. This idea has spread from his home country in France to our region in ANZPPNG (Australian, New Zealand, Pakistan and Papua New Guinea). Leaders from his schools came together to be inspired by what he did, why he did it and reflect on how we, as Leaders, can make our schools even more Lasallian. We travelled to Collaroy Beach in Northern Sydney for the Lasallian Youth Ministry Retreat, where I was accompanied by the School Captain, James Benton and Thomas (Brains) Brasher. Once we arrived at the campsite, we realised that we were just three of 62 other Lasallian School Leaders; by the end of the camp I had made 59 new friends. During the week I became close with the School Captain of Jubilee College in Papua New Guinea, Ezra. He shared his story with me, about the struggles he and his tribe face every day. This touched my heart. It has never occurred to me how difficult it must be like to live in a country like PNG. One of the highlights on the camp was the Lasallian Idol. Here the School Leaders showed their variety of talents to the entire group. They ranged from: contemporary dances to remarkable voices, the Haka to comical stories. Everyone was being who they are; each person was being unique and special in their own way. The talent show brought the best out of everyone who was involved. This camp was not about becoming a good leader. It was about evolving into a more concerned and complete human being. De La Sallians, do not take your opportunity here for granted as people less fortunate than yourselves would do anything to have what you have.

Edward Cheesman College Leader

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2014 COLLEGE LEADERS Lourdes Day Mass

Church bells at St. Patrick’s Cathedral rang on a beautiful early summer morning on Saturday, 7 December 2013. Worshippers, members of the Order of Malta, along with Diocesan staff and fellow College Leaders from Catholic schools gathered from far and wide, congregating at one of the largest and most visited churches in Melbourne to celebrate the annual Lourdes Day Mass. Lourdes Day Mass is a special occasion for those to pray to Our Lady and ask for blessings on those who are sick or infirm. The Mass is also an opportunity for worshippers to thank God for the many blessings that have been showered on them and an opportunity after the Mass to be blessed by the Archbishop.

The day is regarded as one of the most important days on the Catholic calendar in Melbourne. With minutes to go before the Mass began, and only standing room available, it was clearly evident that this Mass was of great significance to many. Our role on the day, with assistance from College Leaders around Melbourne, was to welcome and help assist parishioners into the cathedral, whilst also giving out gift packs provided by the church as a memento for the day. It was a wonderful experience for the Leaders involved to meet and greet such a multi-cultural congregation filled with warmth, and to represent the College on an important occasion in the calendar year. Stephen Athaide College Leader


Music lessons will commence from next week. Students should check the timetable board and teachers for times. Payments need to be finalised before lessons can commence. New enrolments are still available. Please see Ms Frost or Ms Williams for enrolment forms. To request a form by email, please contact: or


All ensembles will commence next week. New members are welcome.

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SCHOOL ATTENDANCE Students are expected to be at school for the commencement of Homeroom period each day. Homeroom period commences at 8.40am. The student’s presence/absence is recorded by the teacher during this Homeroom period. Parents are asked to notify the College of their son’s foreseen absence or lateness by 9.00am. This can be done by using the absentee line – 9508 2222 – which is accessible at any time or by completing the Absentee Notification Form which is located on the College website (access is via Contact tab). A written note is also required for the Homeroom Teacher on the day your son returns to school. Ideally, this note can be written in your son’s student diary. Students arriving late, i.e. after the Homeroom Teacher has completed marking the roll, must report to the First Aid Officer’s office (Students in Year 4 to Year 9) or Kinnoull Reception office (Students in Year 10 to Year 12) to sign in. Failure to sign in as late means that the student will stay recorded as absent for that day. This absence is automatically added to his cumulative total of days absent for the semester which appears on the Homeroom page of your son’s report at the end of each semester. Absence notification: Where a student is recorded as absent on a day and no prior notification has been received from his parents, an SMS message will be sent to you. When this is not suitable, an email will be sent in its place. Please ensure that your contact details remain up-to-date at the College

STUDENT FORMS – A REMINDER A reminder to all parents of students of the College. We would be grateful if your son returns the following items to his Homeroom Teacher next week:• • • •

Student Information Forms (with or without changes). Please note, a failure to return these forms will result in your son missing out on attending all external school activities. Immunisation card (only for Year 7 and 9) Procedure for Student use of ICT - back page to be signed Student Medical Condition Management Plan (where required)

Should you have any queries throughout the year ahead, please do not hesitate in telephoning the College on 9508 2100 or emailing

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2014 FEES The Fee Schedule for2014 is now available. Families are encouraged to take advantage of the 10 monthly payment option which spreads the fees evenly across the year. Those families who paid their 2013 fees by this method are reminded that they need to complete a new form for 2014 fees. The Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) is provided by the Victorian Government to lower income families to help with education-related costs. If you are eligible to receive the EMA, click here to download the EMA Form. Elaine Tyrrell Assistant Business Manager

