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A land of treasure. . . TA BLE O F CO N TEN TS The City of Gnomes 6 Nearby Day Hikes 9 Stalkin’ Brookies & Browns 11 Recreation & Entertainment 13 Lodging & Resorts 14 Burgers to Bistros 19 True Repertory Theatre 21 Expand Your Horizons 24 Area Map 28 Trinkets & Treasures 31 Local Information 32 Day Trips from Creede 35 Choose Your Adventure 37 Calendar of Events 38 Rockhounding in Creede 40 Campgrounds 42 Worship Services 43 Heritage in Action 45 Silver Side Up 51 The Golden Pick 52 Willow Creek 54 Font: ITC Giovanni

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Dear Visitors & Friends,

We would like to welcome you to the City of Creede!

Despite our small, year-round population (around 400), we have the largest percentage of National Forest land within any other county in Colorado (96%). That means you’ll have lots of opportunities to find adventure in big, wide-open wilderness. Get some mental inspiration at Creede Repertory Theatre, and buy a ticket for William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead by John Heimbuch. You can expect some laughs, lots of zombies and a little history, too. If you have a fondness for the past, plan a day to investigate our heritage with a walking tour at the Creede Historical Museum, a guided tour at the Underground Mining Museum and a drive along the scenic Bachelor Loop. But be warned, you might develop a bit of our Old West attitude. Our small community also means big family get-togethers. One of our favorite local gatherings is the annual Pond Hockey Tournament. Folks travel from all over the U. S. for our amateur tourney, but few get to go home with bragging rights. Creede’s uninhibited wilderness, unexpected entertainment, inspired art community, and well preserved heritage are what brings families back to visit us, year after year. In fact, many have been visiting Creede for generations! Take a chance and seek out “the road less traveled.” Creede will be your best adventure yet! Sincerely,

The Creede & Mineral County Chamber of Commerce Cov e r P h oto Cr e d i ts : Inspired : Jo hn Gar y Brow n Unex p ec ted : Ed K nig ht/ed knig ht pho m Preser ved : Aver y Aug ur Uninhi bited : Pam Nicko les / nicko lespho to g m

Town of Creede

Hi Ho Silver. . . Awaaay! • the Lone Ranger Rides Again Starring Johnny Depp as Tonto •

The towering cliffs above Creede have inspired awe and creativity

in people for hundreds of years, from the valley’s first mining settlers to present-day visitors and residents. In 2012, the canyon’s rugged appeal and sharp contrast to the surrounding scenery brought Disney to our doors. A portion of the Disney movie The Lone Ranger was filmed in the canyon above Creede. Stars such as Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp moseyed the streets and visited the shops of Creede in their free time away from the set, and now it’s your turn to follow in their footsteps! We know you will love our Old West charm as much as they did. bo bse ag op ho to

.co m

The Lone Ranger filming

at night in the canyon

under the cliffs of Creede Actor Johnny Depp Outside the Creede Elks Lodge

Pat broc e

The City of Gnomes • W h e e l e r G eologic Ar e a •

Kathy Hussey

Hidden deep in Rio Grande National Forest awaits Wheeler Geologic Area. It is an area so strange, it has been referred to as “The City of Gnomes,” “White Shrouded Ghosts,” and “Dante’s Lost Souls.” Located in the LaGarita Wilderness, the journey is approximately 20 miles round-trip. Luckily, there are two trails to get there. Both are completely different experiences. An experienced off-roader will enjoy the challenges posed by the approximately 13 mile long, sometimes muddy, (often narrow and rocky trail). A hiker will appreciate the quiet solitude afforded by the shorter, approximately 10 mile hiking trail. While the road can be difficult to traverse, what awaits are haunting and virtually impenetrable badlands. A unique and natural phenomenon, Wheeler Geologic Area was born approximately 30 million years ago when the LaGarita Caldera exploded and sent volcanic ash into the atmosphere. This ash


settled in the LaGaritas and created a vista of sandstone-like spires, domes and pinnacles. Originally named Wheeler National Monument, after Captain George Wheeler, who in 1874 explored and surveyed the area for the U. S. Army, it was the first National Monument in Colorado history. Boasting history and beauty, the formation saw the slow disintegration of the famous Fremont Party. Trapped in the area during the terrible winter of 1848, General John Charles Fremont, and close to three dozen men, were forced to eat over a hundred mules. It is rumored that they began to eat each other when the mules ran out. Gaining monument status in 1908 made it the second most popular tourist attraction in Colorado. During the horse and buggy era, travelers flocked to see the eerie landscape and experience the rugged LaGarita Mountains. > > >

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But by 1950, when tourists began to prefer attractions easily accessible by automobiles, the trails fell into disuse. Wheeler was downgraded to a Geologic Area and incorporated into the LaGarita Wilderness. Currently named Wheeler Geologic Area, but referred to simply as Wheeler; it is generally known only to local residents, geologists, and the most adventurous travelers. If unpolished country, weird formations, and dark history appeal to you, get prepared for your adventure to Wheeler Geologic Area by talking to local residents and owners of San Juan Sports; Michael and Amy McNeil. Michael and Amy are well equipped to help make your journey to Wheeler Geologic Area fun, safe and unforgettable. According to our local gearheads, Michael and Amy, you will need to pack enough food for

three days. You could choose to pick up a sack lunch from our favorite local diner, MJ’s Café. Or, get your backpack stocked with picnic and grilling supplies at the Kentucky Belle Market. On your way to Wheeler Geologic Area, you will be traveling to almost 12,000 feet. You will enjoy beautiful subalpine terrain and grassy, open parks. Since the trail is rarely traveled, there are abundant opportunities for viewing wildlife, birding and rock hounding. While an advanced explorer could make it a day hike, Michael and Amy highly recommend an overnight stay. Wheeler Geologic Area is at its most stunning during sunrise and sunset. In fact, Michael says you should “bring your smile, slow down, and enjoy Mother Nature at her finest.” y

Gear up, with the experts... Michael and Amy McNeil (pictured at right) share their checklist for a fun, safe, journey to Wheeler! Visit them at San Juan Sports on Main Street in Creede to get your gear and more great advice! Water / Water Purifier / Shelter / Sleeping Bag / Food / Knife First Aid Kit / Sunglasses / Hat / Matches & Lighters Light Rain Jacket / Warm Pack Jacket / Proper Footwear / Map

Waterfalls own te sh a br

Mineral County is home to numerous waterfalls within easy distance, from the Phoenix Park Falls (pictured at left) to the famous North Clear Creek Falls, South Clear Creek Falls, and Copper Falls. For more information visit the Creede and Mineral County Chamber of Commerce or San Juan Sports.


Nearby Day Hikes P h o e n i x Pa r k T r a i l Length: 6.8 miles Difficulty: Easy to Moderate Elevation: 10,000-12,700 feet Directions: From the Mineral Country Courthouse in Creede, proceed up US Forest Service Road #502 (Willow Creek) about one mile, to the junction of East Willow and West Willow Creek Road. Turn right onto East Willow Creek Road then turn right on the Phoenix Park 4-wheel-drive Road, the trailhead begins at the end of the road. Open to: Mountain bikes, foot traffic and horse travel. The Phoenix Park Trail follows an old stock driveway. After a 300 yard climb across the slope, the trail will quickly drop into a tributary of East Willow Creek. The trail continues up the tributary for about one half mile before entering a large stand of old growth spruce and fir. The trail then climbs for about 2 miles through timber, before topping out in a beautiful alpine meadow at the base of the LaGarita Mountains. After reaching the large park, the trail gets thin for the next several miles. Keep your eyes open for rock cairns and old stock driveway signs, and you will reach Halfmoon Pass. The last half mile of the trail is a fairly steep

climb to reach Halfmoon Pass, which is above the timberline. This trail is an excellent cross country experience, with ample opportunities to view wildlife and wildflowers. While there are no fishing opportunities, there are plenty of areas for camping. Remember to bring your own water.

••• Miner s Creek Tr ail Length: 7 miles Difficulty: Moderate Elevation: 9,000-11,500 feet Directions: From Creede, travel west on Colorado Highway 149 for 3 miles and turn right on US Forest Service Road #507 (Miners Creek Road). Go north on US Forest Road 507 for 3 miles. The trailhead begins at the end of the road. Open to: Mountain bikes, foot traffic, and horse travel. In the Rio Grande National Forest, the Miner’s Creek Trail offers more experienced hikers views of chalk white cliffs at the trailhead and elk herds in the backcountry. A lightly used trail, it is unlikely you’ll see many others during your adventure. The trail crosses Miner’s Creek Continued on page 10 > > >


Day Hikes (from page 9)

several times over the first two miles, and can be difficult during the early Spring snow melt. The trail parallels the creek in the narrow canyon bottom for the first few miles. Then, hikers will climb out of the creek bottom and through dense aspens for approximately one mile. The trail will then travel through many small parks and scattered spruce. You can choose to end your hike at the Miner’s Creek headwaters. The Miner’s Creek area is a great place for viewing elk, just make sure you are there in the early morning or late evening. Camping sites are readily available, and good fishing is possible in the upper part of Miner’s Creek Drainage. This trail is best traveled from June-September.

