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Editorial February 2018 February 2018

Vol. 3 / No. 2

Publisher Kuldeep S. Gyani II & Misael Hernández

Editorial Director Editor in Chief

February 14th A day many dread and others love. Overall, its dedicated for love and friendships. p. 26


his month Laredo gears up to celebrate one of the busiest months of the year. The WBCA festivities begin at full force bringing tourists, visitors, and neighbors who all seek to take a chunk of the fun in the month-long celebration. In this issue of the city guide, we focus on the one city in the entire United States that celebrates George Washington’s birthday so extravagantly: Laredo. Laredo thrives on its rich history, tradition, culture, and innovation. We are known for a unique way of life and it is by that lifestyle that we can better appreciate the distinctiveness we have been blessed to grow up with and absorb the richness of culture and unity that makes us stand out. It is now during times of change, love, and political awareness that we should remember that we are one community, united under a shared love for people and culture, and existing under one flag. The word love always comes to mind when February is mentioned. Valentine’s Day is a day where stores and restaurants alike benefit from the abundance of giving every year. However, we invite you to step out of the box and try something new. Dine, purchase, and enjoy local. Many of the restaurants unique to Laredo offer amazing, high quality foods and the artists around the city offer unique talents that become gifts to last a lifetime. In addition to hosting Valentine’s Day, February is Black History Month, the beginning of Lent, and the New England Patriots are playing this year’s Super Bowl (again!) opposite the Philadelphia Eagles. February is an eventful month, so spend it with friends, family, and all of your loved ones. Make sure to stay tuned to DeLaredo to find great tips and reminders for this month.

Misael Hernández Editor in Chief

What’s The Buzz?


World Heritage

Honey is the latest item making a local impact. p. 20

Antigua, the capital of Guatemala p. 22

A Cup of Love

UltraViolet for 2018

Strawberries and chocolate to celebrate Valentine’s Day. p. 40

Colors for the spring and summer of 2018. p. 101

February 2018

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Sangria Roja y Blanca, a refreshing crowd favorite!


February Contributors

Jorge Santana

President of the St. Peter’s Historic District

Fitness Manager & Owner of Vital Nutrition

World Traveler and Contributing Writer

A future Yale University student, Lauren Melendez plans to double major in journalism and biology. Currently ranked number one at J. W. Nixon High School, she is an advocate for creative expression. When she is not reading, writing, or sewing, Melendez is inspiring people to pursue their dreams. As a firm believer that a single pen and a sheet of paper hold more power than any weapon in existence, she brings hope for a change in the world.

Laredo is a city with a rich history, and the Webb County Historical Commission is here to help protect it. As commissioner, Jorge Santana’s passion for history has allowed him the ranks of those trying to preserve it. “Laredo and our surrounding cities have amazing, almost unbelievable history that needs to be preserved,” he states. Jorge and the WCHC work tirelessly to create more historical markers in the city to maintain and protect for generations to come. He is also the president of the St. Peter’s Historic District, a writer, and business owner.

As a personal trainer for personal trainers, Oscar Saucedo has the experience necessary to guide even the most experienced of athletes. With an applied science background, he serves as a trainer at TAMIU, guiding future professionals. To him, fitness represents a different perspective and a better way of life for oneself and family. He advises the public to always seek guidance in regards to their health as no one person can do it alone. Check him out in this month’s fitness section.

With a bachelor’s in tourism, Ruben Marquez has a knack and love for traveling. He is living everyone’s dream. He travels, sees the world, eats the best food, meets the most interesting people, gets the best views, and gets to write all about it! He provides this month’s travel section. With all the crazy escapades he gets to enjoy, in this issue, he gives us an in-depth look into one of this year’s hottest destinations: Antigua, in Guatemala

Student and Staff Writer


February 2018

Ruben Marquez


Oscar Saucedo

Lauren Melendez



There’s always something to do in Laredo. We compile these events as our months highlights for you to enjoy and have a fun time with family and friends.





4 5 6 7

National Fetuccine Alfredo Day

World Nutella Day


10 Thursday


WBCA Founding Fathers’ 5K Run

Laredo Medical Center 7:30 AM

Princess Pocahontas Pagent And Ball

Jesus Martinez Performing Arts Complex 7:30 PM

IBC Youth Parade Under the Stars

South on San Bernardo 6 PM

Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias

Laredo Energy Arena 6 PM



Presidents’ Day

National Love Your Pet Day





WBCA Star and Stripes Air Show Laredo International Airport (Maher Entrance) 11 AM


WBCA Jalapeño Festival

16 Wednesday

El Metro Park & Ride 6 PM (Thru February 17)

Society of Martha Washington Colonial Pagent & Ball

Jesus Martinez Performing Arts Complex 8 PM



19 20 21 22 23 18

February 2018

National Margarita Day




Noche De Cabaret

Jesus Martinez Performing Arts Complex 7 PM - 1 AM

1 2 3

American Historical Theatre George Washington Performance 9:00 AM Free

Jesus Martinez Performing Arts Complex 2 PM - 5 PM

National GroundHog Day

Taste of Laredo


Laredo Energy Arena 7 PM



WBCA Young Song & Dance

WBCA Carnival

Laredo Energy Arena (Thru February 19)




Comedy Jam For George

Laredo Little Theatre 7 PM- 10 PM

Boys & Girls Club of Laredo Wine Tasting Laredo Country Club 7 PM - 2 AM

Valentine’s Day

13 14

National Organ Donor Day

Fat Tuesday

Banda Sinaloense MS


Casa Blanca BallRoom 7 PM

17 Saturday

Washington’s Birthday Parade

South San Bernardo 9 AM




WBCA Membership BBQ L.I.F.E Down On Highway 59 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Fireworks Extravaganza

L.I.F.E Down on Highway 59 2 PM - 10 PM




National Fairy Tale Day

National Strawberry Day

National Tooth Fairy Day

24 25 26 27 28 Mexican Flag Day

Events in DeLaredo City Guide are selected and reviewed by the editorial team. Due to cancellations and changes to events, please check with venues for updates. To submit an event, please send pertinent information to six to eight weeks in advance of the month it’s scheduled to take place.

February 2018


City Trends



hef Roberto “Bobby” Gonzalez of Tabernilla gets excited explaining how honey is the latest item making a local impact. Producers such as La Gorra Azul Ranch, who provide delicious local honey, and Texas Outer Rim Apiaries, who rescue hives and are on the way to producing honey, are the base of this. “Local restaurants including Trattoria Mia, Lolita’s Bistro and ourselves help spread the word,” says Chef Bobby. Honey is best when it’s local and the best way to enjoy it is when you can eat it simply. A suggestion at Tabernilla is to have honey with churros or to accompany cheeses in their Tablas (a plate with cured meats and cheeses). At Tabernilla, Chef Bobby has been working with Ceci Cisneros and Christopher Segovia from Texas Outer Rim Apiaries for a couple of years and together they do something unique with honey on a very small scale which is kind of a “secret” on the menu. But where does this “secret” honey come from? Thank you for asking, reader. Let me tell you. Cecilia “Ceci” Cisneros, a local realtor, and Christopher Segovia are a mother-son duo that have the coolest hobby. They remove bees from a property and then they relocate them, tend to them, and will soon begin to harvest their honey. What makes this process interesting is that when every beehive is first rescued it has honey with a unique taste, texture, color, and flavor profile depending on the plant variety around it. This is in a sense “hyperlocal” and gives and amazing sense of taste from a certain area of the city says


February 2018

Chef Bobby. “That honey is available for honey aficionados but those hives produce only small amounts.” Once the hives are rescued they are then relocated and taken to Bobby’s family’s ranch (Tanquecitos) to begin a new life and produce honey from that environment. This mother-son duo began their beekeeping when Chris was supposed to leave to California to start his zoology degree, but ended up making a deal with his mother, Ceci, where she would get him his first hive and he’d stay in Laredo. Chris has always been fascinated by nature and together with his mother, they live out the mission to protect bees. Their mission is to educate people and let them know that the bees need to be protected because without them 95% of crops would cease to exist. Today, people from around the city call them over to remove hives from their properties. Over the last year, they’ve rescued probably over 35 hives. As a family, they hope that this business can soon turn into something bigger. However, the most important thing to them is that people know the importance of having bees and the benefits of their being around. Bees are a component of a healthy ecosystem. They perform a necessary task. Ceci and Chris value that importance. So, next time you’re out preparing yourself a cup of tea or wanting something sweet in your breakfast, think about Outer Rim Apiaries. You can follow them on Facebook at Tx. Outer Rim Apiaries LLC or on Instagram @outerrim_apiaries_. You won’t bee disappointed!

7220 Bob Bullock Loop Unit C-7 Laredo, Texas 78041 | 956.723.7400




ntigua, the capital of the Captaincy-General of Guatemala, was founded in the early 16th century. Built 1,500 m above sea-level, in an earthquake-prone region, it was largely destroyed by an earthquake in 1773 but its principal monuments are still preserved as ruins. In the space of under three centuries the city, which was built on a grid pattern inspired by the Italian Renaissance, acquired a number of superb monuments. Antigua Guatemala was the cultural, economic, religious, political and educational centre for the entire region until the capital was moved. In the space of under three centuries the city acquired a number of superb monuments. The pattern of straight lines established by the grid of north-south and east-west streets and inspired by the Italian Renaissance, is one of the best examples in Latin American town planning and all that remains of the 16th-century city. Most of the surviving civil, religious, and civic buildings date from the 17th and 18th centuries and constitute magnificent examples of colonial architecture in the Americas. These buildings reflect a regional stylistic variation known as Barroco antigueùo. Distinctive characteristics of this architectural style include the use of decorative stucco for interior and exterior ornamentation, main facades with a central window niche and often a deeply-carved tympanum, massive buildings, and low bell towers designed to withstand the region’s frequent earthquakes. Among the many significant historical buildings, the Palace of the Captains General, the Casa de la Moneda, the Cathedral, the Universidad de San Carlos, Las Capuchinas, La Merced, Santa Clara, among others, are worth noting. The city lay mostly abandoned for almost a century until the mid1800s when increased agricultural production, particularly coffee and grain, brought new investment to the region. The original urban core is small, measuring approximately 775 metres from north to south and 635 metres east to west, covering 49.57 hectares.

FROM LEFT Arco de Santa Catarina (The clock tower in La Antigua); Calle del Arco; San Joseph Parrish Ruins.

February 2018




Garza’s Flower and Gift Shop owner, Gabriela Lopez Trevino is no stranger to all things flowers. Gabriela’s mother was a wedding planner and because of her, Gabriela grew up around flowers all of her life. Garza’s Flower and Gift Shop has been around for over 25 years. A local family business, this shop offers customers gifts for everyone in their lives. From floral arrangements to silver jewelry, Garza’s caters to finding the perfect gift for that special loved one in your life. Everyone that is part of Garza’s Flower Shop has years of experience in designing flower arrangements. As a family business, it is Gabriela’s mission to provide quality services to her customers. Along with providing fresh flowers to the city, Gabriela makes sure that Garza’s Flower Shop is always involved and gives back to


February 2018

the community. Garza’s supports and sponsors many cheerleading teams, they donate for different organizations around Laredo, and work with local school districts to celebrate and cherish teachers and staff. This Valentine’s Day, Garza’s Floral Shop offers their most popular bundle: balloons, a bear, and a dozen roses for $99.99. However, there are so many other options on their website You have the ease and convenience of ordering online. Everyone knows Garza’s Flower and Gift Shop is always available to meet your floral arrangement needs. Whether by phone, online, or in person, there is always something for someone at this flower and gift shop. Make sure to make your Valentine’s order soon! You cannot go wrong with Garza’s Flower and Gift Shop! -MARIA SALAS





Being single shouldn’t be seen as something to dread or hate. It should be seen as a time where self-reflection and self-love occur no matter the circumstances. Being single means growth and opportunities to enjoy life alone, but not lonely.

February 2018




omewhere up in Texas there exists a city named College Station. In that city, there is a tree that garners mixed feelings within people; The Century Tree. Folktale goes, if you’re in a relationship, this tree brings hope and the promise of everlasting love when both you and your loved one walk underneath it. If you’re as single as a one dollar bill and you happen to walk underneath this tree, the story goes that you will be forever alone. Thinking about that now, I must’ve walked under that tree by myself because I’m as alone as I was yesterday. And things don’t seem to be changing anytime soon. The only thing that I get really excited about when it comes to Valentine’s Day is the candy that goes on sale immediately after the clock strikes midnight. Every store becomes my safe haven for all things dark chocolate and stuffed animals. The most I’ve ever celebrated V-Day was in school where I would make my mom go to the store the night of February 13th to get Valentine’s cards to give to my classmates. Even then, I never got many cards anyway! But luckily for adult me - and every other person that’s flying solo once Valentine’s rolls around - there’s actually a day created to celebrate being single, Single’s Awareness Day. Single’s Awareness Day serves a complement to V-Day for people who are not involved in a romantic relationship. On this day, us singles gather to celebrate (or to commiserate. Depending how we’re feeling.) in our single status. While not being in a relationship on this lovely V-Day can suck, there are, unsurprisingly, a ton of benefits to being single. Benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked, which is exactly the definition of Single’s Awareness Day. Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean that people can look at you with pity. On the contrary, there are so many good things attached to being single. When you’re single, every day is an opportunity to discover more about yourself. Travel - The number one allure of being single is traveling. You can pick up, pack up, and move across the country if your heart desires. When you are not with someone, you can travel to where you want without having to worry about extra expenses or objections. There’s freedom in making choices that make you happy. Book a ticket to Guam, go visit the pyramids in Giza, or enjoy tapas at a bar in Spain. The possibilities are endless! Make Money Moves - Do you ever wonder what


February 2018

your life would be like had you chosen a different career path than the one you’re on? Being single means that you can make big career choices and not have to worry about how it will affect someone else’s life. If you want to go back to school, then you can go back to school. You have time to make changes in your career or education to help you grow as a person. Being Alone - There’s a huge difference between being alone and being lonely. Being single, you can start to appreciate your own company. The best thing about being single is realizing how to be your own best friend. When you live alone, you have time to get to know yourself and all that you’re about. What you like, what you dislike, how you enjoy time with people, and knowing when you need time for yourself. At the end of it all, the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with is yourself, so what better time to learn to love yourself than when you are without commitments? Do Things Alone - This one would be obvious but it ties in to number three. A lot of people are afraid to do things on their own. Go to the movies. Have lunch by yourself. Go shopping and buy things based on what you like. It is okay to do things completely alone. You’ll live and learn to love it. Friendships - Family and friends are those that are there through it all. Apart from your career and yourself, being single allows you the opportunity to be there for others on a more consistent basis. You can build friendships and grow them as time goes on. Plus, it gives you a chance to meet new people and step out of your comfort zone. Make Mistakes - Live your life! Things happen and you will undoubtedly make mistakes along the way, but it’s totally okay to live your life for you! You shouldn’t wait to go out there and make big moves because you’re waiting to meet the right person. Live life, make mistakes, learn and enjoy it because you only have one. Enjoy - Be weird on purpose! Try something you wouldn’t normally try. Eat new foods. Visit all the national parks. Go hiking. Sing karaoke while being completely sober! Dance the night away with a wonderful stranger at a bar you’ve never been to. Step out of your comfort zone and enjoy life as it was meant to be: LIVED. Whichever you’re celebrating, Valentine’s Day or Single’s Awareness Day, celebrate by pampering yourself and indulging in all the chocolate and wine you have at your fingertips. This day is a celebration of love, friendship, and most importantly, you!

