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hunting & field apparel for women

From the CEO As Próis ventures into its sixth year of business, we take time to pause and reflect on the crazy ride that is Próis. What started out as an idea to create badass hunting gear for women has evolved into a way of life for all involved. We anticipate great things for 2013 and hope you all join us on another year of insanity and fun! As much as we would like to believe that we are just an amazing company, it is clear that what makes us so darn spectacular is the crazy following of men and women we have collected. I like to compare them to my priceless PEZ collection. Well, with the exception that none of them are capable of unhinging their heads to produce candy. Not yet anyway. Alas, Próis has found its true niche in the hunting industry and the sisterhood of huntresses across the world. Yes, I said world. I do have a couple of friends from Canada and one from the UK…that makes me international. Doesn’t it? All joking aside, Próis is proud to serve as the premier manufacturer of hardcore women’s hunting gear. We believe that women hunt hard and they too need the gear to sustain their hunting and shooting endeavors. We cannot thank everyone enough for their continued support, senses of humor and timeless friendships. Carpe diem, my friends!

Kirstie Pike

CEO, Founder and Toilet Cleaner, Prois Hunting Apparel for Women

Gear you can trust Próis Hunting Apparel for Women (pronounced “PRO-iss”) is quickly gaining a foothold in the women’s hunting industry. Launched in 2008, Próis made its mark by providing female hunters with a long-awaited line of high-performance, technical huntwear specifically designed for women. The line provides gear that can withstand the extremes and the rigors of the field, yet is designed expressly to fit the female form.

Fabric Choices:

Próis believes the cornerstone to the best outdoor gear lies in its fabrics. Simple cotton will not do. Complex, compressed fabrics offer windstopping, moisture wicking, silence, and waterproofing to the line. Our Pro-Edition series boasts a three-ply bonded fabric that offers soft tricot on the shell, windstopping laminate, and microfleece, which offer optimal thermoregulation without the bulk that is a hindrance in the field. Our Ultra shirts wick away moisture, which is a musthave feature in both hot and cold climates. Our Eliminator and Xtreme lines offer hardcore waterproof breathable fabric choices that are rugged, silent, and functional. Our Sherpa offers plush warmth. All our pants are 100% polyester tricot and offer silence, softness, and a durable snag-resistance. Próis then adds its signature nylon tricot lining system to all jackets, vests, and lined pants to offer warmth, softness, and ease of layering/movement. Our Competitor and Turas lines utilize wrinkle-free wicking fabric. 1. Mothwing Mountain Mimicry 2. Realtree AP HD® 3. Realtree Advantage Max-1 HD®

Functional Features: Each piece of gear is thoroughly thought out and field-tested by women who hunt hard. Whisper-silent magnetic closures on cargo pockets enhance silence in the field. Deep-set lumbar pockets in all jackets and vests offer storage of soft goods and gear. Pleated knees in our pants optimize articulation. All pants are engineered with drawstring/core locking at the hemline to pull the pant close to the boot. Scapular drop pockets have been developed to lie between the shoulder blades (a highly vascular area on the body) to house activated hand-warmers, which promote optimal thermoregulation. Taped seams and nylon tricot lining push our Eliminator (waterproof/breathable) Line to the front of the pack. Heavy-duty slap pads and recoil padding make the Competitor line cutting edge. Commitment to Serious Female Hunters: Próis is designed with the serious female hunter in mind. Each piece is created to provide the highest level of function to help improve performance in the field. We are all about the woman who is passionate about her pursuits. We refuse to settle for downsized men’s gear, up-sized children’s gear, or simple clothing that is substandard. We realize women work hard to perfect their craft and they deserve the best.

when we’re not huntin’ well, we’re talkin’ about yo’ mama!

At Próis, we like to laugh A LOT, so we asked some of our pro-staff to share their funniest hunting moments. You can find the Próis Posse on Facebook 24/7 where we share our hunting feats, and well, lots of bad jokes that often end in “yo’ mama” or the adventures of good ol’ number two! We chose to feature this little story, because it captures BOTH of our favorite punchlines!

from Vickie Gardner Stephanie Mallory and I were in Mississippi on a cold spring morning. It was about 5 a.m. and we had just sent our female veterans out with their turkey guides... we were on the fourth day of our Second Celebration Hunt for Injured Female Veterans. Steph looked at me and said in her cute Alabama accent, ”Y’all want to go up the road a piece... I laid a log on the side of the road where I heard those turkeys gobbling last evenin’.” So we headed up the road in our PJs and warmest Próis coats with cups of coffee and a camera. We located the marker log, sat down and settled up against a large tree on the side of the road. As we were waiting for the sun to come up Steph told me she was going try a hooty owl call. I agreed, so she gave the best hooty owl and a turkey gobbled back! We broke into giggles and I can’t even

say why. She waited a few minutes and said, “I think I’ll do a crow call.” I said “I can’t wait!” She called and two turkeys called back and we again went into hysterics trying to cover our mouths with our jackets, spilling coffee and wiggling down to make ourselves smaller and more camouflaged. A few minutes passed and she pulled her head out of her jacket and whispered, “I’m gonna try something new,” and belted out “YO’ MAMA” and three turkeys called back, they were close! We lost it to laughter! She said, “You try.” I belted out “YO’ MAMA” and they loved it and gobbled back. They were getting closer and we didn’t have a hunting license or a gun, just two girls in PJs and a case of the extreme giggles, the kind that bring tears rolling down your face and you hope you don’t wet your pants.

Elevation Pants The new Pr贸is Elevation pants are constructed from breathable, waterproof laminate with waterproof zippers that snap down for complete silence. Pants are lined with our nylon tricot lining system that enhances comfort and ease of movement with underlayers. The new athletic design is sleek, but created with plenty of room in the rear and thighs. Waistline sits at the natural waist. Cargo pocket on right leg to stow goods. Rear pockets with snap-down slider zippers. 9 inch boot zip at the cuffline. Cordura scuff plates added to inside of cufflines to reduce wear during the long, rugged hikes. The Elevation pants offer the ultimate in function and moveability, warmth and ease of layering.