••• I n s p i r at i o n P o i n t / T h e P i n n a c l e s Length: 3.5 miles Difficulty: Intermediate to difficult Elevation: 9,000 feet to 11,200 feet Directions: Beginning within Creede city limits, just east of Tomkin’s Gift and Gas, you’ll find the Inspiration Point trailhead. Open to: Foot traffic. The Inspiration Point trail is a steep climb and gains almost 3,000 feet in the space of 3.5 miles. The shortest hike on our list, it is certainly for expert hikers. Referred to affectionately as “Perspiration Point,” this trail might be difficult to climb, but offers a great payoff. After many switchbacks and steady climbing, hikers will be rewarded with a truly inspirational view of the famous Creede cliffs and historic downtown Creede. There are no fishing opportunities, and camping is not recommended as water is not readily available. Despite the short length of the hike, the duration could be as long as 3 hours, depending on how often you stop to take in the views. We recommend beginning this hike early, as you will want to take your time when you reach the top. y

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Stalkin’ Brookies & Browns • world cl a ss fishing on th e rio gr a nd e •

avery augur

by Cole Birdsey The Creede area has fishing opportunities for everyone, from a novice bait fisherman to the most experienced fly fisherman. The headwaters of the Rio Grande are located very near Creede and offer some of the best river fishing in the country. River regulations are strict though, and only allow artificial fly and lure. Early June through July is the best time to fish the Rio Grande because of a large stonefly hatch, but fishing

on the river is still good all the way through September. The bag limits on the Rio Grande is 2 Browns under 12 inches, and catch and release on Rainbows. Stop in one of the local fly shops to get more info. For someone who just wants to cast out a worm and relax with friends and family, the reservoirs will suit your needs. Lures also work great on the reservoirs. Love Lake, Road Canyon Reservoir, and Browns Lake are just a few of the many reservoirs around. Regulations allow fishing bait on the reservoirs, and the bag limit is four trout a day, eight in possession. The small streams also offer some great fishing for everyone. Small Brook and Brown trout call these streams home and are generally easy to catch. The streams range from being very difficult to fish with dense willows and cover, to generally open streams that are much easier to fish. The local fishing shops can provide more information on specific streams. The bag limit on the streams is the same as the reservoirs. With all these great opportunities to fish in the Creede area, be sure to experience it with your family. y


Recreation & Entertainment Big River Music 719-658-2100 / 238 S. Main St., Creede

Cottonwood Cove Lodge 719-658-2242 / 13046 Hwy 149, South Fork

Creede/Mineral county Arts & Recreation 719-658-2276

Creede Arts Council 719-658-0312 / 103 N. Main St., Creede

Creede ATV 866-982-7333 / East Hwy 149, Creede

Creede Historical Society 719-658-2394 / Main Street, Creede

Creede Repertory Theatre 719-658-2540 / 124 N. Main St., Creede

Creede WoodCarvers

Freemon’s Guest Ranch & General Store

Ramble House and Creede Guide & Outfitters

719-658-2454 / 39284 Hwy 149, Creede

719-658-2482 / 116 N. Main St., Creede

KSLV-KYDN Radio 719-852-3581 / 109 Adams St., Monte Vista

Lake City Auto & Sports 970-944-2311 / 809 N. Hwy 149, Creede

Lake City/Hinsdale County Chamber 970-944-2527 / 800 N Gunnison Ave, Lake City

Last Chance Mine

Rio Grande Angler 719-658-2955 / 13 S. Main St., Creede

Rio Grande Scenic Railroad 877-726-7245/610 State Ave., Alamosa

San Juan Sports 719-658-2359 / 102 S. Main St., Creede

Snow Country Explorers

719-238-7959 / 498 USFS Rd 504, Creede

719-658-2221 / Creede

Mountain Man Tours

719-658-0811 / FS Road 503 #9, Creede

719-658-2663 / 702 S. Main St., Creede

Mountaineer Movie Theatre

Underground Mining Museum

Upper Rio Grande Nordic Club 719-658-0888

970-944-2548 / 811 N. Gunnison Ave., Lake City

303-940-3505 /


#1 The Old Firehouse Bed & Breakfast

Offering four rooms with pillow-top King and Queen sized beds, private bathrooms, free WiFi, and during the summer season a full, hot breakfast while dining in the on site restaurant all included with your nights stay! Visit our website to check availability and make your reservations!

4UR Ranch

One of the most outstanding guest ranches in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. We offer a personalized horsemanship program, over 6 miles of private tail water for fly fishing, an unparalleled daily children’s program, natural hot springs, massage, and a food and wine selection prepared by our Cordon Bleu-trained chef.

Antlers Lodge

Antler’s historic resort sits on a secluded bend of the Rio Grande surrounded by national forest. Offering cabins, riverside motel, RV Park, gift shop and fine dining in our casual atmosphere. Start your family tradition now!

Blessings Inn Bed & Breakfast

A warm, cozy inn with bright rooms, private baths, and a delicious, full breakfast. Guests enjoy the rock garden with a waterfall and pond, expansive decks, and a gazebo-enclosed hot tub.

Blue Creek Lodge

Nestled in the heart of the Rio Grande National Forest, Blue Creek Lodge offers the utmost in fine vacationing. Cabins and rooms with private baths and soft mountain water. RV Park, Gift Shop and the on-site restaurant’s delicious home cooked food.


An Orvis lodge offering world class fly fishing, luxurious accommodations, four-star dining at Glenmora, and seasonal outdoor excitement. So whether it’s food, fishing or fun, we promise an experience to judge other experiences by.

719-658-0212 / 123 N. Main Street

719-658-2202 / 1 Goose Creek Rd.

719-658-2423 / 26222 Hwy. 149

719-658-0215 / 466 S. Main Street

719-658-2479 / 11682 Highway 149




• •


• •




719-658-2533 / 103 N. Main Street


in Creede


Open 365

Tent Sites

RV Sites

Broken Arrow Vacation Rentals

• • •



Broken Arrow Ranch

Cabins with 1 or 2 bedrooms. Challenge yourself to a rustic retreat with our semi-modern cabins. Available June thru September, monthly or seasonal rentals.

Cascada Cabins

Our cabins sleep six, have full kitchen, satellite TV, DVD, pets welcome, wireless internet and on-site restaurant. Located within walking distance of all Main Street attractions including the new Creede Repertory 2nd Stage Theatre! Concrete parking.

Club at the Cliffs

719-873-5266 / 206 & 208 Cliff St.

Uniquely situated below Creede’s magnificent cliffs. Two cabins available daily and weekly. Breakfast basics included. Walk to shop, dine and theatre. Picnic under the cliffs!

Colorado Lonesome Dove

Furnished log cabins with complete kitchens. Large RV sites, store, laundry, showers, mini golf, licenses and ATM.

• •


Cottonwood Cove

The Cove is a family resort with cabins, RV sites, a restaurant, horses, rafts, jeep rentals, gift store, and river and pond fishing on the beautiful Rio Grande. Cabins for sale.

• • •


719-658-2242 / 13046 Hwy. 149

Creede Hotel

Creede’s most historic hotel, featuring four quaint guest rooms with a delightful breakfast included.

Creede Main Street Cabin

On the creek, this delightful, newly furnished three bedroom, one bath log cabin is located in the heart of historic Creede, Colorado.

Creede Snowshoe Lodge

Creede’s Adventure Motel. ATV rentals and local adventure information.

Freemon’s Ranch

Located on Clear Creek we offer clean rustic cabins for singles, couples or families. Horse rides, great views, and mountain ranch atmosphere is what specialize in.

719-658-2533 / 32728 Hwy 149 719-658-1033 / 981 La Garita, Hwy 149

719-873-1072 / 180065 W. Hwy 160

719-658-2608 / 120 N. Main Street 719-658-2900 / 116 South Main Street 719-658-2315 / 202 E 8th St. 719-658-2454 / 39284 Hwy 149




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Lodging & Resorts

• •

• •

• •





• •





in Creede


Open 365

Tent Sites

RV Sites



(from page 14)


Lodging & Resorts, cont’d Last Chance Mine

Historic mining site on Bachelor Loop, the Last Chance Mine allows you to experience 1890’s living, rock and mineral collecting, and even stay on site. They offer two guest cabins, one sleeps six, one sleeps four.