February 2018


Health Tips



he extended weekend (February 9- 13) is the beginning of the end when it comes to Mardi Gras. As Fat Tuesday approaches, parade-goers in New Orleans will hit the streets for the final few hours of carnival revelry, which undoubtedly means partaking in the consumption of food and alcohol. Even though it comes with the season, those with high blood pressure or heart-related issues are reminded that they do need to be a bit more cautious during Fat Tuesday celebrations. The excitement of the moment can cause people to forget dietary guidelines and scheduled medicine dosages they are supposed to be following. While you may think a little cheating here and there or accidentally skipping a pill or two doesn’t really add up, it can, especially if you are on a low sodium diet. For patients with heart disease or high blood pressure, this excessive consumption can lead to problems. It’s not so much the extra calories that’s an issue -- it’s the salt. For many patients with high blood pressure, eating extra chips or pretzels causes them to consume more salt, and that causes high


February 2018

blood pressure. And if they forget to take their blood pressure pills because they are running late for a parade, causing their blood pressure to run even higher, these factors can lead to a dangerous situation. The holiday can be just as bad for those with a history of congestive heart failure or a weakened heart. Like those with blood pressure issues, it goes back to salt intake. Those with a weakened heart have difficulty regulating fluid in their body – the more salt you consume, the more fluid you retain. Those with heart failure or weakened hearts will hold on to even more water and will develop more edema or swelling of the legs. If the extra fluid starts building up in the lungs, one can become very short of breath. The best preparation one can make for Mardi Gras Day is to just plan ahead. Take a little extra time, pack some healthier snacks and make sure you have your medicine with you. The day should be a celebration, and taking some cautionary steps can help to better ensure that.



FITNESS FREAKS by Oscar Saucedo

“Commitment” is a great topic for February—the month of love. When you think of what that word means, you may define it using words such as dedication, loyalty, blind determination, obligation, devotion, faithfulness, etc. It is ironic, though, that Valentine’s Day is sometimes used to affirm or reaffirm the commitment to a significant other while simultaneously abandoning the commitment you made to yourself! It is in early February that too many fall off “the fitness cliff ” (when the majority of people give up on their New Year’s Resolution to be healthier). I believe that it’s because it takes a higher degree of dedication, determination, and devotion than most people are willing to give to themselves. Fortunately, some of you will understand what it takes to succeed. It is a very simple formula. Commitment + consistency + time = results. It really is that simple. Although everyone will have setbacks and obstacles, your commitment will get you through it. In the fitness industry, one of the ways we try to promote your longterm commitment to fitness is to encourage you to bring a workout buddy. Because it’s February, why not make your significant other your workout partner? Trust me, it’s a great idea. First, your workout is like a “date”. And we know how a great date can end! But more importantly, working out together puts both of you on the same road to a common goal. That alone is a powerful tool that you can use to follow through with your New Year’s Resolution. If you are worried that there will be a big difference in strength and/or conditioning between male and female training partners, don’t be. In my experience, the difference in strength is not significant—especially if both of you are just getting back into a fitness regimen. But just in case there is a

substantial difference in strength and conditioning, there is a program that can work for any situation. Here is a sample workout that any couple can do together. To save space here, I’ll ask you to YouTube any exercise that needs an explanation. Of course, I’ll assume you are working out at Gold’s Gym! Warm up 10 minutes next to each other on any cardio equipment Foam roll for mobility (YouTube “foam roll techniques”) Dynamic stretching such as 20 overhead arm circles each way, 20 walking lunges with a torso twist, 6-8 hand walkouts Workout part 1: 3 rounds • 1 minute on row machine • 1 minute burpees • 1 minute ball slams (men use 20lb slam ball, women use 10lb) • 3 minute rest Part 2: 3 rounds • Take the slam balls to the wall, 30 seconds slam ball side chest pass against the wall (allow ball to fall to floor between reps). 30 seconds each side, face each other for both sides. Motivate and encourage! • 10 Walking side lunges each side • Bosu ball mountain climbers facing each other (30 seconds) Finish workout with partner assist static stretches There are endless variations of partner workouts. Regardless of your fitness goals, you can include this type of workouts at least twice a week. By making the workouts time-based, each can work at his or her own pace. As you get in better shape, you will be able to do more reps with more weight in that minute, or run faster or row farther. The point is to stay committed to fitness, to each other, and to yourself.

Rapidcuts Shredded is an all-in-one fat burner. It contains 17 research-backed

ingredients to help you release your stored fat and burn it for fuel. Use it early in the morning 30 minutes before your cardio workout. The 90-pill bottle provides a full 45 day supply.


February 2018


DINING LOCAL Choosing to dine in a local restaurant has impacts greater than oneself. p. 38

February 2018


Dining Feature




uch of what makes Laredo unique is its local cuisine. There is a flurry of options available for any kind of craving you might be having. Here at DeLaredo our mission is to provide you with all the latest trends going on in the city of Laredo. We love to showcase local restaurants, artists, talent, and people who are making a difference in the Gateway City. We offer you delicious options for a different night out. Laredo is filled with so much talent and we do what we do because local cuisine, talent, and artistry is important. Laredo has grown to stand out and not fit in. We have a culture all of our own and it is important for us to showcase it. Taking advantage of dining local is an opportunity that not many can offer. Buying and dining local helps preserve Laredo’s diversity and flavor. Restaurants like Tabernilla, Sushi Madre, El Capataz, or Chocolateka, among others, offer Laredo a unique taste. You cannot find a similar taste elsewhere. No place else has what Laredo offers. Besides, Laredo offers a taste of different cultures. Apart from having some of the best Mexican food of South Texas, there is a multitude of flavors for every palette. Our multiculturality provides citizens and tourists alike a flavor not found anywhere else. The local restaurants you visit offer you a one of a kind experience. Restaurant owners and chefs are very knowledgeable about what they offer. You get wholesome ingredients from someone who genuinely cares about what you’re consuming. When you buy local, you are supporting our local economy. Dining local helps create jobs and boosts local economy. For

example, when you spend $15 in a restaurant, that owner can then take those $15 and spend them at a local coffee shop, the coffee shop owner then turns around and goes to the local farmer’s market. The spending becomes a chain reaction where the money you invest in local businesses stays within the community supporting local services within our city. The money stays in the community instead of it going to buying a new yacht for an already rich businessman. Buying local helps to support families working hard at what they love to do. Visiting a restaurant from the city and dining from there helps to support a family by helping to pay bills, helping put food on the table and helping to provide for any needs that need to be met. It also helps owners provide for their families and what they need. Whether that be new school uniforms or dance classes, along with supporting local restaurants you are also supporting local talent. It supports them as well as you. You might not know it, but Laredo is brimming with undiscovered talent. Laredo has so much potential and the talent within the heart of the city speaks volumes as to what the city can grow to become. Laredo has a lot to offer not just with food, but with art and music as well. Dining local isn’t just about spending a little extra for a great meal. It is going the extra mile to keep investing in delicious restaurants and local families that help Laredo remain vibrant, diverse, and fun. We at DeLaredo encourage you to visit a local restaurant and take a chance on investing in it; you will not regret it.

Taking advantage of dining local is an opportunity that not many can offer. Buying and dining local helps preserve Laredo’s diversity and flavor. Restaurants like Tabernilla, Sushi Madre, El Capataz, or Chocolateka, among others, offer Laredo a unique taste.

February 2018


Dining Plate


Chocoberry Cup Chocolate is the tight hug you crave after a long day. It envelops you from head to toe in warmth and comfort, blurring your problems away until the decadent flavor is the only thing consuming your thoughts. Add some strawberries and you have a match made in heaven. Whether you celebrate Galentine’s Day, Singles Awareness Day, or plain old Valentine’s Day, you absolutely cannot go wrong with devouring sweets and spending the day chocolate wasted. Chocolateka began as an idea in Monterrey about ten years ago. It has evolved and grown into the delicious snack shop it is today. The Tena family always has a first hand decision in everything that they put out for their customers. Chocolateka is not your regular snack shop. Involved from making orders to cleaning, prepping ingredients, and excellent customer service, the Tena family makes it their priority to be the best snack shop in town. Everything in the Chocolateka restaurant is carefully chosen to provide


February 2018

their customers with a one-of-a-kind experience. Two of the many snacks offered at Chocolateka are featured in this month’s edition. Aptly called a “cup of love,” Chocolateka’s Chocoberry Cup is filled with sliced, fresh, hand picked strawberries covered in your choice of dark, milk, or white Belgian chocolate. Every bite offers strawberries and chocolate. Each spoonful helps to destress and fill you with joy and peace. In addition, their Chamoy Fruit Cup is made with chopped fresh fruit and covered with homemade chamoy the Tena family makes from scratch. You have your pick of the assortment of all the fruits used in Chocolateka’s many snacks. The tanginess of the chamoy paired with the sweetness you get from the fruits satisfy your every craving. You can’t go wrong with gifting someone Chocolateka’s Belgian chocolate covered strawberries and homemade Chamoy Fruit Cup this February 14th. Go to your nearest Chocolateka and ask for their Chocoberry Cup. We promise you won’t regret it.


by Maria Salas


Foodie Escapades I had lots of foodie adventures this past month. From cafe’s, to bakeries, to across the river street food, to Italian restaurants, the possibilities were endless. I just wanted to make my stomach and my tastebuds happy because being “HANGRY” is a real thing, and you don’t want to see me hangry. Our first stop was at Flip Flop Coffee Shop where we enjoyed a delicious peppermint seasonal latte and some avocado toast with feta and a fried egg. This place is the perfect spot to relax and chit chat with a BFF or to go and get your study on! Lots of delicious caffeine options, snacks, and scrumptious breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. The next foodie adventure was enjoyed at home with the FAM. We celebrated “Dia de Los Reyes Magos” at home with a yummy yet so pretty mini rosca from Titey’s Cakes. It was such a sweet tooth satisfying moment and I also got the “little baby Jesus,” guess now I have to make everyone tamales! Later on that week I went across and came across an old friend, and by old friend I mean a caramel filled churro. Seriously, I consider this the original churro, don’t get me wrong there is a lot of amazing places that sell churros out there but this one is just one of a kind. Lastly I think i fell in love all over again with this cheesy pizza from Trattoria Mia. This pizza, and it’s fresh ingredients was just the “cheery on top” to that dinner date. It had cheese, and Italian sausage all over and all I can say is that I have no regrets. So this is the ending to this month’s foodie adventure and I hope I got your mouth watering. NOM NOM.


February 2018

Flip Flop Coffee Shop

Titey’s Cake Boutique

laredoeats Last Saturday of 2017 spent the right way, w/ a peppermint latte & Avocado Toast

laredoeats We celebrated “Dia de los Reyes Magos” with a scrumptious & beautiful

from @flipflopcoffeeshop

“Rosca de Reyes” from @titeyscake.

Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas

Trattoria MIA

laredoeats Just across the river. Nuevo Laredo street Churros filled with caramel are the

laredoeats When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s AMOOOREEE only the freshest italian ingredients at @trattoriamialaredo


Mariajose Mendiola for @LaredoEats

Dining Guide


Restaurants in DeLaredo City Guide are selected and reviewed by the editorial team. $$


EMPEROR GARDEN provides a good

BBQ PARK is a famous Korean

barbeque. They offer beef, pork, chicken, noodles, seafood, topokki, and much more. Stop by and try something new from our extensive menu. Visit them at 416 Shiloh Suite A3, (956) 724-8000 $$

CHINA BORDER is Chinese cuisine that

is rich and colorful, and has as its main features: diversified color, aromatic flavor and excellent taste. Their specialty is their traditional chow mein served with a special fried rice. Visit them at 802 San Bernardo or call us at (956) 725-8888. $$

CHINA EXPRESS is your source for Northern Virginian Hunan and Szechuan cuisine. The experienced chefs at China Express prepare authentic Chinese food. 2216 Guadalupe St. (956) 717-8848.

dining experience at affordable prices. It is the place to go if you want authentic Chinese, Japanese, and Asian cuisines. Visit them at 620 W. Calton Rd. (956)791- 4848. www.emperorlaredo. com. $$

KÁ CAFÉ Has a lunch special, your choice of General Tso Chicken, Sesame Chicken, Beef with Broccoli, or Chicken with Mixed Vegetable; comes with fried rice and a cheese wonton. 7510 McPherson Rd Ste 106. Laredo, TX 78045, (956) 568-5640 $ LIN’S GRAND BUFFET is the place to go

if you are looking for a complete buffet. Open daily. Visit them at 6633 San Dario Ave. or call (956) 523-8886. $$

LOTUS is know for their authentic Thai food. A great place for a date or a family day out. Food prepared to order with fresh ingredients. Open daily. Visit them at 5517 McPherson or call (956) 791-8886. $$ PANDA EXPRESS is famous for working up delicious, one of a kind, entrees such as their signature tangy Orange Chicken and zesty Beijing Beef. Guests also enjoy a large menu of other traditional Chinese dishes. Stop by 2603 N.E. Bob Bullock Lp. or call (956)722-0061. $$ PHO 1 allows you to enjoy hip décor

while you wait for a bowl of hot noodles or Vietnamese iced coffee. Open Monday thru Saturday. Stop by 7511 McPherson or call (956)523-0220. $$

TOKYO RESTAURANT is an easygo-

ing restaurant that prides itself on its delicious experimental and no-limitation take on sushi, while also providing standard rolls. Visit them at 2515 E Del Mar Blvd. or call (956) 717-1001. $$

BAKERIES BEATRIZ CAKE is recognized for their delicious fruit fillings and cream cheese frosting. Stop by 302 West Hillside Rd. or call (956)791 -2651. $$ CAKELAND is a full service bakery that daily offers freshly made sweet bread

KEY     $ $$ $$$        

Best of the Best DELAREDO’s Pick Monthly Pick Everyday Favorite Most entrees under $10 Most entrees $10 to $20 Most entrees over $25 Free parking Wifi Bar Vegetarian options Outdoor dining Live music Late night dining Reservations accepted

7305 McPherson Rd Laredo, TX 78041 • 956-712-9629 breakfast • lunch • dinner • group meals


February 2018

and cakes for any occasions and ages. 620 E Saunders, w(956) 726.3292. $

CAKES BY DESIGN provides you with exclusive designs for any occasion. Stop by 5517 McPherson Rd. or call (956) 791-5712. $$$ DELICIAS DEL CONTRY USA where you

can take your pick of cakes and fillings. This custom cake shop is well known for their original cakes and desserts. Open daily. Visit them at 1705 E Del Mar St. A-13 or call (956) 568.7081 $$$

EL MEJOR PAN BAKERY is the right place to be if you are in Laredo and are looking for sweet bread. Inexpensive and delicious. 1517 Lafayette St. or call (956) 724-7535 $ GONZALEZ BAKERY is a family-owned bakery that’s been serving up authentic Mexican baked goods and specialty cakes for more than 30 years. 4910 S. Zapata Hwy (956) 724.7200 $ GREAT AMERICAN COOKIE provides fresh-baked products, perfect for every occasion and celebration. Visit them at 5300 San Dario Ave. inside Mall del Norte or call (956) 796-0790. $ HOLLOWAY’S BAKERY has had the pleasure of making fabulous and delicious wedding, quinceñera, and birthday cakes for five generations for Laredo and South Texas. 619 Guadalupe St. (956) 722-4488. $$ MELLY’S CAKES is a traditional bakery in Laredo with a variety of cupcakes and cakes for every occasion Open Weekdays from 10 am - 6 pm. 8610 McPherson Rd. $$ PANO’S BAKERY is known for its traditional Mexican bread that we all love. It’s located at 617 E. Lyon St. Open Mon.Sat. from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Sunday from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. Visit or call (956) 722-8089. $ PASTELERIA RODRIGUEZ HERMANOS

is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. They make custom and personalized quinceañera, Sweet 16th, and wedding cake designs from scratch or from your ideas, pictures, or themes. 2717 N. Arkansas or call (956) 725-5283. $$

PASTRY HOUSE is a bakery that has been established in Laredo, Texas since 1999.