Item #1008 $259.99

Item #4005 $99.99

Elevation Shirt The Elevation Shirt is a polyester/spandex blend with antimicrobial properties. This performance fabric allows moisture to wick from the skin which is key to optimize thermoregulation during a physically strenuous hunt. The Elevation shirt may be worn as a base layer or alone as the temperatures climb. This sleek design was created to optimize layering without adding the distraction of bulky components. Complete with thumbholes in the cuffline to optimize concealment, warmth and ease of layering.

High-est Performance Elevation Jacket

The Elevation Jacket offers relentless protection from the elements. It is constructed from breathable, waterproof laminate fabric with waterproof zippers that snap down for complete silence and is the perfect shell for the Elevation layering system. Lined with Próis’s signature nylon tricot lining system that offers ease of layering and added warmth. Deep set hand pockets are perfect for housing activated hand warmers for freezing fingers. An integrated arm pocket is an ideal stowaway for valuables and hunting licenses. Item #3008 $279.99

Elevation Beanie & Gaiter The new alpine Elevation Beanie offers stretchability and extended coverage over the ears. Created with our polyester interlock fabric and lined with thick fleece for added warmth. The Elevation Gaiter combines the functional design of our Sherpa neck gaiter with our Elevation interlock fabric and is lined with soft fleece for comfort and warmth.

Item #5001 $39.99

Item #5002 $48.00

Elevation Vest The key to maximizing thermoregulation is insulating the body’s core. The Elevation Vest is constructed with 100% poly interlock with stretchability and breathability. Vest is lined with plush fleece for additional insulation. Sleek and athletic design allows the vest to ride comfortably under the Elevation jacket or to be worn alone as the temperatures climb. Innovative neck design allows the neck to be free of excess collar fabric that can bunch and bind when layered. Zippered hand pockets in the front and external lumbar pocked on the back are perfect for stowing valuables. Item #2006 $149.99

...for the Elite Huntress

Trust our intuition...


INTUITION SYSTEM We are the first apparel company to license the use of HECS™. HECS stealthscreen™ is a revolutionary new material made of conductive carbon fiber that reduces the body’s electric signal. HECS™ (Human Energy Concealment Systems) material is also engineered with a high carbon content, which may also aid in scent elimination from the core of the body. The informational YouTube is a must see - just search for HECSLLC!

All living things emit an electromagnetic signal - the 6th sense!

Animals can detect electromagnetic signals

Próis uses this Faraday Cage principle, which is proven to block electromagnetic signals, which reduces animal detection of human presence.

Item #4006. $79.99 Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Item #1009. $84.00 Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

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From bulls to bikes to biathlons, Tracy Barnes defines

straight from the horse’s mouth, tracy recaps her 2012 Elk hunt Is it possible to walk the skin off the bottom of your feet? I think I’ve done that this week. Archery elk season opened almost a week and a half ago and I’ve been worthless ever since. I can’t sleep, and I’ve spent almost every day hiking mile upon steep mile in some unforgiving country to try to arrow an unsuspecting elk. Unsuspecting? Well, most of the time they’ll get your wind, or see you, or hear you. But I’m hoping for that one time where the wind will be right, I’ll go unseen, and not a sound will escape the rubber of my shoe soles. Yep, this right here is an obsession. I might have to seek therapy if I don’t get anything, but for now I’ll just crawl along the woods at an ants pace trying to spot something before being spotted... Several hours later the sun is now high in the sky. It’s getting hot. My sister and I had seen some elk early on, but didn’t catch up to them before they disappeared into the dark timber. We’ve since split up and I’m wrapping around one side of the mountain and she’s wrapping around another. I look at my watch, it’s 11:00. I look up at the sun as it beats down. Darn it’s hot. Too hot. The cold, nasty September weather that normally gets the bulls bugling and the elk moving around hasn’t come yet. Pinecones and leaves crunch under my feet. I picture an elk up ahead with its ears perked up and the sounds of crackling leaves reaching its ears like an amplifier. I focus on sneaking quieter still. The wind is not helping either, it’s swirling every which direction and I’ve always imagined that to an elk we smell like how a skunk would to us. I can picture elk catching my scent and turning up their noses. Up ahead I spot some movement. I freeze and take a closer look. There’s a spike bull lying under a tree about 80 yards away. I learned a long time ago that usually where there’s one, there’s more. And more means more eyes. So I take my time and use my binoculars to go over every square inch of forest ahead of me. I’m on a long flat bench, and there’s another bench that drops off to my right. No sign of elk on the bench below, but soon I spot a set of antlers turning as a bull turns it’s head. The bull is lying 10 yards to the left of the spike and a cow lay 15 yards further down the bench. The wind for once is in my favor, so I know that if I take my time, they won’t leave unless I spook them. So, for the next hour I painstakingly sneak 40 yards. It’s agonizingly slow, and the ground is so dry and every step loud. After a few yards I take off my shoes. From then on everything is silent and my feet seem to mold to the forest floor. I take one step at a time. Sometimes 10 minutes go by between steps because the elk are constantly looking around, checking their surroundings. I move slow enough that I go unseen and stop 40 yards shy of the herd as it is bedded down. Now I wait. I don’t want to spook the bull to get a shot, so I’ll wait for him to stand up and present me with one. An hour goes by. The adrenaline is still pumping. Then it happens. The spike stands up over to my right. The bull stands right after him. Something alerted them. I’m drawn and centering my 40-yard pin on the bull. I release my Easton arrow and it flies like a rocket, hitting right behind the front shoulder. Then it’s chaos. The rest of the herd gets up and all run in every direction. Then, like that, the forest is quiet again. I retrieve my shoes and walk excitedly up to where the bull had stood. I recover my arrow and the fletching is red. Five minutes later I walk the angled line downhill following the blood trail. It stops after 50 yards and the bull lay on its side. I soak it in as this has been one of the hardest elk seasons I’ve had yet and I’m so thankful now to fill the freezer for the coming year. I then set down my bow and my pack and start cutting. I quarter out the elk, hang the legs in the shade, and cut out the backstrap and tenderloins. Then it’s time for the long trek to the car to get the packs. I grab a leg, my bow and my pack and head out of the woods, my cargo’s a little heavier, but my walk is a little lighter.