Little Squaw Resort

Nestled in a spruce and aspen forest at the confluence of the Little Squaw Creek and Rio Grande, this historic resort offers eight modernized log cabins for weekly rentals. Little Squaw provides a restful retreat for summer visitors to the Rio Grande National Forest.

Matterhorn Mountain Motel & Cabins

Welcoming Lake City visitors since 1949! Motel and Cabins updated, clean and comfortable accommodations. Center of town. Non-smoking property. Rates from $105, open all year. Reservations recommended.

• •

Mountain Views RV Resort

Colorado’s premier RV Resort located on the Rio Grande. Daily/weekly/monthly rentals. Large, fully equipped spaces, laundry/bath, two lodges, on-premises activities. Luxury RV Resort with custom long-term lease lots. Rental cabins available. Woodall’s Rating 5”w”5”w” 2005-2012

• •

Oleo Ranch

Six individual log cabins ranging form 2-4 bedrooms. Hiking, fishing, horseback riding. Along the Silver Thread Byway towards Lake City, approximately 35 miles from Creede.


Phipp’s La Garita Ranch

Great Accommodations from Deluxe Cabins to Lodge Rooms; Exceptional Fly-fishing; Horseback Riding; Hiking; Mountain-biking; Swimming Pool; Jacuzzi; Sauna and More!


Rainbow Lodge and Grocery

Specializing in hospitality since 1946! Whether you choose to stay in our lodge motel rooms, cabins or RV park, you are sure to find your stay a relaxing getaway in South Fork, Colorado.

RC Guest Ranch

Comfortable, 1-3 bedroom cabins, all with kitchen and baths. RC Guest Ranch offers wilderness trips, day and hour horseback rides, pack trips, overnight camping, full service guided fishing and hunting.

719-658-1059 498 USFS Road 504 Bachelor Loop 719-658-2434 / 11401 USFS Rd 520

970-944-2210 / 409 Bluff St. Lake City

719-658-2710 / 539 Airport Road

830-336-4370 / 1001 Hinsdale CR 017

719-658-2239 / 14850 State Hwy. South Fork

719-873-5174 / 30359 W Hwy 160 South Fork

719-658-2253 / 37531 Hwy 149

Rincon Vacation Rentals

719-658-2900 /


• •



Originally San Juan City, we are located between Creede and Lake City. Twenty-eight cabins are surrounded by fine fishing, hunting and wholesome, scenic family recreation.

Soward’s Ranch

Centennial cattle ranch and resort. Located in the beautiful and spacious upper Rio Grande Valley. Bordered by National Forest. Ten clean, modern cabins, scattered over 1200 acres. Exclusive lake, river and stream fishing. Rec room.

The House on Old Mill Road

This newly remodeled private house offers vacation option. With 2 bedrooms and a sleeping area off the living room, 6 guests can be comfortably accommodated. Includes a fully furnished kitchen, washer and dryer.

Wason Ranch

Historic Ranch/Scenic Views. Excellent fishing on four miles of private upper Rio Grande. Ranch House and three-bedroom riverside cottages with fireplaces & satellite TV. Reservations required.

White Bear Company, LLC

The Black Canoe Cabin Retreat. Enjoy your stay in Creede at this new house perched above town-spectacular views & serenity, yet only a five minute walk to Main Street.

719-658-2413 / 19082 Hwy 149 Creede, CO

719-658-0392 / 401 Capital Ave

Willow Creek Vacation Rentals

719-658-2262 /


San Juan Ranch

888-305-1233 / 602 Old Mill Rd


719-658-2295 / 6164 Middle Creek Rd



Year-round Cabin rentals with full kitchens, 2 levels, surrounded by great scenery and USFS. Full service garage on site.

719-658-2214 / 1001 US FS 520

Rio Grande Enterprises

719-658-0374 / 24263 Hwy 149









Born Wild

• 9 6 % pr e s e rv e d h a bitat •


nick kulyk

Burgers to Bistros The Old Firehouse B&B and Restaurant 123 N. Main St., Creede / 719-658-0212

4UR Ranch One Goose Creek Rd., Creede / 719-658-2202

Antler’s Riverside Restaurant & Lodge 26222 Hwy. 149, Creede / 719-658-2423

Blue Creek Lodge & Restaurant 11682 Hwy. 149., South Fork 719-658-2479

Broadacres Ranch

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week, June-August. Breakfast and lunch May and Sept. Delicious all-american food including omelets, burgers, pizzas, salads, sandwiches, homemade pastas and a full bar.



Rich in history and tradition, 4UR Ranch has been delighting families for more than 100 years. Our awardwinning restaurant is open to the public with a reservation.



Excellent dining on the banks of the Rio Grande River. Choose between our heated riverside deck or our beautiful aspen wood dining room. Signature items include Chef Stefan’s Lobster Bisque, Antler’s Filet Mignon, Oven-roasted Rack of Lamb, Ponzu Glazed Salmon, Creme Brulee—just to name a few! Serving Top Shelf Bar and Fine Wines.


Offers the utmost in fine vacationing. Enjoy our delicious home-cooked food. Hamburgers, chili, chicken fried steak and the best homemade pie ever. Reservations recommended for large groups.


• •

Dining for Broadacres Ranch guests exclusively



W. Hwy 149, Creede /


Creede hometown place to meet friends and neighbors for breakfast or lunch. Gourmet coffees and bakery goodies. Pizza night on Thursday. Excellent food, courteous service and reasonable prices.


Creede’s largest restaurant features Mountain-Mex meals created with only the finest and most authentic ingredients. You’ll love the handmade tortillas, fresh salsa, and mouth-watering menu and the BEST margaritas!


A family resort with cabins, RV sites, restaurant, horses, rafts, jeep rentals and gift store. The restaurant is casual, family style with American cuisine and serving handdipped Blue Bell ice cream.


Enjoy fine dining in a casual atmosphere. Fresh seafood, steaks and local Colorado products for dinner. Lunchtime features sandwiches, salads and burgers.


Bar, Restaurant, Espresso, serving fresh quality food, lavazza coffee and espresso, and a great selection of beer, wine and spirits. Open for Lunch and Dinner.


Family run General Store offering famous burgers, meals, and atmosphere. We have supplies to help you through your day and ice cream to make your day!


Enjoy fresh Baja-style tacos, handmade salsa, fresh extracted juice cocktails, cold beer and the best margaritas! Great patio and live music. Happy hour 3-6pm daily.


Dine with the locals at MJ’s Café where the fresh made Chicken Fried Steaks, Chicken Strips and homemade Green Chile are a constant.


801 La Garita, Creede / 719-658-0340

Rio Grande Angler, Coffee on the “Fly”

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

Café Ole 112 Main St., Creede / 719-658-2880

Cascada Bar and Grill 981 La Garita, Creede / 719-658-1033

Cottonwood Cove Lodge 13046 Hwy 149, South Fork / 719-658-2608

Creede Hotel & Restaurant 120 N. Main St., Creede . 719-658-0212

Far Dog 115 N. Main St. Creede / 719-658-0685

Freemon’s Guest Ranch & General Store 39284 Hwy. 149, Creede / 719-658-2454

Kip's Grill Fifth and Main St., Creede / 719-658-0220

MJ’s Café



• •




$$-$$$ $$



13 S. Main St., Creede /

Tommyknocker Tavern & BarBQ Bistro 107 Wall St., Creede / 719-658-0138

Serving great food in the casual setting of a historic Creede building with a spacious back patio. Delicious sandwiches, fresh salads and our famous BBQ Ribs. Serving locally brewed beers. Lots of live music. Family friendly.




p e r e u r t t s a to

2 thEatREs 7 shOws 18 wEEks 1 spEctaculaR placE fOR 48 yEaRs! “ one of the state’s top fiv e theatre companies” - the denv er post

award-winning theatre / new works / nat’lly recognized school tours / cREEDEREp.ORG


True Repertory Theatre • s e e 3 pl ays in 3 days •

y br o w n jo h n g ar

own a ry b r jo h n g

jo h n g a ry b r own

Called “one of the state’s top theatre companies” by The Denver Post, the Creede Repertory Theater enters its 48th season inspiring Creede visitors and residents with the best of contemporary, classic, and musical theatre from May through September. One of only a handful of true repertory theatres still in existence, CRT produces 7-10 plays in rotation on two stages—the Mainstage Theatre and new CRT’s new second venue, the Ruth Humphreys Brown Theatre. CRT also offers a broad cultural arts service to the area by exhibiting the best regional artists in its galleries, and offering exciting educational programming. One of 2013’s most highly anticipated shows, William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead, is “a true and accurate account of the 1599 zombie plague,” set in Shakespeare’s famous Globe Theatre. In Land of the Dead, the audience is asked; “is a play ever worth dying for?” With screams, buckets of blood and zombies in period costume, Creede Repertory Theatre will certainly surprise and delight fans with a unique vision of live theater. Enjoy your inspired evening in Creede with dinner at Antlers Restaurant, a CRT Preshow Talk, and lots of zombies.