They specialize in European Desserts, as well as, birthday cakes, wedding cakes, and all types of specialty cakes. They also provide catering services and pastry tables. Stop by 1605 E. Del Mar Blvd or call (956) 795-0905. $$

PINK BOX PASTRY SHOPPE serves up the standards—vanilla, strawberry, double chocolate and red velvet—as well as special creations every day of the week. Open Mon-Sat. 2909 Emory Loop. (956) 602-9167. $ SWEET PASTRY SHOPPE for your needs of a custom cake for any occasion. Choose your cake flavors, fillings and icings. Just be sure to order far enough in advance to guarantee availability. 1202 E. Del Mar Blvd. or call (956) 796-1213. $$

BBQ BRISKETS & BEER SMOKEHOUSE Texasstyle barbecue, serving authentically smoked meats slow cooked to make them as tender and succulent as possible. Monday–Sunday breakfast, lunch and dinner. Visit them at 2002 Chihuahua St. or call (956) 796-9448. $$   MARKET BARBECUE is the place to go. You’re just one call away from some amazing smoked ribs and meat country-style. Open daily. Visit them at 10719 McPherson Rd Suite A or call (956) 267-1127. $$ RAUL’S BAR-B–QUE serves the traditional barbacoa that we all love in Laredo. Open daily. lunch and dinner. 1220 Lafayette St cp 78041. (956) 723-6019 $$ ROCHAS EL CATAN GRILL The simple menu allows you to choose without difficulty. Breakfast, lunch & dinner. Open daily. Visit them at 815 Salinas Ave, Unit 611 or call (956) 712-900 $$  RUDY’S Quality Texas BBQ without skimping on the flavor. Offering the best in brisket, sausage, turkey, ribs, chicken, and pork loin, with their assorted gift baskets and famous sauce, they provide an experience of BBQ. Open daily. Visit them at 7305 McPherson Rd. or call (956)712–9629 $$

T. K.O. is a locally owned family business,

that provides quality food in a family friendly atmosphere. Their specialty is barbecue, that is smoked in house daily. Open daily. Visit them at 520 Shiloh Dr. or call (956) 568-0447. TKOSportsCafe $$

February 2018


Dining Guide BURGERS  ALA BURGER offers the best burgers, wings, hot dogs, and fries in Laredo, TX. Visit ALA Burger today! Our menu features a delicious selection of items, including build your own burgers, gourmet burgers, and much more. MondaySaturday: 11am.–10pm. Stop by 515 San Agustin Ave. or call (956) 825-2033 www. $$

CHALU BURGER is the place to eat in the city! Ideal for breakfast and lunch with awesome taquitos and tortillas! Family style and excellent service. Open daily. Visit them at 3810 E Saunders St. (956) 712-4637 $ FIVE GUYS is the newest burger place in town. Burgers, Fries, Hot Dogs. 15 Free toppings to choose from. Open Monday - Sunday from 11-10. McPherson Rd. and Del Mar Blvd., $$ FUDDRUCKERS offers a free-range, of all-natural, antibiotic and hormonefree game burgers and wild-caught salmon filets. Often lean and always tasty, try buffalo, elk, wild boar, ostrich or salmons. Lunch and dinner. Open daily. Visit them at 711 West Hillside or call (956) 718-4046. $$ GLASS KITCHEN is a classic burger place

in Laredo, that has great, simple but delicious burgers. A flat top cooked patty and fresh condiments between a slightly crisp oiled bun with a side of onion rings. Lunch and dinner. Visit them at 302 Corpus Christi St. or call (956) 722–6162 Theglasskitchenoflaredo $

JOHNNY ROCKETS has an exciting atmosphere that invites for great times and delivers equally great food. A place where friends and families can relax and escape their everyday routines while enjoying the spirit of yesterday. Open daily! Visit them at 718 Mcpherson Ste 105 or call (956) 538–1842. $$ PINO BURGERS has been open across the border for decades in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. They have brought their restaurant to this side of the border to share their authentic Mexican dishes with our community. Open daily for lunch and dinner. Visit them at any of our locations or call for more information. $ RETAMA BURGER LUNCH STAND is the place to go when you are looking for a great combo. These burgers are still the bomb, and after 31 years they are still a classic in the city! Mon-Sat. They serve all type of meals. Stop by 314 Taylor St. or


February 2018

call (956)722-1811 $

HAMBURGUESAS RIO Established in 1967 by the Ochoa family. Hamburguesas Rio offer fresh old fashion hamburgers, that are made upon request with 100% high quality beef and ingredients. Visit them at 3819 San Bernardo Ave. or call (956) 791-0161. $ TONY’S BURGERS is the stop for a great a

tasty burger. Come to Tony’s and enjoy their tacos and enchiladas! Great prices and fantastic menu! Delicious and real home-style cooking!!! Mon–Sat for breakfast and lunch. Visit them at 2901 Chacota St. or call (956) 724-4017. $

WAYBACK BURGERS is one of the newest joints in town!Always serving juicy handmade burgers and real milkshakes, crafted to order by a great staff. Open daily for lunch and dinner. Visit them at any of our two locations www. $

DELIS CAFFE DOLCE is a cafe based in downtown Laredo. They love to support arts in all shapes and forms! Join them for any of their regular hours or weekly events. Open Monday-Friday. Visit them at any of their locations or call for more information. $$ DELICATESSE is an European-style cafe that offers great food. They have the freshest and more delicious ingredients. Open Monday to Saturday. Visit them at 107 Calle Del Norte or call (956) 753 2246. $ FIREHOUSE SUBS serve sandwiches that are made-to-order. Including hot & cold subs, plus a variety of hot sauces. Open daily. Visit them at 2438 Monarch Dr Ste. A-160 or call (956) 753 3404. $$ FLIP FLOP COFFEE SHOP is more than your average coffee shop: it is a gathering place to relax and enjoy each other’s company over quality beverages and fresh eats. 3910 E. Del Mar Blvd. Ste. 201 (956) 267-8228. $$ QUIZNO’S offers great tasting food made from the highest quality ingredients, with freshly-sliced meats, cheese, and vegetables. Open daily. Visit them at any of their locations or call for more information. $ SCRATCH SANDWICH COMPANY a local “deli” using “a made from scratch” style of cooking. They have sandwiches, salads, soups, and specials. Open

6019 McPherson Rd. Laredo, TX

Next to Altitude Trampoline Park Monday - Sunday 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM Ph: (956) 326-8572 Follow us on

Dining Guide Monday to Saturday. Visit them at 6999 McPherson Ave. Ste 217 or call (956)744 2598. $$

TEXADELPHIA serves Philadelphia chees-

esteak sandwiches with a Texas twist & various pub eats. Open daily. Visit them at 1408 E Del Mar Blvd or call (956)753 3311. $

FAMILY APPLEBEE’S is a full-service bar & grill

that provides hearty American eats in an informal setting. Open daily. Visit them at 7601 San Dario or call (956) 725 9900. $$

BUFFALO WILD WINGS is a lively sports-

bar that dishes up wings & other American pub grubs amid lots of large-screen TVs. Open daily. Visit them at 6629 San Dario or call (956) 725 9464. $$


sports bar with a wide range of wing flavors, plus other pub eats & kids’ deals. Open daily. Visit them at 9651 McPherson


or call (956) 722 9464. $$


makes them a great place to take the kids and family. Open 24 hours. Visit any of their locations. $$

honest, natural ingredients. Scratchmade recipes, handcrafted with care and time. Founders believed that when a meal is prepared and cooked fresh just for you, it not only tastes better, it makes you feel good. (956) 723-4410, 2320 NE Bob Bullock Loop, $$

GOLDEN CORRAL is an American familystyle restaurant chain serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. It features a large all-you-can-eat buffet and grill offering numerous hot and cold dishes. Open daily. Visit them at 5930 San Bernardo or call us at (956) 791 3373. $$

CHILI’S BAR & GRILL is an American casual dining restaurant chain that features a Tex-Mex style cuisine. Open daily. Visit them at any of their two locations or call for more information. www. $$

HAL’S LANDING is an American eatery that serves familiar fare and cocktails in an unpretentious setting with a patio option. Open daily. Stop by 6510 Arena or call (956)727-4257. halslanding $$

DANNY’S RESTAURANT is a take-out and eat-in restaurant that features a great variety of Mexican plates . Open daily. Visit them at any of their locations or call for more information. www.mydannys. com $$

IHOP is a long-standing chain restaurant that serves a wide variety of pancakes and other American breakfast & dinner plates. Open 24 hours. Visit them at 7503 San Dario or call (956) 753-9555. www. $$

DENNY’S RESTAURANT is well-known for their classic breakfast around the clock, as well as craveable salads, handpressed burgers and homestyle dinners. Their menu is broad yet familiar, which

KETTLE PANCAKE HOUSE offers authentic traditional pancakes, crepes, blinis, waffles and much more. Open daily. Visit them 5302 San Bernardo or call us at (956) 722-8965.

February 2018


LUBY’S CAFETERIA is a family-friendly, cafeteria-style chain restaurant offering Texas-inspired entrees, sides & desserts. Open daily. Visit them at 710 W. Calton or call (956)722-3397. $$ EL QUERREQUE GRILL Enjoy good food and good ambience among your friends and family. Open daily. Stop by 9701 McPherson or call (956) 796-0313 $$ TERRAZA VERDE has a great breakfast

buffet where they offer a great variety of delicious food. Open daily for breakfast and lunch. Located inside Ramada Plaza Laredo Hotel. Stop by 800 Garden St. or call (956) 727-5800. $$

TONY ROMA’S is a family-friendly steak-

house known for its ribs, onion loaf & Romarita drinks. Open daily. Visit them at 5300 San Dario Ave. #125 Mall Del Norte or call them for more information at (956) 722-7427. $$

WING STOP is a casual counter-serve chain restaurant that offers a variety of chicken wings & sides in an aviation-

Dining Guide themed space. Open daily. Visit them at any of their locations or call for more information. $$

WINGS TO GO a synonym to Award Winning Buffalo Wings and Sauces, offers you 19 different mouth-watering flavors to tantalize your taste buds. Don’t forget to add a salads or sandwich. Open daily. Visit them at 2019 NE Bob Bullock Loop Ste.C-150 or call (956) 728-9464. $$

INTERNATIONAL  BORDER FOUNDRY offers new and innovative ideas, a burning desire to please others, and pride in a job well done. Along with the God-given talent and love of cooking, these deeprooted traits are essential ingredients in Richard Mims’ recipe. Visit them at 7718 McPherson Ave. or call (956) 724-5907. $$$

COSMOS BAR & GRILL is a sophisticated dining fused with eclectic musical entertainment for the ultimate afterhours experience. Offering diverse, local and international talent they are sure to delight everyone. Visit them at 201 W Del Mar Blvd. Ste 8 or call (956) 727-3393. $$ HOOTERS They serve a wide variety of menu items inclusive of Wings, Burgers, Salads, Seafood, Appetizers, Sandwiches, Desserts and Signature Cocktails. (956) 727-0011, 5700 San Bernardo Ave. $$  LOLITAS BISTRO is located on the north side of the city and offers a great variety of fresh and high quality international cuisine with a couple of vegan selections. Stop by for great ambience and an excellent place to try new drinks. Visit them at 6950 McPherson Rd. Ste C or call (956) 568-5334. $$  SAN TELMO is a unique Argentine Steakhouse located in north Laredo that counts with everything from the classic empanadas or fine Argentinian cuts. 7718 Mcpherson Rd Building C Suite 7 & 8 hours 5:30 to 11 pm www.facebook. com/SanTelmoLaredo/ (956)712.3900 $$$  SIETE BANDERAS Is an International Fusion restaurant and a top-notch concert and event venue in Laredo, Texas on the Mexican border. Open daily, 901 Iturbide St. (956) 796-0210, $$  TABERNILLA Is a lively, locally owned


February 2018

restaurant and bar, characterized by an exceptional variety of traditional and modern Spanish tapas, Enjoy the night with live Spanish music. Whether you seek a cozy night out with a loved one or you’re looking to spice up your nightlife, enjoy the sights, sounds, and experience of Spain and a modern Spanish Tapas bar at Tabernilla. (956) 523-0989, 7124 Bob Bullock Loop, tabernillalaredo. com $$

ITALIAN HUNGRY HOWIE’S is the home of the Original Flavored Crust Pizza. Every item is made fresh, fast and just for you, using ingredients like 100% mozzarella cheese and dough made daily. Visit them at 1310 East Del Mar Blvd., Ste. A, Bldg B or call (956) 744-4444. $  JALAPEÑOS PIZZA & WING offers thincrust pizza & wings plus salads, calzones & stromboli in a casual parlor ambiance. They only offer fresh ingredients and guarantee to satisfy your pizza cravings. Visit them at 9802 McPherson Rd or call (956) 722-7777. www. jalapenos-pizza. com $