{ BTW: Badassery is the act of being a complete and total badass. }

every silent moment counts Ultra Pants

Pro-Edition Pants Pillowtop covers over back pockets to secure small items Elastic in sides of waistband to optimize fit Ladder Locking Cam Straps added to provide adjustment to the perfect fit.

Zippered front pockets to secure small items

A relaxed, flattering fit

Spacious front and back pockets for added storage. Pockets do not have zippers or pillowtops.

Large cargo pockets with magnetic closures to enhance silence

Knee pleats to optimize comfort with sitting, squatting, or crawling

Available in Realtree AP HD® and Advantage Max-1 HD®

9” boot zippers added for ease of use

Elastic drawstrings with cordlocks cinch pants to boots to keep out moisture and debris

100% polyester brushed tricot 380 Gm. This fabric has the “4 S’s”- soft, sturdy, silent and snag resistant. These pants are fitted at the natural waist for a higher rise. Designed with extra room through the hips and thighs to enhance comfort and function. Waistline has elastic stretch to the sides while maintaining a flattering front. Waistline also includes belting and tab buckles to provide a perfect fit. Large cargo pockets with magnetic snap closures for silence Additional front pockets with zip closures. Elasticized cuffing and cordlock to cinch cuff closer to boot during the hunt. Knee pleats added for enhanced movement and comfort while sitting, squatting or stalking. Item #1002. $165.99 Available in Realtree AP HD® and Advantage Max-1 HD® Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

100% polyester brushed 380 Gm Tricot. This fabric has the 4-S’s: soft, sturdy, silent and snag resistant. Fitted just below the natural waist. Designed to allow more room through the hips and thigh. Large cargo pockets with magnetic closures for silence. Boot cut. Elasticized cuffing and cordlock to cinch cuff closer to the boot during the hunt. Knee pleats to enhance movement and comfort while sitting, squatting or stalking. Item #1001. $119.99 Available in Realtree AP HD® and Advantage Max-1 HD® Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

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( these ain’t yo’ mama’s hot pants! )

high altitude. high tech.

Generation X Jacket

Generation X Pants

Windstopping and water-resistant fabric. Nylon tricot

Windstopping and water-resistant fabric. Microfleece

lining enhances warmth and eases layering. Scapular

lining enhances warmth. Deep cargo pockets with magnetic

Pockets located between the shoulder blades built to house

closures for ease of access and enhanced silence. Boot

activated hand warmers Deep lumbar pocket across the

zips with snap-down sliders. Elastic drawstring with cord

back. Zippered arm pocket to hold valuables. Extended

stop to draw pants close to boot. Waist sits at the natural

hooding offers additional warmth and concealment. Deep

waistline and is complete with camstrapping and ladder

hand pockets. All zippers with snapdown sliders for silence.

locks to ensure the perfect fit. Knees with articulated pleats

Item #3007. $249.99

to optimize movement when sitting, squatting or crawling. Back pockets with pillowtop closures to keep contents in place. Front pockets with zippered closures with snap-down

Generation X Fabric Silent Brushed Tricot Windstopping Laminate Microfleece Nylon Liner

sliders for silence. Constructed with ample room through hips and thighs. Item #1006. $199.99

Ultra Back Country

Camo Trim

100% polyester birdseye fabric to wick moisture away from the skin. Neck zipper added to allow venting in warm weather. Thumbholes at cuffline to optimize layering, warmth and concealment. 3 compartment lumbar pocket system is perfect for holding calls, gloves, hand warmers and other hunting necessitites. Item #4004. $64.00 3 compartment easy-access pocket

Available in Black w/ Camo Trim, Realtree AP HD®, and Advantage Max-1 HD® Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Ultra Short Sleeve Designed with an athletic cut. 100% polyester wicking fabric which works to pull moisture from the skin. Feels like a running shirt, looks like a hunting shirt. If you are longerwaisted or desire additional length to tuck shirt in, the manufacturer advises purchasing a size larger. Item #4001. $44.00 Available in Black, Realtree AP HD®, and Advantage Max-1 HD® Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Ultra Long Sleeve Athletic cut with technical composition. 100% polyester wicking fabric to wick moisture from the skin to maintain warmth and dryness. Thumbholes at the cuff line designed for warmth and concealment. Perfect by itself or as a thermal layering option. Please note…as this shirt is engineered with an athletic cut, it tends to have a shorter fit. If you are longer-waisted or desire additional length to tuck shirt in, the manufacturer advises purchasing a size larger. Item #4002. $56.00 Available in Black, Realtree AP HD® and Advantage Max-1 HD® Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Ultra Hoodie Camo Trim Hood

Bilateral Zippered Front Pockets

100% polyester birdseye wicking fabric to create an athletic, breathable shirt. Hood offers enhanced warmth and concealment. Thumbholes at cuffline to optimize layering, warmth and concealment. Bilateral zippered front pockets added to stow lightweight items. Can be worn alone or in combination with any Próis vest or jacket. A perfect shirt for your spring turkey hunt or early big game adventures. Item# 4003 $71.99

from andrea fisher 2011 próis award winner ...a year later, I am still cherishing and embracing this lifechanging experience, and this has been not only about winning a prize, but about something much more. What an incredible journey it has been! I have been surrounded by outdoorswomen who share my passion for the outdoors, and who share that, in turn, with others. I have met so many outstanding people and have made a lot of new friends! The world of Próis has opened doors and opportunities are now on the horizon, including being part of an all-women’s safari to Africa in 2014, fulfilling a long-held dream! The wonderful (and sometimes wild and wacky) women of the Próis community (the Próis Posse) have made me laugh every day, and made me realize

what a powerful force we women are in the outdoors. Our ranks are full of strong, talented and gifted women! We have a true sisterhood, and I feel the camaraderie, compassion and a sense of belonging here with this awesome group of women! We cheer each other on, and we all support each other, in the field or out, whether it is a missed shot, tag sandwiches and tag soup, a bad day at the office, a sick child or a broken dream. It is such a privilege being in the company of all these amazing women, my outdoor sisters! Thank you all, and God bless. Now, let’s go hunting!!!

