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elcome to the third issue of Dekko. The principles of our publication are its firm foundation: adornment, substance and sustainability; yet our layout still evolves creating a steady growth of content in our pages - again a positive ex-

Vale’. Wildcard Silks also added to the theatre of the shoots finale with a fabulous flowered headscarf. Regarding new photography collaborations, Joey Lamb and Maryna Halton both immersed themselves in visually capturing two very different

alities - even in the wedding industry must correspond to how we live now and in the future. A page - like a mirror, is either something to merely look at or better still to step into. With talk on branding still strong and apparent in the minefield of net-

pansion to this new edition. For the first time we have included a real wedding – Paula and Steve’s back in May 2017. It felt befitting with our visual and textual values to include a wedding that was so particular in imagination, planning and detail. Most importantly though this wedding, with all its life affirming jocosity, was about diversity, inclusion, family values and the joy of finding your soul mate - whatever point in your life you’re at. Many of these wonderful ingredients are the developing strengths behind Dekko; it’s not only our pages that are increasing but our creative community and global focused readership. There have been some no brainers with this issue’s return to steadfast partners: Suzanne Johnson joined us in another captivating shoot at the eloquent Georgian house ‘Rose In

period storyboards, but with both shoots still grounded in the fabulous threads of Cornwall’s connections to diverse landscape and writers. Our last feature is a truly authentic return to a genre that continues to intrigue and entice designers and stylists - the 1930’s. An opulent concept, touched upon in many publications over the last few years, but we wanted decadence too and dug deeper to find a narrative that creates impact and again a literary connection to Cornwall. Literature, cultural arts, film, and music are very much at the heart of our inspirations. These give our images and words a voice, a solid foundation for the varied designers, photographers, and models in the South West and beyond. To be relevant today a publication must take time for reflection. Our new complexed re-

work worlds, one should cast an eye over the human factor of a company’s journey. Roamer Rose holds fast to social and cultural awareness as the life blood of its brand, alongside all the endurance tests! We recognise the long process to evolve and shape a ‘name’ that becomes unmistakable. We maintain a design base with an eye to the world and an eye on personal values. As for our great big sharing window: Dekko wants its written pieces to be a source of honest ideas and its features to open unusual doors to exciting worlds. The stage is set, enjoy…


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Contents 6 Brontës at Bassett

From Moors to Mines, how bridal traditions are moulded by landscapes

28 Petit Chapeau

The Authority of the Hat

30 The Bead on The Shore

A true tale of romance from the Isles of Scilly to Cornwall.

32 Rose In Vale

Classic to chic design in this beautiful Georgian manor house in the depths of Cornwall’s countryside.

84 Unclutter your Wedding

A look at the wasteful nature of weddings and how better to reuse, repurpose and source materials for a perfect day.

86 Paula & Steve

Real wedding feature, based upon the theme of dragonflies.

96 A Writers Wedding

A re-telling of an evocative, romanic story at Penmorvah Manor.

Editor: Kyla Prior Digital Assistant: N Prior Published online at Print enquiries Front Cover: Image by Joey Lamb Photography/Bridalwear by Roamer Rose/Model: Megan White Contents Page: Image by Suzanne Johnson Photography/Bridalgown, gloves and hairband veil by Roamer Rose/Model: Robyn © 2018 Kyla Prior. All rights reserved, any unauthorised copying or adaptation of content from this publication is strictly prohibited. Dekko. 5

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Flower of the moor, to nature dear, And sweet as thou art free, I turn aside from crowded paths, To muse in peace with thee. John Harris

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Brontës at Bassett Guest contributing writer Rebecca Taylor

