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Arch 20 Spring 2014 Lum Delaney Johnson Sandbox Dream



Table Of Contents 1………….. Cover page 2………….. Table of Contents 3………….. Perspective View 4………….. Exterior Elevations 5…………... Reflections 6…………… Parallel Projection


Exterior Elevations – right, front, left, back, top


This sandbox class project was an exploration of the sandbox and stamping tools. Much of this is based on dimensions and instructions that Professor Lum provided initially but he left some room for design and creative thinking for this model creation. I chose a sort of American flag themed colors scheme for my model. I got the idea because the buildings shape reminded me of a flag blowing in the wind so I figured why not paint it the good old US of A red, white and blue colors. The flag like grey translucent portion was initially extremely structurally unsound so support columns and a big beam was added to the design to at least make the structure more visually believable. Although not much of my own design is incorporated into this model there are touches here and there like the railing design, stairs and yellow glass detail at the top of the model. I also added bright orange to balance out the very obvious American flag theme while still flowing with the color scheme. I also did an experiment, by clicking and dragging a 2d image jpg that I exported I could easily put a picture of the party on the wall next to the party. • Tools used (View > Tool Palettes > Large Tool Set) select, rectangle, push/pull, offset, tape measure tool, follow me tool, arc, line, paint bucket, zoom extents, move, circle, eraser, orbit, pan, axes, scale, polygon, make group, make component, explode. Click and drag 2d image • Sandbox toolset > from scratch, stamp • Dialog boxes used (View > Face Style > X-ray) • View > Axes was used to hide axes lines prior to exporting to 2d images.

Parallel Projection

Sandbox dream  
Sandbox dream  

Red, White and Blue