Congratulations to Ruth Cusack!

This is the second year Próis Hunting Apparel for Women has held the prestigious Próis Award, which was created to honor the amazing huntresses out there who also commit their time and efforts to conservation, management and community education. This year, over 80 entries were submitted and the top 12 finalists were chosen by our elite panel of judges. Ruth will win an amazing prize package including a 2-species hunt in Namibia with Mogwadiri Hunting Safaris, gear package from Próis Hunting Apparel for Women, firearm by Weatherby, Heartbreaker Bow from Bowtech, bow rest from Rip Cord, Optics by Swarovski, knives from Buck Knives,  arrows/broadheads/logowear from Shoot Like A Girl, scent-free products by Her Camo Shop, customized journal by Hunter Hills Journals,  shooting sticks from BOG,  European mount racks from Skullhooker,  boots from Zamberlan and high-altitude drinks from Acli-Mate!  Whew. Ruth will also be flown out to attend the 2013 SHOT Show press conference, which will introduce her to the industry media.

I grew up in a small rural town in Iowa. I was a fearless tomboy and I spent most of my time exploring the woods and farmlands surrounding my home. I always wanted to see what was beyond the next hill. It was not until later in life when I discovered my true destiny and started my journey to become a Huntress. I was 30 years old when I took my hunters safety course and began by hunting small game and whitetail, but I knew that there was more and I dreamed of remote wilderness and big game hunting. When I met my wonderful husband, Louis, I was mesmerized by all his adventures. He was born in Louisiana and lived in Alaska. He took me rabbit hunting on our second date. His passion and stories of remote wilderness hunting fueled our long distance relationship. It wasn’t very long before I joined him in our great 49th state and we began sharing our quest for adventure both here and abroad. My core value is deeply embedded in helping those in need. Beans Café (the local soup kitchen) gives us a great opportunity to share our good fortune. We donate wild game, seafood, warm clothing and our time to them several times a year. There is nothing more rewarding than sharing our harvest directly to those who really need and truly appreciate it. I support the Annual

Armed Services Combat Fishing Tournament in Seward, Alaska. I contribute to The Alaska Healing Hearts and I am eager to work with others in our community to begin a women’s chapter. I believe in promoting wildlife conservation and protecting our natural resources. I believe in educating our youth and giving them hands on experience in the outdoors. I also believe that I have the God-given right to bear arms and to responsibly hunt and harvest meat for my family. This is why I am a member and strong supporter of Safari Club International. My passion is the outdoors. Most of my hunts are self guided remote wilderness hunting for Alaskan big game animals. Whether it’s flying into a high alpine lake to hunt late season mountain goats on Kodiak Island, battling the elements on the Alaska Peninsula hunting coastal brown bear or packing into a river above the Arctic Circle to hunt moose and caribou, I am always ready for the adventure and looking forward to the next opportunity. Each and every day my thoughts are focused on preparation. The mountains can be unpredictable and brutal. Body, mind and equipment all have to be in top notch condition, whether it’s warm clothes, new gear or adding another 5 pounds to my pack and hitting a local trail to condition for the hunt. Each day I think, speak and live it. It’s not about the passion of the hunt - it is about the passion in the huntress. Hunting is not a hobby, it is who I am. If I used a single hunt to define me, it would be our remote wilderness moose hunt. The expedition takes us above the Arctic Circle and over 100 miles from civilization. It’s a true test of strength, perseverance and planning, stacked up against Mother Nature in all of her glory. It’s tough, physical and demanding. The journey starts with a one-mile portage of several hundred pounds of food, gear and rafting equipment, and more often than not, ends with up to 1500 additional pounds of meat, capes and antlers. This all has to be tended, carried, and floated 25 miles on a river that can go from flooding to freezing in what seems like the blink of an eye. Carrying meat in wolf and bear country is a stark reminder that humans are not always on the top of the food chain. This hunt tests my will, strengthens my body and warms my soul. It defines who I am. I am The Huntress!

Pro-Edition Jacket Constructed with 3-ply windstopping and water resistant fabric. Soft shell enhances silence. Nylon tricot lining to improve layering and enhance warmth. 3-panel, removable hood. Arm pockets with magnetic closure snaps to enhance silence. Scapular drop pockets located between the shoulder blades to hold activated hand warmers. Spacious lumbar compartment. Deep-set hand pockets with zippered pockets. Snap-down sliders on zippers to ensure silence. Zipper garage at neck to reduce chaffing from zipper mechanics. Tapered sleeve cuffing with thumbholes added for warmth, concealment and ease of movement. Item #3002. $229.99 Available in Realtree AP HD速 and Advantage Max-1 HD速 Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL Pro-Edition Fabric Silent Brushed Tricot Windstopping Laminate Microfleece Nylon Liner

Three-Panel Removeable Hood with Water Resistant Visor

Scapular Pockets Hold Activated Hand-warmers

Whisper Silent Magnetic Closures

Oversized Lumbar Pocket


Pro-Edition Vest Water-resistant fabric and windstopping technology. Soft exterior enhances silence. Nylon tricot lining to improve layering and enhance warmth. Scapular drop pockets created to hold activated hand-warmers between the shoulder blades. Spacious lumbar compartment across lower back. Deep hand pockets with zip closure. Snap-down sliders on all zippers to ensure optimal silence. Zipper garage at chin to reduce chafing from zipper mechanism. Perfect layering piece for warm or cold weather hunts. Item #2001. $179.99 Available in Realtree AP HD速 and Advantage Max-1 HD速 Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL Scapular Pockets Hold Activated Hand-warmers

you werE born to compete Competitor Shooter’s Vest Bilateral shoulder padding

Inner pockets to hold gel pads

Breathable mesh

Expandable cargo pockets

Rear pouch with zipper Detachable apron

only at


THE COMPETITOR VEST IS CONVERTIBLE! It unzips at the waist, transforming it into a fully functional shooter’s apron! Competitor vest is constructed of heavyweight cotton poly/canvas and lightweight poly mesh. Bilateral shoulder padding integrated to accommodate left or right dominant shooters. Internal pockets on each side of the chest to accomodate gel packs- we suggest the Kick-Eze pads. Front expandable cargo pockets with magnetic closures for easy access. Rear mesh pouch for holding spent hulls with zipper for easy emptying. Adjustable cam straps and buckle at waistline. Attractive, feminine cut. Item #6004 $209.99 Available in Khaki or Black. Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