JOHNNY CARINO’S offers Italian classics and signature dishes, such as Skilletini and Spicy Shrimp and Chicken. All of their dishes are handcrafted from the finest, freshest ingredients available. Visit them at 7603 San Dario Ave. or call (956) 728-8945. $$ LAREDO PIZZA FACTORY where you find taste and quality. Offering only the best in variety of fresh toppings, you’ll be sure to have the tastiest pizza in town. 9652 Mcpherson Rd #100, (956) 724-6767. $$$ OLIVE GARDEN offers a variety of delicious Italian specialties. Enjoy their freshly baked garlic breadsticks and your choice of unlimited homemade soup or salad with any entree. Visit them at 5319 San Dario Ave. or call (956) 796-0480. $$ PIZZA PATRON is the leading Mexican pizza brand in the U.S., while it remains dedicated to bringing its unique experience with every pizza made, and in every community it serves. Give them a call (956) 791-9799 www.pizzapatron. com $$ QUE PIZZA RICCO offers a variety of pizzas; including the largest pizza in Laredo, Texas (24 inch), wings, spaghetti, lasagna, salads, subs and desserts. Visit them at 5460 Springfield, Ste. 108 or call

(956) 712-1299 QuePizzaRicco $$

SBARRO’S offers Italian favorites, like pizza, spaguetti and meatballs, lasagna and Stromboli to customers worldwide with nearly 60 years of experience. Today their moving forward, growing across the globe and looking toward the future. 5300 San Dario Ave., Ste. 116 at Mall del Norte, $$ TRATTORIA MIA specializes in crafting authentic and delicious Italian cuisine. With its homey ambience and wide selection of wines, it is an ideal date location. 3402 E. Del Mar Blvd. (956) 568-3536. $$

MEXICAN BOLILLOS CAFE offers only the best fresh ingredients for homemade-like food. It’s the perfect place to sit on the patio with a plate of sizzling fajitas. Visit them in one of their two locations; North: (956) 568-1532, 6950 McPherson Ave. Ste B and South: (956) 723-1166, 2803 Zacatecas Street 78046 www.bolilloscafe. com. $$

CAMPECHE TAQUERIA & SNACK is the stop when looking for a Mexican food restaurant with tasty lunch specials. This is a great place to satisfy your appetite. Visit them at 10122 Mines Rd #2 or call (956) 523-0531. $ EL CAPATAZ is designed to complement

an informal social gathering. El Capataz uses quality everyday ingredients in a fresh, creative way to create casual pub food with a Latin flair. Our recipes are developed with flavor profiles from Southern Mexico, Central America, South America, the Caribbean and Mediterranean. Open daily. 7220 Bob Bullock Loop or call (956) 723-74 00. $$

CARNES ASADAS LA PALMA offers delicious tasting fajitas, and until you’ve sampled the offerings from this local Tex-Mex and authentic Mexican cuisine restaurant, you won’t know. Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Visit them at 902 E. Saunders St. or call for more information. $$ CARNITAS TAPATIO is the place to go if

you’re looking for those Mexican “carni-

tas de cerdo”. And if you prefer something else, their homemade pozole is a must-have. Open daily. 414 Shiloh Dr, Unit 7 (956 )728-0122 $

LA CARRETA CARNES ASADAS aims to provide you with the best quality meats in a fast and courteous manner. Whether you choose to order one of their classic plates or their meat by kilo, you sure will be satisfied with their service. Visit them at any of their locations or call for more information. www. $$ LA CASITA has expanded throughout the city by doing something right. Their Tex-Mex menu offers the basics—especially the enchiladas—so right that diners return with unwavering loyalty. Visit them at 2119 San Bernardo Ave. or call (956) 722-0471. $ CHARLIES’S CORONA is a classic place for drinks and appetizers. You won’t be disappointed with the margaritas and a variety of cocktails. Open Daily. Visit them at 3902 San Bernardo or call (956) 725-8227. $$


is a restaurant, convenience store, and gas station rolled into one convenient package. Check out their daily specials! 5908 State Highway 359. (956) 712-8900. $

CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL prepares burritos and tacos at reasonable prices. Their food includes unprocessed, sustainable, nutritious, responsibly raised, and organic foods where possible. Visit them at 1211 E Del Mar Blvd. or call for more information (956) 723-4905. $$ DELI ARANDAS is a family owned business that loves to make all natural authentic Mexican food. You can enjoy anything from traditional Mexican tacos, juices, and Mexican milkshakes. Stop by or call (956) 753.6003. facebook. com/Arandas-Mexican-Cusine- $$ LAS DELICIAS DE LA TIERRA offers a unique selection of both healthy and tummy authentic Mexican food. Come with the whole family for a light meal anytime. Visit them at 3910 E Del Mar, Suite 301, or call (956) 771-1100 $$

February 2018


Dining Guide DESAYUNOS MARLA is the house of biscuits, on both sides of the border this place serves the most traditional Mexican breakfast. Open daily. Visit them at 5904 McPherson or call (956) 729 9878. $$ DON PABLO’S MEXICAN RESTAURANT has great daily lunch specials like chicken flautas, beef/chicken fajita plates, and a classic tampiqueña plate. Visit them at 1206 Scoot St. or call (956) 753-5058. $ DOÑA TOTA makes authentic Mexican gorditas, by hand, filled with deshebrada, Yucatan-style chicken pibil, and fresh quesadilla de panela. Hand toasted on a hot comal, never fried. Open daily. Visit them at 2019 NE Bob Bullock Loop #200 or call (956) 753 38 98. www.mexicosfood. com $ DOS MARIAS KITCHEN takes a lot of pride in cooking each plate with the finest ingredients. Open from 6am -10pm. Visit them at any of their locations or call for more information. $ EDUARDO’S MEXICAN FOOD STEAKS

cooks with only fresh ingredients. They are the foundation of the handmade food found every day at Eduardo’s . It has a perfect place to sit on the patio with a margarita or sizzling fajitas. Visit them at 4160 S Zapata Hwy or call (956) 712-3414. $$

LA FINCA COCINA is a Mexican eatery

that delivers traditional, family-style dishes in an artwork-adorned setting. Menu items include classic Mexican dishes with new twists of flavor. Stop by 1713 E. Del Mar Blvd. or call (956) 5680162. $$

FONDA DON MARTIN is the place to be and try some really original Mexican food. Give Fonda Don Martin a try, and check out their Chilaquiles Toluqueños. Don’t forget to try their one of a kind lunch menu. Open from 7am to 3 pm. Visit them at 9652 McPherson or call for more information. www.fondadonmartin. com $$ GORDITAS MONTERREY offers handmade corn gorditas filled with Mexican food. Open daily. Visit them at any of their locations or call for more information. $ LOS JACALES is an all-around Mexican restaurant full of a variety of plates for breakfast and lunch it’s a must to try their Carne Ranchera served with beans and rice. Open daily. Visit them at 620 Guadalupe St. or call (956) 722- 8470 $$


February 2018

LAS KEKAS For days when you want a quite place to enjoy a great Mexican meal. Some of their most wanted plates are Poblano Chicken, Cordon-blue or their Beef Tongue Medallones Mexican Style. Open daliy. 3914 Mcpherson Ave. (956) 568-2936. $$ LIRAS RESTAURANT is well-know in Laredo for having one of the best barbacoas. And if you went partying all night, Liras menudo will do the job. Open daily. Visit them at 1208 San Bernardo Ave. (956) 568-4570. $$ LONCHES EL POPO has been serving the most popular sandwiches in town for years. They offer a wide variety menu. Open Tuesday to Sunday. Visit them at any of their locations or call for more information. $ EL MESON DE SAN AGUSTIN located in downtown Laredo, is one of the town’s favorite places to have a great lunch. Their menu includes their traditional enchiladas verdes, pozole, and many more unique plates. 908 Grant St. or call (956) 725-9299 & (956) 712-9009. www. $ EL METATE is a family-style restaurant famous for their breakfast plates and Mexican cuisine. Be sure to visit them at 319 W. Del Mar Blvd. or call (956) 722 9457 $ LA MEXICANA has 30 years in authentic Mexican food business, family owned and operated for over 20 years. Relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Enjoy their fajitas, tacos, burritos, quesadillas, tamales, and many more. Open Mon-Fri 11am2pm. $ OBREGON’S MEXICAN RESTAURANT

is well known for their Mexican breakfast such as huevos rancheros. Open from 6am-8pm. Visit them at any of their locations or call for more information. www. $$

LA PAISANA is a Tex-Mex cuisine restaurant. This treasure is on the short list. No matter what else you get, grab a tortilla and some salsa, or the traditional flautas. 1820 Santa Ursula Ave. or call (956) 724-2311. $ PALENQUE GRILL food is 100% Mexican with the flavors of the North Pacific Coast of Mexico that includes Sinaloa, Sonora, North and South Baja California. Don’t forget to try their “Puntas de Filete al Albañil”, Don Pancho’s favorite dish! Open Daily. Visit them at 7220 NE Bob Bullock Loop Ste 2. or call (956) 728-1272 $$

Dining Guide LAS PALMAS is authentic Mexican food. Their specialty are the traditional chilaquiles and migas . Visit them at any of our locations or call for more information. $ PAULITA’S RESTAURANT is a traditional

Mexican cuisine restaurant famous for the best homemade flour tortillas. Open from 7am-2:45pm. Visit them at any of their locations or call for more information. (956) 717-2300, Paulitas-Restaurant $$

POLLO PALENQUE is well know for their

grilled chicken served with its traditional rice and beans that offers a very enjoyable dining experience. Open daily. Visit them at any of their locations or call for more information. Www.pollopalenque. com $

LA ROSITA TAMALERIA is your go-to place if you are looking for any type of tamales. From tamales verdes to rajas con queso this is the place to buy tamales for the whole family. Visit them or call (956) 568-4136. Open daily from 8am-10pm. $$ QUE SABROSAS Come and taste our

handmade quesadillas with freshly handmade tortillas and you get to choose from our variety of authentic Mexican “guisados”. (956) 727-2599 Dirección: 8511 McPherson Rd, Ste 104 Laredo, Texas. $

LA SIBERIA is well-know for their giant

tostadas filled with fresh breast shredded chicken topped with Mexican cream and avocado. They also offer tacos. Visit them or give them a call at 1217 S. Zapata Hwy. (956) 725-7839. $$

TACO PALENQUE culture is that of fresh,

premium, authentic Mexican food. They believe every meal served should follow their tradition of excellence and their family’s first attitude. Open daily. Stop by any of their locations or call for more information. $

EL TACO TOTE offers not only tacos, but also a wide variety of Mexican favorites, such as, enchiladas, quesadillas, tacos al


pastor and many more. Open daily. Visit them at 5603 San Dario Ave #1, (956) 725 8382 or 10211 McPherson Rd, (956) 723 9999, $

TACOLARE is well-known for having the

a variety of any type of taco you can imagine. Once you are there, don’t forget to try their famous frijoles borrachos. Open Daily. Visit them at 4803 San Bernardo Ave. or call (956) 753 0116. $

TACO’N’MADRE was established in 2012.

Now with 11 locations, Taco ‘n’ Madre serves tacos and other food for the citizens of the City of Laredo and surrounding areas. Visit them at any of their locations. $

TACOS DE CABALLO offers their famous

that has some tortas of milanesa for just the right price. The wait is worth it, as they prepare everything fresh as the order is placed. Open Daily. Visit them at 2802 Chihuahua St. (956) 728-7808. $

ingredients. You can pick from a variety of combos or make your own. Visit them at any of their locations.www.facebook. com/YukonHoT $


is your go-to place if you are looking for a large variety of tacos. From their famous tacos al pastor to the traditional brisket tacos. Open daily for breakfast and dinner. Visit us at 2801 E Elm St. or call us at (956) 949-7875. www.facebook. com/eltromponorteno $

pop shop that serves an array of dishes. Be sure to try the choriqueso (melted Monterrey Jack cheese, homemade chorizo) or the alambres de res (beef tenderloin kabobs). Make sure to pay them a visit at 719 Clark or call (956) 723-0777. $


their “Tacos de Caballo” which now are also found in our city. If you prefer something different try their Mexican style hot dogs. Visit them at 1601 Market St. or call (956) 728-8484. www.facebook. com/lataquisa.mexicana $$

and delicious tacos. Well known from their start in Nuevo Laredo, they can now be found in our city so we can all enjoy them once again. Visit them at 4419 Mcpherson Rd. or call for more information (956) 728-7070. facebook. com/1tacosdecaballo $

Mexican food. Try their tortas, enchiladas and more. Open daily. Visit them at 4800 McPherson or call (956) 712-2090. $

TACOS KISSI offers a variety of food in


TEOCALLI TORTAS is the place for tasty

their menu. You can find seafood, sushi, snacks, and Mexican breakfasts plates and of course their famous tacos. Open daily. Visit them at any of their locations or call for more information. www.facebook. com/tacoskissi $

an upscale dining experience in Laredo, with contemporary and international food that offers a Mexican twist. Open daily. 6501 Arena, (956) 568-8008. $$

TACOS LAS AMIGAS is a great option to


pick up some breakfast tacos to start off every morning. Visit them at 3104 Santa Maria Ave. or call (956) 712- 8166. $

TACOS RAVI is the place to go for quick,

simple but great Mexican food. The Taco al Pastor, a corn tortilla filled with marinated pork, is best with a glass of horchata, a sweet rice milk with cinnamon, almonds and sugar. Open daily. Visit them at any of their locations or call for more information. $

TACOS VILLA is known to be an authentic

Mexican taqueria. You can find any kind of taco you are looking for. Open daily. 8511 McPherson Rd, Ste. 109. $

TACOS VILLA DEL SOL is a little taqueria

February 2018

Mexican restaurant that has developed loyal customers in the past 25 years of business. It’s a great spot to sit and have a few tacos or a menudo bowl. Visit them 115 W Hillside Rd, (956) 726-6173, 7060 and San Bernardo Ave, (956) 722-8004 $

TOÑOS BAR & GRILL is the go-to neigh-

borhood spot. That has the most delicious enchiladas suizas smothered in salsa verde and stuffed with tender, well-seasoned, chicken fajitas. Open Monday to Saturday 11:30 to 10pm. 120 W. Del Mar. or call for more information (956) 717-4999. $$

TORTAS YUKON are the traditional Mexican sandwich widely known as torta. They are full of flavors and mixture of


LA UNICA started their business across the border, and the demand became so large on this side of the border that now we can enjoy their famous flautas and fideo soup with beans. Open daily. Visit them or call (956) 717-4089. $ EL VENADO RESTAURANT offers interior Mexican food. Be sure to sample the pozole, barbacoa tacos, and chicken fajita tacos topped with pico de gallo. Visit them at 317 W Del Mar Blvd or call (956) 791-4444. $ VILLA ANTIGUA COCINA is located inside Laredo’s International Airport. It is a great opportunity to have some Mexican food before taking off, Visit them at 1001 Bristol or call (956) 724 8452. $$ YOLY’S CAFE invites you and your family

to try their tacos and plates. Serving nothing but delicious food for Laredo since 1987. They offer daily specials. Visit them at 1708 Victoria St. (956) 727-5288. $


is well-known for fine dining with a latin flair. Visit them at 1000 Zaragoza or call (956) 753-4444. www.zaragozagrilllaredo. com $$$