How does a small theater in a tiny, historic mining town manage seven shows in eighteen weeks on two stages? Cat Augur, CRT Executive Director, is daily inspired by “the people who are committed to making the world a better place through the arts.” Indeed, it is the daily commitment made by CRT’s year-round staff that helps make Creede such a magical place. An important objective for the CRT is to continually deepen the experience of its audience. One way CRT does this, is offering a range of Audience Enrichment events to share backstage secrets with friends and fans. If you have ever wondered how they choose plays, how the scenery is constructed, or just want a peek into the controlled chaos of backstage, you should attend one or more Preshow Talks, CRT Chat Backs, and Backstage Tours. These free programs are led by CRT company members (including actors, playwrights, and costume designers.) Preshow Talks take place 30 minutes before curtain during selected performances and offer juicy insights into the play you are about to see. Over breakfast in the morning or wine in the evening, CRT Chat Backs offer the opportunity to discuss the Cont’d on page 22 > > > plays in a casual, fun environment.


(from page 21)

john gary brown


Backstage Tours are a great time to learn about CRT’s colorful history and backstage secrets. Don’t forget to ask CRT’s Managing Director, Jonathan Allsup, about the hilarious hi-jinks that can happen backstage, hidden from the audience’s eyes. The best way to start your inspired Creede evening is with dinner at Antlers Riverside Restaurant. Located five miles west of Creede, it is a quick drive from downtown. The Antlers Riverside Restaurant offers a beautiful view on their canopy covered, riverside deck. Or if you prefer, sit inside next to the large fireplace in the historic 1896 lodge. Executive Chef, Stefan Haltiner, has over twenty years experience preparing delectable steak and fish dishes. After dinner, head back into town for the CRT Preshow Talk and performance. After the show, walk to Far Dog restaurant for a nightcap. Named after their beloved dog Farley, owners Jess and Erin opened Far Dog in 2012. It quickly became Creede’s hot spot for good conversation, great food and even better cocktails. But before you head to your bed, we recommend a meandering walk down Main Street. Take your time and notice how the stars blanket the dark night sky and be inspired, all over again. y

Expand Your Horizons • 2013 workshops & cl a ss e s •

Creede and Mineral County offer plenty for your outdoor adventures and artistic viewing pleasure among many other opportunities. What is also offered is the ability to strengthen yourself, children or family through classes of physical, mental or artistic resources. Some of those classes are described below: Creede Repertory Theatre Renee Stynchula / (719) 658-2540 x227 CReaTe Day Camps Story People (ages 5-7) / June 25-29 Wolf! – A Puppet Play (ages 8-12) / June 25-29 Move! (ages 8-12) / July 23-27 (An extraordinary dance experience!) Teen Scene (6th-8th grade) Session #1: July 23-27 / Low-Flying Trapeze Session#2: July 30-Aug. 3 / Improv Comedy Teen Scene (9th-12th grade) Session #1: July 23-27 Stage Combat, Improv, Auditioning Session #2: July 30-Aug. 3 Work with CRT professionals on a full-length musical! The Kid Show (ages 10+) Rehearsals start June 11. All ages welcome to performances in The Ruth on July 13th, 17th, 20th, and 24th. Actor’s Lab for Adults / Aug. 27-Sept.1 Work with CRT professionals on a full-length play!

••• Quiller Gallery Stephen Quiller / (719) 658-2741 On location - Working Sketches to Finished Water Media Paintings June 1-June 7, 2013 August 11-17, 2013 In-studio - Experimental Water Media August 18-24, 2013

••• Bristol Yarnworks Studios Teri Inman / 719.658.245 / 39542 Highway 149 Bristol Yarnworks Studio offers the Heritage Workshops throughout the year. Call to schedule a class. These art and craft workshops, reflecting our American heritage, are presented by fiber artist, Teri Inman, in her spacious, sunlit studio in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. The gentle


sounds of Clear Creek, and a magnificent view of Bristol Head Mountain serve as an inspirational backdrop. Workshop times are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for one to three days. Workshops offered: Heritage Arts Spin a Yarn - Hand Spinning Spinning Designer Yarns Fun with Fiber Spindle Spinning Creative Felting Felt a Fabulous Hat Knitting a Dream Wrap Yourself in Crochet Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom Step Up to Weaving on Four Shafts Log Cabin Table Runner/Placemats Danish Medallion/Leno Shrug Rug Weaving Beginning Tapestry Weaving Braids for Exquisite Embellishments Rigid Heddle Times Two Rigid Heddle Loom Pick-up Patterns Visiting Artist WORKSHOPS Our Visiting Artists Workshops, a series of classes focusing on a variety of arts and crafts, are offered to enhance your enjoyment and appreciation of some of life’s finest, right here in the magnificent upper San Juans. Experience instruction from nationally known artists in working studios in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Photography with Bob Seago Paper Making with Darlene Danko Needle Felting in Art Quilts with Vi Koch Surface Design for Quilters Darlene Danko Marbling on Fabric and Paper Darlene Danko Knit a Lace Scarf w/ Bead Embellishment (three consecutive Thursday mornings) Top Down Socks on Two Circular Needles

••• The Studios at Bristol Kathy Killip / (719) 658.2455 Paper Crafting & Stamping Gift Box Embellishing Paper Crafting

Natural Wreath Making Flower Brooch & Earrings Felt Flower Bouquet Felt Jewelry Basic Jewelry: Treasure Necklace Basic Jewelry: Button Bracelet Kathy gives workshops in basic jewelry beading/stringing; embellishment workshops for felt and silk fusion; scrap booking, paper punching and stamping. Natural wreath making classes with willow from the banks of the creek; floral arranging classes. Kathy will create the workshop around your level of expertise and what you want to learn. Class size has ranged from one to twenty four over the years. The cost of the workshop is $35 for half-day classes and $75 for full-day classes. Some basic materials are included. Extra materials will be an additional charge.

••• Turning Aspens Massage & Zero Balancing Jo Johnson / (719) 480-2845 Core I / May 9-12, 2013 Core I / July 25-28, 2013 / Jamie Carmody Core II / September 26-29, 2013 These four day classes are taught 9 to 5, allowing for a 90-minute lunch break. Tuition is $545 for early registrants (30 days), or $595. Class size is limited. Call to register or to host a class in your area. Zero Balancing (ZB) was created and developed in the mid-1970s by Dr. Fritz Smith, an MD, osteopath, acupuncturist, and Rolfer. Dr. Smith’s enduring interest in integrating the structural and energy bodies has brought about a wellness system on the cutting edge of integrative medicine, now creating a bridge of understanding between the western understanding of the physical body and eastern principals of energy. Zero Balancing creates optimal function by balancing joints, translating impact through the skeletal structure, and enhancing an individual’s inherent health and wellness. Cont’d on page 27 > > >


(from page 24)

Creede 5th Street Yoga Chere / (719) 588-8484 Classes range from 1 ½-2 hrs / $10 per class @ Elk’s Lodge (above Rare Things) / Bring water! Core/Strength Training: M & F @ 8 am / Th @ 4:15 pm Integrates free-weights and Pilates-based core work for improved strength, flexibility, and tone. Mats available, or bring your own. Weights provided. Beginners through advanced welcome. Yoga: W @ 4:15pm Consists of variations of the classical first, second, and third series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. It is a dynamic, playful practice that allows participants to modify or advance as they please (and get sweaty in the process). Mats available, or bring your own. Some experience helpful, but not necessary.

Creede/ Mineral Arts & Recreation Eloise / (719) 658-2276 Stop in to the Chamber for an up-to-date summer activity calendar

FOR KIDS: (inquire for recommended ages and times) Youth Rafting Trip / (early-June) Days of ’92 Vendors / July 4 & 5 Trash – Treasures: morning hikes and crafts Kids Movie Day (Friday afternoons @ City meeting room) Open Gym (M & W afternoons) Youth Camps Art Camp Creative Writing Dance Camp Theatre Camp Music & Songwriting Tumbling Camp Woodcarving

Mimes suit up for a CReaTe Day Camp at Creede Repertory Theatre. Photo by John Gary Brown

FOR ADULTS: Outdoor Cooking: Includes Dutch Oven cooking. (must provide oven) Stage Combat Learn how actors fight with fists and weapons on stage and on screen without getting injured.