The Competitor Bilateral Shoulder Pads

Bilateral forearm slap pads


All Competitor items available in: Black w/ Pink, White w/ Black, Navy w/ White Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Ultimate Longsleeve Crafted from strudy 100% polyester wicking fabric to offer ultimate ease of movement. The Competitor Long Sleeve is for the female shooter who does it all! Complete with bilateral forearm slap pads and thumbholes for the archer. Bilateral shoulder protection for the shotgunner. Item #6003 $99.00

Shortsleeve Crafted from sturdy 100% polyester wicking fabric to offer ultimate ease of movement. Bilateral shoulder pads for comfort. Athletic, attractive cut that allows maximum movement and fun at the range. IItem #6002 $84.00

Sleeveless Crafted from strudy 100% polyester wicking fabric to offer ultimate ease of movement. Bilateral shoulder padding to protect the shooter. This shirt is perfect for those balmy days on the range. Item #6001 $72.00

Feminine cut, hits at waist

Whether your passion is shooting trap, perfecting your handgun form, or taking aim at the archery range, Pr贸is has you covered. Crafted from our sturdy 100% polyester wicking fabric to offer ultimate comfort. Engineered with an athletic cut to promote ease of movement. Our Competitor Line is equipped with bilateral shoulder padding to protect the shooter no matter which arm is dominant. Bilateral forearm slap pads are built into the Competitor longsleeve for the archer. Pr贸is is proud to bring athleticism, function, and comfort together to make you the ultimate competiton...

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dressed to Próis helps you decide what to wear, and when, on all of




life’s greatest adventures.


Alaska & Canada Alaska Early Fall Hunts: Eliminator Pants & Jacket Pro-Edition Vest Ultra Backcountry Shirt Neck Gaiter Próis Cap Alaska/Canada Late Fall Hunts: Xtreme Pants & Jacket Reversible Sherpa Vest Ultra Hoodie Neck Gaiter Sherpa Beanie Canada Early Fall Hunts: Generation X Pants & Jacket Ultra Backcountry Shirt Neck Gaiter Sherpa Beanie


4 6 5 3 7 6

Late Rifle season: Generation X Pants & Jacket Reversible Sherpa Fleece Vest Neck Gaiter Blaze Beanie

Northern Rocky Mountains Predator Hunting: Xtreme Pants & Jacket Ultra Hoodie Pro-Edition Vest Neck Gaiter Sherpa Beanie

North-central States

Waterfowling: Xtreme Pants & Jacket Ultra Hoodie Shirt Reversible Sherpa Vest Neck Gaiter Sherpa Beanie


South-central States Spring Turkey: Pro-Edition Pants or Ultra Pants Ultra Hoodie Shirt Pro-Edition Jacket Próis Cap


Mountain Goat or Sheep Hunting: Elevation Pants, Shirt, Vest, Jacket, Beanie & Neck Gaiter!

Midwest States

2 3

Colder Seasons: Xtreme Pants & Jacket Pro-Edition Vest Ultra Hoodie Shirt Neck Gaiter Sherpa Beanie

Spring season: Eliminator Pants & Jacket Ultra Hoodie Próis Cap

Western Mountain States Archery season: Pro-Edition Pants OR Ultra Pants Ultra Backcountry Shirt Pro-Edition Jacket Próis Cap

Texas Dove Hunting: High Plains Brush Pants Ultra Shortsleeve Shirt Black Próis Cap

Midwest Whitetail Hunting: Warmer Seasons: Generation X Pants & Jacket Pro-Edition Vest Ultra Hoodie Neck Gaiter Sherpa Beanie

Pacific Northwest

Southeastern Alligator: Tintri Shorts & Sleeveless Shirt Próis Cap

Upland Hunting: High Plains Brush Pants Black Ultra Backcountry Shirt Reversible Sherpa Fleece Vest Blaze Cap or Blaze Beanie



Oklahoma & Texas Hog Hunting: Pro-Edition or Ultra Pants Ultra Shortsleeve Shirt Próis Cap

New England & Mid-Atlantic Waterfowling: Xtreme Pants & Jacket Ultra Hoodie Shirt Reversible Sherpa Vest Neck Gaiter Sherpa Beanie

New for 2o13!

Próis Leather Cartridge Holder Genuine leather. Heavy-duty double snap. Works with most sport belts. The perfect companion to the Próis Leather Belt. $59.99

Próis introduces tough accessories for our customers who require just a little more!

Próis Leather Gun Sling Created with genuine leather. 3” wide padded sliding sling with thumb loop. Buck embossed, suede lined. Classic, timeless and sturdy! $79.99

Próis Leather Belt 1 1/2“ heavyweight lined holster sport belt. Genuine leather. $79.99. Available in MEN’s Sizes S,M,L.

Leather is a girl’s best friend

High Plains Brush Pants Engineered with cotton/poly base and heavy-duty Cordura facings. Waist rests at the natural waistline and is complete with elastic in the side bands and cam strapping/ladder locking to adjust to the perfect fit. The High Plains Brush Pants are constructed with a feminine fit to allow plenty of room through the hips and thighs. Bilateral front pockets with zippered closures and back pockets with pillowtop covers keep contents in place. Pleated knees optimize articulation and freedom of movement. Boot zippers with 1-inch overlay flaps and snaps to keep debris to a minimum. Additional Cordura scuffplate added to the inside seam to reduce wear. Cuffline with elastic drawstring and cord locking to keep pants tight to the boot during the hunt. Available in Olive & Khaki. Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Item #1007 $169.99

staff pick!