SEAFOOD CALLO DE HACHA with modern techniques used for cooking seafood in a whole different way. It is a city must to. Go try their shrimp pozole. Visit them at 5517 Mcpherson, Ste. 7 Hours 1pm-10pm (956) 568.1952 $$

Dining Guide COSTA AZUL is well known for its tasty authentic Mexican seafood in Laredo. Their menu includes something for everyone. So whether you are looking for shrimp, fish fillets, or even octopus. Open daily. Visit them at 3201 Jaime Zapata Memorial Hwy. or call (956) 717-0595. $$ COSTA GRILL counts with more than seven years of experience in both Laredos. With favorites such as tostadas de mariscos and pulpo a las brasas, one will come back for seconds. Visit them at 3910 E. Del Mar Blvd $$

LA ROCA SEAFOOD restaurant guaran-

tees that all menu items are prepared with their homestyle recipes. These recipes make their entrees a traditional favorite for customers throughout South Texas. Visit them at any of their locations or call for more information. www. $$

STEAK HOUSE EDUARDO’S NORTH LAREDO is the kind of restaurant out-of-towners are dying to visit for that fabled Texas beef experience. Visit them at 6516 Arena or call (956) 568-6710. $$

LA LAGUNA MARISCOS & SUSHI offers the best seafood tacos in town. They offer a wide variety of seafood dishes, from ceviche to sopa de mariscos. Don’t forget to taste their, also well known, fish chicharron and their awesome and original micheladas. Visit them at any of their locations. www. $$

LOGAN’S ROADHOUSE takes the quality of their food very seriously.They have a wide variety menu featuring woodfire grilled steaks and much more. 5300 San Dario Ave. (956) 728-8513. $$

LONG JOHN SILVERS offers great-tast-


ing seafood. They bring a renewed energy to better the restaurant and guest experiences, innovative new meal options with great value. Open daily for lunch and dinner. Visit them at 5300 San Dario Ave. or call (956)7242184. $

LA MARISCANA Authentic Mexican

seafood kitchen. Visit them at 120 W. Village Blvd. Ste 101 or call (956)5688345. $$

MARISCOS EL PESCADOR not only offers

great meals but also an unforgettable experience at any of our locations. The restaurant’s major concern is to treat the customer as if they were at home, and to offer unique tasting Authentic Mexican Seafood. Visit them at any of their locations. www.mariscoselpescador. com $$

PESCA FRESCA prides itself in providing Laredo with fresh Mexican seafood and counts with an oyster bar. Guaranteed fresh! Located at 5511 McPherson Rd. (956) 753-3730. $$ PUERTO PALENQUE offers the ocean’s bounty on a plate. choose from an array of signature dishes and cocktails. Don’t miss out! 7120 Bob Bullock Loop 20 (956) 568-0851. $$ RED LOBSTER is known as the expert

in fresh seafood. Their commitment to serving quality seafood starts long before you sit down at our restaurant. Only the best fresh fish and live lobster. Visit them at 5315 San Dario or call (956) 791-5667.



February 2018

become an undisputed home for great steak done right. Also featured are their very excellent margaritas. (956) 726-8504, Visit them at 5301 San Dario Avenue. $$

MONTANA MIKE’S is a full-service steakhouse concept specializing in big appetites. Their steaks are naturally aged, USDA steaks, hand-cut at the restaurant and grilled to your liking. Visit them at 2445 San Isidro Parkway or call (956) 729-1790. $$ SAN TELMO is a unique Argentine Steakhouse located in north Laredo that counts with everything from the classic empanadas or fine Argentinian cuts. 7718 Mcpherson Rd Building C Suite 7 & 8 hours 5:30 to 11 pm. www. (956)712.3900 $$$

SUSHI DOKI DOKI SUSHI GRILL is a traditional Japanese Restaurant/Steakhouse with top prime rib, top cuts, and several choice of seafood that will make your taste buds go crazy! 611 Shiloh Dr, 78045 or call (956) 568-4992. www.facebook. com/dokidokisushigrill $ KOTO SUSHI BAR is the place to be if you are looking for a very authentic Japanese style cuisine. They offer a wide variety of rolls that are just waiting for you! Come visit them at any of their locations or call (956) 723-568. $ LAREDO SALSA’S RESTAURANT & SUSHI GRILL is a great choice and alterna-

tive to sushi and mexican food. They offer a wide variety of rolls and Mexican food while using only fresh ingredients. 7718 Mcpherson Rd #102 or call (956) 717-1400. $$

LAREDO SOUTH SUSHI EXPRESS is located on the south part of the city. They offer a variety of delicious Japanese specialties. Visit them and enjoy their fresh rolls and friendly environment. 4910 South Zapata Highway or call (956) 242-4742. $ POSH SUSHI specializes in Japanese cuisine while offering several international selections to satisfy a wide variety of palates. Visit them at any of their locations. $$ SUSHI MADRE specializes in Japanese cuisine with a Mexican twist. Their menu includes a sushi bar, yakisobas, teppanyakis, salads, and much more. There is something for everyone! $$ TENSAI SUSHI LAREDO is the place to visit

THE TACK ROOM is a New Orleans-

if you’re looking for a new alternative. They use only fresh ingredients for fresh and delicious sushi. Visit them at 7718 McPherson Rd. or call (956) 701-3491. $$

TEXAS ROADHOUSE is famous for their

ZEN SEAFOOD AND SUSHI GRILL has an excellent atmosphere to provide the best sushi and seafood dining experience. Quality service and great food at reasonable prices. Visit them at 5517 McPherson Rd, Ste 8 or call (956) 568-7767. $

style piano bar featuring a racing décor and theme. They serve dinners in one of the most elaborate open show-grills in the country. All cooking is done in an intimate surrounding. Stop by or call for more information. $$$ hand cut steaks, fall-off-the-bone ribs, made-from-scratch sides and dressings, fresh baked bread, ice cold beer, and legendary margaritas. Visit them at 5722 San Bernardo or call (956) 727-1164. $$

SWEET TREATS CHOKOLATEKA If you need something sweet but don’t want to eat heavily, then this is a must. Great dessert concept!

Visit them at any of their locations or call us for more information. www.facebook. com/Chocolateka-LLC $$


delicious fresh made churros with a café de olla, hot chocolate or a good espresso. (956) 568-6680, 7124 Bob Bullock Loop Laredo, Texas lachurreria. mx $

DUNKIN DONUTS is America’s favor-

ite every day, all-day stop for delicious coffee and baked goods. America Runs on Dunkin’. Come visit them at 7718 McPherson Rd #101 or call (956) 701-3451. $

FRESH SNACKS is the one and only snack place that makes its very own fusion of ice pops. Not only do they have the greatest white corn in a cup prepared with fresh white cheese and their special dressings but also many other snacks to satisfy your cravings. Come visit them at 120 W Village Suite 126 or call (956) 754.0767. Fresh-Snacks $ KAÓ DESSERT BAR is baking macarons, cakes, and pastries, all made from scratch with love daily. Come indulge

your sweet tooth. 7010 Rocío Dr. Suite C (956) 462-5131 $$

Visit them at 3802 TX Highway 359 or call for more information (956) 728-9992. $

at 1705 E Del Mar Ste, A111 or call (956) 568-1118. $

HOT DOG EXPRESS If you’re strolling downtown Laredo. Stop by and try their delicious hot dogs. Open daily. Visit them at 500 Flores Ave or call (956) 727 8440. $

PICA DILLY’S SNACKS AND MORE offers snacks with a special twist. Pica Dilly’s Snacks is the place to visit. Don’t forget to try their famous fruit bowls with gummies. Visit them at 620 Pogganpohl St. or call (956) 463-7275. www.facebook. com/PicaDillys78040 $

SMOOTHIE KING is a health-conscious chain featuring blended drinks in varied flavors, nutritional products & snacks. Open daily. Come visit them at 1408 Del Mar or call (956) 726-5550. $

KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUTS offers a huge variety of doughnut flavors & shapes, plus coffee & frozen drinks. Open daily. Visit them at 6627 San Dario Ave. or call (956) 795 1122. $ MARBLE SLAB CREAMERY specializes in serving ice cream and a variety of other desserts. Open daily. Visit them at Mall del Norte. 5300 San Dario Ave. www. $ LA PALETERA You can find ice pops, fresh fruit cups, ice cream and much more. Open daily. Visit them at any of their locations or call for more information. www. $ EL PARAISO SNACK BAR a place to get

together with friends and enjoy great snacks at great prices. They have delicious options for everyone’s cravings.

PINGUIS SNACKS is your go-to snack

place if you are looking for the best Mexican raspas in town. You can also enjoy a corn in a cup, Frito pie or some sweet and fresh fresas con crema. Visit them at 6020 Mcpherson or call 956.712.8081. www.lospinguinossnacks. com $

REDBERRY FROZEN YOGURT serves frozen yogurt and offers a large variety of toppings. Open daily. Visit them at 5502 San Bernardo Ave. #200 or call for more information (956)718 9796. www. $ SAL Y LIMON SNACKS Located on the north side of town , it is full of all the good yummies we all like. Rusas, banana splits, mexican corn, hot dogs are just a few of the must try snacks. Visit them

STARBUCKS COFFEE This is an American coffee company and coffeehouse chain that offers a variety of coffee, teas, and pastries in a great and friendly environment. Open everyday. Come visit them at any of their locations or call for more information. $ STEVIE’S OLD FASHIONED TREATS serves up carnival food all year round! Funnel cakes, foot-long corn dogs and hotdogs, turkey legs, and more! 2402 Jacaman Road Suite 8. (956) 480-7068. $ SWEET SPOT FROZEN YOGURT offers selfserve frozen yogurt in a variety of flavors and toppings. They also sell smoothies, bubble tea, milk tea, and thai tea. Satisfy your sweet tooth. Open daily. Visit them at 7609 McPherson or call (956) 727-9338. $

February 2018


Dining Guide SWEET N FRUITY FROZEN YOGURT is all you need!! So if you’re looking for something fresh and new, stop by and try their new Pomegranate & Guava flavors, they’re delicious!! $ T’S SODA POP & CANDY SHOPPE is the

place to enjoy the sweet part of life! They have something for every craving! Visit their candy shoppe & ice cream parlor! 1705 E. Del Mar Blvd, Ste. 126A, (956) 701-3382. $

UNIVERSAL SNACKS has something for everyone, from raspas of all kind of flavors to corn in a cup and sweet delicious homemade cookies. Visit them at 2904 Springfield Ave or call (956) 267-8744. $ THE YOGURT ZONE Over 50 flavors. From

gluten-free, dairy-free, no sugar added frozen yogurt to delicious sorbets and tarts. Toppings like fresh fruits, healthy nuts, cereals, candies, sprinkles, syrups and more. Visit them at 4205 Jaime Zapata Memorial Hwy. www.yourtzone. com $

THE ZNACK ZONE offers a variety of

snacks. Mexican corn, delicious chamoyadas, raspas and smoothies are just a few of the delicious snacks you can try. Visit them at 3214 San Bernardo Ave. (956) 407-4177. $

VEGETARIAN ANISE KITCHEN AND MARKET provides Laredo with an option for clean, vegetarian eating. A casual environment and great staff make it a great selection. 3402 E. Del Mar Blvd. Suite 220. (956) 441-0606. $$ EL QUINTO SOL is sure to satisfy your vegetarian cravings. They offer a variety of plates that are made with only fresh vegetables and tofu. Visit them at 2330 Jacaman Rd. or call (956) 795-1452. $$ YUMMY HEALTHY FOOD is a health oriented project set out to increase our community’s levels of health and happiness. 3660 E Del Mar Blvd Ste 3. or call (956) 693-0653. YUMMYHealthFood $

NUEVO LAREDO CANELAS RESTAURANT offers seafood and delicious Mexican cuisine. Stop by for breakfast or lunch. Stop by Donato


February 2018

Guerra and Paseo Colon or call (867) 714 7814. $$

EL CHE ARGENTINO Enjoy authentic flavors from Argentina. Specializes in Argentinian Empanadas, Churrascos, and Choripanes. Campeche 2501 Col. Madero, Nuevo Laredo. (867)7143685 $ CHEMA Y LUPE offer the best meat cuts in the border. Come and enjoy a family-friendly environment with great food. Visit them at 3245 Leandro Valle or call (867) 205 1688. ChemayLupe $$ COSTA GRILL is your go to restaurant. They offer delicious and fresh seafood in a family-friendly environment. Open daily. 3147 Leandro Valle, (867) 714 4785. $$ THE FOODFATHER Urban gourmet

hamburgers, made with 100% freshly molded ground be and fresh baked bread. Don’t forget to try their fried Oreos. Baja California 2803 Col. Madero, Nuevo Laredo. Tel: 52 (867) 751 7002 $

LA HACIENDA DE COLON is a restaurant that offers regional Mexican food. Stop by 88270 Paseo Colon, to try our delicious food, or call for more information at (867) 714-1707. $$ MENTA LIMON offers its customers a candy table, salads, catering service, private chefs for their events, drinks prepared to order and much more. Visit them or call for more information. www. $ MIJITOS is a restaurant bar that focus on serving great seafood and delicious tacos plus a variety of national beers. Visit them at 2319 Campeche, Col. Guerrero or call (867) 7142362. $$$ EL PAPALOTE is considered “El Original Taco & Grill” because they were the first to include a great variety of Tex-Mex food in their menu. Nachos, salads, hamburgers, sandwiches and a pint of cold beer. 3102 Avenida Reforma, Colonia Jardin or call (867) 7150021 or 0031. $$ EL RANCHO offers Mexican food in a colorful space decorated with traditional murals and filled with great music. They have live mariachi show and folklore dance. Open daily. 2134 Guerrero Norte or call (867) 714 8018. $$ TOMATILLOS offers Italian food.Go

with family or friends and enjoy our

delicious food. Open daily. Visit them at 5032 Reforma 5038 or call (867) 715 1030. $$$

LA TERRAZA ASADOR & BAR offers Mexican food in a comfortable and inviting environment. Visit them at 2916 Nuevo Leon 2916 or call for more information. $$ TANGO TANGO Freshly made pizzas and empanadas delivered to your door. All empanadas are freshly baked in oven. Pick up only. Washington 3327, Nuevo Laredo (867) 715-22-22 www.facebook. com/TANGOTANGOPizzasyEmpanadas $ VIVA MEXICO seeks to share the essence of its country through flavors, sounds, colors and the happiness that impregnate the authentic Mexican traditions. Stop by 3428 Allende or call (867) 719-4000 www.restaurantevivamexico. com/ $$$

Dining Scene


One of Laredo’s classiest and intimate eateries, San Telmo has made a splash in the city. It is the ideal spot for couples and friends to enjoy an exquisite evening.