Trinkets & Treasures “X” marks the spot for artful, one-of-a-kind finds in Creede! Visit any of the galleries below and you are sure to discover a trove of treasure that be pleasin’ to yer eye.

Abbey Lane Gallery Main Street, Creede / 719-658-2736

Artspaces by Angela Silverthread Adobe Gallery 23550 Hwy. 149 / 719-658-2787

Bob Seago Photography

Creede Olive Oil Co.

Quiller Gallery

Main Street, Creede / 719-658-2000

110 N. Main St., Creede / 719-658-2741

Ed Knight Photo

Rare Things Gallery of Treasures

635 Rainbow Ct. Box 3D / 719-658-0182

Frame Shop : Creede

106 S. Main St., Creede / 719-658-2376

619 Starlight Circle, Creede / 719-658-1140

719-588-8484 /

Slick Rock Studios

Bristol Yarnworks Studio

J Thompson Gallery 111 N. Main St., Creede / 719-658-0880

39542 Hwy. 149, Creede / 719-658-2434

39542 W Hwy 149, Creede / 719-658-2455

Underbrush Ltd. at the Studios at Bristol 39542 Hwy. 149 / 719-658-2455


Services CenturyLink 800-244-1111 / 18 S. Main St., Creede

City of Creede

Mining & Environmental Services, LLC

303-567-4174 / 3121 County Road 308, Dumont

Monte Vista Coop

719-852-5181 / 1901 E. Hwy 160, Monte Vista

Nationwide Payment Solutions

Creede Olive Oil Company 719-658-2100 / Main Street, Creede

Creede Soap & Candle Company

719-658-3130 / 103 N. Main St, Creede

Elk Country

970-731-2585 / 92 Sumac Ct., Pagosa Springs

719-658-2210 / 102 N. Main St., Creede

719-589-9228 / 342 Santa Fe Ave., Alamosa

719-658-0880 / 111 N. Main St., Creede

719-658-2020 / 1412 Rio Grande Ave, Creede

719-588-1380 / 0004 El Dorado Lane, South Fork

Creede Family Practice, A Branch of the Rio Grande Hospital

719-658-0374 / 28423 Hwy 149, Creede

719-658-0585 / 203 S. Main St., Creede

719-658-0929 / 802 Rio Grande Ave., Creede

719-658-1080 / Creede

719-658-2370 / 708 S. Main St., Creede

719-658-2004 / Basham Park, Main Street, Creede

719-852-6630 / 3625 W Hwy 160, Monte Vista


719-480-1813 / Creede


Creede Community Center

719-658-0811 / FS Road 503 #9, Creede

Creede Early Learning Center

719-658-2090 / Hwy. 149 SE of Creede

Creede Elks Lodge BPOE #506

719-658-2661 / Main Street Creede

Creede Historical Society

Creede & Mineral County Library Creede Schools


Debbie Whitmore Computer & Consulting Services

719-658-0888 / 103 W. Wall St., Creede

Del Norte Bank

719-657-3376 / 705 Grande Ave., Del Norte

Go to Guide Telephone Directory

719-588-7876 / Gunnison /

John Roberts Motor Works

970-641-0920 / 212 W. Hwy 50, Gunnison


719-852-3581 / 109 Adams St., Monte Vista

Lake City Auto & Sports

970-944-2311 / 809 N. Hwy 149, Lake City

MDS Solid Waste Removal

719-658-3060 / Creede / www.mdssolidwaste. com

Mineral County Assessor

719-658-2669 / 1201 N Main St., Creede

Mineral County Clerk & Recorder

719-658-2440 / 1201 N Main St., Creede

Mineral County Commissioners

719-658-2311 / 1201 N Main St., Creede

Mineral County Fairgrounds

Airport Rd NE, Creede /

Mineral County Miner/Valley Publishing

719-852-3531 / 229 Adams St., Monte Vista

Mineral County Public Health

719-658-2416 / 802 Rio Grande Ave., Creede

Mineral County Search & Rescue

719-658-2600 / 1201 N Main St., Creede

Mineral County Treasurer

719-658-2325 / 1201 N Main St., Creede

Mineral County Volunteer Fire Dept.

719-658-2211 / Canyon North of Creede

Miners & Merchants Bank

719-658-0700 / 177 N. Main St., Creede


O&V Printing

Recycle Creede

Rio Grande Enterprises Rio Grande Silver Inc.

SLV Rural Electric Cooperative Sweet Hope Inc.

Real Estate, Financial &Insurance Broken Arrow Ranch & Land Co., LLC 719-658-2533 / Main Street, Creede

Creede America Group, LLC

JThompson Gallery & Lovering’s Loft La Garita Mountain Nursery

LaVeta’s Candle Emporium & Gift Shoppe Mines & Memories General Store

Mountain Man Tours and Rio T-Shirt Shop

719-658-2663 / 702 S. Main St., Creede

Off Broadway

719-658-0368 / 129 N. Main st., Creede

Ooh La Spa & Boutique

719-658-3070 / 289 S. Main St., Creede

Quiller Gallery

719-658-2741 / 110 N. Main St., Creede

Ramble House and Creede Guide & Outfitters

719-658-0223 / 114 N. Main St., Creede

719-658-2482 / 116 N. Main St., Creede

719-658-2613 / Creede

719-658-2376 / 106 S. Main St., Creede

719-873-5417 / 0832 W. Hwy. 149, South Fork

719-658-2955 / 13 S. Main St., Creede

970-944-8000 / 133 2nd St., Lake City

719-658-2359 / 102 S. Main St., Creede

Double D Log & Custom Homes MadLSon Corp

Mountain West Insurance

Mountain West Insurance & Financial Services

719-852-5142 / 729 First Ave., Monte Vista

Navajo Development

719-850-8443 / Airport Road, Creede

Rincon Real Estate

719-658-2900 / 705 S. Main St., Creede

Team Murphy Realty, LLC

970-944-5050 / 102 Gunnison Ave., Creede

Willow Creek Realty

719-658-2262 / 289 S. Main St., Creede

Shops Big River Music 719-658-2100 / 283 S. Main Street, Creede

Bristol Yarnworks Studio

719-658-2455 / 39542 W Hwy 149, Creede

Rare Things Gallery of Treasures Rio Grande Angler San Juan Sports

Slickrock Studio

719-658-2434 / 39542 Hwy. 149, Creede

The Blue Yak Salon & Boutique

719-658-2500 / 493 S. Main St., Creede

The Holy Moses

719-658-2848 / 121 N. Main St., Creede

Underbrush Ltd. At the Studios at Bristol

719-658-2455 /

Health & Beauty 5th Street Yoga 719-588-8484 / Elks’ Lodge, Creede

Aspire Wellness Counseling

719-480-1525 / 0203 W Frontage Rd., South Fork

Creede Family Practice/Rio Grande Hospital

719-658-0929 / 802 Rio Grande Ave., Creede

Mineral County Public Health Office

719-658-2416 / 802 Rio Grande Ave., Creede

Ooh La Spa and Boutique 719-658-3070 / 123 N. Main, Creede /

Sacred Space Massage Therapy

719-873-0044 / 205 County Rd. 19, South Fork

The Blue Yak Salon & Boutique

719-658-2500 / 493 S. Main St., Creede

Turning Aspens Massage & Zero Balancing

719-480-2845 / 152 Klondike Road, Creede /

Grocers & Supplies Blue Spruce Building Materials 310 Bluff Street, Lake City / 970-944-2581

Creede Gifts & Gas

719-658-2480 / 117 E. 7th St., Creede

Kentucky Belle Market

719-658-2526 / 103 W. 2nd Street, Creede /

Rainbow Lodge and Grocery

719-873-5174 / 30359 W Hwy 160, South Fork /

Tomkins Hardware & Lumber

719-658-2240 / 127 N. Main St., Creede

Ni ch ol as

Ka rn ez is

Important Numbers For any emergency dial 911 Mineral County Sheriff 719-658-2600

Medical Center 719-658-0929

Mineral County Fire Department 719-658-2211

Rio Grande National Forest Visitor Center 719-658-2556

City of Creede 719-658-2276



Day Trips


• from Cr e e d e •


We know you will love traveling and exploring throughout our beautiful country, but we would like to share with you some of the other locations that we like to visit. These places offer variety to our wonderful area through originality of shops and adventure. We hope you enjoy visiting them as much as we do.