Próis Staff Favorite! “I love my Próis xtreme Jacket. I was on a moose hunt in the Northwest Territories for the month of September sleeping in a wall tent and trail riding. It was about -15 degrees Celsius in the daytime and whether walking or riding on the horses I stayed toasty warm. It’s my favorite piece of clothing by far!“ - Bailey Simpson, Próis Field Staff


Item #3004 $279.99

Soft, silent shell of our 100% polyester 8000/5000 waterproof/breathable fabric. Well INSULATED with 150Gm 3M ULTRA Thinsulate, this jacket will not leave you out in the cold. Lined with our 100% nylon tricot for added ease of layering and movement. Deep chest and hand pockets with zippered closures. All zippers with snap-down sliders to ensure silence. Zipper garage at chin to reduce chafing from zipper mechanism Innovative Spandex inner sleeve liner keeps arm mobile yet reduces drafting and maximizes dryness. Velcro closures at wrist to further reduce drafting. Safety harness access at the base of the neck with magnetic tab closure allows the huntress to wear harness under the jacket. Hood with exterior drawstring closure that pulls hood away from the face, thus maximizing peripheral vision. Drawstring at waist to enhance warmth. Includes the signature Prois Ducktail Feature that is designed to provide additional warmth and dryness to the backside... simply unsnap and the tail drops down an additional 12 inches that optimizes dryness when sitting in the elements. Available in Realtree AP HD® and Advantage Max-1 HD® Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

XTREME Fabric Waterproof/breathable laminate 150 gm Thinsulate Nylon Lining

Insulated with 150 Gram 3M Thinsulate

taking it to the extreme Insulated with 150 Gram 3M Thinsulate

XTREME Vest The XTREME vest maximizes core thermoregulation. Constructed of waterproof/breathable shell that is soft and silent. Insulated with 150gm 3M Ultra Thinsulate. Lined with our signature nylon tricot layering system to enhance ease of movement and layering. The XTREME vest keeps heat where it should be... in the body’s core. Complete with hood with external drawstring to cinch hood tightly to head while still maintaining peripheral vision. Includes Próis signature Ducktail feature that unsnaps at base of vest to provide the user a dry place to sit. Available in Realtree AP HD® and Advantage Max-1 HD® Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL Item #2004 $229.99

XTREME Pants INSULATED, heavyweight pants that are engineered to withstand the coldest conditions. Constructed with 100% polyester 8000/5000 waterproof/breathable shell that is soft and utterly silent. Insulated with 150 Gram 3M ULTRA Thinsulate and lined with our sleek nylon tricot. Elastic waistline with added elastic drawstring and cordlock. Large cargo pockets with pillowtop closures. 9” boot zippers with 1” zipper cover to keep snow and ice out of the zipper mechanics. Elastic drawstring and cordlock at hem of pants to draw pants tight to boot. Available in Realtree AP HD® and Advantage Max-1 HD® Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Item #1004 $199.99

Próis Staff Favorite! “My favorite piece is the Sherpa Vest! I love that it is something I can wear alone, or layered with other outerwear, making it very versatile. I love the back lumbar pocket: perfect for gloves, extra socks, or a map—just in case, but we Próis women NEVER get lost!” - Andrea Fisher, Próis Event Staff

Reversible Sherpa Vest

Created with 100% polyester sherpa fleece on one side, Polartec 200 blaze orange microfleece on the reverse. Very plush, warm insulatory piece. Functional for multiple seasons, multiple hunts. Scapular drop pocket designed to hold activated hand warmers between the shoulder blades on those chilly mornings. Deep set hand pockets with zipper closure. Fully reversible! Item #2002. $189.99 Available in Realtree AP HD® and Advantage Max-1 HD® Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Sherpa Jacket Offers plenty of room for movement and layering. Constructed with 100% polyester Sherpa Fleece to ensure warmth and fabric silence. Very plush. Nylon tricot liner throughout to promote warmth and ease of movement with multiple layers. Scapular drop pockets to hold activated hand-warmers between the shoulder blades for those chilly days. Spacious lumbar compartment across lower back. Tapered wrist cuffs with thumb holes to help with warmth, concealment and ease of movement. Deep-set hand pockets with zip closure. Snapdown sliders on all zippers to ensure optimal silence. Zipper garage located at chin to reduce chafing from zipper mechanism. Item #3001. $199.99 Available in Realtree AP HD® and Advantage Max-1 HD® Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Scapular Pockets Hold Activated Hand-warmers

love it! Blaze Beanie Sherpa Beanie A great accessory. Made for a close fit that will be sure to keep you warm. Created with our deep sherpa fleece that has a one-ofa-kind feel. Próis logo embroidered on front. Item #5002. $36.00 One size fits most. Available in Realtree AP HD® and Advantage Max-1 HD®

Our blaze orange fleece beanie keeps you covered when blaze is a must! Spacious beanie can be worn alone or over a cap. Item #5002BLZ. $32.00 One size fits most.

Sherpa Gaiter A must-have for both warmth and camo coverage, this neck gaiter is engineered with our sherpa fleece. Added extension down the front of the neck to eliminate wind and chill. Próis logo embroidered on front. A great addition to your hunting gear. Item #5001. $36.00 One size fits most. Available in Realtree AP HD® and Advantage Max-1 HD®

In Action...

in your element Eliminator Rain Jacket Engineered with 100% polyester 8000/5000 laminate, the shell remains soft, and silent. Core laminate with taped seams and waterproof shell zipper will keep you warm and dry. The Eliminator is lined throughout with our nylon tricot for ease of donning and precision of movement. Hood with external elastic drawstrings to cinch hood tight to head while maintaining peripheral vision. The Próis Ducktail sets this piece apart from the rest of the pack! Designed to keep the backside dry, the Ducktail unsnaps from the inside to drop down and extend the base of the jacket to add additional warmth and dryness when sitting in the elements. The ultimate rain jacket! Item #3003. $259.99 Available in Realtree AP HD® and Advantage Max-1 HD® Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

learn more

Eliminator Rain Pants The ultimate Rain pants. Created with 100% polyester 8000/5000 laminate-Waterproof/Breathable. Exterior shell soft, supple and utterly silent with movement. Pull-on styling to use alone or layered in the elements. Elastic waistband and added drawstring with cordlock to provide the perfect fit. Taped seams throughout. Deep cargo pockets with pillow top closures to keep contents dry. 9” boot zips aid ease of donning. Our Próis nylon tricot lining system is utilized in these pants for comfort, dryness and ease of movement. Item #1003. $179.99 Available in Realtree AP HD® and Advantage Max-1 HD® Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL


{ Gaelic for Heat }

Tintri Sleeveless Shirt

Próis’ Tintri Sleeveless Shirt is lightweight and easy to wear as it’s customtailored with a sporty design that allows mobility at every angle. This shirt is as cozy as it is versatile – a perfect fit for a spring turkey hunt, stalking plains game on a hot summer day, or even worn as a base layer under a Próis vest or jacket when cooler weather rolls in. The Tintri Sleeveless Shirt has the look and feel of active sportswear, but it’s chock full of hunt-ready features that blend form and function to keep you cool, silent, and mobile in the field. Its 100% polyester birdseye wicking fabric actively wicks moisture away from your skin through the fabric – helping you stay warm and dry while eliminating the distraction of uncomfortable perspiration. And, because it’s important to see prey animals before they see you, hunters can blend seamlessly into their surroundings with the Tintri Sleeveless. Item #4005. $44.00 Available in Realtree AP HD® and Advantage Max-1 HD® Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Tintri Shorts

The Tintri Shorts are comfortable and roomy, allowing optimal mobility in the field. Perfect for any hot-weather hunting! Engineered with our sturdy 380gm polyester tricot, these shorts are snag-resistant and durable no matter what terrain you hunt. The Tintri Shorts are fitted at the natural waist. The waistline has elastic stretch to the sides while still maintaining a flattering front. Waistline also includes belting and ladder locks to provide a perfect fit. Include large cargo pockets with whisper-quiet magnetic snap closures. Deep hip pockets with zippered closures. Rear pockets include pillowtop covers to keep contents secure. The Tintri Shorts are certain to provide the comfort and function you need for your hotweather hunts! Item #1008. $79.99 Available in Realtree AP HD® and Advantage Max-1 HD® Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

gear for all seasons

the ultimate for travel

Turas Shortsleeve: $40.00 Item #7002

Turas Sleeveless: $35.00 Turas Longsleeve: $50.00

Item #7001

Item #7003

All items available in Black w/ Pink, White w/ Black and Navy w/ White Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

From the CEO: The Turas line was developed with travel in mind. These lightweight and wrinkle-resistant shirts can be rolled, crammed, and packed into

Turas {

the nooks and crannies of your bags. Easy to wash and quick to air dry, these shirts are the ultimate in travel function...

Gaelic for Journey


...was created for your journey... wherever you may venture. Created to meet your lifestyle demands. All pieces in the Turas line are constructed of our sturdy 100% polyester wicking fabric that remains wrinkle-resistant, lightweight, and easy to hand-wash and dry. The functionality of this line makes our gear perfect not only for hunting camp, but for any other outdoor adventures on your itinerary such as hiking, fishing, biking, running, and sight-seeing! The perfect gear to pack wherever your journey leads‌

The Cap

The Visor

Item #5004. $26.99 One size fits most. Available in Blaze Orange, Khaki, Black, Brown, Pumpkin, Realtree AP HD® , Slate, Suede, and Realtree Advantage Max-1 HD® .

Enjoy this visor with adjustable closure. Show some Próis love and keep your eyes on the prize. 100% canvas construction. Item #5011. $20.00 One size fits most. Available in Khaki and Black.


Enjoy this lower-profile cap with adjustable closure. This cap is a great addition that we are certain you will love! 100% canvas construction.

Shortsleeve Tees


More styles available online.

Black and Pink Pride Logo Shortsleeve: $30.00 Item# 5009 BULLSEYE Longsleeve: $32.00 Item #5008 Available in Deep Heather

PRIDE Longsleeve: $32.00

What gear collection is complete without a hoodie? Enjoy our heavyweight hoodies complete with Próis logo. Great layering option for the hunt, or great alone anytime. Item #5003. $32.00 Available in Black/White, Gray/Black, Brown/Orange, and White/Red. Men’s Sizes: S, M, L

Item #5007 Available in Brown/Pink, Light Gray/Pink.

Longsleeve Tees

New logowear for all seasons! Constructed of 100% cotton, this longsleeve t-shirt is perfect for lounging around the house or hitting the road to the next adventure! A must-have for the female hunter!

próis ultimate basics

$32.00 Sizes: S, M, L, XL

These boots were made for Trekking... Zamberian Tundra GT Soft and lightweight yet robust boot suitable for trekking with medium-heavy loads. Hydrobloc® leather upper with Cordura® inserts for light weight, breathability and comfort. GORE-TEX® lining for exceptional water protection, breathability and moisture management - Zamberlan® exclusive Vibram® sole - Zamberlan® Foot Wrapping System to firmly hold the foot and allow a precise fit - Microtex® wicking nylon collar lining helps to control excess moisture. Waterproof. Available in sizes 6-10. $240.00

Zamberian Trekker Lightweight but robust boot. Extra comfort provided by the deluxe leather lining.

One piece Hydrobloc® full grain waxed leather upper - Vibram® rubber sole with PU wedge for shock absorption and overall comfort - Zamberlan® Rubber Reinforcement System rand around the wall of the boot - Soft calf leather lining in the back part for best comfort and Cambrelle lining in the toe: it is hygienic, antibacterial and dries fast - Anatomical and removable foot bed Built specifically for women! Available in sizes 6-10. $240.00

Zamberian Vioz Extended backpacking, long trekking, four-season hikes.