From Moors to Mines, how bridal traditions are moulded by landscapes


harlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë grew up in Thornton, Yorkshire in the early 1800's, where they later embarked on their anonymous writing careers. They were all enamoured with poetry and writing, subsequently using their individual talents to write their own novels, with Charlotte and Emily enjoying the greater successes. Both Charlotte and Emily were pleasant to look upon, simple brown curls and expressive eyes. Emily's eyes were similar to Anne's and their colour changed like a mood ring: sometimes they looked grey, sometimes they were of a vivid blue appearance. Yet it was said she did not often look at you as she was very reserved and modest. Although you could tell they were all related to one another Anne's appearance looked very different to the other sisters. She had soft light brown curls that fell delicately, fine pencilled eyebrows and the clearest and smoothest of skin. Anne was looked upon as the tallest in the house; she loved to read and was known as the quiet one. The three Brontë sisters wore clothes with what was traditional in the 1850's, yet they still managed to draw upon their individual identities with touches of distinctiveness. They were not considered a wealthy family so they often had clothes and gifts handed down to them. This meant that the sisters had to repair their clothes again and again until they could no longer be mended. The traditional city trends: the crinoline dress with hooped petticoats, tightly drawn in waist stays and grand bustles didn't arise until late 1850's after the sisters had passed away. With fashion changes increasing over time, (even back in the eighteenth century) the Brontë’s began to trail behind in the fashion trends. The early Victorian style (which Charlotte and Anne followed) was very often referred to as the 'romantic' period of ladies’ fashion. In the nineteenth century a woman's clothing had the aesthetics of her demeanour: moral, working class or lady of leisure - the dress code was either practical or merely decorative. Taffeta (like the bronze taffeta gown in the shoot), cotton and wool mixes were still prevalent in these times...all these elements were used in the shoot. Dekko. 9

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Unknown wedding party, 1925

Anne Leonora Stephens and George Barrow wedding, 1905.

Mr Harvey’s wedding group, 1898

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harlotte was the only sister to get engaged and eventually married in June 1854 to Arthur Bell Nicholls, after stubbornly declining his proposal the first-time round. Traditional Victorian weddings would be held in a bride’s parish church. The bells would ring, and lilies would adorn the church; if they were wealthy they would have carriages pulled by a grey horse. Weddings in small mining towns consisted of handmade flower bouquets filled with Gorse which was consider a symbol of prolific times. The bouquets made by Roamer Rose for Dekko’s shoot were mainly cottage garden blooms with added wild flowers/foliage that traditionally female members of the family would gather to decorate the bride’s bouquet, church and village hall. This rustic style has been seen more and more in weddings over the last few years. Wedding dresses over the decades have changed dramatically too, from flowing white gowns with long silk gloves, lace veils and handmade bouquets; to shorter floral lace gowns fitted to the lady’s body shape and short white heels. Today a lady can have any choice of colour dress, from bright red to purple or even large prints. Dresses have dramatically reduced in size too; with separate’s currently very in vogue. Weddings today are a lot more diverse, with venues favouring the hotel and marquee more so than church. Coastal weddings in Cornwall are still traditional in this decade with many couples opting for romantic wedding pictures on the beach. To emulate the traditions from the nineteenth century for this shoot, Dekko magazine went back in time to capture the rural Victorian wedding – but with modern twists. Dekko chose to define what aspects of our region influenced what a woman wore for her wedding trousseau at the same time as the Brontë’s in the north were similarly influenced. Landscape, community, available textiles and of course class played a huge part in the Brontë sisters daily attire, but also their choice of special occasion dress. Choosing one of Cornwall’s most diverse and beautiful locations - the gorgeous old mine 'Wheal Basset', brought about a mix of historical tradition with a more recent industrial back drop. Wheal Basset has a similar surrounding landscape to the moors near to where the Brontë sisters roamed. Many references to this harsh but beautiful scenery occurs in both Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. Traditional Cornish weddings followed along the lines of other rural county celebrations. This connection amongst the working-class communities allows a better understanding of wedding celebrations throughout England and the fashions that heralded from this sense of place.

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Credits Photographer Joey Lamb Photography MUA Joanne Bates Bridal Fashion and Accessories Roamer Rose Flower Work Roamer Rose Models Rebecca Taylor, Megan White and Libby Angrove Historical Wedding Photographs courtsey of Cornish Studies Library, Redruth, 2017 Knitwear Wull Wull Knitwear: Opening in March 2016 Wull is a local, family run company in the heart of Falmouth. They pride themselves in their stock of quality British knitwear for all occasions. A large majority of the range is made of 100% British Wool - from traditional jumpers, colourful ponchos, cardigans, waistcoats to luxurious throws.