Slumgullion Pass

Silver Thre ad Byway C R E E DE



q L a k e City On the other side of Creede and Mineral County you can escape to the Divide! In about 20 minutes you can cross over to Hinsdale County, and from there ascend to the Continental Divide at the top of Spring Creek Pass (elevation 10,901 ft.). Take in the panoramic views from the overlooks including Browns’ Lakes and admire the wildlife, if they give you a chance. You can see elk, deer, moose, coyote, bear, marmot, squirrel and chipmunk, bluebird, hawks and eagles of all sizes and types. While you are still trying to catch your breath, you’ll find yourself climbing to the heights of Slumgullion Pass (elevation 11,361 ft) and Earthflow. Lake City is the third town on the Silver Thread Byway drive, about 52 miles (1 hour) from Creede. Lake City offers an abundance of things to do for the outdoor enthusiast or the indoor devotee. Enjoy Lake San Cristobal, Fishing, Hiking, 4-wheeling, shopping, theatre, festivals, races, competitions and activities year-round for people and families of all ages.

q S outh F ork


21 miles south on Highway 149 is the southern entrance to the Silver Thread Scenic Byway. South Fork offers unique shops, and recreational stores as well as a variety of activities including weekly or seasonal functions. Numerous ranches, the Rio Grande Club for golf and fine dining and other outdoor type fun awaits! Stop in at the Silver Thread Byway Information Center for a Calendar of Events and Visitor’s Guide.

q G unnison Finishing up the Silver Thread Byway route is Gunnison and the Blue Mesa Reservoir. Gunnison is the largest of the “Towns” on the drive but it shouts of small town commitment and genuine hospitality. Home to Western State College and a flourishing western “cowboy” community with great shops, restaurants and entertainment. > > > Continued on Page 36

The Silver Thread / S ce nic a nd H istoric Byway

The colorful old mining camps of the Silver Thread offer history, scenic beauty, and a heavy dose of authenticity. The heights around Creede and Lake City remain strewn with abandoned mining structures, most of them accessible via rugged backcountry roads. Between the two towns, Highway 149 shadows the upper reaches of the Rio Grande, serving up a bounty of natural wonders - sparkling North Clear Creek Falls, the Slumgullion earth slide, and the shark-like fin of Uncompahgre Peak. These mountains can be unforgiving: In 1848 explorer John C. Fremont lost a third of his men; a quarter of a century later the infamous Alfred Packer cannibalized his companions in two ill-fated winter expeditions. Courtesy of The Silver Thread follows old toll, stagecoach and rail routes that were important supply lines for silver and gold mining camps of the late 1800s. Portions of the 116 mile Byway follow the Rio Grande and the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River, skirting the Weminuche, La Garita and Powderhorn Wilderness areas. See local flora and fauna, explore history and discover the natural beauty in this sparsely populated secret of the San Juan Mountains. Courtesy of the Silver Thread Scenic Byway Committee A small informational pamphlet is available in the Visitor’s Centers or Chambers of Commerce in South Fork, Creede, Lake City and Gunnison.


(from page 35)

q Pagos a S prings Just 1 Âź hours and 64 miles from Creede is Pagosa Springs. Pack your camera and take in the sights of Highway 160 over Wolf Creek Pass (elevation 10,857 ft.) following alongside the south fork of the Rio Grande. Famous for their Natural Hot Springs, fishing, variety of eateries, many other outdoor activities granted by their access to National Forest lands. y

f ke vi n te af


Choose Your Adventure • som e of our favorit e e v e nts in 2013 •

Floats & Fireworks • for Creede Independence Day • Creede is perhaps best known for the Fourth of July Festival. Held yearly, the parade begins at 10:00 AM on Main Street. A local parade in the most literal sense, spectators will enjoy seeing the variety of kooky floats built and ridden in by Creede residents. Cowgirls, jalopies and dogs share the route with the Creede Elks and professional musicians. There’s a surprise at the end—Mardi Gras bead throws that will make you think you’re in New Orleans! After the parade, festival goers can choose to attend the famous Days of ’92 mining competitions, visit the many local vendors showcasing arts and crafts, and grab a corn dog or a bag of kettle corn. Then, kick off your evening at the Elk’s Lodge for drinks and dancing. Finally, you and your family will be ready to relax in a quiet spot to watch the fireworks. We don’t like to share all our secrets, but after you’ve experienced 2013 Fourth of July in Creede, we’re pretty sure we’ll see you next year!

••• Labor Day Weekend: for the Family • salsa judging, hot air balloons & gravity derby • Labor Day weekend in Creede is jam-packed with exciting family activities! Begin your weekend by walking Main Street and sampling the variety of salsas made by our local business owners in Creede’s annual Salsa Fiesta. Rare Things Gallery is famous for owner Jenny Inge’s secret recipe, and has won first place in the “Hot” category for three years running! Our visitors get to vote for the winners, so you get to decide who the lucky business will be! Tickets to the event are limited so make your reservations early by contacting the Creede and Mineral County Chamber of Commerce. Later in the day, drive up to Sunnyside Cemetery to watch the beginning of the annual Balloon Festival. Participants arrive in Creede from all over the southwest to showcase their colorful hot air balloons. Opening the festival each year is the balloon lighting in Sunnyside Cemetery. The event takes place at dusk, casting a warm glow in the sky that can be seen across the cliffs of Creede. Be sure to arrive early to town the next morning so you can catch these balloons take flight above Creede.

kara brittain

After you’ve snapped pictures of the airborne balloons, settle in for the afternoon’s Main Street Gravity Derby! Both big and little Creede kids work all year building their original and sometimes strange, gravity powered racing cars. If motors and mud peak your interest, check out the ATV Rodeo. Organized by local ATV professional, Mike Atwater, you will see ATV barrel racing and roping. Stick around for a lesson in ATV safety. Late summer in Creede is the locals’ favorite time of year! Get a head start on the fall foliage traffic and enjoy crisp weather during Labor Day weekend in Creede. Contact the Creede and Mineral County Chamber of Commerce for an updated events schedule.

••• 25th Annual Taste of Creede Festival • Art & Food in Abundance • This year is the 25th year of the Taste of Creede Festival that showcases local art and cuisine on Main Street. Envisioned by local artist Stephen Quiller, the Taste of Creede Festival will delight visitors with inspired local art and great food. Pick a bench in Basham Park and enjoy listening to live, local music while noshing delectable treats. After lunch, head north on Main Street to bid on one-of-a-kind works in the annual art auction. Artists line Main Street and work all day creating the works to be auctioned, and are readily available to offer their expertise to other interested art lovers. Come to the 25th Annual Taste of Creede Festival to experience art and food in abundance.

••• Creede Chocolate Festival • Chocolate Lovers Rejoice! • This popular festival attracts chocolate lovers from all over the Southwest. Creede’s Chocolate Fest promises the opportunity to sample, taste, savor, and judge creative chocolate concoctions made by our local business owners. A lighthearted competition between Creede business owners, your vote determines the winner, and yearly bragging rights. Held in late November, take advantage of sales and markdowns to get an early start on Christmas shopping. Tickets are limited, so mark your calendar!



Calendar of Arts: Creede Arts Council Rec: Creede/Mineral County Arts & Rec Historical: Creede Historical Society CRT: Creede Repertory Theatre Bold: Chamber of Commerce Event

April 18 Historical: Railroads of the American West by Dr. Richard Loosbrock 20 Tommyknocker Tavern Annual Luau, Pu Pu Contest & MoJones Live

May 12 16 25-26

Mother’s Day Breakfast by the Elks Lodge Historical: Dr. Ed Crowther Lecture Arts: Willow Creek Journal Release Party (Tentative) 25th Anniversary of the Taste of Creede: A Festival of Fine

Arts and Fine Dining , Silver Chef Competition, Quick Draw

Competition, Art Auction

27 31

Arts: National Small Print Show Opening (Runs through July 7th) Memorial Day Ceremony / Elk’s Lodge Historical Museum Summer Hours 7 days/week CRT: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Opens CRT: 38th Annual Opening Night Dinner

June 1 Rec: Trash to Treasures Begins 8 CRT: Pants on Fire: A Totally Made Up Show for Kids Opens 16 ATV Poker Run 20 Historical: Local Geology by Dr. Robert Benson 22 Rec: Children’s Summer Carnival 21 CRT: The Language of Trees Opens 28 CRT: Around the World in 80 Days Opens 29 Arts: Artists in the Park