DATES TO REMEMBER FOR YEAR 7, 2015 Key Dates – Year 7, 2015 Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Year 7, 2015 Applicant Information Evening – 7:30pm (Bookings essential)

Friday, 28 February 2014

Applications for Year 7, 2015 CLOSE

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Offers of places to prospective Year 7, 2015 students are posted

College Tours

There are a number of College Tours running throughout 2014, please visit the College website for all dates and booking details. Robyn Miller College Registrar

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ACC SPORT ACC Athletics - 2014

Our training campaign for the 2014 ACC Athletics Carnival begins on Friday, 7 February at 7.30am at Kinnoull Campus. Training will continue each Friday morning at Kinnoull Campus in Term 1, except on Friday, 7 March as this is our De La Salle Athletics Carnival Day at Duncan McKinnon Athletics Track. After claiming the title of Division 2 Champions last year, we now return to our rightful place back in Division 1 ACC Athletics. A massive challenge awaits us to stay there and this will only happen if we assemble our best possible De La Salle Athletics Team at Albert Park on Wednesday, 2 April.

into training commencing Friday the 7th of February for Term 1 2014. Meet at the Kinnoull Campus at 7:30am. Breakfast supplied after training for $2.

Senior ACC Sport – Term 1 • •

Senior ACC Cricket (First and Second XI) and Tennis begins on Wednesday, 5 February versus St Bede's. Senior ACC Volleyball begins on Wednesday, 12 February.

The Senior Coaches for Term 1 ACC Sport are: • First XI Cricket - Marty Rhoden • Second XI Cricket - Peter Larsen • Tennis - Luke Kenealy • Volleyball - Ken Stokes

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WHAT’S HAPPENING (some reminders) F E B RUA RY Sunday, 2 February

Feast of the Presentation of the Lord

Monday, 3 February

Year 4 (2014) – Enrolment Assessment Morning, 9.00am-1.00pm Year 7 (2014) – Late Enrolment Assessment Morning, 9.00am-1.00pm VET (External) classes begin for Term 1 this week Parents’ Network Meeting – Boardroom, 7.30pm

Tuesday, 4 February

Year 10 Information Night – St. Miguel Theatre, 7.00pm

Wednesday, 5 February

Senior ACC Cricket and Tennis commences Year 7 Information Night – Gymnasium, 7.30pm

Thursday, 6 February

Year 10 Formal Dance classes commence – Gymnasium, 7.15pm

Friday, 7 February

Tour of College, 9.15am

Sunday, 9 February

Feast of St. Miguel

Monday, 10 February

Primary Parent Information Morning – PAC, 9.00am

Wednesday, 12 February

Senior ACC Volleyball commences Year 7 Benilde Camp at Jan Juc SLSC (until 14 February) Year 11 and 12 VCE Information Evening – Gymnasium, 7.30pm

Thursday, 13 February

Leaders Investiture and Academic Awards (Blazers required) Year 10 Formal Dance classes – Gymnasium, 7.15pm

Friday, 14 February

Tour of College, 9.15am Year 7 Benilde Family Barbeque Lunch at Jan Juc SLSC, 12.30pm

Saturday, 15 February

Parents’ Network Welcome Evening – PAC, 7.30pm

Monday, 17 February

Tour of College, 9.15am

Tuesday, 18 February

Year 7, 9 ad 10 Immunisation (1st Round)

Wednesday, 19 February

Year 7 Dunstan Camp at Jan Juc SLSC (until 21 February) Tour of College, 5.00pm

Thursday, 20 February

Year 10 Formal Dance classes – Gymnasium, 7.15pm

Friday, 21 February

ACC Swimming Carnival – MSAC, 7.00pm Year 7 Dunstan Family Barbeque Lunch at Jan Juc SLSC, 12.30pm

Wednesday, 26 February

Year 7 Hegarty Camp at Jan Juc SLSC (until 28 February) Information Night for Parents of Applicants for Year 7 (2015) – Gymnasium, 7.30pm

Thursday, 27 February

Red Cross Blood Bank Collection – PAC, 9.00am-3.00pm Year 10 Formal Dance classes – Gymnasium, 7.15pm

Friday, 28 February

Applications close for Year 7, 2015 Year 7 Hegarty Family Barbecue Lunch at Jan Juc SLSC, 12.30pm

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He’s Learning to Live and Lead

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Profile for De La Salle College

Newsprint issue 1 31 january 2014  

Newsprint issue 1 31 january 2014  

Profile for delasalle