“Obviously, we are very dictated to by the seasons so our lines are influenced by weather although we keep the majority of staples throughout the year in Falmouth so customers can experience wonderful British Wool. Since opening we have listened to our locals who have been massively supportive, introducing other natural fibres such as cotton and bamboo. We work closely with our supplier to offer ideas about designs for new lines, however we also understand that staple jumpers such as the Guernsey's and Aran style jumpers are classic's and don't need to be altered to keep in trend, they are just classic's and customers often like the nostalgia surrounding them.� Vicki Basset (Manager) Dekko. 25

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Wayne Lewis Photography

Petit Chapeau The Authority of the Hat


here is a hat to suit every head, and every woman can carry this off if they give their head the chance to do so. It takes ingenuity and vision to produce a hat that sits comfortably with its owner, it can finish off the style of the outfit to perfection. It adds drama, whereas without it you would just be another head in the crowd. Posture raises the stakes and can be achieved with garments that fit to the body. Structure is key, not softness and yet hats now have taken on the popular lipid form of lightness and easy of wear. Just as with womens underwear soft easy fabrics create comfort which today seems far more important than style. The beret, the beanie, the bobble all have an air of casual lapse that the real hat does not comply to. These acrylic apparels certainly do not capture elegance or the shapes that can be achieved when sculpting the easy to wear fascinator or even the sassy Fedora. Veils are still beautiful when added to a simple bridal gown, but less ceremony and more fun in head wear can be just as stylish and feminine. Our city girls and retro divas are turning to hats as an alternative to match slimmer bridal gowns and separates and 2018 will evidently see even more changes to this sophisticated of confections. The hat has the last word‌

MUA: Penny Pascoe Hair: Claire O’Brien Hat, Dress and Gloves: Roamer Rose Model: Aimie Wootton

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The Bead on the Shore …I’ve bought thee jewels, dearest, In thy bonny locks to shine,And if love shows in their glances, They have learned that look of mine! Thomas Hood


erendipity has long been connected to tales of romance. These twists of fate dancing through our lives often conspire to bring individuals together and intriguing as these love stories are, it is the real serendipitous accounts that are pure magic…. Our story begins on the southern shores of St Ag-

hand he swore to give his treasure to the girl he would marry. So, the story (as stories often do) moves forward, to the year 2011 and the boy is now a man and the girl, well she has grown into the most beautiful of princesses. Fate - strong and sure intervened and

nes in the Isle of Scilly. ‘Beady Pool’ is a beautiful secluded beach where historically a Dutch cargo ship went down - it’s hoard scattering across the ocean floor. This included thousands of glass beads which soon began to wash up on the shore. Many decades later a girl went looking for signs of this treasure but there was also a boy who just so happen to be looking for riches too. The girl had grown up on the Isles of Scilly and had searched endlessly at low tide for one of the special beads, but as the summers went by and still no bead she relented, grew up, and turned to the mainland to settle in Cornwall. The boy on his holidays had no such fierce desires for beads, yet whilst absently searching through the sand and pebbles he miraculously found one of the ships precious glass gems - opaque white and delicately formed by the rolling tides. His excitement at this find soon turned into a prophecy, and placing the bead in his mother’s

they fell in love, thus by the purest most magical of threads these two people were blown together, just as the ship was blown onto rocks off St Agnes. The bead, now awakened was prepared for its final sanctuary. The man took the bead and a thin silver chain and threaded it onto the other. A wooden box in the shape of a heart was then precured and this most special of treasures placed inside. A most wonderous jewel for his bride on their wedding day and a realised dream for the girl who wanted just one piece of a treasure horde and thought it could never be found. Many elements over time took part in placing this bead between Hailey and Matt; cementing there love by ritual of giving and receiving. It is not just wedding bands that bond lovers but the magic of paths journeyed and eventually crossed. From one large ocean a small bead can navigate to the right hands and in those hands Hailey, Matt and their children continue their splendiferous story…..

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Rose in Vale

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“I have so many pretty things to show you, when you come up, presents most of them.�

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“I cannot write more just now darling as I want to take advantage of the noonday sun to get a little fresh air.�

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ou couldn’t ask for a more tranquil setting for the beautiful Georgian hotel Rose in Vale in Mithian. This large manor, extended over many decades has housed families and persons of importance such as the late Captain Oates who owned amongst others the Great Wheal Leisure Copper Mine at Perranporth. It has long been a wonderous place to get married with a varied and exciting choice of packages to suit every type of wedding. Whether small and intimate, the traditional church to reception venue or the weekend exclusive option your ideas and wishes will be catered for. Rose in Vales team of hospitality experts will look after you and your very special guests. A fairy tale dream wedding feels very much a reality when you drive up to the front of this enchanting house. Visiting the owners before our shoot for Dekko magazine the passion they feel about each and every corner of this hotel, home and garden is truly heart felt. There is so much to inspire the photographer [which in our chase was the image extraordinaire Suzanne Johnson], and stylist [editor of Dekko] so when in the gardens two very strong narratives emerged for our special feature and a buzz of excitement began... Dekko. 41