February 2018


Dining Scene


Always a great place to enjoy a night out with family and friends. Full of a great staff and friendly faces ready to serve you.


February 2018


People love dining at Tabernilla. They come to enjoy everything from their famous tapas to a great glass of wine.

February 2018


Dining Scene


The new family restaurant Trattoria Mia has opened its doors to the public, delighting many visitors with authentic Italian Cuisine.


February 2018


A classic place to come and enjoy live music while having a drink. Everyone loves this place because of its great atmosphere.

February 2018


Dining Cocktail

One Less Thing To Worry About For That Upcoming Date Night

7 MOONS RED WINE There’s already enough you have to think about when planning date night, from deciding on a recipe that uses the least amount of raw garlic to, er, finding an actual date. And though it won’t solve the latter problem, rest assured West Coast-based winery 7 Moons at least has your wine pick covered. The Oakville winemaker’s just-released 2016 vintage blends seven different grapes, from Cabernet to Syrah, all


February 2018

sourced from vineyards along the Central Coast of California. Notes of red cherries, mocha and vanilla bean make for a fruit-forward glass. Plus, that crowd-pleasing profile makes it versatile enough to pair equally well with a fancy homemade dinner—or an emergency delivery of Chinese takeout. Better yet—it won’t know the difference if date night is what you choose to call a wine-fueled solo movie night.

Dining Nightlife Guide


Bars and Club in DeLaredo City Guide are selected and reviewed by the editorial team. ANTRO Is a night club with a different

party Thursdays thru Saturdays with Hip Hop, Reggaeton, and EDM. Ask about exclusive shots. Open Thursday to Saturday from 10:00 pm to 2:00 am, 5517 McPherson, (956) 727-1022 


has daily drinks specials. It has a huge stage for live bands and karaoke and billiard tables to play pool. Open from lunch 4:30 to 2:00am 9652 McPherson Rd #1 (956) 724-6767 

BORDER FOUNDRY RESTAURANT AND BAR If you’re a wine lover, this, is the

place to come and Wine Down after a long day. Border Foundry, counts with one of the widest varieties of wines in Laredo. 7718 Mcpherson Rd. Open Daily (956)724-5907 

COSMOS BAR & GRILL Located in the

Del Mar strip, Cosmos has set a high standard for Laredo’s nighttime


dining and entertainment scene! Open daily till 2:00am 201 W Del Mar Blvd Ste 8 (956) 727-3393 www. 

COWBOYS From a Sports bar, Tejano Night to having a special night for Banda & Parranda this is the place to come and visit to have the best of both worlds. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 8:00pm to 2:00am 201 W. Del Mar Blvd. #5B (956)286-2489 $ DISTRICT BAR This is a nice banda/ tejano club with drinks specials Thursday through Saturday and a unique taco stand that will keep you coming back. Open Tuesday to Sunday 8:00pm to 2:00am. 120 W Village Blvd, Ste. 116 (956) 645-8979  DUGOUT Is a great spot to play pool. Located in the downtown district it offers $2 beers any day of the week. Opens at noon for your convenience.

February 2018

1303 Iturbide St. (956) 774-5806 

EL CAPATAZ For all you Beer lovers out there this great place offers an ever-changing selection of Craft Beers. Come on in and enjoy a cold one. Open From 5:00 pm, 7220 Bob Bullock Loop C-7, (956)723-7400, www.  HAL’S LANDING Is an adult arcade

that has a restaurant and billiard tables for your entertainment. Join us for a cold beer. Open Monday to Sunday from 11:00 am to 2:00 am. 6510 Arena Blvd. (956) 727-4257. www. $


located in the downtown district. It opens Wednesday through Sunday. Watch sports in their TVS and play at their pool tables. Open Daily. Visit them at 1313 Iturbide St. 


Offers a full bar and great entrainment, they also count with a pool table and a jukebox to enjoy a great night. Open Monday to Sunday from 4:30 pm to 2:00 am, 4100 San Bernardo Ave E1 (956)701-3412, www. 

HOOTERS They serve a wide variety of draft beers, wines, and cocktails. Their menu items include Wings, Burgers, Salads, and much more. (956) 727-0011, 5700 San Bernardo Ave.  LA CATRINA HOOKAH LOUNGE AND SMOKE SHOP BYOB… only hookah

lounge in town that allows you to bring your drinks in for a relaxing night of hookah fun. 9802 McPherson Rd #105, Open Daily till 2:00 am, (956) 795-5172 $

LA CELULA This rock bar is located in central Laredo that offers life band music from local and out of town bands.Open Thursday to Saturday from 8:00 pm to 2:00 am, 4520 San Bernardo Suite 11, (956) 771-9355. 

KEY $      

Cover Free parking Live music DJ Food TVs Reservations accepted

LOLITAS’S MIXOLOGY BAR Cocktails, Live music and all new menu with Original Craft Cocktails is what you will find in this great place. Open daily. 6950 Mcpherson Rd., (956)568-5334,  OAK MARTINI AND WINE BAR Martini Menu With 16 Different Options & Full Wine Menu: Merlot, Chardonnay, White, Reds & Sparkling. (956) 229-0655, 120 W. Village Ste.103.  OLD NO.2 One of Laredo first bars, Old it’s a great Rock Bar that counts with live bands and great ice cold beer. Open daily. 313 W. Village Blvd. (956)722-3371. OldNo2Laredo  ON THE ROCKS TAVERN This Rock Bar

is located in the Downtown Area and offers great drink specials you can only find in this district of the city. Open Daily. 1002 Iturbide St., (956) 791-0709 

PLANETA 80 is the hottest retro bar in

town. The music mixes ‘80s, ‘90s and international, pop, rock, disco, and is reflected in the décor. Open Thursday to Saturday from 6:30 pm to 2:00 am 7128 Rosson Rd. (210) 900-0279. Thursday- Saturday, 6:30pm-2:00am, 


Bring your cowboy hat and boots to rumors, it offers great drinks and ice-cold beers. Open Monday to Sunday from 12:00 to 2:00 am, 9802 McPherson #102, (956) 795-1800, www. $

SANTO REMEDIO Plays the best pop music with the best pop bands in town, come and have a great time. Open Monday to Sunday from 11:00am to 2:00 am, 611 Shiloh Dr. Ste. 7, (956) 568-5430 $ SIETE BANDERAS Is a Mexican Fusion restaurant and a top-notch concert and event venue in Laredo, Texas on the Mexican border. Open daily, 901 Iturbide St. (956) 796-0210, $

(956)795-1191 

EL TEQUILERO is an original Norteño bar where one can come enjoy a great ambience with vivid music, and a grand assortment of drinks. 101 Floral Blvd Ste 1 And 2 (956) 568-2194  THE COLD BREW The Coldest Beer

with the Best Prices in Laredo. You can enjoy everything from a great local band to a Comedy show. Open Daily till 2:00 am, 4520 San Bernardo, (956) 723-0046 


bar where you can gather with family and friends to watch your favorite sports, or just for a quick cold drink, eat a good meal or a full night of fun. Open Monday to Sunday from 11:00 am to 2:00 am, 7128 Rosson Ln, Ste 1, (956) 568-5586, 


looking Sports Pub in Laredo, where “A Cold Beer Never Looked So Good”. That’s because they’re more than just a restaurant, and so much more than a sports bar. Their fun, festive atmosphere makes them the go-to place to watch sports, enjoy a cold beer and hang out with friends. Call (480) 456-5458, or visit them at 2414B Jacaman Rd., 


that offers both good drinks and food menu for all to enjoy. Open 7 days a week for your enjoyment. 520 Shiloh Dr., (956) 568-0447, https://www.facebook. com/TKOSportsCafe $

VIBE Night Club located off the loop that plays HipHop and top 40 of all time come enjoy happy hour before 11. Open Thursday to Saturday from 10:00 pm- to 2:00 am. 6408 Crescent Loop Suite 4b, (956) 516-8128. $

SILVERADO’S This venue offers norteño-tejano music. Come dance the night away and ask about our special drink the “Papagallo”. Open on weekends. 5920 San Bernardo Ave. (956) 726-4347 $ SIP N’ RUN Drive Thru located on the North side. Provides beer, Clamatos preparados, tropical Smirnoff, vampiros, margaritas, agua mineral preparada, snacks, etc. 6201 Mcpherson Rd Open daily till 1:00 am, (956)523-0585, (956)326-6493  SIXTY EIGHT CLUB BAR Located in central Laredo. This spot sells nothing but beer and wine. Check them out if you by the civic center. Open on weekends, 2301 San Bernardo Ave.

February 2018


Dining Nightlife


Dining is always a full house at Border Foundry, full of familiar faces and a great patio with live music. It’s the place to be.


February 2018

Natalia Chavaleria, Frank Torrecilla & Mely Alvarado

Giselle Cardenas & Kimberly Succra

Jesus & Elsa Reynaga Jesus Sanchez & Krista Rodriguez

When the night is the only time to share with your beloved ones in a very comfortable and relaxed spot, this is the place to be.

Damien Reynosa & Kayla Rodriguez


Carla Herndandez & Victoria Hernandez

February 2018


Dining Nightlife


Lolitas is a perfect place to spend a Saturday afternoon with friends and family. It’s a must to try one of their most popular drinks, Mexican Hipster.


February 2018


Laredo sure loves their seafood, and when that craving hits, La Laguna hits the spot. Guests are sure to be swept away by their varieties of cocktails, delectable plates, and their signature Micheladas.

February 2018



JALAPEÑOS, MUSIC, & FUN A night to enjoy all things as Mexican as they can be. p. 74

February 2018



February 2018

Entertainment Feature


hat began as a small gathering highlighting local talent in 1978 has now become an international sensation featuring some of the best national and international musical acts. The WBCA Jalapeño Festival Sponsored by La Costeña is part of the heart and soul of Laredo and its citizens. The two-day festival provides two back to back nights of sizzling entertainment, live music, games and fun for the entire family on Friday, February 16th and Saturday, Feb. 17th at El Metro Park and Ride on Hillside Road. This is the biggest two-day music festival in South Texas and the hottest party on both sides of the border! The festival serves as the gateway to some of the biggest bands in the region and offers an opportunity to enjoy your favorite musical groups up close and personal. Kicking off the two-day musical line-up on Friday is Solido, Erick y su Grupo Massore, and more. This year’s headliners feature a one of a kind musical experience with none other than Los Angeles Azules, offering the best in cumbia sonidera and cumbia sinfonica. Helping make Saturday night even more memorable is Siggno and Latin Grammy Award winning international powerhouse, Alicia Villarreal. Adding to the excitement is “America’s Funniest Cowboy’s Fan,” Raymond Orta, serving as a special guest and featured emcee on both nights. This South Texas comedian is sure to keep the audience laughing. Join the fun and sign up for the El Grito Contest Sponsored by Laredo Taco Company. Young ladies 17-25 can also compete for the coveted Miss Jalapeño crown. Participants win cash and other prizes. For those few brave souls, a unique challenge awaits with the hottest eating contest in the nation, the original La Costeña Jalapeño Eating Contest. Contestants put their taste buds to the test and see just how many jalapeños they can eat in 15 minutes. Through unbearable heat, sweat, and tears, they vie to win and break the current amateur record of 141 jalapeños, set back in 1992, and gain ultimate bragging rights. The race to be immortalized in Jalapeño Festival lore awards the winner with a $1,000 cash prize. Enjoy hot and spicy regional delicacies sure to make your mouth water like sizzling tripitas, fajitas, pozole, gorditas, flautas, Mexican Style corn on the cob, and those ever-popular funnel cakes FROM TOP with an ice cold drink and dance the night away in one of the hottest The festival serves as the gateway to some of the biggest bands in the region and offers an opportunity to enjoy your favorite musical groups up close two day events in February! Single day tickets are only $20 and available online or at the and personal; For those few brave souls, a unique challenge awaits with the gate. Upgrade your experience with Hot Spot tickets for only $50. hottest eating contest in the nation, the original La Costeña Jalapeño Eating Contest. The Hot Spot is the exclusive way to enjoy the Jalapeño Festival and features food, refreshments, an air-conditioned bathroom unit, a preferred viewing area and specially priced beer. So come have fun and enjoy a sizzling good time. Visit for more information.

February 2018


Entertainment Highlight Sound of Freedom The airshow spectacular showcases and honors the efforts of our nation’s military. FEB 11

The WBCA Stars and Stripes Air Show Spectacular sponsored by Miller Lite will take place during the 121st Washington’s Birthday Celebration on Sunday, February 11 at the Laredo International Airport (Maher Entrance). The WBCA has announced Major General David M. McMinn as the air show marshal for the 2018 WBCA Stars & Stripes Air Show Spectacular. This year the WBCA Stars & Stripes Air Show Spectacular will feature the F-16 Viper Demonstration Team. The Air Combat Command F-16 Viper Demonstration Team performs precision aerial maneuvers to demonstrate the unique capabilities by one of the Air Force’s premier multi-role fighters, the F-16 Fighting Falcon. “We are excited to be a part of the WBCA Stars & Stripes Air Show Spectacular and can’t wait to bring the ‘Sound of Freedom’ to Laredo, Texas. It’s going to be a great show and we are looking forward to meeting everyone at the show and inspire the next generation of Airmen,” said the F-16 Viper Demonstration Team. The Air Show remains one of the most affordable air shows in the country. Tickets start at just $10 for adults and children 12 and under get in free.


February 2018

Entertainment Music


Singles She Will Be Loved (2004) This Love (2004) Makes Me Wonder (2007) Move Like Jagger (2011) One More Night (2012) Payphone (2012) Maps (2014) Animals (2014) Sugar (2015) What Lover Do (2017) Don’t Wanna Know (2017)


Maroon 5 began as a late-Nineties L.A. grunge outfit called Kara’s Flowers, featuring guitarist-singer Adam Levine, keyboardist Jesse Carmichael, bassist Mickey Maddin and drummer Ryan Dusick, who were signed to Reprise while still in high school. They issued one poor-selling album and broke up for college. Soon, though, they reunited, this time calling themselves Maroon 5 and adopting a poppier, more R&B-inflected sound, and adding guitarist James Valentine. In 2002 they issued their debut, Songs About Jane, a slow-building success thanks to the single “Harder to Breathe” . -FRIDA HERNÁNDEZ


February 2018


Red Pill Blues is the sixth studio album by American pop rock band Maroon 5. It was released on November 3, 2017. The title of the album refers to the science fiction term of taking the red pill or the blue pill, which originated from the 1999 scifi film The Matrix. The album is supported by the lead single “What Lovers Do”, featuring American singer SZA.