July TBD Arts: Artists in the Park 4-5 Creede’s Annual July 4th Street Festival Parade Street Vendors, Children’s Activities, Colorado State Mining Championship, Days of ’92 Mining Events, Elks Beer Garden, Elks Lodge Annual Dance, Fireworks 5 CRT: Boomtown: Improv Comedy Opens 6 Frame Shop: Creede Art Show 13 CRT: The KID Show Opens Mineral County Fair 14 ATV Rodeo


Events 2013 July

(continued) 13 -19 Woodcarvers Rendezvous 16 Historical: Music Program “The Year of the Miner” 18 Historical: Lecture 18-19 Ladies Aid Bazaar, Bake Sale and Rummage Sale 16 Historical: Mining Through Poetry, Stories and Songs 21 Arts: 2013 CD Release Concert 23 Brush with the Blues Concert 26 2013 Friends of CRT Golf Tournament CRT: The Tamin’ of the Shrew Opens

August TBD Arts: Collector’s Exhibit TBD Arts: Artists in the Park TBD Creede Historical Museum’s Annual Bar Bash 2-4 Rock & Mineral Show / Community Center 3 Annual Snowshoe Shuffle 10 Public Safety Dinner and Auction 15 CRT: “Songs of the American West” Michael Mayes Concert Historical: British Influences on Denver Pacific Railroad by Dr. Todd Holzaepfel 16 CRT: William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead Opens 23 CRT: Headwaters New Play Festival and Reception 30-SEPT 2 Labor Day Weekend Celebration: 3rd Annual Balloon Festival, 27th Annual Creede Mountain Run, Salsa Fiesta, 3rd Annual Gravity Derby, 3rd Annual ATV Rodeo

September 7 Arts: Silver Thread Studio Tour 19 Historical: Bob Seago and His New Photography Book 20-22 Cruisin’ the Canyon Car Show

October TBD OktoberFeAst TBD Tommyknocker Tavern’s Annual Halloween party

November 11 Veterans Day Ceremony at the Elk’s Lodge TBD Community Thanksgiving Dinner 24-25 Chocolate Festival, Creede Scoop Chase

December TBD Annual Christmas Tree Walk, Community Christmas Dinner

For up to date event information 39

Rockhounding in Creede • tim e to g et out a nd g et dirty ! • The State of Colorado ranks as one of the most strongly mineralized areas in the world. Mineral County is known for the rich variety of ornamental stones found abundantly in the area. Following the footsteps of early prospectors, modern rockhounds still seek silver ore, sowbelly agate (Creede amethyst), galena, opal, agate, jasper, fossils, geodes, calcite and barite in the Creede area. The Creede Chamber of Commerce offers the essential book on Creede rockhounding; A Rockhound’s Guide to Creede, Colorado; written by local geologist Mr. Charles Downing. After picking up your copy, stop by Rare Things Gallery’s rock shop to get some tips on the equipment you will need. A pick axe, a bucket, local knowledge and some patience is all it takes to be a rockhound in Mineral County. What better souvenir than a beautiful rock, pulled directly out of the San Juan Mountains? Check out some of these favorite locations for finding a variety of rocks and minerals. Good luck!

Pool Table Road Travel up Pool Table Road and park, to the right, at the 4.5 mile marker sign. You will see an open park, in which you can find agate and jasper. Both agate and jasper is predominantly brown, but may also be black, red and white. ••• Creede Airport Corner The most popular spot to find fossils, this site is not on the Rio Grande National Forest administered land, but is within the right-of-way of Colorado Highway 149. To get there, travel south, out of Creede, on Highway 149 towards Lake City for 1.75 miles. ••• Farmer’s Creek Around Farmer’s Creek, rockhounds can discover geodes filled with gray and blue agate crystals. To reach Farmer’s Creek, travel 1.5 miles out of Creede on Colorado Highway 149 towards South Fork. Turn left on the City Dump Road, then take a right at the fork. Take your first left and drive to the Farmer’s Creek trailhead. The geodes can be found eroding from the banks of Farmer’s Creek. ••• Whited Creek at Phoenix Park At Whited Creek, rockhounds can find geodes with opal crystals. To get there, take your four-wheel-drive vehicle and follow the Pheonix Park trail to where the 4x4 trail crosses the water. Hike one half mile upstream and geodes can be found along the creek bed.


City Dump Road On this road, rockhounds can find green, red and translucent calcite. To reach City Dump Road, travel 1.5 miles out of Creede on Colorado Highway 149 towards South Fork. Turn left on the City Dump Road, then take a right at the fork. Walk about 200 yards into the ravine and start digging. ••• Ute Creek Ute Indians mined this area for materials to make arrowheads and jewelry. Geodes can be found, as well as other ornamental stones. Ute Creek can be reached by hiking the Ute Creek Trail (#819) at the upper end of the Rio Grande Reservoir. The geodes and other stones can be found 2 miles up the trail, from the Reservoir.

Campgrounds Our public lands are managed by the Rio Grande National Forest Service & San Luis Valley Bureau of Land Management Contact: 719-852-5941 / Bristol Head / South Clear Creek Ivy Creek Lost Trail Marshall Park North Clear Creek Palisade Rio Grande River Hill Road Canyon Reservoir Silver Thread / South Clear Creek Falls Thirty-Mile

courtney La zier


Restroom, Water, Fire Grate, Scenic, Trail to Clear Creek Waterfall, Fishing.


Restroom, NO WATER, Fire Grate, Trailhead, Fishing. Restroom, NO WATER, Fire Grate, Fishing. *Reservation Required*, Restroom, NO WATER, Fishing.

$16 $18 FREE $18 FREE $16

Restroom, Water, Fire Grate. Restroom, Water, Fire Grate, Fishing. Restroom, NO WATER, Fire Grate. *Reservation Required*, Restroom, Water, Fire Grate, Fishing. Restroom, NO WATER, Wakes Not Allowed, Trolling Motors OK, Fire Ring. Restroom, Water, Fire Grate, Scenic, Fishing, Trail to Clear Creek Waterfall


*Reservation Required*, Restroom, Water, Fire Grate, Trailhead.

To make a Reservation at Marshall Park, River Hill or Thirty-Mile: or 877-444-6777 PLEASE NOTE: After Labor Day most campgrounds are CLOSED, limited use allowed at some, no water or trash service.

Preserving Our Wilderness • Camp at previously used dispersed camping sites. • Camp at least 150 feet from water sources. • All vehicles must stay within 300 feet of a designated road. • Pack out all of your trash and dispose of it properly. • Dig a pit for your toilet needs at least 200 feet from water and cover the pit before you leave. • Always dump sewage from trailers and motorhomes at designated dump stations, not on the ground. • Please do not leave campfires unattended and check with the local Forest Service office for current fire restrictions. • Motorized travel is allowed only on authorized roads & trails. Obtain a motor vehicle use map from any office. • Camping is limited to 14 days in a 30 day period on the Rio Grande National Forest. • All hay must be certified weed free.


Worship Services Baptist Church of Creede La Garita Street / 719-658-2312 Sunday Morning Bible Study Morning Service Evening Bible Study

9:45 am 11:00 am 6:00 pm

Wednesday Evening Service Evening Bible Study

6:00 pm 7:00pm

Church of Christ Airport Road / 719-658-2300 Sunday Sunday School Morning Service Evening Service

10:00 am 11:00 am 6:00 pm (summer only)

Wednesday Evening Bible Study

7:00 pm

Creede Community Church Intersection of Main St. and Fourth St. / 719-658-2209 Sunday Morning Service Sunday School Morning Service

8:00 am 11:00 am 11:00 am

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Intersection of Main St. and Third St. / 719-852-2673 Saturday Afternoon Service

4:00 pm

St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church Intersection of Main St. and Fifth St. / 719-658-2394 Sunday Afternoon Service Celtic Evening Prayer Service (1st Sunday/month)

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Heritage in Action • A Preserved Old West Town Far From the Hurried Crowds • Tucked away in the remote and rugged San Juan Mountains, Creede fiercely defends her Old West heritage. Despite a mere 430 residents living here year-round, Creede has two museums, a well maintained historic driving tour, and many structures dating from the late 1800s. According to one local resident; “Creede actually is what Breckenridge and Vail are attempting to recreate.” With modern miners and old fashioned cowboys seen daily on Main Street, Creede residents have a close connection with their heritage. There are many areas in and around Creede where cell phones will not work and laptops are useless. But we like it that way. Creede locals tend to prefer old dogs, worn cowboy boots, and familiar faces. Come to Creede for a glimpse into small town, Old West life and preserve your own history through discovering ours. Unlike other mountain towns, Creede boasts two museums. Blasted out of the rock by three local miners in 1990,

the Underground Mining Museum offers visitors an authentic example of the techniques and methods used to sink hard rock mines during the Silver Boom. Maintaining a constant cool temperature of 65 degrees, the Underground Mining Museum provides visitors an authentic experience. We recommend you call ahead and schedule a guided tour given by a retired, local Creede miner. The retired miners help the exhibits literally come alive with their personal stories of rock blasting, cave-ins and working a dangerous job in darkness, for hours on end. After walking in the steps of miners, head South on Main Street and discover the Creede Historic Museum. Providing visitors with Creede social history and a research library filled with old photographs; the Creede Historic Museum also offers historic downtown walking tours once a week. Housed in the 1890 Train Depot, Creede was literally the “end of the line” for early train travelers. Take your time and have a chat with one

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Living History: Sunnyside Chapel Built in 1897 and originally located on Third Street, the historic Sunnyside Chapel was moved to its present location in front of the Creede Cemetery during the 1970s. With the help of Creede Mining Heritage, Inc. and some 30 volunteers, it is being carefully restored to serve as an amenity for everyone in Mineral County to enjoy.


