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Sports Injuries And Their Prevention

Were more common gym injuries and how to protect yourself talking about . Sports injuries occur for several reasons : the implementation of actions improper technique , improper training or nature being prone to injury . After reading the following , you know that the athletes in the gym after having to deal with this , there is widespread fear of threats to you or not. Shoulder If the vertical, and even more unusual and often repeat their If impeachment - syndrome "win" can ( rotator nun compression syndrome of the shoulder joint ) , the rotation of the shoulder muscles of a back to zeugma as a result of placing too much arises . Assess risk . Place the palm of your left hand on the right shoulder . Now scrub separating the shoulder from the elbow , and the maximum lift up his right hand is folded . Ali replace ( left shoulder to right place ) , and repeat the movement with your left hand . Hand , if you feel pain when you lift the weight and cost of the action itself, if you are too , then you have to catch the impeachment - syndrome " right way " . Until you pass the above test to the full the actions on the hands to the head . In order to strengthen the shoulder joint capsule inclined bench , T - perform at least once a week . Set 30 degree angle and lie down on his stomach , hands take lightly . lower the hands , turn the hands forward . Now , as far as possible joining up with shovels . Slowly return to the initial position and repeat . Please note that hands, elbow , perform 3-4 repetitions of 15-20 approach .

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