Entertainment Movies & Tv


Stephen Colbert Born on May 13, 1964, Stephen Colbert is best known for his work as a comedian, actor, talk show host, and writer. He was raised in Charleston, South Carolina and is the youngest of eleven children. Colbert went on to study acting at Northwestern University and performed with The Second City, a comedy show in Chicago, Illinois, and appeared in productions in the Annoyance Theatre. In 1995, he made his television debut on Exit 57, a series on the network Comedy Central. He then became a writer for Saturday Night Live and a correspondent on Good Morning America. His success with these projects, and others of a similar nature, lead him to The Colbert Report (2005), a television show that served as a platform for his opinions on current events, which he always approaches with a sense of comedy and satire. His latest project, Our Cartoon President, is scheduled to premiere on February 11, 2018.



Black Panther

FEBRUARY 2ND After her family suffers an untimely death, Sarah Winchester, the heiress of the famous firearm distributor, is convinced she is haunted by those who have died by gunfire.

FEBRUARY 16TH After his father’s death and the events of Captain America: Civil War, T’Challa returns to his home country of Wakanda as King. When an old enemy resurfaces, his strength as both King and Black Panther is tested in a battle that risks the fate of the world.

February 2018


A. P. Bio On February 1, 2018, NBC’s latest project will air in living rooms across the nation. Entitled A.P. Bio, the show centers around Jack Griffin, a former philosophy professor at Harvard University. When he loses his chance at his dream job, Jack is forced to return to his hometown of Toledo, Ohio. He is hired as a high school Advanced Placement Biology teacher, and the students and staff at Whitlock High School were not prepared for his unconventional methods of teaching. Jack makes it clear to his unwitting students that they will not be learning one iota of biology. When he realized that a room full of honor students could likely be the strongest tool at his disposal, he decides to use them for his benefit. All the while, Principle Durbin struggles to control Jack, who is truly a force to be reckoned with. Tune in on the first of the month for a show that will keep you in a perpetual state of laughter. -LAUREN MELENDEZ

DeLaredo Oficial

Entertainment Television




rom the mind of comedic genius Stephen Colbert comes Show- that book that isn’t in our show.” time’s latest project, Our Cartoon President. The 2016 United States The show will portray real-life political figures such as the President’s presidential election incited controversy across the nation. Presi- daughter Ivanka Trump, his sons, Don Jr. and Eric, Senator Ted Cruz, etc. dent Donald Trump’s rhetoric and personality, uncharacteristic of a Presi- R.J. Fried, one of the show’s executive producers, referenced another popudent, has elicited both negative and positive opinions. This show hones in lar adult cartoon series when asked to describe Don and Eric’s roles in Our on these qualities in a satirical manner, designed to give viewers a hilarious Cartoon President. look into the trump administration. “The Trump brothers are wonderful characters in this show,” Fried said. In this adult animated television series, the President and his entou- “They’re our Beavis and Butthead.” rage of political affiliates and family members are portrayed as two-dimenWhen asked about President Trump’s unfavorable antics. Colbert sional figures with animated features, contributing to the show’s air of stated “I think the great benefit comedically is how uncontrolled his light-hearted comedy. communication with the world is. But here’s the thing — I love my counThe show is designed to exploit the drama the President has faced in try more than I love a good joke.” This gives readers an idea of what stance his time in the oval office. With the release of Michael Wolff ’s audacious the show will take. Needless to say, Our Cartoon President will undoubtnew novel, Fire and Fury, and the forefront of everyone’s mind, the contro- edly keep citizens across the country glued to their televisions in unconversy has intensified immensely. trollable fits of laughter. Colbert was quoted as saying “I think Michael Wolff must have stolen Tune in on February 11, 2018 at 8:00 P.M. for a tale of controversy and all 10 of our episodes to write ‘Fire and Fury,’ because there is nothing in misadventure. You will not be disappointed!


February 2018



PH 9566937171


Entertainment Gadgets


SMARTenna+ is the world’s first smart, processor-enabled indoor TV antenna available to consumers. Designed by Channel Master and enabled by Active Steering™ Technology from Ethertronics, SMARTenna+ is seven virtual TV antennas in one, with both automated and push-button scanning for channel-by-channel tuning from seven different antenna configurations. With built in amplification and noise filtering, the SMARTenna+ automatically finds the optimal antenna settings for the available channels, with the option for fine-tuning via a push-button control. This powerful combination provides both convenience and flexibility while maximizing the number of channels received across all VHF and UHF channels. Getting started with SMARTenna+ is fast and easy. In approximately


February 2018

two minutes, the SMARTenna+ scans all seven antenna configurations and determines the optimal antenna setting to receive the most channels at the installed location. Active Steering Technology applies smart processing to advanced design to enable virtual steering of the antenna to maximize TV channel reception. At initial setup, SMARTenna+ scans the antenna configurations, analyzes the results, and selects the configuration that delivers the greatest number of channels. This optimized mode is then selected as the default antenna setting. By leveraging advanced antenna design and intelligent processing, SMARTenna+ is able to eliminate over 90 percent of indoor reception issues that are commonly due to placement and movement.

Entertainment Venues

WHERE TO GO This section is intended to inform recreational and entertainment spaces for the information of our readers. The best places to go in Laredo, including popular art galeries, museums, arcades, outdoors and show venues with regular programing of activities and entertainment.


IMAGINARIUM OF SOUTH TEXAS Their purpose is to spark curiosity via interactive and educational exibits that are sage and entertaining for families. 5300 San Dario Ave. Ste. 505, Mall Del Norte, 956 728 0404,, Adult: $3 Child: $4 JETT BOWL NORTH Family Entertain-

located in Texas A&M International Univerisity, the gallery tends to feature the work of their students; however, they do hold exhibits featuring artists from all over the world. 5201 University Blvd. 956 326 20 01

and contemporary dramas, comedies, musicals, and single performer shows, selected from among known Broadway, Off-Broadway and Regional Theater works. The primary goal of this endeavor is to provide relevant theatrical entertainment of the highest caliber, while growing and developing the local performer, production, audience, and patron communities.

GALLERY 201 A fine arts gallery housed



in the lovely downtown Laredo in a historic building that dates back almost a 100 years. Gallery 201 began and continues to exhibit exciting works by emerging Mexican artists, Texas artists and local Laredo artists, concentrating on the cultural significance in a city comprised of 95% Mexican Americans. Open: Monday – Saturday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. 513 San Bernardo Ave. (956) 725-4278

LAREDO CENTER FOR THE ARTS Open: Tuesday – Saturday 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. This art gallery is housed in Laredo’s old City Hall that was intended to accommodate a market, city hall and a theatre in downtown Laredo. The purpose of The Laredo Center for the Arts, is to coordinate, promote, encourage and support the arts for the Laredo area. 500 San Agustin St. 956 725 17 15 THE HELEN RICHTER WATSON GALLERY

The Helen Richter Watson Gallery is a replica of Helen Richter Watson’s Houston Street studio. There is an array of work done by Watson’s colleagues, friends and other artidt’s work she collected. At Texas A&M International University, 5201 University Blvd. (956) 326-2001

LAREDO LITTLE THEATRE Founded in 1911, the mission of the Laredo Little Theater is to preserve, develop and promote the arts and culture in Laredo and our surrounding communities. The scope of the theatre’s programming varies in each of the following: theater arts, dance and music. While incorporating aspects of acting technique (including voice and movement), the focus is on individual creative expression and performance in a safe, collaborative environment. 4802 Thomas Ave. 956 723 13 42, LAREDO THEATRE GUILD INTERNATIONAL productions include classical


Performing Arts. Now in its’ 35th season the Laredo Phil is dedicated to Engaging, Enriching, Entertaining and Educating the local community through music The Laredo Phil was the recipient of the 2007 ASCAP Award for Innovative Programming. 5201University Blvd., 956 326 30 39,


The building is a Recorded Texas Historical Landmark and a Contributing Structure to the San Agustín National Register District. Along with its neighbors, San Agustín Cathedral and La Posada Hotel, the museum forms a triangle of the most visited historic landmarks in the city. 1005 Zaragoza st., 956 727 34 80 ,


history, culture, industry, and populations through a series of changing exhibits and educational seminars. Museum hours: Tuesday – Saturday from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Closed on Sundays and Mondays Admission: $2.00 810 Zaragoza Street, Laredo, Texas, (956) 718-2727,


to the Laredo community in 2003. The theater has hosted hundreds of student, and community events, including production in drama, comedy, musicals, investitures, convocation, high school plays, the Laredo Philharmonic Orchestra concerts, mariachi and LCC’s Culturas concerts. West End Washington St, Laredo 78040 (956) 721-5334

FAMILY HAL’S LANDING Open: Sunday-Saturday 11 p.m. 2 a.m. Laredo’s, premiere restaurant/bar and amusement center for the family, 6510 Arena Road, 956 727

February 2018

ment Center, 40 Lanes with Auto Scoring, Disco Bowling Fridays & Saturdays, Restaurant Bar & Lounge, Arcade Room, 3 Party Rooms Open: Sanday-Saturday 12 p.m. 12 a.m. 701 Gale st., (956) 724 2695,


mental center offers a flimpse into the Rio Grande’s ecosystem and all that surrounds Laredo from live specimens of plants to animal life., West End Washington St., (956) 764 5701, www.laredo. edu


Public Libraries features a 60,000 sq. ft. main library and 4 branches that serve the City of Laredo. Each building houses a growing library collection, computers and Internet access. 1120 Calton Road, 956 795 2400,

THE LAMAR BRUNI VERGARA PLANETARIUM The planetarium allows viewers to

travel to unseen áreas of the iniverse and it is constantly showing educational films with its Digistar 3 projectors that allow the viewer to feel submersed in full-dome images.

OUTDOORS CASA BLANCA GOLF COURSE Casa Blanca Golf Course is a 18.hole municipal golf club and is a Southern Golf Properties managed facility. They offer a strong junior golf program with on-going clinics and tournaments, some clinics área with Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teacher, Bryan Gathright and the Bryan Gathright Golf Academy. The Grill offers an assortment of quick bites to indulge in after a round of 18-holes. 3900 Casa Blanca Rd., 956 726 20 19, BIG RIVER OUTFITTERS Offers guided 6 mil to 12 mile kayak outings on The Rio Grande River and Lake Casa Blanca. The first paddle sport to take on the waters of Laredo, they encourage kayaking, swimming, life guarding, crosstraining and racing. 1 South Main Ave. 956 209 18 79, MAX A. MANDEL MUNICIPAL GOLF COURSE The golf course is strategi-

cally situated on 270 acres of a typical South Texas mesquite land. The site has almost a mile of Rio Grande River frontaje with the clubhouse and Holes

8, 9, 15 and 16 playing directly alongside and overlooking the river. It is a par 72 golf couse that has an excellent balance of drama, playability , and reward that will make for exciting golf for all levels of player. 27700 FM 1472, 956 726 20 00


camping, picnicking, lake swiming, boating, mountain biking and of course fishing. 5102 Bob Bullock Loop, 956 725 38 26

LAREDO PARKS AND RECREATION The City of Laredo Boasts 51 parks that span over 365 acres, four plaza, 18 little league fields and softball fields, five swimming pools and six reacreational center. 2201 Piedra China St. (956) 795-2350

SHOW VENUES CASABLANCA BALLROOM Laredo’s historical Casablanca Ballroom featureing country and regional mexican artists on weekends. Owned and operated by Guerra Comunications. 5064 East Saunders St. on Hwy 59, (956) 726-9393. THE LAREDO ENERGY ARENA is a first class, state-of-the-art multipurpose facility developed by Arena Ventures LLC. Entering its Eighth full year of operation the state-of-the-art Laredo Energy Arena has established itself as the premier entertainment option in South Texas and Northern Mexico. This multi-use facility has introduced affordable, family-oriented entertainment to the South Texas and Northern Mexico markets, including major concerts, sporting events, family and ice shows, conventions, trade shows, and civic events. CLUB ANNEX AT THE LAREDO ENERGY ARENA is the newest nightlife hangoute-

quipped with an exceptional bar staff and unequalled live music! Enjoy your favorite bands in an intimate lounge or club setting at the state-of-the-art Laredo Energy Arena. Club Annex has a varied configuration and a seating capacity of 500 to 2,000 people. They offer affordable rates, a comfortable and fun atmosphere with stylish design and table service. Bookings: (956) 791-9192,

LAREDO CIVIC CENTER is made up of a full sized auditorium, ballroom and several meeting rooms. All rooms are available for parties, conferences and special events. Contac a Civic Center representative at 956.794.1700, 2400 San Bernardo Ave, Laredo Texas 78040. LAREDO COLISEUM is a concert hall that offers great evening entertainment acts from all over Mexico. 1406 Jacaman Rd 956.523.0737



Shibu Treahouse SOFT OPENING


Treahouse, located above ShiBu on McPherson, offers delicious readyto-go bubble teas. You can also brew your own teapot. With over 50 special blends, you're sure to find something you love.


February 2018



Laredo Civic Center hosted La Mafia on el Dia De Los Reyes. Audiences danced the night away to one of Tejano music's most recognized bands.

February 2018




block party panamericana


Guests enjoyed an Avenida San Bernardo Block Party. People enjoyed handmade merchandise from local vendors, delicious food from food trucks and live music.


February 2018



23rd annual MENUDO BOWL


The 23rd annual Menudo Bowl brought forth 44 different competitors with their distinctive recipes for a day filled with food, fun, and music. Guests enjoyed a day of activities and dancing.


February 2018

February 2018







The Abrazo is always a focal point of the annual WBCA festivities. It's a meaningful and touching symbol of the relationship between ‘Los Dos Laredos’ and among the United States and Mexico.


February 2018





Laredo Webb County Bar Association hosted Noche De Agave, a tequila tasting event. With music by Asocia2 Grupo Musical guests enjoyed their night; proceeds benefited Casa De Misericordia.


February 2018

February 2018







The South Texas Collector's Expo hosted Laredo's own Comic Con. Attendees enjoyed panels with their favorite characters, cosplayers, and art from different comic book artists.


February 2018



A night to remember the good times, Flans provided concertgoers a night to sing and dance to love and heartbreak. A trip down memory lane, Flans' music gave Laredo a night to remember.