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“I am doing all you wish just as if my darling were here, or rather more so, for I obey you much better (for) when you are away than when you are here, as I like to think I am pleasing you. I have worn no long gowns since you have been away…”

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“I shall be so glad to see you on Monday week, if you can come away, though I am trying to bear your absence bravely, but it is very hard work, you see you are so thoroughly part of my life, that when you are away I feel all at sea, and hardly able to settle to anything…”

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“… our first promenade round the garden together - you don ‘t know what pleasure it will be to me.”

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“…all of these presents have come during the last week, and I expect more yet, shan’t we be well off for pretty things?”

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he gardens offer two viewpoints, quintessentially English and overtly tropical so our styling focused in on these two elements for the shoot. After researching some of the houses history and inhabitants over the decades I wanted both models to emulate women that were romantically free and expressive in nature. Eloise took on the role of what could be considered the Thomas Hardy heroine: classically beautiful, thoughtful and with an air of resolution. She inhabits her own world and leads herself, in the last days before marriage, into an abandonment of nature. I also felt some of the dialogue from Lottie’s (Miss Charlotte Frewin) hidden love letters to Mr John Herbert White (found in a cob wall on the estate) a wonderful accompaniment to some of the images. Robyn’s dazzling attire also has the allure of the heroine but this time focus moved towards the late sixties and embraced the pervasive role of the ‘Bond’ heroine. The dynamics of her ethereal gown, glorious head piece and later silk scarf by Wild Card Silks with striking make up by Penny Pascoe created a poised liberated woman. The tropical grandeur of the Gunnera leaves, pool and futuristic silver POD in the background adding to the cinematic feel. Our table décor and elegant cake by Suzi Humphries embraced the colour palette of soft greens, slate blue, peach and copper. The wonderful stationary was personally created by the amazing Sarah Wants - ‘Whimsical Rustic Stationery’. The flowers had to stand out but also create balance with the dresses, backdrops and interiors. Our florist Gabriella from Just Be Floral Designs captured the very essence of beautiful bouquets in tones, textures and scent. Everyone involved was swept along by the days tender sun, light breezes and gentle sounds. We captured something very special at Rose in Vale, yet the magic was already there and we just danced in its rays…

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Credits Location Venue Rose in Vale, Cornwall Photographer Suzanne Johnson Photography MUA Penny Pascoe Hair Stylist Elliegant Hair Design Bridal Fashion and Accessories Roamer Rose Floristry Just Be Floral Designs Stationary Sarah Wants Silk Accessories Wildcard Silks Models Eloise & Robyn

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Unclutter Your Wedding “Several items left over from wedding, unused and still in packages” “Boxes of brand new wedding items bought but never used available”


hese statements have become a common phenome- tor that can deliver instructions to all said members of

non on today’s online wedding pages. You can now build up your stores of wedding stuff – a kind of remix of several themes, until the spare room or garage is stocked with boxes of well... stuff. Wedding décor, signage, inflatable what nots, jars and vases (enough to fill a city hospital) and of course the mountain of preworn/unworn bridal gowns in sizes 8 to 18 in case you shrink or grow dramatically over the next twelve months is enough items to start, well your own business? It is a mind field of laces, organza strips, glass and plastic bits with no common identity apart from other people thought they might be a good idea for their wedding! This entirely postmodern conception that a bit of all things patterned and vessel like with signs, mottos and quotes from the very popular ‘quotes for weddings’ pages should be merged is led to the belief that subsequently something cohesive might shine through - bright and glittery. This is by no means helpful for brides who pour for hours over expensive bridal magazines looking for the lightbulb moment when a mock wedding set or real-life wedding will clear the clouds of creative doubt. A theme or even a colour pallet will go straight to the dream palace and the bride will deliver her heartfelt fantastic mood board to future husband, family and friends. But, do they have their own plans? Unless you are a ruthless delega-