Zamberlan® exclusive Vibram® 3D sole for great grip, exceptional cushioning, wear resistance and traction - GORE-TEX® lining for utmost protection and breathability - Plain, simple and effective upper design - Built expressly for women. The perfect choice for scouting, backpacking and warmer season hunts. Upper constructed of Hydrobloc full grain leather. GORETEX® Performance Comfort Lining. Thermoplastic toe and heel. Waterproof. Weight 660 Grams. Available in sizes 6-10. $280.00

Kenetrek Mountain Extreme Unbelievably lightweight: 3.2 lbs PER PAIR! 2.8 mm thick premium full grain leather uppers that utilize a one piece vamp construction with no seams down the tongue. Reinforced double and triple stitching in high wear areas. 7 mm nylon midsoles for extra support with heavy pack loads. Reinforced rubber sole guard for extra abrasion resistance. Windtex waterproof breathable flexible membrane up ankle. 400 grams of Thinsulate for warmth without the bulk. Lightweight K-Talon outsoles provide excellent traction. $370.00

INCREDISOCKS Now you only have to take one sock with you traveling or backpacking! This sock is made with 200 thread count, patented 3-dimensional weave with an Italian weaving machine so it fits like an Italian suit: perfectly. Incrediwear patented socks can bring comfort to tired legs and feet within minutes of putting them on, energizing individuals who spend long hours on their feet. Incredisocks can significantly enhance comfort and mobility, outcomes that occur due to increased blood flow, regulation of temperature, and delivery of a greater supply of oxygen to the targeted area. Incredisocks are antimicrobial, odor absorbing and moisture wicking for supreme long wearing comfort, which makes for the perfect travel companion. Backpacking or simply working, repetitive wearing is not an issue, they won’t need laundering. Incredisocks are the ideal choice for travelers, sports enthusiasts, or those just seeking the best comfort available in sockwear. $20.00


PRÓI S : l ive c hat! We’ve got Próis Posse members on hand to answer your questions, big and small. Tell us your best “Yo’ Mama” joke, ask about sizing, chat about returns. When we aren’t in the field, we’re here for you!

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existing order? Call Customer Service at 1-970-641-3355. please feel free to contact our customer service center online at customer service@Pró for any questions, comments or concerns.

SLEEVES: Measure from the base of the neck, along the shoulder, down a slightly bent elbow to wrist. WOMEN’S CHEST: Measure around fullest part of bust. WAIST: Measure at narrowest part, near the belly button.

HIPS: With feet together, measure at the fullest point. INSEAM: Wearing a comfortable pair of pants, measure from crotch to bottom hem along the inside seam.

HAT: Measure around the largest part of head (or where you like to wear a hat) and divide the number by 3.

P RÓI S : p r o staff Anne Vinnola Along with her husband, Anne owns a fullservice taxidermy studio, and the Colorado Institute of Taxidermy Training. Anne hunts big game, waterfowl, and upland birds. In 2012 she traveled to South Africa for the hunt of a lifetime. “I left my heart in South Africa and would go back tomorrow.”

Hon. Julie A. Mogenis A former judge, this Texas gal and rancher is  strong on property rights, conservation, and safe outdoor fun. Although she is an accomplished hunter and holds several world records, her forte is sharing outdoor enthusiasm and respect for nature, using her TV shows as a vehicle to demonstrate her passion.

Barbara Baird An avid whitetail and turkey hunter and outdoors-woman, Barbara writes for Shooting Sports USA, Turkey Country, and Show Me Missouri. She publishes the online e-zine Women’s Outdoor News, and is Realtree’s news blogger. Barbara lives in Missouri with her husband, aka Dr. Bomb, on a ghost-cattle ranch in the Ozarks.

Linda Powell Public relations director at O. F. Mossberg & Sons, Linda is an accomplished huntress, traveling throughout the U.S. and around the world. Though her passions remain bears, elk, and turkeys, Linda especially enjoys sharing the sport with new hunters. She serves on the board of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

Beth Ann Amico Beth Ann and husband John own Deep Fork Retrievers in Choctaw, Oklahoma. They travel the country demonstrating retriever training techniques. An awarding-winning gun dog writer, Beth Ann has called hunters to the pages of Retriever News, Retrievers Online, and Labrador Quarterly, as well as Purina, NRA, and NWTF publications.

Rebecca Francis Rebecca co-hosts Eye of the Hunter TV. I’ve hunted all my life, and every year my passion grows! This past year, however, my efforts went into helping my favorite hunting buddies: my children. My 12-year-old daughter took her first muley and bear; my 13-year-old son, his first moose and buck.

Christina Holden Christina grew up in a hunting family, and became the first Maryland woman to complete her turkey Grand Slam. Christina coordinates wounded veterans’ hunts, filmed for Jim Zumbo Outdoors on the Outdoor Channel. She’s now set her sights on traveling to Mexico for a Gould’s turkey and her Royal Slam.

Sara Ahrens After serving 11 years in the Army as a Russian and Spanish interpreter, Sara has been a law enforcement officer for 16 years. She is an avid shooter, shooting instructor, and deer and turkey hunter. Sara writes OffBeat for Women’s Outdoor News, as well as a column for Police Marksman.

Jana Waller A hunter and angler for three decades, Jana hosts Sportsman Channel’s Skull Bound TV. A “bone-ified” skull artist, she also paints and beads animal skulls, donating many each year to conservation groups’ fundraising auctions. Jana also pens articles for Bowhunter, Turkey Country, Petersen’s Bowhunting, and numerous other outdoor magazines.

Tracy and Lanny Barnes Twin sisters Tracy and Lanny are Olympians in the sport of biathlon, who grew up hunting and fishing in Colorado. Currently they are training for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. They are able to shoot their rifles accurately with a heart rate over 180 beats per minute.

Julie Golob Champion, hunter, television personality, mother, veteran of the elite U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit, and author of Shoot: Your Guide to Shooting and Competition, Julie is one of the most accomplished professional marksmen in the world. She provides shooting tips and shares hunting experiences and tasty wild game recipes at

Vickie Gardner VP of Stuff at Alpen Optics, an award-winning binocular, spotting scope, and riflescope company in California, Vickie was a lifelong nonhunter until recently. She has since become an “evangelist,” helping other women learn to hunt. Vickie organizes Celebration Hunts for injured female veterans, knowing time outdoors can help them heal.

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Sounds Off We asked our Facebook fans to define the Próis Posse, and here’s what y’all came up with:

“A band of sisters who truly understand each other...”

“More supportive than underwire.”

“Keeping thousands of women from getting work done, M-F.”

“...comprised of predominantly party poopers... said no one, ever.”

“Crazy sistas living life’s best adventures.”

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