February 2018




This year, let it speak for you and how you’re feeling! p. 100 February 2018


Style Feature

UltraViolet for 2018 “I just wanna drive ‘til I run out of highway into the purple sky!” Kid Rock had the right mindset when writing his lyrics. by Maria Salas 102

February 2018

A dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple share, Ultraviolet communicated originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us to the future.


uring these chaotic and charged times, the country and its citizens need to think about things that make them happy and reflect on the fact that there is still good to be had in this world. Colors have a way of setting the mood for different areas in life and Pantone recognizes that our moods are sometimes swayed by the colors we surround ourselves with. After much research and analyses, Pantone officially declared the color of the year to be Ultraviolet. This is a color that intrigues with its hybrid, mysterious nature. You can even associate it with the seventh chakra where the human meets the divine. According to their instagram, “A dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple share, Ultraviolet communicated originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us to the future.” It is this color that sets the tone for the trending colors for the spring and summer of 2018. Included in this list is: Lavender - In keeping with the purple hues, lavender is a color that will dominate the whole summer season. It is romantic yet elegant. The color can be worn on a masculine suit or a light garment that gets billowy and ethereal with every step. Rapture Rose - is the full, princess-like, intense shade of pink. Capturing the dream of royalty, this pink can be combined with sheer, light fabrics. Sky Blue - a classic color that reminds you of a serene sky and fluffy clouds. This color looks great on mid or full-length dresses. Light Green - Green makes its return for summer 2018. This

time, however, with a delicate and fresh nuance. Wear it with a pantsuit or a silk long sleeved dress? Military Green - considered now as a neutral hue, just like beige, military green often ‘breaks’ elegant or sporty looks on military style pieces. But the most important way it is worn is from head to toe by a modern woman who faces the urban jungle everyday. Milk White - a full and warm hue, this hue has nothing to do with optical white which is much cooler and cyber-like. This shade was spotted on light, natural materials on garments created for an exotic journey. Chocolate Brown - brown is a color that never goes out of style. Intense and enveloping, it is impossible to resist this shade. Almost as impossible as it is to resist a chocolate covered strawberry. Yellow - Think of Uma Thurman in Tarantino’s Kill Bill. The same shade of her tracksuit is the same vibrant and energizing tone of yellow making a comeback for 2018. This year, yellow is the complementary color of purple. Tomato Red - When is red not a bold color?! A totally bold and entrancing hue, wear it with ample dresses, voluminous cocktail dresses or sophisticated pajama suits. 2018 will be a year that sees many comebacks for the fashion world and many changes for our country. Remember, that our mood is swayed by the colors we surround ourselves with. So in the words of the always eccentric Kid Rock, Let’s all just drive ‘til we run out of highway into the purple sky.

February 2018


Style Decor

2 1

Contemporary Vase

Nippon reclaimed wood ottoman $430 each Cypress console one of a kind piece 98"L x 30"D x 35"H

5 4

Moroccan chandelier

3 6

Carlina sculpture


Velvet counter stool


February 2018


Nine 0 Nine Home Art Collection No. 19 Original piece 63"x63" $1,380

9 10

Rose gold bench


Adding tin chair

7 Wall Decor Mona Lisa Tic Tac by Ricardo Cardenas

Find these items at NINE O NINE, 3910 E Del Mar Blvd, Ste 101, Laredo, TX Ph: (956) 516-7741


Style Lookbook


February 2018

Find these items at Shop195, 3402 Del Mar Blvd #195, Laredo, TX Ph: (956) 701-3503 February 2018


Style Guide

WHERE TO SHOP Boutiques and Spas in DeLaredo City Guide are selected and reviewed by the editorial team.

POLLY ADAMS 2301 E. Del Mar (956) 790


RUNWAY KIDS BOUTIQUE 121 Calle del Norte Suite 101 (956) 568-7800

PRAGUE BOUTIQUE 72715 E. Del Mar Blvd. (956) 727-2844 RED CARPET BOUTIQUE 1705 E. Del Mar


220 (956) 568-0935

REGINA 1308 Grant St. (956) 724 41 66

CASA RAUL 5719 San Dario Ave 956-7230303 4170 S Zapata Hwy 956-728-9200 1102 Grant. (956) 723 9621


LA SPOSA 5701 San Dario Ave. (956) 717

SARA BOUTIQUE 1705 E. Del Mar Blvd Ste. 120, (956) 727 60 30

EL PORTICO 1705 E Del Mar Blvd 956-729-8642


LE BOUTIQUE SHOP 8602 Mcpherson Rd #102 (956)251-9956

Mar Blvd. (956) 712-2220

(956) 717 86 81s

D’BOUTIQUE 201 W. Del Mar #1D, (956)

MOMENTUM 1202 E. Del Mar Blvd. #103 (956) 726-4786

SHOP195 3402 E. Del Mar Blvd. Ste 195, (956) 701-3503

07 71

DESIGN KLASS 7511 McPherson Rd. (956)

MOORE JEWELERS 7815 McPherson Rd, Ste 105, (956) 724-5969

Norte, (956) 718-0096

DEUTSCH & DEUTSCH Mall Del Norte Dr.

MY DRESS 1605 E. Del Mar Blvd. Suite 104 (956) 754-9162

St. 3B

DOLLZ BOUTIQUE 3402 E. Del Mar Blvd.


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February 2018

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Find these items at Nook at 909, 1202 East Del Mar Blvd, Laredo, TX Ph: (956) 722-0036 w w w . n o o k a t 9 0 9 . c o m February 2018



Arts & Culture

ART WITHOUT LIMITS Shellee: Artist, Mother, Free-Thinker p. 116

February 2018




hellee Laurent, a Laredo artist, approaches the creation of art with no limits. She’s one mentally strong artist who knows what she wants to create and is not afraid to use any mediums that will bring her inspiration to life. I got a chance to meet up with her over a cup of coffee to talk about her journey in this art world, the obstacles she faces, the inspiration behind the work and her view on the art community.

Oscar: Shellee, so what are you up to right now as far as Art goes? Shellee: I’m always working on growing as an artist, daily. Right now, I’m challenging myself to work on anatomy. I’m slowly trying different things and moving into installation/performance art. After 18 years of being an artist, I still learn every day. When did art become a ‘thing’ for you? What’s your earliest memory? When I was 8 or 9, I got introduced to David Bowie. Even though he was a musician, his creativity with makeup, music, and costumes made me want to question my own identity. Nature also played a big part. I used to spend a lot of time sketching trees and birds while growing up in Iowa. I even sketched dead animals.


February 2018

Did you pursue art in school? I did, it started in middle school, then high school and college. However, I don’t want to say school wasn’t for me but I don’t think I love learning in a structured way. I learn more organically. I’m always collecting hobbies. If I’m interested in something I pick up a book and learn about it. What’s your style? What defines you as an artist? I don’t think I can ever look in the mirror and say “I’m an Artist”. That takes balls. This is a hard one, however, I think if you create daily you are an artist. My style right now is more expressive, more thinking, more mindful. How do you challenge yourself to continue developing your style? What’s your advice on that? I think you should take at least 5 to 10 minutes a day to create something even when you don’t have the time. Work every day. It keeps your mind fresh. What’s your preferred medium? I can work with any medium; I really don’t follow the rules. I’m not tethered. I’m tethered in physical form but not tethered in mind, so I see opportunity

Arts & Culture Feature with any medium. Whatever medium is around, will work. I’ve used everything from toilet paper to cardboard, even lipsticks. What’s the biggest obstacle you have faced when it comes to creating? Space. There could be times where you live in a shitty apartment and not have a studio. Some artists can’t afford a studio so you have to work from your kitchen table or bed. The obstacle has always been finding space. I overcome it by painting outside. The other obstacle is LIFE happening, you know, distractions happen.

Do you have a routine for creating? I usually have things organized for easy access. I separate everything by medium. I can say there is structure as much as there is chaos. I put my headphones on, play music and I’ll just focus on the work. Being a mom it’s hard sometimes to disconnect from my kids but they have learned to respect that time. I’m raising them in a way where they know that I respect their creativity time as well. Where does your inspiration come from? It’s going to get a little “Adult” right now. My sexuality. Tuning into my own sexuality inspires me. It derives from passion. I think passion is very impor-


Let’s spend some time on distraction. What’s the biggest distraction that keeps you from creating? The biggest distraction has been me questioning my responsibility as an artist with all the things going on in the world. I ask myself if I should sacrifice my personal desire for the art I want to create and instead create something to address what is going on in the world. Being a feminist I feel responsible to speak up for women.

How do you move past the distraction? Disconnecting from phone or TV has helped. I love being informed so I do watch TV but sometimes turning it off and disconnecting from that is more impactful. I have a responsibility to look and not look away, so staying up to date is important.

February 2018


What’s the one art piece you created that has challenged you the most? The very first art piece I created after a horrible heart break. I had not painted for two years at the time and I remember I was in my bedroom reading. I then looked at my closet, the clothes and lighting looked very ‘sketchable’ at that moment. I didn’t have anything to create since I had stopped creating art at that time. I looked for paper and I remember grabbing an eyeliner pencil and I started to sketch. That was the first art piece after those two years. I was afraid that I had lost the creativity. That piece came out very lovely. It made those two years feel like it was only one day. Why did you stop creating for two years? I got consumed with how I was going to live without him. I feel that ‘not creating’ was a penance for myself. I was young and took the gift [of creativity] for granted. I was consumed with the idea of flesh. I was about living life and doing whatever I wanted. It was hard. This made me grow the f*&* up.


February 2018

Thanks for sharing that with us! What advice would you give a young artist who is just getting started? For them to do their research. To understand what work they are producing and understand the demographic of people that are willing to buy that work. Get involved on social media. I would recommend starting there. Research and learn. Take risks. Life can be long and boring if you don’t. Let me ask you about the art community here in Laredo, did it exist when you got to Laredo? It was here but it was small and now it’s growing; there is a mixture of everything. You know, egos can get in the way as a community but as an artist you have to push past that. We have to realize we are all made out of the same material, we are all connected, so we have to respect that. I think right now the community is blossoming artistically. We’re all trying to help it grow. That’s awesome! Tell me what’s your dream with art? Just the capacity to be able to do it when I’m 80. For me it’s not about being famous or known. At the end of the day, the art is for me really. It’s for my sanity and my existence. I love to share it and love when people appreciate it; it is heart-warming. That’s it… To still be creating when I’m 80.


tant. If I’m admiring something, I’m invoking all my senses. I try to do that as much as possible. I think it’s important to talk about sexuality. It’s part of who we are as humans. Some of my abstract work is very sexual but someone may not understand it.

Arts & Culture Feature Shellee, thank you for taking time to meet with me today! I know your story will inspire others. Where can people connect with you and see your art? Facebook: The Art of Shellee Laurent Instagram: @leelaurent22 Website: Go follow Shellee on Instagram @leelaurent22 to keep up with her on this journey! She has big plans for 2018!

Oscar @ImHappyOscar

Arts & Culture Chronicle

Life is Short & The Universe is Big by Jorge Santana


y bed were two chairs and my pillow a woman’s purse. That’s how sleep overcame me past midnight while my friends, a little older than me, kept declaiming, singing or speaking technicalities to the wind. That’s how I remember the social gatherings of my childhood. Those I went to when I was barely a surprise in my mother’s womb. I grew up knowing what a bohemia was after the bohemia, the after of the after, playing with my dolls while dawn arrived with poetry and boleros. I grew up between the sensual smoke of my friends with an orange juice as I hummed to the music, art and the night. There exists no better combination. My friends were always my friends even if they were 40, 50, 60, or years older than me. I never knew they weren’t like me. That they weren’t children and maybe even I didn’t know that I was a kid. For me, they were my friends and that romantic world was my childhood. I believe they were unaware that was my childhood and that they were a huge part of it. At home things weren’t all that different. Away from technology, in my home, there was little else to do but read, play in the patio with my imagination, in the dirt, with the trees, have a dog and be their friend, and at night be amazed by the stars. I didn’t know more.That was it. Everything that I could wish for and then more. I had the privilege of a solitude so beautiful that I wouldn’t change for anything. Growing up untimely had its advantages and disadvantages. I couldn’t get along with children my age. I thought cartoons were dumb and I didn’t understand video games. I still struggle to find a place with people my age, but I enjoy being different. What can I do, asi semos no somos an old saying goes. For me, it’s a unique fortuity that I’m thankful for everyday. The point of all this is to think about how many things would’ve happened to me had my parents decided to give me a “normal” life by not including me in their adult world. How many things would I have missed out on had I followed the rules, societal norms, the rigid structure that people say we need to follow? How different would the world be if we chose to step out of our routines, of what should be, give ourselves the permission to explore life and take a different street, ask for something different than our usual at a restaurant. For us to use red when we’re known to wear green, smile in a serious moment, or go to a funeral dressed in yellow. Think about how many things we miss out on, really think on it my readers. Life is short and the universe is big, is it worth it to be afraid of what’s different?

February 2018




This year’s Grammy’s held a slew of performances that it is difficult to put it all in one place. Kendrick Lamar kicked off the show with a politically charged performance. He performed a medley of hits and opened with American flags on all the screens and soldiers marching to the beat. U2 also made an appearance along with Dave Chappelle saying, “I just wanted to remind the audience that the only thing more frightening than watching a black man be honest in America is being an honest black man in America.” Kesha held back tears as she performed her song “Praying.” In a show of solidarity, she was surrounded by women who support her. Bruno Mars and Cardi B stayed true to the In Living Color aesthetic of their music video as they performed “Finesse.” Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee performed “Despacito” because the biggest hit of 2017 could not miss the Grammy’s. To end the night, Bruno Mars won Album of the Year with “24k Magic.”

Gabriela Cadena is a personal trainer, fitness instructor, and a National Physique Committee competitor. She offers exercise videos through her Facebook designed to be done at home. The most recent one she’s shared is a leg day workout that includes 4 exercises. The first exercise is designed like a squat. The second exercise is similar however your legs are shoulder width apart with toes pointing forward. The third exercise are leg lifts. And the last exercise includes doing squats with weights. These workouts are quick and easy to do at home if you don’t have time to dedicate throughout the day to the gym.

Cosplay and Family Fun TAMIU’s Student Center was surrounded by a flurry of colors, characters, and costumes as the annual South Texas Collector’s Expo Comic Con took place all day Saturday, January 27th and Sunday, January 28th. Artists, vendors and cosplayers shared in the opportunity to display their talent and creativity to those who attended. The two-day comic, gaming and pop culture convention included a star-packed lineup featuring special guests from hits like “The Flash,” “Dragon Ball Z,” “Power Rangers,” and more. Sunday ended with a cosplay contest where cosplayer Jaime Flores won 1st place and a cash prize of $1,000. Flores served in the military for over 13 years. He’s always loved Halloween and costumes but never had the time for it. Now, as a retired veteran, Flores is able to share in his love for costumes with his children. The character that he cosplayed as was a warlock from the comic book “Spawn Dark Ages.” Flores spent over 800 hours working on his costume. He’d spend 8 to 10 hours every day for about 6 to 7 weeks just working on getting the details just right. STCE’S Comic Con visits Laredo every year, so keep on the lookout for other opportunities to attend. - MARIA SALAS


February 2018

DeLaredo City Guide February 2018  

City Guide to 300+ Restaurants, Bars, Shops and Events.

DeLaredo City Guide February 2018  

City Guide to 300+ Restaurants, Bars, Shops and Events.