84. Dekko

the wedding party, stating confidentially that each task must be carried out to the word, then out of love, better (older) judgement things will start to slip into their piles of wedding merchandise that have been, ‘acquired’. Bargains seem to be so tempting at the planning stage. Many savvy post brides see the potential to make a little money back on their own wedding investments with slightly deflated beverages and sacks of Haribo’s up for grabs; by de cluttering their stashes of table placements, favours that really didn’t do any favours, and stacks of sliced logs (!) well it balances the books and assists brides on a budget. There is no doubt that recycling is the very best way to help the whole planet, never mind the next bride in the next village. But there are not enough wedding planners or stylists that focus on this as an option or a way forward for contemporary innovative weddings. Real recycling is taking an item used for something else and evolving it into the new. Facebook especially is profiting too much on wedding sites where the mountains of lesser quality items that are bought from the big homeware stores are getting sold on (yes better than thrown into landfill granted) and yet this leads into many weddings being just a miss mash of ‘Range’ products and little along the lines of imaginative themes. It especially doesn’t truly represent the couple.

The main thing to discipline is the number of things that are bought. Make a thorough guest plan right at the very beginning, this number one essential piece of legislation is a solid foundation to refer to over the months. You can plan your catering like the best restaurateur: food should not be fiddly and over complicated. Seasonal produce from local suppliers are the key assets to food full of flavour and abundance. Get a family member to take charge of all guests travel and accommodation requirements and questions. Limit the number of items on your tables - yes less is more; I promise you if your tables are simple with a statement piece on each (whether insanely alternative

wouldn’t it all be less anxious and fraught about guessing what will decoratively please all the guests on both sides? Your mood board will be a joint reveal of what you are together and what you also love as yourselves. This will present a whole collection of happiness to choose from, narrow down and then focus in on – even if it’s one ‘thing’ each, it will be enough to conjure up some striking ideas. Mass produced wedding products will hopefully start to decease, just like the overflowing Christmas decorations of the Woolworths days of splendour. When churches were the head honchos of brides and groom’s ceremonies there was a calm controlled element to the day. Beauti-

or classically elegant) it will be enough. Marquees do not really need every kind of mobile, flower, light structure or flame thrower…choose one and let it be strong and effective. People love to (in order of importance) talk, eat and dance at weddings; if this was everyone’s theme then

ful natural flowers and décor will prevail and simplicity could just become the principle element again. Taking a step back from buying anything and everything is releasing. Make plans to stick to and bring on board trusted love ones to help support and unclutter your wedding day.

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Paula & Steve A wedding inspired by dragonflies...

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he dragonfly in almost every part of the world symbolizes change, even a change in one’s perception of self-realization. This kind of transformation has its source in mental and emotional maturity and the understanding of the deeper meaning of life. Having already experienced some of life - its rewards and its discontents, then falling deeply in love is surely the perfect way to set a path in discovering the joys of life anew. In China, people associate the dragonfly with

joy! The wedding cake was an artistic wonder hand-painted by Emily Hankins, with large peony, dragonfly, scattered foxgloves and violets. Paula’s bridesmaids really put the Va Va Voom in Vintage with tea dance full skirted dresses, frothy petticoats and complimenting bespoke feather and marcasite headpieces by Roamer Rose. Paula herself had her wedding dress transformed into a knee length laced back early 1950’s sparkly wonder with exquisite hair band adorned with lace, diamantes, sequins and mini

prosperity, harmony, simply a prophetic good luck charm. Amongst Native Americans it is a sign of happiness, swiftness and purity, and our bride Paula had her heart set on using this token of positives (that has inhabited our planet for almost 300 million years) as her spiritual ‘Totem’. Now let us set the scene of Paula and Steve’s wedding day: Pengenna Manor, a handsome example of medieval architecture set in the most breath-taking grounds with added marquee by Absolute Canvas. This was adorably decorated by Stargazey Wedding Décor with additions of an ice cream trike and Juke Box (surely an absolute for all weddings!) from Kernow Productions. Amongst the iridescence beauty of the dragonfly was pretty cottage style wedding flowers, vintage tea sets, past loved one’s photographs in ornate frames, lawn games and an array of buffet food by Duchy Vintage that would have made the Mad Hatter dance with