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of the many volunteers, or schedule a walking tour with the Museum Director, Ms. Mary Jean Wallace. Make sure you ask about the Creede Historic Museum mascot, Groomie. Officially named “Groom’s Mountain Lion,” Groomie is a taxidermied mountain lion that has been supervising museum activities for nearly 50 years. If you are feeling truly adventurous, take a historic drive on the Bachelor Loop Tour on Forest Service Road 504/503. During the summer months, the graded gravel road is well maintained and accessible to vehicles without four-wheel-drive. During the 17 mile self-guided tour, visitors can stop and explore abandoned mining sites or simply enjoy the nearly constant scenic vistas. On the Bachelor Loop Tour, you will reach nearly 11,000 feet; see Nelson Mountain; the famous Humphrey Mill; and the Bachelor Town Site. Depending on how quickly (or slowly) you take your explorations; the tour can be completed in 1-2 hours. At the end of the Bachelor Loop Tour, make sure and stop at the Sunnyside Cemetery and historic Immaculate Conception Mission Church. With sites dating from the 1800s, the Cemetery and Mission Church are microcosms of Creede history. The best way to take your well preserved tour of local Creede history is to invoke the often used, local phrase; “Creede


speed.” Generally used to describe the relaxed pace at which most locals like to live; we hope that our visitors and friends will take their time to slowly uncover the many layers of culture and history that we have managed to maintain despite the constant quickening in the outside world. y

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Life Underground Preservation is bountiful under the surface of Creede. From our Underground Mining Museum to our one-of-a-kind Fire Station, our life underground is just as vibrant and inviting as it is on street level.

creede community center


creede community center

creede community center



Silver Side Up • rich history at the mining museum • Creede, as it is today, evolved from a history rich in mining and scenic surroundings. Silver was discovered here in 1889. Mining was the area's main industry through the years until 1985, when the Homestake Mining Company closed down the Bulldog Mine. The concept for an underground mine began with Bob Louth in 1976, when he proposed building an underground fire station. This project was so well accepted that in 1990 local citizens decided to build a Mining Museum and Community Center. Three Creede miners began breaking rock in November, 1990. By 1992, the mining portion of the Museum was completed and most of the displays were in place. While the Museum and Community Center have never been used for the commercial production of silver, the spaces were 'mined' from solid rock and are an authentic example of the methods and techniques used in the 'boom' days of the silver rush in Creede, Colorado. y Courtesy of Underground Mining Museum Website

Ample remnants from Creede’s early beginnings remain scattered throughout Mineral County, and they make for an interesting tour.


The Golden Pick • A W int e r E x p e ri e nce in cr e e d e •

A chilly breeze, a warm bonfire, and an afternoon cocktail make the Creede, Colorado Pond Hockey tournament one of the most loved winter events in town. Called “The Golden Pick,” it is sponsored by Tommyknocker Tavern and Kip’s Grill. The Pond Hockey tournament draws amateur teams from all over the United States. Some travel from as far as Dallas, Detroit and Albuquerque. The tournament is held on the frozen Willow Creek drainage ponds, right underneath the famous Creede cliffs. From the stands, observers can enjoy the unique rock formations while watching local Creede folk battle out-of-town teams for the puck, as well as yearly bragging rights. Brian Brittain (owner of Tommyknocker Tavern) and Kip Nagy (owner of Kip’s Grill) are our official referees. At the tournament, they make tough calls, stoke the bonfire, and make sure everyone is having a good time. With team names like the Hotel Hotties, Pond Kings and the Potato Sacks, Creede Pond Hockey is not for professional players. As Brian says; “This tournament is for the rest of us.” Along with providing much appreciated winter entertainment, the Pond Hockey tournament also functions as a fundraiser for the Tommyknocker Tavern and Kips Grill for Creede Adult Athletics organization and the Creede Community Center. The tournament is 100% non-profit and all proceeds go directly to pond upkeep, Zamboni maintenance, and equipment. The Creede Community Center serves as a necessary respite from the often chilly, early morning games. Indeed,

kara brittain


outdoor winter fun is not complete without comfort food, good conversation and a hot cup of coffee. During the tournament, the Creede Community Center serves giant breakfast burritos, warm potato soup and a variety of beverages. If you like your coffee extra toasty, ask the lovely ladies behind the counter to add a touch of whiskey or Kahlua to your cup. Need a few minutes to warm up before heading back out? Then have a seat inside and catch-up on the local gossip. If you listen closely, you might hear the old timers discussing secret fishing holes, tracking mountain lions, and exactly how much snow pack there is in the high country. The Pond Hockey tournament extends through the weekend, on Saturday and Sunday. At the end of the games, join the players and fans at Kip’s Grill to harass Kip about his referee skills. But don’t leave without having his famous top shelf margaritas and Baja tacos. His fresh pico de gallo is always special treat. After dinner, walk a few blocks downtown to Tommyknocker Tavern for live music and local Colorado brews on tap. The winning teams always enjoy free drinks, bragging rights, and threatening humiliating defeat for the next year. Find more details on the official Golden Pick Pond Hockey blog; Brian and Kip are always looking to add teams and players to the roster. New fans are always welcome! If you join us in Creede for the Golden Pick Tommyknocker Pond Hockey tournament, don’t forget to pack your blankets, cushions, dogs and kids for a truly local, assuredly unexpected, small town experience. y

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Willow Creek

• R e m e di ation, R e stor ation a nd R e us e •

willow creek reclamation

Below the City of Creede, The Lower Willow Creek Restoration Company and the Willow Creek Reclamation Committee have collaborated to improve the condition of Willow Creek above the confluence with the Rio Grande River. The project goals are to remedy the effects of the historic storage of mine tailings on the project site by improving water quality, decreasing evaporative loss by creating a central channel course, and restoring aesthetic quality and habitat by planting vegetation. Progress on the project includes extension of the creek through the excavation of 7200 feet of new channel and the installation of the rock vanes


to provide habitat for aquatic life while work on the floodplain includes grading of the area to create a more natural surface. In the coming months, work to be completed includes importing top soil, stabilization and erosion control by using fabric and straw rolls along the creek, planting of willows, and sowing grass seed. We are always in need of volunteers for various aspects of the project. If you are interested in volunteering or otherwise donating to the project, please contact the Willow Creek Reclamation Committee/Lower Willow Creek Restoration Company office at 719-658-0178. y

Mining Legacy 1.



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Photos Courtesy

Creede Historical So

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less Noted

• A D e e p H istory • 1. 1908 showing A.K. Patten with his catch of fish on 6-29-1908. 2. A photo of Stringtown which was in the canyon above Creede. Stringtown actually laid between where Creede is now and North Creede. Date unknown, photo courtesy Mines & Memories General Store. 3. Around 1930. Exact location unknown. People not identified. A bird hunting party, some of whom are in camouflage. 4. 1892 of Stringtown, which was the area between the original Creede townsite in East Willow Canyon and the cliff at the North end of Jim town (which became Creede).

5. The Town of Creede: notice the train depot on the left behind the horses and wagons, dated 1893. Photo courtesy Mines & Memories General Store. 6. The Nash and the Houck families camping at Seven Mile Bridge on May, 30, 1925. 7. Bruce Manning’s truck on the Forest Service Road beside the Farmer’s Union Reservoir (Rio Grande Reservoir) Photo taken in 1932. 8. Campers around 1910. Unknown location, but probably on the Rio Grande above Creede.

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A travelogue for Mineral County.

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