dragonfly, also by Roamer Rose. Even her shoes had tiny dragonflies attached! Steve was a match for any gorgeous bride with his dapper suit, Trilby, braces and marvellous tie from Roamer Rose’s ‘Time Bandit’ collection. His alternative button hole was a perfect accompaniment made by Pumpkin & Pie. With so much awash with colour and intricate detail, Paula and Steve’s touch of magic was everywhere. The infectious happiness they created with their sense of fun and immense joy was only matched by their pure happiness in finding each other at last. Dragonflies signify new adventures therefore when this spirit shows up in your life, it’s an indication that it’s time for change. Just like the dragonfly changes colours as it matures, you may feel driven to live and experience yourself and others differently. To unfurl as your wedded journey begins togther is like spreading your wings to fly.

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Credits Photographer Kiss Photography MUA and Hair Stylist Bridal Fashion and Accessories (Bride & Groom) Roamer Rose Wedding Cake Emily Hankins Catering and Flowers Duchy Vintage Vintage Button Bouquet Pumpkin and Pye Marquee, Tables and Chairs Absolute Canvas Rustic Bar Stargazey Wedding Decor Hire Juke Box and Ice-Cream Trike Kernow Productions

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A Writers Wedding W

hat happens when there is a meeting of four independently creative minds: Cuban born Anais Nin, D H Lawrence - novelist from the North East of England, writer Henry Miller and wife virtuoso June Miller? They interact, mindfully and physically - all the time looking for truths. Three writers circa 1930 and a female performer, everyone believing in the bohemian freedom of erotica and the relentless search for the oldest and most elusive of the human condition, ‘love’. Our central character Anais has often been described as an Avant Garde writer, yet she has been both an imploring participant and obsessive observer in her semi fictional creations. Her best work and most studied of writings is her diaries and essays on the art of writing. She found freedom and liberalism whilst merging with the Bohemian artisans in Paris’s left bank, which was further accentuated after reading D H Lawrence’s works of fiction. Nin’s powerful yet naive study of Lawrence’s raw and indulgent works, [focusing in on Lady Chatterley’s Lover] gives an unusually sympathetic and rousing feminine voice to his crude attempts at passionate trysts. It was a sad truth that they never had the fortune to meet and discuss their ideologies in person. Lawrence moved to Tregerthen Cottage at Zennor Cornwall at the outbreak of WWII with his German wife Frieda in 1915. It’s been suggested he began his first drafts of the infamous Women in Love whilst in residence. There was certainly conflicts of emotions and loyalties amongst Lawrence, Frieda and their friends who also were famous writers. Tensions became unbearable

96. Dekko

when hints of an inappropriate affair came to light with Lawrence and a local farmer. Henry Miller married June [born to Austrian parents as Juliet Edith Smerth) in 1924 in Brooklyn, New York and with equal enthusiasm they travelled to Paris to open their eyes and minds to the wild undercurrents of the city. It was not long before Henry met and became involved with Anais; they began an affair that was inspired by their writing as much as by the chaos of June’s complexed needs and neurosis. Nin helped Miller channel his feelings for June into writing, and Miller encouraged Nin to seek sensual awakenings and self-knowledge in her affair with June and with him. To place these interlaced characters, (in a setting true to their personas and time) was not altogether straight forward. Anais Nin offers insight by note in aspects of things and places that can be revealed anew. After attending an event at Penmorvah on a damp grey day in November one felt drawn to the house and gardens with its honest grandeur and elegant landscaped gardens. Authentic and sympathetic still to its historical ambience and décor, a tour of the rooms both upstairs and downstairs evoked the imagination to fashion a new vision to its details. There are still hidden cupboards, heavy doors, oak and mahogany furniture and the walk-in bathrooms, that although spacious, feel warm and inviting. The house is a rapturous celebration of a time of luxury and decadence – perfect for fictitious dangerous liaisons and illicit love affairs. Now we needed to capture our story within Penmorvah, creating a beautiful new vision of the familiar.

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Dekko. 107

Image by Kernow Dream Photography

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Credits Location Venue Penmorvah Manor, Cornwall Photographer Maryna Halton MUA Nicola Jane Burley Hair Stylist Megan Nicholls Bridal Fashion and Accessories Roamer Rose Mens Tailoring Preloved Boutique Floristry Belladonna Flowers Roamer Rose Models Adele Green Tommy Lumley Henry Austwick Megan Roberts-Ward

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